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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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shooting through the roof. the one reason we co you're watching cbs5
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eyewitness news in high- definition. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." how high will they go? gas prices shooting through the roof. the one reason we could see prices $5 or more for gallon. >> it is a shame when a 17-year- old boy has to die. >> killed while riding his bike. now more than six years later the new call to solve this bay area cold case. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> heard a yell and scream and i knew something was wrong. dramatic rescue of an injured hiker. good evening i'm ann notarangelo. you think gas prices are high now there is a chance they could reach $5 a gallon maybe even more. don knapp joining us from san francisco to tell us what we might expect to happen. don? >> reporter: ann, you might call it part of the cost of the fight for freedom in the middle east. but while we have been watching the revolution overseas on television the price of gas here at home has been sneaking up. >> $63 for this car to fill it
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up. it is bad. >> reporter: katherine loaded her suv with regular gas. in one week the price of regular gasoline in california has jumped 10 cents a gallon. statewide average of 3.65. premium going for $4 a gallon. i have to pay. i have no other choice. i don't like to pay but i have to pay. >> reporter: at this 76 station near the bay bridge in san francisco it is 3.97 for regular. 4.11 for middle and 4.21 for premium. blame the uprisings in the middle east particularly libya that sent oil prices over $100 a barrel this week. >> 4.18 a gallon right now is hurting people and little guys trying to make it out there. >> reporter: even states that have seen traditionally lower prices, colorado and wyoming,
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gas is more than $3 a gallon. 3.75 in hawaii with alaska and california not far behind. >> i'm paying 4.10. >> reporter: oil prices would have to jump a lot higher before regular reaches $4 a gallon. university of california energy institute director telling the "san francisco chronicle" the last time gas hit $4 a gallon oil was $130 a barrel. but he added that saudi arabia should be taken offline prices would double at least. motorists once again may be feeling trapped by things they can't control but at least this time around, ann, they are driving full efficient cars. >> we have changed some things. don knapp in san francisco. thank you. it will be a new bay area icon when it is finished and tomorrow the suspension tower of the new bay bridge will take a giant step toward completion. crews will hoist a massive new section of the tower into place.
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it will boost the structure up to 480 feet. 45 feet short of its final height of 525 feet. the operation will begin in the morning and continue around the clock until the new section is in place. a dramatic rescue this morning at the bottom of a sheer cliff at lands end in san francisco. the victims fell from a hiking trail onto a rock jutting out into the water at sunset last night. he broke his ankle in the fall and spent the night stranded. early this morning another hiker heard his calls for help. >> i was coming along the trail heading north and heard a yell. heard a scream. and i knew immediately something was wrong somewhere. so i jumped over the fence and looked down and i spotted him on a rock. yelling for help. >> he then found another hiker with a cell phone and they called for help. fire department rescuers had to repell down the cliff and lower the victim into the water where a jet ski picked him up, took
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him to safety. he is suffering from hyopthermia but he should recover. happened more than six years ago but mountainview police are not giving up on finding the killer of a teenager. anne makovec tells us what prompted police to reopen the cold case. >> reporter: in a park near a cold case murder scene in mountainview life goes on. >> it has been bothering detectives and officers since 2004. >> reporter: september 24th, 2004, to be exact when 17-year- old alex fernandez was shot and killed. this is the file set up at the scene where fernandez had been riding his bike with a group of friends and was shot in the torso. the suspects took off in a red two-door car. police say it was a gang- related case. no arrests have ever been made. >> we don't close a case until it has been solved. >> reporter: mountainview only has about one murder per year
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and they have been working this case. these binders contain years of information and recently police reinterviewed witnesses. >> it has been a long time. people start to release things that perhaps they weren't willing to talk about before or they say you know i think that so and so is in the area maybe you should go talk to them. there were a lot of witnesses out there. >> reporter: police won't say what new information they received. six and a half years after the fact no one in the area seems to remember the case or alex fernandez but they do say that there is still a serious gang problem here in mountainview. and in gang chases it is tough to get people to talk. >> someone knows any information, $10,000 is a lot. >> reporter: you can call in anonymously and get the money by referring to a number after the arrest. >> it is a shame a 17-year-old boy has had to die. we have never given up on it. we want closer for the family,
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his mother, and the neighborhood. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs5. will he or won't he, republican insiders now say he will. they tell the "associated press" that former house speaker newt gingrich will soon announce he is running for president. a lawyer who works for him confirmed it saying he will announce he is forming an exploratory committee within the next ten days. he aligned himself with tea party activists pushing for elimination of the environmental protection agency and calls president obama clueless on foreign policy. wisconsin state police tonight decided against forcibly evicting protestors from the capitol building. they have occupied the retunda for three weeks. a walkout by
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state democrats have halted the vote. capturing a town close to moammar gadhafi's stronghold in tripoli, bracing for a counter attack from sources loyal to gadaffi. scott goldberg says the conflict appears headed to a violent climb ax climax. >> reporter: three days of heavy fighting with government forces. more than a dozen people died in the battle. the opposition controls tanks and antiaircraft guns and they vowed to keep fighting until libyan leader moammar gadhafi steps down. >> we don't need moammar any more. >> reporter: they show no signs of losing the grip. widespread international criticism and sanctions from the u.s., britain, and the united nations. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in geneva sunday for a meeting of the
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u.n. human rights council. before departing saying the u.s. is going to begin reaching out to libyans who are organizing in the east. traveling in egypt senators joe lieberman and john mccain called for quicker action. >> we think that there should be a no fly zone established over tripoli and libya. we think that there should be a provisional government set up in libya that we would support. >> reporter: but gadaffi remains defiant in an interview claiming the libyan people still support him. his son blames the media for exaggerating the unrest. >> there is a big gap between reality and the media reports. >> reporter: evacuations continue in libya. a british warship returned for more stranded foreigners. scott goldberg for cbs news, new york. no surprises at tonight's academy awards but there was
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one controversial moment. what it was and how some of hollywood's biggest movers and shakers strutted their stuff on the red carpet. oscar parties all over the bay area but this one is special. the reason people came together for this party in the east bay. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather center. a record cold start to the day in the bay area. not bad by the afternoon. but another storm is looming. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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celebrating the most? kendis gibson tells us about the night's big winners. nats 11:35 "the king speech" the 's speech spoke f time to party after the oscars. here are the night's biggest winners. >> reporter: the king's speech speaking for itself tonight capturing four academy awards, best director, best picture and best actor to colin fih. natalie portman accepted the best actress award for her role in "the black swan." melissa was bleeped by network sensors while accepting the best actress role in "the
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fighter." >> i really don't mean to offend and probably a very inappropriate place to use that particular word in particular. >> christian bale won for his supporting actor role in "the fighter." >> thank you. thank you so much. >> reporter: outside the kodak theater hollywood's movers and shakers lit up the red carpet. the weather helped keep foreheads from gleaning on the red carpet. temperature only in the 50s just before show time. about 15 degrees below. >> it is waking me up. >> you look very appealing to a younger demographic as well. >> anne hathaway and jeff franko serving as first time hosts presiding over a show that anointed toy story iii as the best animated feature and crowned inside jobs best documentary film. cbs news, hollywood. well, they avoided the rain on the red carpet and we got to enjoy kind of a nice day today. >> it was a nice day.
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the sunshining brightly. nice clear skies outside. a couple of clouds over the mountain tops. it was cold to start the day. lots of frost. some records in napa and oakland and santa rosa as we had some of those very chilly temperatures of that arctic air still in place. but by the afternoon, boy, sure made for a beautiful day and tonight mostly clear skies around the bay area. the one exception santa rosa now beginning to pick up a couple of clouds and we are going to see more of those clouds as we head into tomorrow, maybe even a couple light showers. at least north of the golden gate bridge. you can see those clouds beginning to make their way in the northern part of the shade moving onshore here and we will see more of that overnight and into tomorrow morning. by the time we got up got lots of cloud cover. mostly cloudy around the bay area. north of the golden gate bridge, most coming in the afternoon. temperatures not going to be all that bad. mainly low to upper 50s. specially as you make your way into the santa clara valley. numbers outside right now getting chilly in spots. 40 degrees in the napa valley. 43 now in santa rosa.
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40 in san rafael. and 46 degrees in san jose. if you do plan on traveling around the state the further north you go the better chance you're going to run into a couple rain drops. expecting showers in redding. a ton of snow across the high country and if you have to sneak up there to enjoy it next couple days looking like the roads will be wide open and clear. get up there and enjoy the partly cloudy conditions. still a little bit on the chilly side. down into the teens. big storm though coming our way as we head into wednesday. so try and get out of town by then. all right, looks like we are catching a nice break briefly but this storm starting to squeeze a little close to the coastline now continuing to drop down overnight tonight. not before we get some chilly temperatures again. not going to be as cold just because we are picking up a little more cloud cover. but it will be chilly in spots. temperatures down at the freezing mark maybe slightly below as we head into tomorrow morning. plan on about 30 degrees tomorrow. early on. fairfield 32. frost showing up in the napa
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valley. 36 in san rafael. 30s and 40s in and around the bay. by the afternoon we will see plenty of cloud. almost 60 degrees in santa clara. 59 in san jose. 58 in morganhill and about 58 degrees in union city. much of the east bay will see cloud cover by but the afternoon the temperatures looking pretty good. 58 degrees pleasanton. 59 antioch. 57 in concord. north bay could see scattered showers. cloud cover a little thicker so plan on low to mid-50s in most spots. now as we look towards the next few days i think as we go toward tuesday just some partly cloudy skies in the bay area but overnight tuesday into wednesday here come the winds starting to ramp up along the coastline. this next storm system looking like it will pack a punch bringing with it heavy rainfall. those gusty winds. it will latch on to some tropical moisture moving into the bay area so talking about heavy rain at least into early afternoon on wednesday. thursday tapering off to
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showers. more stormy weather as we head in toward this next weekend. looks like we have more storms on the way. these will be substantial rain maker around the bay area. we will have to watch out for something the ground really saturated now. need enough of a break in between the storms so we don't have to worry about water problems or flooding. >> so we prefer to have these next week. the storms coming in. >> if we could spread it out a little more. i'm looking towards the middle of march and they will keep coming one right after another. >> wow. >> no choice. >> thank you. still ahead surprising number 1 at the box office this weekend. also, oscar parties all over the bay area tonight but not all of them to celebrate the movies. the reason for this academy awards gathering in the east bay. 's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families.
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shakespeare classic snatched a surprising win at the box office. eek in >> come on romeo. >> animated twist on a shakespeare classic. a surprising win at the box office. in its third week in theaters gnomeo and juliette brought in 14.2 million. light hearted movie. coming in second place "hall pass" starring owen wilson and nicolas cage. 13.4 million in its debut. unknown, just go with it. movie lovers gathering all over the area tonight to watch hollywood's biggest show. some raising money and bringing
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attention to a good cause. linda yee takes us to one of those parties. >> reporter: the glitz and glamor here could rival hollywood but tonight in concord this oscar viewing party is not just about the coveted statute. the $55 donation they each gave at the door benefits an organization that helps women and children who suffer violence at home. >> these are very important as you know economics are very bad these days so donations to nonprofits like ours are slowing down as are governmental funds. so these kind of fund-raisers are very important to keep our services open. >> reporter: stand against domestic violence works to intervene and help families. counselors say one in four women suffer at the hands of an abuser and their children are hurt too. growing up in a violent home. >> in my household there was a lot of power and control. there was a lot of you can't do this or i have to have permission to do this. there was alcoholism in my home. there was certain violence
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mostly targeted towards my mother but as children we intervened so we would just get caught in the line of fire. >> reporter: the organization responds to more than 11,000 crisis calls a year and in every case getting the victim to leave the abuser could take years. >> because there is a lot of denial that is going on and it is a very emotional situation because the woman obviously has strong feelings for the man and she believes that he is what he says which is often that he is going to change. and so she gives him that kind of ability to do that and then it doesn't happen. >> reporter: 30 local restaurants and businesses donated food and prizes for the cause. this is the 10th year they have been hosting this event and they expect to raise more than $20,000. money that will go to help a problem that unfortunately isn't going away. in concord, linda yee, cbs5. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next on our oscar edition of "game day."
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he is mr. baseball. dallas braden. we know who his roommate is. it may shock you. monta ellis has grown up, married, mature, leader of the warriors. why has he come so far? kim coyle goes one-on-one with monta ellis. why a pitcher from japan is trying out with the giants. the surprising stuff that might help it stick. the curtain opens in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new candidate for san francisco mayor.
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tonight a source close to david chiu tells cbs-5 that chiu is word just coming into our newsroom there may be a new candidate for san francisco mayor. tonight a source close to david chu tells cbs5 he will announce that he will run for mayor tomorrow morning. a rally will be held tomorrow. lee has said he will for the run. some bay area kids may be considering a new career as nasa astronauts tonight. nasa hosted a science festival in san francisco for students and their families. they road hovercrafts, they launched rockets and a lunar rover and also introduced to an astronaut excited about nasa's future. >> nasa has an incredibly bright future. we are looking forward to really not just exploring space but finding out how we can use
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space to really enhance our existence here on earth. >> the doctor has completed her training waiting for her first assignment. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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california." but this morning, it snowed! this is a golf course in burbank covered in white. not a hu n, but there was you've heard the lyrics in that song it never rains in southern california. today it snowed. this is a golf course in burbank covered in white. not a huge accumulation but there was enough some for some crazy people to build a
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snowman. that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00 p.m. news updates and "game day" with dennis o'donnell is next. ,,


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