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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we'll see you tomorrow. >> caption colorado, llc captioning funded by cbs >> good morning. nato strike, allied jets drop bombs on part of moammar gadhafi's compound. the rebels gain ground in misrata. giffords trip. gabrielle giffords now cleared to attend her husband's shuttle launch later this week. and the astronaut opens up to katie couric about his wife's recovery and her plans to be there in person to see him take off. what was her reaction when she got the final go ahead? >> i think she said awesome. pumped her fist one more time. and royal readiness. thousands descend on london hundreds of thousands for the royal wedding security operations kick into high gear and new details emerge about the big event including who is in
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and who is out on the guest list, and we will kick off our week of special wedding coverage with a rare look at one of the city's greatest landmarks, early this monday morning, april 25th, 2011. and a very good monday morning to you live from london you can see that beautiful tower bridge in the shot, it is behind us from our new set for the week here, on "the early show." at the tower of london, checking the shot, sorry. it is a gorgeous day and great time to be in london. a lot of excitement about the royal wedding. we'll bring you the latest on that throughout the week. chris, good morning. >> good morning, erica. i confirm the shot looks beautiful. it looks like a beautiful day in
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london. happy monday morning to you. a busy monday morning here and we're going to get back to new york in a couple minutes. erica, let's begin with you in london. >> yeah, chris, we want to get you the latest on the attack on moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli, libya. last night nato missiles destroyed a building believed to contain gadhafi's office and library, cbs news national security correspondent david martin has the latest for us from the pentagon. david, good morning. do we know at this point where gadhafi is now, where he was during the strikes? >> we do not know where gadhafi is or was at the time of the strike. this was a preplanned strike, in other words, planned in advance, so this was not based on knowledge of gadhafi's whereabouts, it was designed to take out a command and control center and it did apparently knock libyan tv off the air for about 30 minutes last night. even though the u.s. is flying
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predator drones over libya now and predator drones used in other parts of the world to kill specific members of al qaeda, the u.s. insists it is not trying to kill gadhafi. gadhafi is not a target. erica. >> and yet it's interesting the u.s. insisting that they are not trying to kill gadhafi but three members of the senate armed services speaking out calling for more to be done to drive him from power. senator graham the most forceful saying gadhafi needs to wake up every day wondering will this be my last. is it any part of a goal of the nato mission as a whole to take out gadhafi? >> well, this is all being done under a u.n. resolution which only calls for the protection of civilians and says nothing about removing gadhafi from power. now, that's enough authority to attack command and control centers, so that he cannot issue orders to his troops. and if he or one of his top
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commanders happened to be in that command center when the bomb struck, well, there's no law against getting lucky. >> david martin at the pentagon for us this morning. thanks. joining us also is cbs news national security analyst juan zarate. senator mccain spoke out, he last week was in libya, met with the rebels. they are outnumbered in terms of numbers and training. mentioned that he feared a stalemate and that he said it was very possible al qaeda could take advantage of that stalemate. we're weeks into this effort at this point. is that a valid concern that al qaeda could come in and somehow start to influence the rebels? >> i think it's a valid concern, erica. i think al qaeda has traditionally taken advantage of chaos and permissive environments. in libya you have a history of al qaeda presence and related groups and extremists who have been sympathetic to al qaeda's cause this is a concern.
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al qaeda's not only taking advantage of the space, the permissive environment to move operatives around but trying to forment enthusiasm against gadhafi. >> as you look at the situation there, misrata almost seem like a football, going back and forth with the rebels gaining a little ground. but it's been some of the worst fighting there over the weekend. how much longer do you think these rebel forces can hold on? >> well, it's a great question, erica. i think the one thing that is clear is that they can't survive without foreign support and western intervention. certainly militarily we see that to be the case. on a humanitarian basis that becomes critical. so i don't think there is any confidence that the rebels can survive on their own or take tripoli on their own. i think what needs to happen is continued western support. if we hope the rebels are going to survive. the other thing is i think the administration is hoping that internal regime fractures take
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over and topple gadhafi. i don't think there is much hope the rebels will take gadhafi down. >> so pinning hopes on that as a different opening. i want to ask you quickly about the rest of the region. we saw more unrest in syria over the weekend, more than 100 killed in demonstrations. how do you see that uprising ending? >> well, i think we're likely to see more violence there, erica. the regime is cracking down harder, using violence there now, arresting protest leaders. so i think the cycle of violence will escalate. this becomes important for the united states. syria is in many ways more important than libya for stability in the middle east, support for terrorism, instability in lebanon and iraq, syria is important. so the administration's going to have to answer the question whether or not they consider the assad regime illegitimate and push for regime change in damascus. >> we will continue to follow it
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along with you, juan. thanks. i want to send it for more back to chris in new york along with rebecca jarvis. >> all of that turmoil in the region, one of the reasons gas prices are going up here in the united states, cbs news business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with the latest where the price of gas is going. right off the bat, nationwide what are we seeing? >> we're seeing averages rising, the last two weeks ago prices up 12 cents, we're looking at a national average of $3.88 a gallon. and obviously there is a lot of places when you go out to fill up the tank you see a much higher number than that $3.88. in the last two months prices are up 70 cents, that's a pretty significant climb for a short period of time. like i said there are places in the country paying a lot more, like chicago which is paying the highest amount, $4.27 a gallon. >> this is going to be a big week, a lot of the oil companies announce their first quarter earnings, profits are expected to be massive. what can we expect from some of
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the big giants like exxon and shell? >> from exxon and shell what we expect is sort of a repeat of 2008 which is when prices hit their all-time high. that's when oil prices peaked at $147 a barrel. right now exxon-mobil will likely report profits of $10 billion, that is up 60% whereas shell is likely to report $5.9 billion in profit, up 23%. so very significant. and you can thank higher oil prices for that significant bump in their profitability. >> if i'm home and paying over $4 a gallon, i see those numbers, it's absurd. >> a lot of people feel a lot of outrage when they look at how much money oil companies are making off of these sky high oil prices. the reality, however, is that there are multiple factors that go into the pricing. >> let's talk about silver lining here, a light at the end of the tunnel. >> there are certain analysts calling for light at the end of the tunnel. troby lundberg doesn'ting spekt
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prices above the high set in '08 of $4.11 and here on the saturday early show john hoffmeister predicted the prices wouldn't climb much higher at the pump this year. >> we'll continue to monitor those numbers. thank you. here is jeff glor with another check of today's other headlines. good morning. >> good morning to everyone at home as well. a huge jail break to report this morning, more than 450 inmates, most taliban fighters broke out of an afghan prison in kandahar. they escaped through a tunnel built by taliban militants from the outside. the tunnel was more than 1,000 feet long, it took months to dig, we're told. many of the escapees were taliban commanders. there was an attempted hijacking aboard an alitalia jet. mark phillips is in london with the latest on what was an unusual incidents. mark? >> reporter: good morning. this is one of those what could have been stories.
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it was all right in the end. the potential hijacker was a 48-year-old man from kazakhstan who has been living in paris, he was arrested when he landed. his motive was unknown. his method was to say the least strange. this was a paris to rome flight, it was first described as a nail clipper hijacker, maybe a pen knife which he held to a flight attendant's throat until he was overpowered. he demanded that the plane be taken to tripoli but it landed in rome. jeff. >> do we know more about his plan and why he did this? >> reporter: well, we're in the realm of speculation here but the presumption is that he may have had some sort of hijack scenario in mind. a plane full of westerners, particularly from paris and italy, both countries which are involved in the air effort against libya, a plane load of civilians on the tarmac in tripoli would have raised some interesting potentials. but right now he's in custody in
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rome and all those passengers are safe. >> mark phillips, thanks very much. the baltimore over ratzing the u.s. debt limit is heeding up. the treasury department says the government will hit $14.3 trillion by the end of may. on cbs' face the nation yesterday both sides squared off. >> we will raise the debt ceiling because the alternative as every expert economist agrees would be catastrophic for our economy, for our credibility around the world, for the bond markets and the world economy. >> with the course of the last 20 years congress has voted it new raise the debt ceiling, and it's taken a few months and then they have come together and they have raised it. over the course of those few months when the debt ceiling wasn't raised, armageddon didn't hit t government paid its bills. so called gang of six democrats and republicans are discussing ways to reduce the federal deficit. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords has been given the okay to travel to florida to watch
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her husband mark kelly's space shuttle launch on friday. kelly talked about that during an interview with katie couric. >> have you gotten any word on whether gabby will in fact be able to attend the launch? >> yes. i met with her doctors, her neurosurgeon and her doctors and they have given us permission to take her to the launch. >> and katie will be on the show in the next half hour with more on her interview with kelly and his twin brother scott. it's 12 minutes past the
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>> thanks so much. that's thanks so much. that's your latest weather. back to chris. good morning. >> good morning. unbelievable pictures from st. louis. a tough weekend. thank you. see you later on in the broadcast. now the fbi has now named a suspect in the attempted bombing of a shopping mall in littleton, colorado, on the anniversary of the columbine massacre there. chris salinger, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the fbi believes 65-year-old earl albert moore is the man who planted the bomb inside the shopping mall. since learning his name we've been scouring public records and learning details about the man. in fact, about a week before this incident occurred, he was released from a federal prison after serving six years for robbing a bank in west virginia. he only got about $2,000 in that attempt. authorities believe that he purchased the propane for the bomb right nearby at a target store. he was seen on surveillance photos carrying a target bag about the time that a fire broke
7:15 am
out. that's when they found the unexploded bomb. moore has multiple tattoos on his arm, there's a rose, a dagger, he's about 6'2", but no one knows where he is at the present time. >> rick, what about a possible motive? i know this was on the 12-year anniversary of the columbine attacks. is there a link or is this coincidence? >> reporter: well, we've asked this repeatedly and the honest answer is they just don't know at this point. moore has used aliases including earl buchanan and donald morelli. there is no questioning that the planting of these devices on the anniversary of the columbine massacre has a lot of people in this community shaken, chris. >> rick sallinger in denver on the scene in littleton, colorado. thank you. now let's go back to london and join erica. chris, thanks. four days until the royal wedding security is the of the utmost importance. police are kicking into high
7:16 am
gear. this morning one of the newspapers here it was reported that a terrorist attack on the wedding day is, quote, highly likely. millions have been spent to beef up security, there are 5,000 uniformed and undercover officers, who will be on duty. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer will cover the security angle for us all week long. this morning we -- she joins us from buckingham palace at the end of the wedding route. good morning. give us an idea, what are the biggest concerns for the police for friday? >> reporter: you mentioned a terrorist attack. that certainly is the top of the list. police say that it would either come from al qaeda or a rogue radical irish republicans. and they have been monitoring the chatter on both groups to try to head anything off. there is a different category of groups that might not necessarily want to attack or hurt any one, but would want the attention. a good example were the
7:17 am
anarchists around charles and camilla's car in december as it drove through central london, shouting "off with their heads." the police have got a couple of hundred groups or individuals in that category that they are watching very carefully, if necessary to keep them away from this sensitive area on the wedding day. then there's the matter of public order. it's not since the queen's jubilee in 2002 that a million people were down here in the area around buckingham palace. the crowd is expected to be at least as big, so those 5,000 police officers you mentioned will be on duty, lining the route and in fact, in the crowd keeping people safe and make sure that things run smoothly. erica. >> liz palmer at buckingham palace, thanks. we'll have much more for you coming from london including ahead the controversy about the wedding invite list and people who were left off. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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and welcome back to "the early show." still ahead this morning, the latest on congresswoman gabrielle giffords, still recovering ahead of schedule from her gunshot wound. now able to stand up as she gets ready to go to florida to see her husband go into space. katie couric will be here. she just talked with astronaut mark kelly, and we'll hear that part of the interview in just a few moments. erica? >> chris, also with just four days to go before the royal wedding we are getting a detailed look at the guest list, and there are plenty of big names who were snubbed, including some prime ministers, and some of diana's best friends. all that and much more. the latest from london when we return. >> this portion of t"the early show" sponsored by kay jewelers.
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,, of a reside on fire over it is 7:25. i'm robert lyles. time for news headlines. as many as 20 people had to rush out of a residential building that was on fire overnight in san francisco's north beach. three people suffered minor injuries as they raced out. the fire caused so much damage to the interior, it's now unlivable. a standoff in vallejo over native american burial grounds could be resolved this week. a federal mediator will meet with city leaders today to try to resolve the dispute. a native american tribe has been clamped out at glen cove waterfront park for 10 days demanding vallejo change its redevelopment plans. a palo alto teenager concerned about antigay bullying is acting to help others. the 13-year-old says he was deeply affected by news of the
7:26 am
gay student at rutgers university who committed suicide. so he organized a concert in san francisco last night bringing in more than $20,000 to benefit a help line. stay right where you are. a look at traffic and weather when we return in just a moment. ,, i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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good morning from the traffic center. let's take you straight to the bay bridge. we have an accident westbound right around the toll plaza. it's blocking middle lanes. traffic backed up from the incline. if you are coming off the eastshore freeway traffic busy through there as well heading into the bay bridge. you can see some sluggish conditions. you're backed up beyond the first overpass. the metering lights are on and slow out of the maze. seeing raindrops out there this morning and gray skies. it's a wet start. hi-def doppler showing scattered showers throughout the bay area in parts of the north bay down into san francisco. east bay, as well. this will continue through this afternoon. your extended forecast though is looking good. plenty of sunshine you can see for tuesday and wednesday. a little cloud cover dropping it down slightly in temperature for thursday. friday, saturday and sunday looking great with highs by this weekend in the inland spots in the low to mid-70s.
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uh-oh. we've got a little bit of a gloomy issue going on here in new york city here this morning. welcome back to "the early show." bottom of the hour. i am chris wragge here in new york. coming up katie couric is here with a preview of her exclusive interview with astronauts mark and scott kelly. of course, friday is a big day for them. because mark kelly's going into space that day as commander of the shuttle "endeavour's" final mission. we now know that his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be there to see the launch as she continues her recovery from the gunshot wound she suffered back in january. we're going to talk with katie and hear part of their conversation in just a moment. good morning, katie. and, of course, erica is in london following the royal wedding and we'll get much more from her in just a few moments,
7:31 am
including who got snubbed from the guest list. first jeff glor is at the news desk with another look at our top headlines this morning. >> the answer, us. >> we did, didn't we? >> good morning, everyone. at least two nato missiles slammed into moammar gadhafi's headquarters in tripoli. a library and office there were destroyed. another building where foreign dignitaries are g
7:32 am
as the countdown begins for friday's final launch of the space shuttle "endeavour," mission commander mark kelly, along with his twin brother and fellow astronaut scott kelly, sat down with "cbs evening news" anchor katie couric for his last interview before takeoff. mark spoke at length about his wife congresswoman gabrielle
7:33 am
giffords who was shot and critically wounded back in january. katie joins us now with an update on that whole situation. good morning. >> hi, chris, good morning to you. >> this was a wide-ranging interview. >> it was. and it was really fun to be able to talk to mark and scott because they are identical twin and they both have gone through the, you know, astronaut program together. but needless to say, everybody has been wondering, will she or won't she? it was announced that there was a possibility some time ago that gabby giffords could, in fact, attend her husband mark's shuttle launch this friday. so obviously that was one of the first questions i asked him. let's take a look. earlier this month, it was announced that gabby, your wife, may be able to attend the -- the shuttle launch. have you gotten any word on whether gabby will, in fact, be able to attend the launch? >> yes, i've met with her doctors, her neurosurgeon, and they've given us permission to take her down to the launch. >> wow. >> so i'm excited about that. >> i bet you are. what was her reaction when she got the -- the final go-ahead?
7:34 am
>> i think she said awesome. pumped her fist one more time. >> obviously very excited. not only excited just to be there for the launch, but you said there were also some other reasons they're excited, as well. >> i think this has been very motivating, mark said, for gabby in terms of her rehab. but this gives her a break from her grueling schedule. you know she goes through three to five hours of rehab every single day at the tirr rehabilitation center in houston. and she goes through speech rehabilitation, music, she likes to listen to u-2. it's a beautiful day is one of her favorite songs. and apparently it also fires up the brain's ability to recognize words and kind of emotional centers and she obviously goes through regular rehabilitation in teaching her how to walk. she's working on her gait, not developing bad habits. she still needs assistance when she walks but i think she's making a lot of progress in that arena, too. >> how physically, i guess, taxing is it for her? i've seen some reports that sometimes at the end of the day, it's enough.
7:35 am
>> i think, well i think it is exhausting. because i think it's both mentally and physically exhausting. think about it, three to five hours and mark said she's working very, very hard. she's really focused. but you know, there is some good news about, if you can say that, about where she was shot. if it's in the left hemisphere, where she was shot, it affects your right side. so it affects speech, and your ability, your motor control, particularly on youright side. she's learning to write with her left hand, for example. but the good news is, that it didn't affect sort of her essence, who she is, her personality, how she interacts with people, how she reads social cues. mark said one of the things he's learned about her since this incident -- well, i think one of the things he's been really in awe of, is her ability to be compassionate towards other people, even when she's going through all of this, she cares about the nurses, when they have to do something tough. she's really concerned about her parents. obviously she's concerned about her husband. but he says she is all there in terms of her personality, and who she is.
7:36 am
>> what were the hurdles that she needed to, i guess, kind of -- what were the doctors looking for in order to give her clearance to go? were there any hurdles that she needed to clear? >> i think probably they just wanted to make sure that she would be safe, and that, you know, actually traveling to the launch would be okay. you know, she still is missing a piece of her skull, that people may not realize. i believe it's in a freezer, and they're going to put that back on, probably fairly soon. but, you know, her hair is growing back, and she has short hair. she wears a helmet, i understand, but doesn't like to wear it all the time because it's pretty hot and uncomfortable. but i think that they were just making sure that she was going to be okay, particularly in the travel to and from. >> was there any apprehension on mark's behalf? because this is dangerous, and he is an instrumental part of gabby's recovery. >> that's right. >> i always see some of the stories of some of the miss happens with other shuttles. >> i asked him about that and nasa says there's a 1 in 75
7:37 am
chance, chris, that something catastrophic could happen on any mission. but this is not his first time at the rodeo. he's been on three missions already. he knowles the risk and reward ratio. but was so nice to hear, as he believes passionately in the space program, and all that it's contributed to us, as society in terms of scientific and medical advance. and he said computers would never be this small if it weren't for nasa. so you know he obviously weighed this. he was very friendly with three astronauts on "columbia." in fact he had to retrieve some of their bodies and it was very, very tough. but i think he understands the risks, and you know, gabby was very encouraging. she wanted him to go. so i think that helped him make up his mind, too. and she just -- he kept waiting for her to have setbacks, because he was told repeatedly. and he said she just hasn't had setbacks. >> and the doctors say she's in the top 5% of patients recoverying with injury like this. she's got a facebook page? >> yes, our video will be on gabby's facebook page. also on and we'll have an extended interview with mark and scott on our website
7:38 am
after the "cbs evening news" where we'll have more, of course, tonight. >> great, katie, thank you. good to see you. >> nice to see you, chris. >> do not forget you can see the entire interview with mark and scott kelly tonight on the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. coming up next we're going to go back to london for a look at the surprising guest list for prince william and kate middlet middleton's wedding. who made it, who didn't, and why. this is "the early show" here on cbs. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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as a lucky 100 royal wedding guests prepare for friday's big wedding the headline in london this morning is more about who will not be attending, who was snubbed in essence. joining us now with the very latest is ingrid sue ard, editor of "majesty" magazine. you're an expert on everything royal. we call on you for all the details. >> it's lovely to be here. >> there's some new details about the guest list. 1900 invited to the var moan. who was left off? >> well, it's been a very big
7:42 am
camilla influence here. there's a lot of parker bowles' going and some of diana's old, old friends are a little bit miffed that they're not going. lady anna bell goldsmith, i spoke to her. she's not upset. she's not that sort of woman. but she's a little surprised. and there's rosa monk. i don't know if people remember her. she was a great friend of diana, and she's very supportive. and i think it's really more the people that have probably been rude to camille that aren't invited. >> ah-ha. some of the people who were invited, rather controversial including the prince of bahrain, who was still planning on attending until there was all this uproar. has he rescinded that? >> the prince of bahrain wrote to prince charles i think today and said no, in view of the circumstances in my country, i'm really sorry but i can't come. >> and no one will take his place? >> and no one will take his place. i don't think there will be an empty seat. they'll just shuffle everybody around. >> i'm sure they could find someone. it was easter, of course,
7:43 am
yesterday. beautiful day for us here in england. but notably absent at windsor castle was the queen and much of the royal family were william and kate. where were they? >> kate was at her parents' home in berkshire. and lo and behold, william rolls up in time for easter lunch with the middleton family. his other family. and leaves about 4:00, leaves them to do all the washing up. >> didn't want to get his hands dirty. he really does have quite the connection with them. is it true he calls mr. middleton dad? >> well, apparently he does. he likes their sort of normalness. it couldn't be more different from william's own life. that they're normal people, and you know, it's just a sort of real tight-knit family. >> what do we know this monday morning, four days to go, about the dress, how kate will wear her hair, which tiara she's chosen? >> well, we've heard that kate's hairdresser actually went to st. james's palace to have lessons
7:44 am
in putting a tiara on, from hugh, the king of tiaras, and camilla's personal hairdresser now. i'll guess she will wear a tiara. i suspect she'll square a tiara given to her by the queen. sort of lent for a lifetime. i think she would look wonderful in a tiara. and the dress, i think kate might have more than one dress. she actually apparently didn't make a final decision about who was going to design her dress until the beginning of march. i mean, that didn't give them very much time. >> no. >> not for a royal wedding dress with all the silk and the embroidery and everything else. >> just a regular wedding dress, you have to order it weeks, if not months in advance. >> i think she might have more than one. and i think her mother may be stressing her out a bit. because, you know what mums are like. >> sometimes people say that's the job of the m.o.b., the mother of the bride. really quickly, any more details on the honeymoon? >> they're really keeping it quiet. the latest is that they might go to the king of jordan's summer
7:45 am
palace which is wonderful. i hope they do go there because i've been there myself and i can tell you all about it. >> we know it will be super private, because you've been there. we'll get a little inside scoop. ingrid, great to see you. you'll be with us throughout the week. we look forward to more details as the week continues in london. ingrid is also going to be with katie couric on friday morning for the wedding at westminster abbey. all part of our live coverage of the royal wedding. you're watching "the early show" live from london on cbs. [ sneezes ] ♪ hey walgreens, i'm kinda liking matt here. but i'm kinda allergic to bruce. [ sneezes ] got any ideas? [ female announcer ] try 24-hour zyrtec for prescription strength relief from your allergy symptoms. indoors...and out. and right now when you buy a zyrtec 45 count, you can get a 14 count free. at walgreens. ♪
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but i wasn't winning any ribbons managing my diabetes. it was so complicated. there was a lot of information out there. but it was frustrating trying to get the answers i needed. then my company partnered with unitedhealthcare. they provided onsite screenings, healthy cooking tips. that's a recipe i'm keeping. ( announcer ) turning complex data into easy tools. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. ♪ beautiful sight of the tower bridge behind us from our set here at the tower of london. chris, as you can see, it's an absolutely gorgeous day. not exactly typical weather for april for london. but no one is complaining. everyone sort of hoping it will last through friday for the big
7:49 am
day. we're here, our set is at the tower of london. which is, you know, a famous landmark to so many people. more than a million people visit every year. one of the most visited sites in london and we got an inside tour. places that most people, in fact, almost everyone, you'd never be allowed to visit like the st. thomas more's cell, an important crypt, some of the crazier places of the tower. >> oh, it's a lovely shot. i mean it really is. we just had a nice little overview there. the river thames. we've got fifth avenue here in new york, as you know. but that location you've got, is just idyllic right now. the weather report, i just saw the weather report, all week it's supposed to be magnificent, erica. stay with us. we'll be right back. i'm your biggest fan. you know that.
7:50 am
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7:55 am
oakland police are ng into an early-morning shooting... insi .. time for news headlines from cbs 5. oakland police are looking into an early-morning shooting inside a bar and restaurant that killed two people. four others were wounded at sweet jimmy's. two of them hospitalized in critical condition. investigators believe the gunman was earlier denied entry to the business. a fire that destroyed a historic apple warehouse in watsonville now being linked to the deaths of hundreds of fish. all the soot and smoke with the foam used by firefighters considered likely factors in the fish deaths. it is still unknown what caused last week's fire. it cost the martinelli apple cider company nearly $2 million in products. the santa clara valley water district expected to increase water rates. it could happen as soon as tomorrow when the board of directors meets. traffic and weather coming right up. stay with us.
7:56 am
♪ [ water running ] [ indistinct talking on television ] hola padre. hola. [ male announcer ] you do everything so they're at their best. so start their big days with the incredible protein. eggs.
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let's just think of warm new-sorry... -steak grilled sandwich...piping hot with tender steak, grilled onions, and bourbon barbecue sauce all covered with hot melty cheese on grilled artisan bread. hot...steaky... toasty...melty... this isn't working, i'm just getting hungry. that's working...that's... good morning. let's start off along 680. look out for an accident southbound right at sunol. couple of cars tangled up blocking lanes. you can see speeds right around 26 miles per hour through that area. so give yourself some extra time. also as you work along westbound 580 towards the dublin, we have reports of some
7:58 am
sluggish conditions west of there, an accident in castro valley at strobridge blocking the left lane, as well. backed up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. some slick surfaces to contend with. that earlier treasure island accident is cleared but you can see traffic still slow through there. that's your morning drive. let's check the sloppy forecast with kristy. >> thanks a lot, gianna. a little wet out there out the door. already seeing some showers throughout the bay area. hi-def doppler showing us those showers right here you can see some up into the north bay parts of san rafael into the east bay. light showers. the rest of the workweek put away the umbrella. extended forecast showing sunshine, a little cloud cover for tuesday and wednesday with highs in the low 70s. thursday another weak system moves through dipping down temperatures just a little bit. but then friday, saturday and sunday looking great. a little bit of cloud cover on friday. but for this saturday and sunday, sunny skies and highs to the low mid-70s. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to "the early show," i'm erica hill in london this morning. so much to get to, as we prepare for the royal wedding, as we are not keeping anything under our hats this morning. especially when it comes to the fine fashion pieces the royals and their guests will be sporting on friday. because as you may know, in england, when it comes to a wedding, a hat can sometimes draw more attention than the rest of your outfit. so we thought, if that's the case, we should head to kate middleton's, one of her favorite department stores, to get a look at what the options are for a hat for a royal wedding. chris? >> and i cannot wait to see the hat that you have picked out, erica.
8:01 am
also ahead here on the broadcast, the latest on a fascinating story you may have seen on saturday's "48 hours mystery." it's about a man who spent 18 years behind bars for a horrific mass murder until he was cleared and set free. anthony graves is supposed to get nearly $1.5 million in compensation, but a technicality in his release papers is preventing him from collecting any of that money. so we're going to speak with his attorney in just a couple of moments. but first jeff glor is at the news desk with a check of the headlines for us once again this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to everyone at home. nato missiles targeted moammar gadhafi's tripoli headquarters overnight. at least two missiles in gadhafi's compound, a library and office building, were destroyed. another building was damaged. gadhafi's whereabouts at the time of the attack are unknown. security officials say four people were hurt. this morning police in rome have a man in custody for allegedly trying to hijack a plane. the suspect was arrested after being subdued by flight attendants on an alitalia jet that was heading from paris.
8:02 am
the plane landed safely at its planned destination in rome. witnesses said he threatened a flight attendant with a knife. italian media say the suspect is from kazakhstan and he was demanding to be flown to libya. the situation in syria is getting worse by the day. troops backed by tanks stormed into the southern town of daraa killing at least five people today, witnesses say. more than 300 people have died since the anti-government uprisings began more than a month ago now. more than 450 prisoners escaped from a prison in afghanistan this morning. most of them are taliban fighters. officials say other taliban fighters tunnelled in to that prison in kandahar from the outside. the tunnel over 1,000 feet long. it took months to dig, we're told. many of the escaped prisoners are taliban commanders. this morning the family of idaho silver miner larry merrick is mourning his death. he body was recovered yesterday. marek was trapped when a tunnel collapsed on april 15th in the lucky friday mine. his brother mike was able to escape unharmed.
8:03 am
congresswoman gabrielle giffords will attend her husband's space shuttle launch coming up here on friday. and katie couric spoke to giffords' husband, shuttle commander mark kelly, and his twin brother, astronaut scott kelly. mark says her months of hard work and rehab after an assassination attempt is paying off now. >> can you just give us a sense of how she's able to interact with you? >> just takes her some more time. you just have to be really patient, and this experience has taught me a lot of patience. so just giving her time to compose her thoughts, and put the words and sentences together is, you know, at this phase in her recovery is really what she needs. >> you can see katie's entire interview with mark and his brother scott tonight on the "cbs evening news."
8:04 am
8:05 am
>> this weather report sponsored by miracle grow shake and feed plus weed preventer. three months of feeding without all the weeding. >> thanks so much. now here's chris. >> marysol, thank you very much. on saturday night, cbs' "48 hours mystery" told the compelling story of a man who spent nearly two decades trying to get out of prison for a grisly crime that he never committed. "48 hours" correspondent richard schlesinger is here with the latest on the man's continuing battle. richard, good morning. >> good morning, chris. you probably remember this case from your time in texas. it's about anthony graves, who
8:06 am
was convicted of killing six people, including four children, all members of the same family. he spent 12 years on death row in texas, and had two execution dates. graves always said he didn't do it. like most prisoners on death row. but late last year, after a lengthy investigation by a journalism class in houston, and an appellate court decision tossing out his conviction, prosecutors finally exonerated graves, and set him free. >> cry, baby, cry. you're free. >> reporter: anthony graves has waited for this moment since 1994, when a texas jury said guilty, six times. but while he walked out of prison, finally, last october, there's still more to his story. >> i'm basically still relying on other people to help me. essentially because right now, you know, i'm -- i have nobody. >> reporter: he should have plenty of money. about $1.5 million. that's what texas state law says
8:07 am
18 years of wrongful imprisonment is worth. >> well, they stole 18 years of my life, man, for something i didn't even know anything about. >> reporter: he'd at least have the money if it weren't for a paperwork snafu. the prosecutor who dismissed the charges and set him free did not write that there was evidence of quote, actual innocence. and because he didn't use those two words, graves doesn't get one penny. >> two words. they're holding me hostage behind two words. >> reporter: it really is that simple. prosecutors held a news conference and publicly exonerated graves. >> there's not a single thing that says anthony graves was involved in this case. >> reporter: prosecutor cleared graves in no uncertain terms. it's just the term he used was not actual innocence. so anthony graves, who paid a debt to society that the state now says he never owed, has to wait and hope that the state pays him a debt there's very
8:08 am
little question it now owes. >> what if it was you? what if it was you? would you want them to put red tape in the way of your justice? >> well, the prosecutor who refuses to use the words actual innocence now says it's up to the state legislature to change the law. so, the fight over those two, very valuable words, has become a finger-pointing game. and so far, graves hasn't seen a cent. chris. >> it seems a little unfair. it seems a lot unfair. i know this piece struck a chord with your viewers. talk about your facebook page. >> we have this amazing facebook response. the biggest one we've ever gotten. we've gotten more than 3,000 responses, and more than 900 likes to our facebook question, which said, should anthony graves be compensated? that's the question this morning. >> well, all right. lots of people commenting on that. richard, thank you. good to talk to you this morning. let's bring in from texas, jeff blackburn the attorney for anthony graves.
8:09 am
mr. blackburn, good morning. >> good morning. >> so where do things stand right now? this seems pretty cut and dried to the average viewer. >> well, i think it's cut and dried to anybody. the problem that we've got is that the attorney general, who's now the only person in the state that can say anthony is truly innocent, just won't do that. and won't agree to it. >> why is that, though? why is the texas a.g. holding up this compensation? if, i mean we heard him say, there is no tie to mr. graves and the commission of this crime. so wherein lies the problem here? >> well, you know, if you're from outside texas it makes no sense at all. but if you're from inside texas it makes perfect sense. we are a state that is very addicted to conviction. and we're, you know, as a state, we are generally, at least a lot of the politicians here, are -- just can't get over the idea of
8:10 am
locking people up and keeping them locked up. the attorney general in this case, mr. abbott, was -- had an office that was directly involved in trying to kill anthony, in trying to keep this case going for a lot longer than it ever should have been. and now he just can't come out and say he was wrong. that's all it comes down to. >> is this basically what you're saying is the number of authorities in houston, texas, or in the state of texas, basically just don't want to admit that they screwed this up? >> that's pretty much it. we had a good, courageous prosecutor who finally stood up and did the right thing. as you pointed out earlier, there was a technical language problem. but that language problem can be fixed, and we filed a lawsuit to get it fixed. the problem right now is the attorney general just won't do the right thing, and just can't get over the idea of saying, anthony graves is an innocent man. that would mean he was wrong in aiding those local prosecutors
8:11 am
in his prosecution to begin with. >> do you think that this matter is going to get settled? will mr. graves -- do you think he's ever going to get -- is he going to get the money owed him, or even a dollar? >> we're going to win. absolutely. one way or another. i mean, if we have to, we'll be able to -- we'll keep filing lawsuits and we'll keep fighting this case forever. i've been part of anthony's legal team for years. and these lawyers are not going to give up. we're not going to back off. and eventually we'll win. but, in the meantime, we've got a very sad example of exactly how broken, sometimes, the criminal justice system can be when people just won't admit that they've done wrong. >> jeff blackburn, we thank you for taking the time this morning. from amarillo, texas, thank you. >> thank you. >> now let's go back to erica, who's in london for us this morning. erica? >> chris, we are shifting gears a little bit here. you may have noticed i'm wearing a fine accessory. it's called a fascinator. not really a hat. something even more fancy. it's not just the queen who is
8:12 am
well-dressed from head to toe at a royal wedding. you can get everyone right now is shopping for their perfect must-have accessory whether they're going to the wedding or a wedding viewing party. i'm covered. we'll take a look at some of the options just ahead as we explore the world of hats. this is the "early" show live from london on cbs. lore the world of hats. this is "the early show" live from london on cbs. [ male announcer ] ready for the most amazing miracle-gro results ever? spectacular plants without all the weeds. with miracle-gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. just a few shakes stops weeds before they start. plants grow twice as big. with almost no weeds. even in your vegetable garden. want three months of feeding, without all the weeding? ♪ all you need... is shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. what?! -match it! -match it! -match it! match it!
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8:15 am
create an italian masterpiece. ♪ that comes from a leaf sweet surprise ♪rue love ♪ ♪ it's natural, guilt-free no artificiality ♪ ♪ it won't land on my hips or my thighs ♪ [ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. when kate middleton walks down the aisle on friday, heads will turn, and on those heads, you will see a wild assortment of majestic headwear. we hit the streets of london to explore the english fascination with hats, and we made sure to pick out one or two for ourselves. on friday morning, the central aisle of westminster abbey will be the world's ultimate catwalk as guests prepare to take their seats and say hats off to the
8:16 am
royal couple. or, should we say, hats on? in britain, an outfit for a special occasion, like a royal wedding, isn't complete without the hat. and on friday the works of art atop some heads will be sure to outshine the dresses. >> i think we've got that going to the wedding, haven't we? >> yes. >> reporter: vivian is one of britain's premiere hat designers. her styles have an air of elegance and whit that the future princess was drawn to. kate wore one of vivian's feather creations on her first official outing after the engagement. but don't call this a hat. it's a fascinator. >> mothers of the bride like to wear them because they can drink champagne and you can be photographed without feeling overshadowed without the headpiece. >> reporter: as opposed to the queen, who opts for more traditional hats, that she often matches with the rest of her outfit, kate seems to be fascinated with fascinators. and she's inspiring a new
8:17 am
generation of british girls to embrace smaller pieces that make a big statement. >> every opportunity people wear the hats now, because they're just so glamorous or chic. whatever. women want to be, they can say it with a hat really. >> reporter: i couldn't be in london for the big wedding without a hat of my own. i'm so excited. so i gladly took on the assignment of shopping with "early" show royal contributor and good girlfriend victoria arbiter. >> we're going to go down here. >> reporter: we chose london's popular department store, peter jones. why? because it's kate's favorite. >> she loves this particular department store. she's here all the time. >> reporter: this is a perfect place, then, for us to look for a hat for the wedding. i quickly realized just how many things go into choosing the perfect piece to top off your ensemble. >> you always put your hair up with a hat or can you wear it dunn? >> i think generally hair always looks great if it's up with a hat. >> reporter: as always, there's proper british etiquette. >> what the rule is is when the
8:18 am
mother of bride takes her hat off, that's when it's considered appropriate to take your hat off. isn't it beautiful? >> reporter: and plenty of dos. >> the bigger the brim the better. >> reporter: and more importantly, don'ts. >> veils and all of that stuff sort of starts to become a bit too much about you. >> reporter: right. >> oh, i love that. >> reporter: but it's really all about what speaks to you. >> you want to look smart. >> reporter: yes. >> that's wonderful. you need to look at that one. come have a look at that one. you know your hat, you know it. >> reporter: when it comes to a royal wedding, a hat may be at the top of a woman's shopping list. but in the end, it's still just one part of the equation. >> i feel like we need to go dress shopping. >> reporter: that's an excellent idea. and after that, shoes. and my partner in our hat buying binge is here. victoria arbiter with us this morning. we're both sporting the ones that we picked out. >> we are. i'm especially pleased with them
8:19 am
now that we've seen them with our outfits. >> reporter: i am, as well. you mentioned something important when you see the hat with the outfit. do you match the hat to the outfit or the outfit to the hat? >> well, that's what gets really tricky because if you see a hat that just dazzles you, like we did with your hat. we knew right away that it was the one that you had to have. and with black and white it's a little easier to accessorize. but i bought my hat first, as well. then i started going, what in the world do you wear with purple? but i just loved it. i might look a bit like a bag of skittles, but i'm sort of coordinated. >> the queen tends to be fully coordinated. she always matches her hat to her outfit. >> she does. the colors, it's amazing how perfect it is from the hat. even though it's different materials being used for her coat and her hat, always spot-on. >> what about men? how important are hats to men? >> men wearing hats sort of indicates quite how chichi the wedding is. if a man's wearing a morning suit he's probably going to have a top hat. men in military dress will have their helmets.
8:20 am
but no, for the average wedding, men are sporting the hats the next day when they've got a hangover. >> our crew, you may have noticed, is also getting into the act wearing their hats this morning. some were wearing fascinators. they're just up 50% on google. victoria, thanks for having some fun shopping with me. we're not done shopping yet. we'll have much more to come right here. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. well-outfitted "early" show. >> countdown to the royal wedding sponsored by restasis. talk to your doctor.
8:21 am
your favorites, in pieces.
8:22 am
welcome back. chris wragge in new york. erica hill in london. i love the hat. don't like it. i love it. what else do we have? >> i thought you would like it. >> what else you got coming up this half hour? >> well, i'm going to wear the hat for the rest -- for the rest of the show. just ahead we're going to take a look at what's being called the kate effect. she has such an impact already on style and fashion. we're going to help translate
8:23 am
into a little bit more affordable look at her ensembles and bring all of that to
8:24 am
8:25 am
half dozen people shot as a man i op re outside an oakland restaurant and bar overnight. incident occured o time for news headlines. half dozen people are shot as a man shoots people at sweet jimmies at jack london square. two died at the scene, four transported to the hospital. oakland police are looking for the suspects. a 10-day protest in vallejo could end. a federal mediator will meet with city officials and a native american tribe to settle a dispute over redevelopment plans at glen cove waterfront park. the protestors have been trying to prevent a sacred burial ground from being disturbed. and a stretch of san
8:26 am
francisco's historic powell hyde cable caroline will be partially shut down this week. -- car line will be partially shut down this week for work around jackson street on the tracks. muni buses will shuttle passengers around the work. the improvements start today and finish up on friday. stay right there. traffic and weather coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning from the
8:28 am
traffic center. your eastshore freeway approach to the bay bridge is slow coming away from highway 4. no accidents at 16 miles per hour you get around powell street. once you get to the bay bridge the metering lights are on and you're backed up beyond the first overpass maybe to the maze. upper deck slow into san francisco, no problems on the lower deck. san mateo bridge problem-free. here's kristy with the forecast. >> thank you. gray skies outside right now and starting to see some showers in most of the bay area. hi-def doppler showing us that rain that's up into the north bay through sonoma, napa, vacaville and fairfield. most of the bay area is a good chance of seeing showers today but your long term forecast plenty of sunshine in store. taking a look at our seven-day forecast, we have a mix of sun and clouds tuesday and wednesday. thursday a slight drop in temperature then warming up for friday, saturday and sunday. a mix of sun and clouds for your friday. for saturday and sunday, sunny skies and highs in the low to mid-70s. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show" on this monday morning, i'm erica hill at the legendary tower of london. it is our broadcast home for this very special royal wedding week. and just ahead this half hour, we will show you not only a little bit more of the tower, but also the kate effect. one of the newspapers here points out kate middleton's fairy tale is also a financial
8:31 am
one. her fashion choices have a huge impact on the fashion business. you see one of our models there, actually one of our producers, paige, who happens to be a kate middleton look-alike. so we brought her in because we're going to show you some of the ways that you can perhaps recreate your own kate middleton effect. everyone is looking to capitalize on her fantastic style, and we're going to help you do that. amanda holden will be with us this morning with a look at not only the instant fashion icon that is kate middleton, but also some of the details that we're learning, some of the gossip, some of the hair salons. that's where you get all the best dirt. first we want to head back to chris, jeff and marysol in new york. first time i get to say good morning to you guys jeff and mary. >> good morning, erica. good morning. >> you look great. bring some of that sunshine back with you next week, please. >> the weather looks great. >> yeah. great location out there. >> yeah. >> and here we are in the shadow of the apple cube. you know -- >> we've got -- >> sunshine and close-up. >> sunny disposition and
8:32 am
personality to carry us over. >> sure. >>
8:33 am
>> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now back over to erica in london. >> mary, thanks. no one knows all the london buzz better than one of the uk's biggest celebrities amanda holden. she's met the royal family, she's performed for them, as well and she is here with us this morning with the inside scoop on the big day. so nice to talk to you in person. >> i know. it's lovely to see you. >> oh, you're sweet. so tell me this, one thing that's nice, that's consistent between the u.s. and the uk, all the best gossip can be found in the hair salons. >> exactly. my hairdresser, who is never wrong, and in fact is doing one of the prominent members of the royal family's hair on the actual day, has told me some amazing gossip, which is that kate is going to be wearing alexander mcqueen on the big day.
8:34 am
>> so that was the big speculation, was it the "times" who put that story out there? >> i've no idea who put it out there. but i've heard it from somebody who's in the know. because i don't believe what i read in the papers. not all the time. >> you believe what you hear in the salons? >> yes, i believe what i hear in the salons. >> you've got alexander mcqueen for the bride's dress. >> bridesmaids, alex headley. and i know that chelsea will be wearing her hair up. >> chelsey is chelsey davey who is prince harry's girlfriend. a lot of speculation she will be there, seated with the royals, she could be involved in the next big royal wedding. what do you think? >> i don't think so. i really think -- i love harry. he's naughty. he's sexy. he's mischievous. she's all of those things, and therefore, i don't think she could be part of the royal family. i think she lacks -- i sound terrible saying this, but i think she lacks a little bit of decorum or a little bit of poise. i don't think that she will be a member of the royal family in the future.
8:35 am
>> decorum seems to be something kate middleton has in spades. is she going to be a little bit boring as time goes on? >> i don't think so. i do love the pictures they keep getting of her at various discos, kind of grouping with prince william on the dance floor. she's got some good moves. she's got a great figure. she's sassy. she's recently photographed walking up the high street buying bikinis from a high street store that you and i would go to. i like her. you know, i don't think she's stuck up. and i think that she's really contemporary. they're the right people to lead us into the next monarchy. >> speaking of stuck up. you've met the royal family. you've performed for the royal family. you've chatted with them? what are they really like? >> prince charles is so, so much fun. i did a sketch for his birthday party when he turned 60. he came back afterwards and i said to him, sir, i said you came on "britain's got talent" what would be your special skill? can you juggle? and camilla went, no he's
8:36 am
useless. he's absolutely untalented, useless. and then harry asked me if his -- i don't know if i can say on morning television, was a wally. -- >> no one has -- he asked if something was not a nice word, right? >> prince harry asked me if piers was a burke and he said yes, he was. you know, they're all very, very funny. and down to earth. hilarious. the conversation i probably shouldn't have had. >> but you did. >> but i did. >> when it comes to the royal wedding something in the bouquet, while we're still sort of speculating over what the actual flowers will be. there's a good chance you know one of the things. >> traditionally every royal wedding bouquet since queen victoria has contained a sprig of myrtle. >> there it is. >> this is it. it doesn't look much but it was very important to aphrodite. it symbolizes fertility and love, and queen victoria had it in her bouquet and she planted a bush and every time there's been a royal wedding there has been a
8:37 am
clipping of that very same myrtle in a royal wedding bouquet. >> the headline in the "times" this sunday was something wills wants to follow in granny's foot steps and there was this whole article on the front page of how he and kate want to take two years to settle into married life, be out of the spotlight. do you really think it will be a quiet two years? >> i think it will. the queen went off to greece with philip. but i predict that there will be children. i think they'll have a baby sooner than rather than later. >> you know the royal bump watch starts on saturday. poor girl. she's going to be -- >> poor girl. too many pies on her honeymoon and that will be it. >> amanda, so nice to have you here. call me if you talk to your hairdresser again. >> i will, darling. >> we're still waiting for our invitation to the wedding. but here's the good news, we are lucky enough to have been invited here to the tower of london. more than 1 million visitors pass through these historic gates each year and that makes it the most popular tourist attraction in all of london. and lucky us, we got a rare look behind the scenes of the place that we'll be calling home for the next week.
8:38 am
filmed with legend, tradition and dark secrets the tower of london is a reminder of england's imperial past. located on the banks of the river thames just below the tower bridge in the center of this modern city the tower is a living history book. >> so essentially this area is blocked off. >> reporter: we went inside its ancient stone walls with chris morton, one of the tower's famous yeoman warders. the massive central white tower started it call. built in 1078 it's been guarded ever since by men like chris. today the yeoman warders, more commonly known as beef eaters is not to protect the monarch, but to protect the history of this place by educating millions of visitors, often with a healthy dose of british humor. >> remember, sometimes it takes
8:39 am
one or more to take your head off. the beefeaters live on site sharing their home with some very well-known birds. why are there ravens here? >> it's all part of an old superstition that if the ravens leave, the town will fall down, and there will no longer be a king or queen. >> reporter: to make sure that doesn't happen their wings are clipped. limiting flight, but not their signature strut. >> keep your wits about you, about where they are, because they -- >> they'll go after our ankles, i'm told? >> perhaps they'll sneak up and try and bite you on your ankles. >> that would be bad. the tower seems to invite the inquisitive. especially those seeking a lesson in the dark, bloody past. a time when heads literally rolled. including those of three queens. and were they all beheadings? >> they were all beheadings, yes. anne pollen, she was beheaded, yes, but it was with a sword as opposed to an ax. a two-hand sword to cut off the head in one blow. >> this fortress, used over the centuries as a royal residence,
8:40 am
a place of worship, and a stout symbol of the monarchy's enduring strength, is also rife with secrets. seemingly around every corner. >> this is where all the important prisoners are kept. >> this doesn't mean i'm going to end up a prisoner? >> certainly not. >> some of england's most important criminals were kept as prisoners within the tower walls, including the famous author and eventual catholic saint lord chancellor sir thomas more. a one-time close friend and confidant of king henry viii who as chris told me from more's cell, was beheaded for disagreeing with the king. don't cross the king. >> don't cross the king is the message. >> queen elizabeth! >> at the end of the day, the tower isn't all dark and treacherous. it's one of the rare places where you cannot only glimpse nearly 1,000 years of history, but also an important look into the london of today. ♪ and with us now is the chief
8:41 am
yeoman warder of the tower of london. you're in charge of that ceremony at the keys which is the longest running military ceremony, correct? >> yes, we're very proud of the fact that it's been going on here within the tower of london for over 700 years. >> so you lock it up every night? >> i don't personally. but i do it about two or three times a week. >> you also live all the beefeaters, all the yeoman warders live within the walls of the tower. what's that like? >> it's awesome in many respects. it's a wonderful privilege we enjoy. as members of the queen's bodyguard we get to live here as well. >> what's it like on your days off? do you join the tour for fun? >> you certainly do when you first arrive here. but after you've been here as long as i've been, after 20 years, then you quite look forward to actually leaving the tower and going to wherever you choose to. >> are the americans well-behaved on the tours? >> very much so. they're always very interested in what we have to tell them. >> good, we like to hear that. thanks for hosting us here. >> we're glad to have you.
8:42 am
>> you're stuck with us for a few more days. john, thanks. we want to take you now behind the walls of this tower which is where we find victoria arbiter this morning with a look at britain's newest style icon. high, victoria. >> hello there, erica. well, kate middleton might not be a princess yet, but she's fast becoming a fashion queen. she's received worldwide attention, causing any designer, or brand, to receive a right royal boost in sales. she's a princess-in-waiting with that girl next door look and kate middleton has the entire fashion world wrapped her 18 karat finger. >> the interest in everything kate wears has been absolutely phenomenal. >> reporter: and why not? famous for her simple elegance and well-groomed taste, kate makes any outfit seem accessible. >> the genius of kate middleton is that she hasn't gone too far. she's still dressing the way that people can relate to. ♪
8:43 am
>> reporter: so women don't just relate to her look, they can own it. when she was spotted in a $78 top shop dress, within a day, stores around london sold out. her ability to instantly move merchandise is cowed the kate effect. and lately it's been unstoppable. this sapphire blue engagement dress didn't just sell out worldwide. it inspired dozens of imitations and is credited with boosting the company's sales by 45%. in this engagement photo, kate wore a white dress that had been discontinued. sensing the kate effect power the label reissued it in january. now they literally sell one every minute. kate's diet is also making quite a splash in america. especially when it comes to jewelry. >> you're going to love wearing it. it's only $29.95. >> reporter: home shopping charges sell more than 350 kate-inspired rings a day. and in a new york links of london store a fight broke out between two women over the last
8:44 am
pair of these earrings, as seen on kate middleton. ♪ the selling power of england's future queen is predicted to soon rival that of another one-woman marketing machine. michelle obama. quite a feat considering every time the first lady appears in a bran, she earns them an estimated $14 million in sales. it's the power of a princess, and in this fashion fairy tale, any commoner can look like royalty. so, if you feel inspired to get your very own kate middleton look, erica is down on the salon with a few great suggestions. erica? >> nice to see you all the way up here. you're right, right down here we have it all. if you are swept up in the kate effect, or perhaps a little bit worried about price as an issue the good news is you don't need the budget of the crown jewels to dress like a royal. stylist lisa cannon, host of the popular irish enspainment show
8:45 am
"xpose" with us this morning to help us copy some of kate middleton's best-known looks. >> great to see you. >> what do you think it is about kate middleton that has already made her this immediate icon? >> i know. she's just so elegant. she's so sophisticated and so classic. women of every age can wear her style and her dresses. i love the fact that she loves high street. she loves color. she's just a punchy, young, modern woman, who is fit to be queen some day. >> as you mentioned women of every age can wear this. we have models here this morning representing age 18 to 60. >> i know. isn't that fantastic? >> let's start out with what may be one of the most copied looks which is that gorgeous blue dress she wore for the engagement. >> if you can cast your mind back to november 16th when she got engaged at buckingham palace. that dress is so elegant. but it's $625. >>ou. >> big money. beautiful wrap dress, that sapphire color which, of course, matched the engagement ring. but looks stunning on her figure. she's very petite and very slim. >> but it is surprised at more than $600.
8:46 am
so how do you do the look for less and keep that beauty? >> i found a saving of over $500. this is an london navy dress which is only $146. >> wow. >> it's got the same style, the wrap, which cinches her in in the waist and the beautiful color just falls to the knee. and again, it's got that shape and classic style. women of any ship can wear this. >> and you can wear the gorgeous ring, as well. i have to point out again our fantastic producer paige who happens to be a kate middleton look alike is wearing the more affordable version there. paige, thanks. >> and the ring was only $19. you can't get it from the tower of london, because it is priceless. >> the crown jewels are here at the tower. kate was seen, she had a famous lunch with her future mother-in-law, camilla. she was seen wearing a diane von furstenberg wrap dress and a cute little jacket. >> certainly. this great collection for diane von furstenberg. the price tag on that is $850.
8:47 am
too steep for us, erica. but with the knee high boots and black tights again such an elegant look. again she wore it on saturday in london without the boots. and she was getting her hair done. of course the big day on friday. i like that she's re-fashioni a re-fashionista. she's fashionista friendly. >> and you're helping us with the recession part of it. >> we've got marks and spencer. this is a beautiful print dress coming in at $58. again, with the style and the cut exactly the same as kate's that she wore on saturday. sheaf got a square clutch which is $44. again quite sweet, quite elegant and the telebrand ring, again $19. >> and the cute jacket. looks fantastic with it. next up kate has been out and about making some appearances. one of them was in a $1,000 trench coat from burberry. iconic british brand but the price tag -- >> it's astronomical. >> burberry, it's such a british
8:48 am
brand. beautiful tailoring on this. again, cinched in at the waist. big, brass buttons down the front, black buttons. but go with brunettes or go with blondes. >> help us achieve that look for less. that iconic british look for less. >> i found a trench coat that comes in at $107. now people at home will say that's quite expensive. but i think it's an investment piece. this is something you can wear for all seasons, have in your wardrobe for the next couple of years. >> and you also put a little fascinator on our model. >> i did. this is emma. she's our most petite model. you can wear it all shapes and sizes. the fashionator is by veronica ryan. who's going to copy kate's hairpieces. you can get this one for $70. if there's any you like, normally she charges, if you like them, get one for spring. >> quickly we want to get to our last -- one of her first official duties was in the beautiful red suit in angelsey
8:49 am
helping to christen a boat. >> absolutely. i mean it's so stunning. $800. very strong, very bold colors. again very kind of detailed for kate, because it is a nice suit. but this one here we have is only, you know, only $99. >> our budget version. the whole thing for $th. it looks beautiful. >> our model is 60 years old, championing our kate for a slightly older version. the beautiful cinched in belt at $9. marks and spencer. and high street, the shoe for $28. >> talk about a bargain. lastly kate looks gorgeous in her salmon $100. >> for $100.
8:50 am
this is a nicole miller dress. beautiful halter neck with the jersey. you can rent this for just $100. >> lisa, good to have you with us. all of this information on where to find these things is at our website at stay with us. we will be right back with more live from london. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,
8:51 am
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[ woman ] i went looking for a deal, and at&t delivered. now, i just need to curb the shoe shopping. ♪ okay, so we are back live t okay. so we're back live from the tower of london in the sunday paper, cheers, have a free pint on us to celebrate the royal wedding. inside, a coupon for a free pint on page 92. they are encouraging people to have viewing parties. >> i knew there was something for me over at the royal wedding. >> a royal broadcaster with a
8:53 am
royal pint. >> one of these violin,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
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i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief. up to 20 people had to rush out of a residential building that t in san . it is 8:55. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news met lines. up to 20 people had to rush out of a residents building that was on fire overnight in san francisco's not the north besh. three people suffered minor injuries as they got out. the building now unlivable. >> two federal lawsuits alleging excess force and racial profiling have been filed against the san jose police department. the "mercury news" reports both accusation stem from incidents where hispanic subjects were arrested in 2008 and 2009. city attorneys deny the allegations. a stretch of the historic powell-hyde cable car line will be shut down for improvement to the tracks near jackson streets. muni buses will shuttle passes
8:56 am
around the construction. the improvements start today through friday. we have traffic and weather in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
good morning. let's start off at 880. we a snag northbound 880 around
8:58 am
marina. an accident causing sluggish traffic on 880 in both directions through there. injury accident blocking lanes on zanker road. south bay 237 connector to the 880 we are seeing some delays here so give yourself some extra time. elsewhere if you are taking the golden gate bridge starting to stack up a little bit. of course slick surfaces out there. the carquinez bridge down the maze and you're backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza to the maze. kristy has the forecast. >> cloudy skies and gray out there. hi-def doppler showing that we have some showers in parts of the north bay and east bay. there are more showers out there than what our doppler is picking up so you will need an umbrella through the rest of the afternoon. then we'll dry out tonight. extended forecast looking good. mix of sun and clouds for tuesday and wednesday. thursday a slight dip in temperature. friday, saturday, sunday are looking like beautiful weather, plenty of sunshine by this weekend seeing highs in the inland spots in the low to mid- 70s. ,,,,,,
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