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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  April 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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again today. and this time the trouble impacted firefighters as well. linda yee on how first responders managed while their main radio system was silent. linda? >> reporter: dana, it is an ongoing problem. from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. this morning both firefighters and police officers were forced to switch to a backup system. a system that didn't work so well either. it is an old radio system that failed again. communication with dispatchers went down for two hours this morning. >> this is oakland fire. can i help you. >> reporter: it was both critical for the fire department and police. >> needs to be fixed. it is vital that it works for us all the time. >> reporter: the failures were especially dangerous this year when officers were involved in a high speed chasing and shooting a suspect. during half the chase the radios were out of service. >> it impacts your ability to
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communicate and to understand if it is still actively unfolding, to provide direction over the air and they ask for help over the air. >> it is an old system patched together. >> reporter: the city in its final stages of installing a new digital radio system known as p25. today's failure was traced to a switching problem in the software and hardware. it turned out even the backup plan sputtered. >> there is a backup system that we have. there were some challenges with that system this morning and so dispatch was able to like i said use alternate means to ensure that police and fire were dispatched accordingly. >> reporter: city officials said public safety was never compromised. priority calls were answered. >> generically particularly in north oakland because of the intercommunication problems. they have cell phones often too. >> reporter: last month officers resorted to hand signals when they couldn't communicate. technicians say the glitches are certain to continue.
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the radio system is nearly 20 years old. >> i think it is frustrating. i think people are patient because they understand it may be a little more complicated than we thought. but we do need it fixed. >> reporter: the city is hoping that their new $20 million digital radio system will be installed by the summer but until then, dana, they concede they are going to have more glitches. >> linda yee in oakland. thank you. now to the legal twist in a high profile case. the man charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years enters a not guilty plea today. the expected guilty plea by phillip garrido was derailed when his attorney said the grand jury acted inappropriately. the el dorado county district attorney said he is not surprised by the motion. >> a judge goes through and does a selection process of a grand jury and it is not all
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uncommon, it is typical and routine that the defense would file a motion challenging that process. >> the judge accepted the not guilty pleas from both phillip and nancy garrido. the trial is set for august. the plea could help phillip garrido's wife. at least that's what his lawyer thinks. here is what is next for nancy. >> we were expecting a guilty plea. so what do you believe changed? >> the grand jury. >> reporter: blaming his inaccurate prediction on a hitch in the case, nancy garrido's attorney says he still is hopeful phillip will change his plea to guilty helping his wife's case. >> if he pleads, he wants to help her, he still loves her. >> reporter: vowing all the along to fight for a reduced sentence for nancy arguing she was under phillip's control when the crimes were committed. >> i'm hoping that the d.a., that they will change their
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mind. >> reporter: she faces 187 years to life if convicted on all charges. her attorney believes she should only be sentenced to 30 years so she has a chance to walk out of prison before the end of her life. in placerville, cbs5. the fate of barry bonds now lies in the hands of the jury. both sides made closing arguments today in his perjury trial. joe vazquez with what they said in court. >> reporter: prosecutors told the jury that barry bonds not realizing he was being given steroids would be like a drunk teenage boy coming home saying that he was drinking coca-cola. he told the jury that is entirely unplausible. >> reporter: the trial came to a close with assistant attorney making one simple statement about barry bonds. quote, all he had to do was
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tell the truth. he continued his closing arguments laying out the case against bonds saying he lied to the grand jury in 2003 because he was hiding a powerful secret that he was using steroids. in order to prove perjury remember prosecutors have to prove bonds lied when he said he didn't know that the cream and clear and other substances given to him by his trainer greg anderson were steroids and they have to prove that he was injected. kathy hoskins testified she saw bonds getting injected by trainer greg anderson and also circumstantial evidence with kathy's brother steve hoskins claiming he saw bonds and anderson disappear into a room and anderson come out later holding a needle. the defense fired right back saying all the government's witnesses were unreliable. allen ruby said of kathy hoskins that blood is thicker than water meaning she was
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standing by her brother steve. quote, she loved her brother and her brother was in a bad spot." >> her testimony is really important because it the the lynch pin for one of the counts i think based on the evidence is going to be one of the strongest and most persuasive for the jury because in her statement she testifies that she directly saw firsthand someone giving him an injection into his stomach that was not a medical doctor. >> reporter: the defense went on to tell the jury that it is plausible and true that barry bonds trusted his trainer and that bonds didn't know he was being given steroids. defense attorneys also say barry bonds' mistress kimberly bell exaggerated effects of steroids and say she flat out lied on the stands. the physical side effects called roid rage have never scientifically been proven. the jury will be back tomorrow
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morning at 8:30 a.m. and will deliberate until 3:00 p.m. every day until they reach a verdict. >> thank you. a legal case that has for years divided a community. two basketball players are not liable for the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl. juliette goodrich with reaction from both sides just minutes after the verdict. >> reporter: after three and a half days of deliberations a san jose jury of six men and six women found the defendants in the alleged rape trial not liable for negligence for the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl at an off-campus house party four years ago. the defendants' parents reacting with strong emotions leaving the courthouse after the verdict was announced. >> the truth prevailed in the courthouse by what her actions were. she brought this all on herself and then cried wolf. why don't you take a minute and look at all the other things she has said and done. >> the boys have been convicted in the court of public opinion
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for a long time now. this was a pretty good spanking that the plaintiff got. and i think it was appropriate. >> reporter: the plaintiff, 17 at the time, claimed she was attacked by a group of baseball players while intoxicated. her lawyers seeking $5 million in damages against two of the players. the woman's lawyer standing by her client as she left the courthouse in tears. >> we are very proud of our client. >> reporter: the case gained attention after three young women said they rescued the highly intoxicated teen from being sexually assaulted. the three were honored by city council back then. they took the stand in her defense. but in the end the jury said it was about all of the evidence before them. >> there were times where there were many emotions. we all had our emotions on certain parts and pieces that we had to make decisions on but bottom line ultimately it was
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the law that we followed. >> reporter: a different reaction from juror number 10 who still believed justice wasn't served despite being part of today's verdict of no negligence. >> a 17-year-old girl made a mistake but also these guys should be held accountable. these guys were animals. they took advantage of a very young girl. >> reporter: so in the civil trial the plaintiff will not receive any damages and might have to actually face paying the legal fees for the two defendants. so really there are no winners in this case. the defendants, their parents say that their sons have been portrayed in a bad light for the past four years. the plaintiff is a single mother that has legal fees. she may have to pay on both sides. her fees and the defendants. and then also certainly an emotional toll for the jurors all around. they said no one wins. >> two players were accused. there were others.
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they didn't go through this civil process. >> two cases were dropped, two others settled out of court then this civil case here. >> went to the jury. >> juliette, thank you. a tip to workers. keep an eye on that tip jar. they are disappearing. it's been a long, hard road. but we will be glad to see it come down tomorrow. and it will come down with a bang. everything you need to know about the explosive farewell to an east bay landmark. another look at the money trail. once you buy a piece of counterfeit sports trail. while potentially dangerous weather sweeping through the north bay this is hail falling at travis. storm cells are still in our area. they are moving from napa through vallejo into parts of pittsburgh and antioch as we speak. where is the storm headed and how long will it remain? full details are coming up in
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the brutal beating of a giants fan outside dodgers stadium. dolores donley and joe logano say they tried to intervene when two men attacked bryan stow at last week's home opener. the two called 9-1-1 and helped care for amedics arrived. witnesses have come forward. two people say they tried to intervene at the game. the two called 911 and waited until the paramedics arrived. >> i'm yelling at him. get off him. at that point he tried to punch him but he was so drunk he almost fell over. came up towards me. but i think at that point he realized there were a couple more people behind me and his friend, the other thug, decided to pull him back and they
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started backing up. >> brian stow remains in a medically induced coma. they plan to beef up police presence at dodgers stadium during games. the dodgers put up $25,000 to the reward fund and plan to hold a collection drive at dodgers stadium this weekend for stow's family. the giants also announced they will dedicate their home opener tomorrow to brian stow. it is a crime not always reported and one that is fairly widespread. stealing tip jars full of money. one thief was recently caught. and as mike sugerman tells us, it is a problem that is beginning to get more attention. mike? >> reporter: well, dana, people at coffee spots and sandwich shops don't make all that much money and depend on tips. one man has now been arrested for stealing a tip jar and because of that some of the counter workers are starting to speak up saying, yes, happened to me too. on the crime beat this one ranked somewhere below murder
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but above littering. it is stealing and it takes money out of people's pockets. actually jars. at the cafe a man that stole a tip jar was arrested. >> a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: and the sfpd police officer says one is under reported because most don't want to go through the time and effort of calling police but it happens more than you think. >> from time to time they will come in and right when you are doing 50 things and a long line they come in real fast and sneak it out. >> reporter: at san francisco's ferry building security has cracked down in the past several weeks and businesses had been getting ripped off. >> it can be as crazy as someone grabbing money out then trying to pay something. >> reporter: employees count on those tips. sometimes it can be $100 or more split up many ways. >> they are stealing from the
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guys in the back cooking the food, the girls that work the front. they work really hard. it is stealing from them really not stealing from the corporation. >> how much money is in there? >> zero dollars. >> reporter: people don't like talking about it. it is an unreported crime and there are ways to prevent it. some people it covered or on a string or chain. >> a way of preventing someone from taking it. making it in a way that it is hard to grab. >> reporter: police recommend you not chase the thief. who knows what he is packing. unless they mess with the wrong shop. >> i feel bad from anybody that tries to steal from a butcher shop. we are trained with knives back here. >> reporter: not just butchers that have a stake in preventing theft. consider this a tip to counter workers be careful and keep your eye on that tip jar. >> allen suggested they set up
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an anonymous tip line. >> reporter: if i would have thought of that i would have used it. >> yes, you would have. thanks so much, mike. >> tip line. robert is filling in for roberta today. >> dangerous weather sweeping through the bay area specially the north bay. this was just killed in about an hour ago. i-80 at travis. this is from phil jones. pea-sized hail on his windshield. this is video coming in from brian. this is his backyard in fairfield. pea-sized hail falling through. all the result of some significant thunderstorm activity. the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning. it expired about 45 minutes ago. but as you can see strong storms, showers and thunderstorms still persist in
6:18 pm
the area from napa into vallejo. parts of pittsburgh and antioch. this storm is headed out all the way down to 580. so if you're in livermore on your way to tracy there is some significant weather and rainfall out there. all the result of a cold front that has been pushing through. so keep in mind we are still not clear of this system. so use caution as you travel out there today. still partly cloudy skies for our inland areas around the bay seeing those peeks of sunshine throughout the day. and because we saw that daytime warning with that cold system flowing through triggered that thunderstorm activity and triggered gusty winds we saw. 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. mt. diablo 48-mile-per-hour gusts. it will be a chilly night as that cold winds continue to push through. potential frost. 41 overnight in oakland.
6:19 pm
slight warmup tomorrow but not drastic. 63 for fairfield. 59 for pacifica. we do expect temperatures to rebound by the weekend back to seasonal average. tuesday and wednesday of next week is when we begin to see temperatures returning a little bit back to normal with a little bit more sun and seasonal temperatures. allen, back to you. >> warmer would be good. >> thank you. muni takes another look at a bus driver texting behind the wheel. high noon in oakland tomorrow. that is all in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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let em. [ female announcer ] whitening without the wait. 3d white whitestrips two hour express, from crest. life opens up when you do. operating officer john keenan of two top executives at pg&e are stepping down. the utility announced chief operator officer john keenan
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and senior vice president of engineering and operations edward sales will resign as the company reorganizers. it follows the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. also part of the reorganization, the company's gas and electricity divisions will be divided into separate units. muni is now recommending that a bus driver caught texting while driving a bus be fired. this happened back in february. a passenger captured the incident on a mirror with a cell phone. he says he confronted the driver about it and she then threatened to never pick him up again and kicked him off the bus. the driver is now on nondriving status and that means she is not allowed to drive but still gets paid. muni will hold a hearing to decide whether to fire her. an explosion will be heard in the bay area tomorrow.
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what's become a symbol of neglect in the east bay will come down in a cloud of dust. oak noll medical center. near mountain boulevard. kristin has the story. >> reporter: allen, neighbors have been calling this is blight on their community for many years now. it is this abandoned hospital saying it is an eye sore and at one point it posed a danger now strapped with 800 pounds of dynamite and tomorrow at noon it is going down. >> we will have champagne at noon. >> reporter: tomorrow at noon they will celebrate the end of an era when the hospital finally falls. >> there wasn't a lot of security at the property so certainly did attract folks that wanted to come in and steal wiring and copper piping. >> reporter: built after world war i it was used by veterans.
6:24 pm
>> both my sons got married at the officer's club. >> reporter: but the navy left and then 10 years later the hospital looked like this. grafitti on the walls, asbestos inside, copper wire hanging from the ceiling. >> over 100 empty structures out here so there were a lot of places to squat and spend the night. >> reporter: they were going to tear it down until leyland brothers went down they bandied together and forced leyland to pay. so the question is what happens after the demolition? sun cal wants to build a mix use area with homes and businesses but they have absolutely no time line and a
6:25 pm
lot of planning still to do. that could mean that it will be years before we see any development here, allen. >> i'm sure at high noon tomorrow we will have video rolling to see that happen. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. we are about 26 hours from a shutdown of the federal government. what it might take to reach a deal before the clock runs out in washington. so how would a government shutdown affect people here in california? the bay area choir that suddenly is heading on a trip. >> they have no idea where the money is going. you save a few bucks on some counterfeit gear. now who gets your cash from gangs to terrorists. the money trail gets another look. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shutdown has wide reaching implications. much of washington d-c... including many of the city's most popular tourist sites could close. don knapp is l the threat of a federal government shutdown has wide reaching implications. much of washington, dc, including many of the city's most popular tourist sites could close. dan knapp live in vallejo where the civic lessons could hit some high school students pretty hard there. >> reporter: been another long day for the choir members of st. patrick's st. vincent high
6:29 pm
school here in vallejo. they are doing double duty singing in the choir tonight of les miserable. they hope a federal government shutdown doesn't ruin everything when they get to washington, dc, next week. >> they could use more of that. >> reporter: since september vallejo st. patrick's st. vincent high school choir has been working on its music for a national competition. working too for the money to pay for the trip to washington, dc. $50,000. >> all my close friends are going. it will be exciting to share this experience with them too and i think we all deserve it. we have worked really hard. >> reporter: the director commutes from sacramento. an hour a day each day in his car. listening to his radio during the drive it began to dawn on him along about last october that the battle over the federal budget could come to a head around the time he and his
6:30 pm
choir were heading to washington. next week. and if the national parks shutdown so could some of the main attractions of the trip. >> lincoln memorial, jefferson memorial. smithsonian. they will all be closed up. it is sad and frustrating for the students. >> reporter: they already have got their airline tickets, 49 of them at $450 a piece. they are going no matter what. >> make sure you get that. >> just the whole mix of everyone here. lots of personalities. and we just have a great chemistry in the group. >> reporter: the music competition is the main thing but suddenly everyone has developed a new interest in the politics of the federal budget. cell phones are tuned to national news sites. consequences of not getting a spending bill have already hit
6:31 pm
home. they are going to washington, dc. >> it is more of the fact we are all together and going somewhere beyond school which is more of the exciting part. so it is really more of what we make out of it. >> not only with a federal shutdown deprive the students of the things they want to go to washington, dc, like the museums and monuments and other things in dc, it is going to cost them more money because those things they wanted to see were free. and if they come up with tickets for other events, 50 people a day could cost a lot of money. >> we are glad they are going no matter what. springtime in washington, it can be a beautiful place this time of year. >> reporter: the kids all said that. just happy to be together and happy to be competing in this national competition. it would have been nice if they could have done the other things. >> we will keep our fingers crossed too. don, thank you. president obama and congressional leaders are meeting right now to come up with an agreement to prevent the federal government from shutting down. money to keep the government running will be gone as of
6:32 pm
midnight tomorrow night. danielle knottingham is on capitol hill with the ongoing negotiations. >> reporter: congressional leaders have made three trips to the white house in the last 24 hours for talks with the president but there is still a lot of distance between democrats and republicans. >> we continue to have productive conversations. you should all know they are polite. they are to the point. but there is no agreement on a number. there is no agreement on the policy issues that are contained with this. >> i'm disappointed we haven't been able to get something done to this point. but i am pleased that we are still working on getting there. >> reporter: president obama thinks there is still time to reach an agreement before saturday morning's deadline. >> we are going to keep on pounding away at this thing because i'm absolutely convinced that we can get this done. >> reporter: but the clock is ticking and republicans voted thursday to pass a one-week extension which will also fund the military until the end of
6:33 pm
september. the gop says defense spending should not be part of the debate. >> i hope the senate will find a way to support our troops and keep our government open. >> reporter: the white house says it will veto the bill. democrats are furious that republicans added another $12 billion in cuts and abortion restrictions. now the administration is preparing for the worst. officials sent notification to 800,000 federal workers that they may be furloughed first thing saturday morning. danielle knottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. it will be two weeks until cal-trans makes cost cutting decisions. among the cuts, indefinitely closing three stations in san jose, san mateo and brisbane and raising fares by 25 cents for a second time this year. he is out one bundled
6:34 pm
colored lamborghini. how a celebrity chef and san francisco crime victim is rolling after the big heist. >> could lead us anywhere. it might lead us to gang members in l.a. picking up bogus giants gear outside the ballpark. how your money could end up in the hands of gang members or even worse. i have one giants tool that counterfeiters won't be able to reproduce. giants getting one of their own coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:36 pm
francisco car dealership. the new car: a celebrity chef has a new car to replace that bright yellow lamborghini stolen from a san francisco car dealership. the new car, a bright yellow chevrolet camaro convertible. his lamborghini similar to this one was stolen from british motor cars, a dealership in san
6:37 pm
francisco. on march 8th the thief propelled from the roof of the building and stole the car. they have seen the car but it hasn't been seen since. giants beginning their road to a world series repeat. got a question. what does that t-shirt sold on the counterfeit corner have to do with phony pharmaceuticals. a look how counterfeit items are a multibillion dollar business. >> reporter: by the time you pay for tickets and beverages, if you can save a couple dollars on a t-shirt, why not. >> i don't participate in that. >> you would steer clear of that? >> i don't know where it comes from. i'm not interested in that stuff. >> reporter: but not everyone feels that way. >> when they buy something that is countser fit they have no idea who they are buying it from and they have no idea where that money is going.
6:38 pm
>> so it is follow the money train? >> absolutely. could lead us anywhere. might lead us to gang members in l.a. >> reporter: or worst-case scenario. >> there are some reports that some illegal organizations are using the proceeds of counterfeit intellectual property rights, goods, to fund illegal activities overseas. >> reporter: under homeland security customs and border protection tries to prevents counterfeit goods from getting into this country. immigration and customs enforcement moves in once it is here. as was the case during last year's world series at at&t park where agents say known gang members were caught red handed. >> we even met people that came up from l.a., criminal histories, they had gang tattoos they were apparent gang members and they were coming up here to san francisco to sell counterfeit shirts. what do they do with that money? obviously if you're a gang member selling counter fits shirts it will go back to buy drugs, weapons, ammunition. quite frankly the impact may be something far beyond what
6:39 pm
people can immediately see. >> reporter: gangs may be one thing but terrorism? >> i can't say for a fact that if you buy a t-shirt in front of at&t park you're going to fund terrorism but we do know that certain kind of goods the money eventually does funnel its way overseas and is used in some ways to fund terrorism. >> the average citizen doesn't think about it when they buy something on the street, they don't think of the larger scale ramifica continuecation -- larger scale ram ramifications. >> it literally is in the range of billions of dollars around the worlds. counterfeit pharmaceuticals, clothing, tires, screws. >> those gang members confiscated last year. the agent let them go.
6:40 pm
the goal is to follow the money up to the source. so there is little risk really for the seller. if you have a story you think deserves another look send an e- mail to another look at and still ahead tonight the earth shakes again in japan. what was potentially hazardous weather is moving south along 680. lots of clouds out there. and rainfall as well as thunderstorm activity with small hail. where is it headed and how long will this weather stick around? your pinpoint forecast has the answers next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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eastern libya, apparently by a nato airstrike. anger is rising among rebels who are five antigovernment fighters were killed today in eastern libya apparently by a nato air strike. antigovernment forces made a hasty retreat after the attack. nato is looking into the air strike which is the second bungled mission in a week. the strike comes amid a stale mate between pro and anti-
6:44 pm
gadaffi forces. a u.s. commandser says the stale mate could mean the pentagon would send in more power, maybe even ground troops. another aftershock rattling nerves in japan today. the largest since the devastating earthquake and tsunami one month ago. charlie d'agata has the story. >> reporter: workers braced for balance as the latest giant aftershock rattled japan. hundreds of hits since the enormous quake last month but this was the most intense so far. registering 7.4 magnitude. the aftershock hit deep underwater about 30 miles below the surface off the coast. the shaking ripped holes in rooftops, knocked out power and threw items off store showers. buildings as far away as tokyo shook for a full minute. the damaged fukushima nuclear plant evacuated its workers but reported no new damage or
6:45 pm
injuries. however, power lines were knocked out at a plant farther north. officials said they are relying on just one power line to keep up with cooling operations. >> this is the one remaining power system. enough to continue the cooling there? >> yes. >> reporter: japanese authorities issued a tsunami warning and ordered communities along the coast to evacuate, move to higher ground. 90 minutes later the warning was lifted. but less than a month after the mega quake and tsunami killed an estimated 25,000 people this latest quake has rattled people all over japan. rain. >> wind, small hail. thunderstorm activity. all moving along 680 as we speak at this hour. so if you're traveling use caution out there. we did see the small hail as i mentioned. we even have cbs5 crews on the ground checking on the potential of wind damage and
6:46 pm
possibly a funnel cloud in fairfield. high clouds out there right now. if you go beyond the east bay hills that's where we are seeing the significant weather. put high-definition doppler into motion. first a string of showers first in napo then through vallejo. now entering walnut creek. antioch and pittsburgh. also headed down 680 toward 580 from livermore into the tracy area. use caution out there. it could not only be slippery but could be potentially dangerous. what's going on? well, cold pressure system has been moving into the bay area throughout the day. partly cloudy skies and just a few showers still lingering in the inland areas. around the bay and coastline we have seen some clearing. that is what created the thunderstorm activity. when we saw the sun, when we saw some of that daytime heating, add that to the cold air that pushed through and you get thunderstorms and pea-sized hail. most of the rain is limited to
6:47 pm
the central valley right now. we action pect this to all move out east as high pressure continues to build behind this system. that high pressure system is going to set us up for a very nice weekend. as we put the skies into motion look at the potential rainfall we clear out overnight. but as we clear out that creates yet another effect. clear skies means it is going to be chilly and there is a potential for frost in santa rosa with overnight lows expected to be 34 degrees. 36 in livermore. may want to bring the pets in and certainly cover some of those plants. the warmup tomorrow won't be that drastic. temperatures largely in the low 60s throughout the bay area. the warmest of temperatures 63 degrees forecasted for fairfield. it does appear as i mentioned the week will look a lot nicer. high pressure building back in. temperatures flirting with 70 degrees by sunday. 71 degrees could be our daytime high on sunday. late sunday night more clouds
6:48 pm
moving in. so the start of your workweek means mostly cloudy skies but we then rebound quite well back into tuesday and wednesday of the new workweek. if you plan on calling in sick and heading to the season opener temperatures are nice. take a jacket along with you. 60 degrees. they take on st. louis at 1:30 p.m. allen? >> all right, robert. we are prepared. a bay area housewife is heading to the big house after pleading guilty to insider trader. tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11 here on cbs5, how she says overheard conversations helped her and her family cash in. the as try to avoid their worst start in 21 years. i'm dennis o'donnell. can tying, reclaim his dominance at the masters. round 1 is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:51 pm
talking about our masters pictures. >> european dominated leader board that's for sure. conditions really good at augusta for low scores. four of the top five golfer in the world european comes as no
6:52 pm
surprise the two players atop the leaderboard live across the atlantic. tiger woods in search of his fifth green jacket. wasn't great but didn't implode either. he finished with one under par 71 six shots back. shot of the day. eagle on the very first hole. but bogeyed the final three holes and he is two under par. defending champion was all over the place off the tee but short game saved him. phil mickelson goes two under. yang with an eagle tying for the lead at 7 under before bogeying the final two holes so he is five under. nice score but it could have been better without those bogeys. rory macaroy brilliant. he watched the rest on t.v. to see if anybody would catch
6:53 pm
him. this guy finally did. spaniard never shot better than 75 in two previous masters birdieing his final two holes and tied rory who is watching him on television. so there you have. spaniard and irishman atop the leaderboard. stockton native ricky barnes. three back. opening round 68. last night we made our picks thank you very much. i'm in first place. ricky fowler in it. watson the worst among the anchor picks but he is just one over par. not bad. >> phil mickelson. kucher very much in it. that is the mom of lebron james. she was arrested, gloria, in miami early this morning after she reportedly assaulted a valet worker because her car was taking too long to be
6:54 pm
delivered. witnesses say gloria james had strong odor of alcohol on her breath. gloria was arrested in 2006 for driving while intoxicated in akron. the as had earlier tee times in toronto than rory had in augusta. 9:30 a.m. local time on the wolf. 95.7. but, hey, if this little guy came to play so can the as. 1-0 in the 6th. jackson helping keep it that way. nice sliding catch to lind. r.b.i. base hit. 1-1 game in the 8th. jackson again. this time base hit left fields. coco crisp scores. as lead 2-1. just enough for trevor cahill. dominated. struck out seven batters only gave up a run on three hits, walked nobody through eight innings. bringing brian on to close it out. 2-1 win avoiding their worst start since 1987.
6:55 pm
speaking of bad starts. you know terry francona's red sox 0-5 coming in to play. they found a new way to lose. down to their final out. grounding one off the pitcher. pinch hitter mcdonald overrunning second base. he is out. that ends the game. boston is 0-6. their worst start since 1945. on saturday the giants will finally get their world series rings. they have waited since 1958. every other bay area team has been fitted with the exception of the san jose sharks. >> a diamond is forever. >> they will be arriving april 9th. the design is going to be done by tiffanies. >> reporter: after winning their first ever world series title in san francisco, the giants will be the latest bay area team to slip on their world series championship rings this saturday. but how did other bay area teams react to getting their rings? >> oakland as are the world champions of baseball.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: it started in 1972 when the as beat the reds for their first bay area title. >> golden state warriors are champions of the world. they are the unbelievable champions of the world. >> reporter: then the warriors. nobody picked them to make the playoffs. but the team won it all led by rick barry. >> you talk about the underdog. they were the ultimate underdog. and it was a team that just believed in each other and that's why no one worries about togetherness because that's the theme that came up with that we won. >> the greatness of the raiders was undeniable. >> reporter: one year later of it the raiders turn as they won the super bowl in 1976. willie brown had a pick 6 in that game. >> when they designed his ring it wasn't the way he liked it. he set the standard when he chose this particular setting. this particular design. because he wanted to be totally
6:57 pm
different from other teams and other teams got the idea what a championship would look like. >> reporter: then in 1981 bill walsh started a dynasty. 49ers won their first super bowl against the bengals. >> when you see the giants going through it then it is like deja vu and you start having playbacks, recalling some of this. the old times in 81. everybody was on fire last year for the giants. >> diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> reporter: a championship diamond is a man's best friend. >> this is the most important ring. don't tell anybody i said that. >> smart man. >> saved himself at the last second. >> is he in trouble. >> yes. >> all right, we are coming back at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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