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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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laden is over.. this morning new details on the top death of osama bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in the nations efforts. the hunt for osama bin laden is over. new details on a top secret raid. the u.s. on high alert for retaliation how bay area police are stepping up security. >> good morning everyone it is monday, may 2nd, i am sydnie kohara. >> i am frank mallicoat. time now is 4:30. osama bin laden is dead. >> the world's most wanted terrorist was buried at sea today there are celebrations at ground zero and around the world, after the leader of al qaeda was killed in a raid by american forces on a compound in pakistan early today. >> of course we are closing in
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on the 10th anniversary. joel brown has the latest in washington. >> reporter: good morning the cia spent the last 2.5 months mapping out this top secret plan to capture or kill osama bin laden. it ended in pakistan and the world's most notorious terrorist did not survive. it felt like a victory party, hundreds cheering outside the white house, osama bin laden was dead. in a late night address, obama said they killed the leader in pakistan. >> the death of osama bin laden mark it is most significant achievement to date. >> reporter: the cia started to getting leads on bin ben in august and late last night they -- osama bin laden in august and late last night they got his location of. >> after a fire fight they
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killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> reporter: locals say this is the osama bin laden compound where the shooting took place three other men were also killed according to u.s. officials including one of osama bin laden's adult sons. the mission began with four blackhawk helicopters swooping in, one was forced to make a hard landing after mechanical failure but no one was injured in fact no members of the military were harmed during the mission. the man hunt for osama bin laden lasted nearly a decade since he master minded the worst terrorist attacks on u.s. soil september 11th, 2001. president bush said in a statement, no matter how long it takes justice will be done. u.s. officials are concerned about al qaeda striking back. a worldwide travel alert has been issued for u.s. citizens but that is not stopping the celebrating in the u.s. >> one of those few days you
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know justice is a real thing. >> reporter: osama bin laden's body was handled in accordance with islamic tradition remains reportedly buried at sea. >> this covert operation was the world's best kept secret not even close u.s. allies were told just a small circle of people in washington were aware of it. live in washington joel brown now back to you. all right joel thank you very much. it is 4:33 a.m., in new york, they are still celebrating osama bin laden's death this morning crowds have gathered at times square and in the streets around ground zero. new york city's police commissioner says osama bin laden's death is a welcome milestone for families of 9/11 victims. >> san francisco police are on heightened alert in response to the death of osama bin laden. sharon chin is at the bart station. >> reporter: good morning
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frank. you know it is not just san francisco police, bart police are taking precautions they want to be careful just in case. during the mornings commute, police say there will be double the number of uniformed officers on the streets, they are holding over officers from the midnight shift, they will be paying particular attention to transit areas, places of worship and areas are where people normally gather to protest. bart paying special attention. the fbi gave police advance notice to be on heightened alert in response to the death of osama bin laden. many people tell cbs 5 they are glad he is gone. >> well, i have to say am shocked we have been waiting 10 years. maybe this is a break. any human death is a tragedy but someone who has so little
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regard for human life i can't say i am worried too much. i am glad. you may notice more uniformed san francisco police officers especially in airs yeah like bart, muni and sfo. bart police also adding extra officers this week again they are just saying this -- they are taking precaution now with folks for sfo this week they are not doing anything different to change security or flights but certainly we are seeing differences with bart and san francisco police especially with this morning commute. good idea to be sure. sharon chin. thanks. many victims of the terror attacks 10 years ago had ties to the bay area. one of the hijacked flights, flight 93 was headling from newark to san francisco, lauren of san raphael was on that flight the 38-year-old was 3
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months pregnant at the time yesterday evening her husband jack said he had almost given up hope osama bin laden would ever be captured or killed. >> i am not an advocate for violence, but i do want to thank those who were vigilant on behalf of lauren and our unborn child and all those who were lost that day and everyone who has been lost to a terrorist act. it is not just ours it is global we need to stop it. >> a street in san raphael lauren place was named after lauren. 4:36 a.m. president obama speaking with former president's bill clinton and george w bush telling them that u.s. forces hood killed osama bin laden. in a statement bush said he congratulated president obama he said he also congratulated the men and women of the u.s. military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to the mission. osama bin laden has a long history of spreading terror. he was born in 1957.
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he inherited $25 million when his father died. his anger at the united states grew during the gulf war he used his family fortune to pay for islamic militants in the sudan and afghanistan his al qaeda terrorist network was tied to attacks on american soldiers on somalia and two u.s. embassies in africa. then came the deadly attack on the uss cole on yemen in 2000 less than a year later the attacks on new york and washington made him the world's most wanted terrorist. >> much more coming up. political analyst joe tulman will join us onset. you can find more at let's get a quick look at traffic and weather christy good morning to you. >> good morning sydnie. a mild start to the day anotherbeautiful day in store
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in the bay area. temperatures that are mild as we start this morning, 55 one of the warmer temperatures in oakland also 55 fairfield. cooler pacifica at 48, cool in santa rosa, 42. 43 napa, 53 san jose highs today will be similar to what we saw yesterday in inland spots a few degrees cooler than along the bay shore. 77 is a high along santa rosa and napa. 79 fairfield and concord, 80 liver more, 68 today, 62 pacifica and 79 the high in san jose. here is a look at your extended forecast, beautiful week in store as you can see today we will hit the low 80s in those inland 1309s and a slight -- spots and a slight dip in temperature, a big jump in temperature nice warm up wednesday highs in the inland spots at that point. thursday starting to cool down a little bit and more significant cooling trend as we make our way into friday next
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weekened looking nice as well more cloud cover starting to see a little drop in temperature overall a beautiful week in store that is a look at your weather let's get a look at traffic with elizabeth. we will run up to san pablo. overnight fatal accident around san pablo dam road a car went into a street sign they have reopened the mainlines of the freeway but sounds like the off ramp to san pablo dam road is blocked. chp following this one left lane blocked there. not causing any big delays and also coming in westbound 80, southbound 880 connector ramp sounds like an accident there. i am not sure if it is blocking lanes. if you are commuting toward the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic light. no metering lights yet. likely not until just after 6:00 a.m. golden gate not seeing wind
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advisories, weather should not make much of a dent in your morning commute. off to a nice start on your bridges. as take on texas later on tonight. for right now you are good to go up and down the nemitz freeway. by the coliseum about a 15 minute ride, 16 minute ride from 238 up towards mcarthur maze. should be a good ride down towards southbound 880. and mass transit off to a great start as well. everything is on time so far bart, ace, muni, metro and cal train. all right thanks very much. 4:40 a.m. pope john paul the second taking a major step toward saint hood. bay area pot club hit by fire bombs. bullet train's plan b why it could be both good and bad news for high speed rail in the bay area ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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nice mild start to the day in the bay area. making it to 76 palo alto, topping it 77. same for milpitas plenty of sunshine throughout the bay area. >> thank you very much. 4:43 a.m. americans are celebrating the news osama bin laden is dead. these are live pictures now from ground zero, last night president obama said a small team of americans carried out an attack outside the capital of pakistan the u.s. took custody of osama bin laden's remains buried him at sea putting an end to a global man hunt that has lasted nearly a decade. can death of osama bin laden appears to be having an effect on oil prices, benchmark crude was the highest level in 2.5 years but the price fell below $113 a barrel. back in the bay area, an
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arson investigation into a fire bombing at a santa cruz county pot club, the fire breaking out saturday. security cameras captured to young men throwing a molotov cocktail into the facility. alarms alerted owners who live nearby >> when i got that phone call the other night from the alarm i wasn't surprised we have had a lot of hate mail, a lot of phone calls. the club's coowner speculates the pretties are from a come -- culprits are from a competing club. they battled the fire with a garden hose until firefighters arrived damage is estimated at a thousand dollars. san francisco's backlog police crime log is more short staffed than ever. it has been 10 months since the department vowed to hire more dna analysts to deal with the problem but the staffing is only a third of what the department said it would be. the city pays $150,000 a month
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for an outside lab to test criminal evidence. in at least two cases though, suspects committed crimes, while their dna awaited testing for other crimes. california's high speed rail authority could mean big big changes to the route north of san jose. >> it would e lek industry fie the two cal train tracks -- e lek industry fie the two cal train tracks initially that would make high speed rail slower than originally planned but that problem would later be solved adding two more tracks. a step forward, brian stow the sign of progress his family just reported. >> disaster to recovery the plan to bring new aid to neighbourhoods, devastated by deadly tornadoes. >> more pay check going toward parking. one bay area city's plan to hike its annual permit when sydnie and i come back ,,,,,,
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was dead. fans turned th mets in philly still plays baseball when word came in osama bin laden was dead. fans turned their attention to their cell phones and celebrated at the ballpark in philadelphia. the late pope john paul ii is one step away from saint hood. more than a million people gathered in vatican city yesterday for john paul's beautification he is credited with one miracle certified with the catholic church one more official miracle is required for saint hood >> i pray that he will be kainitessed soon -- kay nonniesed soon i also tell my friends about his holeness. in the u.s. some victims of sexual abuse by priests protested saying john paul presided over a mass cover up of the scandal. it is 4:48 a.m.
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president obama signed a disaster declaration to help the south recover from all those deadly tornadoes last week the twisters killed at least 342 people making it the deadliest natural disaster since hurricane katrina. his signature paves the way for tennessee to get federal disaster assistance. janet napolitano visited over the weekend. state department of water resources will conduct its fifth and final survey of the snow this season. it determines how much water will be delivered to farms and cities throughout the rest of the year. a month ago it found it was 165% of normal enough for governor brown to declare the grout officially -- drought officially over. that drought is officially over and plenty of sunshine no more rain in the forecast it is
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really like spring. it was all weekend long, we will continue to see temperatures throughout the week. temperatures 40s and 50s clear in inland spots and bay and coast, patchy fog but it will shape up into a nice beautiful day later on today. inland spots will stay similar in temperature to with we saw yesterday, mild to warm, temperatures high 70s. low 80s and then at the bay and coast, we will see cooling, 5 degrees because of that on shore flow we will see sunny skies there, perhaps breezy conditions and a little bit of cloud cover later on this afternoon plenty of sunshine in store today just like we saw this weekend area of high pressure is holding that will keep temperatures warm especially in inland spot as you see this low drop in, to the north of us, we will see a slight dip in temperature and we will see a bump in temperature later in the week. your highs the day neighbourhood by neighbourhood
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look like this, 75 high and low los altos. palo alto, 77 milpitas, cooler half moon bay, 63 degrees. a few 80-degree readings down into the south bay, cupertino and 80 campbell, 78 the high for santa clara and morgan hill. over to the east bay, more warm readings, inland spots, 80 antioch and 78 pittsburgh and pleasant hill oakland topping out 74 and alameda, 71, cooler on the bay shores, 73 berkeley, 72 richmond and 79 concord. up into the north bay similar temperatures high 70s breaking into thele 0s -- into the 80s. 61 tin son beach, cooler there and mill valley, 68 today. your extended forecast nice weather all week long slight dip in temperature tuesday and then wednesday look at this, high 80s in those inland spots almost breaking into the 90s then we start to see a little
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cooler on thursday and then friday, that really is when the cooling trend begins and we continue to see that as we make our way into the inland spots, dropping from the mid-70s. to low 70s a little more cloud cover. looking good all week long that is a look at your weather let's look at your traffic with elizabeth. back out to san pablo dealing with a fatal accident. overnight, a car hit one of freeway sign poles. looks like the coroner is still out there and the westbound 80 on ramp is still completely blocked mainlines of the freeway, if you are commuting, westbound 80 everything is fine all lanes are open down through richmond, berkeley all the way down towards mcarthur maze. i want to update you on the accident fairfield still there, blocking the left lane, westbound 80 approaching air base parkway sensors are not picking up slowing in that area, sounds like traffic is able to get by okay. if you are commuting towards
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mcarthur maze. chp just issued a traffic alert, this accident east bay oakland westbound 80 southbound 880 connector ramp, there was an accident involving a couple cars, one of them was over turned. it sounds like they are running traffic breaks in the area expect delays. elsewhere bridges are fine, venetian, no problem. just fine. north and southbound 680, highway 4. marin county commute looks great as well. traffic looks light a couple head lights heading down the golden gate bridge. i mentioned this last time as take on texas later on tonight over by the oakland coliseum, expect delays later for right now you are good to go up and down northbound and southbound 880 between hayward and the mcarthur maze quick trip in
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either direction. silicon valley commuters, westbound 237, so far so good, all the way to san jose you can see live traffic sensors picking up top seeds all the way through. south bay a little bit of road work continues until 5:00 p.m. this morning southbound 101, story road down to capital expressway otherwise the rest of your freeways look great traffic very light this morning a couple head lights there on northbound 280 approaching the 8le 0 interchange and -- 880 interchange and mass transit remains fine as well. tune to our radio partners find them at 7:40 a.m. and 106 president 9 fm that is your weather and traffic back to you. >> one thorough report okay thank you elizabeth. 4:54 a.m. parking may cost $100 before the summer a couple dollars more than now but will mark a 67% increase from 3 years ago
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the price hike one of the proposals recently discussed by municipal transportation agency another plan would increase administrative fees for parking. so far so good doctors are continuing to lower sedation for brian stow, the giants fan attacked outside dodger stadium. >> he is showing no sign of brain seizures, good news according to his family's website doctors hope to examine him for voluntary responsiveness he has started to snore again. that is good news. >> really good news. >> two san francisco giants coming together to help brian stow. the grizzlies and giants presenting a $43,000 check to his family at san jose municipal stadium yesterday the result of a month long fundraising effort. the sharks couldn't ask for a better start to stanley cup playoff series with the red
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wings. >> they scored a hard fought 2- 1 victory over the red wings, 33 saves in goal for san jose which now leads 2 games to none. game 3 set to go joe lewis arena motor city wednesday night if they win that, this thing could be over quickly. they will be in and out before they know we are there. the movie fast five had a rapid rise to number one at the box office the first big budget film of the summer grossed estimated $83.6 million over the weekend. quite a debut the biggest opening total so far this year. animated film rio slipped to second rounding out the top five, big happy family, water for elephants, and brawn. royal television ratings
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for the wedding didn't measure up to all the hype. >> 22 .8 million viewers in the u.s. watching prince william and kate middleton exchange vows early friday morning big draw but not one of the most watched television events of all time. such a beautiful couple. >> they are. >> can't get enough of them. >> for comparison, get this 111 million americans watched this year's super bowl. we talked about what 2 billion worldwide. >> i think the time was difficult for a lot of people 1:30 a.m. in the morning. >> here on the west coast. >> i know a lot of women who got up. >> young girls, moms. >> it is 4:57 a.m. the death of the world's most wanted terrorist, team coverage this morning. >> the world's most wanted terrorist is dead new details on the mission that killed osama bin laden. >> where you can expect to find
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heightened security in the bay area, following the death of osama bin laden pgh >> news about osama bin laden is being felt all the way here in union city. i am kit doe with a live report coming up ,,
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