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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  April 24, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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helicopter... forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. the chaos caught on tape.. shots fired at an l.a. pd helicopter, forcing the pilot to make an merge landing. the chaos caught on tape. >> i we're alive, our neighbors are alive, our son is alive. we're okay. >> the cleanup continues in st. louis after a tornado leaves a path of instruction. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. it's meant to help track down criminals, but today a police helicopter in los angeles was a gunman's target. tonight, one suspect is in police custody, accused of shooting the chopper, forcing it to make an emergency
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landing. >> a helicopter circled overhead after it was hit by a young man shooting a weapon. police say the 20-year-old suspect fired at officers who had responded to a call about shots fired as well as the chopper. one of the gunshots hit the helicopter's fuel tank, causing it to start smoking. the helicopter made an emergency landing. >> fortunately they were close so they were able to set down there. >> no one was hurt, but it could have been much worse. >> it's matter of a few feet. it's actually very close to the cockpit where the air crew is located. so we're fortunate that it did come close to impacting one of the crew members. >> officers quickly captured the gunman thanks, in part, to family members who subdued him.
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>> we spoke with family members, and they said he was despondent over a friend who was killed recently. >> reporter: the helicopter lost 100-gallons of fuel before it landed safely. it was the most powerful tornado to hit the st. louis area in 44 years. miraculously nobody was killed or seriously injured when a storm ripped through friday night. tonight the airport is back in operation and people are picking through the rubble of destroyed homes, grateful to be alive. >> reporter: flights are once again taking off and landing at st. louis' lambert airport. while workers continue hammering away 24 hours away to repair the massive damage after a tornado struck friday night. >> by the grace of god, no serious injuries or fatalities.
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>> reporter: many are thanking god and many are thanking the national weather service that issued the warning 30 minutes before the tornado hit. >> it was silence, a whistle, we jumped in that bathroom and then all hell broke lose. >> reporter: an estimated -- homes were damaged in the st. louis area. up to 100 are inhabitable. the community of bridgeton was especially hard hit. an ef4 tornado with winds up to 170 miles per hour damaged dozens of structures and swept others right up. >> when you see that much devastation, i cannot describe it. >> survivors and volunteers spent sunday salvaging what they could. >> utility repair crews hit the streets in force. thousands of customers are still without electricitity, and it could be several days before all the power is restored. >> many say a higher power
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never left their side and material possessions can be replaced, even if it takes time. move over san francisco, drivers in another city now pay the nation's highest gas prices. today we found some stations in san francisco selling gas for much more than the city's 4.26 average. in san jose, the average is 4.22 a gallon. 4 at any4.21 in oakland. the national average is 3.88. up 12 cents from weeks ago. the highest average, 4.27 in chicago with some stations charging more than that. bay area headlines, firefighters should know who they're going to be working for in the future. the partnership with bellmont was abandoned and the city is looking looking for other
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options. either partner or bond with another company that the union opposes. the city council will consider both options when it meets tomorrow. another cable car line will partially shut down this week. a stretch of the powell line is being closed as part of the major rehabilitation project. union buses will be routed around the work and street parking will be affected. the partial closing starts tomorrow and continues through friday. an ac transit may hike the cost of its passes to deal with a $21 million deficit. the pass provides kids up to 18 rides for $15 a month. they're thinking of raising it to $20 in august. the proposal will be the subject of a hearing wednesday in oakland. a joyous celebration of
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easter today at glide memorial church. the church has been ministering to the neighborhoods for decades. it also draws people from all over the bay area for its high energy services and volunteer. the pastor says turnouts at the celebration as well as the free breakfast and dinner was as high as it's been in ten years. >> people are looking for something that really matters. i think there's one place among many that can help people deal with what matters. >> they serve over 1 million free meals a day. much of it is prepared and served by volunteers. the first family attended easter services today. you can see mrs. obama waving to people. they went to shiloh baptist church which was founded by
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free black citizens in the 1850s. at collection time, obama and his daughters gave money in envelopes provided at their seats. the pope celebrated mass in st. peter's square in part of his address. he spoke of the civil war in libya. >> the di momma si and dialogue take the place of arms and may may those who suffer be given access to humanitarian aid. >> speaking of the uprising across the middle east, the pope called for peace. >> how far are californians going to balance the budget. >> plus, she's nearly walking. the progress of gabrielle giffords just four months after being shot in the head. ,,,,,,,,,,
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giffords was shot in the head last january, in an assassination attempt that an encouraging progress report on gabrielle giffords. she was shot in the head last january in an assassination attempt that killed six people and wounded 13 others. doctors say she can now speak in short sentences, stand on her own, and walk a little. she still has a long way to go, but they placed her in the top 5% of the patients recovering from this injury. they cleared her to attend her astronaut husband's launch on friday. according to a new l.a.
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times poll, 60% of those surveyed support an election to vote on proposed tax increases. governor brown hopes for a vote in the fall. many republicans say we don't need an election, just cut more from state services. 33% of poll responders support that alternative. state parks may stay open even if governor brown slashes the department's budget. the governor's plan cuts $11 million from the state parks' system. this week state lawmakers to consider two bills that give cities and counts a chance to take over park operations if the state closes them. >> the tour of colleges they're interested in attending. for one group, it was much more
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than that. dan macivich shows us it was a look at their future. >> it's a lot of fanfare for a 16-day trip, but it's one that may have changed lives. >> it was wonderful. it was a great experience. >> these are some of the pictures this group of 29 students took on the 11th 11th state tour of sites from the civil civil rights movement as well as colleges from the u.s. >> reach back into our history because we know once these kids know who they are, they have an responsibility to do better. >> it encourages higher education. >> there's many people i know that's not choosing college. that's why this program is good for people my age that are interested to go to college and succeed. >> she was offered five scholarships. >> i'm still debating about it. >> once they get there, they will need motivation to stay.
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only 43% of african-americans who enter college in the u.s. graduate. 20% lower than the rate for whites. among black men, only 36% who enter college finish. >> everything in the foresight of the future is education. you have to have education in order to survive. >> i just want to follow in her footsteps, do every single step she's done. it will be good. >> jacqueline rushing is ready to help the next opportunity. >> they do everything right, but we spend all of our time talking to the more challenged student. no one was doing anything for these kids. it was really empowering. movie goers flock to the theater this weekend. was rio able to cling to the
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office. the animated film "rio" took in nearly 27-million dollars over the weekend. it's the second straight week at number one for the love-bird story, voices of anne >> rio took in $27 million over the weekend. it's the second straight week at no. 1 for the love bird story
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featuring the voices of ann hath a way. and ma dee ya's big happy family debuted second. water for elephants. -- a little cloudy and drizzlely and then the sun came out. >> it was really gloomy. drizzle and the wet stuff early on. by the afternoon the sun finally made its way through. lots of sunshine this afternoon. it's getting a little breezy in spots. we're seeing gusty winds. how about blue skies. looking good there. that storm system is headed eastward. we're drying things out. over the city of san francisco, you've got mostly sunny skies. we've got more clouds to come, though. as your next storm system sets itself up. this looking for more substantial. the last one you could barely
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see on the satellite system. here's the clouds. that's part of the next system that's going to start to slide in toward the bay area. tomorrow we're looking at morning rain. looks like the commute could be a bit wet. it looks like clearing skies. we'll see some sunshine as we head to the noontime hour. then things will start to dry out after. that temperatures outside right now, you've got a mixed bag. 67 degrees in santa rosa. 63 in san jose. statewide you will find more rainfall across the state, especially to the north. chance of light showers around the fresno area. around the high country, you're going to see a mixed bag. then it looks like we're going to dry things out, pretty nice conditions. mild conditions as we head toward wednesday. we've got another system here. here it comes. it's setting itself up here. it's going to be a slow mover.
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doesn't look like it's going to come in until early tomorrow morning, but rain likely as we head into tomorrow. let's see if we can time this out and get you through tonight. midnight should be dry. then, wouldn't you know it, right about the commute, here it comes, head back to work on monday, it's going to be wet around the bay area early on. by afternoon, the skies part a bit and we're going the dry things out. not a complete washout toward the afternoon hours, but it's going to be brisk and breezy. the next couple of days, we're going to see major changes in the forecast. the ones you're going to like, spring weather. and then next friday and saturday, lots of sunshine and nice weather. >> not quite done with the showers, but the sun is on the horizon. that's the good news let's send
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it over to kim now for sports. the braves are taking advantage of the giants. the giants needed extra innings to avoid a sweep. would it be enough? and while the as don't care what's in their path, baseball is next in sports. ,,,,,,
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.500 so far this season. today they we hopi aubrey huff said it yesterday, the giants are fortunate to be at .500 so far this season.
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they avoided being swept by the braves. here's the save of the day. giants 2-0 in the fourth when buster posey drives one to left center field. it's posey's fourth home run of the season. ties the game at two. still tied in the seventh. it was the guy that was runner up to posey. jason heyward to deep center field. it clears the wall. atlanta is back in front. 5-2. the giants rally in their half of the inning. two runs in and two runners on when aaron rowand drives one to the gap. the giants take their first lead of the game. it's 6-5. it doesn't last long. it's tied up. a solo shot to left field off sergio romo. the game goes to extra innings. atlanta, loads the bases against brian wilson in the
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tenth. two outs, 3-2 pitch. nate mcclouth lines one to center. the giants lose. it's their fourth straight loss. matsui and the as in seattle. godzilla lawith a base hit. seattle ties it in the bottom of the first. move ahead to the sixth. >> still going back. he makes the catch. >> reporter: chris robs -- of extra bases. he had three hits and scored three runs before crashing into the wall. coco left the game and his mark on the wall. josh willingham with a shot down the left field line. that's fair and good for extra bases. chris crisp scores and connor
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jackson comes in. that will be plenty for brett anderson. he allowed -- and struck out six to earn his second win of the year. the as win 5-2. despite allowing three goals, doug mcclellan is sticking sticking with antti niemi. san jose spotted three goals and niemi was benched for the second time in three games. the sharks lost but still lead the series 3-2. they look to keep the road success going tomorrow in l.a. >> we've got to come out better than. that we're at home and on the brink of elimination. we start like that, but it's not right. >> we talked about not putting ourself in that position. you get away with that. we went 6-5 in overtime. most times you're not going to get that second opportunity. >> you can't question the work ethic or heart. everybody was trying hard. it's just a few stupid mental
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errors early that cost us three goals and cost us the game. >> the one thing with our group, we tend to play better when we're not comfortable. that's now eliminated. >> reporter: nba playoffs, the knicks, amare stoudemire played with a back injury against the celtics. boston builds a 23-point lead. 13 for pierce. they rally and garnet scores -- the celtics sweep the knicks to advance to the second round. lebron james and the heat with the chance to close out their series? philadelphia. late in the 1st half. dwyane wade up top to king james for the flush. he had a game high 31. miami at a 6-point lead with 90 seconds to play. is 76ers answer. first, they get a big play from
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jrue holiday. lou williams drills the three. the sixers avoid elimination, winning 86-82. they still trail three games to one. golf, luke donald could become if no. 1 player in the world, but the third round leader was -- by -- who shoots a seven under par. third hole, sudden death. donald needs to hold his shot to continue. maybe he should have kept the flag stick in. it's the second career tour victory. he jumps to world no. 38 and lee westwood takes over the no. 1 spot with an indo niese shaen win. experts say they're seeing increase in poisoning among birds and other predators. what's behind the alarming number of cases coming up in 30 minutes. that's it for eyewitness news. we'll see you back in half an
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hour. news updates on our website. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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