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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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thousands of giants fans still feeling like champs on opening day and willing to pay anything to get in. >> we're world champs! $60 value. $200. i don't care, i'll do it. >> reporter: the streets, the bars, the restaurants, all packed hours before the first pitch. inside the park, the world series opening day celebrations continued. >> let me welcome all of you to at&t park... the home of your depending world champions san francisco giants! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: team mascot lou seal walked around with the championship belt and the heroes made their dramatic appearance to deafening cheers. ♪ [ music ] >> giants, baby, number one. >> reporter: the screaming got louder as team members were introduced. [ applause and cheers ] tim lincecum! >> reporter: it was not hard to notice the dedicated fans, the faithful dressed head to toe in team colors. and, of course, there is no
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accounting for taste. not this day. >> we had a couple of tuxedos made for the giants. >> we got them custom fit. the prices were lower in vietnam. >> giants, baby, number one, woo! >> reporter: but wowed the crowd the presentation of the championship banner, players passed it down the line and it was the beard who did the honors running across the field to the flagpole where the banner will fly for the entire season. [ applause and cheers ] >> goosebumps. yeah, great. long time waiting for it. raising the flag, brian wilson, awesome. >> reporter: it's been a pretty good day for the giants fans. with me right now is sports director dennis o'donnell. is it my imagination or is brian wilson's beard even blacker? >> reporter: i have never seen it blacker. the problem was it didn't fear the st. louis cardinals today. >> oh-oh. >> reporter: brian wilson,
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linda, was in the middle of all the pre-game festivities today. and then some as we found out wilson takes the 2010 championship flag and runs it himself to the flagpole in center. great moment for giants fans to see that flag finally hoisted up. then it was time to play ball. 3rd inning, giants down 1-0 and in his first at bat as a giant, miguel tejada homers to left at at&t. his first of the year. just like that, we're tied at one. two batters later freddie sanchez down the right field line, jonathan sanchez, who had earlier doubled, comes around to score. giants up 2-1. sanchez was just as good on the mound. he goes five innings, striking out seven, only gave up one run. let's go to the 6th inning. pat burrell launches his third home run of the season dead center and it was a big insurance run at the time. the giants had a 3-1 lead. but it was 3-2 in the 9th, brian wilson got the first two out. but he loaded the bases and
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then ryan base hit to left two runs score, all of a sudden, st. louis is in front. bottom of the ninth, down to the last out, pablo sandoval bales out wilson with a huge hit, aaron rowan scores tying the game. and they are going to the bottom of the 10th right now. it went into extra innings. the giant and the cardinals tied at 4. so not a great game for brian wilson. but the good news, guys, the giants have a chance to win this game. if they do, we'll tell you what happens. >> we'll look for the resolution at 6:00. thank you, dennis and linda. also at today's game, was bryan stow's friends and family. john stow and corey mayfield were with stow when two dodger fans brutally beat him at their season opener last week. they say that stow will be in a medically-induced coma for at least three more days. but they say there was no way they were going to miss today's game.
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>> it's going to be a very emotional day. it's going to be a very -- very emotional roller coaster for a long time. but we are here today. bryan would want us to be here today and represent him and you know, he would be in the stands with us screaming and cheering on the giants and that's what we're going to do here today. >> talked about it all winter long, couldn't wait for this beautiful day. >> the giants will be holding a fundraiser for stow's family during monday's home game against the dodgers. the reward for information leading to arrests is getting close to $150,000. no verdict tonight in the barry bonds perjury trial. jury deliberations wrapped up about an hour and a half ago. before going home, jurors listened to a secret recording of the slugger's ex-trainer greg anderson allegedly talking about injecting bonds with steroids. earlier today, a judge ordered anderson to be released from prison. he had been there since march 22 when a judge held him in
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contempt for refusing to testify. sports fans hit a home run for uc-berkeley. fundraising efforts have saved cal baseball. the university planned to shut down the 119-year-old program to save some money. but it just changed its mind after donors came one $9 million to fund it. the fundraising efforts will continue. an oakland community is reeling after a prominent restaurant owner was shot and killed during an apparent robbery attempt early this morning. now, police tell us that jesus campos was shot near the mexican restaurant he owns about 5:30 a.m. campos was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries. his death has sent shockwaves through that tight-knit community. >> he works 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to help the community. the cinco de mayo events he used to put on. and he ends up here? it's not right. >> we're really going to inundate that area in the very
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near future to make sure that residents are safe and kept safe. >> police are searching for two suspects who they say took off in a gray four-door car. a $30,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to arrests. a chp officer must undergo surgery after being hit by a suspected drunk driver in san jose. kiet do tells us the officer was trying to help a driver stranded in a hailstorm. >> reporter: a chp officer went to the hospital with a broken leg and facial injuries. all things considered there was a potential for greater tragedy. just before 2:00 this morning, this pickup truck hit a patch of ice, spun out and slammed into a concrete wall. it got stuck when the bumper jammed into one of the tires. a thunderstorm had dumped about a half inch of hail on 880 at bascomb avenue icing over the freeway and made it very slippery. as you can see, there is not a
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lot of room on that shoulder. the officer was using a special tool to try and pry the bumper off of the rear tire. he had literally just been out of his car a few seconds when it happened. this lexus came around the curve, also hit a patch of ice and spun out of control towards the pickup truck and the chp officer. >> and it impacted the first vehicle at about a 45-degree angle and they continued to rotate down the freeway and then that momentum pushed the first car into the officer knocking him to the ground. >> reporter: the chp says 20- year-old stevone jones was behind the wheel. investigators arrested him for dui. jones is from san jose, and he was a power forward for the san jose city college basketball team in the 2009-2010 season. the chp says alcohol combined with icy roads made the situation go from bad to worse. >> if you are driving impaired and have poor road conditions it just takes one second of inattention and we have a situation like this. >> reporter: the officer has been with the chp for 2.5
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years. he must undergo surgery and his recovery could take months. in san jose, kiet do cbs 5. no budget, no budging. but plenty of blame. a government shutdown is just hours away and neither side showing any sign of compromise. danielle nottingham on the spending cuts that have the two sides butting heads. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers say there is only one thing that is keeping republicans from agreeing to a budget deal. the gop wants to cut funding for women's reproductive health even though the federal government does not pay for abortions. >> if that sounds ridiculous, it's because it is ridiculous. >> reporter: but republicans say that's not what the fight is about. >> there is only one reason that we do not have an agreement as yet and that issue is spending. >> reporter: as the talks bogged down, president obama has repeatedly summoned leaders from both parties to the white house. this morning, he spoke to both sides on the phone. the president cancelled a
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planned friday trip to indianapolis and stayed in washington where his administration began the complicated process of shutting parts of the government. hundreds of thousands of employees don't know how long they might be out of work. >> i'm living from paycheck to paycheck. i have a family, three kids, fiancee car note, mortgage. it's going to affect me tremendously. >> reporter: workers protested. >> shutdowns cost taxpayers money. >> reporter: it's not just people who get a government paycheck that will be hit. this barbershop is normally packed with soldiers. >> if they don't get paid, we don't. >> reporter: for those off work on vacation a shutdown could close many popular tourist attractions from california's alcatraz to washington's smithsonian. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. it took 800 pounds of dynamite to erase a bit of bay
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area history. [ explosion ] >> how nearly 70 years of service is being remembered. another bay area sheriff's deputy caught up in a drug probe. the additional allegations of so-called dirty dui arrests. >> another rate reversal for blue cross customers. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the last remaining world war ii era military hospital in california is no more. 800 pounds of dynamite helped bring down an 11-story concrete building in east oakland this afternoon. christin ayers with why some were sad to see the old relic go. >> reporter: for navy nurse captain joanne fritsche, the blast capped a bittersweet build-up. >> i have seen everything from birth to death here. >> reporter: she came here to witness one final death, that of a small piece of naval history. >> you think of how many babies were born there and people who died there and families who were rejoicing and families who were sad. >> reporter: now it's her turn to grieve. the oak knoll naval hospital was her training ground as a young trauma nurse in the '80s. she was here during the gulf war and when the hospital shut down in 1996 and has watched its sad decay in the years
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since. but not everyone is mourning. >> i'm really excited. >> reporter: excited councilman larry reed says to be pushing the button that will blast the blight into the past making way for a new development that he believes could change the face of east oakland. >> this is the last prime 167 acres of real estate in the city of oakland for development. >> reporter: the city and residents have been pressuring the developer and its partner the bankrupt lehman brothers to get rid of the building. the countdown begins and the hospital is history. crumbling from the ground and from the air. as neighbors celebrate, fritsche is near tears. >> so many years here, so many people i knew, so many people i took care of. >> reporter: now the site's future is uncertain. there's talk of housing and a new shopping center. but developers say it's too soon to tell when. fritsche says there is nothing to do now but move forward.
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>> it's permanent now. it's real. it's not coming back. >> reporter: all of that cement left behind will be recycled and used for other projects. but the rebuilding won't start for several years. there's still an entitlement process that needs to happen. then the housing market will dictate just how quickly this area is rebuilt. in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. more charges for a former sheriff's deputy involved in a growing law enforcement scandal in contra costa county. charges for stephen tanabe include conspiracy to possess, transport and sell controlled substances. tanabe also faces charges of conducting so-called dirty dui arrests involving a scheme in which attractive women were allegedly hired to lure men into bars to get them drunk. tanabe would then have the men arrested for drunk driving when they left. also involved in the drug conspiracy scandal, norman wielsch, commander of the narcotics enforcement team, accused of stealing drugs from evidence lockers. christopher butler is accused of arranging to sell those
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drugs. a chance for a free check- up. the weekend event that's expected to draw thousands of the bay area's uninsured. who's number one in the united states when it comes to healthy living? a hint. a bay area city just missed top billing. >> and there are some isolated showers in and around santa rosa and san jose but otherwise most of the bay area looks just like this. a mix of sun and clouds. but keep in mind, it's all going to move out for the weekend. warming is on its way. your pinpoint forecast is next. ,, mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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chopper r a fire at an let's get right to some breaking news happening in concord. chopper 5 is over a fire at an apartment complex. this is on oak grove road near treat boulevard. just a few minutes ago firefighters declared the fire is under control. it's an eight-unit building, an
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upper apartment fully engulfed in flames. firefighters got the call about 4:40 this afternoon. no injuries reported. you remember when blue cross announced last month it would reduce the proposed 16% rate hike? on the consumerwatch, julie watts is going to explain that good news doesn't apply to everyone. >> reporter: that's right, allen. blue cross agreed to back off those rate hikes after pressure from the state insurance commissioner dave jones but he only oversees a portion of those blue cross policies so as of may 1, more than 150 now customers still face a 16% rate hike because their policies are overseen by a different government regulator the department of managed healthcare and governor jerry brown. neither regulator can fully explain why different policies are overseen by different agencies and many blue cross policyholders have no idea who their regulator s consumer groups are calling on jerry brown to merge them under dave
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jones's department of insurance. blue cross has until the 25th to justify the hikes. for those who need healthcare, free medical dental and eye care for anyone in need. preparations for the giant medical clinic are under way right now at the oakland coliseum. visitors can have their eyes checked and get a new pair of free glasses made there on the spot. there will be teeth cleanings, exams and extractions, glaucoma, diabetes screening, even ak puncture made possible by a volunteer group called remote area medical. >> we get back a lot more than we give. and they are just so grateful. it just breaks your heart. >> the only criteria is you have to show up very early because it's first come, first served. >> thousands lined up at a similar event in sacramento last week and organizers stress, you have to come early and bring food and water to tide you over. gate open at midnight and they begin handing out tickets at
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3:30 tomorrow morning. the event runs through tuesday and organizers expect to treat about 1,000 people each day. but there is still a big need for more licensed medical professionals to help staff the event. for more information, head to our website, >> hope they have a turnout on both sides of the deal. >> absolutely. >> thank you. well, a beautiful spring day today. great day to watch a baseball game. robert, how's it look? >> fantastic as a matter of fact. with the exception of some isolated showers out there, we take a look at high-def doppler radar. a few showers in and around santa rosa. as you can see, a few in and around san jose. these are all expected to start moving out of the area as that upper-level low just sits out over the coastline. it will continue its migration south. and then we are looking at a fantastic weekend. mostly sunny skies, and temperatures warming back to seasonal averages. as we get through the night, we are going to keep the clouds in the skies for inland areas and at the bay and that does still bring with it a very slight
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chance of some showers overnight but again, we are going to see some clearing throughout the day tomorrow. now, i mention that upper-level low. that's what brought those incredibly chilly temperatures last night -- i'm sure you turned on the heater and the breezy conditions that we're seeing. but over the pacific this high pressure system is building and its muscling its way back in and setting the stage for our weather for the weekend and the upcoming workweek. chilly tonight, 37 for santa rosa, 38 concord, 36 livermore, 45 san francisco. we will warm up tomorrow into the 60s. quite nicely. 66 for concord. 60 in san francisco. 58 at pacifica. here's what you really want to know. what's your weekend look like? 67 for our inland areas. 65 at the bay, 50s at the coast. a slight chance of showers on monday, very slight. but we put it in there to give you a heads up but the rest of the workweek looks fantastic even if you have to go back to work. that's your pinpoint forecast. stay with us.
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we'll be right back. y ,,,,,,,,,,
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just some of the factors that make san francisco one of the ities. a beautiful spring day. the giants home opener and friday to boot? >> just son of the factors that make san francisco one of the country's youngest cities. a study factored in things like lifestyles, eating habits and activities to rank san francisco as the second
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youngest city in the u.s. right behind salt lake city. rounding out the top five were austin, texas. denver, and boston. the oldest city in the country, tulsa, oklahoma. they studied more than 27 million people since 1999 to come up with those findings. >> thought oklahoma was okay. that's what they say. the experts say kids who play musical instruments are better students. new research is showing they may also ge sick more often. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: 13-year-old gavin anderson plays the saxophone in his school band. >> i like the sound mix. >> reporter: but making that music could be creating a breeding ground for bacteria, especially since many students share instruments or buy secondhand. >> it's the first time i have heard that. >> reporter: a new study in the journal, general dentistry, shows used wood wind and brass
5:26 pm
instruments are jammed with potentially harmful germs. researchers tested the mouth pieces, chambers and cases of 13 high school instruments. six had been played for a week, the others hadn't been touched in a month. they found 442 different bacteria. >> bacteria that cause staph infections that cause upper respiratory infections, that can cause infections in and around the mouth and the oral cavity, fungal infections which can cause things like candida in the mouth or red patches around the lips or inside the mouth. >> reporter: experts say the scene to clean the instruments on a regular basis inside and out. and it's best to use cleaning kits specifically designed for your instrument. after every use, students should use a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces that come in contact with the skin and mouth. sanitizing sprays should be used on the mouthpiece occasionally especially after someone is sick. >> if you have a respiratory
5:27 pm
condition, you may want to have your instrument professionally sterilized. >> reporter: good afternoon is going to change his tune a bit. >> i think i would clean -- >> reporter: gavin is going to change his tune a bit. >> i think i would clean it a little more. >> reporter: and he doesn't share his saxophone with others. how would america's schools hold up in an earthquake? plus why retirement has taken on a whole new meaning for some baby boomers. that and more tonight only on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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headache you would never see coming. pped from 750 good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. coming up tonight at 6:00, a credit headache you would never see coming. >> my credit had dropped from 750 down to 670. >> the cause of the problem, a phone that wasn't even hers. a warning for anyone who uses a company phone. and we'll be following the negotiations and finger- pointing in washington, d.c. as we count down to a government shutdown. those stories and much more tonight at


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