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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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san you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. snow in the bay area, yes. even some in san francisco. where the flakes fell and the chilly new weather warning
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tonight. a plane crash in the bay today. the skill and luck that helped the pilot escape alive. >> it has got to be terrifying. goats running out. >> that's right, hundreds of them. goats. shutting down part of a northern california freeway tonight. >> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. you may be asking what happened to that snow that was supposed to fall here at sea level? we didn't see much but there was some in the higher elevations today. skyline boulevard in san mateo county. the snow collected to make it look like a forest of christmas trees but it was all gone by 9:00 a.m. this morning. overall turned out to be the most hyped forecast since chicken little. no blanket of snow. anne makovec will show us that a few flakes did fall. >> i don't see no white. >> reporter: the snow called storm that was forecast to hit
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san francisco never quite stuck. >> freezing cold. still no snow. >> reporter: a disappointment to those that got up with the sun and came to twin peaks. >> we were hoping to find a little bit of snow on the ground. make a snowman. >> reporter: the hype was huge. someone even created a website called is it snowing insf yet and declared it was. and there is some validity. youtube video shot in san francisco last night. flakes in some areas. >> i haven't seen any snow. >> overblown. >> reporter: chopper 5 did find some snow at the top of mt. helena in the north bay surrounded by green hills at lower elevations. at sea level more
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disappointment, the alameda group canceling the cruise. >> reporter: if you are looking for measurable snow and ice around the bay area mother nature is not hooking it up. you're going to have to get creative. >> we always have other activities. so it is okay. >> reporter: and as some people drowned disappointments others made plan. in a snowless san francisco, anne makovec, cbs5. another winter weather advisory tonight. meteorologist lawrence karnow has word about freezing weather. >> early on today we had more snow showing up around the bay area. half moon bay. it was just scattered. and that's when you get the
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cold air just scattered showers and that's what we saw. more snow showing up around the bay area and more than just a little bit. a nice dusting of snow. snow on the back deck. how about this? in the afternoon in gilroy. we had a very nice dusting of snow. also reports of some snow into holister. still looking at a freeze warning outside tonight as that cold arctic air continues to sit overhead. temperatures dropping down into the mid-20s and low 30s. be very, very careful. watch out for your pets, plants, pipes and people. we are in for a record cold night tonight. just how cold it will get we will talk about that and the rest of the forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank you, lawrence. temperatures dipping below freezing in the bay area over the last 24 hours. we will look at the dangerous
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combination of wet roads and record cold. >> reporter: the snow never fell overnight in the east bay but the temperatures did right down to freezing. and the bitter cold meant black ice. this crash happened after the car hit black ice on highway 37 in vallejo. cal-trans sanded american canyon road after a jeep flipped on its side into a field. >> we are hoping it warms up a little bit here so we can melt these black ice situations. >> reporter: the warmup came but not before a treacherous combination of water and windchill under a drafty overpass. affecting highway 4. water was gushing out of a pipe. >> heavy rain pushed excessive amounts of water out of these pipes and down this drainage area. the mud piled it up in this area and it went across the highway an froze into a sheet of black ice. >> reporter: no one was seriously hurt but a section of the highway shut down for hours and traffic was rerouted. >> it is incredibly inconvenient.
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>> reporter: for those hank erring for higher temperatures this was an icy slap in the face. >> it is warm one day and then it is cold the next. i mean what, what was it last week people were in their bathing suits? talking about going swimming. now it is going to snow. >> but frost formed coating cars and rooftops and forcing pedestrians to dawn layer after layer into thermals. these pants have a lining in them. socks. > >> taxi drivers had hoped snowfall would be a windfall for business. >> when it starts getting cold people takes taxis. >> reporter: that is unless you skip the chill all together. >> stay home. >> i'm so ready for it to be warm again. >> reporter: cbs5. you can always find the latest storm-related news on
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our website high-def doppler for your neighborhood. click on the weather tab. a pilot survived after his plane crashed into san francisco bay today. a small plane took off from palo alto airport going down south of the dunbarton bridge near fremont. don knapp has the report. >> reporter: a small plane, a cessna 140 sits upside down on mud flats near the east end of the dunbarton bridge. a dead stick landing, the pilot surviving. he managed to glide to a landing in the mud. apparently the plane stopped suddenly when the landing gear touched down and sank into the mud and the plane flipped over. >> basically found the plane upside down. on its wings. and the pilot standing right outside of the plane. >> reporter: the captain and crew moved their air boat over mud at speeds of up to 50 miles
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an hour to get to the upside down plane. >> the marks that we found on the mud showed about 3 feet before the plane just flipped. so flipped right over onto its wings. >> reporter: firefighters from both sides of the bay responded. the swamp style air boat, one of two or three around the bay, is about the only way short of a helicopter they say to get to someone trapped in the bay mud. he says the uninjured pilot was happy to see the boat. the chief also spoke with us by phone. >> given the circumstances that he had to go down in the aircraft he was not only very lucky but i'm sure to some degree his skill helped him walk away from the aircraft crash. >> reporter: today's crash recalls an horrific crash just a year ago. a cessna also taking off from palo alto. east palo alto neighborhood. the main body of the plane crashed into a street.
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three employees of a company on board were killed. no one on the ground was injured. >> we are sorry to here that we had another aircraft craft however we are happy the pilot was able to walk away and we are also very glad that the aircraft did not veer into any type of residential area. >> reporter: now the pilot has to figure out how to salvage his airplane, getting it out of the mud, patched up and back in the air. don knapp, cbs5, in palo alto. president obama calling for the libyan leader moammar gadhafi to step down. libya and the ruling family now facing punishment for the deadly response to antigovernment protests. scott goldberg with more on tonight's u.n. decision. >> reporter: onlookers reacted with surprise as the united nations security council unanimously voted to levy strong sanctions against libya. even china's representative agreed to the sanctions to
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place international travel bans on moammar gadhafi, his family and members of his inner circle. to freeze the family's assets and to refer the case to a war crime's tribunal in the hague. >> this is a clear warning to the libyan government that it must stop the killing. >> reporter: the vote followed a day of meetings interrupted as members of the council conferred with their own governments about the language and scope of the sanctions. saturday president obama made his strongest comments to date on the uprising saying in a private phone call to germany's chancellor gadaffi should step down and leave the country. 150 civilians were rescued from the libyan desert. many were oil workers. >> it was just not knowing when we could get out or not was the biggest thing. >> reporter: back in the
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country they fled libya's embattled government began handing out guns to supporter and sent out armed patrols to defend tripoli against rebels. gadaffi's son says libya remains calm but signs of clashes and violence are everywhere even in the capitol city where gadaffi is still in control. at the unit the nations scott goldberg for cbs news. a herd of problems on a northern california highway. goats. a diz ar incident that shut down part of i-5. noisy and disrupting service. construction that affects many muni riders this weekend. and the bay area didn't get a ton of it but the sierra sure did. how much snow fell and how low the temperatures are tonight. ,,,,,,
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caused a traffic nightmare on interstate 5 in the central a herd of more than 200 goats trying to cross a road caused a traffic nightmare on interstate 5 in the central valley. drivers unaware of the hazards slammed into the goats killing dozens of them causing several accidents. more than 40 goats were killed. one person suffered minor injuries. interstate 5 was closed near
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twin cities road for over an hour while chp and cal-trans crews cleaned up the scene. the road reopened around 9:00 p.m. a construction project disrupting muni service for thousands of riders this weekend. muni is doing track work at church and replaced warn rail components. this is one of the areas where the california public utilities commission found safety violations in muni's light rail system. during the construction some streets and lanes are closed. well, a ware sight along the central california coast. snow reached close to sea level this afternoon and in the mountains bitter cold followed yesterday's big snow storm, shows us that it didn't stop skiers from heading to the slopes today. >> reporter: dropping about 3 feet of snow on parts of the sierra but the snow isn't the story, it is the rigid temperatures. right now it is about 10 degrees where we are standing
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and take a look at this. temperatures will dip into the single digits as the night wears on. as the sunset in the sierra anxious skiers were doing the opposite of what you would expect with single digit, even negative temperatures moving in. >> got here at 3:30 for the night skiing. >> reporter: that's right. instead of packing it in, some people were just showing up despite the temperatures heading way down. >> isn't it cold? >> not really. >> reporter: temperatures at the ski resort were around 17 degrees then but this man and his daughter waited until today to enjoy the fresh snow to avoid messy conditions yesterday. >> we were going to come up yesterday for the fresh power. i checked the weather. roads closed. chain control. >> reporter: plus, nothing beats this sunset view, not even freezing temps. >> it is beautiful. look at it. >> reporter: others though came up for a snow day trip. >> i'm back. >> there was a little traffic
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coming up 49. but other than that it was pretty slippery. >> reporter: abundant sunshine kept temps relatively tolerable. >> kind of feels like maybe in the 50s. >> reporter: not that tolerable. it was only 27 degrees but sledding kept these snow lovers pretty warm. >> yes, that was fun. >> reporter: a warm up is on the way though, that is if you think 30 plus degrees is warm. >> and lawrence is telling us that they are going to have some more cold here. >> yes. freezing temperatures around the bay area looking like overnight tonight. probably some record breaking cold temperatures again. that arctic air out there right now. so it will be cold in spots. specially get away from the coastline. out there right now, skies are mostly clear and that's a big reason that these temperatures are going to be dropping off in a hurry. that and the air is very dry now. so the combination. two will really allow the temperatures to plummet overnight tonight. still, we do have warnings for
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freezes in parts of the north and east bay valleys. mountains and north bay looking at some very cold temperatures between 1:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. nbc dipping into the mid-20s and low 30s. and some of the valley especially in the north bay could even see colder temperatures. so, yes, take extra precaution. we are expecting cold temperatures overnight tonight. but after that it should begin to moderate somewhat. you get an idea where that area of low pressure brought some unsettled weather is bringing some snow into areas too. tomorrow should be a dry day. we are looking at mostly sunny skies. maybe a cloud or two but just over the mountain tops. warmer than it has been. low to about the mid-50s all around the bay area. numbers right now. already freezing in fairfield. 34 degrees in napa. 36 degrees in santa rosa. you've got 34 in livermore and 39 degrees in redwood city. so we are working on a very cold night with probably some record overnight lows. around the state if you plan on
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traveling you've got to get up there to the snow, it is looking good in the high country. freezing. 32 for a high expected there. 50s in the central valley. then about 55 degrees in monterey bay. so the system diving through will continue to make its way eastward. left with one more really cold night. after that it looks like a chance of some stormy weather returning to the bay area. still temperatures will be impressive tonight. it is going to be very cold in spots. numerous places in the 20s and the 30s inland. even plenty of 30s inside the bay and probably some freezing temperatures. by day temperatures warming up nicely though. plan on low to mid-50s in much of the south bay and out toward the coastline. east bay temperatures a little cooler as you climb up the mountains just a bit but down below in the valleys you will see plenty of sunshine in toward the afternoon. lots of sunshine going to warm up in the north bay as we are expecting the dry weather for at least a day. but that's not going to last long. a chance of showers returning as early as monday.
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doesn't look like a big deal. we catch a break come tuesday. but that storm on wednesday looking like it means business. heavy rain out of that one along with gusty winds. showers continuing into thursday. probably some more rain as we look towards next weekend. next storm not as cold so we are not expecting any more snow. >> we will take that. >> thank you. >> all right. >> well, there is a chance though that it could rain on hollywood's parade tomorrow night. workers are rolling out that red carpet today in preparation for the 83rd annual academy awards. the giant oscar statutes are wrapped in plastic and tents covering the famous carpet because rain and possibly snow dare i say it are in the forecast but fans are already lining up and saying they will be there rain or shine. >> giants fans, it is getting good and fun again. as get going tomorrow. may only be february but the giants get their first look at the dodgers. and how many people can fit on one basketball court? we will hit the hardwood next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mary's was a lock to win the w-c-c and make the tournament... a couple weeks ago it looked like st. mary was a lock to make the tournament. but the gaels needed to beat portland to share the lead title with gonzaga. picking up slack scoring 15 of his 21 points in the first half. in the second half steven holt the unlikely hero. the freshman knocks down back- to-back threes. part of a 26-8 run by the
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gaels. holt scared a career high 16 points. then it is rob jones with the drive and to mitchell young for the two-hand jam. st. mary's beats portland 83-69 to clench a share of the title for the first time in 14 years. st. mary's will be the number 1 seed in the conference tournament and get a bye into the semifinals. usf and santa clara won the season finales earning a first round bye next week in vegas. phoning in the news. another number 1 team has gone down. duke down 3 in the final seconds when curry turns it over. virginia tech upsetting duke 64-60. court got crowded in a hurry in blacksburg. setting a new school record with 60 straight wins at maples
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pavilion. even more impressive clenching another title. corvallis got more snow than we did, lawrence. former star derek cunningham throwing it down. oregon state led by 6 at the half. just like thursday night in eugene the bears responded with a big second half outscoring them 39-42. allen crab with a game time 26 points as cal rallies back to win 87-76. everything to rattle the nation's leading scorer. none of it worked. the byu guard scored 43 points in the team's first meeting and torched the aztecs again today. knocking down 4 of byu's 14 threes including one from 30 feet. byu by three at the half and pulled away in the second half getting in the lane for the hoop and foul. he leads the cougars with 25 points and for the sec time this season byu beats san diego state. winning their first world
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series in 56 years looking like the giants have their sights set on winning the cactus league. brilliant jonathan sanchez performance allowing four hits and a walk but no runs. pablo sandoval hit a two-run homer and added an r.b.i. single. and another three-sit day for a player returning back after last year's wrist injury. 8-3. >> i've got to reclaim my spot on that field and the only way to do that is stay healthy. i'm very cognizant of the fact that i didn't do much to help us win a world series last year and wasn't out on that field and getting hit and making plays. >> my preference has always been the infield. i have always kind of moonlighted in the outfield when a guy needed a day off and a match up presented itself. so i'm more than happy to stay in the infield. i don't need to hear all the fans razzing me in the
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outfield. eight men went into the desert but only two left standing at the match play championship. brian moore in the quarterfinals. donald will take on martin thymier. with his two wins this afternoon he becomes the new number 1 player in the world. still to come the is cal baseball team more talented on the field or off it. you be the judge next in sports. ,,,,,,
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season... but the 17th ranked bears aren' ithout cal baseball team is playing its final season barring a change. but the bears aren't going down without their voices being heard. ♪[ music ] ♪ i hope we make it ♪ fans, thanks for your support ♪ ♪ that's all we can afford ♪[ music ] ♪ you know the game is over when plummer is your closer ♪ ♪ dropped in round 1 ♪ cal baseball's last year ♪ i hope we make it. we will take the pac-10 then to omaha watch us take it ♪
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♪ raised some money but it didn't make the cut ♪ ♪ 15 million is just not enough ♪ >> they should reinstate them just for the video. appears the bears are just as talented on the baseball field improving to 4-1. it is already their third shutout of the season. it would be great to see them go to omaha and win the whole thing. obviously they need around $10 million to keep the program. and men's gymnastics still on the outs at california. >> thank you, kim. >> sure. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it may not have snowed much in san francisco, but it was still very chilly "in" the bay. but that didn't stop hundreds of it may not have showed much in san francisco, lawrence, but it was still very chilly in the bay. didn't stop hundreds of brave souls to take the polar bear plunge to raise thousands of dollars for the cause. we will see you tomorrow. have a great night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: plan ,, ,,
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