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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 30, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. devastation. the tornadoes that raced through seven southern states have now claimed more than 330 lives. thousands have been injured. and more than 1 million people are without power. president obama went to alabama and called the destruction heartbreaking. it is the worst natural disaster this country has seen since hurricane katrina. mission scrubbed. with congresswoman gabrielle giffords on hand, nasa delays the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour" until monday at the earliest. will she remain in florida to see her husband lift off. windsor knot. the pomp and pageantry of the wedding of the century. >> i catherine elizabeth. >> i, catherine elizabeth. >> take three william arthur
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philip louis. >> take thee william arthur philip louis. >> to my wedded husband. >> to my wedded husband. >> as they take off for their honeymoon, we take a look back at the wedding of the duke and duchess of cambridge. a day that made the world feel good, "early" this saturday a day that made the world feel good, "early" this saturday morning, april 30th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "the early show" on this last day of the month. i'm russ mitchell. >> good morning, russ. i'm rebecca jarvis. i'm going to go by duke and duchess of the saturday "early" show. >> sounds good. but let's begin with that bad weather in the south. a new picture is emerging on just how big the devastation is across seven southern states in the wake of this week's tornadoes. more than 330 people are dead and more than 1 million people are without electricity. damage could exceed some $5 billion. 1500 alabama national guardsmen have been called in to keep order.
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we have two reports beginning with cbs news correspondent dean reynolds in hard-hit tuscaloosa, alabama. teen, good morning to you. >> good morning, russ. well, you know that $5 billion damage estimate may actually be a little low. and as far as recovery, they're expecting that to go off, obviously, for months. across much of the tornado zone, devastation stretches for miles. block after block of homes, torn apart by the powerful twisters that hit on wednesday. a reality the president and his wife saw firsthand in tuscaloosa. >> this is something that i don't think anybody's seen before. and we're going to make sure that you're not forgotten and that we do everything we can to make sure that we rebuild. >> reporter: the university of alabama stadium, normally packed with football fans, has now been turned into a makeshift shelter. for the thousands of homeless. >> this is again something on a massive scale that we're just all beginning to understand the
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magnitude. >> reporter: utility companies say they may not have power restored before the middle of next week. for these fire department crews, the mission has now changed from rescue to recovery. throughout alabama, members of these tight-knit communities have rallied together. providing any assistance they can. still, amid the overwhelming tragedy, there are harrowing tales of survival, and gratitude. >> i was prepared to die, and actually i thought i was going to die. it was just by the grace of god that i'm here right now, and i give him all the glory and all the praise. i don't see how i'm alive. >> now, tomorrow, they'll be holding church services around here. the first since the disaster struck. but unfortunately, just like so many of the homes around here, the churches have been badly damaged, too. russ? >> dean reynolds in tuscaloosa, alabama. we'll see you later. rebecca? >> russ, thank you. and the destruction was spread over the entire state of alabama. people are literally picking up
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the pieces of their lives. cbs news correspondent elaine quijano is in birmingham, alabama, with more. good morning, elaine. >> good morning to you, rebecca. well, you know, when you take a look at the destruction in places like the pratt city area here in birmingham, you realize the enormity of the loss here. strewn among the debris are things like family mementos, personal items, pieces much clothing. really ordinary signs of people's lives. lives that have now been forever changed. in pleasant grove, alabama, about 12 miles west of birmingham -- >> there was a recliner here. this is our fireplace. >> reporter: taylor edwards is in disbelief. he and his mother barely made it to the safety of their basement when the storms hit. now, there's not much of their home left. >> i just -- i just remember two days ago i was sitting on my front steps overlooking the neighborhood on a beautiful day like today. and it was just, you know, it was home. >> reporter: about an hour north in coleman, alabama, officials say the power could be out for a
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week. maybe longer. >> come get ice. >> reporter: bracing for that possibility, residents swarmed the parking lot of the local cvs, where managers and employees handed out free supplies. >> they're definitely desperate. definitely desperate. everyone's needing something. >> reporter: top on the list, diapers, bottled water, and bags of ice. >> we're getting ice for like three families. >> reporter: people here have few options. just getting around is a major challenge. only a handful of gas stations have generators to run the gas pumps. in the wake of the tornadoes, residents are anxious. >> makes you realize how vulnerable you really are. >> reporter: at a local grocery store, bread, milk and charcoal for cooking outdoors are in high demand. for many the worst part is the uncertainty about when life will return to normal. >> like i said, i feel like i'm camping. it's -- it's hard. it's hard. but, like i said, we do what we got to do. >> reporter: now, obviously because of the massive scale of
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the destruction here, it's likely going to be months before the sense of uncertainty really disappears. and maybe even longer than that, rebecca, before residents have their sense of security and well-being restored. rebecca? >> yeah, absolutely. a long road ahead for them. elaine quijano, thank you. now back to russ. >> thanks, rebecca. now joining us from montgomery to explain how the state is coping with this disaster is alabama emergency management director art faulkner. good morning to you. >> good morning, russ. >> as we begin this day, what is the number one priority for you in this office? >> well, the number one priority has been for the last few days, focusing on life safety. we've been doing search and rescue, and unfortunately, that's turning mostly to search now at this time. >> you talked about the search and rescue efforts. how big is the job of going through all that debris and rubble looking for survivors?
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>> well, it's a mounting task. you know, governor bentley early on activated the alabama national guard and all other state resources. and their initial focus was on going in and doing search and rescue in counties all across the state of alabama, from the mississippi line all the way to the georgia line. and you know, as your viewers have seen this morning, the 254 fatalities, and the over 2,000 injured just really do not explain exactly what has happened in the state of alabama. >> you said the search and rescue mission is more of a search rescue at this point. do you think there are a lot of people that are still trapped that you haven't gotten to? >> well, we are trying to get a better handle on exactly how many are missing. but we do know that we still have people missing in areas that were just devastated, you know, not only do we have three of our largest metropolitan areas that have been hit in the state, but we have small towns
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throughout the state of alabama that have just been wiped off the map. >> of course, as we said, art, this is the worst natural disaster in this country since hurricane katrina. alabama, of course, hard hit by that hurricane. what did you, what did your office learn from that hurricane that may be helping you out this time? >> well, what we learned is that we have to be immediate to the response, and governor bentley was pro-active in issuing a state of emergency. we had spoken with the national weather service officials that had warned us of exactly what we were facing, and unfortunately we face that. long track tornadoes across the state of alabama, through major metropolitan areas. we had first responders throughout the state that were prepared to immediately hit the ground. and those first responders have remained on the ground ever since they went out wednesday and started doing these searches and rescues. and right now, you know, we just need to focus on getting the individuals that have been affected. the commodities, life-sustaining
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commodities and resources that they need to begin to be able to just sustain life in the most basic form. and you know, those needs are great in this state right now. we're trying to manage the requests that we're getting from the local communities as quickly as possible. and you know, we're calling in our emergency management compact partners from across the united states to come in and augment our state and local first responders to be able to continue this mission. >> art, very quickly tell me, i know you've got a lot to do today, it's a fluid situation, of course, as you look at it, how much time? how much money is going to be needed to get this back to normal, somewhat back to normal there? >> well, i don't know. we haven't even focused on that yet. i think that what you see in tuscaloosa, birmingham, dekalb county, alabama, and marion county, alabama, it's just indicative of the damage that we have in probably two-thirds of the state of alabama.
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>> a long way to go. art faulkner, the director of alabama emergency management agency. we thank you so much for joining us. good luck to you, sir. >> thank you, russ. >> you take care. it is about ten after the hour. >> nasa engineers this morning are working on the space shuttle "endeavour" trying to fix a heater problem that delayed its launch. and congresswoman gabrielle giffords is still hoping to watch her husband mark kelly's launch as commander of the shuttle. cbs news correspondent don teague is at the kennedy space center with the latest. hey, don, good morning. >> good morning, rebecca. it was a disappointing day here at the kennedy space center for a crowd that was expected to exceed half a million people, for a highly anticipated launch. a part because gabrielle giffords was here to see it. it was supposed to be a dramatic turn in the recovery of gabrielle giffords, and an important mission for nasa. the space shuttle "endeavour" was set to launch into space friday afternoon. with astronaut mark kelly in command.
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his injured wife watching from a nearby building. and even president obama and the first family on hand. >> today the orbiter is not ready to fly. >> reporter: instead, the launch was scrubbed. delayed at least three days because of trouble with the heaters on an auxiliary power unit. >> they generate the hydraulic power to move the wing flap and to drop the landing gear, as well as to move the nozzle to the main engines for steering. so it's a critical system. >> reporter: with the launch delayed by just a few days giffords will likely stay in florida until the next attempt. her friend and congressional colleague debbie wasserman schultz says giffords' recovery is going well and she's excited about her husband's mission. >> they live in a perpetual state of newlyweds, and so there's no place she'd rather be. >> reporter: president obama followed through on his plans to come to the kennedy space center, while he didn't see a launch, he and the first family had a brief tour of the facility. the president offering words of support to the crew.
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mark kelly. and later, with gabrielle giffords. well, we're told that meeting between giffords and president obama lasted about ten minutes. they haven't released any details on what specifically was said. there are also no pictures of that meeting to protect giffords' privacy. we also don't know exactly what gabrielle giffords' plans are, if this launch were to be delayed more than just a couple of days. whether she'd return to houston or try to stay here until the launch finally goes off. rebecca? >> don teague at the kennedy space center. thank you and we'll continue to watch whether or not gabrielle giffords will be there. we'll be talking about it coming up later in the program. now here's russ. >> now we turn to that event across the pond yesterday. after months of planning and anticipation, britain's royal wedding is now part of history. the new duke and duchess of cambridge begin their honeymoon today with many moments to remember. mark phillips is at buckingham palace in london. don't look too partied out. good morning to you. >> yes, well the party is over. finally. and we can reliably report that
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the new duke and duchess survived both the day and the evening. in fact, there were pictures of them released this morning of them taking a walk in the gardens of buckingham palace just behind me. after the wedding, of course, and the afternoon reception, and then a reception during the night, a party thrown during the night in the palace. we can also reliably report, because the palace says so, that they have now left on their honeymoon. a helicopter was seen leaving the palace early this morning. there it goes now. and they are off on their honeymoon. however, where they're going is a big state secret. this will be the first test of william and catherine's desire to keep their private life separate from their public one. and while we can all mull as to where they might have gone, everybody here is still talking about yesterday, and what a great day it was. ♪ >> royal weddings can be stuffy, even cold affairs. except this time. when the best man finds
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something highly amusing and tells the groom. when the groom tells his new father-in-law, in an ancient abbey in front of 2,000 people, we're supposed to have a small family affair. when the groom turns to the bride and says, "you look beautiful." ♪ there were many times when this wedding looked like no other royal marriage. >> you have both made your decision today. >> reporter: little looks between the couple. >> i will. ♪ >> reporter: it was a wedding that seemed almost normal. the dress was a major talking point. kate middleton, now the duchess of cambridge, said she'd wanted a combination of traditional and modern. just like the wedding. and it seemed to work. but most of all, this was a wedding like it should be. about the couple.
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when they got into their carriage for the ride back to the palace, she appears to ask, are you happy? yes, are you, he seems to reply. she nods and says, yes. a thoroughly modern couple. >> i think this marriage has certainly moved the monarchy forward. we are going to have a monarchy that, in the future, is going to relate far more to our lives, is going to shop in the supermarket. listen to ipods. and which is just generally not in an ivory tower. >> reporter: when they appeared for the now traditional balcony kiss, they provide two. one more he says. okay. let's go. and they went like no other royals before them. in his father's open-top aston martin db-6. the royal house of windsor rolling on. the party last night at the palace was only for the kids.
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the old folks, the queen and prince philip, not being fans of loud music, had left and gone to one of their country residences. letting the party baggy on here. it went to late into the night. in fact there was a story prince harry was planning a survivor's party for early this morning for those who made it through the night and was even going to provide the time honored britisi cure, the bacon sandwich. but you've got to be pretty desperate. >> surviving that would be a problem for some of us. mark phillips in london, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we're going to have more on the royal wedding, her dress, her hair, the whole thing, coming up in just a bit. let's take a look now at the morning's headlines to betty nguyen at the news desk. >> good morning to you. libyan leader moammar gadhafi is defiant and asking for a cease-fire this morning, following a new attack in libya by nato warplanes. the planes bombed a government complex in the capital of tripoli. at least three people were injured. in a rambling television speech afterwards, gadhafi called for a
5:17 am
cease-fire, but, said he will not give up power to the rebels. nato has rejected gadhafi's previous cease-fire offers. in syria this morning, military reinforcements poured in to the besieged city of daraa which is at the heart of the six week long uprising against president assad's government. on friday, syrian foerpss killed at least 65 people in the city in an effort to crush the revolt. syria is closed to foreign news organizations. cbs news correspondent barry petersen is following developments from london, and he joins us now. good morning, barry. what can you tell us about the military attacks against civilians? >> well, as best we can tell, this is assad, the president of syria, negotiating at the point of a gun. in the city of daraa yesterday were shooting protesters and those trying to get food and medicine into that besieged city. people are afraid to go out tonight to the streets because of army snipers. hospitals said to be using rags for bandages and sewing needles to stitch up wounds.
5:18 am
in other cities, and despite the ongoing government crackdown, there were protests yesterday with marchers demanding the resignation of president bashar al assad. there is no indication that that will happen any time soon, betty. >> so, barry, are there any signs that the government may look for a negotiated way out of the crisis? >> at the moment there are no signs of that. if anything, it seems to be that president al assad has decided he will keep power, no matter what, and no matter how many he has to kill. >> all right. barry petersen in london for us. barry, thank you. five possible republican presidential candidates are staking out their positions for campaign 2012. at a dinner sponsored by a conservative group last night in new hampshire, all five blamed president obama for high gasoline prices, and the struggling economy. they included former massachusetts governor mitt romney. governor minnesota governor tim pawlenty. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann.
5:19 am
former senator rick santorum and businessman herman king. well, the nfl player lockout is on again. players returned to workout facilities on friday morning, after owners shut them out almost two months ago. but by friday night they were once again sent packing. after a federal appeals court issued a temporary stay. players and owners are battling over a new collective bargaining agreement. a bill gaining momentum in the texas legislature is taking aim at those invasive airport pat-down searches. the proposed law was prompted by former miss usa suzy castillo who claims she was groped during a pat-down. it would make it a felony for a security officer to intentionally touch someone's private areas, even on top of clothing, unless there was probable cause to believe the person was carrying something illegal. cbs news chief foreign correspondent lara logan is telling her harrowing story publicly for the first time. she was sexually assaulted and beaten at the hands of a mob while covering the protests in egypt in february.
5:20 am
in an interview with scott pelley for "60 minutes," logan explained what happened that night. >> our camera battery went down. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> and we had to stop for a moment and suddenly, he looks at me and says we've got to get out of here. >> he's not happy here. >> he's egyptian, he speaks arabic and he can hear what the crowd is saying. >> yes. >> he understands what no one else and the crew understands. >> that's right. i thought not only am i going to die here, but it's going to be just a torturous death that's going to go on for ever and ever and ever. and i thought, i'm going to die here, and my next thought was, i can't believe i just let them kill me. that that was -- that was as much fight as i had. that i just gave in. and i gave up on my children so easily. how could you do that? how could you do that? i thought you were stronger than that. >> you can see lara logan's entire interview with scott
5:21 am
pelley tomorrow night on "60 minutes" at 7:00 eastern, right here on cbs. now here's russ and rebecca. >> okay, betty, thank you very much. we talked about those deadly storms earlier in the broadcast. the month of april, this month we've seen 600 tornadoes, more than 600 tornadoes and it's still early in the season. so we're likely to see even more. >> we look to lonnie for an answer as to why we've seen so many this season of these strong and deadly twisters. lonnie? >> i want to tell you what happened on wednesday. because three things had to come together perfectly in our atmosphere, and unfortunately they did just that. first you need to have really cold air dropping in from canada. second thing you got to have, really warm, moist air being pumped up from the gulf of mexico. where those two air masses clash, that's instability. but now, you have to have something to pull that air up into the sky, and that's where the jet stream comes in. think of the jet stream as like a big vacuum cleaner in the air. and the stronger that this air mass gets pulled up, the stronger the storms will be. that's exactly what we had. then those tornadoes would travel right along the path of the jet stream.
5:22 am
one of the tornadoes actually set a world's record for how long it traveled. it was over 300 miles. traveled all the way up to the maryland area. a lot of times tornadoes are on the ground for, say, half a mile. we had them at times on wednesday, 300 miles. all right, let's get right to our forecast out there right now. do i see anything volatile today? pretty quiet. okay. guys, let's pull up our satellite picture. you're going to find -- like little rock to memphis tennessee to st. louis you could catch severe weather this afternoon. garden variety type of thunderstorms. not like what we saw on wednesday thankfully. that's a quick look here at the national picture.
5:23 am
latest weather. you were saying how there will most likely be more tornados to come. there will be more tornadoes to come. we haven't got ton may yet. may holds the record for the most tornadoes in a single month. >> okay, lonnie. coming up, gabby's decision. she's staying in florida to see her husband's delayed shuttle launch on monday. but how will it affect her rehab? >> and then later, they helped the duchess of cambridge look beautiful. all day long. we're going to speak with the two stylists who did her hair. this is "the early show" on cbs. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado.
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as of yesterday, she's now the duchess of cambridge. we all know her as kate middleton. she looked incredible. >> she did look great. >> from that dress to the tiara to the hair, all of it working to the absolutely fabulous. >> i agree. coming up we'll talk to the two hairdressers who actually did her hair. also did her mother's hair, the bridesmaids' hair. the wedding party. what did the bride have to say? was she nervous? what did the bride have to say? was she nervous? >> we'll figure out from,,,, 3q
5:26 am
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everyone got into the wedding. >> oh, yeah. >> i had no intention of watching the wedding yesterday. >> but you did? >> i did. >> it was early. >> i got up. >> you set your alarm? >> no, no, no, my wife got up. >> sure. >> she said i'm going to watch this. >> look at the dress. >> and you know, i couldn't stop watching. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> not so much, huh, lonnie? >> listen, i watched a lot of it. but i watched it after i got up. i didn't set an alarm. >> i didn't set an alarm. >> whatever, husband. whatever. that's your story and you're sticking to it. >> i wanted to say that just coming out of the wedding, obviously we've been watching it for these last 24 hours but there have been a couple of scenes that have come out of the
5:28 am
wedding. i think there was a bobby, a local policeman who did a cartwheel. >> yes. >> that was really funny to see that video. >> do we have it? >> i don't know if we have the video of it. >> yeah. >> is that a priest? >> excuse me. >> but they call him bobby. >> bobby the priest. >> that's impressive. >> extremely happy. >> everybody's happy. >> everything went off without a hitch. >> i know when they came out for their kiss on the balcony, one of the little girls -- >> i love this. she's sitting their holding her ears because it's so loud. and just at the right time where they were kissing, it's a precious picture. it really is. >> and the video of a cop stumbling. i haven't seen this yet. let's see if we can roll that. okay. okay. >> got the crowd jazzed up. >> there it is. >> uh-oh. >> love will knock you off your feet. >> that is true. >> watch where you're going.
5:29 am
>> a wonderful day. much more of it to talk about. ,, 3q my busy family, the family with thousands of odors. like boomer, our boxer. our leftovers... from last night. and then there's phil. oh phil. but for every odor, our new air wick odor detect uses the latest smart odor sensor technology. the first air freshener that detects thousands of odors then automatically releases a burst of freshness... that can keep up with this family, and yours.
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welcome back to "the early show," i'm rebecca jarvis. >> and i'm russ mitchell. you would not think there would be any more royal news to break this morning. >> there is, though. >> buckingham palace has just released the first official wedding photo of the new duke and duchess of cambridge. it's gorgeous >> it is gorgeous. they both look so happy. all day yesterday and that photo really captures the moment. i love that red on the sides. >> very nice. even the crew is applauding. >> they can't get enough. we are going to continue that conversation. but also, a huge conversation we've been having about the state of the shuttle launch. despite a delay of at least three days it appears
5:31 am
congresswoman gabrielle giffords will stay in florida to watch her husband take off in the space shuttle on monday. but is that the right decision for her recovery from the gunshot wound that she suffered? we're going to take a look at it with a leading neurologist about her options and potential dangers. and obviously this may not happen on monday. so if it extends longer, what happens after that? >> rising gas prices are causing a ripple effect across the entire economy. the cost of food, medicine, clothes, even luxury goods, is going up. we're going to show you some simple and even free ways to beat the rising prices. but first let's over to "early" show anchor erica hill at buckingham palace in london with some very special guests who helped the duchess of cambridge look so beautiful on her wedding day. >> russ, thanks. her royal highness, the duchess of cambridge looked stunning yesterday. that's pretty much the assessment. it wasn't just the gown, though, but plenty of commentary about her hair, which seemed to remain perfect all day long. the masterminds behind that look are with us now. richard warren and james price. >> thanks for having us.
5:32 am
>> one of the papers this morning, there was someone who said kate middleton's hair, or her royal highness i should say now the morning after, that her hair signals the death of the flat-iron and of blonde, it's all about brunettes and natural, wavy hair. >> oh, i hadn't read that one. that's fantastic. >> it's a glowing review, isn't it? >> absolutely. that's fantastic. >> one of the things a lot of people said, we heard she wanted to look like herself. >> that's right. i mean, the main theme running through the dress and the hair was one of romance, so, like you said, yeah, the irons are out the window, and it was all about the curls, and soft and yeah she really wanted to show off her hair, and so with that thought we let part of it down. >> right. >> and pinned some up just to show the tiara. >> we've got a new name for that. >> which is? >> hot off the press called the demi chignon. >> very nice. does one need to wear a tiara to achieve that look? >> absolutely not.
5:33 am
but he might. >> we'd love to see that. you were with her all day long yesterday. >> yes. >> did her hair again before we saw her, as she was departing for the evening reception. everyone that i spoke to seemed to say she looked so calm, as if she was born for this day, born for this role, and continued throughout the day. was she fairly calm in the morning? >> she was, yeah. she was very relaxed. which richard and i put at ease, as well. >> i think, you'd agree james, just talking solely on the hair, you know, a well-prepared bride, in other words a bride that knows exactly what she's going to get on the day, and you've done enough practices so there's no surprises, i mean, that all adds to making her feel calm about her look. with the dressmaker, her dress designer, whoever is doing the makeup, just everything about her. >> right. >> if i had wanted it for any bride is to know what you're getting fully on the day, because that really helps.
5:34 am
>> how many trials did you do for the hair? >> we -- about four or five. >> four or five. and right now did you guys know what the dress looked like, who had designed the dress? because did you have to take some of that into account in planning the hair? >> yes and no, actually. she, i mean, i didn't know the dress until the morning. >> just to give you an idea. >> obviously, the we had to know what the neckline was like and account for that in the hair. >> we had an idea it might be but we didn't know. it's full of speculation in the press. but actually for us, you know, having, you know, been in this business 25 years, and i've done many, many weddings, it's the first timive ever not known who was making the dress. so it's actually quite -- >> they did an amazing job keeping it a secret. >> incredible. we were sort of -- we were told things on a need-to-know basis, weren't we? >> that's right. >> what about yesterday throughout the day. we were talking when you first got here, about this beautiful shot we have, and we had this
5:35 am
gorgeous view, of course, of the balco balcony, so we had a first row seat for the kiss. your view, though, was a little bit better. you were inside. >> truly amazing. i mean, what a special building, it really is, and it was totally surreal being in there, and seeing the people around. >> did you have interaction with the rest of the family, the royal family, and the middleton family? or were you sort of with the bride all day? >> i think we'll probably keep that to ourselves. i'll tell you something, i've been used to going there, because i've been looking after the countess of wessex for the past eight years, and i go in just -- just on the right-hand side there. so -- but i only trained -- but obviously i've only ever, if you're doing a member of the royal family, you only go to one particular spot. of course yesterday, that was just so wonderful for me, because we were in a completely different area. the whole day for me was -- i
5:36 am
felt like being in there it was like an out-of-body experience. >> it was. >> it was so incredible to, you forget that you're watching all this going on on the tv. you know we're looking at the hair every minute, is it okay? is it okay? is it going to hold up? is the tiara still straight. you know. suddenly you have a reality check because you see the planes coming over, for example the fly-past and then suddenly bang, it's above you and that was just unbelievable. i kept getting all these texts from friends and family and you know, it was the most -- it was what? there will be no other day in my career or james's i'm sure, that will surpass what we went through yesterday. >> we really appreciate you being here and sharing a bit of that with us. i know you have to head off because i think you have a date later today with her royal highness for wherever she is off to on her honeymoon, the great unknown. thanks again for coming by. >> oh, you're welcome. >> thank you. >> russ, back over to you. >> thanks, erica. the hair dressers are coming along on the honeymoon.
5:37 am
how about that? >> fabulous. lucky for them. >> lonnie quinn is here now with another check of the weather. >> good morning to you guys. good morning, everybody, let's get right to your weather headlines. we have winter that's hanging on in the plains today. portions of the dakotas under a blizzard warning. thunderstorms will be kicking in around the tennessee valley. just on the scattered side today, but it is triple digit heat in texas. del rio, texas, maxes out i'm talking at 100 degrees later this afternoon. the coldest spot will be ely, nevada dropping down to 15. danville, virginia, sunshine, temperature around 77. picture perfect out there. give you a big, broad scope here. in terms of satellite and radar picture, it's pretty calm for a good chunk of the country. here's that blizzard. swirling up around the dakotas, right? elsewhere, not too much activity. be prepared around the tennessee valley. we'll be kicking in with a little bit of afternoon activity because of the heating of the day. that's a quick look at the national picture.
5:38 am
>> all right, everybody, wherever you are, make it a great day. rebecca, over to you. >> lonnie, thank you. up next we're taking a look at the decision to delay the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour." how might it affect the health of congresswoman gabrielle giffords? we'll ask that question of an expert right here on "the early show" on cbs. shop from anywhere. and are always connected. we live in a social world. isn't it time we had a social currency to match? membership rewards points from american express. use them to get the things you love from,, and more unexpected places. they're a social currency with endless possibilities.
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5:41 am
on this morning's "healthwatch," the decision facing congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords has been in rehab since january, after being shot in an assassination attempt, and on wednesday she left her houston facility to watch her husband, mark kelly, command friday's liftoff of the shuttle "endeavour." but now that the flight has been delayed until at least monday, should she remain in florida? or return to houston? and what are the health ramifications for her?
5:42 am
here with some insight is neurologist dr. jonathan bellas. and let's say this does last until monday. are there any risks to her health? >> it's a bit of a judgment call. but a few days really shouldn't make a big difference. she's got her nurse with her, probably a therapist, and they're going to be watching for signs of how she's doing. >> will she be going through rehab in florida or is it a different routine than what she has in houston? >> you know, really it's an opportunity. it's a therapeutic outing to test out some of her skills that she's gained in rehab. it's likely she has at least one therapist with her or they brought a therapist locally in to work with her. she's going to be working on the skills that she learned. and she probably wouldn't go for three days without therapy. >> 16 weeks after a gunshot wound to the head seems like a short period of time to take a trip this significant, and to be back out. does that tell you something about her progress, that it's been successful at this point? >> it does say that she certainly is stable enough to fly. that she's not in any imminent
5:43 am
danger medically or neurologically. but they are going to be watching for signs if she has any setback or starts to slip, if she gets overstimulated, if she gets tired. they're going to watch for those signs. but it's a good sign overall. >> speaking of setbacks, there have been reports, obviously, that she's been frustrated by the fact that this launch isn't taking place. is there an emotional toll, or is there any connection between the emotional and the physical to one's recovery? >> well, you're right. people with brain injury sometimes have trouble controlling their emotions. it can be an overreaction. she's going to be frustrated. and they're going to do their best to monitor her and make sure that it doesn't get to the point her frustration that it causes a setback. it is important to have a rhythm, a routine and a structure for people who are recovering from brain injury. but this shouldn't be a big setback. >> if the launch fails to go on monday, and takes even longer, an extended period, what would your recommendation be? should she be returning to
5:44 am
houston to her rehab facility there? >> again it's a judgment call. if it's a few days, not a big difference, if we start to go a week to ten days it may be best to have her back in that controlled environment. it really depends on how she does. they're going to be watchful for whether she has a setback. >> in terms of signs of that setback, what are the doctors and the people surrounding gabby looking for? >> well, they're looking to see if she can't handle all the new stimulation coming at her. if she has less success compared to what she was doing back at the rehab facility. if she gets tired easily. if she gets irritable. those kinds. they're looking at her mood, her behavior, her thought process. how she's processing all the environmental stimuli. >> if she does exhibit some of these traits, if it taking a step back? that is to say, is there a risk that the recovery could actually be hurt if all of a sudden they start to see some of these
5:45 am
effects? >> it's unlikely that it would pose any permanent setback. but you don't want to have her fall into some bad habits. because, the longer those go on, then the more chance there is of her getting frustrated or irritated. but, it's very unlikely it would cause a permanent setback. >> from the sound of things she's already developed some very good habits and some very good progress at this point. >> she's absolutely had the greatest therapy and most intense therapy. i'm sure it's a pleasure to work with someone such as she who is so gung ho and self-motivated. she has had great progress. she's got a long road to go. >> dr. fellus, we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> and coming up next, it is the ripple effect of rising gas prices. from freezers to freebies, simple ways to beat the soaring prices and save money. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ll the pens are put down... woman: and everything there is to learn is learned. man: till the heroes retire and the monsters return to their dens...
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on this morning's oil continues to rise, now at almost $114 a barrel. that's the highest since 2008. and it's causing a ripple effect
5:49 am
across the entire economy from diapers to food to medicine. even school supplies. here with some tips on how to beat those rising prices is "cbs moneywatch" contributor. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> some things you would never expect to be on this list. >> diapers. come on. fuel is trickling down to other household products you wouldn't have thought about, starting with meat. that's a huge category that we're seeing prices rise in. particularly beef and pork prices. the usga actually has to go back and revise its forecast for price hikes in 2011 for these particular categories. beef going up 7% to 8%, pork going up 6.5% to 7% and all of those fat derivatives your oils, your butter also going up. as well as packaged foods. your frosted flakes, your pop-tarts, you know, tomato sauce. so how do you save money? >> exactly. what can you do? >> what can you do? my biggest tip i think for the meat category is to freeze. it's pretty traditional piece of advice. but i talked to the most frugal
5:50 am
people in america every day and they tell me that the freezer, an additional freezer in your kitchen is probably the most wisest investment, in your kitchen, that you can probably buy. >> the old school way of doing this. >> bulk up when the meats go on sale, and then if you've got a big family you can bank on that sale pork or beef or ham or whatever it is throughout the year. so that's the first tip. >> okay. >> for the oils that are going up, the cooking oils, the olive oils you want to make sure maybe you're steaming this year instead of deep frying or stir frying. and finally don't leave home without your coupons. if you do, bank on the applications that you can use through your mobile foam like cell pyre and push pin. those are grocery applications. you can find coupons as you're shopping. >> let's talk about other household products. trash bags and freezer bags. oil-based stuff. >> what's interesting. these products have petroleum-based ingredients. so naturally these will go up. in addition to the transportation costs you're getting these items to your grocery store, so what can you do there? you know, buy in generic brands
5:51 am
of these products. you can go online and buy in bulk. for example at you can get household products in bulk and they can come to your house. you don't have to leave and drive off to the grocery store to get these. is another option for you. and finally, you know, make sure that you are, if you're a big family, you have twins or multiples, you can often get corporate discounts. did you know that? like babies "r" us will give you a discount. and then finally, it's a little controversial but cloth diapers. maybe you want to make the transition. personally, some families wouldn't. but when you look at the cost difference, $1,000 saved potentially when you go from disposable to cloth. go to and figure out the calculation. you might be overwhelmed. >> school supplies. stuff you use around the house. >> crayons, markers, paints, a lot of this is paraffin based which is again a petroleum product. we found that walmart, target, dollar stores, even ebay
5:52 am
offering the best prices. >> medicine impacted? >> yes. yoemps counter drugs, prescription drugs, aspirin, band-aids. talk to your doctor about getting free samples. they've got closets filled with samples, and products that they can give you. whether it's a band-aid or cough syrup. and go for the generic again. in the cat good morning of prescription drugs. talk to your doctor first, make sure this is okay. but the fact is you can save hundreds of dollars a year by transferring to the generic brand. >> another category here, luxury and foreign made goods. >> i'm so sad. >> so we're talking about basically anything that has to come from europe that has to be put on a plane, again fuel prices are going up, so leather bags, perfume, the parent companies dior and prada saying they're going to have to raise the price of their perfes, hermes famous for the birkin bag saying they're going to have to offset their high costs to the consumer. go to discount retailers like
5:53 am, and finally consignment stores. i was doing a story on the upper east side. a lot of consignment stores, the biggest consumer consignment stores, the ladies who lunch, the rich, park avenue ladies. there's the myth that consignment stores are carrying unused, unwanted clothing. this is where you're going to find the hermes bag for 50% off. >> i was going to all those stores on the way home today. i'm glad you hooked me up. >> i'm here to help. >> thank you so much. we really do appreciate it. for more tims from farnoush visit our sister web site now that they're married we're going to take a look at what the future holds for the new duke and duchess of dame bridge. pooches and puppies, we are fed up
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5:57 am
well we've got so many predictions to look at. when are they going to have a baby? where did they go? we're going to be talking about it right here on "the early show." >> and when are they going to give russ that cool ride? possibly never. we've been talking about our favorite moments here on the show. >> i loved it when harry and william were standing up there and harry looked back and whispered a little something to william. i think he said something like she looks beautiful or something like that. it was a great moment between the two brothers. >> here it is right there. he looked back. he had that cheshire grin on his face. >> but it's really sweet because, you know, william wasn't allowed, the prince is not allowed to look back at his bride. >> didn't he sneak a peek? i think he did. >> after harry -- >> what was that. what do you mean he's not allowed to look back? >> it's a tradition. he doesn't look back. >> i like that.
5:58 am
>> i was actually standing up looking at sharon when she walked into the church. >> were you married at westminster abbey? >> prince lonnie. >> randall will you come over and help me with this? >> another moment that we all really enjoyed was that carriage moment where they're first getting into the carriage, now they're married, william and kate getting in, and they have this sweet little exchange where, from the people who have looked at their body language, and what their lips seem to be saying, they're saying, are you happy? and they're having this very, it's kind of a personal moment, obviously, in front of literally millions of people. >> like he's going to say no. >> talk about this. >> don't ask me that question. >> we talked about the kiss yesterday, of course, the two kisses yesterday. very nice moments. >> double dipping. >> double dipping. >> very sweet. >> can we get -- lonnie, what's your favorite. >> only because the bride's beautiful. but that sister pippa in that gown that she had. >> i knew you were going there. >> oh, look at that.
5:59 am
>> she looks great. >> she looked fabulous. >> alert security. ,,,, 3q lysol knows a real clean isn't just something you see... ... it's something you smell. new lysol no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner not only cleans your toilet with every flush, but also freshens your entire bathroom. so even in between deep cleans, it's as fresh as any room in your home. for tips on a healthy home, visit
6:00 am
let lysol do more for you. check for coupons in your sunday paper. welcome back to "the early show," i'm rebecca jarvis. you're looking at new york city. i think. >> central park. not sure what that is. >> that isn't london. >> not sure what that building is. that's not central park. >> thank you, russ. i appreciate that. >> i'm your tour guide this morning. i'm russ mitchell. the bad weather from this week, the death toll from wednesday's tornadoes that ripped through seven states reached 339 this morning. a million people remain without power. some of the worst destruction is in alabama. cbs news correspondent dean reynolds is in tuscaloosa with the latest. dean, good morning. >> good morning, russ. one of the things that dons on
6:01 am
you after you've been here for a couple of days is the effect on the emergency workers from doctors to firemen all the way down to ambulance drivers. they, too, have suffered in this. they've lost homes, in many cases, and in a few cases loved ones, as well. that has slowed down the recovery process, as they recover themselves. so the red cross has stepped in, setting up shelters, providing counseling for some of the thousands of shell-shocked survivors in this area. you mentioned nearly 350 people dead across the southland. it's almost 250 in alabama alone. 1,000 people have been injured in tuscaloosa here where i am, alone. so while the president came here yesterday and promised assistance, they clearly need it, because you can look around here, and you will see that recovery, when it comes, will be months, and months, and months from now. russ? >> dean, looking at that shot of you, there's a car there,
6:02 am
there's all sorts of stuff. from your vantage point, what are you seeing? >> well, you know, what's really eerie about it is the quiet. i mean, you hear birds chirping occasionally. but there's nobody around here. and you see these incredible still-lives of cars on top of each other, in these odd sort of juxtapositions. it's -- it's other worldly, i think. >> dean reynolds in tuscaloosa we'll see you tonight on the "cbs evening news." thanks a lot. >> in a situation, everybody in the united states gets together and sends their help to these people who are really in need. >> of course, of course. >> we now turn to cbs news correspondent and "morning news" anchor betty nguyen at the news desk. >> good morning, rebecca and russ. good morning to you. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to travel to italy this week to speak with allies about how to protect civilians caught in the violence in libya. this morning, nato warplanes bombed the government complex in tripoli, the capital. at least three people were injured.
6:03 am
libyan leader moammar gadhafi called for a cease-fire. but then said he will not bow to rebel demands to give up power. in syria, witnesses say at least four people were killed this morning when army troops seized a mosque in daraa. it is the latest violent attack on anti-government demonstrators in syria. daraa is the heart of the six week long uprising. on friday at least 65 people died when the army opened fire on civilians. nasa engineers are trying to determine why a heater didn't work on space shuttle "endeavour." forcing the much-anticipated final shuttle launch to be scrubbed. the heater is necessary for launching and landing. the next launch attempt will be on monday morning. the six astronauts on board will deliver a $2 billion instrument to the international space station that will search the universe for antimatter and dark energy. and finally, she is cute, white, furry, and needs a home.
6:04 am
she is a 17-pound orphan polar bear cub, thought to be at least 4 months old. how cute is that? she was rescued from an alaskan oil field. the alaska zoo in anchorage is helping the u.s. fish and wild life service with the cub. the zoo can't take the cub permanently, but it will care for her until she goes to another zoo. it's about four minutes past the hour. time now for a check of the weather with lonnie. i hear your house is a zoo. maybe you can help out. >> she's 17 pounds. she's going to get bigger, though, right? >> yeah, of course. and eats a lot, too. >> let's get right to it. here are my weather headlines, speaking of polar bears send that little lady to north dakota. not only is it cold there right now but a blizzard is brewing in springtime. tomorrow we go into may and we have blizzard warnings up around the dakotas. and really, take a look at the country here, the satellite and radar picture showing that's the only game in town right now. but, from minot to bismarck,
6:05 am
blizzard warning throughout the day today. 5 to 9 inches of snow fall. in order for it to be a blizzard you have to have winds blowing out there. they will be between 40 and 50 miles per hour in that portion of the country. >> this weather segment sponsored by levemir flex pen. ask your doctor about the again fits of levemir flex pen today. >> have a great day and find that polar bear a home, shall we? over to you guys. >> all right, lonnie, thank you very much. the early numbers show a couple billion people watched the royal wedding yesterday. >> so what's next for the newly minted duke and deutsche es of cambridge? for that let's head back to
6:06 am
"early" show anchor erica hill at buckingham palace in london. >> good morning, rebecca. russ good morning to you, as well. you know, we don't know exactly where they may end up on the honeymoon. but we do have this for you. just released official photos of the bride and groom. here's the official picture of the new duke and duchess of cambridge. the happy couple on their way to their honeymoon now, as we understand it, and then they're going to try to live a quote, normal life. hmm. may be easier said than done with the future king and queen. cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter is here with us this morning. to give us an idea of how they're going to try to pull this off. good morning, again. another beautiful day. >> it is another beautiful day. indeed it is. good morning to you, too, erica. living a normal life may be easier said than done for this couple, because not only are they a duke and duchess, they're also a king and queen-in-waiting. >> i, william arthur philip louis. >> take thee catherine elizabeth. >> take thee catherine elizabeth. >> to my wedded wife. >> to my wedded wife. >> reporter: the vows have been
6:07 am
exchanged, the wedding bells have rung, and the royal union sealed with a kiss. n is what lies ahead for this princely pair? >> they go off and be a pretty normal married couple. >> this is a modern, savvy, sophisticated 21st century couple. >> reporter: the first order of business, the much-needed r&r. william and kate, now the duke and duchess of cambridge are on their way to a still undisclosed location for their two-week honeymoon. some royal watchers speculate they're heading to the land down under for sun, sand and scuba diving around the great barrier reef. others say they're bound for the middle east to tour the ancient ruins of jordan. two months from today the newlyweds will board a plane to canada for their first official visit as a royal couple. they'll spend nine days touring the country. and while a return to the public spot light in london seems imminent, it will have to wait. william and catherine will retreat to northern wales, where he will fulfill his duties as a
6:08 am
helicopter pilot for the british royal air force. >> they'll live in a little, tiny, modest house. they will have no servants. heaven knowles what kate will do with her time. >> reporter: it's also a place where they may soon focus on starting a family. far from the glare of the world's spotlight. regardless of where the duke and duchess settle, they'll be playing the royal waiting game. one prince william's father, prince charles, knows well. he's been waiting a record-breaking 59 years to take over the throne from his mother, queen elizabeth the second. if history is any indication, decades will pass before william and catherine are king and queen of england. >> the happy couple. we can't get enough of the kiss. you and i sat here yesterday, we watched the kiss. it happened right behind us. and it's been replayed a million times over and it never gets old. >> it doesn't. it was such a special moment. everyone was so eager to see that specific moment. >> it was great. so we saw just before we went to your piece, we saw, of course,
6:09 am
the new official portrait of the bride and groom. but the palace has also released an official portrait of the new royal family, as it were. or portions of it, i should say. the middletons are in it, as well. this is the entire wedding party. >> it's a beautiful picture, yes and it's taken in the throne room. i just think it's extraordinary for carole middleton, in particular. she comes from a long line of coal miners, and would they have ever thought that just a few short generations on their family would be being photographed with the queen. >> that's something that people love to talk about. she's a commoner. you were telling me yesterday, she's not the first commoner -- we were saying the first commoner in hundreds of years. actually not. she just has sort of the most, i don't know, normal bloodline. >> exactly. i'm so glad you raise this. there's so much misinformation out there about this. kate is not the first commoner to marry. in fact everyone has been a commoner since prince philip. but she's the one with the most working class background. >> others have been more aristocratic. one of the other pictures, they released three pictures.
6:10 am
this last one we wanted to save for last because you and i both adored. it's our favorite picture. here they are, perhaps future parents, we don't know. but with all the kids from the wedding party. and it's just such a sweet picture especially the little kid mugging for the camera. >> it's an adorable picture and it speaks to the warmth of this couple. you want them to have a million children. they're also well behaved yesterday. the two little girls on the front on the left were 3 years old. >> really impressive. we both have kids we know how impressive that is. we can find out the destination on the honeymoon. what happens next? are they going to be, as much as they're trying to get away, they'll be in angelsey, do you think it's going to be really hard for them to stay out of the press and to keep everybody off the bump watch, as i'm sure it will be? >> bump watch is going to start both immediately. william and prince charles were born within a year of their parents getting married. i think they're going to get back from honeymoon. go up to angelsey, try to finish as normal life as possible. and then royal life begins.
6:11 am
>> i think really quickly, we had all this information come in from lip-readers and they talked about it a little bit earlier on the show. apparently after the first kiss william leaned over and whispered to harry, now it's your turn. >> can you imagine. there's girls all over the world happy to fill that place in harry's heart. but i think we're going to have to wait quite a while longer. >> there he is the new most eligible bachelor. hopefully peel have a front row seat for that wedding, too. >> up next we are thinking outside the box. mother's day gifts 2.0. they're all $50 or less. and they're all things you probably haven't thought of already. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. is teaching my patients how to start taking insulin. and i've learned a lot from patients who use levemir flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with my long-acting insulin, and i dial the exact dose of insulin i need. my flexpen is discreet and doesn't need to be refrigerated. and flexpen goes wherever i go. levemir is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes.
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6:15 am
they're all for $50 or less. great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> these are some really interesting ideas that really kick it up a notch. they take the standard and make it original. >> absolutely. >> one of the standard things is breakfast in bed. i know in the jarvis house we used to do it all the time. there is a new idea on the table. >> yes, what's out perhaps this year is breakfast in bed. but, what's in is maybe a mother's day picnic. >> okay. >> and here we have two picnic baskets that's going to make it really special for mom. this first one is just $49. you can get it at target. but, this is picnic for two. if you really want to up the ante, down here we have the rolls-royce of picnics. picnics for four. this is available at, $175. this is our one splurge and it's got real china, real wine glasses, cutting boards, picnic blanket. this will really make mom feel like a royal for the day. >> you might need about eight kids to carry that picnic basket.
6:16 am
>> you may. but it is worth it. >> pictures. obviously something that a lot of kids give to their parents. >> yes. >> for mother's day are cards. >> yes. and so you know, what's out this year, maybe it's a store-bought card. so instead, what's in is think about these personalized cards that you can make with your own photos, and you can do this on your own computer. and we have two options here. the first is from shutterfly. and this is so great for $1.49 you can go on the site. you can design your own card, upload your own photos, do a personal inscription to your mom or grand mom or mother-in-law, what have you. and then we also have another company called tiny prints that does similar cards. again, beautiful cardstock. a favorite of celebs, and can't go wrong. >> okay, lotions. obviously something that many people will give. >> sure. >> but there's another way to do it. >> another way to do it. give mom the gift of relaxation. we're thinking aromatherapy is in this year. so we have some great sets. one from bath and body works and
6:17 am
also from d. ellen coe we have these wonderful room diffusers which is a new take an aromatics throughout the house. >> for the mom who loves everything, some people will pick out the gift card. >> there's so many amazing spring accessories out there this year. first we've got jewelry. the way to every woman's heart, and so we have some great pieces from again, everything under $50. so statement necklaces. these fun bangles, and also hats. boy did we see a lot of them yesterday. hats are major and scarves. >> a thing that's very nice, moms love to get pictures of their kids. but here's a different way of doing it. a different way of individualizing it. >> exactly. what's in is try a custom piece of art. and it's not hard to do. this is a great set from a hand print wall art set at bed, bath and beyond dotcom and it's just $18. and it comes with these fun colored canvases.
6:18 am
they complain, and then it comes with a can of paint and you can see the finished product over here. you can just put your child's handprint or the whole family's handprints. it's a real keepsake. >> don't buy appliances instead buy mom wine. >> instead of the coffee pot try a coffee of the month club. there's so many great programs out there. we got mother's day tasting tour by pete's coffee. so every month it's a gift that keeps on giving. and it's just $49. >> very fun. lastly flowers, obviously. >> yes. >> you can give mom a way to keep the flowers growing, instead. >> exactly. >> if you got a mom with a green thumb, what's in this year, try a gardening tote. it comes with tools, it's $29. so she can get out there with her spade and her rake, and really plant some flowers this spring. >> we love it. and they'll keep them growing through next mother's day. >> yes. >> kathy, thank you so much. for more on where to find all of these great mother's day gifts head to our website, and now here's russ. >> thank you rebecca.
6:19 am
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6:22 am
from the royal wedding to some royal springtime weeding, which everyone knows can be a royal pain. dandelions can take over your lawn, and they're not the only weeds that can destroy your grass. here with tips and tricks on how to get rid of those pesky plants is contributing editor for organic gardening magazine matthew benson. >> good morning, russ. >> besides the fact the weeds look horrible, why else do we get rid of them? >> weeds compete with all the things we love in the garden. weeds take away nutrients towards the soil. they also keep light from getting to plants that we like. they basically are thugs. they compete against everyone. a weed is a plant in the wrong place. >> thugs. weeds are thugs. you remember nothing else today, weeds are thugs. we're going to get our stuff going here. good mulch. >> mulch is chi. in organic gardening we love using mulch and not using
6:23 am
herbicides or pesticides. here you have nice soil. you can also use newspaper underneath the mulch to help suppress weeds and good recycling as well. and composting and using mulch on top of that. >> we're ready to go to work. >> let's say this is a perennial weed. you really want to get the root system. you don't want to just take out the top. this is a radius weeder, kind of a smart tool. this is really just to plunge down and really get the roots out. you want to get all the little bits of the root system here to get that weed out. >> that's the key. >> doing the work. weeding is about persistence and commitment. coming out and doing the work. springtime is a great time to be weeding. >> i'll one of the guys who gets the gloves and pull it out. sometimes you're right it comes back. >> you've got to get in there and really work on it. >> this is cool. >> these are great weeders. here's a little circle hoe.
6:24 am
it has a sharp blade here and it's soft on the edges there, not sharp. this is great, i love this tool for weeding around your newly planted vegetable garden. you're just weeding around without disturbing the roots of the plants you want and just getting the weeds around those plants. so it's a very smart tool. they come in different sizes. depending on the size of your garden. >> this looks pretty intense. >> this is when you're really angry at your weeds. this is a japanese knife, it means to dig. this is a great all-around garden tool. you can use to plant, to cultivate, to weed. you can get in there and do some serious damage when you want to. got a nice serrated blade here. very well-made. >> this one we talked about. this one is fascinating. >> this is like the terminator for weeds. this is a flame thrower. and basically use a propane tank that attaches here and just incinerate the weeds. >> does it really work? >> it really works and if you really want some therapy, this is the tool.
6:25 am
>> you didn't bring in the whole package. >> you get the idea. >> very cold tool. >> old school but been around for a long time. this is a conditiondy lion weeder. they have a deep tap root. and the perennial weed and people, you know, dandelions are a scourge for a lot of people. so you get underneath that tap root with this and pry it out. just do a little bit every day and before you know it your lawn is free of dandelions. >> this is $15. this is not cheap. >> this is, you know, hand forged. i think it's a dutch tool. very well made. this is going to last a lifetime. >> i got you. >> it's not disposable. it's going to last awhile. >> it's the cadillac. >> that's the high end. >> and same premise here. >> same idea here. a different type of weeder. flatter edge for a different kind of root system. very, very sharp. but this will last a long time. and another thing that's great. household vinegar. that's great on weeds. you can spray it right on top of them and they will just, you know -- so many uses in the house as it is. now we're adding it to the
6:26 am
garden. you have a weed you don't like, go out with household vinegar, spray a little bit of that on and you're good. >> reminded of that movie, just put some windex on it. >> my dad would say use a wet rag. >> go back just for a second. talk about the different weeds. dandelions we spoke of, what are the other culprits? >> there's a lot of crab grasses, purselane. they have kind of nice names. the thing about perennial weeds is they will come back every year. that's what perennial means. annual weeds get blown in on the wind. so no matter how much you weed and think you got rid of everything, every spring new weeds show up. where did they come from? so you have to get out there and just kind of therapeutic. you have to be consistent. just get out there and do your weeds and get into a zone. you know, go on back to the terminator here. >> yeah. >> is that going to help you get rid of perennials. will that take care of it? >> for a lot of perennials you will smoke them out. it's true that some of them the root systems are deep enough
6:27 am
they will come back after this but if you're going for aesthetics, this immediately knocks ohm out. >> coming back. welcome back to "the early show." yeah, we got a little weeding. we got a royal wedding. >> royal weeding to the royal wedding. how did you like the dress? >> absolutely stunning. i loved the top of it, especially. >> and to get married in westminster abbey you have to have the long sleeves. traditional dresses here in the u.s., many women go, you know, sleeveless, and so, when we see the dress, a lot of people, whoa, she went with sleeves. i little, you know, conservative. but i thought it was gorgeous. >> did you think it was, i know there's been some talk about other people, other than the bride, wearing white at the wedding. >> who would that be? >> are you on pippa again?
6:28 am
>> lonnie is focused very heavily -- >> you guys with all over me on this. however, this thing is blowing up online. she is now referred to as the bachelorette in england right now. >> she looked gorgeous. >> you know what? i did do a little googling. she's dating a -- >> cricket star, right? >> what is cricket, by the way? >> it's like baseball but on the ground. >> okay. >> i don't think it's fig like baseball. >> no, it is like baseball. >> is it really? >> lonnie -- >> i played a little bit of it in st. lucia. you have to hit this stick. it's kind of like hitting in the strike zone. you're right. >> cricket. >> let's get back to that royal wedding and all of those pictures that we're seeing coming out of it. a lot of people are dissecting what this dress looked like and there's a big question of, are we going to see a lot more of it in weddings here in the united states. >> they're already out there. >> unbelievable. >> did you notice pippa's dress? ,
6:29 am
6:30 am
i heard last night it's supposed to be sunny in new york city today. >> he's good. >> eventually. >> we're getting there. >> welcome back to "the early show," i'm russ mitchell. >> and i'm rebecca jarvis. this morning we've been talking about all of those incredible moments during yesterday's royal wedding. like, for example, when the new duke and duchess of cambridge rode away in their carriage with beaming, smiling faces. it was just after the wedding. and coming up we're going to take a look at some amazing photos that captured those memories, some profound, and one profoundly funny photo. >> okay. plus kevin long is a sure bet. he's executive chef at several
6:31 am
restaurants and the foxwoods resort casino. this morning he's going to cook a dinner for four. on the menu, five spice chicken. >> hmm. >> and a chilled mango parfait. sounds good. >> first up mr. lonnie quinn is here with our final check of the weather. hey, lonnie. >> i will tell you if the sun does not come out out there today, dinner would be on me. >> okay. >> all right, boss? >> deal. >> hold with me on that. let's get to your weather headlines. 5 to 9 inches of snow around north dakota today. on the other side of the coin it will be 100 degrees in portions of texas. and those historic tornadoes, thankfully, they are now out to sea. so it's this line right there, that's the line that caused all the horrific weather. if that was to spark any twist in the atmosphere it would no longer be a tornado. once they're over water, there are water spouts. elsewhere across the country, pretty quiet with the exception of this blizzard up around the dakotas. as far as what took place this past wednesday, one of the tornadoes was rated an ef-5,
6:32 am
winds over 205 miles per hour. that's only the 55th time on record that a storm has ever been that strong. >> all right, everybody, it is that time. time for a big old shout-out to grapevine, texas. this weekend they're having a royal wedding celebration. lo and behold, right? it's at the british emporium. today it's an open house. also a catherine and william look-alike contest. so if you are in the area, check it out. we want to thak everybody for watching "the early show" on cbs. make it a great day. >> lonnie, no matter how hard you tried to figure this one out it was the best-kept secret
6:33 am
ever. who would design kate middleton's wedding gown. when she stepped out in that beautiful, timeless lace floral dress created by sarah burton at alexander mcqueen, everybody knew it was an instant classic, and designers immediately tried to copy it. >> i think the reason that new brides, of course, will want to wear this dress because actually it's a very forgiving dress. it's very elegant. >> i love how he says forgiving. here with more about the winning gown is "early" show style contributor katrina szish. >> good morning. >> and it's really interesting, because the feedback is pouring out over this dress. an aol poll 78% said the dress was classy and elegant and gorgeous. 15% said that it wasn't what they expected. but they did like it. and 7% said they did not like it. what did you think? >> you will always have the dissenters in there. but 7% isn't that bad. i would say i'm with the 15%. i liked it, but it wasn't exactly what i expected. sarah burton at alexander
6:34 am
mcqueen is known for her avant-garde designs. to put it into perspective, sarah burton regularly works with lady gaga. a lot of us expected something to be a little more over the top, a little more fashion forward. a little more extreme. but then again, sarah burton is also known for pairing traditional with the modern, for her impeccable tailoring and we did see that here. >> so a big departure from what you might find on lady gaga but still the same designer. talk about some of the embellishments, because you have lace, you have the earrings, you have the hair, you have the tiara. >> absolutely. first we'll talk a little bit about that lace. the wlas is spectacular. it was hand made appliqueed lace made by the royal school of needlework. hand done. they actually had to wash their hands every 30 minutes. to keep it clean. the needles were changed every three hours to keep them sharp. here you can see some of that lace applique. it was chantilly lace and english lace. it included rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock designs. this is one of those dresses,
6:35 am
every detail. the tailored tiara from 1936, borrowed from the queen, it was a cartier vintage piece that was beautiful with her ivory tulle veil and that v neckline and the lace top really worked perfect on kate. >> absolutely gorgeous. something that a lot of people said the minute they saw it, and i thought this, too, grace kelly. it looked like grace kelly from 1956. >> absolutely. that was one of the first things i thought. here we're seeing grace kelly. you can see the similarities with the long, lace sleeves. even with the sweetheart neckline and sort of the really cinched in waist detailing. very, very similar. princess grace's dress was actually made by a hollywood costume designer helen rose. but the similarities are remarkable. again a timeless draes. but grace kelly's was one of the most copied wedding dresses of all times. >> that's an interesting point. you know fashion and you know things just blow up. kate middleton wearing something like this, is this the kind of
6:36 am
dress you're going to see everywhere in the new widing season? >> i don't think we're going to see dress knockoffs. the american bride still wants her sexy, strapless gown. a lot of american brides don't want the long sleeves. i think we will be seeing a lot of lace detailing. i think we will be seeing some similarities with the skirt, with the lace applique, with the ten-foot trains. i think we will be seeing lots of resonances there. >> basically the trends in the coming seasons are lace and what else? >> i would say lace. i would say perhaps even ivory instead of white. i think definitely we're going to see lots of fitted bodices. kind of victoria corset style. kate actually even had a little bit of padding at her hips which i thought was a little bit interesting to accentuate that style again. >> on the flip side of that you have pippa in this just incredibly fabulous but totally fitted dress. >> yes. >> you don't see a lot of that in the united states, by the way. >> i think men around the world are saying, hello, pippa. i heard a lot of that going on yesterday. she looked stunning.
6:37 am
and i do think the white was appropriate. i mean, with all of the little bridesmaids, the white really just went with the palette. it was flawless. i don't think she upstaged kate at all. also she was wearing sarah burton and i think it was a perfect choice. >> was this sort of pippa's coming out party to the world? >> apparently it was. everybody wants another introduction to pippa. she's been named, i believe, england's most eligible bap lorette. there you have it, and the dress does it for you. >> it sure does. >> katrina szish, thanks so much. we appreciate it. and coming up next, we are going to moments to remember. we're taking a look at the royal wedding, just one photo at a time. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals
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whipped and creamy taste. mmmm. [ male announcer ] light yet velvety with 50% fewer calories than butter. naughty but nice... just my type. [ male announcer ] new whipped and creamy taste. welcome back to "the early show," coming to you from buckingham palace. i'm erica hill. i wanted to update you on some breaking news concerning the now duke and duchess of cham bridge. we're learning a little bit more about the honeymoon for wills and kate. turns out they're not taking one. we're learning in just the last 10 to 15 minutes they plan to spend the weekend privately somewhere in the uk. they are not saying where. they've asked for their privacy to be respected over the weekend. then, the duke, prince william, will return to work. he is, of course, a search and rescue pilot in wales. we'll go back to work next week. they will take a honeymoon in the future. it will be overseas. but we do not yet know where or when. so we will keep up on that. they'll just keep the tid bids coming. meantime we want to look back at some of the memorable moments
6:41 am
from yesterday's wedding. photos are destined to become a part of history. joining me the man who took some of those iconic shots, chris jackson. boy did you have a great spot yesterday. >> what an incredible day. i just enjoyed it so much. it's just really special. >> not a bad day to be at work. you just took some of these really wonderful pictures. one of the ones that you really liked was one, i think we have to put up, kate smiling at her groom, with her dad nearby. what does that picture say to you. >> well, this is a really special moment, i think. obviously during a ceremony in the abbey, and this is, you know, the look that kate's giving, it's the look of love. for want of a better word. michael is looking on or mike as prince william knows him. >> or even dad. we've been told sometimes he calls him dad. >> really. they're on very good terms and very friendly. and it's a special moment for michael. he's giving away his only daughter -- his oldest daughter. >> at one point we've been told
6:42 am
by some lip-readers that william leaned over and said, i thought we were going to keep this a small, family affair. sort of break the ice a little bit. >> william's cheeky sense of humor, isn't it? i think that's typical william. >> yeah. there's another great shot you have of them leaving the abbey. this one you truly see as historic moment for this couple. >> and weeks and months of planning has gone into this picture. and my nerves were certainly on edge. on edge. we had about 30 seconds to get this shot, literally from walking from the top of the steps of the abbey, just before the carriage pulled up in front of it. so i'm getting exposure right and all that kind of stuff was seriously kind of getting me a little bit worried. but in the end it all sort of paid off. it was really pleased with the shot. i got them looking straight towards me. >> in the end it worked. i was going to say, is a lot of it luck? >> i think you make your own luck. there is an element of luck. but preparation, having the right kit. doing, you know, making sure you can see what's going on is really important. but you know, the public loved
6:43 am
this. you heard this massive cheer go up when kate came out. it was the first time they'd actually seen the dress properly and the beautiful details. she had her veil on as she went into the abbey. >> it was kind of nice, too. it was almost like she turned to him and said, hold on a minute, we have to stop. >> he was quite eager to go on a little faster. luckily for us and for me. >> wait, we've got to get this shot. >> leave it on, leave it on. >> i want to move ahead a little bit to a shot of them in the car because this is such a great reaction. they've come out to do the kiss. there they are in the carriage. and actually we may have the kiss next. how long -- it was a quick kiss. was it tough for you to get that shot, because it was so quick? >> well, actually one of my colleague's pictures of the kiss. but incredibly, it's very technical picture to take. it's from a very long way away. >> yes. >> and seriously long lens there, and we were so lucky that they kissed twice. once, you know, very briefly and william is looking a bit awkward
6:44 am
there and then here they moved in for a second kiss a bit later. >> they seemed a little bit more comfortable with that one. >> i think they were bit formal and nervous initially. when they saw the crowds waving, kate loosened up a bit and i think they were really enjoying the moment. >> real quickly. the official photographs were released earlier this morning. we looked at them from the palace. do you think they really capture the energy of the day, the official ones? >> i'm not sure the official ones, william put his own stamp on the day. and people really, you know, saw that he was enjoying it. but i think the official pictures, they have to be done. it's a formal occasion. and that beautiful one of kate with the dress fanning out in front of her, it really shows her off to her best. >> you did a great job, too. capturing them and clearly the love they have for each other and the emotion of the day. such a treat to have you stop by today. russ, back over to you in new york. >> thanks, erica. great stuff this week. did you have fun? >> yeah, you know, it wasn't a bad assignment, russ.
6:45 am
>> not bad at all. okay, erica. safe travels home. up next, dinner you can double down on. foxwood's chef kevin long has a hot hand whipping up a three course meal for under 40 bucks. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ alarm ] egg! whites! bay! kin! cheese! [ alarm ] spinach-spinach- spinach-spinach-spinach- spinach-spinach-spinach. to...mae to... tur...key... jal...a...penos. banana peppers... black forest ham... [ dj ] served on toasty flatbread by request.
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6:48 am
you could say our "chef on a shoestring" this morning is a chef worth gambling on. kevin long is executive chef for several foxwoods casino restaurants, including shrine, scorpion bar and high roll erts luxury lanes and lounge. today he'll prepare a three course meal on a budget of just under $40. welcome. >> thank you. >> what's on the menu? >> first course a little salad. which is presented on almost like a sashimi style. >> okay. and the main course will be. >> and then we're going to do a flattened chicken with five spice and wild rice and then a little parfait with mango. >> sounds great. let's get going. >> we've got a little natural sugar in here. a little lime joyce.
6:49 am
a little chriss sliced chilies. red jalapeno but you can kind of use pretty much anything. anything you like depending on the heat. >> got you. you got some heat in there, as well. >> this is say little hot. a little serranos. >> what do you have here? >> little soy sauce. little sesame oil and regular salad oil. so really not fussy. >> very, very simple. very simple one. >> okay. that's it you want to check the seasoning. basically go with a little drizzle. so we have some avocado and cucumber preplated. >> good time of year for those? >> yeah, they're pretty much not a -- you know, obviously the cucumbers are best in the summer. so very fun, very simple pre-plate these in the spring, pull them out for your guests, dress as easy as it looks right there. >> like the spice. good. kind of a late kick to it.
6:50 am
>> then we've got a little greek yogurt. >> why greek yogurt? >> very rich. active enzymes break down, cling to the chicken, tenderize it. >> all right. >> a little five spice powder. >> okay. >> explain to me what's in it? >> quintessential. chinese blend of aromatics, and savory spices. absolutely delicious. use like chinese rose duck. >> all right. >> then a little bit of soy sauce. your chicken goes in. you give the chicken a quick pound here. we've got our plastic wrap on both sides. kind of try to keep your chicken from getting too messy. >> take out your frustrations. >> yep. >> and then, grab that knife there. >> all righty. >> this goes in to the marinade. basically on the grill. so nice kind of grilled dish. a little bit of our wild grass
6:51 am
here. very spring, very seasonable. this is the best place to do it on the grill right here, which is actually very nice. grill these a little bit. these wilt down nicely. the chicken cooks quickly. >> all right. you've got one prepared. >> pull together a little bit of our chicken. stays very moist with the yogurt. >> how long will you cook these in realtime? >> right here, they take another like 20 seconds. >> oh. just like grilling asparagus. >> even we have 20 seconds here on national tv. three minutes, oh, can't do that. 20 seconds, we got. >> splash of soy. these go basically over the top. >> mm-hmm. >> the wilt on top. the greens are edible. the stems, very delicious stuff. very nice, very simple. then kind of moving on. >> let me go back to this.
6:52 am
>> go ahead. >> this kind of reminds me of where this fits in. >> this is the marinade. so this goes overnight. minimum of three hours. you know, very nice. little bit of ginger in there. it's a lot of really nice, subtle flavors. >> good to know. do we get some dessert over here? >> a little dessert. kind of fun. we actually used a champagne mango in our sort of standard mangoes here. a little brighter, a littler frommer fresher, a little sweet. marinated with a little bit of mint and star annus and layered with a whipped cream here. >> oh, looks good. my colleagues are coming in now. >> dig in to this presentation. >> so this is kind of fun, too. you can do this, these can be made ahead. very simple kind of layered up. >> wow. >> hmm. >> and it looks impressive. you know, kind of -- >> it's very light. i love it.
6:53 am
it's light and fresh. >> very light. like i said. this is really kind of designed so you can do this stuff ahead. >> every week of course we compare totals on our leader board. whichever chef has the lowest total at the end of the year wins, comes back to claim their trophy and prepare their meal of choice and spend whatever they want. 40 bucks is our limit. $37.41. very good. where are you on the board? >> not bad. >> third. >> congratulations. >> you know what if our investigators show the other two used steroids or something like that. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you very much. >> best to you. by the way you can find the recipes at we'll see you in just a bit.
6:54 am
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to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. don't forget tomorrow night on "60 minutes" cbs news chief foreign correspondent lara logan for the first time discusses the beating and sexual assault she suffered during the protests in egypt three months ago. >> it is a very courageous look at her story. also on a lighter note on cbs "sunday morning" katie couric is taking a look at why everyone is wild about prince harry. he is england's newest, most eligible bachelor. obviously we've been paying a
6:57 am
lot of attention to him. >> he's got a cool thing going. >> he's having a good time. you can tell. >> enjoy your saturday. see you next week. we end with our saturday spotlight. for many people, the highlight of the royal wedding was the dress kate middleton wore. it may start a trend. and one woman has already created a replica of the dress worn by the new duchess of cambridge. brenda waters from kdka in pittsburgh has the story. >> reporter: after weeks of speculation about what the royal wedding dress looked like, well now that we've seen it, we may be seeing a lot more of them. >> i'm hoping it's starting a trend. >> reporter: that's greg tarico the owner of anne gregory. and when kate middleton, now the duchess of cambridge, appeared in her gown, he said she was not surprised. >> she looked exactly like i thought she would look.
6:58 am
i hope this is an indication that strapless is going to go away for awhile. >> reporter: no calls yet but it's still early. in the meantime, this may very well be the first replica of the dress worn by the duchess of cambridge. janet groom, the costumier for the pittsburgh ballet has been working on it since early morning. kate look-alike and others who resemble the royal wedding party are taking part in a local fund-raiser for the pittsburgh botanic garden. desi isn't engaged yet but said she would definitely consider wearing this dress on her big day. janet groom finished the dress in less than eight hours. she had hoped for a leak so that she could at least get a head start. that didn't happen. so she and her team had to rely on pictures. >> for more about "the early show" visit us at ,, 3q
6:59 am
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