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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 21, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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shot cupid." she told me about this new beauty trend, that it would add a little sparkle to my life. i called it vajazzling. she wanted to put crystals on my hoohah. when i saw it, it was amazing. the once pale, sad girl who couldn't figure on how to move from her breakup had transformed to a bronzed sex goddess with the prettiest hoohah in my neighborhood. >> that's beautiful, man. [applause] craig: that was pretty good. now, if he does that on that show, i think they have got themselves a hit on their hands right there. [laughter]
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are we out of time? in that case, the only thing that remains for me to say is good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,,
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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> the bay area opens its wallets for the president, why he may have lost some steam from visits past. >> then i spent a few days basically driving through, i stopped over in utah. >> your i-phone knows your every move, secretly tracking you. meet the two who found the secret file. >> and we take up inside a pot store getting a nod from the american institute of architects. good evening. i'm dana king. >> i'm ken batista. the president expected to raise a record one billion dollars for his campaign. >> he spent the day here
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collecting cash. grace lee is where he just wrapped up his speech about 90 minutes ago. >> reporter: that's right. what a difference an hour and a half makes. it's all cleaned up and quiet but there were big names to help the president reach that billion dollar mark. stevie wonder preformed. some big name democrats were here but it all got started with a star athlete. former san francisco 49er and hall of famer jerry rice kicked off the rally. the fundraising season has started. >> we are laying for something even more important than a super bowl ring and trust me i don't say that about many things. i'm wearing any super bowl ring. >> reporter: 2500 supporters packed the room with tickets
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ranging from 25 to $10,000. >> that's what this campaign has to be about. about your hopes, dreams, that's what we are fighting for. >> reporter: the president is going big. he is reportedly trying to raise one billion dollars to go around. in 2008 he brought in close to $750 million. >> you don't think he will have any problem raising a billion dollars. >> no. >> reporter: we off to a good start in pacific heights 200 supporters paid $35,000 each for dinner with the president . >> the people coming are long time supporters who feel strongly about making sure we do well and the president is the most important place to make that happen. >> reporter: the president has taken flack from issues ranging the wars in iraq and figure and
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same sex marriage. >> from working people yes, from rich, no. >> reporter: why? >> because he hasn't fought for national health care program for everybody that saves money. >> reporter: one says the president's positions are headed more to the center and are less lib era l meaning he could loose progressive support. what could hold him back more, the lack of jobs. >> hard times,. >> reporter: for those who lean to the left the president may be their only choice. >> i think he is betting they will vote for him any which but being able to raise money to vote is another and for him to get reelected he needs votes and money. >> reporter: the president not done yet. he has a breakfast tomorrow and apparently all three of the events were sold out so they
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adan event. that witness is for the breakfast. it's coffee with the president and costs that 35, 8hundred price tag that we talked about earlier and apparently there was a waiting list so they say don't worry the president is coming back. dana. >> i can't believe we are talking about it already. we will be able to track all these events for quite a while before we go for the election. >> thank you. >> little earlier in the day the president held a town hall at facebook in palo alto. when he talked about reducing the deficit. in part by raising taxes on the wealthy. >> then what we have said is let's take another trillon of that lets people like me and frankly you mark, for paying a little more in taxes. >> i'm cool with that. >> i know you are.
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> the billionaire said he was cool with its plan. the president took plans from the -- facebook employees and prescreened online submissions. after we caught up with him leaving the building but he didn't want to take any questions >> the administration is planning to give $25 million in american surplus goods to help protect civilians in areas held by fighters to defeat gadhafi. . they are caught in a tug of war. it is the only one in the area currently under rebel control. that's where two western photographers were killed while covering battles. the oscar nominated director of the film and new york based photographer chris hondro were reportedly in an area that has seen some of those intensifying recently in that city. the video was loaded to a
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social media sight yesterday and today there was gun fire and shelling. allen is in the area. he said nearly nowhere in the city is safe. he. >> as a veteran combat reporter does it feel like it's in the middle of the war? >> parts of it feel that what, parts feel like beruit. there are place that have deserted, lots of places that have been hit with shells. you know you are in a war zone. you have to start triaging people in a tent. >> reporter: doctors had to abandon the main hospital in the town and pull back to a private one. they say they are under staffed but coping and if gets worse they say they are in serious trouble. >> if you are running errands in town or across country if you have an i-phone or i-pad your every move is being tracked. that's because there is a
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secret tracking file in the devices and as mark said you can't delete it. >> this is me stopping off in denver. >> reporter: when pete moved he knew his i-phone could track his movements and let him know where he was. when he didn't know is i-phone was also logging that information and storing it. >> and then i spent a few days, driving through, you can see i stopped over in utah. >> reporter: he and another researcher revealed their findings at a conference in santa clara, they say any apple device that runs ios4, the latest mobile operating system for i-phone and i-pad keeps the location data log. >> the news worthy thing is its being collected and kept in one place and it just is building up overtime on the file in your device. >> reporter: they have seen no evidence that the location
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history data is being sent from the phone but if the phone is taken or out of your control they are worried about privacy. >> this is a possibly damaging amount of information for some people, you know, if you have a jealous spouse or if the file gets in to the hands of somebody investigating you. this tells them a lot about you. >> reporter: allen was in a hotel room just last weekend when he extracted the data from his phone showing a trip he took from washington to new york. >> you can see it -- that's where the amtrak lines. >> reporter: despite this surprising revelation cnet editor said users don't need to panic. >> i would be concerned, not worry. the fact it's on your i-phone, our i-pad and computer, at least it's still yours. the fear is when and if they get hacked or if the information is used by apple in some way you don't like, that's
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what it's worse, right now though i think concern is the worse. >> reporter: the ios4 was released in june of last year. if you have the i-pad or i- phone with the earlier operating system you aren't impacted. apple has had no comment. >> yeah. thank you for the heads up. . >> inmates at san quentin came to the rescue of boaters. a man and his girlfriend fell overboard near the prison while trying to repair the boat. a tower guard heard them and dispatched help from the prison's fire department which includes inmates. both victims were taken to the hospital where the man died. the woman was treated and released. drinking may have been involved. >> other headlines, oakland police looking for the plan who followed a woman into her apartment and forced her to undress. it happened last night.
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he didn't assault her though. police think he is responsible for up to four other sexual assaults in the area. he is patient, waiting, saying he watches and waits for opportunities to strike. tomorrow morning golden gate bridge officials will consider a speed limit for the 6,000 bikers who cross that bridge each day. right now there is no speed limit for bikes and that is what they say is causing the majority of accidents on the bridge. they will also think about a one hundred dollar fine for psyche bikers who exceedt.. >> coming up the new rule that could have airlines paying you. >> and it's not your average area, how buying pot just got posh. >> to much tv can be bad for your health. how watching to much can be bad for your child's heart. >> say it isn't so, rain is back if the forecast for the
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easter weekend and we will pinpoint that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. airlines are now going to be a lot more careful with your bags because if they loose them they will have to paraphora them and give you a refund. it part of the passenger billing of rights. also airlines will have to pay more to bump passengers. extra costs like seat selection and fuel sur charges must be
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disclosed before the ticket and sold and airlines will pay bigger fines for stranding passengers on the tarmac for long periods of time. >> that's a wonderful idea. sometimes you are stuck out there for a long time. >> i would hate to get stuck on a tarmac with my 3-year-old, my 8 and 10-year-old, yeah, i think it's a great thing. >> carriers will also have to do more to tell passengers about delays or canceled flyings both at airport and online. the expanded passenger bill of rights takes effect in august. >> it's not like medical marijuana clinics of the past, it's modern, green and built with the patient's best interest in mind. elizabeth cook shows us the so- called designer. >> reporter: its like an apple store for marijuana. >> i have not seen anything of this nature in any of the states that had them and particularly the state of
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california. >> reporter: modern design, and artful displays, buying pot just got posh. >> natural light, put in a great ventilation system sot air was clean, make it comfortable for people. >> reporter: aaron is director of the san francisco patient and resource center a nonprofit pot club where profits go to providing natural medicine to low income people. it won an award for the american institute of architects. you would think it would mean everything is probably more expensive right? actually it's the ons president one of their campaign slogans was taking profit out of pot. >> our prices are very affordable. a lot is because we cultivate
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most of our own medicine and cut out the profits. >> they will go that extended mile to make sure that the patient has something other than an opportunity to place the use in canada. >> reporter: he aims to start a trend. >> patients have had a positive response and you will see more and more places that are able to look in to the community and design places for their comfort. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs5. >> i bet your mom always said don't sit so close to the tv. doctors say it can hurt your children's heart through their eyes. kids who spend more time watching television and less time playing outside have smaller blood vessels in their eyes. that may be a sign of restricted blood flow that could lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. the tv doesn't dot damage, it's from sitting to much and not
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moving enough. >> watching television isn't necessarily bad more your eyes, but it's taking time away that you should be exercising. >> a little exercise can make a big difference. researchers said kid whose are active for more than an hour a day have significantly wider blood vessels in their eyes. >> and all of them are in bed right now and not watching tv. >> thankfully. >> the adults are to old save their eyes any way. >> we have a lot of -- in the tom of drizzle, otherwise what we have clouds, up a little bit higher, it's the high radar, little bit of light rain showers in the eastern portion, around the alameda, otherwise mattering of precipitation, anywhere around in verness, santa rosa, we saw it a quarter inch much of rain in the
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kentsville area. 59 degrees, no rain, 73 and morgan hill. you might need the umbrella, otherwise it'll turn partly sunny during the day. this is an area of low pressure. its beginning to go into a south irly fashion. about a tenth of an up much expected to cross some neighborhoods, quarter inch much in the santa cruz before the exit. high pressure briefly before another system moves in for the weekend producing daily chances of light rain saturday and sunday. if are you sneezing it's the trees, it's the oak and mold count or the grasses that's causing you problem. now tomorrow for your thursday after a little bit of a lingering shower in the morning, partly sunny, temperature wise 50s, beaches, bay side to high of 60's in the
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inland area. winds northwest to westerly at 15. 15. forecast a dry day. under the influence of high pressure. cloudy on friday and then that daily chance to have a weak system on saturday. sunday, yes, easter sunday with few sunny breaks, into your monday, but it's the sun on tuesday, wednesday with warmer temperatures. this is my pick. it was sent in by jean nelson of zebra sky, when you look at these skies and see that you have to remember it's the very strong fast moving currents of wind above it causing that ripple effect. i thank you for sharing that photograph and we invite you to keep your photog,,,, i am a sneeze whisperer.
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we've heard of the tea party... . every political party have its opposite. normal elliot wants to know, we heard of the tea party but what is the coffee party? that's the good question
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tonight. >> the website says they are americans working to create a fair and ininclusive society. >> to set them aside from the tea party i would say that they are more young and more people of color than you tend to see at the tea party . >> reporter: eric and annabel founded the coffee party about a year ago. they say it started as an online meeting place where political and social views could be talked about. >> this new brand of politics, the transpartisan approach to being a responsible, active citizen without having a preconceived label or -- idea. >> reporter: he call itself a virtua, l town hall. >> we have almost 350,000 fans, we have e-mail list of 80,000 people, we had a membership drive for the month
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of february and raised $128,000. republican. >> reporter: he said what is talked about must be fact based. >> it's fact based. it's respectful of diverse cultures and opinions. >> reporter: go to and click on connect to send me your good question. >> this is rare, the giants and a's both go to sweeps. kobe is held to 11 points. would they go down tw,,,,,,,,,,,
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0.74.. . a streak of 17 scoreless innings and era of 0.74. that's what gonzalez brought into the game. one problem, our producer jinxed him before his first pitch . . >> how does it feel to -- play four sets? >> that's a lie. have you to check the stats again. i'm just playing. it's something you don't want to play about. it's one of those be careful, have you a no hitter going. >> that was the kiss of death. way to go anthony, good job. boston didn't have a road win all year but kevin goes deep and then jet lowrie goes deep. a 1.80, that's still pretty good. major league baseball have taken control of the dodgers who have been in financial
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turmoil. cody ross off the dl today. brandon bell sent down. big daddy k, looking for a sweep against the rockies, he -- six today at coorv. wigginton, three run shot, he hit buster posey on the back fling. if there was no ffl work stop my guess is smith would be gone. because there is both smith and the niners will likely give it another go in 2011 if there is a 2011. he entered the off season as a free agent. he can sign anywhere when there is a new agreement reached. the manager who sounds like the godfather said they have smith in their plans but now it's up to the quarterback. >> we will put the past three players at the position or four together on the field and let
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them compete. >> that was -- >> if they want to come back that's a question you have to ask him. >> i will make him on offer he can't refuse. >> playoffs, kobe bryant had just 11 points tonight against the hornets but it mattered not. stop, this is the nba playoffs. his name is kobe bryant. he made his presence felt in the 4th. quick move along. the baseline for the dunk, lakers win by nine and tie that at one. top five, travis schneider battling 175, he is fooled by uncle charlie. breaks the bat over. yankees beat toronto. bill hall taking the foul ball away from the kid. slams into the wall. he sprains his ankle, astros over new york. highway robbery in texas. peter taking one from david murphy. plus the souvenir from the fan.
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angels beat the rangers. mississippi, walker, trying to score, faked out the catcher, jumping over him to get the run. that's -- number one, jet lowry homered but could have had more. robbed him twice with two great catches down the line and afterward said this. >> i don't know what i did to make him mad at me but i apologize. >> you realize it was the same guy both times in. >> yeah. afterward, i felt bad for him but that's the way it is, have you to make a play. >> nice job with the gloves but they left 15 on the runners. that's okay. i think both are off to a good start. not remarkable starts but -- good enough at this point. >> yeah. . and bell, lot of people will go to the minor leagues. i remember when they called up matt williams, he was up between here and phoenix six times before he finally stuck
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with the giants. bell goes down, figures out his issue and he will be fine. investment to hit the ball. >> i will ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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