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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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these passengers. shortly after taking off the airbus a-320 had to return to the airport because they reported smoke in the cockpit and light white smoke coming from the engine. it was rocking back and forth in windy weather and never gained much altitude. they told a press reporter on the flight the plane lost all he alectronics and he landed on backup systems with minimal steering and braking ability. he had requested landing on a longer runway but couldn't because workers were there. the nose ran off the runway. flight attendants started shouting "leave everything, get out, get out" and theyed slid down the slides. >> everything was routine and it started to change, the speech stopped you know half- speech, then the lights went off, i couldn't reed the journal. >> they came over the i-10 exit ramp onto i-10, on to the airplane service road, i would
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say feet above the roadway. and they had smoke coming from the nose area. when he touched down there was even more smoke and a kind of screeching sound and then he ran off the runway. a few seconds later he was surrounded by the fire department and the chutes came out and people started coming down the aircraft chute. >> i could smell rubber, burnt rubber. >> it was scary until after i got off the plane. i didn't know how much fuel was on the plane did. >> reporter: fortunately, nobody was hurt. they will be offering these passengers some good will gesture for their troubles. as for the plane, it is still in new orleans undergoing inspection. at sfo, ann notarangelo, news 5. southwest airlines canceled flights at all three major bay area airports today as it deals with the fallout from its own mid-air emergency last week. a passenger took this cell phone photo of the 5-foot wide
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hole in the cabin that opened on the flight from phoenix to san francisco. that prompted southwest to cancel hundreds of flights. 70 flights were scrubbed today including four flights in oakland, two in san jose, one at sfo and three from sacramento. of the 548 737-300 jets in the fleet they found three with small cracks in the fuselage. as for the crack that opened up in the air they found preexisting cracks surrounding the hole. >> we did find evidence of widespread cracking across this entire fracture is surface. >> this is not the first time a hole has opened up during a southwest flight. back in 2009 metal fatigue caused a football-sized hole in another 737. in 2008 the airline found cracks in six other planes. it was find 7 1/2 million dollars for overdue inspections. this latest southwest airlines incident is raising
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some questions about the vulnerability of other planes in the airline's fleet. len ramirez is joining us from san carlos where he is learning that part of southwest business strategy could be part of the problem here len? >> reporter: that's right allen. we are here at the hillter aviation museum, they have got a boeing 747 nose section. it's not the 737 which is giving everyone the problems in southwest airlines, but they are made in a similar way. we look at -- closely here we can see this is the aircraft skin held together with rivets. this is a seam right here. airplanes have this seem all over different sections of the airplane and they are looking for cracks in this seem. it turns out because of southwest airlines frequency of flights they may be more susceptible to problems than other airlines. southwest airlines is known for its short hops and frequent flights but the formulas that made it successful may also be putting more stress on its fleet of airplanes than other carriers. >> southwest makes a lot more
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shorter runs. >> reporter: captain dick jeeves the is the national safety chairman for the airline pilots association. >> every time you take off you blow up the airplane as you pressure rise itself. when you land you relax it. next take off you blow it up and relax it. that is putting that wrinkle effect like this on that i lupul number. >> reporter: it is called metal fatigue and the frequency of flights may cause their planes to if a sooner than others. southwest average 6 to 7 flights a day. >> if they were long hall and you put 5 hours on the airplane you only pressure rise it once. but on that apparel, if you have a lot of stops and say five stops in that five hours, you have pressure arrived and depressure arrived that airplane five times. so it's more important, is not the hours, but how many cycles, pressure risation and depressure rightsations does
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the airplane go through. >> reporter: southwest airlines is inspecting its fleet of 737- 30 0's after the skin of one plane peeled away. so far inspectors found three more airplanes with cracks in the fuselage? i heard on the news this morning only 19 planes have been checked or something and why aren't they checking all of them? my daughter is flying on one today. >> reporter: you hope it's been checked? >> yeah. >> reporter: on saturday they canceled 6 departures, sunday 5, and today 2 departures. >> reporter: he says all planes have scheduled routine inspections called for by the manufacturer, recent things may regulate how and when they are done. >> what it is selling us now is we better be inspecting that range of airplanes a little more often. >> reporter: and they will begin inspecting a lot more of the older 737 aircrafts. it should be noted that the 737 is the most popular jet in existence. reporting live in san carlos,
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len ramirez, cbs5. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years is expected to plead guilty this week. they are charged with the 1991 abduction of the then-11-year- old from south lake tahoe. the attorney for nancy garrido says phillip will enter a guilty plea thursday in hopes of winning mercy for his wife. but the attorney says nancy garrido will likely go to trial unless prosecutors agree to a deal to allow the possibility that she might some day be released from prison. potentially damaging new evidence suddenly surfaces in the barry bonds trial. steve hoskins had testified before. now he claims he found an old cassette tape just last night. prosecutors say it's a secret recording of a conversation between hoskins and barry bonds' doctor arthur king about steroids. the doctor took the stand last week and denied talking to hoskins. the judge has not sided whether she will allow it to be heard
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by the jury but also, today, a jury member was sick so the trial is expected to resume tomorrow. a possible lead tonight in the search for the two men who severely beat a giants fan after a baseball game in los angeles. la police say the attackers may have fled the scene in the car with a 10-year-old boy and a woman driving. two dodgers fans attacked brian stow in the parking lot after the game in los angeles. he is now in a medically induced coma. a fund and a facebook page are settle up to pay for his medical bills. the l.a. and san francisco mayor called the beating unconscionable. the men who attacked stow are believed to be between 18 and 25 years old. l.a. county is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to their arrest. strange behavior today from the man who admits he killed chauncey bailey and why a juror
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was dismissed. alegacy. a legacy. >> dramatic moments caught on tape after a plane goes down in the east bay. what the air traffic control recordings reveal. if you are a customer of best buy or several other named businesses you might want to put your security on high tonight. ,,,,,,,,
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chauncey bailey. christin ayers is in oakland with his c cold blooded testimony today from the man who admits to gunning down oakland journalist chauncey bailey. christian airs in oakland with his words and some bizarre behavior. kristin? >> reporter: yeah, the man who has admitted he murdered journalist chauncey bailey openly laughed at least a dozen times today while he was
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describing the murder and why he lied about his involvement. the family has heard the story of his murder over and over again but today they heard it from the guy that fired the gun. >> it was like he was killing an animal, he was none shalant like he was a pawn. >> reporter: he turned stoic and animated breaking into piece of laughter, at mitting he "didn't care" about chauncey bailey or another man he is accused of killing. he was merely the triggerman, named by yousef bailey and antawn mackie to take down the journalist before he could write a bruising article about the bakery. but they say he is a liar who has changed his story repeatedly. when they asked brassard today do you feel it's okay to lie when it's advantageous to you. history ply"it depends." now the judge dismissed a juror and replaced that juror with an
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alternate juror. we have just learned that the reason for that dismissal was the juror had worked alongside one of the defendants half brothers. yousef bay's half brother had worked alongside that person. we're still trying to find out whether that person new that at the time or whether this is something new the judge discovered. live in oakland, kristin airs, cbs 35? tonight we're hearing what happened moments after a deadly plane crash in oakland. >> emergency, emergency. >> we need to run the crash. the plane just went down. >> that is air trafficking responding after his plane went down shortly after takeoff from oakland airport north field yesterday. the plane a world war ii 1/2 i don't know, it crashed knows down on the edge of the san leandro bay. today piece by piece they pulled it out of the mud. it is not yet clear what caused the crash. a 17-year-old boy is being
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credited for saving his family. >> it was a pretty amazing for this young man to kind of keep his composure and help his siblings out. >> that teenager broke up to his mother' screams about 2:00 a.m. as flames ripped through their mobile home redwood city. he quickly jumped up and helped his two siblings and a friend escape through a window. nobody was hurt. that fire is being investigatessed. a federal investigation, accusations of hostile sexual relations at yale. the video at the central of the complaint. how a pricey effort to save a pine tree turned into an ugly mess literally. today may turn out to be the warmest day this workweek. the rain and its return. the pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues. ,, appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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tonight the feds are investigating yale university for its sexual harassment policies. civil rights investigators are looking into complaints by students that the ivy league school ignores a sexually hostile environment. part of that is related to a video that shows fraternity brothers chanting "no means yes" outside a center for women's studies. yale denies the charges saying it does not tolerate sexual harassment. more than a dozen of the company's biggest companies are acknowledging they have been hacked. they are warning customers that their personal information could be compromised. cmet's kara tsuboi reports the magnitude of the security breach and what you can do to protect yourself. >> best buy, walgreens, all companies who use epsilon, an email marketing firm for their customer information. that was the system that was supposedly hacked. >> this is big because of the scope of the breach.
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>> the list of compromised companies is up to 18 and includes major financial institutions like capital 1 and chase. hotel reward programs like marriott and residents carlton. epsilon claims the information that was obtained was limited to email addresses and/or customer names only. a full investigation is currently under way. a lot of the come pro knifed customers sent emails to their customer explaining the security breach and reassuring them that their financial information is still secure. but cns deck lab mcculloch says a lot of damage can be done with an email address. >> if you have an email and you can send customized phishing emails. >> they work with more than 2500 clients and sends more than 40 billion emails every year so the magnitude of the scandal may not be seen until
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the investigation is complete. i'm car a sue boy,, san francisco. it started with neighbors trying to save a tree but it has turned into an expensive headache and now it's casting shame upon the tree. phil matier in san francisco with the story that doesn't seem to end. >> it's incredibly ugly, it's a waste of money, it's humiliation for the tree. >> reporter: it all started simply enough. save the tree. by the time it was all over the city had wound up tearing up the street plus the ad joining sidewalks in order to make them handicap accessible under regulations by the feds. upshot, what was supposed to be a three-week project wound up taking three months with the costs going from an estimated $8,000 to over $100,000 and counting. along the way they even managed to run into a pg&e power line. >> long story short, knocked the power out for extended
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periods of time for a couple days. >> then came the tree brace work. talk about a project. first off you have the pole, you to have support the pole with a big concrete base. then you have to protect the concrete base with a new curb. that means the street is smaller. >> it's very difficult to get through there. >> pretty horrible. >> reporter: what about saving the tree? >> forget the tree. it's not even a native. >> reporter: no one has heard more of the complaints than norm lebeau. one of the tree's original supporters i got to ask you when you started out to save the tree is this what you envisioned at the end? >> no, not at all. it could have been done better and cheaper and we will have to live with it because we ought not to spend any more money on this tree. >> reporter: well that's the big question. are they going to spend any more money because they might have a little more problems.
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allen, take over here, it is, actually has one plus, it's become a bit of a tourist attraction. people are actually taking pictures of it in disbelief. >> going to have its own postcard before you believe it. >> coit tower, golden gate bridge. >> the tree. >> reporter: the $100,000 tree of golden gate bridge. a beautiful day. what will the rest of the work to be like. >> elizabeth, we do have cooler temperatures and a threat of rain returning to the bay area. let's head outside, we're looking out from mount advantage a where the air temperature is still in the low 70s, a few high winds, a little bird's eye view of lake curry. if you're out and about some of the temperatures right now across our microclimate, santa clara reporting 80 degrees after a high of 83. lafayette at 78, ditto around the peninsula, petaluma to the north, after realizing a high temperature of 79 degrees out and about, we still have the
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abundance of sunshine, we do have a little bit of a breeze along the sea shore. sundown at 3:34. temperature-wise into the 40s, 46 in napa and 48 degrees in napa city. this is an area of low pressure, providing rain showers across the pacific northwest, right there around oregon. as you back up you see it's kind of like a training event, some of this moisture leading back over the open waters, some of these clouds will work their way into our forecast for tuesday. a little bit cooler air mass. we'll still tv sunshine but we'll have the temperatures coming down a few moves. meanwhile with the northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour it's going to put the ash and the alder and the juniper is on the high side for all those allergy sufferers. 70 degrees in sonoma and 23457 a, 70s around the delta, discovery bay, back in through pleasanton to san leandro. oakland should top off that 70
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as well. morgan hill and gilroy, otherwise 60s pretty much at the sea shore. so, again, we do have plenty of sunshine today, on rather wednesday as well, and then thursday cloudy skies with a threat of rain returning very cool conditions, notice the temperatures only in 250s, cloudy skies a chance of rain also on friday. but the weekend is panning out to be on the dry side. my pick, this was sent to us buyer inwho went up to truckee and saw all that snow. hard to be where it will be in july. they might still be building snowmen. >> illinoising up the reservoirs. all right roberta, thank you. can't keep your legs still, why the night time bitching could be a sign of a serious health problem. a near-death scare for our own mike sugerman. how his life has changed since being rushed to the hospital. ,,,,,,,, hey marcel, watch this!
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suffers from restless legs syndrome while you sleep, it may ould if you or someone you know suffers from restless leg syndrome while you sleep it could be a sign of a serious health problem. new research from the mayo clinic says it may be associated with a thick heart that could raise the risk of cardiac problems and cause stroke and even death. well every day we tell you stories about life and death
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but a decade ago one of our own became the story and he nearly died. mike sugerman with a look back at his very personal story of survival and what happened. >> it's nice to be here allen. it is nice to be anywhere. 10 years ago today, about this very moment, that my life changed forever and it changed for the best and i hope if you see the story it can help change yours too. this is a heartbreaking story with a beginning, middle, but so far no end. that's the happy part. san francisco's emergency delivery system is bursting at the scenes. >> that was me 10 years ago last week. i had done a series of reports on hospital emergency departments, overcrowded, underfunded, patients being turned away. doctors and nurses wanted the story out. 10 years ago today i lived the story first-hand. >> fire rescue. >> yes, somebody came in saying one of our reporters passed out. >> it was the worst pain i ever felt. i thought my chest would explode. i was about to enter that bursting emergency services
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system. and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. >> i walked over and i said "are you a secret shopper tonight mike, what are you doing?" >> dr. tom bikes, who i had interviewed for my series thought i was a reporter going undercover. i was far from it. but with some medicine i started to feel better. >> your ek g looked okay, there was something that bothered me about that. >> he thought about sending me home. he called a cardiologist who determined after 6 hours the main aorta was torn. >> soon as i put the catheter into your aorta it was like "oh no." >> a six-hour operation by doctor elias hannah patched it up but not after he almost gave up. the procedure was so difficult. everything that had to go perfect did. >> we're all lucky to get up every morning. i would say you're particularly lucky because we have said that you have a scar on your chest
5:27 pm
every take, you get out of the shower, you're one of the luckiest people around to be alive. even though we all are, but we tend to not have that remind error that appreciation of that. >> well i am grateful every day and i really believe i'm meant to live. i was meant to live. and i'm here for a purpose. one of those is to tell my story and talk about stress because it was high blood pressure that caused my problem and it was from stress. i worried about everything, the job, kids, money, and it almost killed me and maybe i'm here today to tell you about this and to let you know that stress can kill and that you should do something about it and take your blood pressure, find out what it is, talk to your doctor, get some help. >> i know it doesn't take this anniversary for you to think about that. you probably think about it every single day. >> i do. >> have you changed your lifestyle a lot because of that? >> you know, i, i worried about everything, now i worry about pretty much nothing. i have my bad days but you know, i -- what's the worst
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thing that could happen to you, you're gonna die. well i have been there. so it's just nice to have that feeling. >> yeah. >> so glad you're here. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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