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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  April 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a fourth generation san francisco native sworn in at city hall called a cops cop by some. he has seen his share of scandals. in 2003 he was charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice in the now notorious scandal. he was later cleared. despite tumultuous times on the job he dramatically cut the homicide rate in a san francisco neighborhood. >> reporter: 50% reduction in murders in bayview. what do the folks think? just like city hall there was a lot of applause but not from anyone. >> and got to give a shout out to the bayview. nashua he is chief he wraps up a two-year tenure as captain of the bayview police station. the police district includes the bayview and hunter's point areas that have struggled with violent crime more than any other part of the city. how did he do? according to the city's crime
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stats during the last two years homicides have gone down by half. >> i think it is fabulous. i mean, but then there is a little bit of disappointment because i want him to say. >> reporter: michele walker says the lower crime rate is a direct result of his work with the community. >> those partnerships are encouraging merchants and residents and other stakeholders to get more involved in their own safety. >> reporter: at the willie mays girls and boys club he has been very actively involved even personally helping about a dozen young people get jobs last summer. >> he has been very instrumental in the presence of the police up here on the hill and providing a sense of security for the families. >> reporter: but many here point out crime is not reduced by a police force alone. there has been a lot of community engagement. some say throwing young people
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in jail is not their long-term solution. >> he was very negative to this community. >> why do you say that? >> because it is true. he got some bad apples over there and he knows about it. he is going around beating people up by the head. >> reporter: editor of the san francisco bayview newspaper believes it is more to do with other things than him. >> by 50%. >> by who? the rate has been reduced. >> it went down a little bit and it went back up. kevin newton was the worst mayor we ever had. he is on top of taking over this community. >> reporter: talked to one person now to the bayview who is still questioning whether they should have gone outside the department to choose the new chief. but that debate is over here at city hall. and if you talk to folks here they are saying you know what
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they believe his ability outweighs some of the problems he got to in the past. >> joe vazquez, thank you for that. >> what about the man himself? the chief has the support of the rank and file officers. that may prove a key point as the city presses for concessions from the officers and their union. in a one-on-one interview the new chief told phil matier he does plan on moving people around. phil? >> that's right. speaking of people moving around. he is the third police chief that san francisco had in two years and he joins this sort of musical chairs we have seen in the bay area when it comes to chiefs. new outside chief in oakland. next thing he may have been going to san jose. san jose gets a new chief. what they have in common however is budget cuts and threats of cop layoffs and i sat down with greg and said what he thought is going to be the biggest challenge he faces going in and here is what he had to say. >> possibly the number 1 challenge is to make sure that we continue to be one of the only police departments in the country that has never laid off
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a cop. >> reporter: that won't be easy. oakland laid off 80 cops last summer and san jose may be laying off over 100. about the only way to avoid that happening in san francisco is to get the powerful police officer's association to agree to pay and benefits cuts. >> police union's choice. how are you going to deal with them? >> they are prepared to help out. >> but for the chief to get their support it may mean his first cut will have to be his own. >> how big is it? >> i believe that there are 16 people counting civilian directors. >> how many are you going to have? >> less. >> so you want to get officers out of the hall of justice and onso the streets. >> you said no layoffs of cops. do you see stations closing? >> no. >> reporter: the biggest challenge is crime which like the weather is often hard to predict and at times oftentimes hard to control. >> oftentimes the police department is afforded too much blame when it goes up and takes too much credit when it goes down. we are at a good spot right now and i think the effort is to
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keep it at the rate that it is now or lower. >> reporter: that may not be easy. see, crime tends to rise with the temperature. and summer is just around the corner. >> what kind of summer do you see? >> i think it will be a tough summer. >> after summer comes the fall and a mayoral election where in san francisco crime and police are often one of the hottest issues. and just as often puts the chief on very thin political ice. >> are you worried? >> it is my first day, phil. i'm not really worried about anything right now. >> what about holding onto your job by the time this mayor is out. >> refer back to the first answer. >> no doubt he has a tough job ahead of them. he is what they call a good old boy. he has a past. people will hold him to those things. crime is still a problem in san francisco. ultimately he will have to get that union to go with city hall or he will have fewer cops. >> that's the thing. yesterday ed lee told me in the interview he is close to a
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pension compromise with the union. this guy was the union's guy. some saying this is a back door deal. >> the police officer's union made it very clear that if greg wasn't the chief there wasn't going to be much of a deal. >> there you go. phil matier, thank you. threats of hundreds of layoffs in san jose has the city's union softening their tough positions on contracts and pension reforms. but it still may not be enough to prevent the elimination of some positions in the police and fire departments. len ramirez is in san jose to explain why. len? >> well, just as it was last year, san jose is still facing a very large budget deficit here in the city. now, the big difference between last year and this year is that the unions seem to want to be more a part of the solution rather than part of the problem. with public safety on the line and jobs on the chopping block san jose firefighters are taking a more cooperative, less
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combative stance with san jose. >> we have to work really hard to make sure we can still provide critical services to the citizens. >> reporter: the firefighters' union is agreeing this year to a 10% salary reduction to avoid even deeper cuts. >> we are working cooperatively as a union in partnership to make sure the cuts make sense. we don't think we can afford any more cuts within the department but if they are forced on us we are going to put them where we think they are going to least impact our critical services. >> reporter: between 20 and 150 firefighter positions could be eliminated. san jose police which haven't given up concessions could lose even more. >> even if we give the city everything they want, we are still talking about laying off 100 officers. or more. and if we can't come to an agreement with the city now we are looking at 200 or more officers being laid off. >> reporter: if there is a change in the union's tone it
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could be an acknowledgment in the change of public opinion. >> the police and fire have to understand that they have to cut back a little bit. >> reporter: san jose voters overwhelmingly approved two pension reform measures aimed at reducing out of control salary and benefit costs. >> i would like more officers. we can't afford them because the cost of officers next year will be over $190,000. >> reporter: it is all because san jose is struggling to close a $115 million budget gap and projections show deficits well into the future although tapering off. >> it is obviously a very painful time for everyone. for residents, for our employees. but we are going to make it through. and i'm confident that with the right kind of reforms particularly around retirement benefits and cost structures we have in this city we could start to add employees and add services but we need to make those very tough decisions now. >> reporter: and pension reforms are happening in cities all over the bay area. we just got word from sunnyvale
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public safety department agreed to do some pension reforms including increases their own pension contributions creating a two tiered systems. they also agreed to raise the retirement age to 55. so, elizabeth, this is happening all over. it appears that the unions are starting to have a lot more movement than they did last year acknowledging that this problem is going to be with us for some years and want to be part of the solution. >> sounds like there is a lot of problem solving still to be done. >> reporter: absolutely. >> len ramirez, thank you. the accused serial killer suspected in four cold case murders in northern california told a judge he wants to represent himself. he was seen during a court appearance earlier this month says he has given it a lot of thought. police say the 77-year-old who once lived in yuma targeted women whose first and last names started with the same letter. a judge said he will consider
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the request. he set another hearing for may 5. an ugly incident this past weekend just before a san francisco giants game. a finance at at&t park says a pitching coach used gay slurs, made crude comments, even threatened him. what's worse, he said it all played out there front of his young daughters. robert lyles on what happened and who is involved here. robert? >> reporter: well, at the center of this growing controversy is a popular former relief pitcher for both the mets and the phillys. roger mcdowell. but a giants fan says what mcdowell pitched was a homophobic rant and he went public today outraged that it all played out in front of his 9-year-old twins. now, the rant allegedly happened last saturday during batting practice just prior to the atlanta braves taking on the giants. roger mcdowell now a pitching coach for the braves was on the field when allegedly three men from the bleachers started
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heckling him. mcdowell in turn is accused of shouting sexually suggestive comments much of it too explicit for t.v. right next to the trio of men was justin quinn and his 9-year- old twin daughters. quinn said he shouted to mcdowell, hey, there are kids here. quinn claims mcdowell then unleashed on him charging the bleachers section with a bat in hand asking how much are your teeth worth? through their attorney the entire quinn's family held a press conference late today describing what they call mcdowell's vial outburst. >> and at that point he turned, completely towards me, grabbed his bat and picked it up and asked me how much my teeth were worth to me. and at that point he proceeded to come over near me and as he came i tried to explain to him, i think i actually understand, you know, why it must be tough to do his job and to go to a baseball park 150 some odd times a year and have people
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scream at you at all times. >> mr. quinn heard coach mcdowell say to these men, are you guys a homo couple or a threesome." then the coach allegedly grabbed a baseball bat and started shoving the small end through a circle formed by his finger and thumb simulating sex. the coach then said are you three giving it to each other up the...and he used a crude word for rear end. >> reporter: just a short time ago roger mcdowell issued this statement. "i am deeply sorry that i responded to the heckling fans in san francisco on saturday. i apologize to everyone for my actions." the atlanta braves simultaneously issued a statement. their quote "we are concerned by these allegations and they go on to say this in no way represents the braves organization." now, at this hour despite the
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involvement of gloria allred there is no indication that a lawsuit has been filed or any monetary damages are being sought. allred did send a letter to the commissioner of major league baseball bud selig asking that he launch an investigation and that he take displain -- take displainary action against mcdowell. >> he made the same obscene gesture with the bat. but she did it in front of those girls subjecting them to it again. any response or comment on that? >> reporter: there hasn't been. but as you know gloria allred is at best description she does a great job at getting issues in front of the public and quite obviously she does things to get attention from the media and it certainly seems in this
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incident she has succeeded. >> all right. robert lyles out at at&t park. thanks. next time you hear honey, i'm taking you to the big o. you're likely going to an open sporting event. i'm mike sugerman. stay tuned for that story. it doesn't matter how you leave the apparatus. sometimes it all comes down to a good recovery. the agile moves that may save the last endangered cal sports team. how the city plans to take space and do something with it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dollars. and that's why the oakland- alameda county coliseum is getting ready for a new christening. mike sugerman on who gets the naming rights, and what it means r the city and cou what's in a name. apparently thousands of dollars. getting ready for a new christening mike sugerman with who gets the naming rights and
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what it means for the city and county. mike. >> reporter: come on down to coliseum. they didn't move. just changed the names. five bay area prosports facility have had 15 names over the years. candle stick, monster park. hp pavilion. oakland coliseum. oracle arena. at&t. network associates. alameda county coliseum which officially today became. >> coliseum. >> reporter: coliseum. doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. >> coliseum. overstockcom coliseum. coliseum. >> reporter: salt lake city retailer now known for paying
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1.2 million a year for a stadium to call its own. not exactly the 20 million the 49ers want for their planned santa clara stadium naming rights. >> well, i wouldn't say 1.2 million is cheap what i say 1.2 million is a great value. >> reporter: a great value for overstock. $600,000 a year for the city of oakland. as will make a separate deal for signs and luxury boxes inside the stadium. the price in the ballpark. >> this is the only stadium left in the united states where you actually have a major league baseball team. oakland as. national football team. the oakland raiders. >> reporter: which means signage is seen inside year- round. estimated 1.2 billion impressions or views every year. coliseum. the big o. advertising here. doesn't like the retailer
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calling him that. >> i'm very aware of that. >> was it part of the commercial? >> it used to be. >> i see. >> oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. >> reporter: good name? >> i don't know just sounds you don't want to go there if it is too crowded, right? would you want to go there? >> if it is overstocked? >> yes. >> reporter: no great fear of that. last year the raiders were last in the nfl in attendance and as were second to last. coliseum will call itself its own friday night. elizabeth? >> maybe the new name will draw in more fans. mike sugerman, thank you. oh oh, time for roberta and a few clouds out threw about going to get better, right? >> we had a high today of 59 degrees in san francisco. that's down from the average high of 63 degrees. meanwhile, it made it all the way back to 73 in gilroy, and, yes, let's paint the picture
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for you. increasing high thin clouds. overnight tonight it will become mostly cloudy and by, it has been a breezy evening commute. we will continue to experience those winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. official sundown 7:54. still getting a good glimpse along the immediate sea shore. tonight with the clouds temperature wise into the low 40s in santa rosa. back in through oxidental. mid-40s around the peninsula and low 40s common across the tri-valley. we have this area of low pressure right next to the north of the bay area skimming across the upper ridge of this area of high pressure. so when you have these two ingredients very close together it is a pressure gradient kind of like friction. making it windy. as the wind blows it is
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ushering the pollen around. blame it on oak or perhaps may be the grass count coming into play. north of the golden gate bridge, with the partly cloudy conditions becoming mostly sunny. mid-50s and blustery. 69 degrees in sonoma. diablo up to 30 miles per hour. otherwise, generally about 20 miles per hour. and across the santa clara valley and peninsula in the upper 50s at the beaches to 67 degrees in santa clara. warmer than that in morgan hill. we do have near record warmth in our seven-day forecast. we will share that next time around. >> thank you, roberta. we will be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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eyesores. but as christin ayers reports... one city council member in oakland is determined to reclaim that space the grafitti and trash. can be an eye sore. but one city council member in oakland is determined to
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reclaim the space. kristin? >> reporter: if you take a close look at most of the overpasses that you see in oakland you may see nothing more than just concrete, junk and overgrown weeds. but one city council member sees of all things retail potential. it is a dog's paradise in a place you would least expect. the noisy underbelly where three highways spit above oakland but had is the perfect place for his pooch. >> i think it is a great place. the dogs real enjoy coming here and i think it is a good use of the space that otherwise wouldn't be getting used. >> reporter: most spaces like this in oakland are not being used. vast stretches of concrete beneath oakland's highways have riddled with trash. >> it is an eye sore. sometimes there there be a tarp and the tarp will get grafitti on it. >> reporter: some is park forge
6:25 pm
patrol vehicles but 30 other spaces owned by cal-trans are some of the faces of the problem. >> currently they are either not occupied or they are occupied with disabled vehicles or other kind of inoperable equipment. it is not always pleasant for the people living next to it. >> reporter: so she partnered with cal-trans in an effort to transform the underpasses to marketplaces. where artists and food vendors could set up and smell putting money in the state's pocket in the process. >> anybody that could use the space i think would be really good for the community. >> reporter: this is a welcome thought where a cheery community garden is dwarfed by an overgrown underpass. volunteers say cleaning it up could change everything. >> that would be a wonderful neighborhood collaboration. >> reporter: and they are soliciting ideas from vendsors, artists, anyone that's interested in setting up shop
6:26 pm
under these overpasses. they are doing that in a meeting tonight that goes until 8 p.m. >> would the state get a little bump in income from this too, cal-trans? >> reporter: certainly if anyone is interested in leasing those spaces really a win/win situation. thank you. the seventh time it has happened this year but this time the highest death toll yet. how a man that was supposed to be an ally was able to kill eight american service members with a u.s.-issued gun. today, we heard from the man at the top. how that man himself ben bernanke made history today. we are not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival backers. >> i am really honored, frankly. >> we do not have time for this kind of thing. >> i'm really honored and really proud. >> what should be the end of
6:27 pm
the year's long birther saga. why it is a proud day for one hawaiian family and why this whole fiasco is still a money maker on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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opened fire on foreign troops in kabul. a eight u.s. service members are dead after an afghan military plot opened fire on foreign troops in kabul. it is the deadliest incident yet involving an afghan soldier turning against coalition partners. >> reporter: afghan forces guard outside the airport in kabul after a deadly shooting involving nato troops. nato officials say a veteran military pilot got into an argument during a meeting and opened fire killing nine americans. eight of them service members. one a contractor. nato forces then killed the shooter. the airport is home to nato's air training command in afghanistan. they trained and advised the african air force. like previous incidents the taliban claims responsibility for the attack. but the afghan military denies
6:31 pm
that claim. the afghan president condemned the shooting and ordered an investigation into the rash of recent attacks. major changes planned in president obama's national security team. tomorrow, the president is expected to name cia director as the new defense secretary replacing robert gates. general david petraeus who is currently overseeing the war in afghanistan will then take over the c.i.a. the changes would probably take effect this summer. gates has already said he is going to leave this year. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke made history today. >> we are in a moderate recovery. we will be looking very carefully first to see if that recovery is indeed sustainable as we believe it is. and we will also be looking very closely at the labor market. >> during the fed's first ever news conference ben bernanke said the economy is steadily making its way to a recovery and a rise in inflation because of higher food and energy
6:32 pm
prices is only temporary. he also predicted the nation's unemployment rate will fall to between 6.8 and 7.2% by the year 2013. while it wasn't a glowing report, it is giving ben bernanke a chance to drive the debate about fed policy. today's news conference was the first of three scheduled this year. well then there was the real big news in washington today. the stunning development that the president of the united states was born right here in the united states. until now that is something 25% of americans simply were not willing to believe. and that number jumps to 45% if you pull only registered republicans according to the new york times cbs5 poll. samantha hayes shows us a reality star is taking credit for the birth certificate's release. >> reporter: here it is in black and white. barack hussein obama born
6:33 pm
august 4, 1961, in hawaii. they released the long form birth certificate in hopes of putting the so-called birther debate to bed. >> we have had every official in hawaii, democrat and republican, everything news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that yes in fact i was born in hawaii. >> reporter: president obama had previously released his short form certificate of live birth, the legal document used by the state of hawaii. but it did not satisfy critics like donald trump who questioned whether the president was a natural born citizen and constitutionally qualified to hold office. >> i am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue. >> reporter: the administration appealed to the hawaiian government to make an exception to policy and released the original birth certificate in order to move beyond what the president called a national distraction. >> we are not going to be able
6:34 pm
to do it if we just make stuff up. and pretend that facts are not facts. we are not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barkers. >> reporter: a recent cnn opinion research poll shows that a majority of americans, 75%, believe the president was definitely or probably born in the u.s. in washington, i'm samantha hayes. >> well, the seemingly unbelievable revolution that barack obama was born in hawaii was a pleasant surprise for one hawaii family. that's when they found out their loved one delivered the president of the united states. they just found out today while they were watching t.v. and saw that dr. david sinclair's signature was on the president's birth certificate. his surviving family members say they are the ones who are honored. dr. sinclair died in 2003 at the age of 81. graduated med school at uc san francisco. for anyone that can't get
6:35 pm
enough of that birther thing you're in luck. look what is due out may 17th. where is the birth certificate? the case that barack obama is not eligible to be president. this is by the same gentleman that gave us the swift boat attack suggesting john kerry lied about his service in vietnam. the new book on why the president has not released his birth certificate is now sitting as number 1 on the royal wedding upon us. do you care? are americans more excited than royal subjects? gauging the excitement level before the wedding of the young millennium. >> i'm going to see what i can do to make a difference in someone else's life. it started with that simple decision. how this week's jefferson award winner found a way to make a difference for countless families. warriors searching again for a new head coach. and many have tried to slow
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innings, cal baseball was saved from elimination. now another lting off the another amazing comeback in the bay area sports world. first, in extra innings cal baseball saved from elimination. now another sport vaulting off the chopping block. how many sports analogies can i use? >> reporter: it was cut here at uc berkeley. it is still cut but this surge in major fund-raising may turn this thing around. uc berkeley student and gym member is seen competing. he took fifth place. the men's gymnastics team as a whole took fourth in nationals. >> our team did well. >> reporter: all the while the
6:39 pm
men's gymnastics program at uc berkeley has been cut and now the clock is ticking to get it reinstated. >> the mean deadline we are working with now is trying to get reinstated before people have to transfer just because it comes too late. >> reporter: hope was fading until recently a sudden fund- raising push raised 2.4 million in a matter of weeks. they are hopeful. >> we are laying out funding. less scholarships. let stuff that really doesn't matter in our program. >> reporter: while the season is over these gymnists are still training and also fulfilling larger dreams. qualifying for the 2012 olympics. >> yeah, there are a bunch of us that could definitely be going to the olympics soon. but i think if the university looks at money -- >> reporter: the university
6:40 pm
originally wanted them to raise $4 million. the team is hoping by scaling down their budget and raising money throughout the season the program will be reinstated and quick. >> three gymnasts on our team are planning on transferring and the rest will probably stay here an train. >> reporter: for brian, competing in nationals was a lifetime achievement and thrill despite the uncertain future for the sport at uc berkeley. >> i kind of blocked it out. i stayed focus on what we had ahead of us. >> reporter: so currently cal gymnastics has raised 2.4 million. university's target. 4 million. allen, they are just hoping maybe they can split the difference or have a continued reinstatement where maybe they can try to raise this money throughout next season. stanford also contributed. they have put money into this kitty because they don't want to see the men's gymnastics cut from here because that may affect them at stanford as well. >> good for example stepping forward to help out.
6:41 pm
juliette goodrich, thank you. after the break, a dirty little secret about the royal wedding. there is an interest gap between the two sides of the pond. from the cbs5 weather center. this is not a secret at all. i'm going to let you be the first to know we have record warmth in the seven-day forecast pinpoint outlook as eyewitness news continues on cbs5. ,,,,,, appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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mcdonald house of san francisco, is a home away from home for families with seriously ill or injured children who are in the hospital. for one bay area woman, it's a place to back. kate kel the ronald mcdonald house in san francisco is a home away from home for seriously sick children that are in the hospital. for one bay area woman it is a place to give back. kate kelly introduces you to this week's jefferson award winner in the bay area. >> and i thought i'm going to step through that door and i'm going to see what i can do to make a difference in someone else's life. >> reporter: and she is making a difference. just the way she says others helped her when she was a young girl and her family immigrated from hong kong. >> we didn't speak english. we had very little money and resources. and it was really hard starting life in a new country.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: with supportive teachers and her church she became a nurse, married and settled in san francisco. but never forgot those who helped her along the way. >> i wouldn't be where i am today without them. >> reporter: today she is visiting san francisco ronald mcdonald house where the director says she has become a fixture. >> she is all heart. she is supporting us at the house coming here with her family. working on volunteer projects. >> reporter: projects that help support the many families who stay here when their children are seriously ill. >> her relationship with mcdonald house has gone on for many years. they bought their first mcdonald's restaurant. today they own 10 restaurants but it is her work through mcdonald charities that brought her full circle. she started a scholarship program among local operators and franchise owners which in
6:46 pm
10 years has handed out almost a million and a half dollars to bay area college bound students. >> as a recipient of scholarships myself, and i could not have completed college without the generosity of folks providing scholarships. it meant everything to me. >> reporter: and it means a lot to students like justine warner. >> for me it was a way to help my issue. i'm the first one in my immediate family to go to college. >> it does a lot. helps me with books. >> once you start doing good things for others good things will come back to you. >> reporter: so for her continuing support facing the challenges of health and education, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to her. kate kelly, cbs5. the final rehearsal is over. now there is just a day and a half until the royal wedding and, yes, some brits are excited about the wedding but the buzz is that americans are actually more into the royal nup
6:47 pm
tials. we don't have our own royal family or because we like to believe in fairy tales here. >> is the weather going to be fit for a queen >> scattered thunderstorms. high temperatures pretty much in the 60s and this fall right after a record breaking heat wave there. it will be cooling down dramatically there but it will not rain. you know, i get people who write me all the time saying i'm getting married on this particular day, will it rain? and i try to tell them if it rains it is just the angels crying tears of happiness. okay. >> good luck. >> you've got to try to smooth it out, right. >> all right, today no precipitation at all. increasing high thin clouds. all associated with an area of low pressure to the north of the bay area. highs banked between 59 in san francisco. right there. boy, visibility is unlimited. to 73 degrees which is quite seasonable and gilroy out and
6:48 pm
about this evening northwest winds picking up. that wind died down. otherwise it was up to 21. westerly to 34 in san francisco. this is online up to the date -- up to the second information. and currently we have westerlies out of the west- southwest up to 31. out and about this evening temperature wise into the 50s and 60s with increasing clouds. tonight overnight numbers from 41 in santa rosa to 50 in oakland. mid-40s common around the pen inla and quite blustery around the immediate sea shore because we have this trough. look at how beautiful that is. to the north of the bay area. now watch this. we do have this huge ridge of high pressure about right there and this area of low pressure is banking up the upper ridge and we had this other little measly system behind it there and because you have this area of low pressure and it is pressing up against this ridge of high pressure, it refers to it as pressure gradient. it is a lot of friction and that's why we will have gusty
6:49 pm
winds tomorrow. up to 30 miles per hour. out of the northwest. again, that's for your thursday. with numbers 50s beaches to right around 68 degrees in napa and in fairfield. concord, clayton, walnut creek, all the way back through san ramone. warmer and breezy friday and then talking about temperatures into the low 80s sunday through tuesday but near a record warmth on wednesday at 87 degrees inland. that's your pinpoint forecast. here is kim coyle with sports. >> thank you, roberta. one giant lands on the disabled list and keith smart takes the fall for the wariors. who the next owners may land as the next head coach. sports is next. ,,
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big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. assistant keith smart. but he was only given a one year contract to coach the team. still he was confident. "..." firing don nelson and promoted the keith smart but he was only given a one-year contract to coach the team. still, he was confident. >> i know everything here. i know all the faces and smiles. i know everything. i know where the bones in the backyard are buried. >> reporter: that knowledge didn't help him out.
6:53 pm
the warriors whether not bring smart back. they still miss the playoffs and now will begin looking for a new man to lead them. >> there isn't a budget on it. you know. it is not something i'm terrified we can't afford this guy or that guy. >> our business is such that these things happen and it never makes them ease ye and then it is particularly more difficult when you've got a quality guy. i worked with keith on the bench for a couple years and i have enjoyed the association that i have had with him and that's what makes these kind of things difficult. >> a few candidates the warriors may call. what about former jazz coach jerry sloan? mike brown could be an option as well as current lakers assistant brian shahoo rumored to take over if phil jackson
6:54 pm
retires. sharks meeting up with the detroit red wings. many experts feel that detroit is now the team to beat and for the sharks to advance they will need a big effort from joe thorton. the first year captain seems to be enjoying himself in the first round against the kings and even his teammates have noticed a difference. >> a lot more than what he did last year just for the fact he is our captain and blake had it last year and he covered a lot of the responsibilities. but when you are wearing the c you expect you'll get those questions and you're going to get those responsibilities and everyone looking at you. the giants placing derosha on the disabled list. they called up a player to cover him from fresno. aubrey huff and his 217 average going for a buzz cut. madison bumgarner giving up a
6:55 pm
bloop to chris schneider in the 2nd bringing in a run. 1-0 pirates. back to huff. he fouls one off the third base side and when you're hitting 300 it is out of play. when you're in the 200s it is just inside. reaching over the tarp and brings it back for the out. the pilots win 2-0. the as in anaheim. tommy out past his bedtime. throwing to first. nearly taking him out. error led to an oakland run. tyson ross was much better. only four hits allowed. struck out three. but right now it is 1-1 in the 10th. manny pacquiao is boxing's best pound for pound fighter as he presents for next month's showdown. he is recording a single to be
6:56 pm
released tomorrow. really? >> it is going to be great, man. >> he has got a great sense of pitch and a lovely sincerity. >> i was immediately drawn to the honesty and gentleness of his performance much it was like whoa. ♪[ music ] >> this is a very unique person. to see him behind the microphone singing this love song it is really quite extraordinary and he really cares and on top of it he was sparring all day. he was in the ring all day. singing love songs all night. the stamina is unbelievable. we are all impressed. i can see you're a great competitor because when i sing it you turned around and sing it even better. ♪[ music ] >> i really, really like this song. it is kind of like living your heart. >> it was very magical for me. ♪ i want to hold you till i
6:57 pm
die ♪ >> we will have a masterful interpretation of this song and we will make it very special. ♪ i want to hold you until the fear in me subsides ♪ manny pacquiao is the sixth person to cover the song. i want to know the last time you slow danced to that song? >> i am not going to criticism him because he could punch your lights out. back in the day. >> i love it because both elizabeth and i know all the words to dan hill's song. >> an actor, statesman, boxer and singer. >> a kareokie singer. >> all right. we love him. >> "eye on the bay" coming up next. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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