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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 12, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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now, that's progressive! call or click today. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. a first-ever for a g iants/dodgers game. what fans saw that they have never seen before. >> sure, they got millions of dollars, but they say it wasn't enough. the billionaire twins babbling over the founding of facebook went back to court for more. what the judge says they deserve. it made me cut down. >> it's gonna destroy us. >> you think gas prices are high now? wait. in a news poll they are feeling the squeeze. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. >> the giants versus the d odgers. >> talk of retaliation over the
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near fatal beating of a giants fan looks like the competition mostly stayed on the field. robert liles is standing by at at&t park. >> it's >> reporter: it's all because of the police stadium. no corner in this stadium, no corner surrounding the stadium was without security tonight. they will not disclose how many cops were sent here tonight in response to this heated rivalry and the giants fan attack but the giants organization is finally admitting that the presence we saw here tonight is very similar to what was experienced during the world series. long before the gates opened, fans were on edge. >> did you think wearing this shirt was gonna make you a target? >> a little bit. i'm getting stares already. >> reporter: they thought wearing blue and white put a red and white bulls-eye on their backs. have you been getting stares? >> we're talking around, getting stares, but hopefully nothing happens. >> reporter: hopefully those in
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black and orange weren't hell bent on retaliation. >> the stares in they are coming from us but it's not in a mean way. >> reporter: the tempest in a teapot was brewing outside of the stands. >> the only thing i want to say it is totally unprovoked, not a dodger fan thing, it was a thug thing. >> any time we have a high profile game we make sure we have a high level of security. >> joaquin county that seemed to include even armed members of the coast guard, not to mention a still undisclosed number of s fpd officers who saturated every tier of the stadium. the giants even called out their heavy hitters. >> we ask that you respect the game and each other as fans. >> reporter: in a pregame call for peace. by first pitch the orange and black sat next to the blue and
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white in a civility that giants fans say is long overdue. >> i think it's been a little late, not by the dodgers or anybody, but over the last 10 years or so it has been out of control. >> reporter: they did lose control, about a dozen fans were ejected for public drunkenness but most gave graciously towards brian stow's medical costs, they passed the jug for stow who remains in a coma in a los angeles hospital. his cousin was overcome with emotion. >> i would just like to say thank you to everybody that has done so much. it's, umm, incredible. >> reporter: now s fpd tells us off camera given the storied rivalry between the dodgers and the giants in the past and games that they have worked here in the past tonight's crowd was incredibly team. they say it just simply was not that bad. and also, just an update of information, of the donations made tonight.
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we're told by amr they have raised more than $100,000 in donations. again, all of that going to brian s tow's medical care. >> that will be great for his family. leave it on the field, you're right. robert liles, thank you. they are the most famous twins since probably the olson sisters. the winklevoss brothers. they are the ones who say facebook was really their idea. today a judge ruled that they don't deserve any more money. as mark sayier shows us from silicon veil there are no tears for those twins. >> 2200 hits in two hours. >> >> reporter: n the social network" brought what was a little known chapter into the public eye. cameron and tyler winklevoss argued they had the idea which was stolen by harvard student and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. it didn't work out the way they wanted but it's not like they got sent to the poor house. they settled their claim with
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facebook for $65 million, butts they then sued to undo the deal saying they were misled about the value of facebook during the morning. now they say the winklevoss twins knew what they were signing and must live by the terms of the deal. the big lesson is one that people in silicon veil already know, you don't put an idea together and assemble a team on a handshake in a dorm room. >> there are a lot of ideas out here. here we are out in silicon veil. >> we found tim kay just down the street from facebook head wars. g low the question boils down to whether they actually stole something. if it's just an idea there's nothing there. >> teacher tatiana van houghton grease the twins have nothing to feel sorry about. >> i think the judge is right. >> reporter: you feel sorry for a couple of guys who are worth more than $65 million in this economy. >> no i don't. >> reporter: it was handed down by a three-judge panel.
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facebook here in pal oh alto issued a statement saying it was pleased with today's ruling but attorneys for the winklevoss twins say they plan to file asking for full court, all 11 judges, to hear this case. they say they'll do that in the next couple weeks. >> in palo alto, mark sayer. thank you. today was day two of deliberations in the barry bonds perjury trial. the key witness the jury was interested in. >> they spent a couple of hours listening as a clerk read back the testimony of a witness. kathy said she him getting injected by his trainer, the jury went back into deliberate, spent the whole day doing it but no verdict. they will be back again in the morning. joe vasquez, cbs5. in other bay area headlines now, in oakland, a vigil for prominent restaurant owner
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killed last week. there was dancing and singing in front of otea's mexican delicatessen. jesus chewy campos was shot early friday morning. they believe it happened during a robbery. he was well known by local politicians, in the area, there have been no arrests in this case. you c berkeley uc berkeley is warning students not to walk alone. three students were attacked. in all three cases they were walking by themselves at night. in two cases the police came up and grabbed the women. police have distributed flyers around campus and increased patrol. state lawmakers are considering impounding the cars of drivers who don't pay bridge tolls. those with fasttrack accounts have rolled through electronic booth 1 1/2 million times. it adds up to $14 million in
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unpaid tolls and fines. lawmakers in sacramento will considering a bill that would allow officers to seize a car on the spot if the driver owes $2,000 or more. in san francisco tonight, several homeless people have taken over a vacant building. they are trying to stay the night there. maybe longer if they can. elizabeth cook shows us police are standing by but they have not moved ph in. [ yelling ] >> reporter: a number of transients setup house inside this abandoned building on dye visit eye dare oh. outside a group of protestors want to make sure they stay there. >> i want people to know this building has been sitting vacant for a number of years and it could be used for housing. >> reporter: according to the protestors there are twice as many abandoned buildings in san francisco as homeless people. they want the city and the property owners to make the buildings transitional housing.
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>> i think there's several people willing to take arrest over the issue. >> reporter: bruce alston has been arrested 56 times for squatting in abandoned b uildings. some of them, he says, were brand new. >> tubs looked like they had been just installed a week ago, lights been working. >> if you go in you're staying in. no in and out police. >> reporter: police have been standing outside this building not letting people go in or out. they are waiting for the landlord for news on whether they can go in and make arrests for trespassing. in a statement they said the building on devisit dare oh is currently empty and not fit for occupancy. they say they are trespassing and need to be removed for their safety. glen has lived in san francisco for over 15 years and has seen several similar protests. >> it's not productive. they just want more handouts, the city hands out nearly $700 million a year for homeless assistance directly and indirectly to agencies that
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actually get rich supposedly serving home less and it's just nonsensical. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs5. the french are known for their fashion. what french women can no longer wear starting today. and the pain at the pump is back. it's only going to get worse some say. what will be different for many people in the bay area this summer. meteorologist norm collins, cbs5 weather service ten, a cold front, not much in the way of rain but another storm of rain but another storm
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news out of japan where they have raised the crisis level at the damaged nuclear plant to the highest possible level, that is equal to the 1986 chernobyl disaster, a level 7. it signifies a major accident. plant operators are struggling to cool the overheating reactor still and, today, people in five more communities near that plant were told to evacuate due to possible radiation exposure. this all comes as people paused today to mark 1 month since the quake and tsunami killed as many as 25,000 people. europe's first ban on full valleys 6 veils covering the vase took place in france today. they arrested two fully veiled women for taking part in the protest unauthorized. they are subject to a $215 fine or being assigned to a
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citizenship c ourse. only 5,000 muslims wear the vail but many see it as shameful. the president backed it saying veils make women seem like prisoners and contradicts france's values. nobody has had trouble s pending the money since the big oil spill. government agencies and other groups have spent tens of millions of dollars of bp money in the year following that disaster and a lot of it has little to do with clean-up. some of the items bought include tasers for police officers, a vacuum truck for a sewer department, and a parish president in louisiana bought herself an ipad. the price of gasoline is nearing all-time highs all across the country and nowhere is it higher than here in california. take a look at this map. in the areas of deep red it means gas is selling for more
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than 4. $10 a gallon, green are paying $3.50 a gallon. they predict it will rise a lot more before it comes down. a lot of people are changing their driving habits. julie watts is telling us how. >> well it will be probably over $100. >> reporter: fed up with filling up near record gas prices consumers have cut back. >> made me cut down on extra trips and consolidate trips within city boundaries. >> i'm kind of going buying $30 worth, $40 worth. >> you don't run to the store, the parts house as often. you're gonna make it on the way home rather than during the job. >> reporter: from those in construction to stay at home moms conserving gas is becoming commonplace. gas sales have fallen for five straight months and gas stations are reporting a 3% decrease. >> as gas prices creep up they look for alternatives, whether it's biking to work, mass
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transit. >> reporter: buttery dude demand doesn't necessarily mean reduced prices. >> it's not what's happening here in the united states, it's what's happening on the global scale. that's because oil is traded on a global scale. >> reporter: as the worldwide demand for crude keeps on rising so does the affect of prices. >> they are being driven not by those traditional supply and demand factors. >> political unrest in oil producing countries and the local refineries in the process of switching to the prices summer blend they predict it will rocket past the all-time high of $4.11 threatening to put bay area prices above the $5 mark. julie watts, cbs5. our "eyewitness news" poll finds bay area drivers are feeling the squeeze. nearly 70% say they have cut down the amount they drive and 44% tell survey u.s.a. that higher prices at the pumps have caused them to change or cancel their summer vacation plans. summer, seems so far away.
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walk outside tonight it is cool around the bay area. >> yeah, still feels like winter around the bay area, we do have a threat of some rain as we did have a cold front slide through early on, the winds kicking up behind that cold front. pretty good, gust over 30 miles per hour. things beginning to settling down a little bit. temperatures start to go drop off. tomorrow though we'll find a lot of sunshine, inland temperatures well into the 6 0s, sunny skies, a couple patches of fog out toward the coastline, otherwise looking good. spots inland right now, 44 in napa veil, 46 in vallejo and 48 degrees in santa rosa. as you travel around tomorrow you'll notice a bit of a sea breeze, another storm system right here, this is a stronger one to bring showers to the bay area on wednesday. for tomorrow we catch a break. looking at some patchy fog coast side. lots of sunshine in the valleys. that's gonna keep the temperatures up. not gonna see that in the
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interior. we'll have cold numbers early on tomorrow morning, chilly starts not down to freezing but close enough. 66 degrees in santa rosa, 37 in fairfield, 37 for an overnight low in livermore, as we look out toward tomorrow 67 in fairfield, 54 degrees in livermore, 50s back out towards the coastline with a bit of sea breeze. check it out over the next couple of days. return to wintery weather, chance of showers around the bay area. then comes thursday, high pressure starts to unique back in, temperatures start to work back up. looking at 70, as we head in towards friday, looks like over the weekend not quite done with that weather as of y et. >> but soon. >> soon. >> thank you. so this does wind make a tree tough? hmm, the answer. ken will have it in top's "good question." for ,,
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but not all. the rain falls, the wind blows, some trees fall, but not all. bob ire son from green bay wants to know do trees grow stronger in stronger windy a reas. that's tonight's good question. it's been that kind of winter with trees toppling over in the bay area and arborists like ted
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kipping say we're likely to see more of it this spring. >> we generally have a very windy may into june period. y ou -- and this is so violent day after day after day that it usually tears up all this soft new growth. >> trees will soak up as much water as they can hold in wet win terse like this and kipping says that makes the tree very heavy. >> so we'll often see massive limbs torn off the trees because they suddenly got heavier and longer. >> add that to the fact that in many cases the ground is fully saturated and even trees that have been fine for years can come down if the soil face. he says while it's true that roots and trunks of trees tend to grow a little heartier in windier environments all bets are off when it comes to the kind of weather we have had lately. >> when you take it beyond its capacity to repair and restore then we're strange the system,
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we're taking it darn -- we're overloading it. >> kipping says many of the native trees, okay and bay t rees, even redwoods, are here for a reason, they can handle the extreme. >> you're gonna get your top blown off, you're gonna get some of your limbs torn off, you're gonna get burned more than once. >> go to cbs click on "connect" to send me your good question. not a lot of offense for either the a's or giants, but different result, can the ,,,,,,
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ought to you by kaiser permanent a then take. want you to be well and thrive. down in l.a. you listen to vin scully. you listen to d odger games. >> yeah. >> everyone has their vin scully impression. >> you know when i was in the press box i came back after this interview. he is a legend. you were like putty in his hand, that is true. just to be in the same room with him and interview him i was, yeah, yeah, i -- it was fun. anyway vin scully has been behind the mike for nearly every giants/dodgers game since 1950, he has seen his share of fights on the field but nothing like the incident that brian stow was in off it. >> i really pray to god not only for brian and his children and kathy, but that they catch
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them two and put them way forever. >> he wassen hind the mike to see uribe get his ring. clinton kershaw was lights out. he struck out 7. he went 23 2/3 straight scoreless innings against the guidelines, la knocked around madison b umgarner, they get past pat purl burrell. they didn't get out of the fifth. allowed 5 lauans 8 hips, 4 of the six giants losses have come against the dodgers. trevor cahill agreed to a $30 million contract extension. last year he made the all-star team and won 18 games. on the diamond the a's and white sox matchup had historical context. >> pennington, he has got it. throw to first. he did it. he did it. alexei. yes. yes. yes. yes. >> dallas braden and white sox
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starter, they both threw perfect games and both faced each other tonight on the south side, just the 21st time in history it's happened. the last time was in 2007 when david wells faced randy johnson, only 20 pitchers have thrown perfect games. he wasn't perfect but gave up 1 run in 6 innings and struck out 7. mark buehrle took a no- hitter into the seventh but ends it with a hit to left field. tied at 1, kurt suzuki puts the a's ahead for good. solo shot. they win 2-1, the a's third straight victory. george carl still on the nuggets bench after battling cancer, denver going to the playoffs. they ignite the break, done by j.r. smith, they scored 820 in the second half, they win 134-111. 30th overall in the wnba
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draft. awatched the entire draft while on the trade mill. pac-10 player of the year went ninth to indiana. >> sorry to hear that. >> it was great. i was, i couldn't believe it, just the second time stanford has had a pair of players taken in the first round. uconn's maya moore was the first overall pick. our top 5. no playoffs in houston, the rockets promo staff working overtime. >> traveling. >> slip anybody? >> traveling. >> that's soak. she can get away with it. highest pass of the season dwight howard finishes trong. orlando beats philadelphia. number 3, troy tulowitzki is off to a great start, got three home runs, got some nice letters. rob murphy a base hit. murphy got the last laugh. gets number 2, gonzalez threw him out as he falls into left field. savvies charl southward zel came from four shots back to win his first major championship at the masters.
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his approach, look there, how do you do that? not only backspin but goes exit stage left. wins at augusta, incredible. but more incredible i think really was rory mcilroy because he had the lead after 9 holes, and loft by 10,,,,,,,,,,,,
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