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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  April 17, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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cbs5 news in high definition. the search is on for survivors in rubble left behind from a storm of historic proportions. how one couple just barely survived before their roof blew off their house. a teenaged girl false more than 200 feet from the golden gate bridge and survives. changes can be coming to parking rules in one east bay city. the extra hours and days you may have to feed the meter. i'm ann notarangelo, good evening, killer storms barreled up the east coast this weekend. this is time lapse video from raleigh, north carolina, lightning, thunder, dark clouds roll in bringing heavy rain, more than 60 tornadoes touched down in north carolina alone yesterday. since thursday, more than 3 dozen people have been killed in tornadoes that tore through much of the midwest and south. tara lynn with the damage in
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north carolina. >> this time lapse video shows storm clouds tee sending on raleigh, part of the system that killed more than 20 people across the state. one of the hardest hit areas was in the tiny town of cold rain, where a couple hundred people live, tore houses from the foundations, through cars and left behind yards of destruction. >> i saw this twister coming i said twisting, we hit the bathroom, we hit the bathroom floor the roof flu. >> reporter: kim lafferty had prayers of her own when she couldn't reach her in-laws. >> i had a gut feeling when i couldn't get them on the phone and new how close it could hit. >> reporter: when she arrived at their home she found stairs leading to nothing, the door, the entire home were gone. the tornado killed her in-laws, roy and barbara lafferty and barbara's mother. the storm picked up the home and threw knit to the woods,
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barbara's mother lived next door an was visiting the couple who came home early from their lake house. it spawned off 62 tornadoes wisconsin destroyed this tire and demolished big-box stores like this lowe's. no one cas willed here after a manager corralled everybody into the back to a room without windows. >> we've got to the back, the whole world was being sucked up into the air around you. >> reporter: the 6 the governor toured the damage this afternoon, in cold rain, north carolina, tara lynn, cbs news. a teenaged girl has survived a running plunge from the golden gate bridge, the girl was rescued at 11:00 this morning, it's not clear whether she jumped or fell from mid- span, she was calm and responsive after the 220-foot drop. they are trying to figure out
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if this was an accident or she was trying to commit suicide. demonstrators outside the chinese ebb demanded the release of an artist. it is against the detention of i way way. the chairs are a recreation of one of his works. he was arrested in beijing earlier this month. the government says he is being investigated for "economic crimes." >> he has been a very outspoken advocate for human rights in china for a number of years now through his art practice, film making, conceptual work, installation, and of late he has gotten increasing pressure by the chinese government. >> the global protest was planned with the help of social media. the chinese government has cracked county on activists after calls for protests. a party official sent an email domesticking president obama as an a.m.
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the committee member, marilyn davenport, shows him as part of the family of apes. the text reads "now you know why no birth certificate." davenport, says it is"an email joke." party officials are not laughing. they said "the california republican party believes the actions in question are completely unacceptable. we are supportive of our local chairman's efforts so far and want to make it clear that we do not con doan intolerance in any way." party officials are calling for davenport's resignation. the big changes could be coming for drivers in one east bay community as it is already costing them more to get behind the wheel. but soon the price of parking their cars may increase too. linda yee has where and how much. >> reporter: i'm in downtown walnut creek, a busy area for shopping and dining. it has been tough to find parking, at least street
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parking for many people, so the city council will be considering a new and controversial proposal. no more free meters on sundays. the idea is to open up parking spaces so the city council will consider charging for metered parking on sundays. >> you kind of feel like on sunday you deserve to have a free parking space. no? it's a right or something, no? >> that's not a good idea. >> the plan is to also extend meter enforcement hours later until 8:00 p.m. many businesses and restaurant owners do not like the proposals. they are afraid of losing customers, they may be right. >> i don't think that they should. >> reporter: no? >> no. >> reporter: it might open up spots. >> it won't affect people that live here, it will affect their choice to park or not. >> reporter: a task for studied the plan, it changes the perception it's too difficult to find parking in downtown walnut creek. they say that drives away
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customers from downtown businesses. the idea is to encourage people to get off the street parking and go into those under-used free parking structures and the city council will take up this issue tomorrow. >> could get an earfull. linda yee, walnut creek. the search is on for a killer of a young man in san jose. the shooting happened at 6:00 this morning on capital avenue. a woman says her -- a man came into her home and shot her friend. no suspect information has been released. tomorrow crews will begin removing the siding off of hangar 1 in months cat field. it raised concerns about harmful chemicals that could be released into the environment. nasa says it cannot comment on the environmental impact report. preserve visionnist do not want the siding removed and are raising money to restore hangar 1. he is one of the vanishing breeds.
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the survivor from the 1906 earthquake. 105-year-old william demon take is considered to be one of only three survivors from that quake and fire. he was the only one at the lunch. he doesn't remember the quake, he was only 3 months old on april 18th, 1906, but he has heard the stories all his life. the 105th quake anniversary ceremony kicks off at 5:00 tomorrow morning at lada's fountain, it will include a wreath in honor of the people in the earthquake and tsunami in japan. keeping the skies from turning into a collision course. the new rules to keep air traffic controllers from falling asleep on the job. gas prices still on the rice, not on the rice.
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new rules went this to effect today that gave air traffic controllers more time to rest between shifts, those rules go into effect one day after another controller was found sleeping on the job. that took place yesterday in miami. the goal is to increase safety of air traffic controllers direct nearly 50,000 flights a day. >> we cannot allow controllers to fall' sleep in control towers, we're not gonna stand by and let that happen. >> the transportation secretary says he is going to put a stop to controllers switching schedules. right now they can cluster them so they can get long weekends, they'll start a tour of facilities around the country tomorrow. gas prices are causing many to lose sleep. 6 states plus dc now have $4 gas.
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prices have risen an average of 29 cents in just the last month alone. of course we, here in the bay area, hit the $4 milestone long ago. according to gas gas prices are at or above $4.20 a gallon. those yourself that suggest they are buying left fuel, but experts predict they'll continue to rise through the summer. it's not just the drivers on the road who are feeling increased pain at the pumps. voters are as well. wait until you hear what their gas costs. the other way boaters are considering getting around. >> reporter: with summer approaching most experts predict that gas prices will continue to skyrocket. can those high costs anchor down boaters this sum officer if you think it is painful for your car, check out how much they have to pay. they used a blend of gas that doesn't use ethanol. they are paying $5.55 a gallon.
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>> it hurts when you have a $3,000 bill to pay. >> reporter: it can't feel good. >> no. >> reporter: they can burn up to 50 gallons an hour. >> only 30 bucks so we're probably approaching half full. >> reporter: even for a dippingy this small it costs more than 60 bucks to fill the tank. you would expect the prices to pinch for recreational small boat owners, but what about for the people who cruise in 68- foot long luxury yachts, with a $2.1 million price tag it softs about $7,500 to fill the tank. the cost of gas, does it have any effect on those type of owners? >> nonetheless, it does affect your attitude towards, i think, buying anything that uses large quantities of fuel. people seem to be looking for more economical boating options. >> reporter: it may be one reason some boaters are turning to wind as their energy option of choice. >> sailboat sales are up and
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particularly at the shell and the reasons it could be happening is it could be the price of gas. >> reporter: mitch perkins is the organizers of the strictly sail pacific show. he believes gas prices are driving up sales but people are devoting more money to recreational recreation as we come out of the recession. grace lee cbs5. turned out to be a pretty nice weekend. things about to change. rain coming our way, we'll tell you when next. ♪ [ male announcer ] escape convention. ♪ escape definition. ♪ escape compromise. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green.
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women, bill delmon take. annual cherry blossom festival wrapped up today with a parade from the civic center to japantown. it's san francisco's annual
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cherry blossom festival wraps up today with a parade from the civic center to downtown. it's the 44th year for the festival which features boy scout troops from the african- american community as well as folk dancers and the festival queen and her cohorts, it celebrates the coming of spring and the japanese culture. a good day for that lawrence? >> yes, you feel spring coming? >> if i said yes what would you say next? yes? >> i feel a little winter coming back right now as we look like we're going to see a little unsettled weather. some rain looking to make its way back into the bay area, outside today we enjoyed a pretty nice day, a couple of patches of fog inside the bay. very thick out at the beaches and even reports some drizzle there with some cool temperatures. still we managed to squeeze in some 60s and 70s in many parts of the bay area. but there is a storm brog. we're already beginning to see some of the showers showing up in far northern california. you can see doppler radar
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ticking up on some moisture. high pressure sitting overhead is going to weaken. it is going to sag down into the bay area bringing us a chance of some rain. here is how we're gonna play it for tomorrow. cloudy skies, showers likely at this point. temperatures are going to be much cooler, 50s and low 60s for highs as we head towards the afternoon, right now not too bad, 67 degrees in vallejo, 66 degrees in san jose, if you do head around the state tomorrow prepare for some wet weather as we will see some showers about everywhere you go. even in the high country we're expecting some rain showers up there, making some pretty slushy conditions. if you plan to do any skiing up there plan on a dry day tuesday and another chance of rain as we head in the to the middle of the week. the storm system is off the coastline, it has subtropical moisture, we'll see a lot of clouds rolling through the bay area, we'll see showers but it doesn't look like it will be a total wash out.
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let's see if we can time this out for you. roll the clock forward to midnight tonight. then it won't be long we will begin to see a few showers turning up from the north bay. the commute tomorrow could be a bit wet outside as we see shows showers sliding on through. the roadway is slick, in the afternoon becoming probably more widespread and starting to become more scattered as we head into the evening hours. with that in mind prepare for rain tomorrow. those cool temperatures will continue, highs only in the 50s, a lot of 50s inside the bay and elsewhere 60s. as we look towards the next couple of days we look for spring and i think we'll find it but we'll get to the long range forecast. a chance of showers again wednesday, partly cloudy skies thursday. how about this next weekend? that looks pretty good. yeah, we have some -- >> ann was wondering when we would talk about that. >> yeah. >> 70s maybe even 80ss, or the next few days a return to wintery weather.
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>> some easter bunnies. >> that's an important day. >> hundreds of volunteers descended upon oakland this weekend to take part in habitat for humanity's latest buildathon, volunteers are helping construct 7 homes for low income residents, the project is listed on 81st avenue in a mixed-use residential complex. sit build as part of an earth day green building event. all are designed to meet energy star and heather green standards. dennis is here, exciting news. >> lawrence was talking about the weather, they called off the tournament today, the nation-wide tournament because of the fog. two shocking upsets in the nba playoffs. a triple photo finish in nascar and the giants go extra innings to search for its sweep. we're up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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winner...they had a chance to today in the the giants' largest winning streak last season was 5 games. that was the shortest ever for a world series winner. they had a chance to match that today in the desert. the chances of that happening seemed to sink larger than this did at the bottom of the pool. with two outs in the third, madison bumgarner's ball passed first, they scored, baum garter, they got him off the hook. they tied the game at 4 in the sixth inning. then a batter later the panda really looked like a completely different ball park. that's his fourth of the year.
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the giants go ahead 5-4 but arizona wasn't done. ryan roberts signals a tying run on jeremy affeldt in the 8th inning, tied at 5 we go to extra innings. it goes to the 12th after a couple of walks by the bullpen. drew strikes again. base hit. freddy sanchez is going to throw home, justin upton isn't there. d-backs win 6-5. for the first time in his career barry zito will miss a start. the giants placed zito on the 15-day disabled list. he hurt his right foot. he has answered the bell for 356 straight spots in the rotation. ryan voguee el song was called up from fresno. trevor cahill signed a new $30 million contract extension with the a's and proceeded to get knocked around by the white sox. it was a new story today against the tyingers. snl andy sandberg grew up in the area. cahill struck out the side in the fourth, rung up a season
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high 9 batters in 8 innings. allowed just 4 hits, one run, did not walk a single batter. nice bounce-back for the a's all-star. brad penny was as bad as cahill was good. with the bases loaded he walked conner jackson which scores a run. 2-0a's. walked four in the run, jim leyland leads the smoke. lines one past third base. one of his last 11 he was before that base hit. another two runs score, make it 4-0a's. they win 5-1 and win the four- game set. trevor cahill today going into the game knowing that balfour and fuentes will be unavailable. i joked with him saying you have to be the starter middle guy, setup guy and closer hopefully and go deep as you can. >> okay. we see it every year. the lakers sort of fade down the stretch of the regular season, then they flip the switch for the playoffs.
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but suppose that switch didn't work? chris paul and the hornets lost every meeting with the lakers. game 1 in l.a. second quarter, paul with 14 assists. final seconds of the half. kobe bryant with the fade-away but he goes down sliding into a chair after a hornets' bucket. while briant is still down ron artest beats the buzzer from half court. the lakers down 8 at the half and kobe still shaken up. he would be okay but they had no answer to cp3. he was 33 points, the hornets stuns the lakers in l.a. with the loss of manu guy nobody plea, you be the judge, 30 seconds left. shawn battier knocks down the go-ahead three. new orleans shoots 55% from the field. wide open richie jefferson but off the mark and the gris stun the top-seeded spurs 101-98 for their first playoff win in
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franchise history. that's 16 years if you're scoring at home. a little golf. daniel oh chop a led after three rounds of the nation-wide tour stop. they started late this afternoon, to accommodate television coverage, but the fog did not cooperate. chopra on the 8th hole now tied for the lead. great shot out of the bunker, going to make bogey at 6. but minutes later. >> russell knocks -- oh. you hear that horn? that tells everybody play is off. that's it. because less than half the field ended they ended the competition making it a 54-hole tournament. so chopra is thanking his lucky stars for that. mcilroy shot an 80 to cost him the masters. the story, that man. or that boy. italian teenager mateo monday ty sierra oh, he won on the
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european tour last year. now he has won twice. won't turn 18 years old until tuesday. the eagle from the fairway, the win earns him over $400,000. jimmie boog eye de, boog eye de, this is talladega, let's go racing. >> listen in. >> down goes johnson. >> they are three wide. three by three wide. >> maybe jimmie johnson. >> dale earnhardt, jr., that's sweet right there. >> he was literally pushed over the finish line, inching out clint boyer by 2 satellites of a second which ties the mark for closeest finish in nascar history. dale is getting closer and closer to winning a race. that will end a long drought for him. >> and game day? >> >> game day the great vin scully. >> okay. we'll see you at 6:30. have a great night. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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