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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  April 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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so we are going to have to kind of wait and see when they get all lanes re-opened. in the meantime, let's get a check of your forecast. here's lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. a lot of sunshine coming our way and clouds too. but high pressure building into the bay area. looking good by the afternoon. temperatures going to start warming up outside. of course, yesterday we had the rain. today, no rain to speak of. those numbers in the mid-60s inland here. in oakland 64 degrees, cooler in san francisco at 61 but lots of sunshine coming our way. temperatures moving up into the 70s the next couple days. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. in just a few minutes, the first flight will leave from sfo's new terminal 2. and kiet do is there with a sneak peek at the luxury features. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that flight is getting ready to take off as we speak. at 6:00 this morning, now this is the brand-new home of american airlines. and virgin america. and you're going to come out here and see a lot of signs
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redirecting passengers to this new terminal because there is a lot of confusion out here possibly because this terminal has been open for 10 years. now sfo is touting terminal 2 as airport of today and tomorrow. they say it's green and uniquely sustainable. lots of features to reduce waste and make it energy- efficient. as you may remember, it was the old international terminal built back in 1954. but now with this $383 million renovation, it is leed gold registered, the first airport in the term -- terminal in the country to be so. designers wanted travelers to be healthier and less stressed so some of the design highlights include the nation's only food court featuring locally grown organic food, a direct bart connection via the airtrain so it makes it easier to get to the airport without a car, club-like seating in the waiting area, a children's play area and lots of natural lighting. >> well, the lines are the same but it's comfortable, good-
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looking, they did a good job. >> it has more lights. so even at this early time, it's barely 6:00, it has an openness feel to it. >> reporter: they have also got this so-called recomposure area after security that lets you gather all your stuff together. so i'm curious to see what that's all about. but they say it's supposed to reduce the stress and make it easier and more pleasant. >> just need a massage therapist there. >> you just got to stay away to catch the plan. >> light a few candles and you're good to go. >> thank you, kiet do at sfo. >> good stuff, kit. thank you very much. fire crews are on the scene of a fire smoldering since yesterday at a cadillac dealership. here's the picture, on sonoma boulevard yesterday afternoon t appears to have started in the building's old repair shop where the blaze was mostly contained there. several homeless people have been living in that vacant building. by the way this is the fifth
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fire at that vacant dealership. oakland police trying to piece together the details in the city's latest homicide. police say a man was shot last night and apparently dropped off and left with an ambulance crew on international boulevard. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far no word on possible suspects or a motive. 6:03. pg&e sharply criticizing orders it received from state regulators to beef up safety after the deadly san bruno blast. let's go to anne makovec with what the utility warns could happen if it is forced to reduce pipeline pressure. she joins from us san francisco. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. everybody is ready to talk the talk when it comes to safety. you can see the banner flying here above pg&e's headquarters zeroing in on safety, their top priority. but when it comes to walk the walk there is a cost-benefit analysis to be done. the question that executives here are asking, how much are we willing to pay when it comes
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to convenience for safety? after what happened in san bruno back in september, state regulators have been considering a slew of new rules for pg&e's gas lines. a few weeks ago, you may remember the utility was ordered to produce records on its urban gas lines and records on a third of those pipes were found to be missing. so the state is proposing pg&e reduce pressure on its older lines like the one that blew up in san bruno specifically the lines that have records that are still missing. well, pg&e then sent out a big warning saying a 20% cut in so- called backbone pipes would have a lot of possible issues for consumers. reducing available gas by 67% causing uncontrolled customer outages, according to pg&e. pilot light problems. it would limit their gas storage options for future periods. and it would cause possible
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blackouts because many power plants run on gas. now, the puc is meeting again this morning to talk about further regulating pg&e but there has to be some sort of balance struck and you do have to say pg&e has agreed to comply with many of the puc's regulations so far such as installing some of these automatic shutoff valves and more transparency in its recordkeeping but this is one fine line that hasn't been defined. >> got to find that balance between inconvenience and a horrible tragedy. anne, thanks very much. anne makovec in san francisco. lawyers on both sides of the barry bonds case are planning their next move. the jury in the barry bonds trial able to agree on only one count against the baseball star after a 12-day trial. the jury deliberated for four days. it found bonds guilty of a single charge of obstruction of justice. bonds' lawyer are appealing. a mistrial was declared on three perjury charges about using steroids and human growth
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hormones and lying to a grand jury about it. jurors had trouble believing some witnesses, especially bonds' former mistress, kimberly bell. we have complete coverage. bonds verdict on our website, it includes the raw interviews with the jurors and analysis on our sports page. traffic and weather now and a spot to avoid down on the peninsula. elizabeth, a mess on 280? >> they just cancelled a traffic alert southbound 280 at hickey boulevard so all lanes just re-opened a short time ago. three to four cars were involved in this crash. so for a while chp had a couple of lanes blocked, they were running traffic breaks through the stretch. flares may still be in the road and it sounds like from our sensors at least from some members of the kcbs phone force that traffic may be still backed up for an exit or so to about serramonte boulevard but once the flares burn out traffic should improve across
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the stretch so you may want to consider 101 as an alternate for a short time but again, they just got all lanes open just a short time ago. all right. mill valley, everything is quite this morning for your marin county ride. southbound 101 great through the waldo grade. if you are heading towards the golden gate bridge. a quick look at 880/237 for silicon valley commuters, where everything is nice and quiet heading towards san jose. lawrence has the forecast. >> thank you. we have a dirty ridge building into the bay area. sounds a little scary? nah, not really. looking pretty good as that high pressure ridge build in. should be a fantastic sunset with clouds over the ridge. temperatures not bad except for the morning. it's a little chilly in spots. you have 37 in napa right now. 40 in livermore. 43 in fremont. by the afternoon, lots of sunshine and a mixture of a couple of clouds going to bump the temperatures up into the
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60s inland, 66 san jose, 67 napa, 50s and low 60s at the coast. back to you. >> thank you. >> 60 8. a freak accident at yale. a student killed in a science lab. the changes the university is making now. plus an ancient burial site about to be turned into a park. why some indians may lose their fight to save it. and a serious wake-up call. the swift action feds are taking after another air traffic controller falls asleep on the job. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. a student was killed.. when her looking for a great sunset? could see one like this tonight. going to be really neat out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for highs today with some partly cloudy skies. more on your weather coming up in just a few minutes. a freak accident at yale university, a student was killed when her hair got caught in a piece of equipment in the chemistry lab. michele dufault was found dead in the lab about 2:30 yesterday morning. she died after her hair was pulled into a lathe in the
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machine shop. default was scheduled to graduate in a month. this morning university is calling for a full review of safety procedures to keep such a tragedy from happening again. stanford police just releasing a description of a suspect that sexually assaulted a grad student. that suspect described as a 30- year-old asian indian approximately 5'6" with a chubby build and wavy black hair and rounded nose. he was seen wearing bluejeans and a dark colored shirt. the assault happened about 9:0 saturday night in a student housing unit on comstock circle. the man is believed to have snuck in through an unlocked door and then assaulted the female graduate student while she slept. they then fled when the victim began to fight. a pair of looters from last summer's protests over the johannes mehserle verdict have lost a lawsuit against the city of oakland. the two men terry williams and gerald dugas were caught with stolen jewelry on july 8. each will have to pay $25,000 to the
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other than of the owner of the looted store. a group of indians trying to stop the bulldozing of a ohlone burial site. tomorrow vallejo plans to break ground and build a park, parking lot and restrooms. >> to think it's okay to build a toilet on top of where people are buried, it's an outrage that they want to put a parking lot on top of where people are buried. we are asking and pleading with them with a last-minute call, do not disturb this site. >> the city says it is not violating the civil rights of native americans because the ohlone tribe is not federally recognized. not once, not twice, three times they have fallen asleep on the job. how the feds are boosting safety for air traffic
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controllers. plus, autism, alzheimer's, depression? how a match your brain might unlock the mysteries behind these illnesses. and we are doing great right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off. coming up after the break we'll take a check of mass transit plus an update on the earlier traffic alert through daly city. ,,,,,,,,,,
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in washington today, both the house and senate are scheduled back now at 6:16. let's look at today's top stories. in washington, the house and senate scheduled to vote on legislation that would cut $38 billion in spending for the rest of the fiscal year. the deal that was worked out last week is expected to be approved in both chambers. and barry bonds' lawyers may be back in court may 20th -- or will be back in court. they are appealing the guilty verdict against bonds on a count of obstruction of justice. the jury deadlocked on three other counts involving lying to a federal grand jury about steroid use. the search begins today for bart's new general manager dore dugger. she resigned -- dorothy dugger resigned yesterday after 19 years on the job. bart board illegally voted to fire her in january without scheduling a public meeting.
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so the move was expected. we have a great day coming your way. we have a couple of clouds out there now starting out with chilly temperatures, 30s and 40s out the door this morning. toward the afternoon, should be a very nice day. we have a mix of sun and clouds of clouds and sunshine. should be a spectacular sunset with some of those clouds out there. temperatures running into the 60s well inland, 60s inside the bay and you have cooler temperatures at the coastline with a it before a sea breeze and sunshine and clouds. yes, we have a ridge of high pressure building in and yes it's fairly dirty with a lot of clouds over the top of the ridge. we'll see that on and off over the next few days. enough cloud cover that there is a slight chance we could see some showers north of the golden gate bridge a couple of times towards the weekend but not a big deal. for the most part that ridge will continue to build in. temperatures will warm up and then i think toward tomorrow and the weekend some of those temperatures moving into the 70s. not going to get there quite today but it's going to be nice enough. 67 in campbell. 65 in los altos, 64 in fremont. and 60 degrees in half moon bay. east bay temperatures running up well into the 60s in most
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spots. 62 degrees in alameda, 63 hayward, 65 pleasanton. how about our friends in the north bay? they can expect some sunshine and clouds, cool at the coast mainly into the 50s. but plenty of 60s show up in the valleys. over the next couple of days, 70s and clouds continue to roll over the top of that ridge. after that, though, it looks like we have a better chance of some rainfall after the weekend on the monday with a chance of showers there. clouds tuesday and wednesday. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. we'll start off with a live look at the san mateo bridge where everything is free- flowing right now across the span. in fact, we are off to a nice start now that the traffic alert in daly city has been cancelled. in fact, let's show you what it looks like now on our sensor. southbound 280 approaching hickey boulevard. all lanes re-open. there may still be a few flares out in the roadway but we have been getting a couple of calls from more members of the kcbs phone force and they tell us that there is practically no delay any longer so that's great because for a while they
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had a couple of lanes blocked and it was backed you want for a good exit or so to about serramonte boulevard. all right. so coming out of san francisco here's a live look down the central freeway 101 traffic looks great. 280 moves fine all the way towards daly city. to the south bay we go now everything is showing top speeds on all of our sensors up and down the guadalupe parkway 101 through morgan hill. here's another live look at the 280 traffic approaching the 880 interchange out of downtown san jose. 8:00 usual backups, but so far, so good for the drive towards cupertino. 880 through oakland looks quiet as well as you pass the coliseum. nice smooth ride towards downtown oakland. metering lights off on the bay bridge. no delay into san francisco. no delay on any forms of mass transit, either. so everything is off to a great start for bart, ace, muni metro
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and caltrain. back to you. >> thank you. all state elected officials in california may soon be in for paycuts. the citizen commission in charge of setting their salaries will meet in burbank today to discuss cost-cutting ideas. now, in addition to salaries, car allowances and other benefits could also be reduced. it happened again. a pilot forced to make a blind landing because an air traffic controller was asleep on the job. this morning, the federal aviation administration is trying to make sure it never happens again. that controller was asleep at reno-tahoe international airport yesterday morning when a medflight was trying to land about 2:00. the faa says there was no communication for about 16 minutes. the solution for now is to double staffing for overnight shifts. >> immediately putting two controllers in 27 towers that don't have two controllers in them from 12 midnight until
6:22 am
early-morning hours. >> the reno controller has been suspended now so have controllers in seattle and lubbock for separate incidents for sleeping on the job. a month's free rent or mortgage, sound good? we'll take it. how to take advantage before it's a little too late. and later, another case of a tipsy toddler. what a restaurant served a 3- year-old instead of orange juice. ,,,,,,
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brain.. which they say could solve the mystery of a number of diseases.. including alzheimer's and autistm. scient researchers have created a newof the brain which may solve the mystery of alzheimer's and autism. scientists unveiled a $55 million computer atlas to the brain yesterday. it's the first interactive tool looking at how the genes are at work with the mind. the institute is making it available online for scientists to use in studying brain diseases. the hope is it can be used to search for clues to alzheimer's, autism and other mental health issues like depression. well, you often see trekkies wearing fake ears to look more like the show's iconic dr. spock but now there is a way to make that a little more permanent. >> it's becoming more and more popular. i can't believe this. the plastic surgery is called, ear pointing or elf ears. take a look. okay. see the ear? >> not too severe. >> the procedure is more
6:26 am
popular with young people. it resculpts patient's ears to be more pointed like their favorite sci-fi or fantasy characters, like a hobbit or something. the new ears have been getting mix the reaction, though. >> some people think it's the coolest thing. and some people think it's ridiculous. and you have to respect that. >> it is definitely not for the faint of heart. it's not something i would recommend doing unless you were very, very sure. >> that's actually not that bad. you go online you can see some very, very pointed ears. and as she mentioned you better be very sure because the surgery is irreversible. >> what are they thinking? >> old people talking here. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. if you are a lady you can put your hair over it and hide. >> if you're a guy?
6:27 am
>> roll upper sleeve and up your sleeve. if you donate blood you will be entered in a drawing for one month's rent or mortgage up to $2,000. blood drives are being held throughout the bay area. you have to be 18 years or older to enter. it is 6:27. coming up, first it was a toddler being served a margarita. now it's happened again. what a restaurant gave a 3-year- old instead of orange juice. >> plus new signs of hope for a giants fan attacked at dodger stadium. bryan stow's gave us an update from his bedside and when his family hopes he can come out of the coma coming up. we're live here at sfo's brand-new terminal2. it's a multi-million dollar renovation. we have a sneak peek coming up. what are you willing to ris income convenience in the name of safety? that's one question executives here at pg&e are asking when it comes to their pipelines. we'll talk about it coming up
6:28 am
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i'm frank ma good morning. it is thursday, the 14th of april. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. a little cool out there. 47 degrees here in san francisco. but we're going to kick you out the door because it's supposed to be nice and sunny in
6:31 am
afternoon. lawrence? >> that's right. we are looking forward here. we are not going to worry about those cold temperatures this morning. toward the afternoon, we're talking about some pretty nice weather. you got some clouds moving overhead but a lot of sunshine in between and that will bring temperatures well up into the 60s inland. about 64 degrees in oakland. a little cooler into san francisco about 61. but warmer weather on the way. maybe even some 70s. we'll have more on that in a minute. right now let check traffic with elizabeth. >> we are going to take a live look at conditions towards the bay bridge. metering lights will on. traffic stacking up in the middle lanes. for traffic coming up. back to you. >> thank you. sfo has a new terminal in operation. in fact, the first flight has just taken off. kiet do takes us inside terminal 2 and there he is. we expect you to have something
6:32 am
spa-like in your hand, spa- like. >> reporter: we took a speak inside. they are spacious, airy and as i mentioned before it feels more like a spa than an airport. it touted as the airport of today and tomorrow. they say it's one of the greenest and most uniquely sustainable in the country. it was the old international terminal that was built about 60 years ago. and now it's the country's first airport terminal that's leed gold registered. designers basically wanted travelers to be healthier and feel less stressed. new features include the nation's only food court including organically grown food, a direct bart train makes it easy to get here, club seating in the waiting area, children's play area and natural lighting. >> it's nice to be on the inauguration of something.
6:33 am
it looks pretty cool. i read that there are parts of the roof that move. and so i guess that's ominous for a good beginning of the trip. >> reporter: and this is the new home of virgin america and american airlines. the first flight left at 6:00 this morning. the next one leaves at 7:00. so if you are coming out here this is the first time that terminal 2 has been open for ten years so a little confusion but i think people are adjusting just fine. >> i bet so. sounds nice. kiet do at sfo, thank you very much. the giants fan attacked outside dodger stadium showing new signs of improvement this morning. bryan stow's sister says he has not had any more seizures for a couple of days now. doctors are slowly lowering the sedation and hoping it will be out of the system by today. once that happens, his family homes he will wake up. stow has been in a medically- induced coma since he was severely beaten nearly two weeks ago. barry bonds' lawyers appealing the one guilty
6:34 am
verdict against him. and federal prosecutors are deciding now whether or not to try him again on three other counts. after a 12-day trial, the jury deliberated for nearly four full days. it found bonds guilty of a single charge of obstruction of justice. bonds' lawyers are appealing that. a mistrial was declared on three perjury charges about using steroids and human growth hormone and lying to a grand jury about it. jurors say they had trouble believing some of the witnesses, especially bonds' former mistress kimberly bell. we have coverage on our website including juror interviews and find analysis on our sports page. it's all at our website, anne makovec joins us live in san francisco with a story about pg&e. >> reporter: of course, everyone is concerned about pipeline safety these days all of us, the public utilities
6:35 am
commission, and pg&e. you can see the banner flying above its headquarters right now. but pg&e executives are warning now that there is a price to be paid for safety and that price could be paid in convenience when it comes to our gas supplies. after what happened in san bruno, the big explosion last september, state regulators have been considering a slew of new rules for pg&e's gas line. a few weeks ago you may remember the utility was ordered to produce records on all of its urban gas lines and records on roughly a third of those pipes are still missing. so the state is proposing pg&e reduce pressure on its older lines like the one that blew up in san bruno, specifically the lines that have records that are still missing. well, pg&e is warning now that a 20% cut in its so-called backbone pipes would cause a lot of inconveniences for customers including reducing the system's available gas by 67%, causing uncontrolled customer outages according to
6:36 am
pg&e. also, pilot light problems, limited gas storage options for the company, and possible blackouts of electricity because many power plants run on gas. now, pg&e has been very cooperative about some of the changes that the puc has proposed, things like installing those automatic shutoff valves and being more transparent when it comes to reporting problems it's had with pipelines but this is going to be a fine line. this pressure issue has come up several times. frank. >> okay. safety first, anne makovec live in san francisco, anne, thank you. 6:36. another look at traffic and weather for this thursday. lawrence starting off a little chilly but i am waiting for the sunshine. >> yes. you're not going to have to wait very long, sydnie. we have sunshine and some clouds moving overhead. mount vaca looking good, the sun just coming up. what a neat beginning to the day here. and i think it's going to be a fantastic sunset too with a couple of clouds out there. should be spectacular. get those cameras ready. we have clouds over the ridge of high pressure with the
6:37 am
weather settling down today. we had rainfall yesterday. not today. going to keep things dry. temperatures still cool, though, chilly in spots. you have 30s and 40s around the bay area right now. by the afternoon, we'll sneak in some sunshine. and temperatures heating up into the 60s well inland. 67 one. warmer spots in the napa valley. 65 in santa rosa. and 64 degrees in redwood city. all right. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. after that traffic alert in daly city was cancelled we are quiet across the bay area. we'll start off with a look at the south bay showing you northbound 880 traffic near highway 101 and everything is free-flowing this morning in either direction. in fact, all over the south bay we're still seeing top speeds. so no big delays at the guadalupe parkway coming out of downtown san jose. you can see traffic is still very light in those northbound lanes of 280 right by the highway 17 interchange. we take you out towards westbound 580, out of the altamont pass, just the usual brake lights from 205 to vasco
6:38 am
road. and we are seeing even red on our sensors now from antioch from about hillcrest out towards railroad. so we'll have more traffic coming up. in the meantime back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. 6:37 your time. this morning there is a new description of a suspect that sexually assaulted a student this past weekend. stanford police describe him as a 30-year-old asian indian, approximately 5'6", chubby build, wavy black hair. he was seen wearing bluejeans and a dark colored shirt. the assault happened around 9:30 saturday night in a student housing unit. the man believed to have snuck in through an unlocked door and assaulted the female graduate student while she slept. he fled when the victim began to fight him off. we are getting some gruesome new details this morning about the murder of a 16-year-old boy in san francisco. andy zeng was found shot to death in a gasoline-soaked room sunday. prosecutors say the suspects talked about sawing zeng's body in half to hide it. but they decided on burning it
6:39 am
instead. four teens were arrested but only two have been charged. a 15-year-old boy told police that the shooting happened accidentally while the teens were playing with a gun. he is being charged with murder and attempted arson. 18-year-old jimmy lei also pleaded not guilty to being an accessory to murder. joseph naso has hired a private defense attorney. the 77-year-old did not enter a plea during his arraignment yesterday. he is suspect of murdering four california women, two in the late 70s, two more in the early 90s. investigators say naso may also be connected to three murders in new york during the early '70s. we are going to break down the latest jobless numbers for you coming up. >> plus why some bay area residents could pay more for their water, coming up. >> another restaurant apologizing. what is it accidentally gave a toddler instead of orange juice. >> the market just opened a few minutes ago. let's take a check of the early numbers.
6:40 am
we have bad news across the board. red arrows heading south. coming up we'll have an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks as to why when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:41 am
6:42 am
but as k-c-b-s radio's matt bigler explains from san jose: one water district plans to
6:43 am
after a wet winter would you think water rates would go down, right? but as kcbs radio's matt bigler explains, from san jose, one water district plans to actually charge customers more. i guess we have heard this story before. >> reporter: when supply goings up, demand goes down and right now there is a huge supply of water. let's listen to my recent interview with the spokesman for the santa clara valley water district. >> we're at about as much water as we can keep in our local reservoirs, which for the end of the water, the rainy season, is actually where we want to be. >> reporter: now, that's good news for supplies but with customers using less water for things like watering the lawn, irrigation, there is less revenue to be made by the water companies and that's one of the reasons that the water district is proposing this rate increase. it's going to be about 9% a year for the next five years or nearly 60%.
6:44 am
so pretty steep. but there is another reason that water usage has declined. conservation. people are using less water because that's exactly what the water district has told them to do. and according to the palo alto daily news this morning, some local politician are pretty upset that in effect, their residents with being punished for conserving water which is exactly what they have been encouraged to do. the water district says there's another reason that -- for this rate increase. basically they have aging infrastructures and they have to pay for increased maintenance and repair of things like pipes and pumps. this rate increase still has to be voted on and that will happen on april 26 here in san jose. i'm matt bigler life in san jose for cbs 5 -- live in san jose for cbs 5. >> i guess the next best thing is dig a well in your backyard, huh, matt? >> reporter: sure. >> matt bigler kcbs radio in san jose. thank you. yeah. many places around the bay area running 120% of normal for this time year rainfall and, of
6:45 am
course, the sierra nevada 160% of normal. tremendous amounts this year. the sun coming up on a different day as we have a few clouds moving by. doesn't look like we'll see some rain but boy the clouds are making for a nice sunrise today should be a spectacular sunset toward the evening. out the door though right now it is chilly in spots. 30s and 40s all around the bay area with some partly cloudy skies. this afternoon, you are going to see a mix of sun and clouds temperatures going to be warming up a bit well into the 60s inland, a lot of 60s inside the bay cool at the coast. 50s and low 60s. so we have a ridge of high pressure here. but not a strong ridge. and it's rather flat so it's allowing a lot of the clouds to jump over the top of the ridge so that's what we're seeing today and occasionally we may see a couple of light showers in parts of the north bay as some of that moisture is going to run over the top of the ridge. not a lot but could bring a couple of sprinkles out there. nonetheless i think for today we stay dry as we head in toward the next few days more clouds moving in overhead. temperatures looking like this though. plan on 65 degrees today in morgan hill. should be 65 in santa clara. and 64 degrees in palo alto.
6:46 am
east bay numbers running up well into the 60s in many spots inland as high as 67 in brentwood, 66 in concord and 66 in walnut creek. north bay expecting cool temperatures out toward the coastline but numbers there mainly into the 50s. inland you will see temperatures popping up into the 60s. so as we head out over the next couple of days we are looking at partly cloudy skies and a couple of weak systems roll over the top of the ridge to bring clouds. temperatures will be warming up into the 70s especially inland. better chance of rain for everyone as we head in toward next monday. time for a traffic check with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going straight out towards the bay bridge toll plaza. this is what it looks like. we have a lot of cars right now trying to get through the pay gates. the metering lights have been on now since just before 6:30. so traffic is stacking up just beyond that first overcrossing you see in the distance. five, ten-minute wait to get you on the span. then sluggish from the incline to the "s" curve. the good news is all your approaches to the bay bridge so far problem-free all across the east bay. here's a live look coming down
6:47 am
the eastshore freeway. a snapshot just taken a couple of moments ago westbound 80 near ashby. quick ride all the way towards emeryville. other bridges looking good, as well. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. the drive time between hayward and foster city in the commute direction 13, 14 minutes. 880 so far, so good here as well as you pass the coliseum. in fact we are not dealing with any big hot spots now. we had that one earlier traffic alert in daly city which is cancelled so no delay anymore on southbound 280. so we are pretty good all across the bay area. as game tonight by the coliseum they take on detroit at 7:05 so extra congestion there later on this evening. for silicon valley commuters, westbound 237 so far, so good. typically around 7:00, we start to see a few brake lights there exiting milpitas but our sensors are still picking up top speeds all the way out towards zanker road and mass transit is off to a great start, as well. bart running more than 45
6:48 am
trains all on time. ace train number one and three all reporting no delay. and muni and caltrain also look good. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 106.9-fm. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the search begins today for bart's new general manager. dorothy dugger resigned yesterday after 19 years on the job. the move was expected since february when bart's board illegally voted to fire dugger without scheduling a public meeting. board later had to rescind that vote. dugger will be paid $958,000 in severance. unemployment lines across the country got a little longer last week. >> so how's the market responding? let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: less than enthusiastic economic reports this morning. wall street not happy. weekly jobless claims rose by 27,000 last week to 412,000. that's the highest level it's
6:49 am
been since middle of february. the four-week average was up 395,000. that's still in an area that suggests job growth but you don't want to see this go beyond 400,000 otherwise we'll be stagnating. we are continuing to see more price pressure. at least this time on wholesale prices. the producer price index rose .7%. mainly from higher gas costs. you strip out gas and food the core rate was up .3% but gas prices were up 5.7% last month and that's certainly something to be aware of as retailers try to pass on some of their cost increases but might struggle to do so if people have less distressingry money to spend. -- discretionary machine any to spend. google reports its earnings today. beyond the numbers it's going to be cofounder larry page's first earnings conference call since he took over the ceo duties from eric schmitt. and investors want to know
6:50 am
about the management structure at google including more emphasis on social network, video and mobile. the stock market is lower off those jobless claims numbers in particular dow off by 99 points. nasdaq down by 26. s&p right now is lower by 11. >> thank you, -- thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and thank you, jason. it's happened again. >> another tipsy toddler at a family restaurant. but this time, at an olive garden in lakeland, florida. you might remember last month in this particular case a 3- year-old was accidentally served sangria instead of orange juice. sangria a mix of oj, pineapple juice and white wine. the boy's mother said it took about 30 minutes to realize that something was wrong. >> he was acting up. he was misbehaving. his eyes were bloodshot. how can you be so disorganized
6:51 am
that alcoholic beverages could even get into a kid's cup that you wouldn't know the difference? >> that little boy was taken to the hospital but he checked out okay. the restaurant has since apologized. now, it's unclear if the mom plans to sue but she does have a lawyer now. that case was only made public after a 15-month-old in michigan was accidentally served a margarita mix at applebee's and now those parents do plan to suit restaurant. the suit claims emotional distress and seeks monetary damages for medical bills and noneconomic losses. that little boy had a blood alcohol content of .10. his family said that he suffered hangover symptoms for several days after the incident. it is 6:51 now. ebay is the internet's version of a 24/7-yard sale. but while your trash might be someone else's treasure, the auction site is offering a few tips to help maximize your sales. now, the first thing that's a must for everyone, a detailed description on the posting.
6:52 am
you need to list the item's condition, defects and all possible uses. remember to use a lot of pictures. take the time to interact with potential buyers and answer any emailed questions and thoroughly explain your return policy beforehand. >> i think i sold just about everything in my house on the east coast before i came here? >> on ebay. >> and craigslist. want ads are over and done with. >> a lot of people trying to get rid of their stuff downsizing. >> it's amazing what's out there. just stick it in and people gobble it up. >> somebody else think it's the greatest. 6:52. it looks more like a spa than an airport. >> an inside look at sfo's new terminal2. the features that may make you want to miss your flight actually. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
kiet do is there with a sneak peek at the luxury features. "..." the first flight schedule to land at sfo terminal 2. he is there with a sneak peek at all the luck luxury features. kiet do reports. >> reporter: the second flight now scheduled and on the tarmac at sfo getting ready to take off at 7:00 this morning. we have had a chance to walk
6:56 am
through the airport. it's nice inside. very spacious, very airy. new carpet, new paint, new fixtures and it feels more like a spa than an airport terminal. so sfo is touting in airport now as the airport of today and tomorrow. they say it's one of the greenest and most uniquely sustainable in the country lots of energy efficiency it's the country that's leed's gold registered. some of the design highlights include the nation's only food court featuring locally grown organic food. it's got a direct bart connection via the airtrain to make it easier to get here without a car. club-like seating which i tried. very nice. also a children's play area with lots of natural lighting. >> well, the lines are the same but yeah, no, it's comfortable.
6:57 am
it's good-looking. nice job. >> it's lighter, it has more lights so you're right. even at this early time it's barely 6:00, it has an openness feel to it. >> reporter: and they have this so-called recomposure area, which is just after the security area so you can grab your wallet and put your shoes back on supposed to reduce the stress and make it more pleasant to fly these days, which i'm all for. back to you. >> you know, most people when they get off a plane they are like caged animals, they just need to get out of there. thanks. 6:57. stanford police are releasing a new description of a suspect who sexually assaulted a students this weekend a 30-year- old asian indian 5'6", chubby build, wavy black hair. he was seen wear bluejeans and a dark colored shirt.
6:58 am
now the assault happened 9:30 saturday night in a student housing unit on comstock circle. he is believed to have snuck in through an unlocked door and assaulted a female graduate student while she slept. he fled when she fought him off. pg&e customers may be adversely affected if they go along with the orders to reduce pressure in gas pipeline. utility says that could lead to out angles, pilot light problems and other issues, as well. let talk about a bit of a cooling trend and the weather isn't bad, either. one cool cat, lawrence. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> worried about you. i love you, lawrence! >> go with it! yeah, we have a dirty ridge out there. >> really? >> okay. baggy props. >> a tad warmer. >> head to the isobars after the long days. [ laughter ] a mix of sun and clouds warming up into the 60s in most parts inland, cool at the coast
6:59 am
but next to days clouds moving in but otherwise good. chance of showers for the bay area on monday. a great picture for you from point lobos. >> one of the prettiest places in the world. let's get a check of that traffic with elizabeth. >> first want to let you know about construction in hercules if you are commuting. they are extending the carpool lane on eastbound 80. starting this morning at 7:00 and continuing through 4:30 this evening, one way traffic control will be in effect on the segment of willow avenue that runs beneath interstate 80 in hercules. also we understand the eastbound interstate 80 willow off-ramp will be closed during this time and that one way traffic control in effect tomorrow. same time. same place. all right. here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacked up just beyond the west grand overcrossing. so yeah, ten, 15 minutes to get


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