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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> this is just something you can build back, but that life, you can't build back. it's gone. >> tornadoes kill nearly 300 people across the southeast. what one woman did to stay alive. >> the royal wedding is hours away now. the new word this wedding is bringing to the english language. >> even 8-year-old tra vida knows finding a bone marrow donor isn't easy. now the court has the power to change the law and make it easier for taveta and make it easier. >> not changing that is costings lives every day. a hitman talk stalking a man and killing him in the middle of the day.
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>> i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. pretty eerie resemblance to what we saw after hurricane katrina. >> an army of tornadoes razed entire communities and tonight 297 people are dead. the most devastating twister cut across four states, it started in eastern mississippi and ripped through alabama, then through georgia and tennessee. it carved a deadly path 370 miles long. more than 2/3 of the casualties are in alabama and that's where kendis gibson is tonight. kendis? >> reporter: and dana, that tornado was so devastating and so widespread and it did not discriminate. from churches like this, to hundreds of homes. >> it's all gone, everything is gone. >> you can hear the despair and disbelief in julie add kips' voice. >> i never seen anything like that in my life.
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>> this section of birmingham is virtually wiped out. they look at what's left of the house they moved into just two months ago. willie was at home when the twister struck >> i jumped in the bath tub. >> jew 0 road out the storm in that? >> i did. >> reporter: looking at the damage from above it's hard to be anybody survived but hundreds of people did not. search crews combed through debris piles searching for anyone who might be trapped. >> we're assuming the best and not the worst. >> reporter: not even this church in the pratt city section of birmingham was safe. it was tracked for nearly 300 miles, tearing through tuscaloosa, even alabama's governor, a tuscaloosa native,
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says it's hard to view the disaster. >> i have to separate myself from this because i'm the governor of the whole state. >> they'll tour the damage in alabama on friday. >> president obama: the federal government will do everything we can to help you recover. >> and that's something survivors will be counting on. >> absolutely. power remains out for thousands of residents in this state. that's perhaps one of the least of their concerns considering all that -- else that is wrong at this point with the debris everywhere and so many buildings destroyed. that's the story live in birmingham. kendis gibson, back to you dana. >> kendis gibson, thank you very much. a confession in the jaycee dugard case, a bay area couple now admitting they kidnapped her. nancy ga ride oh broke down as she and her husband pleaded guilty in placerville. they snatched 11-year-old jaycee from near her lake tahoe home 20 years ago, raped her, held her captive for 18 years.
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their guilty pleas, spare jaycee, now, from trial. >> to go through what it was that she, that jaycee wept through, is something that no person obviously should ever go through it. but then to have it relived out in public is -- makes it all that much more difficult. >> the ga rios face life in prison, sentencing is set for june. we are in the final count down. four hours now until the royal wedding. the marriage of prince william and kate middleton is a once in a generation opportunity for british businesses in the bay area. so they are offering the royal treatment. >> we'll be open at some ungodly hour early this morning or tonight for the royal wedding. we'll be serving breakfast. >> bangers and mash i bet. the owners of san francisco's crown and crumb pets just returned from london and they brought back the latest in
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royal wedding souvenirs. about 100,000 british x pats live here in the bay area. and of course, in london, the excitement is building to a peak. >> that's right. the guest will start showing up in about four hours. gata decided to get there early, he is there all night and he is with people in the street and they are in a advertisey as we hear, charlie, tell us about it? >> reporter: ken, they are in a frenzy here at westminster abbey and they have been all night. some of them have been here several days. the guest are going to start arriving pretty soon, the big moment is when kate middleton arrives in that limo, steps out and into the footsteps of kings and queen's. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the host of the biggest party in london have been agreeing their guests. prince william checked on campers along the procession route. >> thank you very much. a little bit nervous. >> reporter: kate middle son
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waved at the crowd before checking into her hotel. the queen put on dinner for dignitaries and prince charles greeted them at the door. even his wife, the duchess of cornwall, visited with commoners. on the final day the bride and her bridesmaids held one last rehearsal. at her hotel well-wishers were treated to tea and cakes. at trafalgar square crews setup huge video screens and online they revealed their official program with a new black and white portrait. here on the streets outside westminster abbey the unofficial pre-wedding party has begun and more than a million people are expected to attend. for one reason or another it won't be a rest full night. >> i don't think we'll sleep tonight, five of us in a two- man tent. >> reporter: but if they could have handed over $1,700 they
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could have glamorous campers at a glorious tent. >> you go into the tent you have champagne. >> reporter: they are here for the same reason, to be part of this once in a lifetime event. and here is some good news. the weather forecast, light cloud, no mention of that four- letter word "rain." that's going to be important for anybody who wants to see prince william and kate middle son leave in an open-top carriage. gata. >> the governor has put a stop to what critics call the cadillac death row project. a new larger death row complex has been in the works since thuy. today the governor said the state cannot justify the expense at a time when children, the disabled and seniors, face cuts to essential programs. the project was going to cost $356 million. oakland mayor jean quan announces a new budget tomorrow that is almost certain to mean
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big cuts to public services including the police department. and that is sobering news given that murders in oakland are rising at a dizzying pace. detectives trying to solve those killings tell our robert liles why it's likely to get worse. >> this is beyond reality tv. it's surveillance video of the making of a murder. and this is 16th street west oakland. the man in the center of your screen a hitman, unafraid that it's day light he pulls out his gun, switching it from right to left. then covering his piece beneath some cover-ups. and this is terrance tomkins, murder victim, talking to someone in this white sedan, within seconds the gun slinging reaper passes tomkins. as tomkins turns to face him he is shot and killed instantly. his toddler daughter plays if willow park just a few feet away. >> i think than any time someone is murdered in brood day light the goal of the
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offender is to definitely send some kind of message. >> reporter: sergeant tony jones and his boss, brian ma deer owes, were the first oakland p.d. homocide detectives on scene on what would become one of just 11 murders in january alone. >> i really don't think people in the city are aware of the case lead. >> reporter: what caseload? consider these numbers. there have been 34 murders in the city of oakland so far this year. that's 17% more than the same time last year. yet the number of homocide detectives has dropped from 14 last year to just 9 this year. so where do these much-needed investors go. >> some of our sergeants got sent to a patrol. >> reporter: leaving detectives like sergeant jones with heavy case loads. he is currently investigating more than 40 murders. is that a lot? >> yes. >> reporter: does that worry you? >> ideally in a picture-perfect
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world no investigator would take more than 5 homocide a year. that would be the federal standard for the d oj. >> reporter: under federal standards oakland should have 20 homocide detectives instead of 9 so we asked assistant chief howard jordan if more are on the way. is there a likelihood you can convince city leaders? >> that's a question i would have to take up with the city manager and the mayor. >> reporter: so we took it to mayor jean quan. >> i have to say at this point ask the chief. i believe that the chief is going to be reorganizing the department. >> reporter: into what she described as less specialized cops but hiring more officers is out of the question. >> the oakland police department is 50% of my budget right now. if i had to cut all of my parks and libraries to give them the other 16% of the budget i actually think crime would go up because part of reducing crime is engaging young people, giving them jobs and giving them some hope. >> in fact the staffing situation at opd could get even
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worse. >> if we're forced to make more cuts i don't plan to do cuts, i plan to do furloughs instead. that means that other kinds of investigations will go slower. >> reporter: including homocide investigations. and that may mean equally bad news for the families seeking justice. what do you say to them? >> i'll be very honest with the mother, the father, whoever is calling. just right now with the staffing i have to do the best i can with assigning cases. there is no direct leads, the case will remain inactive. >> reporter: in the terrance tomkins murder there are leads including this surveillance video. but ... >> criminals, you know, they know we're short-staffed. i'm preparing for it to get more challenging. >> reporter: in oakland, robert liles, cbs5. charlie sheen brings his road show to the bay area this weekend. how hollywood's bad boy is doing something good in an effort to help the giants fans fighting for his life.
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>> not only am i gonna die here, but it's gonna be just a tor you thous death that is going to go on forever and ever and ever. >> beaten and sexually assaulted lara logan opens up about the day a mob attacked her in cairo.
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by kaiser permanent a then take. we want you to live well be well and thrive. actor charlie sheen is using his catch phrases to help the giants fan who was beaten up outside dodger stadium. the actor is doing his show at
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san francisco's masonic auditorium saturday and the profits from the merchandise sold that night will go directly to brian stow. machine is selling t-shirts with his recent saying on them, including "did you, winning." stow remains in the hospital. doctors have begun to slowly lower the medication that is keeping him in a coma. the cbs news correspondent sexually assaulted by a mob of men in cairo is telling her story tonight. lara logan believes that her attackers in egypt's tahrir square enjoyed her pain. the attack started when the camera battery went down. >> we had to stop for a moment and suddenly he looked at me and says "we've got to get out of here." >> he is not happy here. >> he is egyptian, he speaks arabic, heene what is the crowd is saying. >> yes. >> he knows what no within in the crew understands. >> i thought not only am i gonna die here, it's going to
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be a torturous death that goats on forever and ever under ever. >> logan is back to work. ooh cussy the full interview this sunday on 60 minutes. >> a law meant to stop black market sales of humor governance is being challenged by people who say it's gone too far. grace lee on the thousands of people anxiously awaiting a federal court decision including one little boy from east palo alto. >> he is 8 years old and has no fear tearing around his neighborhood on his four- wheeler. he show boats careening on two wheels. he is is a dizzying array of activity. anyone who knows him knows he is off the wall. >> reporter: one reason he is packed full of energy is an isolated chrome zone. davita has a poe tentially fatal blood disease and is undergoing a treatment that
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suppresses his immune system. >> it is a dangerous disorder. if untreated 50% of individuals affected by it will die within 6 months. >> reporter: before he was diagnosed, tavita excelled at rugby, quarterbacked for sunning dale and swung a bat during baseball season. he loved all of it. the only way he can play again and live is to find a bone mayor low donor. what would you need in order to play next year. >> nothing. only if i have a bone marrow, find a match in life, 3 months or 6 months and i can play football next year. >> how bad do you want it? >> like so bad i'm waiting for it. >> reporter: he is just one of thousands waiting. some believe his chances would be better if bone marrow donors were paid. that's why the institute for justice has filed a lawsuit hoping to change the 1984 national organ transplant act.
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that law makes it illegal to pay anyone for solid organs and bone marrow. >> if you can donate blood for compensation you should be able to donate bone marrow for compensation. not allowing that is costing lives every day. >> the attorney says bone marrow should not be included in the law because it is renewable, unlike kidneys or lungs. he wants to set up a privately funded non-profit that would pay a $3,000 scholarship, housing allowance, or gift to charity to bone marrow donors, ultimately hoping to match more patients. >> so it's essential to have something that will nudge them into doing the right thing and this compensation is the nudge. >> reporter: critics warn that paying donors coen courage them to hide medical conditions. that's one reason why the american red cross refuses to pay its donors for blood. tavita is bliss flee ignorant of the raging legal battle that
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is brewing. he needs a donor now. finding a match will not be easy. people from a mixede ethnic background tend to have a tough time. his dad is tongans, his mom samoan chinese. >> reporter: do you ever consider the possibility that you're not gonna find a match? >> i've thought about it. i don't dwell on it. i can't dwell on it. but i have thought about it. >> reporter: is that what drives you? >> yup. >> reporter: it's got to be, right? >> failure is not an option. >> reporter: would you like other people to kind of help you out this time around? >> yeah, i usually help people a lot because i care about them. even if i -- if they are a senior i care about them. >> it's clear that tavita loves life. all he wants is normalcy. some company. and just a little bit of bone
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marrow. how could you not want to help him and people like him, right? the more people who join the national registry the better his chances are of finding a match. it's free and painless, they take a swab like this one, inside your cheek,e they fill it up. you want more information go to click on links and numbers, you can call 800 marrow t for more information. this city is a big deal here isn't it. >> it's a huge deal. the chances go way down for people who are of any sort of ethnicity because the people who join the national registry, most of them are caucasian, so it's harder to find a match if you're asian, african-american, like. the avita. >> thanks tina. we're going to return to roberta now as we head toward weekend and, of course, the royal wedding and all that entails. >> and woo do have mostly cloudy skies for that royal wedding with a temperature of
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59 degrees once the wedding begins. a chance of a couple of raindrops. but according to our forecast the is the view right now. it's live, our cbs5 weather camera aboard chopper 5 high above the city of san francisco. currently 50 degrees. the winds have been westerly up to 15 miles per hour adding a chill into the air, bottoming out at 46 degrees. otherwise we have a lot of cooler air malts in place. numbers tumbling into the 30s, in santa rosa and the tri- valley, san jose and napa. your morning commute will be a crisp and clear one, albeit breezy along the coast with increasing winds during the day all because of this area of low pressure. that's the one that causes the gusty winds today. bunting up against the high pressure. when you have the two elements firmly in place, it causes friction, we refer to it as a pressure gradeient. northwest winds tomorrow up to 30, ushering the pollen around. medium to high, your highs for
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friday, low 60s coast, low 70s inland, again northwest winds to 30 during the late-day hours. warmer saturday but the warm effort day of the weekend will be sunday. check in out. warming trend each day all the way until we peak on wednesday near 87 inland. sunshine continues until this time next week. that's it, that's your pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back. >> pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. enjoy huge savings. ,,,, i'm a curious seeker.
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what will the experience be like for guests the much anticipated royal wedding just hours away. what will the experience be like for guest at the royal wedding? tonight's good question. ♪ [ music ] . only 1900 invitations went out. so exclusive is the list that even the president of the united states didn't make it. how do you get on this list of 1900? how does that happen? >> i wish i knew. who are these people. >> i have been tweeting this week, is anyone going to the wedding that i know that i can interview. >> etiquette expert lease a glove will be reporting for the huffington post. she says the royals like to do it early. >> why the brisket in the morning is beyond me. 11:00 in the morning at
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westminster abbey. nobody looks good in the morning. guests are instructed to be in their seats 30 minutes before the ceremony and do not bring a gift. >> between all the tee air as that she will have. inliu of gift they'd prefer donations, they have setup a web site. they take american dollars, hi anyone can give to over 20 charities. >> just because you make it to the wedding doesn't mean you'll be eating any cake. >> apparently only 600 people are invited to buckle ham palace for a reception after the meeting. >> if by some chance you meet the queen rewatch your language. >> you are introduced to her as her royal majesty, and then you may call her ma'am. that goes for anyone in the royal family. >> send me your good questions. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store. [ female announcer ] at safeway, you get it all. great quality and great prices. so you just need a safeway list. [ male announcer ] with thousands of everyday low prices you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] plus we have great club card specials like refreshe water, 24 packs are only $2.99 each. [ male announcer ] quality and low prices. so there's one stop for everything. [ female announcer ] at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. did learn that it will round pick... no one knows who will be the 'niners starting quarterback in week 1 but we did learn that it will not be their first round pick. >> the san francisco 49ers select ah ben smith, defensive end, missouri. set the single season sack record at missouri with 11 and a
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>> smith. smith. instead smith can make life miserable for opposing quarterbacks. he set the sack record with 11 1/2 in 2009. but he wasn't a guy they expected to take with the 711th pick. >> i polled everybody at the convention center, you know, i explained who he was, they are watching their tv so they are sure to know him. they know him now. >> i never been to california it besides to visit san francisco so the weather was good there and it's different from missouri. ha ha ha. >> that's andrew luck returning to stanford for another year the carolina panthers had to settle for cam newton with the number 1 overall pick. cal defensive end cameron jordan went 24th to the saints, as a part of the richard seymour trade with new england the raiders don't have a first round pick for the first time in 22 years so they'll join the party tomorrow in the second round. get away day in pittsburgh.
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brian bill bye song picked up his first win since 2004. he was driving in three runs, that would be enough for vogel song who is making his first start in place of the injured barry zito. he pitches into the sixth inning and dislikes out eight. the giants take two out of three from the pirates. baseman, b wah, it's for dinner. >> no, it wasn't godzilla, it was the zobril a, ben zobrist set an record for 8 homers and 2 in the night cap. he drives in 10 runs on the day and now leads the american league with 25 rbis. kobe and the lakers with a chance to finish off the new orleans crowd. the lakers beat the hornets 98- 80 to win the series in 6 games. they'll take on the mavericks
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in round 2. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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