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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 16, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. deadly tornadoes. at least 13 people are dead, as twisters carve a path of destruction through eight southern states. oklahoma and arkansas are hardest hit, as hundreds of homes are destroyed, and thousands are left without power. wildfires. firefighters battle blazes sweeping across hundreds of thousands of acres in texas. one firefighter is killed, hundreds are forced to evacuate. and no signs yet that the fires are under control. and the princess bride. with only 13 days until the royal wedding, we'll take you to kate middleton's hometown for a look at prince william's
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fiancee. the young lady who will soon be wearing the glass slipper. all that and more "early" this saturday morning, april 16th, all that and more "early" this saturday morning, april 16th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs sin central park on a spring day. welcome to "the early show." >> a calm looking central park versus other parts of the nation which are facing some very extreme weather. >> parts of the deep south are coming to grips with the massive destruction left in the wake of some violent weather. tornadoes were reported in eight states. and this morning the death toll has climbed to at least 13. cbs news correspondent don teague is in hard-hit clinton, mississippi, with the latest. don, good morning. >> good morning, russ. we're now into the third day of this terrible tornado outbreak. as you mentioned there were more tornadoes overnight in alabama, and the death toll has risen, as well. even as mississippi begins to clean up.
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nature was unleashed here in mississippi friday as a tornado ripped down power lines. as it cut a deadly path of destruction through the countryside. residents heeding early warnings. >> they told us to take cover and i went in the bathroom and shut the door and it fell on my head. >> reporter: this was just one of some 30 tornados spotted in eight states. in push ka, oklahoma, the elementary, middle and high schools were all flattened as three tornadoes ripped through town thursday evening. tragedy struck in little rock, arkansas, when high winds toppled a massive tree there, killing a mother and her 8-year-old son as they slept inside their house. in all, seven people were killed in arkansas, as a result of the violent weather. on average, april sees 163 tornadoes. but this april is only half over and we've already had nearly 160 tornadoes. and an unusually high death toll. >> this year, it's so deadly because the tornadoes are developing in very populated
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areas. >> reporter: the cause of the tornadoes, cold, dry air pushing east from the midwest, colliding with arm, moist air from the gulf of mexico. as the thunderstorms and tornadoes pass, residents are coming out to survey the damages and pray for miracles. one oklahoma family's prayers were answered. they found their pet dog named miracle. alive. buried under a pile of debris. well, the danger isn't over. the storm threat and the tornado threat continues today, as that storm system continues moving slowly east. russ? >> don teague in clinton, mississippi, we will see you later in the broadcast. rebecca? >> russ, thank you. reed timor has been chasing severe storms for 15 years. he's part of storm chasers for the discovery channel and he's also in clinton, mississippi, this morning. great to have you with us, reid. you captured some incredible images from these storms. how long were you chasing it? >> well, we actually chased it in oklahoma the day before and
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then drove all night to get down here. we were tracking that particular storm since the mississippi river and streaming live video to our website to help with the warning process and saw the first tornado touch down just on the west side of clinton, and we were probably about 200 yards from it and you could see the violent motion, power flashes. and it was a really strong, large tornado, for sure. >> just 200 yards away from it. how do you stay safe as you're going after storms like this? >> well, normally we have armored vehicles that are designed to drive into tornadoes and record measurements. but those aren't going to be ready for another week so we were just in a regular vehicle. we were monitoring the storm motion and saw the tornado was going to pass just to our south and felt that we were at a safe distance to cover that tornado. >> so 200 yards in your view is a safe distance. i'm wondering what other people might think about that. but in terms of what you actually captured, what you saw, what kinds of destruction did you see along the storm's trail. >> well, we saw some structures
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destroyed, and we couldn't get into the heart of the damage path because of downed power lines. we had our medic with us, and we went through some of the damage path and tried to find some injuries. but thankfully, we didn't see any and didn't see too bad of structural damage at least where we were further east. later on we saw another tornado near sunset that had much more substantial damage. >> you've chased storms for many years now, when it comes to this storm versus previous ones you've seen, how does it compare? >> this severe weather outbreak was one of the largest i've ever chased in my ebb tire career as a storm chaser. the number of storms was substantial. i think we were chasing at least six or eight different tornadic supercells, and the environment was so perfect over such a large area, the conditions were setting the stage for historic outbreak. >> when you look at where the storm is heading next, what does the visual element show you for that?
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>> well, i think today could happen in north carolina, south carolina. conditions could be coming together for tornadoes. then we'll have a few days off, then it looks like monday and tuesday of next week could be active once again from the southern plains east to the lower mississippi river valley.l >> you know, near the top of this interview you mentioned that you stay 200 yards away. i'm just curious to know what are some of the safety tactics that you employ when chasing storms to guarantee your own security. >> well, one thing people should realize is that if you don't know what you're doing storm chasing, it can be extremely dangerous. tornadoes can be deadly. they're really powerful. and we've been doing it for years. and knew that tornado was going to pass just to our south. normally we do have that added protection with the armored vehicles but those won't be ready for another week when our research is ready to go. >> reid we appreciate you being with us this morning. stay safe. now here's russ. >> okay, rebecca. let's turn to the wildfires sweeping across texas which have turned deadly. a volunteer firefighter was
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killed friday west of dallas. the fire is fueled by strong winds and dry conditions. they've burned more than 400,000 acres and more than 100 homes have been destroyed. hundreds of residents have been evacuated. jason allen of our dallas-ft. worth station ktvt has more. >> reporter: fire turned trees into torches friday, and the pique west fire easily doubled in size in a matter of hours. fire that had it easy already with bone-dry gas was fueled by gusty winds, and when it was gone, it left behind smoldering buildings, ash-colored trucks, and a gray landscape. >> it's tough because you don't know exactly, you know, fire is going to go one way or another way. >> reporter: in the crowded gateway inn in graham, julie was sharing a room with her friend holly. they evacuated their homes near possum kingdom lake late thursday, bringing their young sons and pets, but leaving some family members behind to protect their property. >> it's still scary thinking that it's going to get our home, everything we have and own is in
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there. >> reporter: with the wind blowing up to 60 miles per hour, you'd think the fire would be predictable. but it's not here. with the wind blocked by a tree line the fire is actually moving up, against the wind. roadblocks have kept residents from knowing for certain if their homes are among the more than 30 destroyed already. fire officials said 275 people have been evacuated but more are leaving as the fire continues to spread east. >> they're now checking everything out and watching the fire. it was probably about 1,000 yards from the back door. >> reporter: jason allen, cbs news, new graham, texas. it is eight past the hour. here's rebecca. >> russ, thank you. turning now to politics. congress finally passed the deal to fund the government for the rest of this year. and then they immediately launched into a heated debate over the budget for next year. cbs news chief white house correspondent chip reid is at the white house. >> good morning, rebecca. with tax day just two days away, tea party activists across the country are staging rallies. and here in washington, members of congress affiliated with the
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tea party are rallying behind the budget plan of congressman paul ryan. all but four republicans voted for congressman ryan's budget proposal friday as republicans said they were leading when president obama was not. >> we saved medicare, prevented bankruptcy, and what does the other side do? they sit by and watch the program go bankrupt. >> reporter: but the democrats, the plan provides an irresistible political target. >> i ask you, what kind of a country are we that a majority, the new republican majority, would throw america's seniors under the bus? >> reporter: the fiscal policy debate is playing out not just in washington, but around the country. with tax day on monday, the tea party is flexing its political muscles. most recently in the budget negotiations between president obama and speaker john boehner. and potential gop presidential candidates are getting on board. courting grassroots activists -- >> and thanks for being modern-day paul reveres,
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patriots who are sounding the alarm and sending the message across this state, and the entire united states of america, that we're here to take back our country. >> reporter: and attacking the president. >> the president offered nothing in the way of fiscal solvency or passed an kind of sustainable path to government in his budget. >> reporter: tea party groups, with their focus on lower taxes and massive cuts in government spending, will hold more tax day rallies over the next few days. former alaska governor sarah palin will attend a rally later today in madison, wisconsin. donald trump, the new media darling of the gop field, will be at a similar event in boca raton, florida. and on monday, congresswoman michele bachmann will speak at a rally in the early primary state of south carolina. now after last year's elections a lot of pundits here in washington predicted that the power of the tea party would fade. well, rebecca, it appears they were mistaken. >> the president this week is going to be spending really the week promoting his proposal for
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the budget. and there's some sense that perhaps he's going to have to come around and go a little bit farther on cuts in order to get republican support on an ultimate budget for next year. >> well, that's right. in an interview with the associated press yesterday, the president went as far as he's gone so far in saying that in order to get the debt limit raised, in order to get republicans to volt on that, for that, he's going to have to give in to republicans, and advocate more spending cuts. he said all along it can't be a deal. you've got to do the debt limit and then get a deal. it sounded yesterday like he's inching toward tying the two together. if the debt limit goes up there are going to be more and more spending cuts. >> chip reid at the white house, thanks so much. >> joining us now is the chief political columnist for "newsweek" and the daily beast. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> when we look at the budget vote does that tell us anything at all about the tea party's influence or lack thereof in congress? >> well, it does. it shows the republican party really is fractured. speaker john boehner is trying
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to get a deal through. but there's some more radical republicans would rather have no deal if it doesn't correspondent to their all or nothing goals. that's a fundamental fault line. there's an opportunity to bring down the deficit and the debt. but if they're willing to shut down the government or not vote on the debt ceiling, that's going to create a major back lash among independent voters. >> john boehner was not able to get any tea party votes in his compromise. does he have to change the way he does business? >> it's always herding cats. this is a pretty contentious grup of cats john boehner's trying to deal with. he's stuck in his conference. he's got a delicate balancing act to do. he needs to be the responsible republican in the room. but there are some folks on the far right who believe in a more all or nothing approach to negotiation. if you believe politics is the art of compromise, that takes it off the rail. >> let's talk about the tea party rallies? what's the goal, if you're sarah palin, tim pawlenty, michele bachmann, what do you hope to get out of this? >> it's play to the base politics. this is trying to harness the tea party and translate it into
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a 2012 victory. when the fringe blurs with the base some candidates find out they end up pandering to the fringe instead of solidifying the base. you've got folks like paul ryan who put forward a serious economic plan in congress but folks like michele bachmann who claims to represent the tea party but really represents a totally different ethos in approach to american politics. >> you touched on this earlier, how big is a gap between the mainstream republican party and groups like the tea party? >> to the extent of fiscal responsibility there's a lot of overlap. for some folks who embrace a more all or nothing politics, who engage in obama derangement syndrome, that doesn't represent the republican party and could create problems going into a 2012 general election. it's a pretty significant gap. tea party disapproval ratings are as high as democrat and the republican party. >> when we look at 2012, how influential will the tea party be? >> very influential in the republican nomination process.
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but they could actually be a problem in helping that republican nominee translate and convert their votes to the general election. and that's at the end of the day what it's all about. >> let's talk about donald trump. i saw one poll yesterday that saw him actually on top of all the republican candidates. interesting guy. is this the real deal or publicity stunt? donald trump a master at manipulating the media. >> this has all the heraldly of a stunt. but it does show the faustian bargain the republican party has made. this is largely about name idea. but the fact that he's gotten a boost by embracing this conspiracy theory, the birther conspiracy theory is really troubling and should keep responsible republicans awake at night. because they have made a faustian bargain here. and if candidates can throw a long ball and play the lowest common denominator in american politics and be rewarded in the short run that creates a long-term problem for the republican party and a long-term problem for the american people. we need to recognize that when a guy starts supporting a thoroughly discredited conspiracy theory, they're not
5:15 am
just having an orthodox opinion they're lying to american people on television. >> does it say anything to you that donald trump has said he will announce his intentions on the finale of his reality show on another network? >> yeah. >> anything at all to you? >> yeah, this smacks of a publicity stunt. american politics deserves to be taken a little more seriously. >> as always, we appreciate it. it is time now for the rest of this morning's headlines. for that let's go to "morning news" anchor betty nguyen at the news desk. >> i'm close by. good morning, everybody. a massachusetts woman who withheld potentially life-saving drugs from her cancer-stricken son was sentenced to prison for attempted murder. as kate merrill of cbs station wbz in boston reports, the mother's apology was not enough to sway the judge. >> i am remorseful for my actions and i wish i could have done things differently. >> reporter: thierry eyed and remorseful, kristen begged a salem massachusetts judge for leniency in the death of her son. >> i certainly miss my son every day.
5:16 am
and i think about him every day and i wish he could be with me and my family. >> reporter: the 38-year-old single mother was convicted earlier this week of attempted murder in the death of her 9-year-old son jeremy frazier. prosecutors argued that labrie with held life-saving cancer medications from her autistic son who was suffering from a curable lymphoma. the judge was not moved. >> she intentionally subverted jeremy's chances by not following up with a critically important at-home medication. at the end of the day, ms. labrie's actions were extended, secretive, and calculated. they were acts that really do chill one's soul. >> reporter: her sister said the sentence is too harsh. >> i'm going to miss her but i'm going to be there for her and i'll make sure that she knows we still love her. >> reporter: after the sentencing, she was taken away
5:17 am
in handcuffs to begin a ten-year prison sentence. kate merrill, cbs news, salem, massachusetts. in libya, it is day three of heavy attacks on the besieged city of misrata. it's the only major rebel-held city in the western part of the country. amateur video posted to a social network site shows what is said to be smoke from the bombardment of misrata by pro-gadhafi forces. a rebel spokesman says more than 100 rockets landed in the city friday, and government forces have reached the center of that city. a 5.8 aftershock jolted northern japan this morning. there are no reports of damages or injuries. this is the latest in a series of aftershocks, as it comes as japan ordered nuclear plant operators to beef up earthquake preparedness. 13 nuclear plants have been ordered to check and improve outside power links to avoid any more earthquake-related outages. a midair collision between two sky differs at an airport in paris, california, has killed one person and critically
5:18 am
injured another. the accident comes just two weeks after two jumpers were killed at the same location. a memorial jump for those sky divers will be held today. and finally, a member of the cbs news family gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame. cbs sunday morning correspondent bill geist was honored friday for his emmy award winning brand of story telling. in more than 20 years he has also brought his one of a kind stories to "60 minutes" and "48 hours." you can hear bill tell this store very tomorrow on "sunday morning" right here at 9:00 a.m. congratulations to bill. next, russ, maybe you and rebecca will get your star. i don't know. >> oh, yeah. >> holding out hope. >> something like that. >> congratulations to bill. >> bill is ingredible. >> 18 after the hour. >> and now we're going to go to lonnie quinn for a check of the weather in the rest of the country. >> let's get right to it. here's what we see out there, really just a couple of big stories i want to touch upon
5:19 am
both of them. one would be the tornadoes, the other one would be the wild fires. first to the tornado. in terms of the hot spot today i want to really focus in on the carolinas. but the threat for severe weather is going to extend all the way from virginia down to portions of florida. and if you take a look at what this storm system looks like, as of right now, and remember, we haven't even gotten to the heating of the day. you can already see the radar picture, showing a lot of bright colors, showing the activity heating up. it is pushing to the east. again it looks like the hot spot will end up being the carolinas today. on the back side of all this, look at texas. we do not see a drop of rain. of course with the wildfires out there, we could use the rain. we will not be getting it. at least not in the foreseen future. it remains dry, gusty winds. that's a bad combination. dry air, gusty winds, the wildfire threat continues. again, those are two portions of the country dealing with some very severe weather. but again, i've got to emphasize, it looks to be the carolinas today, where you could see another outbreak, possibly, of tornadoes. we will keep a very close eye on this situation as it progresses to the east.
5:20 am
that's a quick look at the national picture. >> all right, everybody, you make it a great day wherever you are. you know with all the weather to talk about i didn't even mention that outside of fargo they picked up 11 inches of snow last night. >> oh, my goodness. >> and it's the middle of april. >> there you have it. >> all right, lonnie. if you collect stamps you just may want to get the one with the statue of liberty on it. >> turns out the post office made a huge mistake when they printed it. and cbs news correspondent ben tracy has the details. >> reporter: for more than 125 years, the statue of liberty has towered over new york's harbor. welcoming those huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
5:21 am
so it's fitting she would get a stamp of approval from the post office. but what are the odds they'd pick the wrong one? >> it's funny, though. it's like a parody. how can they mess that up? ♪ luck be a lady tonight >> reporter: across the country in that city where nothing is what it seems, lady liberty is lady luck. towering over the new york new york casino on the las vegas strip. we wanted to see if people could tell the difference. >> ding, ding, ding, i'm wrong, wrong, wrong! >> reporter: turns out this fake even faked out the u.s. government. it used a photo of the vegas version on the stamp, thinking it was the iconic original. >> she's got lips and she's got nice arched eyebrows. she's got eyes that are deepened. yeah. >> people aren't going to really notice. >> reporter: oh, but a stamp collector did. too bad the post office was already stuck with 3 billion statue stamps. it is now re-examining processes to prevent this situation from happening in the future. >> as long as it's the statue of
5:22 am
liberty, it stands for something. >> reporter: in fact like all stamps these days, this one will stand forever. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> how did that happen? >> i was going to say, what are the chances that something like this happens? but you go to vegas and you kind of see it. >> you kind of see it, that's true. you go to paris -- >> exactly. >> the pyramids. >> exactly. they have it all in vegas. >> ancient rome, as well. >> and all you can eat buffets. don't forget. >> that is true. that is true. >> coming up we are going to take a look at taxes. because, of course, it's just two days away until you have to actually deal with this. if you haven't already. but a lot of us, as we approach this tax time, we think, okay, i'm going to do it differently next year and i'm going to do it better. guess what? we're going to show you how you can think about it right now, make sure to learn from this year's mistakes, make sure you get a bigger, better return next year. >> also expirations. the expiration date, when to know when that milk or meat or cheese in your refrigerator is probably time to toss out. >> not just the smell test.
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disturbing story coming up. there is a frantic search under way in tennessee for a 20-year-old woman. she was taken from her home. gone missing since wednesday morning. now officials say that a man wearing camouflage may have abducted holly bobo yesterday afternoon, taken her into the woods. the issue right now is that a number of stories here are changing so we have her brother coming out and saying she was dragged, and then changing his mind, saying officially that she actually may have gone on her own volition or walked off into the woods. they're also finding pieces of evidence and clues around her home. >> a lot of contradictions. coming up we're going to talk with a criminologist about this case. larry kobilinsky here in new york city. you've seen him on tv many times. he's going to talk about who committed this crime and the latest on the investigation. it is saturday morning and you are watching "the early show" on cbs.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@3q there she is! hey, i got a leak! yoo hoo! your husband left the seat up again! oh, wait a minute! come on, now. come back! um, miss? up here! right.
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you know how -- i'm sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt you. you know how they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas. not so much when it comes to a stamp. >> exactly. >> what do you gries think of that? so they used the replica of the statue of liberty for the stamp. what do you think about that? >> why would you do that when you have the real thing? you have so many pictures of it. >> there's no point in doing that. no excuse for that. >> okay, fine, in the past they've done, you know, state flowers and state birds and they don't always use a picture of the bird, sometimes they use a painting of the bird. >> you think this is okay? >> you don't think it's a big deal. >> i certainly wouldn't go back to reprint all the stamps. >> would you take a picture of the eiffel tower in las vegas,
5:28 am
in front of the paris hotel and tell your pals, i'm actually in paris, guys. >> do you frame it and put it up in your house. >> no, i would not do that. i'd tell my pals that i was in paris. >> it's not the same thing, exactly. >> it's like the little gnome who shows up everywhere. you go to vegas and you go everywhere. >> do you know how they found out? i guess somebody noticed that the -- hey look, there's a little something wrong with the hair and the eyebrows. there's not enough little details that we have on the actual statue of liberty and sure enough. >> because people have actually been to the real one, that's why. >> imagine that! >> betty, you were just at the real one last week. >> i was there last week. no, mind you, her back was turned to me, but still. >> you can tell a fake. >> yes. >> i love vegas. i don't know about you guys. >> it's a fun city. >> for a few days at a time, though. after that, i'm dead tired. >> the thing, you go to the casinos, supposedly they pump oxygen into the casinos. >> no windows and no clocks.
5:29 am
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hidden dirt can build up. for flawless results, use finish dishwasher cleaner to remove grease and limescale. and a cleaner dishwasher means amazing dishes. finish. the diamond standard. kind of sad-looking city this morning. >> look, there's a statue of liberty. that's the r50e7 one. >> the real one. nothing beats the real thing. welcome to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> and i'm russ mitchell. taxes are due on monday. hopefully this is not the first time. so now is the perfect time to get a head start on next year to make sure you don't make the same mistakes twice and guarantee yourself an even better return. >> good call. also we're going to answer that age-old question, how long after the expiration date is food still safe to eat? we're going to do it without the smell test, guys. and did you know, certain
5:31 am
products like milk, they can actually last longer, depending on where you put them in the refrigerator. >> i did not know that. >> we're going to tell you where to put them for the longest-lasting life. first we want to turn to a more serious story, a developing story with new clues having been found in the case of a missing nursing student in tennessee. police say they believe that she feared for her life as she disappeared into the woods, and betty nguyen has the story. >> good morning, rebecca. searchers have found some items belonging to holly bobo, but there is still no sign of her. as the search for holly bobo enters day four, new details are emerging about the 20-year-old nursing student's sudden disappearance. bobo was last seen wednesday morning by her brother outside the family's home. investigators initially said clint bobo saw the back of an unidentified man dragging his sister towards the woods as she was leaving for class. now they say, someone walked her away, and that her brother called 911 after spotting blood outside the house.
5:32 am
>> the description that we have of him, he was dressed in full camouflage clothing, approximately 5'10" to 6 foot tall, and from 180 to 200 pounds. >> reporter: on thursday, an army of 400 volunteers and local law enforcement officials combed through the nearby woods. >> we're looking for anything that might belong to a female, she was a college student, so she had college books, contents of a purse, cell phone, that type item. >> reporter: investigators say those searchers have turned up some of bobo's belongings, including a lunch box. bobo's disappearance has shaken the tight-knit rural community about two hours northeast of memphis. a $25,000 reward is being offered for any information relating to the case. >> it might have been somebody close, somebody that kind of knew her routine, or when i left, when she left, and when my daughter left to go to school. >> reporter: her parents just want her home, at all costs.
5:33 am
>> thank you. >> i just want her back. >> thank you. >> holly's father says the person who took his daughter may very well have been someone who knew her routine. rebecca? >> betty, thank you. and joining us now is dr. lawrence kobilinsky, a crime scene analyst and professor at the john jay college of criminal justice here in new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> this whole story has had some conflicting reports already coming out of it. last night they found a lunch box believed to be holly's. what might that evidence lead them to? >> well, i think that's important. because now we have a vector, that is a directionality. she was abducted from the home. they find the lunch box. they know that either the suspect or the suspect and the victim were headed in a direction. so now they can focus their search around that box, that area. >> we originally were told that her brother told police that she was pulled from the home, dragged into the woods by a man
5:34 am
in camouflage. but now it sounds more like she was forced into the woods, forced to walk by her own. is that change in story an indicator of anything, do you believe? >> at first when i heard that, i absolutely, i thought that that -- the red flags went up. you just, if you're an eyewitness, you're the last person to see the victim, now your story changes from dragging to walking. it raises some questions. but on the other hand, there's a lot of misinformation out there, and it could have been an internet rumor. i just don't know. i think the pbi, the state police, are now saying she walked out with the perpetrator. >> mm-hmm. as belty just reported, holly's father seems to think this could be someone close to her, someone who knows her routine. what are the chances of that? >> well, i think that's rather high. because, clearly, whoever did this waited until the father had left the house, as well as the mother. so, it's quite possible that he
5:35 am
knew this -- whoever did this, now that she would come out of the house on her way to school at a certain time. he was waiting for her. >> so is it safe to say, then, that police are likely looking at family members as suspects? >> well, i think police are looking at everybody. they're looking at school mates, they're looking at friends, they're actually, they're doing everything they can to generate information. because there's so little known about this abduction. >> who should they be interviewing right now? >> well, not so much who as what. i think they need to look at her cell phone, her -- her computer, to see who she communicated with. i think they need to find out from her friends if there was anything unusual that happened in recent time. threats or something of that sort. i think the investigation is wide open. the most important thing right now is a thorough search. >> and speaking of that search, they are focusing it on a four-mile wide area about six miles from where holly went missing. what does that tell you? >> well, i think they believe
5:36 am
that they're on foot. they're not in a vehicle, driving to another state. and the likelihood is high that that's the area that they will find them in. i must say that because so much time has elapsed. the longer that time interval lasts, the last likely they will have a successful return of holly. >> and when you say successful return of holly? >> i'm hoping that they find her alive. but as time goes on that's less and less likely. >> dr. lawrence kobilinsky, we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> pleasure. >> now here's lonnie with another check of the weather. >> all right, rebecca, thanks very much. i want to get right to it. i want to set the stage for what happened yesterday with all the tornadoes that broke out in the country. we get a big clash of warm and cold you have problems out there. yesterday, north dakota, clearly had the cold. picked up, in fact, 11 inches of snow. arizona, the heat. temperatures maxed out in the mid 90s yesterday. i'm telling you, this is just a bad combination. when you get all that warm, moist air clashing with the cold air, yep, you get severe weather
5:37 am
outbreaks and today we keep our folk otherwise on the carolinas. that should end up being the bull's-eye. you've got to be on alert in that area. the big picture is going to show you. the storms stretch, in fact from the great lakes all the way to the gulf of mexico. so even if you're north of, say virginia, which is still in that severe weather risk, you still have to be on alert here because look at this. i'm talking from maryland all the way up to maine, flood watches, wind alerts in effect. that's all the way through very early sunday. going to be a tough day for the east coast today. that's a quick look at the national picture. >> all right, of. russ over to you. >> thank you so much. up next, two days until tax day. the perfect time to start
5:38 am
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yikes. there's only two days until tax day. it is the perfect time to start thinking about next year, however, and how to guarantee you get an even better return. joining us now with some important tax tips is editor in chief of good morning, eric. >> good morning, russ. >> generally do people make the same mistakes every year fl >> oh, yes. this is a complicated process. but there are fixes that can save you some money. >> the first mistake you say people make is filing on paper. something folks have done since the beginning of income tax returns. >> this is a mistake because it can lead to errors that can cost you some real money. now, most of the people who file on taxes will not know a lot about the tax -- file on paper will miss deductions, they'll overpay. so, if you file electronically you don't run into those problems. >> and there are things in these software systems that will collect the problems? >> the people who create tax
5:42 am
software know all about the tax code. so they're going to guide you to deductions you might not even know you had. plus if you file electronically you're going to get your refund in days, not weeks. >> most people do file electronically. >> about two-thirds. >> you talk about a refund. you say this is a mistake. depends on what side of the fence you're on. one mistake people make is getting too big of a refund. >> feels like a great big gift from uncle sam. but it's the other way around. when you think about it the average tax refund is $3,000. now think about that. that means that $100 in unnecessary tax withholding comes out of every average taxpayer's paycheck. that's $100 you could have been saving for the future. spending on your family. and instead it became a tax-free loan to the irs. >> the way to solve this is start right now looking at the exemptions you can put >> exactly. go to your hr department next week, and ask for form w-4. follow the instructions, fill it out, and increase the withholding allowances. that will put your money in your paycheck for the rest of the year. >> i can see my dad, god rest his soul, saying that's a
5:43 am
high-class problem to have. i hear what you're saying. you say being organized helps at tax time. a lot of stress, and can help you get a better return. >> well, you know, the average do it yourself tax return preparer spends between 8 and 27 hours doing tax preparation. so if you're disorganized, that's just more time you spend as an unpaid laborer for the irs. police, if you can't find tax receipts, or tax forms, you're likely to miss deductions or underreport income to the irs, and the irs doesn't like that. >> you've got a handy dandy folder here. >> it just so happens to be the organizer i use for my taxes. it's a simple accordion file, $9 from staples. i organize it by putting income in the front, and slots in the fronts, and deductions in the back and throw receipts in over the course of the year as they come in. under income, pay stubs. bank statements, brokerage statements. and under deductions, any receipts from charitable contributions, taxes for real estate or income taxes, state,
5:44 am
and mortgage interest deductions. things like that. >> and that's the trick, doing it all year long because this stuff can get by you pretty quickly. >> that's right. when tax time comes around again, i've got everything in one place. >> let's talk about retirement accounts. a lot of folks don't max out their 401(k)s. >> if you fail to max out your 401(k) or i.r.a. you're missing the biggest way to save on taxes and save for retirement. if you're in the 25% tax bracket, every dollar you don't put into a 401(k) or an i.r.a. adds 25 cents to your tax bill. >> and we talk about this in the meeting this morning. a lot of people have the misconception they cannot change their contributions throughout the year. that's not correct, right? >> most firms will let you join a 401(k) whenever the spirit moves you. and of course any brokerage firm or bank or mutual fund company will happily take your i.r.a. money any time of year. >> i talked to some people who work for fairly large companies and didn't know they had 401(k) programs in their companies. >> hr department will be the first source of income. benefits, administrators will
5:45 am
love to fill you in on the information. it's not going to be hard to find. >> okay. eric, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> big refund, bad. i'll remember that. for more tax tipsip this year a next you can go to our sister web site, here's rebecca. >> make no mistake, russ, i'm smell testing this milk. coming up next, expiration dates. that milk has been in your fridge forever. is it still safe to drink it? what about the dates on your other food. are they simply estimates or are they the real deal? we're going to take a look right here on "the early show" on cbs. you're getting calls from his teacher he's impulsive in class. and his inattention makes focusing on homework tough. i know how it is because my son has adhd too. i didn't know all i could do to help manage his adhd. our doctor suggested a treatment plan with non-stimulant intuniv. [ male announcer ] once daily non-stimulant intuniv has been shown to reduce adhd symptoms.
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in this morning's "healthwatch," expiration date. how long is food safe to eat before its sell-by date has passed. here are some advice is dietitian tanya zuckerbrott. this becomes the age-old question what are all these dates, what do they mean? >> there are three different kind of dates for consumers to look for. the first one is called a
5:49 am
sell-by date. then there's a use-by date. and there's an expiration date. now the sell-by date is the date that's recommended for the stores to keep an item on the shelf where they could be selling it. the use-by date is for the actual consumer. and that's got to do with freshness, flavor and texture. not a safety issue as much as a quality issue. and then the expiration date means just what it means. if you haven't eaten it by the expiration date, toss it. >> throw it away. okay, dad, because my dad used to make me eat yogurt after the expiration date. anyway, this is your milk. your dairy product. >> yes. >> what are the important things to know about dairy products? >> dairy products have a sell by date. so it's the recommended date that should be sold. but once you get past that date, it's still safe to eat. for milk, you can drink milk five to seven days after its sell-by date. interestingly enough skim milk has a longer shelf life than whole milk because the fats in the whole milk tend to go rancid
5:50 am
sooner. but to get the most out of your milk you want to keep it in the back of the refrigerator. and for all dairy make sure your refrigerator is add least 40 degrees fahrenheit or less. eggs, three to five weeks it's still safe to eat. >> look at the sell-by dates as well as expiration dates. when it comes to meat, i'd like to say my dad's off the hook. what do you need to know about meat? >> when it comes to meat, there's also a sell-by date. for chicken and poultry, one to two days after the sell-by date. after that, put it in the freezer. for meat, three to five days. after that, put it in the freezer. once it's in the freezer it's safe to eat for seven to nine months. wrap it properly so it doesn't get freezer burn. freezer burn is not a health concern, that's a quality and taste concern. >> good to know. when you get home if you don't think you're going to eat it, put it in the freezer you've got seven to nine months to keep it. how about baked goods?
5:51 am
>> baked goods and snack goods. when it comes to bread, bread is a fresh bread, freshly baked bread straight from the grocery is going to have a shorter self-life than these processed breads. and that's because they have preservati preservatives. to get the most out of your breads keep them in a bag so that moisture can't get in. and bread lasts around five to seven days but you can double the shelf life if you keep it in the refrigerator. i always wondered why some people put their bread in the refrigerato refrigerator, it lasts twice as long. pretzels last around two months but popcorn has a longer shelf life. one to two years. >> who thought! all right, here's the canned good dilemma. what about these? >> the canned goods, out of all the groups, are the only ones with the actual expiration date. so far we've dealt with sell-by dates and use-by dates. these have an expiration dates. people think if it's a can you can keep it for 20 years. low acid canned goods such as peas and carrots, those have a longer shelf life, probably two to three years.
5:52 am
and highers asid foods like tomato sauce, it's typically one to two years. but if a can is dented or bulging, dump it even if it's before the expiration date because it can contain a foodborne illness. dump the dented bulging cans. >> once you open the can and put it in the refrigerator outside of a can how long does it last? >> one to two weeks. >> i always wonder that with tomato sauce. liquids. >> okay. so liquids has different expiration or use by dates but once again this is not a health concern as much as a quality concern. water can last up to two years. two years. there's no nutrients in water so foodborne illnesses can't contaminate it. soda, not a health issue but a quality issue or the color or the taste can lessen. so for soda, it is considered six to nine months. and beer, shorter shelf life, four months. >> shorter. okay. good to know. tanya, as always, we love having you with us. >> thank you. >> good information. and for more -- make sure how
5:53 am
your food is safe to eat, go to our partner in health,, and search food expiration. and later, from commoner to princess bride. we're going to take a look at where kate middleton grew up, and what her town is doing to celebrate her very royal wedding. this is "the early show" on cbs. "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by novolog flex pen. ask yo part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin. i don't need to carry a cooler with flexpen. novolog is a fast-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes. do not inject novolog if you do not plan to eat within 5 to 10 minutes after injection to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing purina one beyond, a new food for your cat or dog. in just 13 days kate middleton transforms from commoner to princess bride. looking at a live shot of the village where she grew up called buckleberry. kind of upper middle class about 50 miles north of london. we're going to take a visit there and see how people are feeling about their hometown girl who in just a few short days will slip on that glass slipper. >> pretty cool stuff. plus some of them are even
5:57 am
invited to the royal affair. we'll tell you all about it coming up in a bit. love that music. love the name of that town, buckleberry. >> buckleberry. >> huckleberry finn. >> are you guys pumped up? you really into this royal wedding? >> i think it's cool. it is really a cinderella story, right? >> yeah. >> lonnie, you've been dreaming about a wedding like this for years. >> leerz what i love about it. it's a worldwide event everybody seems to be coming to the on that's not a catastrophe. >> that's right. it's good news. >> it's a wonderful thing. >> am i tracking it at home, like the days? i don't have it marked on my calendar. >> not that he'll admit to it. >> don't want to admit to it. >> but it's a great thing. >> you'll be watching, no doubt,
5:58 am
right? i mean it seems like almost everyone's going to be watching. >> i do remember that my mom woke us up when we were kids for the princess di wedding, which was so early in the morning here for us. >> right. >> i don't know if i'll be setting the alarm. >> maybe the dvr. >> these things are cool to see. you talk about the princess di wedding. the pageantry is impressive. not something we have in this country. but it is early in the morning. like 6:00 our time? >> it is. one of the things i think is unique about this. this kind of came up with princess di, is that kate, as well as wills, they obviously wills has come from a royal family. >> wills. >> but they've done this -- please, i'm down with the lingo, okay. but, honestly, they've come and they've made themselves very approachable and human throughout this process. and i think that that's something that a lot of people can relate to from just a perspective of they've put themselves out there in the community a little bit. >> did you know there's a postage stamp with them. >> it's the funniest thing. >> we did this story. >> actually, it's got william,
5:59 am
wills, on one side, kate on the other side. can you split them down the middle. you can split up the couple with the stamp. ,,,, dinner's ready! it's french's crunchy onion chicken! (announcer) for a quick and easy dinner crush french fried onions. dip chicken in egg. coat with onion crumbs and bake.
6:00 am
when dinner's made with french's french fried onions, everyone's happy. french's. happy starts here. look for it in the canned vegetable aisle. you can barely see the sun there in new york city. but you can feel it. >> it's somewhere. the ball parks are well manicured. folks going to play softball, nice day to do that. >> welcome to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> and i'm russ mitchell. a massive cleanup is under way in the south in the aftermath of the violent storm system that swept through. at least 16 people are now known dead from tornadoes and high winds. it's the deadliest storm of the season to date. cbs news correspondent don teague is in hard-hit clinton, mississippi. and don, we understand you're
6:01 am
standing in one of the hardest-hit areas. what's going on this morning? >> well, this is the kind of scene that's repeated all across the southeast this morning, as the cleanup begins. this is a bank, or was a bank, there's not a lot left of it now. the walls are still standing. but you can see it ripped the roof off of it when the tornado came through here. you can see right here, this is the top of pump number five, from the exxon station. that's about 150 yards away. so it was powerful winds that blew through here. in fact storm chasers shot video of the storm that came through here in clinton, mississippi. you can see it as it crosses the road, really sort of does a glancing blow to this area. but then ended up in a residential neighborhood a short distance from here and caused significant damage to the homes in that residential neighborhood. we hope to get a closer look in there a little bit later this morning. this, of course, has been a terrible storm system, we're in the third day of this. this all began in oklahoma on
6:02 am
thursday. they're still cleaning up there. the dangerous and deadly storms went from oklahoma into arkansas, now we know they've moved into alabama overnight. and this storm system is still on the march. all of this bad weather moving in to the carolinas right now. so, we're not out of the woods with this yet. and as you can see here, and in eight states, at least, so far, they'll be cleaning up from tornado damage today. russ? >> don, some incredible and disturbing pictures. you talk about cleanup. it's early in the process, but how far along are cleanup efforts at this point? >> well, here, this came through yesterday afternoon. they really haven't done any cleanup. there's been issues here in clinton, mississippi, with the power being out. in fact, the hotel we're staying at a short distance from here is running on generator. they haven't even been able to address places like this yet. most of the intensive cleanup has been focused in the residential area, where first they're, you know, looking for any victims. we can tell you there are no reports of deaths here, but there were some injuries.
6:03 am
so the process, you know, really begins with emergency response. and it's usually the day before they can really address starting to put things back together. >> don teague in clinton, mississippi. thanks a lot. it's coming up on three minutes past the hour. let's take a look at the rest of the headlines. for that let's go to cbs news correspondent and "morning news" anchor betty nguyen. she's at the news desk. >> good morning, russ and rebecca. good morning to you. firefighters in texas this morning are having a tough time battling wildfires across the state. the wind-swept fires killed a firefighter friday. the fires have burned more than 400,000 acres, destroyed dozens of homes, and forced hundreds of evacuations. some fires have been burning for a week now. in misrata, the only
6:04 am
nearly 1200 evacuees from misrata to the eastern city of benghazi. president assad of syria will address this country today after a month of escalating protests. tens of thousands of protesters made a bold march friday on damascus, the syrian capital. security forces beat them back with tear gas and batons. they were the largest protest so far. human rights groups say that more than 200 people have been killed in those protests. well, president obama thinks the oval office needs to be brought into the 21st century when it comes to technology.
6:05 am
murder. troy roberts has the story in this "48 hours" special investigation. >> reporter: in three weeks casey anthony will finally go on trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. florida attorney general pam biondi. >> no one else in the world could have done this except casey anthony. >> reporter: on the eve of the most anticipated trial of the year, "48 hours" was given an inside look into casey's defense. forensics expert larry kobilinsky. >> the medical examiner decided this was a homicide. not knowing the calls of death. it could have been an accident. >> reporter: defense trial consultant richard gabriel says it will be difficult to find impartial jurors. >> i don't think i've ever seen a more poisonous environment for a defense team to try and present a defense. >> reporter: "48 hours" commissioned an orlando focus group, moderated by gabriel, to talk about the case. >> on first degree murder, who would acquit casey anthony?
6:06 am
>> reporter: tune in to "48 hours" tonight to hear their conclusions. this is troy roberts, for "the early show." >> "48 hours" airs tonight at nine kwlook eastern right here on cbs. five minutes past the hour. another time, to check the weather with lonnie. speaking of 48 hours, it's been rough in the past 48 hours when it comes to weather. >> quick question for you, as well. what's your favorite season? >> summer. >> summer. okay. >> because a lot of people are going to say the springtime. and this is right in line with what you were saying the last 48 hours, of course, we're into springtime now. the spring is beautiful. things are coming back to life. so many people love the spring. but spring can also be dangerous and right now in this country, we are dealing with tornadoes, and with wildfires. now as part of the wildfires in texas, it's being fueled by a really tough march that we just finished up. do you realize march, the state of texas, the driest month in the history of keeping records in texas. the whole month picked up 0.03 of an inch of rain outside of midland texas.
6:07 am
you combine that with a typically windy springtime and the fire threat continues. as you take a look at the tornado situation, here's the front that passed through mississippi yesterday. you just heard a little earlier from don teague that same system approaches the east coast. today you've got to keep your eyes peeled and just be on alert around the carolinas. that's going to end up being the bull's-eye for this system today. however the threat for severe weather extends really from virginia down to portions of florida. again, this is the front making its push through the east. it's going to affect the entire east coast. toughest spot, though, the carolinas. >> this weather segment
6:08 am
sponsored by sargento. sargento, taste the real difference. >> all right, everybody, make it a great day. rebecca, it's all yours. >> lonnie i know you're excited about this one. in just 13 days the world will celebrate the royal wedding of prince will yap and kate middleton. but the event will be extra special for kate's hometown of buckleberry, 50 miles southwest of london, and cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter is there now with the latest on the town's most famous citizen, who's soon to become princess catherine. great to have you with us, victoria. >> good morning, rebecca. good talking to you. >> good talking with you, too. there you are in the center of the town and we don't get the impression from the look of things that it's very big. how many people live there and what's the town like? >> buckleberry, as you say, it's a very small, not so much a town, but a village. what you see behind me is pretty much it. all we have on this side of the road is the village pub and the local butcher's. but it's very charming. there's old homes, and there's
6:09 am
some lovely big country estates. but in terms of the town center, this is it. >> it must be pretty special, then, for a town of that size to see one of their own on their way to becoming the princess. >> oh, there's no question. there's definitely a great sense of pride in the village. we had an opportunity to talk to some of the locals this morning and they're very excited. they're all going to be celebrating together on the day. the flags are flying. so i think the anticipation is only going to build over the next 13 days. >> and i'm hearing that some people there are lucky enough to actually be celebrating along with kate and william. at the royal wedding. what do you hear about that? >> yes, they are. well, the local butcher has been invited, as has the postman. the couple who run the local convenience store have been included. and william and kate's favorite pub landlord, john haley, who owns a pub in the village, he's been included on the list, as well. >> how much of that do you assume is a press stunt versus a
6:10 am
real, hey, these are my friends and i want them present at my wedding? >> oh, there's no question that they really are friends of the middleton family. the middletons have been here pretty much all of kate's childhood. as it's such a small place there really is a sense of community. you interact with your local butcher. he probably knowles what you have for dinner every friday evening. the postman, it's very much a personality that comes to your door. there's no strangers in this village. it's very much a tight community that's friends, as well. >> a tight community where kate middleton's parents still reside. what can you tell us about her life growing up. >> oh, there's know question her life would have been idyllic. we've seen this morning children on horseback, on bicycles. just in the little park next to us they've been playing football this morning. it's very safe. it's very secure. it's very simple. and i think that's why william and kate love to escape the madness of london and come down here for a weekend. william has said he likes to have his dinner on a tray in front of the tv and then they get to walk into the village hand in hand and go to the pub
6:11 am
and no one bothers them because it's just william and kate when they're there. >> you get ason there might be a big press brigade coming in to town around the time of the royal wedding. do you think that people there are prepared for all of that? >> well, they think they're prepared. but, this morning they told us they're expecting 30,000 people. and in a village this size, that's going to be a tremendous number of people. there's definitely going to be a huge media presence. but i think they're so proud that their home girl is going to become a princess on april 29th. so they're ready to welcome the press with open arms. >> do you think bucklebury will become a tourist destination in england in years to come? >> i think it's definitely going to continue to hold a fascination for people. but the pilgrimage to althorp where diana grew up didn't start until she died and was buried there. unfortunately when you come to bucklebury, other than the main road you can drive down and say that's kate's butcher, that's kate's florist, there isn't anything else to see. once the madness of the wedding
6:12 am
dies down, bucklebury will return to the quiet little hamlet that it is. >> they'll probably be happy for that, as well. victoria arbiter, thanks so much. we always appreciate your reporting from england. >> lovely. thank you so much, rebecca. >> coming up next, one year after the devastating oil spill, tourists are now coming back to the gulf. and it's returning to life. there are some great travel deals to be had and our travel editor peter greenberg is to tell us all about them. this is "the early show" on cbs. i have what science calls the "nightly stuffy nose thing":
6:13 am
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that's because lysol fabric mist does more. lysol fabric mist eliminates bacterial odors at the source better than febreze. and unlike febreze, it's approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces. two things febreze can't say. and two reasons why with lysol, a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. the gulf is back. next week marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating bp oil spill which shut down everything from fishing to tourism. that was then. now it's back to life in a big way. joining us from gulf shores, alabama, is cbs news travel editor peter greenberg. >> good morning, russ. >> looking at some of these numbers, mississippi, alabama and florida, last year revenues were down $100 million. almost $100 million from the year before. where you are in gulf shores, lodging was down 41%.
6:16 am
when you look at the big picture now, how is the area doing? >> well, they're starting to come back. they're actually estimating about a 30% return towards normalcy this year if the numbers hold up. remember when you're dealing with a 41% drop in revenue like they had here in alabama, so much of what the state's operating budget comes from are the taxes generated by hotels. if nobody is coming the money wasn't being generated. so ty had to get it somewhere else and in this case it was british petroleum. >> it was concerns last year about the fish and was it safe to eat. what are the experts saying right now? >> right now the gulf fish are probably the most tested stock in the world. very, very few have shown traces of oil or dispersants. that's the good news. >> let's talk about some other areas of the gulf. louisiana. at the ritz-carlton hotel of all places, what's that about? >> well, the ritz-carlton in new orleans has been doing this for awhile but this year in particular, a room that normally goes for $409 a night is now going for $169 a night.
6:17 am
and what's good about that is not just the rates, but they'll also let you get involved in a volunteer vacation where you can go to saint bernard's parish and help with the rebuilding effort that goes back to hurricane katrina. there's a lot of work to be done in new orleans, even though their revenues are up, there's a lot that needs to be done. >> and a cbs approved hotel. so many of us have stayed there. >> exactly. >> let's go east to biloxi, mississippi. you say there's some good zeals there. >> the hard rock casino there. $150 a night for the room but they throw in a $50 food credit, a $25 spa credit and a lot of these places all throughout the gulf are offering stay two nights, get a third night free. >> and you're in gulf shores, alabama, a big tourist destination. any deals there? >> a lot of deals here. a lot of condos here. that's where families or couples it's a great deal. starting at like $99 a night. but they throw in other deals, for example a round of golf, deep sea fishing. if you're dealing with a $99
6:18 am
condo and you're a couple or a family, it's affordable. >> and again to reiterate what you said earlier, you talk about fishing again. no traces of oil in the water? >> no. in fact. there are some traces of oil. the response teams, one came by a little while ago. i'm in gulf shores. gulf shores and orange beach you're dealing with a 32-mile stretch of beach here. in the last two weeks they've collected nearly 10,000 pounds of tar balls. let's put that in perspective. that is a very small number compared to last year. and the beach behind me right now, very clean. >> okay. good to know. let's move on to florida, where i also wrund stand you found a beautiful resort. >> right. in destin florida, the sandestin resort, two bedroom villas for $1 69d a night. sometimes $139 a night. for a family of four or two couples that's less than $40 a night. that's a very good deal. all of a sudden it's not expensive to come here and it's not expensive to be here. >> peter you touched on this earlier, any predictions as to how long it will take before the
6:19 am
area is truly back to normal? >> well, the latest surveys are showing a 30% return to normalcy this year. going to take another two to three years to get back on track. but they're definitely on their way based on the fact that it's not just price driven. all those grants that they got, $38 million in alabama, $48 million in louisiana, was really to get out there and let people know they were okay, they could market tourism, they could market seafood, they could test the seafood and they've done a pretty good job. >> looks like a beautiful morning there. enjoy your day. see you next time. can you find out more information at up next, good snacks versus bad snacks. we've got the low calorie treats that's perfect for every craving. looks good. this is the "early" show on cbs. ? chances are your soil is like this: compacted, drained of nutrients. it'll hold your plants but it'll also hold 'em back. the solution: miracle-gro garden soil. the perfect mix of rich, organic ingredients,
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6:22 am
>> ( beeping ) ( beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software. we all snack but now that bathing suit season is fast approaching how do we make sure we're making the right hunger-busting choice for every craving. joining us is holly granger, registered dietitian and nutrition editor for >> it's so good to be here. >> we hear snacking is so
6:23 am
important. but why is it so important? >> snacking helps to keep your metabolism revved up so you have that energy going throughout the day. it keeps your blood sugars level so you don't have those swings. and it keeps you from overeating at the next meal. so having a hardy snack that you plan, with protein, healthy fats and fibers, will keep you satisfied throughout the day. and keeps those extra calories from coming on. >> depending on what your craving, maybe it's salt. >> yes. >> you should actually come up with something, and you have ideas, of things that will bust that hunger and answer to the cravings. >> that's exactly right. so pass on the potato chips and go for something that has some protein, fat and fiber. so at my recipes we love these cabot snackers. just one has 50 calories. these are 50% reduced fat which is nice. and if you pair something like this with a serving of low sodium whole grain wheat thins, you get all the bang for the buck, and it keeps you full. you get 16 crackers, one serving has he will than 200 calories. right out of it. 200 calories is about what you want for a snack, depending on your size and how big your meals
6:24 am
are. that may vary just a little bit. you want more of a protein punch, two of the snackers, half a serving of the wheat thins. >> you're not od'ing on that because you get your stomach feeling full. >> this is easy to pack and go. go when it comes to sweet a lot of people will go for ice cream or sugar candy. you have a much better option. >> something like greek yogurt with fresh berries and walnuts and a drizzle of honey on the top. you get that sweetness. greek yogurt is strained, and so it's a concentrated source of protein. so, you're not going to get all the protein from the ice cream that you're going to get from some simple parfait just like this. and it's very healthy. very hardy. keeps you feeling full. >> i like, if there's a mixture, there's a combination of things going on there. >> right. >> you really feel like you got to it. here you have nuts. and that's certainly something we're told to eat but there's right nuts and wrong nuts and right ways to eat nuts. >> when you're craving something
6:25 am
crunchy, go for something like a pistachio. so you get 49 pistachios as one serving. skip the salted nuts, really high in sodium. nuts are a great choice. they're healthy fats. so props if that's what you're choosing. but skip the sodium. and slow down, use some that you have to crack yourself. open it up, eat one night. do that 49 times, you're going to be pretty full. >> and you're also going to kind of take some time with it so you're not just eating without even thinking about what you're putting in your mouth. >> that's right. choose a salt free option. >> good to know. popcorn, obviously a go-to for a lot of us. that afternoon snack break is often, you can smell it around the cbs offices all the time. but what do you recommend for popcorn? >> watch out for the movie theater style that's filled with butter. you can kind of even tell by the color, it's neon. watch out for the butter and the salt. go for a microwave popcorn or pop your own. i like the smart pop from orville redenbacher, 94% fat free. and it's a serving of whole grains. so 3 1/2 cups gives you that one
6:26 am
serving of whole grains that you need for the day. now if you want some protein to pair with us, you can shred some cheese, add on top, toss in some parmesan cheese because you're still saving so much sodium. and if you pop your own you can add some extra protein by putting some parmesan or cheddar. >> i like that. because i like cheese a lot in general. candy. >> all right. >> we go to the vending machine, it's obviously the wrong place. but there is an alternative. >> there is. and bars are a great option. so if you want that sweet, if you need something on the go, something like a kind bar is one of my favorites. what i love about the kind bars, you can see all of the ingredients. you know what you're getting. plus they have that healthy trio, they've got some protein, some healthy fat and some fiber. it's a great go-to option and some are drizzled with yogurt, chocolate, so you still get to satisfy that craving. >> holly granger, thanks so much. still ahead we have a visit from the easter bunny. should you get your kids a cute and cuddly one for the holiday?
6:27 am
we've got the answer and some really cute pets on "the early show" on cbs. those candy bars looked good. favorite candy bar? >> almond joy. >> snickers >> i likeal mond joy. >> the heath bar. >> i'm a twix girl. and i also am partial to mounds. because i like the dark chocolate. >> oh. don't go for the dark. >> this is where we go after a healthy segment guys? come on, russ. >> i apologize. >> these cute bunnies coming up. you guys have pets as kids? >> i did. shelly, my little sister. i even bathed with her. it's terrible. i know. i was an only child for so long. >> did you think she was your sister? >> i did. she was my doll. she was my pet. she was my everything. >> oh.
6:28 am
shelly. >> shelly was her name. >> lonnie? >> the quinns had everything. we had -- we had a raccoon named bandit. fifth grade i got a capuchin monkey. >> a what? >> what is that? >> like an organ grinder type monkey. and what do you think a fifth grader names his monkey. >> i'm scared to even ask, lonnie. >> no. it's a very -- george. i named him george. >> curious george. >> yes. your folks let you get a monkey? >> honest to goodness. >> did you make any money off this monkey? >> no. i do remember george learned how to get himself out of the gauge. because we actually had -- we had like this room that ended up being george's room. george got out of the cage and mom had to call school to say, can you send lonnie home? i had to walk home behind the school and get the monkey back in his cage. >> lonnie the movie is going to be fascinating. we learn so much about you. >> it is going to be great. >> that's the beauty of pets. they kind of grow with you.
6:29 am
>> that's true. >> so i was happy to have one. >> kwou. >> hear more about your pets in another segment. >> we'll see the cute ones next. >> you win. experience the limited@@@@q edition white collection from air wick, a choice of elegant fragrances, like white lily and orchid, to brighten up your world. add a touch of sophistication to your home, with the white collection from air wick. looking for fragrance that lasts ? try new air wick double fresh. it warms two refills simultaneously, filling any room with long-lasting fragrance.
6:30 am
welcome back to "the early show" for our final half hour this morning. >> you saw the flowers outside. now that the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom it's time to do some very serious spring cleaning. swapping out those winter coats and scarves is something i need to do. so this morning we're going to show you how to totally reorganize your bedroom closet from skirts to shoes, to using a whole new kind of multipurpose hangers guarantee you there's something new in this segment for everyone. >> that is our expert there. and do you remember the last time rebecca did an animal
6:31 am
segment? take a look. remember this? >> oh, gear. >> we got a little few productions up there. it's not that bad. >> it's hard to see it again. >> she had the fright of her life when the owl give her the evil eye and she swore she would never do one of these again. this morning rebecca is going to be with some cute, cuddly bunnies. take a look at those. dr. debbye turner bell is here to make sure the bunnies don't act up. >> this one won't hurt you. >> that's good. >> are you okay with that, rebecca? >> i feel like this is my training wheels segment. i'm getting back on the bike but i'm doing it with training wheels. >> first it was the monkey that came on. >> i just really have a lot of luck with live animals. i really do. >> debbye says you're okay today. >> i don't know why you haven't done one of these segments yet. we'll talk about that later. >> let's go over to lonnie quinn for the final check of the weather. >> this could end up being the
6:32 am
first traumatic bunny encounter on tv. off we go to the hot spots and chilly temperatures. there's a story here, guys. the hottest spot today will be veil, arizona. up to 94 degrees. coldest spot, baudette, minnesota. when you get within our atmosphere that big clash of temperatures, almost a 75 degree spread, you're going to catch some severe weather. best weather kinsly, kansas. the east coast, draped under this big front with a lot of rain making its push through. the same front that brought the severe yesterday from mississippi, alabama, all the tornadoes that were sparked. today, i really think the hot spot's going to end up beings carolinas. but the risk goes from virginia down to florida, and north of that, from maryland, up to maine. you're going to deal with that same front. for you it will be a flood watch and wind alerts that go into effect until early sunday when that system exits the area.
6:33 am
all right, everybody, what do you say we give a big shout-out to louisville, kentucky, for hosting thunder over louisville. now during the day, the thunder air show dazzles the crowd with planes and daring skydiving teams. such a cool thing to see and then the thunder rolls in with a fireworks show which is seen by u.s. military personnel all around the world. we want to say a very special thank you to everybody watching us in louisville on wlky. that's my shout-out, guys. >> very cool stuff, lonnie. if you've got the spring cleaning bug but are afraid of tackling one of the biggest projects in your home, the bedroom closets, have no fear.
6:34 am
elaine griffin, contributing editor for better homes&gardens is here with very helpful tips. >> good morning. >> overall, what's the best way to organize our closets? >> okay. your closeate is truly all about you. so you want to find a system that works. here are two two choose from. either organize things by color. so you have, you know, darks, lights, brights. or by garments, put your shirts together, skirts together, pants. do something that you can keep going on for the rest of the year. >> you also say there's a good way for us to keep track of what we wore and what we haven't worn. >> exactly because you are not supposed to keep clothes you haven't worn forever. keep everything lined in one direction, and every time you wear something, turn it around. >> okay. >> so that way you can see what you're actually wearing, and what should go to, you know, to give away. >> i'm thinking of that scene from mommy dearest, where no wire hangers. the right kind of hangers are
6:35 am
very important. >> it's true. and you shouldn't keep the wire hangers that come from the dry cleaners. >> no. >> you're supposed to switch your things out to love the complement multi-accessorizing hanger that we found at ikea.
6:36 am
it's under 20 bucks. you can put your scarves on it, you can put ties. hard to hang things like sunglasses or headbands if you're a little prepster. >> we all niece those. i see you've utilized the back of the door, as well. >> i will tell you that the back of the door in the closet is the most essential piece of real estate there is because typically it's three feet of sheer space. you want to use it from top to bottom, and from left to right. if you are a bag ahole ink, like i am and i'm sure like many of your friends are, too, i love the hon day hold-it. the handles just snap on, all of your bags face the same direction, and look you have one, two, three, four, there are room for a couple of more. i would need three of these. and then for guys, it's wonderful to hang your ties, and your belts, on a hanger. and you know what? this could also be used for accessories for girls, too. >> okay, yeah. always good to hang up the ties. >> shoes in here. you've got a great way of
6:37 am
hanging up your shoes. >> we all have way too many shoes. that's just a fact of life so we can learn to live with it. the ones that you wear the most often should be the easiest to get to. so you either want to keep them on the bottom of your closet, but if that space is taken you want to put them in a hanging shoe organizer like this one. >> okay. not that i have a problem but how can you tell what shoes you've worn and what shoes you haven't. >> just like we do with the clothes have all of your shoes facing the same direction. here we have all the toes out then when you wear a pair put them back in the option direction, so that way you know like, hmm, these i'm not really wearing that much. maybe i should relocate them to offsite storage. like under the bed. >> one of the things about the closet, it is the most intimidating room in the house in many ways. >> the secret is getting organized is easy. actually staying organized is harder. >> okay. do you do house calls or anything? you're so good at this. thanks a lot. we'll see you next time. and now here's rebecca. >> russ, i could definitely use
6:38 am
a house call from elaine. but coming up next, look at what we have right here. they are so soft, so cuddly. but do they make good pets? these little bunnies are here with us along with dr. debbye turner bell on advice on whether giving easter bunnies to your kids is a good idea. watching "" on cbs. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. [ giggles ] hey, max. [ announcer ] you can help significantly extend your dog's healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition,
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6:41 am
well, they may be cute and cuddly, but do they actually make good pets? here with some advice is cbs news correspondent and resident veterinarian dr. debbye turner bell, who has brought along some furry friends. great to have you with us. >> aren't they cute? >> they really are. and these are the lops variety? >> yes, these are lops. over the course of the time we have i'm going to show you a lot of unusual rabbit breeds. not just the typical easter bunny. these are lops. we have a french lop. and then we have an english lop and look at these ears. >> incredible. >> the ears can sometimes span can be as long as two feet. >> two feet? >> and this is the holland lop which is noticeably smaller than the english and the french. >> he's really sweet. we carried them all out on to set and you told me there's a right and wrong way to carry them. >> absolutely. i'm going to ask heather to step in and put a hand on these two because we don't want to lose any bunnies in the studio. first of all, rebecca, rabbits are prey animals. so they're really nervous all the time. think they anything big moving
6:42 am
is going to eat them. so they need to feel secure. you want to get your hands under their back legs because they have powerful bag leg muscles and delicate bones. if you don't carry them correctly they literally can break their back and snuggle them up close so they feel secure. most rabbits actually really don't want to be held. >> really? >> they like to be on sure ground. >> they like to hop along. >> and you can sit down with them and play with them. a lot of times they don't like to be held but when you do have to carry them this is the way to do it. >> this one is really sweet. >> he doesn't mind it. and he's got great owners so he's used to being handled. >> we have a lot more to get to. >> thank you so much for your help. >> we have this one which is an angora. >> this is an angora. >> i've never seen a rabbit look anything like this. >> look at all the fur. all the angoras are marked by this long, fuzzy fur. >> it feels l. >> if you have an angora sweater in your closet, this is the fur that it comes from.
6:43 am
>> but the bunny is okay. >> they don't sacrifice the bunny, pluck the hair, comb the hair out or shear the hair. it's nice and soft. this is the satin angora because the hair is really not only soft but has a nice sheen to it. >> what about grooming something like this? >> you do want to brush them regularly. they do groom themselves and they get something called wool block. it's like hair balls in cats. you want to prevent that. as important as keeping their hair nice and groomed you want to keep their nails clipped because if you ping this rabbit up, they have very long claws so they need to stay clipped, as well as their teeth grow continuously throughout their life. so they need to have something to gnaw on to keep their teeth worn down. >> we have a chinchilla rabbit to show you. this one seems a little wily. but i trust that with dr. debbye turner bell in the house. >> you are safe. i've got you, baby. this is called chinchilla because of the way it looks. remember the chin kale la animal
6:44 am
which is an actual species looks exactly like this. the cool thing is it has this beautiful gray, slate fur. but if you brush it back the opposite direction the pattern changes, because each hair has at least three different colors. and there's a gray at the bottom, there's a white in the middle, and then a white or a black at the tip. and so it's just a really beautiful coloring. and really beautiful pattern. and this is the giant chinchilla. these come in three different varieties. this is the large one. >> he's a big guy. i'm curious in terms of children and being around these animals, is it a good idea to have one for your child? >> you know, rabbits can make very wonderful pets. however, first of all you have to know what you're getting into. they are not a decoration that you can put in a cage and just leave there. they need room. they need exercise. they need time and attention. but they also need care. i wouldn't recommend rabbits for small children who are rough, and tumble, and don't know how to be gentle and don't know how to correctly handle them. >> we want to bring out one last rabbit because he looks so different from the rest and tell
6:45 am
us which this one is. >> this is one of the brand-new breeds in the american rabbit breeders association. and i just love it because look at this beautiful color. >> it's incredible. >> this beautiful reddish orange color. as you can see, this is a slightly smaller rabbit than the other that we've seen. just making the point that rabbits come in a variety of sizes from two pounds up to 20 pounds. so they're really great variety. you just have to know what you're getting into. >> thanks for helping us learn that. we appreciate it. and now here's russ. >> thank you, rebecca. up next, big daddy is in the house. chef aaron mccargo jr. is going to whip up a big and bold dinner. >> big and bold. very big. >> we're coming right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it
6:46 am
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dove's new range with weightless nutri-oils. smooth away up to 100% of dry hair's roughness and frizz. new dove nourishing oil care. make friends with your hair. >> going to a job interview, i make sure i've got the right guidance. it's the same with my taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. and calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate. they even offer audit support. and help me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> man: try turbotax now.
6:48 am
this week "chef on a shoestring" began making cakes in his sister's easy bake oven at the tender age of 4. since then aaron mccargo jr. has been cooking up a storm. in 2008 he won the next food network star competition and became the host of big daddy's
6:49 am
house. his first cookbook simply done, well done hit the shelves earlier this month. he's going to cook up a three-course dinner for four for just under 40 bucks. thanks for coming in. >> russ, good to be here, man. >> you still have the easy bake oven. >> i just need a new bulb. i'm good to go. >> what's on the menu? >> blt stuffed endive. jerk sweet pork chops and mascarpone peanut butter cup cakes. and i talk about serious eating here. it's affordable. i got some mayo. >> all right. >> cream cheese. and if you're in to blts and you don't want to do the bred, this is the way to have that flavor and not have the bread. >> how did you come up with this? >> i had a restaurant across from a federal courthouse. the judge will come in and say i want a blt without the bread. i'm stacking all this stuff, i've got to do some love, bro. of course i decided to find some belgian endive, make this mix up and put it in there.
6:50 am
he was happy every day after that. as you can see it's very simple. bacon, tomatoes, chives. just stir it up, and then we've got this little belgian endives, very affordable. easy so to find. if you like bacon -- hello anybody don't like bacon they need to step out of the kitchen. ear going to keep it real. you could make this up, serve it to your guests, keep it moving. check that out. >> always risky, me eating on national tv. >> that's flavor for your mouth. watch out for that. yes, love? don't talk now. while you're doing that i'm going to get jerking on the jerk pork chops. >> go ahead. >> okay. >> all right. that's what i want to hear. nothing. check it out, jerk spice. >> that's insign. >> good. endive. i don't know how we do it but we do it. i got me some small chops here. >> yeah. these are jurassic park looking chops. >> you need something big to take on big, bold flavors. i got me a little spice blend,
6:51 am
some cumin, some cayenne peppers, nutmeg, all-spice. all the spices that you will find in a jerk spice. a little bit of oil. >> jerk, we think of jerk chicken and stuff, barbecue spicy. >> jerk chops. you can jerk your fish, jerk your meat, jerk your turkey. you know, i just think all you need to do is bring the big, bold flavors and you're thinking about jerks or something, right? i mean -- i mean shrimp. what's this your putting on here? this is in the cook book simply done well. load it up. put some oil in there. feel free to do so. >> you're going to grill these? >> oh, i'm going to grill them. they're pretty lonely right now. let's get these on here. nobody wants to be on the grill alone. >> we don't want that. >> get that little sizzle. >> how long are you going to cook these? >> they're so big you're going to give them three, four minutes each side. let them do their thing.
6:52 am
don't rush it. that will give you time to deal with the nice little fruity something that's going to go in there. diced onions, peach preserves. diced pineapples. little jalapeno. >> going to go in here. >> smoked. get that oil in there. get those onions. something about color and flavor. just loving the cook that is going to make everything happen. this will cook three or four minutes. you're good to go. >> let me do this. you're going to do this, let me ask our folks to show us, eventually this is what's going to happen. going to go on top for the pork chops right there. that looks incredibly intense. >> this is all pretty much a very affordable thing to do. >> okay. >> simple. doesn't take no time. no stress. >> i'm going to do the cost breakdown and have you do the dessert. >> let's do that. >> let's see how you did in the cost breakdown. $39.91.
6:53 am
okay. he came under $40. very good. very good. oh, you're not you're not on the chart. >> oh, man. >> that's all right. let's go to dessert. >> i should have cut the pork chops out. >> i'm going to sample this desert. >> these cup cakes, mascarpone ice cream, peanut butter, little bit of nuts on the top. flavor, sweet, it's all easy to eat. >> all right. >> awesome. >> you like it? >> mm-hmm. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, russ. >> in the chops. >> for our very last "chef on a shoestring." >> good to be here. >> you may try these recipes. >> you're going to need your own show. >> at don't go away. we're coming right back, we think. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. great ride down. if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. coming up tomorrow on "60 minutes," microsoft co-founder paul allen, who's currently worth about $13 billion, dishes the dirt about his former partner bill gates in his new book. but he claims it is not revenge. that's tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on cbs. >> it is a really interesting story. also monday on t"the early show
6:57 am
we're going to get you up and dancing as brett dennen sings the single from his new album lover boy. >> good food today. >> great food. and interesting chefs. we are lucky to have him here. >> have a great weekend. we end with our saturday spot light. not everybody can get over to london for the wedding of prince will yap and kate middleton. but in philadelphia, people still have a chance to feel like royalty. th natasha brown reports. >> reporter: the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton is a couple of weeks away but thousands of miles away, philadelphians are toasting the royal couple. >> it's a wedding beyond weddings. >> reporter: drake desteines has created a regal setting prominently displaying some of it's most breathtaking jewels. >> the emerald tee are ra is not
6:58 am
something you'd see in philadelphia. in the middle east or far east. we made that one for a far east client. >> reporter: it's not every day that you get to be in the presence of such exquisite jewels like this and at $450,000 this tiara is certainly fit for a queen. >> i'd like to feel like a princess but i'm too old for that. >> reporter: so you feel like a queen? >> i felt like a queen. >> reporter: philadelphians are anticipating the royal wedding, living a bit of the fantasy from afar. >> i would be terrified of dropping a fee ar ra. of my hair not holding it in. >> the royal jewels are immense. your guess is as good as mine. >> reporter: soon the wait will be over and the wedding dress and jewels will be revealed. so, here's to the prince and his princess-to-be from our own taste of royalty right here in philadelphia. >> thanks for watching everyone. join us again monday on "the early show." >> for more about "the early show" visit us at ,,
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