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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 23, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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christin. >> reporter: hi there sydnie. the two big cables holding the golden gate bridge together have been spot painted before but bridge officials say over time, wear and tear has caused the cables to turn into a patchwork of that well known international orange color. so for the first time, the cables are getting a high-tech paint job and renovation. this morning, crews dropped off the scaffolding needed to kick off the huge makeover. once that's off the cables will be prepped for a fresh coat of paint and the paint will be put on. the project will take three years to complete as crews work on 400-foot sections at a time. bridge officials say it doesn't look like much now but in a matter of days, you're going to start seeing some very visible changes. >> the public will start to see 60-foot segments with a tented type material on scaffolding. workers will be on the inside chipping away at the surface of
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the main cables. >> now, a note to bicyclists. the work is going to cause a narrowing of the west sidewalk of the bridge from 10 feet to 7 fees. bridge officials will monitor how bicyclists handle that and may tell them they will have to walk across the bridge in now on so we'll wait to see how that goes, sydnie. >> christin ayers, thank you. so what would apple be like without steve jobs? some shareholders are demanding answers today. anne makovec tells us what's in the cards for the silicon valley giant. reporter: this man filled what has been steve jobs' gig at the shareholders' meeting in the past, tim cook, the chief operating officer wearing blue jeans and speaking candidly about the company's success as some shareholders at the meeting specifically a labor union that owns stock for pension funds pushed apple to make a written plan to name a successor to jobs. >> they are going to be asking if not for an outright succession plan, although some are, they are going to want to
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know what is the strategy to make sure that everything keeps on humming as successfully as it has been. but do you have to wonder how involved steve jobs is at this point in making some day-to-day decisions or at least in helping guide the strategy. i suspect he probably is. >> reporter: jobs took a medical leave of absence from his job as ceo in january. there's been a lot of speculation about his health since. take a look at this video on the site says it was shot february 8, jobs looking frail while walking to his car from a cafe. he was well enough to meet with the president at a private dinner in woodside last week. here's a photo from that event but we can only see him from the back. he hasn't made a public appearance in weeks. >> he stepped out before and they have very well so it's not a problem for me but i'm sorry to hear he is ill. >> reporter: the successor to the ipads you see here, wednesday is the unveiling of the apple ipad 2, rumored to be
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thinner and lighter than the original with camera and calling option. shareholders are looking forward to the future. >> there's probably going to be a transition. there will be a transition maybe rougher than others, but it will be fine. >> reporter: so the shareholders voted today on whether or not they are advising appear toll come up apple to come up with the public success plans. the preliminary results say no. in cupertino, anne makovec, cbs 5. a major reversal on gay marriage by uncle sam. the obama administration says it will no longer defend the constitutionality of a federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriage. the justice department had backed the defense of marriage act until now. obama administration officials note the supreme court has ruled that laws criminalizing homosexual conduct are unconstitutional. president obama is condemning the bloodshed in libya as new scenes of violence and chaos begin to trickle out
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of that country. the this is the latest amateur video that appears to show protestors destroying monuments and posters of their ruler moammar qaddafi. reports are surfacing that a libyan pilot chose to crash his jet instead of bombing a city. today the state department began ferrying u.s. citizens out of the country to the malta. the evacuation comes a day after qaddafi vowed to fight until his last drop of blood. >> he clearly is defiant and has pledged more violence here and so i don't think this is going to end quietly. >> president obama is expected to speak on the turmoil in libya a little later today or tomorrow. and now a swedish newspaper is reporting that qaddafi personally ordered the lockerbie bombing in 1988. according to the expression, libya's ex-justice minister claims to have proof that qaddafi ordered the attack that
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killed some 270 people. while libya never admitted to planning the attack, it paid a settlement to the families of the american victims. the death toll from new zealand's earthquake continues to climb. at least 75 people are dead, 300 others still missing. but as charlie d'agata reports, emergency crews are making some dramatic rescues as they dig through the rubble in search of survivors. reporter: rescuers pulled a survivor from the dark hole she had been trapped in for 25 hours. tuesday's earthquake in new zealand killed dozens, hundreds more are still missing. rescuers aren't giving up. it office worker ann bodkin banged on her desk in response [ banging ] >> reporter: crews fought through crushed concrete and metal to reach her. [ applause ] >> reporter: teams cheered as they lifted ann from the rubble. >> the sun came out at the same moment as they removed ann from that building. >> reporter: but crews are
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making some heart-wrenching decisions. >> there's been, frankly, no sign of life in this building for the last eight hours or so- and-so we are concentrating our resources where we know we can get maximum benefit. >> reporter: 10 japanese students are among the dead in this flattened building. >> i hurt, my friends didn't come out. >> reporter: shelves shook violently when the 6.3 magnitude quake hit christchurch. a canadian family was inside the city's historic cathedral. >> just everything started going like this. and we knew immediately. >> people were falling on the ground and we went to run out the one exit and it filled with dust from the collapse. >> reporter: teams from the u.s., britain, australia and asia are rushing in to provide medical help for survivors and to start repairing the devastated city. charlie d'agata, cbs news. coming up, one bay area mall has seen so much crime, police may move in permanently. plus, how one rare bird and
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her babies put a stop to a major east bay construction project. and counterfeit cosmetics that look just like the real thing. the telltale ways to spot a fake all coming up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. looking pretty good outside right now, but could we soon see some snow right there in san francisco??? we'll talk about that coming up! ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thieves are breaking into e stanford a rash of car break-ins on the peninsula, thieves are breaking into vehicles at the stamford shopping center -- stanford shopping center and in parking lots along el camino real. police say thieves are tarranting vehicles with electronics inside. businesses are worried about the safety of their cars in the
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neighborhood. >> it's concerning for me as a manager because if my employees park in the front or back parking lot, which we're required to park back there, that there is nobody watching our cars. >> police say the burglaries are happening daily in the day and also at night. there's also been a lot of shoplifting at a san francisco mall that police -- well, they might move in personally. cops respond there several times a day so top brass are considering adding a substation there. westfield has its own security force but their primary concern is to focus on areas outside those stores. a danger to public safety. the san jose police union asking the public now to weigh in on the city's threat to lay off hundreds of officers. the city warned it could be forced to lay off almost 350 police officers if the union doesn't agree to concessions in pay an benefits. the officers association and chuck reed are holding a news conference this afternoon and we are expecting to learn more
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about where the negotiations stand. san francisco's police commission voting tonight on a proposal to arm officers with tasers. if approved, the department would be allowed to study the issue more. the plan would then go back to the commission for a final vote. the police chief hopes tasers will cut down on officer- involved shootings but the critics are worried they could be overused. we could have a decision today on a proposed gang inning junction for oakland's fruitvale area for the injunction. it would restrict the activities of 40 suspected gang members in the fruitvale neighborhood. it's been in place in north oakland since june. critics say it's racial profiling. he is 2 years old and using pot. why his parents say medical marijuana saved this little boy's life. and jail time for actress lindsay lohan?
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the ultimatum from the judge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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no more schools closing in the mount diablo unified school district, at least not now. the school board voted unanimously not to close a third school. but the board's president warned they could revisit the idea if voters don't approve tax extensions. the district is looking to save $1.5 million a year.
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two other schools, glenbrook middle school and holbrook elementary school will close for good next year. the construction of a dozen new homes in dublin is on hold because of a rare bird. that would be bella, a golden eagle. she has made dublin her home for more than 20 years. she has had 22 birds and on valentine's day, she became a new mom once again producing as many as three eggs. well, kb homes was in the process of building 80 houses in the area and now they are taking a little break for bella's babies. actually written into the developers' contract there even though bella flies away every year she doesn't hang out all year long, but when she comes back, they got to trim down the noise a little bit and they got to move out. >> and neighbors take care of bella there. >> absolutely. well, keeping with the animal theme now a pair of sea lions rescued in northern california. they are about to become buddies at the zoo. right now henry and silent night are recovering in
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separate cages at sausalito's marine mammal center but they may move in together at the zoo pool side. >> silent night was shot in the face last year and is now blind. henry has an eye disease and nearly died nine months ago but now they will get to hang out and a lap of luxury there at the san francisco zoo, maybe in the snow, too. huh? >> they may like the pool but we better get out snow sure on, lawrence? >> yeah, guys. this could be very interesting. it's been sometime, but we are talking about the possibility that san francisco might look like this. this is the high country, tahoe area. snow out there of course, they have seen a ton of it as of late. they are catching a break today but things will change tomorrow. very cold air headed toward the bay area. you have some partly cloudy skies now. that's the way we'll play it throughout the afternoon as we'll see a little sunshine, kind of dry so not bad.
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the forecast is looking good tarred the afternoon. temperatures warming up a little anyways, low to the mid- 50s in toward the afternoon. tonight again another cold night. 30s and 40s, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog. otherwise tomorrow, here we go. you had the cold air working its way in toward seattle. they have seen lots of snow. that same system going to dive to the south in our direction. the cold air is going to start to move in and by tomorrow afternoon, we're talking about the possibility of some showers and then the snow begins to develop into the evening hours at least in parts of the north bay and then things get wild as we head into friday and saturday. winter storm watch going into effect tomorrow evening in the north bay mountains. get this the snow level down to 1,000 feet could see over 6" above 2500, two to four inches above 1500. and then it's going to get lower than that as we head in toward friday and saturday morning. could truly be some fairly magical times here in the bay area as we could very well see snow all the way down to sea
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level. 50s expected around much of the bay area this afternoon as it looks like it's going to be a nice day outside. but expect these to go away. we are going to be struggling to get up near 50 degrees as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. and then very cold into friday. that's when we are expecting even lower snow levels. tell you what, this is that time where you definitely want to have all your cameras ready to go and all the batteries ready to go. we could very well see snow all the way down to sea level as we head in toward saturday morning. that's a look at weather, sydnie. back to you. >> lawrence, tell you what, i'll bring my sled and we'll take a ride down vallejo street, how's that? >> all right! >> friday, i'll be ready. a major bust of phony cosmetics. cheap counterfeits could be hazardous to your health. >> girls love makeup and if that's what's selling then that's what people are going to try to make. >> reporter: this is not made up. it's an authentic health issue.
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counterfeit cosmetics confiscat atl.a.x. five small parcels, $112,000 but 100% fake. >> next day you see these items on a website. >> reporter: the counterfeit from china look like the real counterparts, packaged in a set labels and all. >> so realistic that we have to actually in most of the times consult and send samples to the original. >> reporter: this is not something consumers should just brush off. >> these products run tested, substandard, they are untested and unreliable. >> reporter: the real brushes can cost up to $405 $40 apiece. >> they are not cheap. you're paying for quality products. and if in fact someone is giving you falsified products, it draws your concern. >> reporter: so how do you tell the difference between a real
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or a fake brush? well, employees here tell us on a real brush, where the brush was actually made will be embossed on the brush not just printed. >> well, when you think of medical marijuana, you probably don't think of a child using it. >> probably not. but a toddler in montana is one of the state's youngest cardholders. the boy beat brain cancer and the father said the pot helped rebuild organs damaged from cancer treatment and increased his appetite and helped him sleep. >> i believe he is with us for a lot of reasons. a patient of medical cannabis, which is i think greatly benefitted his battle. >> there are some strict rules for minors getting those pot cards. the parents have to give written consent and agree to control the dosage and the child's doctor has to be closely involved. actress lindsay lohan is back in court today and so far,
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no plea deal. a judge told the actress he will send her to jail if she accepts any sort of plea deal to avoid a trial. the actress is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace. she could face up to 3 years in state prison. if she doesn't accept a deal the judge said the case will go forward with a preliminary hearing. lohan will be back in court in a couple of weeks. coming up, never-before- seen foot average jfk's final hours. the home video taken the night before he was assassinated. and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, give our hotline a call, 1-888- 5-helps-u. we have some volunteers standing by right now to take your calls. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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now, parsley. i use italian parsley in so many different recipes and the price are about stable so we are going to best buy the italian parsley when you buy them, put them in a glass. 79 cents a bunch. that's a great deal. when you buy them, put them in a glass like this, nice and green all the way around. leave it in the kitchen. when you go to cook with it just pull it off. throw it in the pan. canteloupes, they still coming in at good prices. we best buyed these a month ago and the price is still very reasonable. you can find some beautiful canteloupes for $1 .29 each. so check your ads, check the quality at the local market and you can eat fresh and stay healthy for pennies on the dollar. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. hey, we are getting a rare look at jfk's final hours from home video that has never been released until right now. >> it is from the night before he was assassinated. it shows about 4 minutes of silent footage from november 21, 1963. it shows the former president and first lady at a gathering at houston's rice hotel. you can see the first lady there addressing the crowd and
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the kennedys enjoying a mariachi band. that footage was just donated to the sixth floor museum in dallas. >> and been tucked away for 50 years. that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. a big hi-5 to the students from saint bridget's school! see you tomorrow.
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