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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  April 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we begin this noon with breaking news in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. just an hour and a half ago, phillip and nancy garrido pleaded guilty to various kidnapping and sexual assault charges. they held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. in exchange, phillip will spend life behind bars. his wife nancy will serve 36 years to life. we will have a live report from outside the el dorado county courtroom in a few minutes. a bay area park could get slapped with a big curfew. growing late night violence has renewed calls to close golden gate park at night. as anne makovec reports, it has become a public safety issue. >> reporter: three attacks in on people living here in golden gate bridge which is against the rules of course but we combed all the entrances here outside of the park and only
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found a couple of these signs. there is a push to make things more consistent and make the rules official. several violent incidents over the past week renewing the duly close the park at night between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. that would require a change in the city code. around 2 a.m. on tuesday a man was found bleeding after an assault. he couldn't remember what happened to him. on friday a man was stabbed in the face, his clothes lit on fire reportedly because he didn't pay for some pot. then last thursday night a man was pistol-whipped in the park. the tent he was living in was burned down. even with these reports, some people say they don't want the park to close at night. >> the park is quieter at night. sometimes you enjoy solitude, get out for a nice walk, see the stars. so, no. >> i think, yes. >> how come? >> because of all the violence
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that's been happening the last few weeks or months. >> reporter: do you think that closing the park would stop it? >> it may give the police a reason to move people out. >> reporter: san francisco has considered this in the past. mayor newsom wanted to draft a bill to close the park before he left office but nothing happened. one concern from the police department on all of this, the park is so huge. it would take too many resources to enforce a closure. so nothing specific has been drafted but we did speak with the mayor today. he says he is considering it along with the supervisors whose district border golden gate park. anne makovec, cbs 5. a violent confrontation in the east bay. a homeless man is dead, a dublin police sergeant hospitalized with gunshot wounds. kiet do on what happened before the shots were fired. >> reporter: it was 1:30 a.m. and the female dublin police sergeant was all alone when she confronted a man with a known history of violence and
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fighting. they got into a struggle and that's when he tried to smash her head into the concrete. the suspect then used some sort of object or weapon and hit the sergeant again in the head. bleeding from her injuries, she called for help on the radio and drew her gun and fired one shot. >> her contact with him became violent. he started hitting her in the head. we didn't know if he was hitting her in the head with an object or just his fists. she radioed for help. and then shortly thereafter she withdrew her service weapon and fired the shot that killed the suspect. >> reporter: the suspect's body remained in the lot of the dublin dodge dealership for much of the morning as investigators gathered evidence. the suspect was no stranger to police and had a long rap sheet. >> he is known in the dublin community. he's considered a transient. i don't know if he is literally a transient or if he does have someplace to stay but he has been arrested now. russ times for fighting and --
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arrested numerous times for fighting and other things. >> reporter: the officer is in the hospital. santa cruz police are trying to figure out why a man spent a week with the body of a decomposing woman in a tiny studio apartment. investigators were called to the apartment this week by the neighbors who complained of smells. inside they found a 63-year-old parolee john clauer living with the badly deposed body of a 30- year-old woman. >> 50 years ago i smelt a rat, a death rat. if you ever smelled a dead rat, it's foul. this is worse than that. and it's still in my brain. >> clauer was taken into custody for questioning and was put in jail on a parole hold. at this point police don't know why the woman was in the apartment or how she died. an autopsy this week could provide some clues. alameda county district attorney office has charged the physician who used to work for
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uc-berkeley with sexual misconduct. he is accused of engaging in illegal sex with former patients. those acts happened inside a berkeley healthcare facility. in other headlines after a four decade ban rotc could return to stanford. faculty meeting to discuss it. they cited the recent repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" as catalyst for the discussion. the university severed ties with military program back in 1973 amid the deep divide over the vietnam war. bryan stow the giants fan attacked outside dodger stadium could be out of a coma this weekend. doctors have started lowering his sedation and his family says so far, he hasn't had any seizures. stow was beat nene a coma almost a month ago. entire towns destroyed, homes ripped right off their foundations. the unbelievable devastation as killer tornadoes tear through the south. one photographer's close-up look at a terrifying twister.
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hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. a lot of sunshine outside around the bay area. but the winds just beginning to kick up. we'll tell you how strong they will be coming up next. plus, the finishing touches as prince william and kate middleton get ready to tie the knot tomorrow. we are live in london with what's they had of the list. and the "a" listers getting the royal snub. that and more coming up. ,, ,, if you wear dentures, taking care of your oral health should be a top priority - and that means getting rid of odor-causing bacteria and plaque.
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dugard.. and holding her captive for 18 years. they did it. today nancy and phillip garrido pleaded guilty to kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. jonas tichenor joins us live from the el dorado courthouse with more on the price they will pay in return. this was a surprise today. no one expected this was how
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this was going to go down. it had been talked about that the next time we were going to see them in court was may 5 but in what seems like a surprise and some last-minute negotiations between the garridos themselves, their attorneys and the district attorney, they came to this decision late last night and, of course, we were back in court today. everybody seated at 10:45. very emotional for nancy garrido. at one point asking the bailiff for a tissue. she became very upset, noticeably, as she pled guilty to kidnapping with two enhancements, one for kidnapping of a child under age 14 and another for the kidnapping in the purpose of sex. she will be sentenced up to 11 years on that particular plea. and then on the forcible rape plea which she also pled guilty to that, comes with 25 years to life. so nancy garrido looking at 36 years to life. phillip garrido what they call pleading to the sheet. he pled guilty on pretty much all counselors. that means that he is looking at 431 years to life as a
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maximum. and so we are going to listen to the district attorney about what is actually going on and some of the things he said after court. to go through what it was that she -- that jaycee went through is something that no person obviously should ever go through it. but then to have it relived out in public is -- makes it all that much more difficult. >> reporter: according to the defense attorneys here this all came down to the idea that neither phillip nor nancy garrido wanted to force jaycee dugard to testify in this case and go back through all of the things that she went through over the last 18 years. again, this coming as a bit of a surprise. in fact, the media was tipped off very early this morning. this wasn't something that was supposed to take place in front of the media. in fact, phillip garrido certainly didn't want that to take place. but again, this is what we're looking at now. both garridos pleading guilty. they are going to be sentenced officially on june 2 at 9 a.m.
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right back here at the el dorado county courthouse. live in el dorado county, i'm jonas tichenor, cbs 5. this time tomorrow, prince william and kate middleton will be husband and wife. 1900 on the guest list and you can bet all the ladies will be decked out with those very fetching british hats. >> it's all just part of the buzz surrounding the wedding and with more on what's hot and what's not in head wear, let's go to dana tyler with the hat scoop in london. hi, dana. i should say good evening. >> reporter: hi, sydnie and frank. that's okay, yes. it's, what, about 8:00 here. good afternoon to you all. very exciting here today, you know, phillip tracy, he is a very famous milliner, he is known for his signature hats, the likes of elizabeth taylor, lady gaga. the royal family. even kate middleton is a big fan of his. we went to his london workshop today with less than 24 hours to go before the wedding. they were still very busy at work. reporter: it's been round-
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the-clock production at hat designer phillip tracy's london work room where individual works of art are diligently designed and created. >> like soft sculpture really because all the materials start out flat. but, you know, it's a manipulation of the material that brings it to life. >> reporter: a flurry of fabrics, accessories and no machinery. >> everything is done by hand. and it's really laborious, time- consuming work t takes hours and days. >> reporter: the clock is tick until the nuptials. tracy doesn't deny his head wear will be worn on the middleton side of the family of the wedding but does confirm he will see his designs worn by several guests and some members of prince william's family. princess beatrice will be wearing that? >> yes. she has a beautiful valentino couture suit. >> reporter: this is not the
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first royal wedding for phillip tracy. in fact, he has long been favorite of prince william's stepmother. tracy designed the headdress camilla parker bowles wore when she married prince charles in 2005. he thought of tying in the gold colors in the chapel. he first saw kate middleton on tv wearing one of his designs. she had bought it in his store. >> very, you know, low key. she will be fantastic for british fashion design. >> reporter: tracy's designed for armani, lauren, valentino. his head wear has been worn by royalty and everyday people. >> it's a symbol of positivivity. and there is nothing more positive than the royal wedding. >> reporter: he says the hat doesn't come alive until it's worn. i couldn't resist what do you think? >> looks pretty good. >> reporter: and you picked this color to completely -- this pops, this pops.
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>> yes. you know, you have very good coloring. you wear bright colors. and you know, not matching is the new matching. >> reporter: and tracy reminds us hats are not only for women. he is a snappy dresser. he also designed victoria beckham's hat. let me tell you, sydnie and frank, too, okay when that i had big hat on, that beautiful hat, i stood up straighter. it was really thrilling. a very positive experience. philly tracy says that some people ordered their hats three months ago, others just in the past day but he loves it. he's into it. he will not be at the wedding but he's really glad his hats will be there. >> i can't believe that you would walk out there was empty- handed, dana. >> reporter: i know. i know. they cost between $150 and about $8,000. [ laughter ] >> oh!! enough said. >> reporter: there you go. >> you're worth it. great, what a fun store. have fun, dana tyler live in
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london. >> reporter: it really was. >> we'll be joining you tomorrow, as well. >> reporter: thanks. see you then. 1900 in attendance tomorrow but there were a few royal snubs. president obama for starters. but that's because of all the security problems. >> there was a good reason for that. but william and kate left off two former british prime ministers. john blair, gordon brown, both did not make the cut. and don't forget you can watch the royal wedding live here on cbs 5. lawrence is going to get up early and frank is going to be in his jammies. our coverage begins at 1:30 tomorrow morning after the late late show. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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behind this camera must have felt.. as he captured a tornado tear you can only imagine the kind of fear the person behind this camera must have felt as he captured a tornado carried across the university of alabama campus. you can hear him breathing. they only roll for a few minutes before they finally took shelter. he is doing just fine. but that tornado is just one of dozens to rip through the south. nearly 250 people are confirmed dead. the hardest hit state was alabama where 162 people lost their lives. emergency officials say it was the deadliest tornado outbreak in nearly 40 years. >> on a three to four-mile stretch of the city at some parts more than a half-mile- wide, we have utter destruction. we have neighborhoods that have basically been removed in the map. >> i been here 65 years.
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i have never seen anything like this. >> president obama has authorized the federal government to coordinate relief efforts. unbelievable. >> it almost looks like a tsunami in japan. just devastating. >> and tornado warnings again already in north carolina again so could be another fierce day of some severe storms there. here in the break we have some sunshine and it looks like winds are the concern toward the afternoon. looking towards san jose, we have plenty of bloody skies, just a couple of clouds over the mountains but still mostly sunny skies toward the afternoon. but the winds will be the story. already 33 miles per hour in livermore 21 san bruno, 23 in san francisco. so the winds are whipping up around the bay area and getting going toward the afternoon. still, mostly sunny skies, cooler at the coast because of the onshore wind. that's where it's going to be strongest at the coast. cold front pulling through town now. once the system slides by, that's when those winds are really going to start to kick
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up. and that happens this afternoon. and these winds are going to stick around not only today but it looks like for at least another day before we settle down into the weekend. temperatures are going to take hate today. it's not going to be bad but it will feel cooler than it is. 50s at the coastline. lots of 60s inside the bay. and mid- to upper 60s in the warmest wind sheltered spots inland. as we look out over the next couple of days, yup, we are going to have another windy one for tomorrow. lots of sunshine though coming your way but temperatures going to be very similar on friday. but then we get into the weekend. that ridge of high pressure builds in. the temperatures soaring into the 70s by saturday. i think on sunday, we could easily see some of those temperatures tip into the 80s and looks like right now the next 6 to 7 days nice and dry. no rain in sight. that's the latest forecast. back to you. >> thank you. it is a home away from home for families with seriously ill or injured children. as kate kelly shows us for one bay area woman, the ronald mcdonald house of san francisco
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is also a place to give back. reporter: >> and i thought i'm going to step through that door and i'm going to see what i can do make a difference in someone else's life. >> reporter: and wai-ling eng is making a difference. just the way she says others helped her when she was a young girl and her family emigrated from hong kong. >> we didn't speak any english. we had very little money. and resources. and it was really hard starting life in a new country. >> reporter: with supportive teachers and her church, wai- ling became a nurse, married and settled in san francisco. but never forgot those who helped her along the way. >> i think without them i wouldn't be where i am today. >> reporter: the executive director of the ronald mcdonald house says she has become a fixture. >> wai-ling is all heart. wai-ling is -- she is supporting us here at the house, coming here with her family, working on volunteer projects. >> reporter: projects that help support the many families who
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stay here when their children are seriously ill. wai-ling's relationship with mcdonald's started almost 20 years ago when she and her husband took a risk and decided to make a career change. that's when they bought their first mcdonald's restaurant. today they own 10 restaurants. but it's her work through ronald mcdonald house charities that brought her full circumstance. she started a scholarship program among local franchise owners which in ten years has handed out $10 million to bay area college-bound students. >> as a recipient to scholarships myself, i could not have completed college without the generosity of folks providing scholarships, it meant everything to me. >> for me it was a way to help my family with so many issues. i'm the first one in my immediate family to go to college. >> that extra money does a lot. helps me with books. >> once you start doing good things for others, good deeds will come back to you.
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it goes in a full circle. >> reporter: so for her continuing support of bay area families facing the challenges of health and education, this week' jefferson award in the bay area goes to wai-ling eng. kate kelly, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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peregrine falcon chicks nesting a- top san jose city hall it's all part of the annual falcon banding d aw three boys and a girl the chicks nesting on city hall. it's part of the annual falcon
12:27 pm
banding day. a uc-santa cruz scientist landing besides the chick nest. he examined each check and banded them for research. we are told that those chicks they grow up fast. they may take flight next month. >> that's a great be. >> mama falcon wasn't probably happy. >> not at all. >> what are you doing? >> that is it for the cbs 5 news at noon. >> have a great afternoon. and we'll see you tomorrow morning right after the wedding. >> look at that sunshine. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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