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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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injured dogs with plastic melted on its body. >> it was terrible. i was breaking down in tears, it was terrible. >> reporter: the sierra valleyly kennel club's annual dog show attracted 1400 dogs from all over the nation. >> it's a tragedy when something like this happens. >> reporter: audrey sutton is the show's chair and she was overwhelmed by how many people pitched into help. >> the dog show people, the exhibitors, the handlers, are a big family, and when something like this happens they all come out to assist each other. >> gary allison took this cell phone video and agrees the outcome could have been even worse. >> there must have been 15 or 20 small fire extinguishers here that people had used and discarded to try to stop the fire. >> reporter: now san jose fire investigators say this fire is not suspicious, they do say they do believe that fire started either in the engine compartment or behind the dashboard of the van, allen,
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but as for a specific ignition source at this point, that is information the fire department does not have. they do not believe it is suspicious though. >> all right. we'll way for further condition on the dogs, thanks mark. >> a sad story for shoe. >> absolutely. a president's day weekend adventure turned tragic. bodies of two teenagers pulled from the river sunday, don knapp in concord where they are remembering those boys. don. >> it's hard to understand how two teens described as bright and talented would try something so risky as taking a plastic boat down a cement- lined flood canal. they didn't make it out at all. all of us have done things in our lives that you look back and say "i got away with one." obviously, in this one, two teens died. >> the holiday weekend had not ended but students atlas loam as high today were already
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registering their shock and sadness at the loss of two of their classmates. sophomore pierce davidson was here for a baseball game. >> we all saw it on the news last night and like everyone, like when we first arrived, when i first got to baseball today, everybody, like the first thing we said to each other, did you hear about what happened, and -- >> reporter: what happened was an ill fated rafting adventure, 16-year-old junior matt miller and his 17-year-old classmate gavin powell put their two- person rubber raft into the rain swollen channel saturday afternoon, when they did not return by night fall their families contacted the walnut grove police and the contra costa sheriff. early sunday, 85 to 100 volunteers began searching the creek area with a helicopter overhead. they found the boys' deflated raft and then over the next five hours the bodies of the teenagers about a mile apart. and several miles downstream from where they likely entered
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the high, fast water. what is even more dangerous is the debris that's in the water, branches, rocks, you can think of any other kind of debris in there causes problems and obstructions. >> reporter: it's not known if the debris deplated the raft. the boys were wearing helmets but not life vests, the tragedy recalls another in the same channel about a year ago. a contra costa county rescue swimmer dangled from the helicopter going under water to pull janet hogan out to safety. she survived after the car she was riding in plunged into the channel. her husband and child were killed. >> this is says danger, stay out. >> reporter: there have been several deaths and something needs to be done in the channel. >> there's concrete vertical walls as you filmed, and you can't get out. >> reporter: miller and powell are remember the by classmates as two well-liked bright, talented close friends. a candlelight vigil is planned
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at shell lake open space where both liked to hike. they have known them since elementary school. >> what comes to mind really nice, good, all-around kid. that's what makes this thing really sad too. because he was a great person and, like, contributor to our school. >> reporter: tough days ahead as students return to school and families and friends replan their vigils and memorials and funerals. reporting live in concord, don knapp, cbs5. a 6-hour s.w.a.t. standoff in daly city ends peacefully but with a man and woman in handcuffs. happened about 5:00 this morning, that's when it started at the corner of west market and mission street. they responded to a domestic disturbance in which shots were fired. when the officers tried to enter the home a woman refused to let them in. that prompted the standoff. 11:15 a man and a woman were taken into custody. so far, no weapon has been
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found. the chilly temperatures mean bay area peaks are still frosted with some snow. today's president's day holiday gave people a chance to check it out together. it's a look at the snowy scene from chopper 5. roads leading up to mount diablo clogged with cars, look at the line. but to get to the top you had to park and hike. the road was closed 2 miles from the senate. after being turned away because of the clouds some bay area girl scouts spotted a business opportunity. >> we had a bunch of girl scout cookies in the car and we had some chairs, we thought you know what, why not make some lemon need out of the lemons, we parked here and sold hundreds of boxes. >> just think if you had some hot chocolate. the scouts say they made several hundred dollars for their troop. here is a look at snow covered mount hamilton, 130 leads to the top of the mountain and lick observatory closed today because of the snowy conditions. that is about 4200 feet elevation.
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snow also linkered on mount tam el pius. just enough for people to make a few snow angels, pack some snowball fights, roberta gonzales will be along in a few minutes to let us know if more snow is coming. a camera crew attacked. the question that triggered the attack. the sail lowers mistake, the pirates have taken advantage of. >> you're spending very little out of pocket. >> $60 worth of products for 5 bucks. one woman has been doing it for years. her secret to saving money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nats of attack a sacramento tv news crew went from covering the story to becoming the story. [ yelling ] [ tone ] >> the crew was approaching people at a curbside memorial for a shooting victim in natomas yesterday. some of the mourners then attacked them. they said they had asked about why the shooting took place. one woman pulled a photographer to the ground by her hair and
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kicked her. the reporter was punched in the face. the attackers ran off before the police got there. after a week of deadly unrest, libya's government is losing its grip. a short time ago the country's deputy un ambassador accused moammar kadafi of again side. we have more from the white house where president obama condemns the violence. >> reporter: amateur video shows protestors in libya planting their own flag of independence on top of a government building in the capital of tripoli. demonstrators say they have taken control of benghazi, libya's second largest city. gunfire rang out under the player of car horizons and chanting crowds as protestors celebrated. the revolt is weakening moammar kadafi's 32-year grip on power. at the un top dim mats called for kadafi to resign, repudiating him as a war
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criminal. >> two libyan fighter pilots who said they were ordered to fire on protestors landed in nearby maltake seeking asylum. crack downs have left more than 200 people dead. the white house is urgeling them to avoid violence as they keep a close eye on the unrest spreading across the region. in yemen the u.s.-backed president refuses to step down even as thousands of demonstrators rally for his resignation. and in bahrain temperatureses are still boiling, now a group of young protestors are demanding a removal of this entire monarchy in this small nation critical in the fight against terrorism. back in libya the chaos has sparked large-scale evacuation. they have ordered all non- essential workers out of the country with no end in sight to the violence. yoel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> a u.s. navy warship is shadowing a hijacked american
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yacht off the coast of somalia. pirates seized it as it traveled from india to oh, man. the couple who owns the boat, part of a rally of yes it is heated to go the mediterranean that's when they were captured. friends now pray for their safety. >> they are very, very nice, you know, they travel the world, they will give seminars or show us what is going on at the club, and they have just been really really nice. >> if the yacht does make it to somalia's shore the hostages would probably be taken inland. that would make a fast resolution less likely. now one of the passengers does have a san francisco connection. the mother of passenger phyllis mccay lives in san francisco. coming up a bus full of teenagers collides with a car. it gets worse. what made rescue efforts especially difficult. secr buying she says she hasn't paid for shampoo or toot past in years. an extreme coupon clipper
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shares her secret for buying stuff for practically nothing. just when you thought it was safe to put that umbrella away we have more rain in your forecast. we'll pinpoint the day to expect it as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well you're gonna have to dig a little deep near to your possibilities to fill up the gas tank. according to aaa the average price of unleaded $3.18, up nation-wide. drivers in san francisco pay the most nation-wide $3.61 a gallon. drivers in oakland and san jose paying $3.57 a gallon. coupon clipping the on the rise but instead of cents off some consumers are getting dollars back by using those coupons, julie watts shows us the tricks of the trade. >> reporter: we all need drugstore items, medicine, shampoo, batteries which can add up to hundreds and thousands a year. but we met an extreme couponner who gets all those items for free and even gets the store to pay her. now she is sharing her tricks
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of the trade. >> these are $4 each, totally free. >> reporter: not only does extreme couponner claire williams get all her drugstore products for free, she often makes money on them. >> these are melatonin, i paid $1 a bottle i bought. >> reporter: there are items in this store we can walk in right now and buy for free. >> absolutely. >> reporter: might even make some money back. >> might make some back. >> reporter: i got to see this. she says it is combining it with, take this pain product. >> the an a care is a fantastic deal. it is 10.99, on sail for $5.99, when we spend $5.99 we'll get $5.99 back in the way of register rewards, i have a $2 coupon on that in week, we'll be making $2 on this. >> so walgreens will pay us $5 to buy this.
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>> yes. >> reporter: contrary to believe you can combine drugstore coupons, but the trick to the big pay off is planning because the best deals may not necessarily be on your shopping list that day. >> if you get that, buy 5 of them, don't buy deowed rants for a year. >> after picking up a few more deals we headed to the register and, sure enough, $10 back. but don't confuse these register rewards for dollars. i can spend these at any walgreens. >> yes. >> you do it with transactions so you're spending very little out of pocket. >> reporter: if coupon clipping isn't your style she makes it easiy on her blog, she posts a printable list each week with what you can stock up on for free. you'll find that link at click news, scroll down, click on that consumer watch icon. >> a lot more places for coupons these days, aren't there. who knew they'd pay you to
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shop. >> i can deal with that. paid to shop. thanks julie. one person killed, 22 injured when a church bus carrying teenagers crashed in san bernadino county. it was on 189 when it hilt a car, slid down that snowy mountainside, then smacked into a power pole. this happened just before noon near twin peaks. the l.a. times reports 10 people are now in critical condition. the bus was carrying middle school and high school-aged members of a pasadena church group on their way home from a retreat. a crock is ticking for mavericks. the organizers of that big wave invitational surf contest say they are not too optimistic condition will allow a competition this year. the window will close the end of the month. since december 1st they have been monitoring the weather and of course the wave conditions for any sign, a decent swell swell was approaching mavericks. so far no go, it's been a washout. all right. roberta in the weather center, it's not really looking too promising for that, is it?
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>> you know allen, you remember that weekend in january? could have, should have, right? 30-foot swells were building but they wanted 50, wanted bigger. looks like they are not going to see that activity again throughout the month of february. this is our cbs eye weather camera, i love this. you can look out over the bay bridge, look at the distance there. 3849 feet tall, mount diablo, the crusting of snow on the tip top. it's been melting rapidly with temperatures soaring into the 50s in the bay area, in fact if you're out and about this evening we do have right now some rain showers offshore but they are going to stay there except one notable exception. this little cell just passed sfo with some very light rain out over the bay waters, making tracks towards richmond. if you're in that area you could see a few raindrops. windshields on the commute down. temperatures out this evening into the 50s, skies gradually clearing right here in the bay
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area, on the with the clearing, we're going to see a northeast breeze, but in those wind- protected sheltered valleys the temperature would dip below freezing there so we'll wake up to a very frosty start to our tuesday. look at this here. this upper level trough boom against this coast-side of the state of california. that's why we had that chance of rain in the forecast. we saw that a few moments ago. on the weak side we'll have an air quality day tomorrow. we're talking about temperatures still unseasonably cool this time of the year. 50s at the beaches. 50s around the bay. and into the mid-and high 50s in our inland areas. the forecast, i want to walk you through this, very tricky and interesting, especially from thursday through saturday. we do have a chance of rain by wednesday night. from a front moving into the area. colder air mass begins to slip in thursday with unsettled air, then on friday it's all of the
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elements come together properly, computer models are still wavering on this, we could see snow down to sea level on friday. know again, that bears watching, there you have the very unsettled weekend, mckenzie nigh and mabel smith, i think that is mabel and mckenzie. hi girls. keep the pictures coming to allen. an unusual sight there roberta. >> i've got an unusual sight from chopper 5, not snow but blue tarps. lining roofs in hasan mateo neighborhood. what's going on and why homeowners are so concerned about it. >> reporter: when chopper 5 flew over the peninsula headed to pacifica from the east bay we pick up all these blue tarps. they are lining the roofs of the san mateo woods condominium complex. as the weather forecast predicted rain, rain, more
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rain. >> every time it rains i am crossing my finger there is no leak somewhere else because one of our roofs actually was also isolated as a very bad conditioned roof. >> reporter: he says the bureaucratic squabble between the homeowners and the contractors have left him and other residents playing for no rain or at least no leaks for a couple months. why is it taking so long to get the roofs fixed? why haven't they been done yet? we tried contacting the san mateo woods manager today. >> according to the forecast they should be in the clear, rain-free for a couple days. in san mateo, simon perez, cbs5. you're ticketed, towed and forced to pay hundreds to reclaim your car. then discover it's damaged. so who is responsible? the towing company or the city that hired them? what will it take to get your claim paid? tonight on cbs5. ,,,,
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charlie d' on the for women who have survived breast cancer a new treatment could an end to implants, charlie dog eye data reports on the technique that helps patients grow their own tissue. >> reporter: british researchers are using stem cells to help women who have had mastectomies regrow their own breast tissue. >> you're talking about a significant advance surgically and psychologically to help these women as well. >> reporter: they insert a plastic mold and inject it with stem cells and fat taken from other parts of the body. blood is also pumped in during surgery to feed the cells. researchers say new breast tissue starts to grow within 6 months to a year. doctors here at st. george's hospital in london are calling
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the results very impressive. they have successfully treated several patients in the past few months. patients say the results look better and feel more comfortable than implants, buttery constructive surgeons caution this technique is still experimental. >> the biggest concern is that the growth factors that are used to help stimulate those stem and fat cells to grow and take the form of a human breast potentially could also stimulate cancer cells. >> reporter: doctors say they won't use the technique on women until they have been cancer free for at least a year. research is ongoing in multiple countries including the united states, but the fda has not yet approved the technique. charlie data get a, cbs news, london. just as doctors are embracing alternative treatment for people vets are increasingly using a mix of hoe list particular medicine to help pet owners. she prepares special meals for
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her dog enzo. he started suffering seizures about two years ago. her vet recommended a special diet with vitamins and homeopathic ingredients. >> it has changed our lives and he hasn't had a seizure for months. >> another dog owner says her pet survived two years after being diagnosed with a brain tumor thanks to hoe list particular medicine. ever peel foo like you need to escape? meet the housewife houdini embracing the idea. that story and more tonight on "the cbs evening news." ,, ,,
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for eyewitness news at 6. congressional republicans are cu i'm dana king. here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. congressional republicans are trying to cut funding for planned parenthood. what those budget cuts could mean for bay area offices and why, for some, it is literally an answer to their prayers. >> right now it's a very unique, weird, i would say contradictory process. >> true or false, you can have
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food on b.a.r.t. why that answer may need some clarification and what you will pay if you get caught breaking the rules. that and more at 6:00 allen. >> all right dana, we'll see you then. cbs evening news. harry smith in for katie couric. >> smith: tonight, libya's capital erupts. moammar qaddafi cracks down. but that d the protests. even some top government officials say it's time for the dictator to go. i'm harry smith. also tonight, mexico's drug war takes another ugly turn. new violence spreads through the tourist hub of acapulco. in the battle against extreme obesity, which surgery gets the best results? a new study has the answer. and the housewife houdini. escape from the cul-de-sac in tonight's "assignment america." captioning sponsored by cbs


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