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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  April 17, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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tornadoes. the death toll clears two dozen as several states deal with the aftermath of violent tornadoes. california political figure in hot water and accused of racism. bay area rescuers bring a dog back from an abusive situation described as one of the worst they have seen. 7:30 a.m. sunday april 17th, 2011, good morning to everyone out there i am grace lee in for ann makovec. >> i am phil matier we have a lot of news to talk about in the next half hour and following half hour as well from how far should we go with
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gay studies in schools. also you spoke with former governor willie brown about the big controversy over cars legislators have been driving. >> yeah, and taking them away. >> and a look at libya and police chief selection in san francisco why it has been a rough time for this mayor. >> top of the news this morning severe weather on the east coast has killed at least 25 people, spanning six states. forecasters say those storms should be moving out the sea today. strong winds ripped homes from their foundations, and tore apart businesses, more than 60 tore fay does were reported yesterday in north -- tornadoes were reported yesterday in north carolina. the governor has declared a state of emergency. six people managed to survive a church collapse. friends and colleagues of a prominent california republican are not laughing. the controversial e-mail she
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sent and why it has members of her own party asking for herres ignition. >> it would be shocking to almost anyone to receive an e- mail with an altered photograph of family of apes with the president of the united states super imposed and saying, now you know why no birth certificate. >> i saw the e-mail it came in yesterday afternoon and i looked at it and immediately responded to marilyn and said it was dripping of racism, in poor taste she shouldn't ever send e-mails like that to me again. scott bot called it despicable. >> i am asking for her to step down she should resign. if there is a is he just conservative republicans harbour racism, tea party members were quick to say no. >> i have never run into
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racist, hello we are home at the -- here at the home of an naacp member it is nothing we are used to here with nothing further earn california tea party -- northern california tea party at all. >> kevinm gary hosted the gathering in his home. >> with it is naacp, democrat party wherever it exists any kind of racist act toward our president or anybody else is evil. the e-mail went to an unknown number of elected officials. cbs reporter who contacted damp port said she sent it as a joke meant for friends and blamed the news media blowing it out of proportion. now she is being asked to step down. well, the e-mail is contrary to the message we want to send to voters. ethnic outrage and building the party and we can't have people that represent the party that
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are elected officials out making racist statements against people. whether they are the president of the united states or anyone else. now marilyn davenport is defending her e-mail as an internet joke but orange county republicans are responding quickly to stop with they fear is negative backlash not only is the chairman asking for herres ignition but asked for an ethics investigation. this were several tea party events marking the second anniversary of the movement's tax day rally. yesterday they were the place to be for republicans with presidential ambition. donald trump received a warm welcome at a rally in florida. the billion air tycoon blamed president obama's foreign policy as what he sees as the u.s. loss of prestige. >> george bush gave us obama and i am not happy about it. okay i am not happy about it.
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we have a disaster on our hands we have a man right now, that almost certainly will go down as the worst president in the history of the united states. >> all right. on to madson wisconsin former alaska governor sarah palin told a cheering crowd wisconsin governor walker was right to strip unions of bargaining power. >> hello madison you saw these violent mobs trash your capital and vandalize business you held your ground. your governor did the right thing. >> a little loud there. hundreds of labor supporters ticketed the rally and in all an estimated 6500 people converged on the capital but it was hard to tell how many were tea partyers and labor supporters. similar event in
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sacramento, tax day rally in the capital drew thousands of tea party supporters, a group of teenage tea partyers, working to get more young people involved in politics. debate over medical marijuana in san jose could end with city council possibly banning all pot clubs the council sen at that tifftily proved zoning for the -- tentatively approved zoning for the clubs but cannot decide on how many pot dispensaries they will approve. currently there are more than 100 in the city. this week state lawmakers learned they could have salaries cut and lose many perks. they already had their salaries cut once by the state compensation commission this time compensation commission held off on further cuts to their per diem or other benefits but yanked the cars the state had been buying and
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leasing to them at bargain prices and say you get a flat auto rate $300 a month drive your own car. those have been a sore spot with the public for a long time up in sacramento. willie brown who where has speaker was known to drive around hot wheels i asked what he did with his cars he rarely used them why. >> i drove it sparingly because i didn't want to have to explain to the world why at 2:30 a.m., in front of a bar there was a state car. >> smart move some of your come patriots have not been so lucky. >> i had a law practice i could write it off from on there too. this taking off the legislators car, the bottom line here it under scores the resentment or feeling legislature is over paid, overcome pen sated for per diem in cars and such and are not
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getting the job done. >> the whole business of not being able to get a budget or build consensus always creates a problem but each legislature represents a certain number of people, equal number of population and districts they won't survive unless they represent their population they get re-elected it is not that standing of the legislature seems to harm them that is probably only in the minds of journalists. >> it is a bit like congress you like your individual congressman or woman but as a group you dislike them. >> that is how democracy works the problem with it, people want it to be efficient but representative. those two things will some times be inconsistent. >> >> very very good point. speaking of democracy and efficient versus consistency, gerry brown in this week he is tarting to sound like a
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repeating record get me votes to put the tax before extension before the voters, get me the vets -- you saw his latest performance here what was your take? >> i think gerry is still pretty much at odds with the reality politically of today. we have moved from where we were in 74, when gerry brown and willie brown were in sacramento, 82 when we were there, we have awoken to a whole new age with that in mind you have to retool gerry hasn't yet retooled, nor has the system in sacramento. they have not shown any appreciate for enormous ability this man has somewhere in between there is a meeting place but they have not arrived at it on either side. >> another thing i have to ask you about you were infamous for talking out of school, and such like that, president obama this week, microphone was left on he
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had some rather curt remarks about republicans telling in a closed meeting you want to come after health care go ahead try it. >> what do you thing about that getting caught on the microphone? >> i think that may have been planted he may have been conscious of it. he immediates to show some more backbone more fire power and do it inadvertently allegedly this guy is too controlled to not have known that microphone was on >> i got to agree when i listen to remarks you hear the audience that sounds a big staged. you know it wasn't like he was kobe pint. >> no. >> okay another name in the -- bryant. >> no >> okay another name in the news donald trump what is he saying? >> he is saying he has to assess his relationship with blacks versus obamas he doesn't understand why they are so
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enthusiastic about obama because i donald trump have a great relationship with black people. i didn't know about that. i assume he does. >> he has a great relationship with you. >> i am not exactly black people i am a black person [ laughter ] >> given the choice who would you take? >> obama, obama, obama. >> first three choices. >> let me tell you something if donald showed up with his private plane said willie hop onboard we are campaigning. >> of course i would ride to wherever he was going get off and raise obama signs. [ laughter ] >> dedicated democrat until the end. >> absolutely. >> what is amazing how often donald trump gets on the news every time i turn it on he is talking about obama and the birth certificate. >> exactly he has hit on something that is getting attention. donald trump is about attention at this point you can't figure out if half the people on the
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republican side are running for president or trying to start their own tv reality show. donald trump is joining that group. celebrity goes far in america i am not sure if it will go all the way to the white house but we will have to see what happens. >> never know with trump. if you are looking for more spirited talk and debate after our newscast stay tuned for face the nation, republican congressman paul ryan wisconsin and mark warner offerer gin yeah will square off over -- of virginia, will square off over deficit. another case of an air traffic controller nodding off on the job still to come. what federal regulators are doing to keep them awake. free vacation, partially free at least where you can spend some time this week, without paying admission. sounds good. good morning jim bernard
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here cbs 5 weather center lots of fog around the bay, slow to go to be replaced tonight by increasing chance of rain showers we will look at all those details coming up for you in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to weekend early edition 7:45 a.m. guess what national park week starts tomorrow. >> that means more than 300 national parks will be opening their doors for free. some of the most popular spots like yellowstone and rocky mountain national parts will be participating but if you want to stay right here in california, admission to yosemite also free as well. if you can't make it this week they will have another free day scheduled some time this summer. summer sounds nice because this morning even my dogs didn't want to go outside. >> it might clear up jim what is in store for the weekend. >> what is left will be mostly
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cloudy around the bay, a little more fog than yesterday and it will be florida clear temperatures slightly cooler with a chance of showers creeping into the picture by tonight into tomorrow no fog or showers out at mount vacca at this time we are looking back at the bay and see cloud cover lingering it will slowly break through the day to reveal some sunshine out there, beach will probably stay fogged in most of the day, partly cloudy right now, across the interior cooler temperatures, fog around the bay at the coast this hour but should be slowly clearing by this afternoon to reveal partly cloudy conditions slightly warmer temperatures mid-60s at the bay, low 70s down a few degrees from yesterday, and general trend cooler yet come tomorrow as we see our jet stream continues to march by northern corner of the state bringing showers into eureka area, across the oregon border, stopping those showers in
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mendocino county right now, through the day tomorrow bringing with it light showers, for the bay area, for monday morning today partly cloudy chance of showers developing later this evening continuing through most of the day tomorrow doesn't look like a major rain event, generally less than a quarter inch precipitation if that, it will probably be more clouds than rain, see the general trend as some northern showers moved through tonight, should be around for commute time as we will see it gradually clear out and day by day precipitation amounts have been getting lighter and lighter with this system and slight chance of snow developing out of that moisture up in the high country, sierra, coming up tomorrow above 7500 feet notice the snow level has increased dramatically here this week well above lake level temperature wise for us today slightly cooler than yesterday, that puts us into the upper 60s
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a few low 70s popping up, around fringe locations back to the bay looks like mid-60s at the beach low 60s upper 50s today with winds under mostly cloudy skies this morning, west 10 to 15 knots breezier, through the golden gate and across the golden gate with gusts to 25, and again, seven- day forecast looking for a chance of light showers monday bit of a break tuesday another weak weather system wednesday and saturday, these are all very spring like systems unlike last month not looking for deluges here, rainfall should be minimal with these weak systems moving through the area this week. we look for the spring pattern to continue, snow level remains high snow melt will continue in the national parks of course and across the high country. spring -- what did you call it? spring wet and. >> spring melt. >> spring pattern? >> spring pattern.
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>> fog, clouds, drizzle, rain. >> spring was yesterday now we are into summer. >> okay. >> funny i didn't notice the change. >> you don't. well, it has happened again another air traffic controller has fallen asleep on the job this time it happened in miami florida. a controller working the midnight shift manning a radar facility that handles high altitude air traffic fell asleep but the controller did not miss any calls from planes trying to land or take off. faa is making scheduling changes hoping to make sure it does not happen again. >> local animal experts says the one of the worst cases of abuse they have seen. a cocker spaniel had to endure what is being done to bring him back to normal. what happened to the sharks last night? a look at what went wrong in game two of the stanley cup playoffs ,,,,
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welcome back it is sunday morning. hopefully your night is going better than the sharks night they found out why the kings with one of the -- are one of the best defensive teams in the nhl. as went up against the tigers ace. kim coyle is here with our sports recap what has been going on. >> good morning everyone the kings are known as defensive
7:53 am
hockey team so wasn't a good sign for the sharks they went 0 for 5 on the power play. tried to lead the sharks to a 2- 0 lead kings evening the series, johnson gets scoring started with power play goal l.a. leads 2-0 after the first a huge night for drew dowdy scores twice ties a franchise record, kings beat sharks 4-0. giants and d backs left in second inning, sprained foot after landing awkwardly he is expected to under go an mri later today. a game time double in the 6th. gave giants a game time lead, beat the d backs 5-3 for their fourth straight win. as and tigers, rbi double down the line part of a 3 run
7:54 am
inning. as win 6-2. day one nba playoffs, rose scored 39 points to lead the bulls to 104-99 win against the pacers that is a look at sports see you tonight at 5:30. in major league soccer san jose earthquakes shut out on the road by new york redbulls, 3-0. arena football, sabre cats edged out the tulsa talons, 42- 33 oklahoma. later today as will try to go for a split with their four game series with tigers, giants try to sweep the diamond backs in phoenix. one of the worst cases of abuse oakland animal services said they have seen a warning, some video may be difficult to watch. cocker spaniel named van winkle wasn't beaten by was a victim of criminal neglect hair on his paws was matted so thick and nails turned and twisted so he was unable to walk. >> he is being treated with
7:55 am
pain medicine because he has a ear infection and feet from being matted for so long and deformed now we have taken the mats off it is like taking a cast off he didn't have normal muscle movement he should have. >> after emergency room grooming and medical treatment he is on the road to recovery. he will be up for adoption eventually but for now, they are just trying to get him back up and running be a dog who can walk a little better than that. poor guy. well, over in berkeley an onslaught of visitors at uc campus this weekend, estimated 40,000 people converged on the school yesterday, for its annual open house elizabeth winger was there and tells us more about what potential students and parents have to say about it. >> reporter: blue and gold pride shines on uc berkeley campus for cal day. an event for perspective students and parents, change of
7:56 am
pace from usual grim news about cut backs and fee hikes. >> we don't want to pay more but will do what we have to do to get our kids to go to college. mary and matt smith of walnut creek have five kids to put through college. >> we save our pennys to send our kids to college. >> cost of uc education continues to go up the governor recently warned an all cuts approach to state's budget crisis could lead to doubling of tuition, as much as 25,000 dollars per year. cal is first choice but tuition hikes may mean she has to go somewhere else. >> i am sad i really want to go here but it all depends on the cost i guess. >> protests are nothing new to this campus but students say proposed cuts have made life on campus more difficult. >> like oh, people are rioting again it is very frustrating like when you are just trying to go to school i don't want to
7:57 am
walk on campus and have to see a bunch of police surrounding wheeler hall. today's protest was a little more stripped down. a few students got down to their underwear and demonstrated they won't be stripped of their rights to higher education. >> i do feel like higher education is very very important for me i feel i will have to take out loans but that would add up. to this family berkeley is a good deal compared to private school. >> we still think it is a great price for education. >> in berkeley, elizabeth wenger, cbs 5. much more to come next hour of this weekend early edition. >> that's right oscar winning actor nicklas cage in trouble with the law what lead to his arrest and charges he is facing. and a special day set aside for those who like their music the old fashioned way. remember these? vinyls may not disappear any time soon ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief. rash of violent tornadoes. more than two dozen people are dead as several states deal with a rash of violent tornadoes. >> this week could be the big show down over medical marijuana in san jose. there is a chance all of the cities pot clubs will have to close. one of america's most
8:01 am
popular actors is in hot water, a strange series of events that leads to the arrest of nicklas cage. welcome back to weekend early edition the time is 8:01 a.m., i am phil matier. >> i am grace lee in for ann makovec who is on vacation. we will have mark leno in about a bill he is working on. >> we will get to that in a minute at the top of the news this morning, severe weather on the east coast has left at least 25 people in 6 states dead but forecasters say the storm should be moving out to sea today. strong winds, ripped into homes from their foundations tore apart businesses, more than 60 tornadoes, reported in south carolina yesterday alone. the governor declared a state of emergency, south carolina, six people survived a church collapse. hillary clinton is in japan
8:02 am
and made a pledge of support following deaf stating -- devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the country. the operator of the crippled knew cheer plant in japan has announced a plan to bring this crisis under control. they plan to cover the damaged reactor buildings and remove the nuclear fuel to try to contain the radiation. they said it could bring the crisis under control within 6 to 9 months, and it would allow some of the thousands of evacuated residents to return home. debate over medical marijuana shops in san jose is going on. >> that's right this week city council will be looking at the possibility of banning all pot clubs, just last week the council ten tiffly approved zoning but can't decide how many pot dispensaries to allow.
8:03 am
some council want to limit the number to 15. currently there are more than 100 in the city. >> north bay a man accused of barricading himself inside a marin county bank to protest capital limp has pled guilty he holed up in bank of america for 6 hours after allowing staff members and customers to leave he stayed on charges include burglary, false imprisonment he told police negotiators capital limp was destroying the country he is expected to get probation at sentencing next month. >> supposed to be a joke but friends and colleagues of a prominent southern california republican are not laughing. the controversial e-mail she sent and what has members of her own party asking for her resignation. >> reporter: it would be shocking to almost anyone to receive an e-mail with an altered photograph of apes,
8:04 am
with the president of the united states photo super imposed. and the caption, now you know why no birth certificate. it came in yesterday after i responded to marilyn and told her it was dripping of racism, in poor taste and she shouldn't ever send e-mails like that to me again. >> reporter: orange county republican party chair called it despicable. >> i am asking her to resign. >> reporter: if there is a suggestion, conservative republicans harbour racists, tea parriers at this home were quick to say no. we are here at the home of an naacp tea member and it is nothing here with the northern california tea party at all.
8:05 am
kevin mcgary hosted the tea party gathering in his hayward hills home. whether it is naacp, democrat party, wherever it exists any kind of racist act toward our president or anybody else is evil, and an abomination. it went to an unknown number of elected officials cbs reporter who contacted marilyn davenport she told her she sent it as a joke to friends and blamed the news media for blowing it out of proportion. well, the e-mail is certainly very contrary to the message we want to send to the voters, ethnic outreach and building the party, and we can't have people that are elected officials, out making racist statements against people. although marilyn davenport is defending her e-mail as an internet joke, orange county
8:06 am
republicans are responding quickly to stop backlash. they are not only asking her to resign but calling for an ethics investigation. local state lawmaker believes now is the time to mandate lessons of gay history in public schools. >> that's right joining us to talk about this is author of the bill state senator mark leno of san francisco. >> good morning phil. >> good morning. >> in a nutshell what would it do? >> for over 30 years now here in california, state law has required that the contribution of women, mexican americans, native americans, european americans are included in school curriculums all this will do is add lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual americans to that. this is going to be in civics and history.
8:07 am
>> social studies. >> for example would it be somebody was gay and did this or history of the gay movement? >> for example if we are learning about civil rights leaders, those who have been fighting to realize the great promise of our constitution, all citizens would be treated equally under the law, martin luther king was a great leader, an african american man, cesar chavez was a great civil rights leader, mar surrey milk, first -- harvey milk first openly gay man to run for office and he was shot dead in his office because of who he was. i have talked to some parents saying we are not comfortable with this for our kids they says the because of the age is there a time or a grade that you would add this to the curriculum. >> sure it would be done in an age appropriate fashion. board of education would set
8:08 am
out the broad parameters, but one district, one school district and part of the state may handle this differently than another because the final decision, the daily teaching plan would be decided at the local school district level, through an intensive and comprehensive public process. so what you are talking about here is sort of the history of gay civil rights movement. >> that's right. >> harvey milk who else do you see included in these lessonsbesides him? >> it was a tragic irony there was an african american man who as a young man organized dr. king's march on washington 1964 but he was himself a closeted gay man at the time he had to hide who he was as he fought for african american civil rights. it is important about putting this in context of a civil rights movement that as recently as 1972, american
8:09 am
psychiatric department listed home sexuality as a mental illness. >> part of this is trying to acquaint students, that people that are gay have accomplishments and reasons to be proud. >> and have been a part of a struggle for civil rights. >> okay let's take the civil rights equation chapter out of it are you talking also about naming people as gay who in their accomplishments in the united states, in otherwise are you going the out people from history? we are talking about renaissance figures and stuff like that. artists and stuff. >> it is a worthy question no, that is not what we are talking about i don't want to remove the civil rights context that is really what we are talking about it is human nature we will fear and distrust those things and people that we don't know and have little familiarity with. we have a phenomenon of severe bullying going on in schools and as a result of this bullying there are kids who
8:10 am
can't endure the pain any more they are going home and hanging themselves from the tree in their parents backyard not one, two, this is regularly in this state and across the country a 12-year-old boy 18 months ago in ventura county was shot dead in his sixth grade classroom by a fellow classmate who told his teacher later that the kid was too feminine. we are not teaching our kids about the diversity of human experience it can be done in an age appropriate way but in very young grades kids are derogatorily calling other kids gay. the word is out there, they are using it, we are failing them in telling them what this all means not about sexuality or sexual -- interestingly the opposition wants to talk about sex. this is not about sex or sexuality it is about civil rights movement, and about the state's history. >> speaking of opposition,
8:11 am
opposition is a bill, are you seeing any chances of passage that the governor will sign it. >> curiously it is the same kind of voices who oppose equally strongly, inclusion of black history, 30, 40 years ago remember how controversial women's history was? this is going to upset the world if we talk about women being included in history. >> i was thinking the same thing this morning. >> we will keep an eye on it you think the governor signs it >> i make a habit of not speaking for the governor but i think he might do. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> all right. >> much more coming up nicklas cage in trouble with the law. >> that's right still to come, what lead to his arrest and charges that he faces. pgh >> out the door, a bit more fog in and around the bay but already starting the clear just a little slow to shrink back to the beach what that means for your sunday afternoon forecast coming up next
8:12 am
8:13 am
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents
8:14 am
average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. welcome back it is 8:14 a.m. this is like something out of one of his own movies, actor
8:15 am
nicklas cage after posting bond he is out of jail in louisiana. >> police in new orleans say he got drunk argued about which house they were renting with his wife this was the street he was arrested yesterday morning. cage wanted to rent one in particular but his wife disagreed that is when he allegedly grabbed her arm officers say cage then began hitting cars and trying to get into a cab but the cabbie refused to drive him. then he argued with a police officer that is the photo he took after his arrest he was charged with domestic abuse, battery, disturbing the police and public drunkness. there is no segue there at all just celebrities acting badly. spring like pattern across the bay lots of sunshine across the interior let's look at some of it as we see our mount vacca
8:16 am
cam, mostly sunny conditions, a few high clouds drifting across the indoor y back to the bay cloud cover hanging in -- interior, back to the bay cloud cover hanging in there. more blue skies see the golden gate beginning to clear as well that trend will continue, fog will linger longer at the beach as is typical with this type of pattern and result in a bit of a cooling trend across the greater bay this morning. we will rebound this afternoon as temperatures warm back up into the mid- to upper 60s around the bay interior again in the low 70s today much like yesterday as we will see some sunshine through midday, increasing cloud cover expected tonight with slight chance of showers, sinking south from out of the north here as we see the jet stream moving by to our north last several days keeping all the rain across the oregon border, that will stay south. we will catch the tail end of this energy which is looking
8:17 am
juicy at this point at least for the northern part of the state for us, it won't be so wet we will look for increasing clouds again tonight chance of showers developing later this evening into tomorrow rainfall amounts as i mentioned looking light less than a quarter inch of rain across the greater bay area that will continue on and off through the day tomorrow clearing out by tomorrow evening. another this point the morning commute tomorrow looks soggy once again the rain will slowly creep south through the wee hours of the morning. come get up time, right across the bay area moving into and through the region bringing light shower activity into the area, but not the kind of deluge we were looking at last month the pattern shifted significantly into each of these frontal systems looking weaker as you would expect for this time of year which of course means that there is still some snow, taking place in high country of the sierra, notice the snow levels now up,
8:18 am
75, 100 fite, lake tahoe 5,000, it is rising now this month so less snow accumulation going on at lake level taking a look at our morning forecast, temperatures first today, we see upper 60s. low 70s around the fringe location cooling back mid-to upper 60s around the bay and cooler yet, lingering fog pattern expected at the beach, low 60s upper 50s there, and seven-day forecast keeps a chance of showers, in the picture every other day. another slight chance of rain on wednesday and into next saturday we may see light shower activity once again across the bay area, generally speaking spring pattern mild temperatures to continue and light rainfall amounts if any. just light not too bad. >> nothing to get too concerned about. not a fun night at the shark tank. >> no, it had all the makings
8:19 am
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ley cup play welcome back, it is 8:21 a.m. last night sharks had a chance to take a lead stanley cup playoff series. >> instead they were shut out. san jose goalie had a poor game minding the net against the kings they scored four goals throughout the power play. kings are one of the top defensive teams in the nhl and sharks had a hard time getting any scoring chances series now shifts to los angeles for games 3 and 4 tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. search for san francisco police department's next chief starting to heat up now that is the lead story in this mornings matier and ross column san
8:22 am
francisco column. >> interim mayor ed lee's first real big decision, it will be public but he doesn't have a clear favorite for the top spot he has been going at it for weeks right now the search is sort of narrowed down to greg sir, commander ma hoe knee and an unidentified outsider. each candidate has pluses but also political drawbacks, he was indited on charges of obstructing justice in 2003 in connection with infamous fajitas gait scandal. those charges were tossed out but there is the political and press reaction to if he is named the outside candidate, you go outside the department that could be tough for mayor lee too. insiders inside rank and file plus police union don't want an outsider again. okay that has the third joyce, mahoney a commander brought up
8:23 am
from lieutenant to command staff position by former chief george gas con but doesn't have a lot of leadership experience the department is supposedly looking for in its new chief so each one has a plus each one has a negative and the major is still trying the figure out what to do about it. >> isn't that through of any candidate for a big position in a city like san francisco? why is it so difficult for the mayor to choose? chef >> police chief in san francisco is probably one of the most politically charged appointments to make. the next one is planning. police in san francisco brings an issue of crime but also issue of politics, race involved, gender politics involved in it plus every little group has its own candidates. you go to a police commission meeting you have been to them you can't figure out whether you are talking police or at a political rally. >> mayor lee would be more sheltered after he is saying he
8:24 am
is not going to be running any more wouldn't that give him some political leeway. >> it is some people say hey, listen you are only going to be there for 9 months or something, name some body if the next mayor coming in doesn't like it they can make change. i also have to say in the mayors defense or in sympathy the fact that you are only going to be naming some body for a certain amount of time until a new mayor comes in makes it tough it is hard to get outside candidates willing to commit to come. all right. i had enough of those mp 3s or cds? >> reconsider vinyl lps. they are having their day once again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
good sunday morning, 8:26 a.m. it was a unique celebration of music where more than 700 independent record stores nationwide joined forces with a lot of different artists. >> festives included special record releases and promotions by certain artists yesterday in the bay area one gathering for the vinyl people was at amoeba music san francisco folks showed their love for the old plastic wear. customers flipped through special release records from artists of all genera. the annual event has been celebrated since 2007 this year, ozzie osborne was special ambassador. >> do you have any more records? >> i don't have any of those around. >> my sister has them around her store like vintage stuff but who has records now. >> you dot me. i can't find my cds half the time. gigantic python a huge
8:28 am
attraction at a zoo in india. he is a 12-foot long snake, especially popular with kids. forest officials first spotted him near a village seed factory. weighing in at 130 pounds, a local zoo employee says it is the largest snake they have ever encountered. >> jim bernard can you top that out? >> no, 130-pound python showing up on the horizon, skies clearing out in and around the bay chance of showers develop late tonight into tomorrow otherwise spring like. 130 pounds worth? >> thank you jim. >> look can i for you we have -- lucky for you we have half the weekend left enjoy. >> that is it for this early edition of weekend early edition. next newscast is at 5:30. have a great sunday
8:29 am
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