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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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stanford women's basketball team, national semifinal on sunday and, of course, all the hoop tomorrow. see you monday. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. good morning. snow joke. april fool's day storm batters the east coast with rain and heavy winds and san antonio' leaving residents a messy commute. all this as millions wonder just when the wintry weather will finally come to an end. leaving libya. a second high level member of good daffy's inner circle defects in as many days as the libyan dictator sends an envoy to speak with a strategy. the u.s. announces it is pulling u.s. war planes from missions over libya. the prince speaks. at the queen pays prince william a visit to work today the prince knits to pre-wedding jitters
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with less than a month to go to the big day. >> my knees started tapping quite nervously. >> reporter: we will have more from the prince on the wedding, his work and what he is not willing to do after he says i do. "early" this friday morning, april 1st, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good friday morning to you. you may be one of the folks waking up to the white stuff. not an april fool's day joke. >> can you believe this? i think it's safe to say it has been a brutal winter and brutal winter has now morphed its way into spring. >> i think the winter has overstayed its welcome officially. i'm going on record this morning. >> i think the people in massachusetts would agree with you at this hour. good morning to you. latest on this powerful storm here in the northeast bringing heavy rain and, yes, like you just saw, some snow and this is the first day of april. marysol castro is in kingston,
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new york, about 90 miles north of us right now with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, everyone at home. while we have been out here in kingston, we have seen rain, ice, snow, and a mixture of everything in between. this seems to be the trend all across northeast region of the united states and i have to tell you, this winter has been particularly brutal. major cities have seen near record or record snowfall. >> reporter: storm warnings posted across the northeast as some folks are waking up to a cruel april fool's prank of a white winter morning. the storm could dump as much as a foot of snow to pennsylvania to northern new england. >> enough is enough. it's april 1st. spring is here. let's have spring. >> reporter: it's an unwelcome mess for a weary region. trying to erase an unusually bad winter from its memory. this season's snowfall totals in boston, new york city, and
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philadelphia all doubled their yearly average. while the northeast gets snow, to the south, central florida is picking up the pieces from furious thunderstorms that generated wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour. witnesses say as many as four tornadoes ripped through the region. >> holler at my wife and we got in the bathtub and about that time a big sound. >> reporter: the storm dropped marble-sized hail and downed power lines and leaves tens of thousands without electricity. back in the northeast, residents in kingston, new york, say they are sick of the snow. >> i don't think winter is going to end. i think it's just going to keep right on going. >> reporter: officials here are prepared for half a foot of snow by hitting the roads with salt spreaders and are hoping this is the last time they have to clean up after a winter that doesn't seem ready to make way for a new season. >> are you ready for spring? >> absolutely! more than ready. >> reporter: well, despite the wintry mix, there are some
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intrepid exercisers this morning. we see one guy jogging. let's turn to the map so you can see where the storm is going. major cities actually dodged this storm just getting a little bit of rain. we do want to tell you pittsburgh and buffalo get a few light showers. heavier show further north in new hampshire, massachusetts and maine. wind will gust 10 to 15 miles per hour pr here are the potential snowfall totals. albany, you could get 1 to 3 inches of snow. boston, 1 to 3 inches of snow and portland, maine, the most of it and winter storm portions posted for new england. tell you about the storm and whether elsewhere in the nation later on in the show. now i want to go back to erica who is in a balmy studio. back to you. >> in a nice, warm, dry studio. thanks. we want to get you the latest on the crisis in libya. secretary of defense robert gates saying u.s. will stop flying combat missions over libya on sunday and nato countries will carry out any air
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strikes. moammar gadhafi issued a statement saying he won't quit but the world leaders attacking his country should. this as there are reports a senior aide to one of gadhafi's sons has recently met with british officials in london. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer is in libya's capital of tripoli with more. liz, this is increasingly fluid, it seems. >> reporter: well, out on the front in the east of the country, the gadhafi's military forces have taken back 200 miles of really key territory and it looks as if they are holding the line very easily against the rebels. here in tripoli, there are signs the government itself is weakening. you'd never guess it, though, from the show of support organized for foreign journalists last night in gadha gadhafi's tripoli compound but no sign of the leader himself. gadhafi hasn't spoken publicly for almost two weeks. meanwhile, cracks are showing in his government. a trusted lieutenant foreign
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minister moussa koussa defected to britain on wednesday and now cooperating with intelligence officers. and british media report a close aide to gadhafi's son saif may be in britt and may have discussed an exit deal for the family. downtown tripoli, most people we spoke to hadn't heard the news but one understood moussa koussa wanting to get out while he could. >> maybe he is afraid of something or something like that. >> reporter: waleed a business student driving around with a weapon issued to all citizens told us defections are not, he is still ready to fight for gadhafi. what are you doing with that thing? >> we are ready! they are coming to attack my country, you know? j where did you get this gun? >> gadhafi give everybody a gun. >> reporter: on the front lines in the east the rebel fighters seem to have plenty of guns, too, but they are disorganized and stalled. the american military announced yesterday that u.s. aircraft will no longer be among the nato planes attacking gadhafi's forces with air strikes, although they could be called back into service if the situation deteriorates.
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hopes for an end to this conflict rest more and more, though, on the government itself crumbling. they are clearly rattled after the defection. rumors the intelligence minister and the oil minister had also left but both of them appeared on national media last night talking about other things. clearly, the intent was to show that they were still in town. erica? >> liz palmer in tripoli, libya, this morning. thanks. here is chris. all eyes on the labor department's latest employment report which came out this morning. the big question did the u.s. add jobs the past month and, if so, how many? here to answer that is rebecca jarvis. good morning. >> good morning. >> that is the big question, how many jobs were added and were they in line with what analysts had expected? >> the economy added 216,000 new jobs in march and that is better than what economists had forecast. what it shows you is that right now, consumers in the united states, they are okay with
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rising oil prices, at least they are getting through that storm. on top of that, manufacturing is really growing here and where you're seeing a lot of job growth is at the auto companies, chrysler, for example, added new jobs, as well as places that are retail companies like kohl's which also added jobs. you see through this number, as well as through february's number that the job growth in this country is gaining momentum. >> so we do see this number and it looks pretty good. does it have much of an impact, though, on the unemployment rate? >> is really the issue. the unemployment rate notched down.8% but not a lot. what we need to see significant declines in that number is much more substantial job growth. about 13 million jobs the economy has to recover in the next three years to bring that late down to 6% which is 6% is a more normalized number there. >> back-to-back good for february and march to see this type of job increase. >> the momentum we want to see and need to see it continue but we need to do more job growth.
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360,000 jobs a months would be a great number. >> to get it down to 6%. we still have a long way to go. we always talk about where the jobs are. i want to focus on the tech sector. an important area right now improving job numbers by leaps and bounds. >> google, for example, is adding as many employees this year as they added in '07. facebook is increasing its employee count by about 50% this year. then you have twitter and skype who are also adding workers. that is giving a boost to the california economy. >> so this is a jump that we haven't seen in about ten years in the silicon valley to a great sign. >> good news. >> rebecca jarvis, thank you for the numbers. erica? we turn our attention to japan where the ground water beneath a crippled nuclear plant is showing unsafe radiation levels. experts, however, believe drinking water supplies will not become contaminated. lucy craft is in tokyo this morning on the latest on the disaster in japan. lucy, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: japan's prime minister said today that while the fukushima plant is not
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stable yet, he said the government is preparing for all eventuitieualities and it will brought under control. the utility company suspects the cause was either rain water or water being used to douse the reactors and prevent them from overheating which absorbed radioactivity and then seeped into the ground. the contamination levels measured at 10,000 times legal limits. although officials maintain that drinking water is not affected outs outside the 12-mile exclusion zone around the plant. officials discovered radiation levels slightly higher than regulation amounts in beef originating in fukushima, location of the crippled plant. meanwhile, japanese and u.s. military forces are intensifying their search for the missing on the three-week anniversary of the triple disaster, 16,000 people are still unaccounted for.
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with tepco facing crushing costs for the nuclear disaster and compensation to residents and farmers, the government is buying a 50% stake in the troubled utility which provides electricity to one-third of the japanese population. april marks the start of the japanese school year but nearly 2,500 schools have been damaged and over 100 beyond repair, making prefab schools an urgent necessity. with progress at the damaged plant and a virtual impasse, japan has been seeking aid from abroad. french and u.s. nuclear power experts, including those familiar with the three mile island accident, have been helping and ank arriving here and soon to arrive are robots from france. back to you. >> lucy craft in tokyo, thanks. tiny amounts of radiation from the plant had been detected in milk in both california and washington state. officials say to cause health damage the levels need to be 5,000 times higher than they are. but that doesn't stop people
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from being a little concerned. medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us what the real dangers are. this is, you know, very disconcerting for a lot of folks. how concerned should we be? avoid all milk at this point? >> no indication of that at this point. to put this into context we have to remember we are exposed to radiation every single day walking around on the planet, flying in the air, even in some foods like red meat and certain vegetables. it is all around us. so, again, the epa says this is well below levels that would cause harm to adults or children. at this point. >> so then no need. we talked about when everything started happening in japan, because of the radiation levels people were taking potassium iodide pills. something we should worry about? >> the concern with radioactive iodide, i-131 is the radioactive component released the thyroid gland concentrates that and that become a risk for thyroid cancer. now ki or potassium iodide pills have to be taken every single
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day and it to be repeated so it's not a onetime thing and there are risks to potassium iodide so, at this point, no, people should not be taking it. the good news the half life of radio iodide is sport. 50% of what they are today in this country and eight days after that, it drops by half again so it's not expected to be around very long. >> but just one quick question on what is there. if the milk is contaminated then the cow that milk came from would be contaminated as well, connect? >> exactly. has is the logical conclusion. we know from the chernobyl experience that radioactive material gets liberated into the atmosphere and settles down to the earth usually in the form of rain and contaminates the soil and comes um in the grass and cows eat that and comes out in their milk. if it's in their milk possibly in the rest of the cow, the muscle as well. there are a lot of questions that still remain. also the other radioactive materials that can be liberated
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in a disaster like this. cesium, plutonium, the epa is going to be monitoring for all of those in the future. >> we do know the first contaminated beef showed up already in japan so we will be on it. jen, thanks for your perspective this morning. jeff glor has a look at this morning's other headlines on a friday morning. good morning. >> yes, indeed. good morning to everyone at home. yemen this morning mass demonstrations. tens of thousands packed the capital of sanaa some some sport of saleh. he wants to stay until new elections held until the end of this year. washington, d.c. no budget deal shutdown of the federal government looming, many federal agencies could close april 9th unless a compromise can be reached. democrats say they are willing to agree to a 33 billion dollars in cuts. the republican controlled house passed legislation last month cutting 61 billion from the budget and tea party want to cut
7:15 am
a hundred billion. john boehner said if no compromise is reached, blame the democrats. >> irlistening to the people who sent us here to cut spending so we can grow our economy. our goal is cut spending and not shut down the government. >> the government is running on stopgap measure and gop leaders say the last. jan brewer plans to restore funds for transplant coverage. she faced heavy criticism for cutting funds in october which resulted in the death of at least one patient. in ohio governor kasich scaling back union powers for 350,000 public workers. even though face the less demonstrations in ohio than scott walker did in wisconsin the bill is considered more severe. the missing cobra is back in its cage at the bronx zoo in new york this morning. the venomous egyptian cobra disappeared a week ago and
7:16 am
attracted worldwide attention and turns out it wasn't far from home hideing in a nonpublic area of the reptile house. zoo workers were finally able to lure the snake out with wood shavings used by mice and rats. >> the scent of the mice and rats was beyond the shavings themselves as a lure, because snakes hunt olfactory means so the scent of the rodent we hoped would bring her out. >> steve martin quoted this on a tweet. 16 minutes past the hour. back to chris and erica. venomo venomous, not poisonous. >> when they found him, the snake was coiled up with a good book. >> good book! >> a shame. on that note, head back to marysol castro with a first
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that is your latest weather. now back down to you know, with chris and erica. >> thanks. ahead, cosmetic surgery leaves a woman unable to close her eyes and went to court and won a six-figure judgment but she says it doesn't go far enough. this is "the early show" on cbs. . i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and with less pain, i can do more of what matters to me. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone.
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now part of our menu all day, every day, only at chili's. imagine not being able to close your eyes, ever. >> a new jersey woman is living that nightmare. she had unsuccessful cosmetic surgery. and now this is her reality. her story ahead on "the early show." >> this portion of "the early
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governor brown has released a it's 7:25. time for news headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. >> governor brown has released a 12-point plan to put tighter control on the state public employee pension system. benefits would be based on the highest average of the pay over the last three years of the job for retirement. another reform would stop paying benefits to those who commit felonies related to their jobs. san jose airport could outsource and privatize police and fire services. they are negotiating with santa clara county sheriff's office and a private company to do so hoping to save millions of dollars. the san jose sharks clinching a spot in the play- offs last night with a big win over the dallas stars. 6-0 victory moves them up to second place in the western
7:26 am
conference. the sharks now make the play- offs seven years in a row. the oakland as open tonight against seattle at home. traffic and weather coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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westbound 580 is slow but things are improving from a
7:28 am
half hour ago. right now your drive time is 30 minutes coming out of the altamont pass towards 680 and the dublin interchange. a lot of red sensors out there are because of a couple of earlier problems near the livermore airport long since cleared but again just caused big backups for our morning commute. all right. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights have been on since about 6:45. they turned them on a little late. but it is already backing up towards the 880 overcrossing. about a 15-minute wait to get you on the span. and traffic just started to jam upcoming out of downtown san jose. there is a new problem reported near wolf road in cupertino possibly a lane blocked there. all right. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> and it is looking good, elizabeth. a lot of sunshine coming our way today. blue skies over coit tower right now. see a high cloud or two in the distance there. more of that is coming overhead today as high pressure is going to weaken somewhat. 70s and 80s in some spots. 60s at the coast, cooler over the wing, chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge. sunshine returns on sunday. ,,,,,,,,
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this just a few moments ago. prince william showing queen elizabeth, his grandmother around the world air force base in north wales where he works. we will hear what the prince is saying about his busy life right new in a few minutes. welcome back. >> not what folks suspected when it was bring your grandmother to work today. they kind of forgot she is the queen. first, jeff glor has another look at our top headlines this morning. good morning. >> i like the music. very regal. >> very nice. >> yes, well, she is the queen. >> indeed. good morning. this morning, one libyan opposition leader has just said that rebel forces would accept a cease-fire in libya if
7:31 am
government forces leave all cities and allow peaceful protesting. from one libyan opposition leader. meanwhile, u.s. stop flying combat missions over libya on sunday. secretary of defense gates said yesterday nato should be able to handle the air strikes on its own. british media reports libyan official in london to possibly work on an exit deal for gadhafi's family. gadhafi says he should stay and western leaders should resign. in japan the government may take over tepco that owns the fukushima crippled nuclear plant. utility just released this video showing damage to reactor number four taken two weeks ago now. japanese newspaper says the government may use public funds to stabilize the company. near los angeles sky divers
7:32 am
we take certain things in life for granted even simple
7:33 am
things like the blink of an eye. but not for one new jersey woman who says cosmetic surgery left her scarred for life. cbs news correspondent seth doane is here now with her story. >> good morning. imagine lying down to sleep and staring at the ceiling not because of insomnia but because your eyelids will not shut. it's the nightmare marilyn lease lives after going in for a routine procedure that turned out to be anything but. >> reporter: marilyn lease can no longer fully shut her eyes. they never get more closed than that? >> no. i could see your shirt. i can see your face. i can see your tie. >> reporter: but your eyes on closed? >> yes. >> reporter: it's the result of a botched cosmetic surgery more than five years ago. is it emotional for you? >> terribly. when you go in there, you're expecting to come out looking better, not come out looking like a freak. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a simple procedure called a blephratplasty to tighten islands to give a younger
7:34 am
appearance. li lisa's surgeon told her he could clean up scar tissue from an earlier operation but when he removed too much skin her eyes could no longer close. she sued him and earlier this week, a new jersey jury awarded her 115,000 dollars. though, she expected much more. >> i don't think the jury really took into consideration the fact of what i have gone through, what i'm going through and what the future is going to be like for me. >> reporter: for her, it's a future of constant care. she even has to sleep with a mask to protect her eyes. >> when i put that mask on every night it's like your putting yourself in a little coffin. >> reporter: her board certified doctor paul parker would not speak on cam are you but issued this statement saying, in part, his center considers presurgical counseling as important as the surgery itself. and conducts extensive interviews with all perspective patients. you signed a consent form saying that you knew there were risks.
7:35 am
>> there was nothing mentioned on that piece of paper that my eyes would not close for the rest of my life. >> island surgical is a very common procedure. >> reporter: with more than 200 hundred,000 performed last year in the united states, beverly hills surgeon jason diamond says the risks should be very low but they can be complicated. >> not being able to close your eyes can result in minor problems such as tearing, irritation, blurred vision. and if that is a chronic thing that goes on for too long a time it can result in blindness. >> reporter: lisa says she is speaking out because she doesn't want others to suffer like she has. >> i don't think there's anything that can make me whole again. how can you put a price on your eyesight? >> reporter: her biggest note is one of caution. experts say if you're considering plastic surgery you should look for a board certified doctor, find out their experience level, and get personal recommendations. and don't shop for a surgeon simply by searching on google because the top results are not
7:36 am
necessarily the top doctor. >> the doctors have said this is fixable but will take more surgery. why hasn't she elected to do it? >> there is a procedure she can take a skin graft from behind her ear and place has over her eyelid to stretch it out but there is a risk and you can imagine she is weary of any significant surgeries. >> good point. she's had enough. prince william celebrates take your grandmother to work day and opens up by prewedding jitters. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] we didn't see it coming but women have made olay #1. not surgical results, regenerist is the #1 anti-aging serum and the #1 anti-aging moisturizer. not drastic. just fantastic, younger-looking skin with olay regenerist.
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♪ her royal heineness arriving a few mince ago with her grandson prince william where prince william is stationed. victoria arbiter is there this morning where the weather is lovely! >> a little blustery, erica. >> good morning. >> well, good morning, erica.
7:40 am
ace william marks six months with the air force in north wales it's clear he is living in rough and rugged conditions. conditions that may well afford him the privacy he so desperate craves, except, of course, when the queen comes to visit. >> reporter: prince william guided queen elizabeth on a tour of the base this morning doubling as grandmother and sovereign head of the british armed forces the queen met with members of her grandson's unit the search and rescue force. >> i'm incredibly proud to be amongst here and be privileged to be flying with the best pilots i think in the world. >> reporter: a privilege william is quick to say he earned through merit. on thursday he led a mock mission for the media taking his team on a simulated rescue flying the helicopter in position to lift a victim to safety. >> every day you come into work and you don't know what is going to happen and it's exciting in that sense but, at the same time, it's great you get to save someone's life, hopefully, or make a difference to someone when you know they are in trouble you do everything you
7:41 am
can to try to get there and the guys demonstrate that every single day. with a team environment there is in the cockpit, it's very much sort of big family in the sky. >> reporter: in october, the prince and his team flew through choppy winds to rescue an oil rig worker who suffered a heart attack while at sea. >> it's very hairy, especially when you got someone like me at the controls. when you're flying along at night and you got 40 knot winds and clouds down to 200 feet and you're trying to get through to find someone who has either broken a leg or lost in the hill it's interesting and use your brain power together and your skill and hope you can get there and help. >> reporter: william's brother principles harry is a mathematical man. he made headlines this week by joining wounded veterans on a hike to the north posteriorly. last week, the brothers undertook a different covert operation by keeping the media
7:42 am
in the dark about william's bachelor party. >> it was a military operation and my brother and i are both proud of how it went. >> reporter: when it comes to the big day even a courageous search and rescue pilot like william is like any other anxious groom to be. >> the other day, my knees started tapping quite nervously. it's quite daunting prospect but very exciting and i look forward to tit and still a lot of planning to do. >> reporter: while prince william showing a few prewedding jitters his colleagues at the base with keeping him grounded with souvenirs. >> important to have those souvenirs for everyone involved. how honor is it for the queen to make a visit like this? >> reporter: the queen likes to travel around the country and see various wretchmentregiments. i'm sure he is is proud and being out in these conditions it gives you a sense of what it must be like to fly a
7:43 am
helicopter. it's no small feat. i'm sure she is very proud. >> as every grandmother would be. we have also heard a little bit more about some plans for after the wedding. prince william doesn't want to wear a wedding ring, is that correct? >> reporter: that is correct. and it is raising a few eyebrows today but it seems to be commonplace within the high society circle that men are choosing not to wear a wedding ring. william doesn't like to wear any jewelry so having had a word with kate and had her blessing, he has decided not to wear a wedding ring and it's just his personal preference. >> she will be wearing one, correct? >> reporter: yes, kate will be wearing one and following royal tradition. her ring will be made from welsh gold a tradition started in 1923 from the queen's mother. >> harry is doing talking? >> reporter: he is and spoke fondly yesterday about his future sister-in-law saying she is fantastic and can't wait for her to join the family.
7:44 am
he also talked about he is looking forward to taking her under his wings so i don't know if he is planning to take her out clubbing but he is keen to get the wedding started and welcoming her into the party. >> victoriaarbiter, braving the elements, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. you'd like to be their friend, so up next you'll meet the latest megamillionaires. tiz, like our texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites. like our honey chipotle chicken crispers or our famous baby back ribs. slow-smoked till they're fall-off-the-bone tender. or grilled all-white-meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. the $20 dinner for two. now part of our menu all day, every day, only at chili's.
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7:48 am
think. >> reporter: these seven new york state workers, ages 29 to 63, are america's newest mega millionaires. >> you married? >> not yet. >> reporter: they pitched in just $2 each for 14 quick picks, and walked away with with $319 million. about $19 million each after taxes. >> looked at the numbers, and looked at them and i'm like, is this for real? and it was. >> mike barnes! >> reporter: mike barnes bought the winning ticket at coulson's news center in downtown albany. and it was his sweet tooth. >> i like the snicker's dark. >> reporter: that may have sealed their fate. he was waiting in line to buy the tickets when he reached down to pick up a snickers bar. that's when someone cut in front of him and bought a ticket ahead of him. the next ticket was the mega millions winner. >> i'm thinking later on, after all this went down, what if that guy would have won the ticket instead of me. so i don't know. >> reporter: at least five coworkers, who usually go in on the pool, passed this time.
7:49 am
>> there's several other great people that we work with, and some of us got in, and some of us didn't. >> reporter: the winners wouldn't say if they would share the wealth. >> we haven't really made any decisions yet. >> reporter: the group, now nicknamed the albany seven, haven't been back to work yet, and they haven't decided if they'll ever return. would you? manuel gallegus, cbs news, albany, new york. >> we haven't quite decided yet. >> it's interesting, well, you didn't buy in. but a lot of people are sort of putting the pressure on the albany seven saying you should share. >> one of the five said i didn't have two singles on me. but you got to be in it to win it. >> get change. buy an extra ticket. we've all learned a lesson. we'll have more ahead on "the awards than any others. ure best of beauty pantene... olay... gillette, the maker of venus... and secret. the four most awarded brands. keeping you your most beautiful from head to toe.
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7:55 am
governor brown has released a 12-point plan to put tighter controls on the state's public employee p it is: 55. governor brown repleased plans to control the public employees pension system. it would limit pension spiking in which the pension is boosted by giving a worker a raise in the last year before retirement. the san jose sharks heading for the stanley cup play-offs for the 7th straight season. the men in teal making it official last night clinching a post-season spot with a convincing win at home. it was a 6-0 shutout of the dallas stars. the sharks host anaheim tomorrow night. and major league baseball season officially begins this evening in the bay area. the oakland as hosting the seattle mariners at the coliseum. game time is 7:05. traffic and weather coming right up. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
7:56 am
7:57 am
good morning. let's start off in the south bay. northbound traffic heading out of downtown san jose. unfortunately, still a really slow ride. a couple of accidents, one earlier in cupertino. and now there is another one a noninjury motorcycle crash approaching the lawrence expressway. so not in lanes, but as you can see, it's pretty busy.
7:58 am
again, just in the northbound lanes, 19 minutes is your drive time between 101 and cupertino. also, if you are coming off the richmond/san rafael bridge, it's pretty slow right now in westbound 580 coming into marin. it is because of an earlier accident near the 101 interchange. again, also cleared out of lanes but still pretty backed up in the area. and we have several -- a couple of earlier accidents in livermore on westbound 580 and that was in our 6:00 hour. and unfortunately, your drive time is still pretty heavy. a half hour commute from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. what happened to friday light? that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. the weather is looking great so far. a little cooler around the bay area for today. lots of sunshine though coming our way. a few high clouds moving over head. going to see more of that toward the afternoon. but still plenty of sunshine in between. numbers 70s and 80s again in most spots. 60s at the coastline with some cooler weather, maybe some patchy fog moving in there later on today. as we look out toward the weekend though we have some cooling temperatures, especially tomorrow. clouds moving in slight chance of rain north of the golden gate bridge. ,,
7:59 am
okay, there we are... um, these days we're all trying to save money, that's why i'm shooting this commercial myself, at home. it's really easy and i can pass the savings onto you. okay, ready for the food part? check it out. my warm and flaky croissant sandwiches. supreme or sausage. both made with fresh egg and melting cheese. you get 2 for just 3 bucks okay, i'm back, whoa- oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over.
8:00 am
top of the hour as >> top of the hour. welcome back to "the early show". you can't see the top of the buildings, though. a little cloud cover going on, and many folks in the northeast this morning are feeling far more than just cloud cover. there's a wintry weather out there on april 1st. sorry if you have to deal with it, but we're happy you're inside, hopefully warm and comfortable joining us here on "the early show". i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. >> getting ready for what promises to be a good weekend, we hope, for everyone. the famous cobra back in the cage. it was found a week after it decided to get up and leave.
8:01 am
there are some hilarious twitter messages in the city, and we're going to get the mraets from the bronx zoo and talk with the director about the changes. >> including hiring someone to tweet about it, no? >> six weeks ago we began the erica hill experiment. my junior where i towards a healthy, more balanced life. we wanted to see if it was possible to follow all the great advice that we are given that, we bring to you each day on "the early show", incorporating those suggestions for a healthier life into a daily routine. we wanted see if it was really worth the effort. well, this morning the experiment ends today with a big reveal. we'll show you how we did and answer questions for you. first, though, jeff glor at the news desk with a check of the headlines. >> can't wait. >> good morning. >> the big reveal. >> i'm thinking of rocky in philadelphia. >> good morning to you. good morning, everyone.
8:02 am
the march giles report is out this morning. the unemployment rate in the country dropped to 8.8%. that's a two-year low. the labor department said the economy added 216,000 jobs last month. that would make march and february the best two-month stretch since the recession began. the u.s. will stop combat air operations over libya on sunday. rebel forces are hoping to make a stand at a key oil town. rebel troops are reinforcing their position at a strategic town in eastern libya that's already changed hands several times. it's critical to protecting the rebel stronghold in benghazi. one opposition leader said this morning that rebels will accept a cease-fire and qadhafi forces leave all cities and allow peaceful protesting. now to the west african nation of the ivory coast. heavy fighting is reported this morning in the capital near the presidential palace. french troops are patrolling the capital. forces loyal to the winner of november's presidential election are battling those loyal to the current president who refuses to
8:03 am
step down. up to a million people have fled the fighting and hundreds of people have been killed. in japan there is speculation the company that owns the crippled nuclear power plant is prime for a government takeover. this is just released video that shows extensive damage to reactor number four of the fukushima daiichi plant. it was taken about two weeks ago now. the utility stocks are slumping, so reports say the government may use taxpayer funds to bail that company out. following the leaks from that damaged plant japanese parents are having their children in some cases like this baby born four days after the quake scanned by geiger counters to make sure that they haven't been exposed to radiation. >> farmers are using geiger counters on produce. the japanese government has banned about six crop from areas near the nuclear plant. in the u.s. another sample of milk has tested positive for radiation from japan. this one turned up in central california. trace amounts were also found in a sample in washington state. in both cases health officials
8:04 am
say it is still far below levels considered dangerous. we have a story on wednesday about whether food dyes make children's hyperactivity worse. an fda panel voted 8-6 yesterday to reject package warnings on beverages, candies, snacks, cereals and other foods with artificial colors, but they did suggest further study of the issue. and in berlin experts this morning have determined that canoe, the celebrity polar bear , died two weeks ago died from drowning. the swelling in his brain brought on by infection caused him to collapse in a pool. officials say the severity of his swelling would have killed canoe sooner or later. it is four minutes past the hour right now. we head out to marysol castro in king city, new york, for another check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning, jeff. good morning, everyone. yes, in fact, we are in new york, and right now we have a mix of precipitation. it seems like a little bit of
8:05 am
snow, a little bit of rain that, & that seems to be the trend for much of the northeast. we turn to the national picture, and we'll show you what's happening. the west coast gets
8:06 am
>> narrator: this super sized weather report is sponsored by the home depot. more save willing, more doing. that's the power of the home depot. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now back over to erica. >> mary, thanks. thanks for the gardening tip. just ahead, the final results of the erica hill experiment as we ask the question, can you create a healthier life for yourself in just six weeks? "the early show" on cbs. yourself in just six weeks? is is "the early show" on cbs. belongs to the doers. ie
8:07 am
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♪ in this morning's health watch it is the final day of the erica hill experiment. six weeks ago i attempted to start following all the advice that we bring you each morning for a healthier, more balanced life. of course, as a working mom, getting the right amount of diet and exercise in my daily routine is often a challenge. i have to say, it's worth your while. following the daily recommended guidelines for a healthier lifestyle over the last six weeks has been a lot like running a marathon. one that requires a lot of endurance. it all began back in february when we assembled ae team of experts. sdoo check your liver and kidney function. >> who would measure and monitor my fitness level and nutrition and then chart a new course for better health. my goals were to exercise 30 minutes a day, sleep eight hours a night, and adhere to the
8:11 am
government's food pyramid. >> tracking my diet with clinical and nutritional psychologist dr. amanda bates. >> she has reduced her caffeine intake significantly. >> chamomile tea, please. >> i have to say i'm very impressed. i still like coffee. i love the taste, but i'm not married to it. >> soon we were shopping for better alternatives in the grocery aisle. >> about half of that. >> and impressing my discerning family at the dinner table. >> it's good. >> keeping an eye on my diet also led to energy throughout the day, and more restful sleep at night. >> good morning. >> her energy is more sustained throughout the day as a direct result of her making changes in her diet. >> and i needed plenty of energy to endure six weeks of working out with personal trainer sydney wilson. >> in the beginning she was kind of sluggish. she was, like, missing workouts. >> how is that?
8:12 am
>> hard. >> she got it back together probably, like, week three. i made her work a little harder, a little faster. >> one of the things that i love is we constantly mixed it up. >> arms, shoulders. >> meeting six days a week wasn't easy, and i wasn't always on time. clearly, scheduling is the toughest part of this experiment. >> i'm relieved the scheduling madness will be gone, but i'm excited to keep this experiment going on my own. >> hitting the gym every day was a challenge. sydney designed a routine to better blend fitness with my life, so i can work out in my office or more than 3,000 miles from home, which i did while reporting from london for the early show this week. >> we had a great training towards reaching her goals, and she reached them. >> so do you feel relaxed? >> for this experiment to be a success, i needed measurable results, so it was back to the doctor's office, then on to chelsea pier to retake the same
8:13 am
fitness exam i took six weeks ago. >> i'm afraid i would walk in and i wouldn't have lost any weight and i wouldn't have seen any change in my body composition. >> suddenly six weeks didn't seem like enough time to reach my own high expectations. >> pace yourself. you're looking good. >> on this the last day of the erica hill experiment. >> go! >> i made every effort to live up to them. >> i was pretty happy to finish that run because i was so comprehensive going into it. i have to admit, ending the six-week experiment, it's a little bittersweet. the workouts were tough. the rewards, though, absolutely worth it. before we show you all that, we want to bring back our erica hill expert dr. jennifer ashton and dr. adama bates, who are both with us here this morning. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> six weeks kind of flew, but yet itfield feels like a lifetime ago at the same time.
8:14 am
for anyone looking to make changes in their lifestyle, how much time do you typically need to really see results? >> i think this was a good amount of time for you. it's very important to take into account where the person is starting from. if they're fine-tuning and making little changes, absolutely you can start to see them in six weeks. if they're making drastic changes, it's going to take longer. you still feel and see the results as early as six weenks. then usually i normally tell people it goes in three months. >> we want to get the big reveal here. a little drum roll. we're going to -- first off with the fitness results. we did all these fitness tests at chelsea pier. i had to do sit-ups for a minute. first time around i got 30 in. six weeks later brought it up to 42. >> fantastic. >> push-ups, i started -- i maxed out at 13. six weeks later i more than
8:15 am
doubled it to 30. i have no upper body strength, so this one i felt really good about. the one mile run i was -- i think i probably was most nervous about because i run an average. i ran a 10:10 mile. that's average for me. i shaved off a minute and 25 seconds, people. how about that? >> that's fantastic. >> we had talked earlier you were thinking, like, 30 to 45 seconds would really be good, right? >> right. >> right. that is significant. you really picked up the pace. >> i'm excited about that one. we also went through a couple of other tips. we did body composition. this was one of the tougher thing. going in it was 21.3%. i dropped that down. i lost about 2%, which i know we had talked a little bit about, gen. i'm about to start weaning my son. i'm holding on to more fat. stoo that was pretty good. >> aeshic capacity i went from average to excellent. huge for me. and then my body age. i'm 34. i tested a 27 initially. i'm not even legal. i'm 20.
8:16 am
>> you're a college kid. >> i'm going out after this. there are also clinical tests we did too. things you wanted to measure. >> right. you know, i expected to see the fitness results improve in six weeks. what you can't see, what's going on in the body usually takes a little bit longer, but once again, you did not disappoint. to go through the blood tests we did, you had some vitamin deficiencies to begin with. you know, at the starting mark your b12 level was 301. till technically normal, but i wanted it to come up a little. came up to 370. i would still like it to be above 400, but that's a great improvement. your vitamin d level was really in the insufficient range. it was 23 when we started. you have been good about taking d supplements and also getting it from your food, so it's 34. that's normal. you want it between 30 and 50 usually. then your cholesterol numbers really you can't get much better than this, erica. most of your numbers are fantastic. the slight difference you see really is just variability. not anything significant. >> that's great to know. amanda, food was so important
8:17 am
here. the changes that i made not only sustained me, but helped me feel so much better like you talked about ngd inside. >> right. right. >> what were the most important changes that we made? >> i think the objective was to create a lifestyle that you could actually practice and move forward and that it would be a setup for success, not for failure. we didn't count calories, which was something that you asked me a lot about. i think it's important to recognize that by adding in -- my philosophy is add in the healthy foods. they're naturally low in calories. you don't have to think about whether you are counting calories or not and still have the foods you like, but eat the healthier ones first. >> everything in moderation. thank you both very much. really appreciate everything you guys did for me. >> you did great. >> my thanks to sydney wilson, chelsea piers and the new york health and racket club. if you would like to read more or kick off an experiment of your own, log on it our website at just ahead, call off the cobra
8:18 am
alert. he has been found, and we have more details. see how he is doing this friday morning. this is "the early show". she. sorry. cbs health watch sponsored by dove visible care. visibly more beautiful skin from a body wash. then we asked them to try new dove visible care. a revolutionary new line of body wash with the highest concentration of nutrium moisture. visible care makes skin visibly more beautiful in just 1 week. ♪ when they saw how much more beautiful and radiant their skin looked with new dove visible care... there was only one question. ♪ new dove visible care creme body wash.
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8:20 am
people here in new york were rattled this past week after a venomous egyptian cobra went missing at the bronx zoo. it became a media sensation, spawned countless tweets and jokes about its whereabouts. the creepy critter has been captured. and joining us now is the bronx zoo director jim breheny. jim, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> congratulations on finding the snake. let me ask you, how did you find it? how did you draw her out? >> well, we -- as soon as we found her missing, we just put all efforts on recovering her. what we did was we set up the building so we would have clear lines of sight, in different directions, along corridors and
8:21 am
places that she would likely be. and we knew it was really important that we allow things to settle down and let her feel comfortable. because, you know, when she was out of her enclosure, we knew she was going to feel vulnerable. we kind of quieted everything down and waited for her to come out. we knew it was kind of a waiting game, and it paid off base that's how we recovered her. >> pardon the expression here but she found a crack in your foundation. how do you make sure this doesn't happen again and no other snakes escape? >> well, i mean, as i said, right now when we found out that she was missing, we put all our energies into recovering her. but now we're reviewing practices and protocols and we're just rechecking everything. >> you know how she got out? >> we don't know how she got out at this point, no. >> now i know your reptile house is still closed. how much longer will it be closed? do you have a date as to when you're going to reopen it? >> well, you know, when she was missing, our first responsibility was to our staff and to our guests. now that we've recovered the
8:22 am
animal, we want to make sure she's okay from being at liberty for a week. so we're going to keep her under observation and make sure she's comfortable and she eats. and we probably will reopen the building in about a week. >> she lives in the bronx so she's pretty tough, so she's going to be up to speed pretty quickly, huh? >> she's a tough snake. >> let's talk about the twitter sensation here. had its own twitter handle, and 200,000 followers. you going to capitalize on this celebrity at all? do you think this will maybe attract more people to the zoo? >> you know, that's -- obviously that certainly wasn't our intent with this whole thing. we were honest and when we issued the statement, we knew it was going to be news. but we were, i think, taken aback by the sensation of the social media. and you know, although we appreciated everyone's goodwill towards us and support, i mean, we were concentrating on recovering the animal. because it was a serious situation. >> without a doubt. >> now that we have her we can kind of take a break and enjoy it a little bit. >> jim breheny of the bronx zoo,
8:23 am
thanks for taking the time to join us. congratulations on getting the snake back in her home and make sure she stays away from all those birds behind you right now. >> we wi,, yeah! boom! hi, i'm a stunt man. and i love watching me on at&t u-verse tv. i can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. i can even record a show in this room... ...and play it back in this room. honey, i just vacuumed. [ female announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for six months -- hd-ready dvr included at no extra charge. or get $300 back via promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle. ♪ [ stunt man ] drop into an at&t store and see how at&t u-verse offers more hd channels than cable. i look good.
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[ female announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for six months -- hd-ready dvr included. or get $300 back via promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle. enjoy tv like you've never seen before. call, click or hurry in today... whoa! hey! ♪ [ tires screech ] her!
8:25 am
power is now restored to nearly good morning. let's look at the news headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. pg&e says power now restored to nearly 6700 customers in san francisco. the power went out just after 12:30 this morning. the utility blaming the outage on underground equipment failure in the hayes valley neighborhood. and school officials are trying to figure out the best way to combat the recent gun problem at berkeley high. the school superintendent is pondering several ideas including monitoring youth offenders, having students wear badges and having a police officer at the campus five days a week. san jose's mineta airport could soon be one of the few airports in the country to outsource and privatize police and fire services. the city of san jose now in negotiations with santa clara county sheriff's office and a
8:26 am
private company to do so, all in an effort to save millions of dollars. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
when your eyes are smiling... ,,,,,,,, you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. we have a lot of slow traffic and it's friday but not friday light. here's a live look at the bay bridge. up the incline it's slow going. there is a stalled bus at the
8:28 am
top of the incline. the metering lights are on. sounds like emergency crews are heading out there but that's causing a slowdown there. heavy coming up northbound 880 past the coliseum. 880 pretty backed up all the way up towards downtown oakland. coming out of downtown san jose, same story. things have improved in the last half hour but we had a couple of accidents including one near the lawrence expressway. and same thing in livermore. couple of earlier accidents and it jammed up the ride coming out of the altamont pass. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> all right. and it's a great one today. a lot of sunshine coming our way. temperatures going to cool down a bit today. but still looking at great weather as we head in toward this friday. couple of high clouds moving in overhead but other than that looking good so far. temperatures around the bay area still lots of 70s and 80s to be found. so maybe not record breakers but still going to be very warm. 60s at the coastline, much cooler though as we head into the weekend. clouds roll in, slight chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge on saturday, drying out for sunday. ,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
well, you >> you can see if you look closely. you are watching with high definition television that is high definition snow falling in new york city right now here on april 1st. the good news is it's friday, april 1st. >> that is good news. >> you know what, take the
8:31 am
weekend to shovel out of wherever you are. >> exactly. >> first weekend of april. just pop in a dvd and some movie in a tropical paradise. maybe that will make you feel better. we'll do our best to make you feel a little better in the last half hour of our show. some very important numbers for you if you fly coach, as many of us do. 10a, 10f, 17-h, and 51b. those are the best places to sit in certain planes. never mind the exit rows. forget about the bulkhead. i mean, where do you put your bag, seriously? >> i like the bulkhead. >> nowhere for my stuff. all the secrets to choosing the most comfortable seat in coach and importantly, not, you know, spending like you're buying a business class ticket. >> leg room is nice. especially if you are over -- >> kind of nonexistent. >> no. you got to search for those seats. also ahead, this sunday is country music's big night.
8:32 am
we'll hear from miranda lambert. she's nominated for seven academy awards, and she's already won a major prize. you know what that is? this show ae co-host. we'll ask both of them about their happy life and their sizzling hot careers. >> such a great couple. >> yeah. >> fantastic. >> also this morning, april showers threatening to dampen your sense of style. katrina is here with fashionable rain ware options for every member of the family, by the way. not only the kids and yourself, but -- >> brady looks great. >> the dog too. >> i know. i love that. >> she has rain outfits for dogs. >> i wonder how my dog would react to that. >> would he like it? >> jake man? i don't know. only one way to find out. >> before we get to that, though, let's check in with marysol in kingston, new york, this morning for another check of the weather. is there enough rain for me to try out the raincoat on my dog this weekend? >> absolutely, erica.
8:33 am
you should definitely try ol the raincoats, golashes. very appropriate for today. i miss you guys. golashes. >> i miss you guys. i'll see you on monday. let's go to the national maps. now i've had enough of you three. let's go to the national maps and tell you what is in store for your f
8:34 am
>> thank you so much. that's your latest weather. now back over to erica. >> mary, thanks. country music star miranda lambert is at the top of her game. she's got platinum albums, a current hit song, and more awards than she could probably fit in one room. early show contributor sat down with miranda and her fiance, blake shelton, for a preview of this sunday's academy of country music awards show.
8:35 am
♪ >> miranda lambert has quickly become country music royalty. she's up for seven academy of country music awards. this after winning a grammy and three cmas this past year. >> is there anything stopping you? >> you know, in 2010 i was a little bit sad to see it go. 2010 was just everything kept happening and records went to a new level, and i was engaged. 2011 started off with the acm nomination. i'm, like, okay, that will work. it's a good start. ♪ >> lambert's soon to be husband, blake shelton, will be co-hosting the acms sunday night. >> she deserves to win a bunch of those. >> i think she should win all of them. >> she deserves to win song of the year. video of the year, but i'm up for that. hope she doesn't win that. >> any competition between you two? >> no. if she takes home some, you know, acms and some -- if she takes video and we're up against each other on, i mean, all those
8:36 am
awards go in the same house anyway. ♪ we all got a hill billy bone down deep inside ♪ >> shelton is nominated against lambert for video of the year. there's no doubt this country power couple is on the top of their game, and come may they'll make their six-year irv ,,,,
8:37 am
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headlines... starting today, your next trip to the store will cost more in seven bay area cities. the it is 8:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. starting today, your next trip to the store will cost more in serve bay area cities. the biggest hikes are in el cerrito and union city. the sales tax going up to 10.25. several other areas will also go up. the barry bonds trial resuming monday and the prosecution has just one more witness. a sports doping expert will continue testifying monday. yesterday, bonds' personal shopper testified she saw bonds trainer inject something into the slugger's belly button. and major league baseball season officially beginning this evening in the bay area. the oakland as hosting the seattle mariners at the
8:56 am
coliseum. game time is 7:05. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
good morning. northbound 101 at capitol expressway, we have an accident just reported blocking one
8:58 am
lane. so obviously really slow right now if you're coming up 101. 280 is definitely going to be a better alternate for you. in the meantime, if you are coming out of downtown san jose, here's live look northbound as you approach the 880 interchange. and to the east bay we go now, the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up well into the macarthur maze. we had an earlier stalled bus on the incline so that's now since cleared. 880 through oakland just seeing our usual slow traffi right now past the coliseum. lawrence has the forecast. >> looking good outside. we have a lot of sunshine around the bay area today, oh, boy. just another nice day. we had nine records yesterday alone. probably not going to get the records today. but it's going to be close enough. plan on some 70s and 80s inside the bay. and many of the valleys temperatures heating up, cooler at the coast. wouldn't be surprised to be patchy fog at the coast. and then tomorrow comes in, temperatures take a big hit. they are going to dive, a lot of clouds rolling in, slight
8:59 am
chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge, dry and sunny on sunday. spending too many nights alone at the spacebar. will love ever find me? ♪ oh yes! ♪ what about love?! [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. swiffer 360 dusters gets in hard to reach places. it picks up two times more dust than a feather duster using thousands of fluffy fibers to lock dust away. you're just my type! [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning


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