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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  April 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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rain? >> sure. [ laughter ] >> no way! [ laughter ] >> at least not today. today's going to stay dry but we have a chance of showers in the forecast. you're going to see a lot of sunshine out there, winds picking up around the bay area temperatures mainly in the 60s outside, 50s/60s coastside. chance of rain coming up. more on that in a minute but first a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and let's go out towards highway 4 where everything looks great right now coming off the antioch bridge. nice and quiet. you can see some headlights there. we'll zoom on in towards a street. typically in the next half hour or so, this will look a whole lot different. we'll see more of a rainbow pattern happening which means, unfortunately, a lot of brake lights out there. for right now you are good to go. we'll take a check of mass transit coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. dozens of people burned-out of their homes. it was breaking news in our 10:00 show last night. right now, firefighters still watching for hot spots at a san francisco hotel. let's go to anne makovec. she is in the tenderloin
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neighborhood with why it took some residents a lot longer than usual to get out of that burning building. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. many of the people that live here at the franciscan apartments behind me on taylor and eddy were handicapped or elderly. luckily, everybody made it out okay. there were, though, 24 people injured mainly smoke inhalation. they were taken to the hospital. but again they are expected to be okay. this morning, firefighters are still here. they are trying to make sure that everything is out. in fact, small fire rekindled on the roof just a short time ago within about the past hour. so now they are going inside to make sure everything is out. they are expected to be here with one block of eddy street closed until about 8:00 this morning. here's what things look like here last night. smoke pouring from the roof after the fire broke out at around 9 p.m. firefighters believe it started in the trash compactor on the ground floor, then traveled up the garbage chute into the
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attic and through the roof. people had to be rescued from their fire escapes. some waited in their apartments until firefighters rescued them. two dozen people were injured most with smoke inhalation. after escaping, people stood on the street and watched. >> very smoky. i couldn't see much down the hall it was all smoky and coming down the stairs, i got into the lobby, water in the lobby and i just ran out to my -- outside and hoping that everyone got out safe. >> i was worried about the people that's handicapped. we got a lot of handicapped people in our building. there was people shining flashlights trying to get the fire department to see them. >> reporter: and the red cross has been helping these people out. they found shelter for about 100 people who live here. they have two shelters, one on mason, one on mcallister and they are trying to help the others find places to stay in other area residential hotels. so the concern right now is the
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structural integrity of the building here behind me. and firefighters are going to make sure that's okay before anybody is allowed to move back in. another piece of good news here is a lot of the apartments were vacant. >> thank you very much, anne makovec in san francisco. this morning, the defense will begin presenting its case in the barry bonds perjury trial. the former slugger could testify today. kiet do in san francisco with a list of possible witnesses. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. defense attorneys say they have a list of about half dozen people ready to take the stand today. and they will make the decision overnight whether or not they will call barry bonds to testify in his own defense. now, yesterday the prosecution rested but suffered a minor setback when the judge refused to allow a secret recording between bonds' former business partner and bonds' orthopedic surgeon allegedly talking about steroids. the defense also made a motion for acquittal and asked the judge to exclude some more evidence. bonds is accused of lying to a federal grand jury in 2003 when
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he said he never knowingly received steroids or human growth hormone from his trainer. so the list of possible defense witnesses looks like this. steve hoskins, who worked with bonds in a sports memorabilia business until he was fired in 2003 for alleged theft and forgery. an fbi agent and an irs agent. and then bonds himself followed by harvey shields, a stretching trainer and laura enos, bonds' business lawyer. the jury will be back at 8: 30. we're also hearing that the judge may decide whether or not she will toss out one of the charges that includes making false statements to the jury. live in san francisco, kiet do, cbs 5. >> thank you, kiet do live in san francisco. giants noon was attacked after the team's opening game in l.a. is showing signs of brain damage now. bryan stow from santa cruz remains in critical condition after he was beaten up by two men wearing dodger gear. stow's family wants l.a. fans to continue to wear their dodger blue. they don't blame everyone in los angeles. but they do say the victim did
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not feel safe at dodger stadium last thursday. >> my wife received a text message from bryan during the game where he basically said he was scared inside the stadium. >> giants plan to honor stow at their home opener on friday afternoon and again on monday when they play the dodgers in san francisco. >> caltrain is expected to have cutbacks but they probably won't be as bad as earlier predicts. tomorrow the transit agency board will vote on a new deficit reduction plan. it includes a 25-cent fare increase for each one-way trip and a $10 hike in parking fees. the plan would also shut down three stations: the capital station in san jose, the hayward park station in san mateo, and the bayshore stop in brisbane. nine other stations would close on weekends only. and 10 fewer trains would run per week. if approved, the changes will
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take effect in july. it is 5:05. let's check weather and traffic now. kick it downstairs to lawrence karnow, who -- you know, you've really come on the last week and a half, my friend with some good weather. >> we have had some nice weather. things are changing a bit today. we'll notice winds kicking up again especially toward the afternoon and we have a told storm headed into the bay area. right now high and dry. you can see a few clouds from the next storm system that's going to start to drop down now. that's an unusually cold storm for this time year. we can even get a couple of snowflakes across our mountaintops. temperatures right now out the door, 46 degrees in livermore, 47 in san jose, you have 49 in vallejo and 46 degrees in san rafael. by this afternoon, we are going to enjoy a mix of sun and clouds. numbers well into the 60s inland. 67 in san jose. 64 in livermore. 67 concord. about 68 degrees in santa rosa. but watch out for some winds at the coastline and inside the bay. going to be a little blustery
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in the latter part of the day. elizabeth has traffic. >> not a lot going on right now. no big accidents. take a check of mass transit. bart now 29 trains all running on time. ace looks good. muni metro, caltrain. you're really cruising everywhere across the bay area. there is a warriors game tonight against the lakers. so may get a little busy on northbound and southbound 880 through that area. with you for right now as you past 66 -- but for right now as you pass 66 towards high street, you're really in the clear all the way to downtown oakland. westbound 237 so far, so good. seeing top speeds there. 101 and the 280 heading into we have a live look near the third street exit. these headlights i believe are moving northbound. traffic is moving fine anyway in either direction. that is your traffic. back to you. >> looking good. okay. elizabeth, thank you very much.
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time now is 5:07. allegations of sex, a defiant leader and george clooney. a courtroom drama all playing out in italy. >> i'm moving. this is the last straw. >> bullets hit a child's bedroom. now renters on a bay area street race to get out. why they say enough is enough. >> and time running out to reach a budget deal on capitol hill. what a government shutdown could mea for -- what a government shutdown could mean for you, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nice day around the burglary. lots of sunshine, cloudy, temperatures in the 60s, more on the weather coming up. it is 5:10 on your wednesday. a friday night deadline fast
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approaching for congressional leaders to hammer out a budget plan to avoid a partial government shutdown. president obama said if the house speaker and senate majority leader don't iron things out, he will summon them both to the white house. if the deadline isn't met or extended most federal employees will continue working because they are considered essential. hundreds of thousands of nonessential workers will stay home and federal tax refund checks could be delayed. looks like at which time her get that tax break after all in -- twitter will get that tax break after all in exchange for moving into a rough san francisco neighborhood. the board of supervisors approved a payroll tax break for companies that move to or stay in the tenderloin area. supervisors are expected to give it another thumbs up next week. twitter was threatening to move its headquarters out of the city. san francisco mayor ed lee supports the measure and is expected to tour the midmarket area sometime today. there is an exodus from homes and apartments under way in an antioch neighborhood. we first told you about this
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story yesterday on sycamore drive. some bullets ripped through a 9- year-old boy's bedroom. that boy's mother is one of the neighbors who says it's time to go. >> oh, my goodness. it makes me feel really, really insecure. i thought this place was safe and i feel really, really insecure. this is my son's room. this is my children's room. how could there be a gunshot through a child's room? i really, really feel scared and can't live here anymore. >> witnesses say the shooter was smiling as he fired off several rounds apparently targeting someone next door. >> i would be the first to move out, too. can you imagine? >> scary situation in there. dreams of a billion-dollar casino in the east bay are no more. the concerns that killed that plan coming up. >> plus they hijacked a bus full of children. now one of the chowchilla kidnappers could get paroled. the hurdles he faces before freedom. and traffic heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza nice and light. in fact, looks great across the bay area right now. check of mass transit coming up. ,,
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had to be helped out of the building in the tenderloin neighborhood. the defense will begin presenting its case in the barry bonds perjury trial this morning. and bonds himself could take the stand. his lawyers haven't decided if he will testify. the witnesses who are confirmed, a former business associate of bonds, an fbi agent and an irs agent. and the former congressman is in libya today, that's curt weldon. he is from pennsylvania and he hopes to talk libyan leader moammar qaddafi into stepping down. he met moammar qaddafi last year when led a congressional trip to libya. big weather changes. we started to see some of that yesterday as winds kicked up and temperatures cooled down. outside now, mostly clear skies, 40s and 50s, patchy fog at the coast. windy this afternoon especially at the coast and inside the bay. so cooler temperatures. 50s and 60s at the coast, maybe mid-60s inside the bay and well
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inland temperatures in the upper 60s in some of the warmer spots. we have big changes coming as high pressure is getting out of town and we have this system beginning to drop in toward the bay area. this will usher in some much colder-than-normal temperatures even bringing a chance of showers even a couple of snowflakes across some of our mountaintops. so yeah, enjoy today. it's going to be kind of a transitional day. that high is shifting further south so with that in mind, temperatures coming down a bit. it will be a bit windy around the bay area, as well. and then for tomorrow, complete change in the weather. we have a chance of rain coming our way. temperatures as high as 66 degrees in sunnyvale today. 68 in cupertino. 64 in san mateo. east bay temperatures with some sunshine and well, some winds inside the bay, as well. 66 in oakland. 64 in alameda. and about 66 in pleasant hill. the north bay we're expecting some sunshine and a couple of clouds to drift on by. temperatures mainly into the 60s although at the beaches, plan on pretty blustery in toward the afternoon hours with
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temperatures in the 50s. next couple days major changes in the works. temperatures for highs only in the 50s. a much colder system dropping into the bay area, showers possibly continuing into friday. then drying outcome saturday and the better part of sunday, rain sunday night. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you. we'll take a check, everything moving well right now. along the peninsula 101 and 280 both look good. no issues right now into or out of san francisco. quiet all the way towards the south bay and checking the ride through the east bay westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, no problems here either. so overall i have to say we're doing well. no big issues out there. i checked the chp reports, no accidents. most of the overnight roadwork was picked up by 5:00 this morning. guadalupe parkway good, coming out of downtown san jose the northbound lanes of 280 fine approaching the 880 interchange. we did mention this earlier apartment fire. it happened last night. we have a reporter on the scene
5:19 am
this morning. there are still some street closures in the area. it happened last night around 9:00 in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. eddy street closed for a block between taylor and jones, fire crews still out there. mass transit is on time for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. so yeah, looking good on this wednesday morning. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> it's okay to have an easy day, elizabeth. >> i know. i'm putting my feet up, frank, waiting for something to happen. >> it's wednesday. >> it's wednesday yeah,. >> thanks much. 5:19 now. a plan to build a billion- dollar casino resort on an east bay waterfront is halted by the richmond city council. last night city leaders voted down the proposal ending any future consideration. they cited problems with traffic, congestion, failure to obtain federal approvals. the project supporters hoped the casino would bring jobs to
5:20 am
the stagnant city economy. one of the chowchilla kidnappers could go free in 10 years. the parole board set 2021 parole date for richard allen schoenfeld. schoenfeld, his brother james and frederick wood were convicted of hijacking a school bus in 1976 and holding 26 children and their driver captive underground. they all escaped without serious injuries. any governor in the next 10 years can ask the board to reconsider the decision to grant parole. schoenfeld was granted parole back in 2008 but the board rescinded that decision. the sex trial involving italy's premier getting under way with a short day in court. silvio berlusconi is accused of paying for sex with an under aged prostitute and then trying to use his influence to cover it up. berlusconi did not attend today's proceedings. just seven minutes after the trial began, it was adjourned to may 31. actor george clooney is among
5:21 am
those called to make appearances at the trial because he was reportedly seen at one of berlusconi's parties you. >> think that's a big deal in italy? [ laughter ] >> court tv would love that. >> i think we've had something similar around here, haven't we? >> o.j. among others. 5:21. a big day for football fans. what's being done to save the nfl season. >> plus, we have all heard the famous aflac screech. >> aflac! >> aflac! aflac. [ sounds like a duck ] >> we'll take you inside the audition for the next quacker. ,,
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prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription. everything looks great across the san mateo bridge. if you are commuting between hayward and foster city, coming up a check of more bay area bridges including a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have your full look at your morning commute coming up in just a few minutes. >> we thank you, elizabeth. 5:24 your time. the national football league's lockout of players will be the focus of a hearing in a minnesota courtroom today. labor talks broke down last month. the team owners and the players union far apart on issues including revenue sharing. players including peyton manning, tom brady, drew brees are asking a federal judge to immediately end the lockout on the basis of irreparable harm
5:25 am
to their careers. there is also an antitrust lawsuit filed against the nfl. >> texas a & m is the new national champion in women's college basketball. the aggies beat up notre dame last night. 76-70 the final in indianapolis. the aggies was the team to upset stanford over the weekend. interesting side note about texas a & m. the campus in college station didn't admit women until 1963. and now they are the national champions of women's basketball. >> congrats. hey, with all the buzz surrounding the up coming royal wedding everybody can't seem to get enough of the royal pair. >> and here's a sweet way to mark the big day. makers of pez candy dispensers have created these likenesses of prince william and his bride- to-be kate middleton. and starting tomorrow, pez enthusiasts can bid on these royal dispensers on ebay but you only have until april 17. the proceeds will go to a charity supported by the couple. but, you know, when you take a
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closer look at that pez dispenser of prince william, he has a headful of hair. >> take him back five or six years ago. it is 5:26. president obama makes a friendly stop here in the bay and he is using facebook to jump-start his 2012 campaign. >> plus, the family of a giants fan speaking out now about his brutal attack at dodger stadium. their message to dodgers fans. the giants security plan for friday's game. dozens of people finally heading to a shelter this morning after a fire in an apartment building displaces about 100 people. some harrowing stories of escape coming up. it could be the most interesting day in the barry bonds trial so far. the slugger himself could take the stand today. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up.
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5:30 am
encore performance? mr. lawrence karnow. >> that's right. we're here to talk about some major changes coming up, guys, as we have a chance of some showers returning to the bay area. now, today looks like it's going to stay dry but that ridge of high pressure is shifting south. the winds are going to start to kick up this afternoon especially along the coastline and inside the bay. and a cold storm diving in our direction. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. right now, i think we better get a traffic check with elizabeth. >> we have had a good 5:00 hour so far, and we're seeing our first bit of brake lights now from antioch, nothing big but it's something. it's a little show past a street. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic here looks great. still no metering lights. no delay into san francisco. no roadwork on the upper deck, either. back to you. >> thank you. >> no big. >> no biggie. [ laughter ] >> very good. thanks, elizabeth. time now is 5:30. screams for help and a plume of smoke. more than 20 people recovering
5:31 am
from injuries from a fire in san francisco. anne makovec is in the tenderloin area where firefighters are still battling flare-ups there. >> reporter: good morning. they had a flare-up on the roof of the building behind me, the franciscan tower apartments. they put it out, but they are watching the interior to make sure there are no hot spots. they are going to be here on taylor and eddy until 8 a.m. one block closed down here, eddy between taylor and jones. about 100 people lived in this apartment building. and about 24 were injured, most with explosion. and they are expected to be okay. but certainly a rough night here. here's what things looked like here last night. smoke pouring from the roof after the fire broke out at around 9 p.m. firefighters believe it started in a trash compactor on the first floor and traveled up the garbage chute throughout the building into the attic and then through the roof of people
5:32 am
of had to be rescued from the fire escape. a lot of disabled people stayed in their apartments until firefighters rescued them. 100 people live in the residential hotel. they are all displaced this morning. after escaping people just stood on the streets and watched. >> i heard a lot of people screaming outside my window, get down, come down, yell, get down, get out of that building, get out. then i panicked and ran and got my jacket and ran down the stairs and people are running down the stairs. >> then they had to bring people down the fire escape that was handicapped. most of the people that got smoke inhalation are people that was handicapped or either had kids that was asleep. >> reporter: the red cross has been helping those people out. they have opened up two shelters, one on mason and one on mcallister. and we just saw some people heading to those shelters this morning that had been housed just here across the street. so people appear to have been going in shifts. and i know that they are
5:33 am
looking forward to a good night's sleep starting of course at 5:30 in the morning. we have been hearing a lot of stories from people, scary stories as they came out of building including one woman who escaped with just her dog and her ultrasound. she was pregnant. so everybody just grabbing what they could and getting out of this building. everybody is expected to be okay. frank? >> it was a smoky affair, anne, because we live in an apartment three or four blocks down. i woke up to all the sirens racing down market and my wife woke me up and ran in and said, there is a fire. we can smell the smoke literally and we're four, five, six blocks away. >> reporter: yeah. people were reporting smelling and seeing smoke from the metreon, up until farther up nob hill. >> thank you, anne makovec live in san francisco. barry bonds could take the stand today as the defense begins its case in the slugger's perjury trial. kiet do is in san francisco now
5:34 am
with a list of possible witnesses and the charge that the judge could dismiss. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. defense attorneys say they have a list of about a half dozen people that they could call to the stand today. they were being noncommittal last night saying they could call all or none of them. regardless, if they do, then bonds could take the stand later on today. now, yesterday, the prosecution rested and they suffered a minor setback when the judge refused to allow a secret recording between bonds' former business partner and bonds' orthopedic surgeon allegedly talking about steroids. the defense made a motion for acquittal and asked the judge to exclude more evidence. bonds is accused of lying to a federal grand jury in 2003 when he said he never knowingly received steroids or human growth hormone from his trainer. so the list of possible defense witnesses looks like this. steve hoskins, who worked with bonds in a sports memorabilia business until he was fired in 2003 for alleged theft and forgery. an fbi agent and an irs agent.
5:35 am
bonds himself followed by harvey shields a stretching trainer and laura enos, bonds' lawyer. the judge will make a decision this morning on whether or not to drop one of the charges against bonds. that includes one about making false statements to the jury. >> thank you, kiet do in san francisco. a doctor says the giants fan beaten after a dodgers game is showing signs of brain damage. the giants plan to honor bryan stow from santa cruz during ceremonies before friday's home opener and again at monday's game against the dodgers. stow's family doesn't blame los angeles fans but they do say that the victim felt unsafe at the game there last thursday. >> my wife received a text message from brian during the game where he basically said he was scared inside the stadium. >> stow's family wants dodgers fans to know that they believe the attack in the parking lot was an isolated incident and
5:36 am
not representative of all los angeles fans. now, the giants plan to have extra security when the dodgers visit at&t park next week. and today stow's employer will be holding a barbecue fundraiser at amr on las plumas avenue in san jose. stow is an emergency medical technician. the fundraiser goes from noon until 8:00 tonight. >> giants are also helping out the family and encouraging their fans to pitch n tough situation there. time now 5:36. we love wednesdays because we always get to hang out with this guy. you know what? lawrence, you're okay. >> they we go. thank you very much. will you still like me if i tell you the best day of the week was probably monday? that's about it, guys. [ laughter ] >> sorry. looks like we're going downhill as we'll see some major changes coming up. you may have noticed some of the changes yesterday when we had those winds kicking up around the bay area. it's currently 44 in napa, 46
5:37 am
fairfield, 47 in fremont and 48 degrees in san jose. this afternoon sunshine, windy especially at the coast, 30- mile-per-hour gusts. 57 pacifica. 62 and windy into san francisco. you have 60s elsewhere around the bay area but you get the idea, some changes on the way and by tomorrow we're lucky to get into the 60s. and we're talking about the chance of rain. let's get a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going to start off with a check of the marin county commute. coming through san rafael, right now everything looks great we felt a camera live right there near the 101/580 interchange. southbound in the commute direction, pretty quiet now through the waldo grade towards the span of the golden gate bridge. they did the lane change so right now very easy ride into san francisco all the way down from novato. we'll head towards the east bay. starting to see some brake lights coming out of the altamont pass. speeds just under 40 miles per hour. your drive time though still holding steady 15 minutes from
5:38 am
the altamont pass out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. that's your traffic. back to you. it is 5:38. the clock ticking toward a possible government shutdown at midnight on friday. congress must adopt a spending plan to fund the government or it runs out of money simple as that. joel brown is in washington, d.c. joins us now with more on that. joel, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, i tell you what, if democrats and republicans may be closer to striking a deal this morning. late last night, top democrats and top republicans met again on the hill. then this morning, democratic senator charles schumer came out and said he saw glimmers of hope in the negotiations. so he said progress has been made but no deal yet, guys. >> president obama has been involved in some of these meetings. how involved does need to be or need to get to make this happen? >> reporter: look, yesterday's meetings were a bust at the white house, then we heard president obama come out to the white house briefing room and say in frustration he was going
5:39 am
to call lawmakers back to the white house every day until a deal could be reached. that may be a hard promise to keep at least today. house speaker boehner is meeting with the president of israel this morning not long before president obama's scheduled to take off on a trip to philadelphia and new york. so schedules are tight but the clock is winding down. >> what happens if they don't work out deal? what happens to the public? >> reporter: lawmakers on the hill are trying to figure out how they are going to operate if there is a government shutdown. just yesterday the white house sent out word to government agencies that it wants them to start taking the necessary steps to start preparing for a shutdown. if this happens, we're talking about layoffs for tens of thousands of government workers. not everyone stays home though, guys. the postal service stays open, you still get your mail. the irs keeps the lights on. you still have to file your taxes. >> that's coming up, as well. wow. okay, nonessential employees, that's what they're looking at there.
5:40 am
joel, thanks very much. joel brown live in washington, d.c. thank you. time now 5:39. anger, grief and demand for justice as survivors of the deadly san bruno explosion offered solutions for strengthening safety rules for that industry. the puc has been criticized for how it regulates natural gas pipeline and like pg&e's line there that erupted last year. hundreds of people attended the meeting last night at the san bruno senior center offering their own remedies. >> the fines need to be severe. so i would propose for the eight people who died $100 million each, throw in another $200 million for the people who were injured and lost their homes. so bring it to a $1 billion fine, which is about the level of profit that pg&e makes in just one year. >> my brothers and sisters were burned-out side of the house. there was over 600 to 800
5:41 am
degrees outside. so all the hairs, flesh on their bodies burned off. so... i want something to be done. [ crying ] >> nearly a dozen chp officers stood by watching the proceedings closely to make sure everything was okay. caltrain expected to raise fares and cut back on service. tomorrow the transit agency's board will be voting on a new deficit reduction plan. it includes a 25-cent fare increase for each one-way trip and a $10 hike in park fees. it would also shut down three stations including the capital station in san jose, also slated to close full time the hayward park station in san mateo and the bayshore stop in brisbane. nine other stations would close or weekend only. and 10 fewer trains would run per week. if approved, the changes will take effect in july. 5:41. getting ready for the big one. how soon an earthquake warning system can be ready to go right here in california.
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san francisco firefighters are still checking for hot spots in a residential hotel in the tenderloin area. here's a check of today's top stories. the san francisco firefighter still checking for some hot pots in a residential hotel in the tenderloin area. they are also looking for the cause of last night's fire that forced about 100 people out and caused about two dozen injuries. barry bonds could take the stand today as the defense begins presenting its case. bonds' lawyers have not yet decided if the slugger will testify in the perjury trial. the witnesses who are confirmed a former business associate of bonds, an fbi agent and an irs agent. sex trial involving italy's premier under way. and the first day of court
5:45 am
lasted seven minutes. silvio berlusconi accused of paying for sex with an under aged prostitute and using his influence to cover it up. he didn't attend today's proceedings. trial resumes in late may. all right, folks. we have some big changes coming in the weather. of course, monday a spectacular day. yesterday we started to see some changes. today we'll see more so. out the door now, mostly clear skies, temperatures in the 50s and 40s. this afternoon sunshine and a few clouds. upper 60s inland. at the bay mid-60s. coastline 50s and low 60s. you will notice winds kicking up around the bay area. that's the sign of a transition as high pressure begins to move out of the way and guess what, we have this guy beginning to encroach in toward the bay area. it's going to drop down and this is an unusually cold storm system that's going to plow down into the bay area late tonight into tomorrow. now, there's not a lot of moisture with this. but some much colder-than- normal temperatures will drop
5:46 am
into the bay area so a high pressure ridge will shift south, winds picking up today and cooler temperatures today, but much cooler as we head into tomorrow. so enjoy that sunshine and temperatures in the 60s for tomorrow. we may not have any 60s as we head into tomorrow afternoon. 67 degrees in san jose. 67 palo alto. 65 in union city. 64 dublin. 66 pleasanton. 66 walnut creek. north bay 50s at the immediate coast where the winds will be blowing. inland just a little bit, that will protect you somewhat allowing temperatures to warm up into the 60s. so over the next couple of days, major changes. we have much colder temperatures, chance of showers for thursday, possibly could see some lingering showers into friday. drying out on saturday and sunday. time for a traffic check. we are going to get to the person that knows it all. that's elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. and we are going to go out towards -- they're coming. they're coming. all right, westbound 580 in pleasanton. right now word of a two-car
5:47 am
accident already cleared to the right shoulder so no delay approaching the dublin interchange. drive time steady there about 16 minutes out of the altamont pass. so just a few brake lights right now as you head closer towards vasco road. all right. we are going to go farther north towards antioch. the bay area looks good towards the san mateo bridge. earlier roadwork near the 880/92 interchange is completely picked up. getting busier in the commute direction. that's westbound 92 towards the peninsula. bay bridge, bridge check for ya, so far no big problems. slight delays in a couple of the far left cash lanes. but that's kind of our typical pattern for this time of the morning. metering lights are off probably for another half hour or so. and we have a warriors game later on tonight. warriors take on the l.a. lakers. so may cause some delays later on tonight. right now past the coliseum,
5:48 am
you're good to go between high street into downtown oakland. this sensor is up dating, obviously it's not 0 miles an hour. closer to 60 or 65 up there. to the south bay so far looking good on the guadalupe parkway. 101 through morgan hill no problems. coming out of downtown san jose, there is live look at northbound traffic on 280 moving fine up towards cupertino. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the japanese company that owns the crippled nuclear power plant says radioactive water stopped leaking into the ocean. the leak was discovered saturday when sea water outside the plant had more than 7 million times the legal limit of radiation. the spike in levels is now raising concerns though about the safety of seafood caught in the region. scientists hope that within five years, technology will allow for a widespread early warning system for earthquakes in california. there is already a prototype. it would sense the earth's movements sending off monitors
5:49 am
alerting people through cell phones or computers. >> it is very much like what japan has today. we feel that the u.s. deserves a similar kind of system to what japan already has. >> the system could give people a 30-second warning before a quake hits. but it will cost $80 million to get that system started. and then 20 million a year to run it. it is 5:49. patience is a virtue, just ask people who waited for verizon's iphone. an independent study found that the device drops fewer calls than at&t. verizon customers reported a dropped call rate of 1.8%. the rate was nearly 5% for the at&t-ers. researchers say users on both services reported similar satisfaction results. a lot of iphone lovers out there. and i'm one of them. it is 5:49. a new record when it comes to teen births. what we haven't seen in nearly 20 years. and the biggest loser, how much some workers are getting paid to shed their love handle all coming up. stay right there.
5:50 am
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reps say the event will be on o... home president obama will hold a town hall session via facebook in sillcy . reps say the event will be on april 20 in palo alto home of facebook headquarters in silicon valley. it will be streamed live over the internet. ceo mark zuckerberg will also be there. some of the topics expected to be discussed include the economy and the government's debt. and we're also learning just how much it's going to cost to dine with the president during his trip to the bay area this month. just under $36,000, that according to the "san francisco examiner." >> i probably won't make it. but anyway. it is 5:52. teen pregnancies in the united states now at a record low. a new study found that some 410,000 girls aged 15 to 19
5:53 am
gave birth back in 2009. that's a 37% decrease compared to 20 years ago. however, the teen birth rate in the united states still nine times higher than most developed nations. some people in florida are getting paid to shed all their love handles. >> i like that. elizabeth, you like that? >> yeah. i do. [ laughter ] >> getting paid. >> i don't know if it will work. >> not to eat? >> they are holding a contest to see who can lose the greatest percentage of weight. half the employees are taking part. here's the company's payoff. healthier employees, more productive. >> healthy employee is not calling in sick. healthy employee is more productive. >> i ate out after dieting all week, mexican and italian you have. >> a good day and they have you a couple of days where you think you deserve reward, the biggest loser will get the
5:54 am
biggest check, $700. >> and if they knew beforehand they could have loaded up, right? >> yeah. >> and then lawrence, that's the way to look at it. >> hey, guys. we have some major changes coming up in the weather. you know, we have had that nice weather around the bay area last couple of days, but, yeah, things are going to change. winds kicking up. we have a chance of rain returning, showery stuff not a lot of rain but it's going to be cold out there. highs as we head in toward tomorrow only in the 50s. i think on friday maybe not a whole lot warmer and chance of showers. as we get in towards saturday and sunday, we're looking at more sunshine coming our way but a chance of rain returning late sunday night into monday. picture of snow on the mountaintops. mypix from edward from santa rosa. we could see snow on the mountains once again as we head in toward the next couple of days of. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> just sitting in the sun trying to get a tan -- didn't work. all right. let's go out towards pleasanton. westbound 580 as you approach
5:55 am
hopyard we still have this accident, and we're learning it is possibly blocking one lane. so as you can see from our sensors there are some brake lights behind it. once you get past the accident, then things are moving fine westbound 580. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain off to a great start, no delays at all. silicon valley ride westbound 237 looks great out of milpitas towards san jose. back to you. >> thank you. can you say aflac. >> aflac. >> not bad at all. >> my next gig. >> that's a one word slogan. >> aflac. >> you want to try it. >> aflac. [ sounding like a duck ] >> she is the best. [ laughter ] >> everybody knows that word. it's an advertising mainstay. but after years of that same signature sound, the aflac duck will be getting a new voice. ♪ [ music ] >> aflac! well, we were supposed to see
5:56 am
some of the audition there but what's become an "american idol" competition of sorts for a duck voice has applicants vying for, get this, six figure gig. >> to s aflac? >> i'll do it for 50 grand. >> how about this gravelly voiced new yorker giving it a try? >> aflac! >> i think i'm good. i think i'm like one of the final 10. [ laughter ] >> you think he smokes significant maybe? >> exactly. >> gilbert gottfried had been the voice of the mascot for 11 years. he was let go because the insurance giant was upset about some of his tweets. he was trying to be funny but it was not funny about the tsunami in japan. so far more than 11,000 people have been applying for the job. >> 60% of their business is done in japan. so that was not a good thing. but hey, good luck if you have a voice and you can do it, you
5:57 am
won. >> think so? >> you took the key here. >> see what i do in my spare time? [ laughter ] all right. it is 5:57. coming up in our next half hour, san bruno residents center their say about beefing up pipeline safety rules. the aprossals just offered by one -- the proposals just offered by one congresswoman. and what ended the hopes for a bay area gaming resort. when we come back. and right now, firefighters on scene at an apartment building where a fire broke out last night. about 100 people are out of their homes this morning. and almost two dozen injured. we'll have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
smell it from six blocks away. the rush to evacuate people your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a big fire in san francisco. people could smell it from six blocks away. the rush to evacuate people with disabilities and even a pregnant woman. plus, stepping


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