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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. rothel there was a prostitute at the bus stop and she told me i should move to another bus stop because i was ruining her business. >> tonight we take you to pro they'll boulevard. what pimps are now doing to find new and very young sex workers. >> the perks the rest of us simply don't have. the governor takes aim at some government workers sweet deals. >> home is where the money is. a billionaire drops $100 million on a bay area manages. we'll show you what you get for all that cash. good evening, dana king. >> ken bastida. they want to prevent more young girls from getting swept up in the streets. >> oakland neighbors trying to get in between pimps and the children they put up for children. people blocked international boulevard at 17th avenue. a stretch homeowners call
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brothel boulevard. neighbors tell robert liles they find knew girls not far from there. >> reporter: if you thought they were ladies of the night you haven't been down oakland's international boulevard lately. homeowner herman coleman says it's 24-hour wholesale prostitution. >> there was a prostitute at the bus stop and she told me i should move to another bus stop because i was ruining her business. >> reporter: we found scantily clad women leaping into the windows of cars he says he called the cops. >> i don't know if the cops showed up. >> reporter: so he took snap shots of what he called brothel boulevard. that put him face to face with a serious pimp. >> he got up in my face. >> reporter: probably because they aren't ladies of the night, they are girls. >> the youth on this street are between 12, 13, 14 years old. >> reporter: the mayor acknowledges the problem is out of control. >> there are thousands of girls
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on circuits around the states. >> reporter: and the pimps first stop international, so the people who live here are trying to put a limit on it. blocking the gateway. here clear to 45th avenue. they say underaged prostitution has gotten so bad girls are openly recruited as they walk into roosevelt middle school. oakland police blame much of the sex on the national lodge motel and they are trying a court-ordered shut down in may. the owner denies the charges. have you seen young girls trying to get rooms here? >> i hope i he gets to testify to that on the stand. >> reporter: fining johns $15,000 and open mentoring can solve the problem but that put her at odds. >> the technique of putting pictures on tv or pictures in the newspaper, i think that will help us in this, it can't hurt. >> they tried that for a while, it didn't seem to have that much impact. >> reporter: in oakland, robert
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liles, cbs5. the family of the first pleasanton native to be killed in the iraq and afghanistan war says he was shot while helping a wounded soldier. 22-year-old army specialist jamie linds cog served as a medic in afghanistan. his mother tells the contra costa times that he joined to be get training and be a physiotherapist. tonight nato has full command over libya but rebels continue to lose ground. rebels fighting for control of the eastern oil town of agreeing a were forced back. still, the white house insists that muammar gaddafi's regime is crumbling and the pentagon says the u.s. should not be responsible for arming and training the rebels. >> that's not a unique capability for the united states and, as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> the pentagon also reiterated there won't be any u.s. military boots on the ground.
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it would not comment, though, on reports that the c.i.a. is working with the rebels. with all the budget problems most californians now say tax the rich. it's a poll funded by the california federation of teachers and it says an overwhelming majority of voters, somewhat or strongly, support raising income taxes by 1% for people earning more than $500,000 a year. meantime, governor brown has unveiled a plan to stop public employees from getting some pretty sweet deals. as grace lee reports. >> reporter: as every day goes by, california gets deeper in debt. the governor is making good on a campaign promise to deal with state employee pensions. >> your average voter is now very much aware of this in ways they weren't before. >> reporter: to start, governor brown wants to end a program called "air time." that allows state workers to buy time served in order to increase pensions later. so if you work 20 years and you pay for 5 years of air time you
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get a pension for someone who served 25 years. >> a lot of the things that he said at the top of his list are common sense reforms. >> reporter: but cbs5 political analyst joe tuman says his biggest fight is yet to come. a proposed pension cap. >> no employee who retires going forward can earn more than a certain amount of money. i don't care who you are. jeff tedford of, the coach of the cal bears, he makes $7 million a year or joe tuman who works for san francisco state for considerably less than that will all make the same. >> reporter: after remaining quiet for weeks state republican leaders emerged today. they complained there was no compromise when they spoke with governor brown. >> there wasn't budget negotiations going on because governor brown was not talking to me. >> apparently the governor wasn't doing a lot of talk. instead, senator dutton said he got an earfull from the first lady. >> frankly, i was yelled at
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more than i was talked to and mostly by mrs. brown, not even governor brown. >> reporter: the governor's press secretary responded saying "big girls don't cry. we really don't have time for bob dutton's feelings. now this meeting with so much at stake, schools, services for the poor and the elderly, they all need to find some sort of solution in order to stop this political back-biting. it's easy to see. >> it's much more entertaining to hear them bicker at each other. >> and you know we've got to laugh somewhere. >> grace, thank you. they were there for home protection but security cameras at a hayward man's home ended up catching a wild police chase on tape. and juliette goodrich reports police now hope that video can help them catch their man. >> reporter: mickey zoo made the investment of a lifetime. security cameras and they have paid off. >> i got about 15 cameras running right now and when i first bought the how's about
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two years ago they tried to steal my car, tried to steal my identity. >> reporter: yesterday's police chase and crash caught on tape right in front of nicky's home. the police now have this video and are enhancing it to get a closer look at the burglary suspects. one of them still at large. these surveillance cameras are operating 24 hours a day. when we first arrived at nicky's home no one was here. but he knew we were on his property. that's because, when he is out in the field working, he is able to monitor all activity around his house from his phone. >> whenever somebody come up to my front door or what not there is a sensor that picks up and automatically alerts me, i get online or get on my smart phone and i could see everything. >> reporter: nicky says this isn't the first time crooks have been caught on tape near his house. >> a neighbor got burglarized and they parked right in front of my house and did the robbery and even walked up and did the
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job, took -- used the bathroom on my fence and acted like it was nothing. i guess they didn't see the ram ca. >> reporter: recently his neighborhood has been the target of burglaries, car thefts and home invasion. he hopes his cameras and warning signs posted all around about surveillance will deter future crimes from happening. juliette goodrich, cbs5. other bay area headlines now. several people were injured including some who were stabbed during a fight at san francisco's ocean beach tonight. witnesses say one man was beaten in the back with a baseball bat. it all happened across from the beach sha lay. no one's injuries are live- threatening. police are investigating whether it was a gang related fight. the marin humane society is investigating allegations that a dog was killed with booze and pot at a high school party. tamil pius high school contacted authorities this week after rumors surfaced that the putting was given liquor in her
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water bowl. investigators say she was also confined in a space filled with marijuana smoke. there were no parents at that party. the humane society says it won't know the cause of death for the dog for the next few weeks. and a couple of downed phone lines caused a massive rush hour back up today. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon on 101 in mill bray. the wires blocked lanes in both directions, traffic was at a crawl through the evening commute. all lanes are back open now. it's not clear yet what caused those lines to fall. well the next hockey star could be spotted on a bay area ice rink over the next few days. the championships for pee-wee hockey are being held in san jose. mark sayier shows us the tournament isn't just for boys. >> reporter: the atlanta fire is just one of 34 teams from alaska to florida and everywhere in between which has come to san jose with championship dreams. >> one, two, three. >> joaquin county the players are just 11 and 12 years old.
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but you wouldn't know it from watching the games where sticks, elbows and bodies are flying. atlanta goalie jared mines says it is all in a day's work. >> i want to win the championship and it looks like a lot of fun. >> reporter: jared's dad craig is cheering on his son but says hockey is about more than just winning or losing. >> a fun sport, good to play. keeps the kids occupied and out of trouble. it's a very team-oriented sport, rather than an individual-oriented sport. >> reporter: in hockey, these are the absolute youngest players who are eligible to play for any kind of recognized national title so the competition is fears but the memories will last a lifetime. >> there are a lot of kids played in this tournament that have gone on and played in college and even in the nhl. >> reporter: the four-day tournament is being held at shark's ice, the practice facility for the san jose sharks, and it's not just boys on the ice. 12-year-old marry markwart plays for the fire.
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>> what's it like playing with all these smelly guys. >> not fun. i mean it's fun. >> reporter: they won against the montana blades 4-1, the national championship game will be played on sunday. in san jose, mark sayier, cbs5. san jose was 81 degrees today but we had record- breaking numbers in san francisco. across the bay in oakland. and napa at 87 degrees. other notable numbers, mountainview at 83, low 80s to the north in cemetery felt and 83 degrees. it is all coming to an abrupt end. the day it will rain. your pinpoint forecast straight adead. a bakery delivering more than tasty treats, how these cupcakes are helping deliver babies. you ever wonder what a $100 million manages really looks like? we'll take you inside. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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them go into labor, babies. the dodgers say they really can't explain it but 19 women say a certain kind of cup cake help them go into labor with their overdue babies. it's the lemon drop cup cake sold at a shop in charlottesville, virginia. she uses fresh lemon juice and fresh lemon zest in the recipe but she doesn't know exactly why it works. one woman whose baby was overdue told her her doctor told her to try it. >> i was in the hospital, i thought my daughter was 5 hours old, i called the cup cake shop. >> i was five days overdue and we came back downtown and i got one and it worked.
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>> i mix it with a little bit more love and i rest it with a little more, ooh, come on. >> yeah, doughty, that will do it. the lemon drop is one of the best sellers at the shop as you might imagine. they make sure there is a fresh batch every day in case a pregnant woman comes in looking for some help. the bay area has broken another record. sit now home to a $100 million mannings. this is located in the los altos hills in silicon valley. it was just purchased by a business tycoon from overseas. elizabeth cook takes a look inside and out. >> reporter: in los altos hills home is where the money is. >> big, big homes, manageses, anywhere from 100 million to a million this is the biggest
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one. the new owner russian billionaire yuri narco. they work for allen pinel, one of the most well known real estate companies in town. >> i was surprised that a $100 million house sold, period. this markets or any other market. >> reporter: the staff in the home are equally impressive. 18 acres, over 25,000 square feet designed to resemble an 18th century french chateau, it boast 5 bedrooms, a ballroom, wine cellar, gym, spa, tennis courts, and an indoor and outdoor pool. now you're probably thinking the home behind these iron gates is a lot like the hearst castle. whether he will it's not quite that grand. but to give you some idea it is about half the size of the fairmont hotel in downtown san francisco. a single family home in los altos doesn't come cheap. the average price is $2
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million, this megamannings dwarfs nearby homes neighbors don't seem unhappy. >> it will make their homes more valuable. >> 6% on the commission. >> some happy realtors. >> all right roberta. what's this talk about rain? can we not just enjoy the sunshine please. >> we'll get you to enjoy the sunshine 1 more day tomorrow. increasing high clouds. this is the scene at san pedestrian rose square in san jose where the high temperature topped off at the low 80s so people were out and about enjoying their thursday night. tonight overnight clear skies, in tiburon at this hour, still 69 degrees, 620 in san ramon, palo alto supporting 60, cupertino across the san fernando valley, 83 degrees. overnight today from 52 to the mid-and high 50s across the alma den valley. otherwise low 50s, and mid-50s pretty common across the
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central bay. tomorrow morning for your commute grab the sunglasses, temperatures will be coming down ever so slightly but still nevertheless above normal for this time of the year. now here we go, it is no joke for your april fools we still have high pressure in command but these clouds are riding up and over the ridge, so undercut the upper half of this ridge, slide into the bay area, we allude to this as a ridge of high pressure, that's why we'll call it partly sunny tomorrow. pollen report, you're still gonna be sneezing and weaseling, blame it on the trees. otherwise your highs tomorrow coming down gently. low 80s in the tri-valley. 820s san jose, 85 in santa rosa, down from 87 to 79 degrees, mid-70s in south africa. down from that record tie high of 82 degrees. a transition day, then breezy cloudy threat of rain saturday. partial clearing sunday. monday bright and sunny but a risk of rain returns on wednesday. how about this mary, she went
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ahead and took a picture of her thermostat. >> 833 degrees. >> 83.3. keep the pictures coming. >> turn the heat down. >> i need that at my house. okay. the kids wanted to crank up the air conditioner last night. i'm serious. >> they run hot. >> you said no? >> i fanned them. >> she totally caved. >> all right. how do a cosmic clock work? we'll have the answer in tonight's good question. anywhere from 100 million to a
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lynda from santa rosa wants to ocks all right. when you really really want to know with a time it is, linda from santa rosa wants to know how do atomic clocks work and what controls them? that's tonight's good question. it's considered by many to be the most accurate timepiece in the world. the u.s. naval observatory's master clock in washington,
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d.c. the official atomic clock for the united states. >> an atomic clock isn't so much about atomic energy used to power the clock for using the atoms themselves as a way of telling time. >> ryan wyatt the astro physicist at the academy of science says they use the predictable and stable movement between a nuclear and its surrounding electrons to tell time. >> a spring is used in a wind- up clock to help you tell time or a pendulum might be used in a crock to tell time we can actually use the very oscillatoins, the very fabric of an atom, to tell tomorrow time. >> without atomic clocks, gps navigation would be impossible, the internet would never synchro nice. at the very heart of it seize yum 123, the element mostly choseen for atomic clocks. its frequency in the area of 9 billion cycles per second makes it extremely accurate.
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>> it's a very careful definition, a hyperfine transition in a cease yum 133 atom which is related to the fine structure of the atom itself. >> that's an ontario physicist talking. >> i can slip into it if you need it. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. the injuries are piling up for the giants, find out why barry zito showed up to dodger stadium in a neck brace? the news wasn't much better on the field for the defending champs. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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car accident last night in west hollywood... zito arrive barry zito is questionable to make his start after being involved in a car accident at west hollywood. he arrived for opening take at dodger stadium wearing a neck brace. it's been 30 years since fernandomania took san francisco by storm. he threw out the first pitch. brandon bell making his first at-bat. he hits a two-hopper and beats it out for his first career hit. he finished 1 for 3. tim lincecum made his third opening day start. he didn't get a lot of help. miguel throws it into right
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field, they have runnersers on the corners, buster posey does a good job of blocking it but throws it down the left field line, the only republican allowed by lincecum in 7 innings. dodger starter clayton kershaw was brilliant. he struck out 9 in 7 innings. pat burrell would home near the ninth but it wasn't enough. the dodger take the opener 2-1. the sharks clinched a playoff berth for the seventh year in a row. second period already up 1-0, dany heatley's shot goes airborne but logan couture catches it and sets himself up for his third of the season, third period the rout is on, patrick marleau, they move up to second place in the western conference. neck a ogwumike is the leading scorer and sha neck a ogwumike is the leading
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defender. but which gets yelled at. >> who does tara yell at more? >> she is new, she is a baby, so she neigh makes some freshman typical mistakes. >> is it hard as a big sister to sit by and watch that? >> no it isn't. she adds to it. >> i mean it's -- i feel for her in the sens that owe that was me two years ago but not like "don't do that chiney. >> whatever happens, the coach will correct me, other coaches will correct me, then coach neck a will correct me. but it's all good because i know they are trying to reinforce in my mind what i need to do. >> santa clara beat i own a last night to win the cit locker room celebration kicks off the thursday night top 5. granderson show... he ma [ cheering and applause ] . >> number 4, opening day in the bronx turned into the curtis granderson show.
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he makes the diving catch and hits the go-ahead homer for the yankees. at number 3, torii hunter won 9 gold gloves as a center fielder, playing right field should be a piece of quake. the angels beat the royals. internet sensation jacob tucker lives up to the hype at the basketball dunk contest. the 5-foot 10 division 3 player went home with the belt. >> two out. that was hit well. right field. this has got a chance and that is your ball game. >> hernandez's three-run homer wins it for the reds, they rally back to beat the brewers 7-6. i think more than baseball, ken, i definitely missed your sound effects over the last two months. >> oh, yeah, well we're back to baseball so we'll have to start those off and use 'em. >> give me the aluminum bat? >> it's secret.
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can't do it on camera when it happens. >> all behind the scenes. >> pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, so, cassius, what calls us at this ungodly hour?
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