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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 8, 2011 1:50am-2:25am PDT

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how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. what a government shut you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." it is down to the wire and still no budget. what a government shutdown means for you and the bay area economy. >> started hailing and stuff. it was like what should we do? >> it is cold but this is something we don't usually see. what is next? >> they are undoubtedly guilty. unethical. liars. a rich housewife may be heading to the big house. why prosecutors say she turned a few secrets into a small fortune. good evening, i'm dana king.
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ken is off tonight. the president wants an answer in the morning. so congressional leaders and white house staffers are working all night to come up with a deal. otherwise, the federal government will shutdown in just 22 hours from now. susan mcgines is on capitol hill. the clock is ticking, susan. >> reporter: it sure is, dana. negotiators are struggling at this hour on capitol hill to come to that agreement by that morning deadline that the president gave them otherwise the government shuts down in less than 22 hours. >> reporter: president obama turned up the heat again thursday evening. they emerged without a budget deal. >> we made some progress today. those differents have been narrowed. and so once again the staff is going to be working tonight around the clock. >> all those in favor say aye. >> aye. >> reporter: earlier house republicans passed a bill that would keep the government running for another week and
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fund the pentagon through september. but the white house threatened to veto it calling it a distraction from the real work of a budget compromise. >> senator reed, mr. president, what part of broke don't you understand. >> reporter: the budget showdown has become a blame game. >> this is not the appropriate vehicle to have items debated and voted on. >> reporter: funding for planned parenthood and scaling back regulations. soldiers were told in iraq a shutdown may delay their paychecks. >> anyone it will be an inconvenience for a lot of troops. >> reporter: furlough notices have already gone up on capitol hill. government workers around the country are concerned for their jobs. >> there is such a high anxiety amongst federal employees. >> reporter: farm loans would be halted along with mine inspections.
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even the annual cherry blossom parade set for this weekend would be canceled. >> preparations for a government shutdown are moving forward and if that were to happen it would be the first time since the mid-1990s and interestingly that was also with a first term democratic president and republican controlled congress. dana? susan, i misspoke. it is 2:00 a.m. in the morning. >> it is 2:00 a.m., yes. >> are you seeing any movement? is any information trickling out? anything going on? >> reporter: well, what we are hearing is the differences are narrowing and actually the amount of actual money in the budget that they are haggling over is so extremely minute but we are not hearing anything about a solid agreement. many, many do expect that to happen by morning. >> hang in there. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. it is not just 800,000 federal employees who will be affected but also people who work in and enjoy our national
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parks. here in the bay area that includes alcatraz. no tourists. 7200 tickets for saturday have already been sold. one couple from oregon feels pretty lucky that they went today. >> reporter: we getting to and we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and this is part of it. >> if it is shut down those that bought tickets for saturday will get their money back. it is going to be a chilly night. earlier it looked like it snowed in some parts of the bay area. but it was hail. and lots and lots of it. pea-sized and even bigger. this is a contra costa neighborhood between concord and bay point. the hail stayed on the ground and on many rooftops for about a half hour before melting. all this is part of a windy cold front. this is interstate 80 in fairfield from around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. take a look at the bed of this
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truck. it is covered in hail. there were thunderstorms looming and winds up to 50 miles an hour. some of the hail near travis air force base was even sticking to the road. a series of thunderstorms moved down from sonoma after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon crossing over napa, solono and contra costa counties. there was even what appeared to be a tornado in solono county. robert lyles on how cold it will be tonight but first elizabeth cook who is in rockville which is just west of fairfield. elizabeth. >> reporter: dana, rain, sleet, hail, wind, extreme cold. solono county has had its fair share of extreme weather today. in fact, i'm standing in the path of what experts say was probably a tornado. it started just a few dozen yards away. came through this parking lot. toppled this fence. crossed the street upward in some trees and left more than a few of the residents and people who work here a little shaken. >> we were in a van and it just
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started swirling and everything started blowing and then the fence fell down. >> reporter: she was working inside the tower market gas station when she saw a powerful force of nature barrel through the parking lot. >> and it started hailing and stuff. it was like, okay, what should we do? >> reporter: steve goldstein from the national weather service came to check it out. >> if it wasn't a tornado there would be maybe one site of damage but there is definitely linear patterns to the damage we saw today. >> reporter: witnesses say the force lasted for about a minute and started behind the gas station and crossed the street into a strip mall leaving a path of damage of 150 to 200 yards. >> i don't drink but i think i'll start. >> reporter: she thought her salon was going to lift off the ground. >> i thought it was going to suck out the windows. everything started shaking. i thought it was an earthquake. >> reporter: a tree behind her business was yanked out from the roots and it fell onto the
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building. >> it must have ripped those trees right out of the ground. >> reporter: steve says a tornado is not unusual. >> if will be our fifth if confirmed as a tornado in this season. back in 2006 we had over 10 in central california. then we will go whole seasons where we don't have any. >> reporter: if that wasn't dramatic enough huge chunks of ice and hail fell from the sky. 13-year-old kenny took advantage of the white stuff. >> it was just coming down like in big drops. pouring. me and my dad started trying to get some grip on the road when we were driving down and then when we got home we started making snowballs. it was pretty fun. >> reporter: the weather seems to have calmed down at least for tonight. right now it is still very cold. robert lyles, in fact, has more on how long these chilly temperatures will last. >> the chilly temperatures will hold on throughout the night. what elizabeth just reported
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was the weather service was out there and they seem to have found evidence that there was tornadic activity. you are looking at base weather components that support funnel clouds. this was shot at 680 and 80 junction. we would be looking for protrusions to come out of the cloud and tough the ground. those high cumulus clouds certainly suggest that there were significant thunderstorm activities and makings of tornadic activity. as that cold front pushed through what did it leave behind. incredibly chilly temperatures. use caution. we don't expect frost out of this but we do expect you're probably going to be using the heater tonight. how long will this hold on and when will we see a warm up? i will tell you that coming up in your pinpoint forecast. for now, dana, back to you. >> thank you very much, robert. the giants fans that was brutally beaten at dodgers
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stadium has been upgraded to stable condition but he is still in a medically induced coma. he suffered a skull fracture and bruising to the frontal lobe of his brain. we caught up with a close friend of stow's. gina has spent the last six days with stow and his family. she says he was able to follow simple voice commands yesterday and lift one of his legs. she also said stow would be very touched by all of the support he is getting. >> honestly, he would be so excited because he loves attention. so he would be so touched and so excited and i'm just devastated that he is not able to be a part of it. he would be eating it up. >> stow's employer america medical response held a barbecue fund-raiser yesterday which raised $140,000 to help him pay for medical bills. the giants will also hold a fund-raiser during monday's home game against the dodgers. a jury has cleared two
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former college baseball players of liability in a civil lawsuit in connection with an alleged gang rape. their accuser won't get any money from them. in fact, she may face paying their legal fees. the plaintiff claimed she was attacked by a group of baseball players at an off-campus house party four years ago. she was 17 at the time. back then the d.a. decided not to file criminal charges. >> the boys have been convicted in the court of public opinion for a long time now. and this was a pretty good spanking that the plaintiff got. and i think it was appropriate. >> we are very proud of our client. she is a wonderful person. >> there were times when there were many emotions. we all had our emotions on certain parts and pieces that we had to make decisions on. but bottom line ultimately it was the law that we followed. >> the plaintiff reached settlements with a few other defendants and others were
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dropped from the case. a surprise plea today in the phillip garrido trial. he pleaded not guilty to kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. earlier this week the lawyer for phillip garrido's wife nancy said he expected phillip garrido to enter a guilty plea. but phillip's attorney said today the grand jury was improperly selected and acted inappropriately. the el dorado county district attorney says is he not surprised by that motion. >> a judge goes through and does a selection process with the grand jury and it is not all uncommon, it is typical andrew teen in this county and in every other county that the defense would file a motion challenging that process. >> nancy garrido also pleaded not guilty. the judge set a trial date for august. other bay area headlines now. fate of barry bonds is now in the hands of a jury. both sides gave closing arguments today in the slugger's perjury trial. the greatest baseball hitter of
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his generation lied to a grand jury in 2003 about taking steroids the prosecution sued. the defense said all of the witnesses for the prosecution were unreliable. if convicted bonds could spend time in prison or face home confinement. muni is recommending the bus driver who was caught on video texting and driving be fired. a passenger captured the incident on a mirror with a cell phone on the lineback in february. a muni spokesperson says the driver told them she was only texting when she stopped but today muni authorities took a look at that video and now believe the employee lied. the driver was originally suspended for three days and is now back at work. but not allowed to drive. there will be a hearing to consider her termination. first martha stewart now a wealthy san francisco
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housewife. why using her husband to make money may land her in the big house. have you cut your t.v. cord? why more and more ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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guilty in connection with an insi looks like a san francisco socialite could be heading to the slammer. she pleaded guilty in connection with an insider trader case. she also helped people log their sexual encounters. grace lee went to her high end neighborhood and got an earful from someone who knows her. >> reporter: a scandal has broken in the important neighborhood of pacific heights. the securities and exchange commission has been investigating a socialite couple for insider trader. both work for the powerhouse
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accounting firm deloitte tax. both have been accused of profiting illegally in a multimillion dollar scheme. >> is there any doubt in your mind that they could be guilty of insider trader for millions of dollars? >> doubt? they are undoubtedly guilty. >> what kind of people are they? >> unethical. liars. arrogant. this was a crime of arrogance. they believed nothing would ever get them. they could do whatever they wanted and they would never be found out. >> reporter: here is how it works. arnold would take information and then they would share information with their sister and brother-in-law in london. they would then take that information and trade making profits of about $23 million. >> i was the black eye for -- is it a black eye for deloitte?
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>> yes, it is. they wouldn't want an employee to be involved. >> anna bell raised money for charities but she was also working on something called my nookie app. it helps you chronicle your sexploits and allows you to share your experiences with partners. the site has been taken down since the investigation began. and according to court documents anna bell has reached a plea agreement where she has admitted guilty to obstruction of justice. she is looking at 10 to 16 months in a federal prison. >> does she belong in prison? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: just a clarification, arnold mcclelan is no longer a partner at deloitte. he is not facing any criminal charges at this time. that could change. however anna bell's sister and brother-in-law are facing
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insider trading losses in the u.k. and that can be some serious stuff when it comes to the investigation. >> grace, the people you interviewed, that was a venomous relationship. >> that was only the tip of the iceberg. i don't want to say too much without revealing their identity but they have a long history and they do know this couple very well. >> all right. wild story. thank you very much. grace lee. you know, there is a growing trend of households giving up cable television. an estimated 1 million homes cut the cable last year for the antenna, net flix subscriptions and webb for entertainment. 550,000 homes stopped cable service in 2009. this is all according to convergens consulting group which estimates another half million homes will end cable subscriptions this year. revenues for cable and satellite companies were up 6% to $89 billion last year. robert lyles, we have snow,
2:13 am
hail, wind, tornadoes. what's next? locusts? >> i'm going to go sit down now. you just covered the weather forecast. let's take a live look. actually, that is not a live look. as we take a taped look we do expect chilly temperatures as this cold front continues to sweep through the bay area. inland areas will see temperatures anywhere from 33 to 38 degrees. 38 to 42 inside the bay. coastline downright chilly. 39 to 43. we do not however expect any frost because we still have a lot of moisture out there and some cloud cover. it will be cold, however. you certainly may want to bring the pets in and you may want to cover up some of those delicate plants that may not be able to sustain those cold temperatures overnight. what we are expected finally is a warmup of the temperatures and ultimately that means that high pressure will begin moving into our area. this cold front is finally sagging down into southern
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california and out behind it, out here over the pacific is this high pressure system. it is slowly beginning to muscle its way back into our area but before it does it has cleared out the skies and that allows incredibly chilly temperatures. 38 in san rafael. 36 for livermore. 42 in san francisco. 43 in pacifica. we will warm up tomorrow but not that drasticcally. temperatures into the lower 60s. warmest of areas will see fairfield topping out right around 62 degrees. just won't get all that warm as we move throughout the day. your five-day forecast looks like this. ultimately we will see some clearing skies for the weekend. and with those warming conditions we see a sunny weekend and the computer is simply not cooperating. so understand you will have a great day on tap once we ,,,,,,,
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after dark: complete with bars, live music, and tonight, an alternative to your typical thursday happy hour.
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explore after dark. complete with bars, live music and tonight an impromptu skate park. we look at the science behind skate boarding. >> reporter: i came out to the exploritorium. we tried to apply them to skateboarding. the first ramp we built was a ledge. hop on it when you get to the middle you drop down into another ramp. another one we did was a pendulum manual pad. suspended from up above and it actually floats underneath you. from side to side and back and forth. and the last ramp we have is actually a concept where you air off a ramp and land on it. it goes into sensors puts it to a screen and that shows you how much weight you actually push much weight you actually push down when you land ,,,,,,,, 3q
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it up... rory mcillroy is 60 years youn in baseball they threw out the ceremonial pitch. at the masters they tee it up. >> masters champion. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 masters is now officially beginning. have fun. >> rory mcaroy. a co-leader with a 65. tiger woods in search of his fifth green jacket but he will have work to do after a one under 71. the defending champion phil mickelson was all over the place but a short game saved him. bogey free 70. never shooting better than 75 in two previous masters. birdied his final two holes
2:21 am
tying rory for the lead seven under par. >> i didn't shoot myself out of it but i didn't make up ground on the field the way i wanted to. so i've got to go do it tomorrow. >> you feel good about where you are? >> yes. >> a 9:30 a.m. start meant the tikes could go to the ballpark today. jackson with a baseball bat in the 8th inning, singling to left. coco crisp scoring to given the as a 2-1 lead. that's all trevor cahill needed. picks up his first win of the year. as avoid the sweep in toronto. they beat the jays 2-1. giants will be presented with their world series ring saturday night. and they better heed some advice from former warrior coach. don't confuse one ring with another. >> now this is the most important ring i have on. no, this is the most important ring. don't tell anybody i said that.
2:22 am
>> number 4. brewers and braves. milwaukee's morgan. take three out of four from atlanta. number 3. back to augusta. eagle on the first hole. goosen is five strokes off the pace. number 2, red sox catcher throws off the mask. makes the catch. boston loses again. they are 0-6 for the first time since world war ii. and at number 1, os and tigers. nick markakis saying enough already. gets it in to grab it ,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morn it is time for david letterman and ben stiller is coming on tonight. >> ben stiller? >> yes. it should be funny. we will see. >> his hair will be sticking
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up. >> do you think? >> i don't know. >> let's give him a ,,,,,,,,


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