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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this broadcast is real time captioned by carrie o'brien. bonds. after days of deliberating the verdict is finally in. what we're juror says that they really think about barry bonds. up-and-down the state, students protest on bay area campuses. see what one guy was willing to do to avoid a dui. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. tonight, the investigation is, will the judge through the barry bonds verdict out. >> the jury found barry bonds guilty on one count and deadlocked on three other counts of perjury. one juror summed up the panel's feelings about barry bonds. compared to the other players
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that testified. >> i believe that all of the players that testified on the stand and came clean are the true heroes, they finally said, yeah. we have been taken steroids all along and we're coming clean and telling you the way it is. there is one man that couldn't do it. >> in the end, jurors didn't think there was enough evidence to uvnat barry bonds was lying, but he obstructed justice, because his continue to the grand jury was evasive. we have more on where this goes from here. >> reporter: but his celebrity is still obvious minutes after being convicted in a federal court, barry bonds was autographing a baseball and his attorneys emphasize the jury deadlocked on three serious charges of perjury. >> the counts which allege
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steroids, which allege needles, which allege human growth hormone, those were mistried. there was no. no. conviction, no verdict, no finding adverse to barry bonds. >> reporter: the defense maryland asked the judge to throw out the viddic. they may have a case. cbs5 eyewitness news legal analyst, paul henderson. >> obstruction of justice charge, is based on the perjury count that he lied. >> reporter: jurors say that the government did not prove that barry bonds used steroids. they could not believe all of the witnesss. especially barry bonds's former girlfriend, cumberly bell, who testified his testicles shrank. >> we were very against, pretty much kim bell. she was not as -- sure in her answers and she seemed to be
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attacking barry bonds. >> so, really, what we saw is enough inconsistencies in the story telling that led us to wonder. >> reporter: the jury deliberating for four days. it was tough going. >> there were two outbursts of crying. actually, three and hen -- >> over what? >> i couldn't sit down. >> reporter: baseball fans at tonight's dodger's game were forgiving. >> it is kind of disappointing that he was doing steroids. >> he didn't say that he was doing steroids, but guilty of obstruction of justice. >> yeah. that he was lying. >> is he still a hoar or -- hero. >> yes. but not as much. >> reporter: here at the ballgame, the giant organization would not comment, but expect the case to move
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forward and the prosecutors respect the juror's decision and they will decide where or not to prosecute barry bonds on the remaining permary charges and ken, if he does move forward with in charges and doesn't get dropped. he faces up to 10 years of prison, but more likely 10 months of home detention. >> and $20 million to prosecute barry bonds. >> $20 million from what? >> the prosecution that they spent on the case. >> that i can't confirm. it might be, but we didn't get the figures earlier tonight. >> all right. linda, thank you. demonstrations all over california today to protest budget cuts to the state university system. this is a look at cal state east bay this afternoon from chopper 5. students and faculty walked out of class add noon
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for there campuses for a teach in. at san jose state, protests and the teachers met in civil discourse. >> two dozen students staged a noisy, but peaceful citizens at one of the administration buildings. the governor has proposed at least a half billion dollars in cuts to the system. student fees are set to go up by 10% next year. >> we're here to -- protect education. i'm a senior, i'm graduating this semester. i feel like i'm at the end of an action movie. everything is exploding. i'm graduating and going to law school. >> reporter: students here demanded to meet with university administrators and we're obliged by the vice president. >> that's the main goal of today, it is to rally and everything. >> reporter: for nearly an
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hour, they sat around a conference able to discuss students concerned about fees, access to classes and leadership of the system. >> do you think there is any chance of getting together for a lobbying day. >> the meeting was important. >> they have issues. we want to know about them. how can we help them. >> reporter: all roads lead to sacramento when it comes to the budget concerns. tomorrow, a senate panel will take testimony on the impacts of more cut to education. he outli also today, president barack obama promiseed to cut the federal deficit by trillions of dollars. he outlined that plan, but chip reed tells us that the plan left many questions unanswered. >> this vision is less about reducing the mechanisms. >> reporter: the president accused republicans of abandoned seniors to transform
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medicare to a voucher program. >> if the voucher is not worth enough to buy the insurance in the open marketplace, tough luck. >> reporter: he described the house republican plan as deeply pessimistic. it would slash to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. >> that is not right. >> reporter: turning to his own vision of reign in deficits. he promised $4 billion over 12 years. he gave little in the way of details and those cuerize long- term. thing short-term, he said government needs to keep spending to keep the economic recovery on track. >> we will invest in medical research. we will invest in clean energy technology, we will invest in new roads. >> reporter: in another shot at republicans he insisted that the bush tax cuts for upper
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incomes will expire next year. >> we can't afford it. i refuse to renew them again. >> i'm very disappointed in the president. >> reporter: paul ryan who authorized the republican plan, said that the president's speech was a political broadside from the campaigner and chief. >> we got a speech that was excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate and hopelessly inadequate to addressing our country's pressing fiscal challenges. >> reporter: instead of building bridges the president was poisoning wells. if anyone thought this would go be a step in compromise, it was a step in the opposite direction. chip reed, cbs news, washington. a man is in the hospital with life-threating third degree burns after catching fire inside of a san francisco porn store. officers across the street saw
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a man run out the front door in flames. luckily firefighters were a block away and entinguished him. it is not clear how he caught fire. he was watching videos when it happened. a group of native-americans is trying to stop the city from bulldozing an agent burial site. the site is the final resting place for thousands of indians. on friday, the city plans to break ground and build a park, parking lot and restrooms. the city says they are not violating the rights of the native-americans, because the tribe not a federalally recognized tribe. flights will go out from ffo's new terminal 2 starting tomorrow morning. american airlines and virgin american will be housed. there are three hundred areas and a play area for kids and water filling stations where passengers can fill up their
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dozen airports across the a secondary traffic controller will be added to the midnight shift at two dozen airlines across the country. federal aviation administration made that decision today after another air-traffic controller fell asleep on-the-job. we are the wake up call for public safety. >> reporter: this time the air- traffic controller fell asleep in the control tower in reno, nevada. this time the pilot flying a medical flight with an emergency patient onboard grew incestn't as his urgent request to land was met with silence. >> we have a pretty sick patient. >> and the pilot circled the
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airport, he reached the faa in california and advised he was on his own. the pilot took that risk. airport officials argued that all was well in the end. >> that no time, i want to stress, at no time was safety compromised. >> reporter: but the safety of the skies is very much in question. the faa has disclosed seven incidences of sleeping controllers. about reno, two incidences in texas. one controller caught napping three times in seattle. plus in knoxville and washington, d.c. in knoxville, the controller made a bed in the tower on duty. in washington, two passenger jets landed unassisted at the
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controller slept at reagan national. >> i'm outraged. >> reporter: cbs news, transportation analyst is saying that seven sleeping controllers is a sign that the public is at risk. >> i believe with, with no pun intended, this clearly is a wake-up call. the faa is going to do something about it. frankly, immediately. >> the administration did react immediately, ordering 27 new controllers to work the mid night shift. >> putting two controllers in 27 towers that don't have two controllers in them. >> reporter: but the faa will also investigation their own training and scheduling practices, which is a clear suggestion there may be management problems here, that go beyond the controllers. in southern california, authorities are looking for a man who not only crashed a car driving drunk, he was caught on tape admitting he was
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intoxicated. a man who lives in the west hollywood neighborhood heard the crash and decided to head outside with his camera and investigate. >> can i just give you cash. i will give you $6,000 cash right now. i really don't want to go to jail. i'm drunk. >> that driver walked away from the scene and never returned. his car was impounded. not a good one there. everything is on tape, including the weather, lawrence? tonight's >> well, we started with showers today around the bay area, but we ended up with a lot of sunshine and a couple of more clouds. high pressure is building in. not enough clouds to keep the temperatures in. chilly tomorrow in the bay area. mostly sunny skies and the temperatures are warmer. the mid 60s. the coastline cooler, 50s and 60s and fog. today, we had high temperatures
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in 60 degrees. not a bad day, but of course, it is running cooler than average, the storm system is moving on by. still, we're done with the rainy weather for now. the high pressure begins to build in across the pacific. the ridge is going to stay off of the coastline and moisture over to top of the ridge. but for tonight, clearing skies, that means room for cool temperatures outside. the lows will drop to near freezing in spots. the lows cold, into santa rosa, 33 degrees. and 35 in napa, 37 degrees in fairfield, 35 for a low in livermore and yes. probably a couple of patches afrost in the bay area, but as we head through the day tomorrow, more sunshine on the way. the numbers are going to warmup. all right.
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looking out over the next few days, we're looking good. high pressure is going to build in. again, occasional clouds rolling over the top of the ridge and partly cloudy skies, friday, saturday and sunday. there is a slight chance to see a light shower. things will be nice and dry. the temperatures into the 70s. the next best chance of rain in the bay area, next monday. that's a look at weather, back to you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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does anyone repair those old all right. if you have an old radio, i mean, a real old radio, then listen up. does anyone repair those tube radios anymore? that's tonight's good question. >> i listen to these old radios and, and it takes you into another world. >> walking through jerry's san francisco home, is like walking through a radio museum. there are floor models. table models. big ones, small ones, and a lot of old tube radios. >> the flow of the electrons
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between the tubes gives the tonal quality to a radio. it can't be duplicated by a solid state device. that love of a sound of an old radio got him into collecting them, but repairing them as well. >> my father was a professional. and he tinkered a lot. i think that i got a lot of that tinkers from him. >> so, a radio like that, you didn't restore, you found it like that. >> but i have done the electron restoration. >> reporter: he has lost track of how many radios he fixed. 5000 or 10,000. >> the typical call is i have a radio and can't get it to work. a part of the radio broke. sometimes trying to find a part is very challenging. >> reporter: goes to -- click on connect to send me your good questions. nba star, kobe bryant will have to put his money where his
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mouth is for an antigay slur caught on live tv. the team fined him $100,000 for directing the comment towards a ref during a game last night. the ref had given kobe bryant a technical. today, the lakers' guard apologized for that slur. >> you have to own up and take responsibility for it. i said the comment, you know, we use -- so many kinds of words -- throughout the course of the game, it doesn't mean that you actually mean what you're saying at that particular time. it is just a way to vent. which had criticized him. the group applauded him for the apology. bryant says >> kobe bryant spoke with the human rights campaign. the group applauded him for the apologizeae. kobe bryant still plans to appeal the fine. well, kobe bryant was part of a very emotional night in sacramento. i'm dennis o'donnell, we will show you why. ne giant offered this response,,,,,
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instead of earning bupkus, your savings could be earning three times the national average! three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ] oh, boy -- the barry bonds trial, now, for all-purposes has come to an end.
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although, the court battle is just beginning. >> will you vote for him to get in the hall of fame. >> i would, absolutely. >> how about you? >> i think he was a hall of fame baseball player before the steroid error, but there was a lot of guys who had their mark on the theirroid error. -- era. the question is good -- >> has the steroid era ended? >> no. i don't think this officially ends the steroid era. that is a good point, but maybe something came of it. that was the question tonight for one giant bah player. >> there is a mark against us, hopefully, the more that we play, the easier this goes on. we can remove the blacki a little bit. >> the giants picker. cody ross hopes to be playing soon with torus.
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in the 6th, miles doubled off of sanchez, the dodgers take a 3-2 lead. bottom of the 6th. sandoval off of lily. the game is tied at 3-3 and font no. his first long ball of the year. 2-2. for a guy who was a late replacement at second base and wilson into save the game. money. his -- straight save. as in chicago. yes. that's a fan wearing a cheeseburger hat. down in the 9th. 2 outs. a clutch blooper and the game is tied from a team who is batting .186 with runners in scoring position. so, to the 10th. cocoa crissum going to bring home jackson. hustles around. as win, 7-4. that is a good
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nine game road trip. 5-4. despite a ten game improvement over last season, it is possible that smart coached his last game for the warriors tonight. ellis did not play after a consuction on sunday. curry for 2 oh, 18 points. amazing stat of the year -- wright scored more points this season than his first -- or six previous years combined. the warriors have 36 victories. patty mills from portland scored a season high 23 points. the owners of the sacramento kings, who wants to move their team to anaheim, did not attend the final nba game in sacramento. >> reporter: a standing room only crowd came to cheer the kings for one last time.
11:31 pm
for 26 years they were the only big league team in town. >> we're proud of the way. >> reporter: fans brought signs, covered themselves in body paint and cheered so live the arena shoot. they were likely seeing the end of an era. like too many kings games in years it ended with a loss to the lakers. in the end, the players came out of the locker room to say good-bye. the fans cheered and cried, along with the announcers. >> we will try to make it off the air. the one thing that we do know is that the love affair between this team and this city -- and tonight -- we say so long, to the music from sacramento's legendary rock band. an iconic memories from the sacramento, kings, folks. >> yeah. it is a real shame that the
11:32 pm
kings more than likely have played their final game. the problem was an arena. they wanted a new one, the city didn't want to pay for it. the irony, kevin johnson is the mayor. >> the only game in town. >> they couldn't get it done. >> it is a shame. we'll be right back. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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