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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this morning... how the attack went d after a fire fight they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> u.s. forces killed the master mind behind 9/11 this morning we will tell you how the attack went down. a bay area on heightened alert for possible retaliation extra security you will see throughout the morning. good morning to you folks, it is monday, may 2nd, i am frank mallicoat. >> i am sydnie kohara thanks for joining us your time 6:00 a.m. let's take you live to new york city this is ground zero, people olio cross the country have been celebrating ever since the news broke last night. >> however the u.s. is on alert for possible retaliatory attacks san francisco police department is deploying extra officers on the streets today. more coming up in a live report in a moment. first the world's most wanted terrorist is dead. joel brown live in washington where president obama made that announcement last night. american forces have killed
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osama bin laden. today, the former al qaeda leader was reportedly buried at sea. joel. >> reporter: good morning the cia spent the last 2.5 months, plotting out this top secret plan to kill or capture osama bin laden. it ended with a gun fight in pakistan with osama bin laden and his guards, a gun fight that the world's most notorious terrorist did not survive. >> it felt like a victory party hundreds cheering and chanting outside the white house, after getting the news, osama bin laden was dead. in a late night address the president said the american military killed the al qaeda leader during a raid in pakistan. >> the death of osama bin laden marks the most significantachievement to date. >> reporter: cia started getting leads on osama bin laden in august and late last week pinpointed his location, a secure compound in an affluent
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suburb. sunday the president gave the final order to attack. >> after a fire fight they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> reporter: locals say this is the osama bin laden compound where the shooting took place three other men were also killed according to u.s. officials include one of his adult sons. the mission began with four blackhawk helicopters swooping in carrying 2 dozen u.s. troops one was forced to make a hard landing after a mechanical failure but no one was injured no members to have military were harmed in the mission. the man hunt lasted nearly a decade since he master minded one of the worst terror attacks on u.s. soil september 11th, 2001. former president bush said in a statement no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. u.s. officials are concerned act al qaeda striking back the state wept has issued a worldwide travel alert -- department has issued a worldwide travel alert for u.s.
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citizens. >> one of the few days you get to rejoice. >> the u.s. says osama bin laden's body was handled in accordance with islamic tradition. his remains were reportedly buried at sea. this mission to get osama bin laden was one of the world east best kept secrets not even close u.s. allies were told just a small circle of people here in washington were aware of it. live in washington this morning joel brown, now back to you. so joel, tell us how concerned are u.s. officials now about retaliation from al qaeda, i know there is a heightened sense of security all throughout the u.s. >> i tell you the real concern frank, the national terror alert level has not gone up but that may be because there is no actionable intelligence to tell americans about. we do know there is a real threat of potential retaliatory attacks here, al qaeda has groin exponentially since 2001 there are terror cells and al qaeda operatives in over 70 countries right now we know the
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counter terrorism office here in washington and white house officials literally spent the whole night plotting outrate geezing about what comes next. -- strait geezing what comes next. law enforcement agents across the nation are beefing up security. sharon is at the embarcadero bart station. >> reporter: good morning sydnie. bart police in san francisco, police are beefing up security. there is no specific threat but they are on lightened alert any way. san francisco police are holding over officers from the midnight shift so there are double the number of officers for the morning commute paying extra attention to transit areas, places of worship and areas popular for protest. bart is adding officers from the critical asset patrol team, a team of highly visible
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officers funded from a tsa grant. they are concerned about retaliation for osama bin laden's death. >> i think things like that go on all the time now we alwaysneed to be concerned, people for any reason at all will do something. we have to be aware of everything now. >> reporter: but your reaction to the news of osama bin laden's death? >> relieved. >> reporter: police on the heightened alert after the death of osama bin laden you will see more uniformed san francisco police at bart, muni sfo and more bart police officers on the trains and sfo they are not changing security they are always on high alert. sharon thank you. >> leaders across the world and right here in california are weighing in on osama bin laden's death governor gerry brown issued this statement late last night friends as well
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as adversaries can be sure of resolve, democracy and freedom. be sure to stick with cbs 5, with morning coverage, political analyst joel tulman will be here onset to discuss the ramifications of osama bin laden's death as always find the latest updates go to >> we want to get you out the door with a look at traffic and weather looking good out there weather wise christy good morning to you. >> good morning sydnie another beautiful day in the bay area temperatures as you make your way outside pretty mild this morning 55 oakland and fairfield, 47 liver more, 48 pacifica and 43 santa rosa this afternoon another sunshine filled day highs in inland spots similar to what we saw yesterday, high 70s. 79 for fairfield and concord, 80 liver more cooler at the bay shore and coast because of that on shore flow, 74 the high in
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oakland. 62 pacifica and 60 the high in the city over the next several days, we will see lots of sunshine different temperature to wednesday. high 80s inland spots, 80 at the bay and continue throughout the week, cooling down friday, saturday and sunday with a little cloud cover by this weekend. let's go to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> all right we have launched chopper 5, live over the mcarthur maze in east bay everything is free flowing we are sending chopper 5 to a serious injury accident, it happened in san francisco's mission district. to our map to talk about this streets are blocked in the area, mission street is completely shot down for a couple blocks, 22nd and 24th. a portion of 23rd closed in either direction for a block stretch we just learned around 4:15 a.m. there was a female driver crashed into the fire hydrant she had a 1-year-old child in the car with her that child is in the hospital right now being
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treated for life threatening injuries an investigation is ongoing, streets blocked off a lot of police on scene so use alternates if you are in the area. let's check traffic back to you. all right thanks much. 60le a.m. your time. -- 6:08 a.m. your time. we will tell you how crowds came together at ground zero pgh >> bay area has strong ties to the 9/11 attacks reaction to osama bin laden's death coming up in a live report ,,
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death this morni in new york city they are still celebrating osama bin laden's death this morning. crowds gathering at times square s in and around the streets, around ground zero new york city's police commissioner says osama bin laden's death is a welcome milestone for all the families of 9/11 victims. some of the victims of osama bin laden easter or attacks were -- osama bin laden easter or attacks were from here in the bay area. kit doe joins us from union city good morning kit.
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>> reporter: good morning this is a beautiful memorial constructed back in 2005. the 40 stone markers you see behind me represent the people on united 93, on that fateful day. as you mentioned it was headed from newark to sfo it was high jacked shortly -- hijacked shortly after take off presumably headed toward washington dc or the white house. the men and women onboard stopped the hijackers and crashed the plane in the woods of pennsylvania. we spoke with the husband of lauren who was on the plane and 3 months pregnant at the time. we asked if he felt justice had been done. >> to some degree obviously, they took care of the man who ultimately decided that innocent people should die, i know a lot of people says the a symbolic gesture because he was mitigated to what he could do in the last 10 years but i know it is also a symbol of hope,
6:13 am
that this hatred that caused all this will diminish. >> and a street in san raphael has been renamed after lauren and coming up in the bottom of the hour, we will hear more from jack and hear his thoughts about whether or not osama bin laden would ever be caught sydnie. >> thank you kit doe in union city this morning. 613 al more on the -- a.m. more on the death of osama bin laden. plus injured giants fan, brian stow slowly making progress what the doctors hope his next step will be
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of legendary performance. introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz. where the world's greatest automobiles take shape. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. at osama bin laden's luxury compou new video of a helicopter crash at osama bin laden's luxury compound last night the al qaeda leader was killed in a fire fight involving u.s. forces. a u.s. helicopter crashed during the operation because of mechanical problems but the crew was not harmed. apparently they got in and out within 40 minutes. >> amazing. joel joins us with more. joel. >> good morning. >> tell us, what effect will
6:17 am
this have on al-qaida now? >> there is al qaeda the original organization responsible for the original attack on the u.s., theiraffiliates of al qaeda in other countries, for example in iraq they are different groups. they are is not been governed by osama bin laden i think the ongoing conflict we have with them in other places won't be changed but for al qaeda itself, general hi, he was a powerful figure, symbolic presence and obviously someone who networked carefully a person connected to money day today operations at this point were probably not being handled by him his lieutenant, is an egyptian national been with osama bin laden for many many years his group was responsible for the assassination of saddat that is how far back that goes he is only about 52 years old i
6:18 am
would assume he will assume a more prominent role. removing osama bin laden from this equation to your question, it takes some of the wind out of the sails of al qaeda, they are less scary in some ways without him. >> where do you thing this war on terror stands now? >> i think we should ask what is the war on terror originally, sydnie, the phrase coined was justification for going intoafghanistan and pay back for 9/11. it was given as a reason for going to iraq later it turned out there was no connection between that al qaeda and what was going on in iraq. i think the quick answer to your question is, probably more pressure on the president now, to wrap up operations in afghanistan and iraq the fight over terrorism is not over but most of this, about going into afghanistan was about getting osama bin laden and now he is gone. >> well, we will see you in 30
6:19 am
minutes. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you joel. and a look at bay area weather enjoying beautiful sunny skies similar to what we saw all weekend long we will continue with that trend over the next several days, you can see the sun is up beautiful clear skies this will be the trend for the next several days as you make your way out the door, clear conditions, fog along the coastline temperatures sitting in the 40s and 50s by this afternoon warming it right up into the low 80s. inland spots, bay and coast cooler than where we were sitting yesterday. for the most part beautiful day in store. satellite joining us, high pressure holding allowing us to see beautiful temperatures and plenty of sunshine this area of low pressure passing to the north will cause a slight dip in temperature tomorrow nothing significant as soon as that passes through that is when we will see the warm weather hit the forecast. for today, highs, cupertino and campbell, 79 san jose and sunny
6:20 am
vail, 77 the high for mill tee pas, -- milpitas, 80 brent wood, 77 a high for dublin and pleasonton. 71, 74 a high in berkeley and 72 a high in richmond north bay beautiful weather here as well. milder, mill valley, 71. san an sell mow, 79 in fairfield your extended forecast showing plenty of season shine over the next several days, slight dip in temperature bumping it significantly, 80 at the bay, thursday and friday looking beautiful as well see a bit of a cooling trend for friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures in the high 60s low 70s that is a look at weather to elizabeth with a check on traffic. >> thank you chopper 5 is live over this sere you injury accident it happened in san francisco's mission district police are blocking streets i believe they will zoom in where you can see 2 hours ago a
6:21 am
female driver slam into that fire hydrant you see there. we understand there was a 1- year-old child in the car as a passenger and that child is now in the hospital, we are hearing life threatening injuries, the female driver is expected to be okay. mission street completely shut down for a couple blocks in the area, 22nd all the way to 24th, where you can see they have the roads shut down a couple -- a one block stretch of 23rd also closed off so expect delays around the area, you are going to have to use alternates including van nest again this investigation continues they have been out there since 4:15 a.m. thank you for this live chopper shot developing story injury crash serious injury crash in san francisco's mission district. other portions of the bay area, all the major lines of the freeway look okay heading toward it is bay bridge toll plaza a minute ago they just turned on the metering lights we are starting to see slight
6:22 am
delays nothing too bad maybe a few cars deep there in a couple lanes but otherwise not too bad a little sluggish inside out towards the s curve and want to let you know bart is back on time system wide we were seeing a couple delays, 10 to 15 minutes east bay, east bay stations but overall everything good to go. bart, ace, muni metro, call trains, 106.9 fm. all right elizabeth thank you 6:22 a.m. doctors carefully watching over brian stow the crucial test they hope to perform next few days coming up ,, i am a sneeze whisperer.
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a live look at the state department washington dc any minute secretary of state hillary clinton going to speak on the death of osama bin laden. we are waiting for her comments, any minute now and we will bring those to you live. 6:25 a.m. new this morning still no brain seizures as doctors continue to lower sedation for brian stow he is the giants fan attacked outside dodger stadium opening day according to his family's website doctors hope to examine him for voluntary responsiveness they say stow, which is good news, has even started to snore again. >> support growing for stow. the grizzlygiants presenting a $43,000 check to his family in
6:26 am
san jose yesterday it is the result of a month long fundraising effort it is teams are two of the giants minor league affiliates. 6:26 a.m. late pope john paul ii is one step away from saint hood more than a million people gathered in the vatican city yesterday for john paul's beautification, he is credited with one miracle certified by the catholic church one more official miracle is required for saint hood >> i pray he will be con non- ized soon. i also tell my friends about his holeness. >> here in the united states, some victims of sexual abuse by priest protest saying that he presided over the mass cover ups of that scandal. >> we continue team coverage on osama bin laden's death all coming up. pgh >> the world's most notorious terrorist is dead we have the latest details on the u.s.
6:27 am
mission that killed osama bin laden forces kil pgh >> local areas boosting security after the death of osama bin laden, that is coming up. pgh >> reaction to the big news from the united flight 93 memorial in union city. i am kit doe with a live report coming up ,,,,,,,,
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see your lexus dealer. osama bin laden.
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death of osama bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nations effort to defeat al qaeda. the hunt is over. u.s. forces kill osama bin laden. >> as we take a look at the big board now, dow jones industrial down a point and a half or so, it may have a little bit of a short term impact on the economy, some excube rinse as that -- exuberant long awaited now. it is monday the 2nd of may i am sydnie kohara. >> i am frank mallicoat. people across the country have been celebrating since news of osama bin laden's death the u.s. is on high alert for possible retaliatory attacks. deploying extra officers on the streets today. >> osama bin laden buried at sea today. joel brown live in washington
6:31 am
reporting on today's top secret operation in pakistan that stopped the al qaeda leader. joel. >> good morning president obama got to deliver the news americans waited nearly a decade to hear, justice for 9/11, osama bin laden was dead, for many, this was reason to celebrate. >> it felt like a victory party, hundreds cheering and chanting, outside the white house, after getting the news, osama bin laden was dead. in a late night address the president said the american military killed the al qaeda leader during a rate in pakistan. >> the death of osama bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nations effort to defeat al qaeda. >> the ci a started getting leads on osama bin laden in august late last week pinpointed his location a secure compound outside islam ma bad. sunday president obama gave the final order to attack
6:32 am
>> they killed osama bin laden and took cust custody of his body. >> three other men were also killed according to u.s. officials including one of osama bin laden's adult sons. the mission began with four blackhawk helicopters swooping in, carrying about two dozen u.s. troops, one of the helicopters was forced to make a hard landing after a mechanical failure, but no one was injured in fact no members of the military were harmed in the mission. the man hunt lasted nearly a decade since he master minded nearly a dozen attacks on u.s. soil. the state department issued a worldwide travel alert for u.s. citizens. >> but that is not stopping the celebrating in the u.s., >> it is one of few days you get to rejoice you know justice is a real thing.
6:33 am
>> osama bin laden's body was handled in accordance with islamic tradition remains reportedly buried at sea. >> so this mission to get osama bin laden will go down as one of the world's best kept secrets not even close u.s. allies we are told just a small group of people here in washington were aware of it. live if washington joel brown now back to you. joel thank you. this morning law enforcement agencies across the country, and here in the bay area on heightened alert. sharon chin at the embarcadero bart station good morning sharon. >> good morning frank. san francisco police and bart police are on heightened alert they say there is no specific threat but they are taking precautions during the morning commute san francisco police say they have doubled the number of uniformed officers on the streets they are holding over officers from the midnight shift and they are paying particular attention to transit areas, places of worship and
6:34 am
areas where people often gather to protest. bart police adding patrols by a highly visible team of uniformed officers, riding trains, checking potential hot spots they gave the u.s. notice to be on heightened alert after osama bin laden's death this morning, some like richard quinn celebrated the news of osama bin laden's death but are concerned about retaliation. >> i heard it last night, was hearing some cheers in vacaville we all celebrated. unreal great news finally got him hopefully not too much you know for him, he doesn't deserve it. >> reporter: bart, muni and sfo, you will see more bart officers on the trains all this week they are taking precautions and a spokesman for sfo says it is not making any changes it remains on high security frank. >> sharon chin live at san
6:35 am
francisco, thank you. >> coming up 6:35 a.m. relatives of local terror attack victims reacting to the death of osama bin laden. let's go to kit doe he joins us from union city where there is a memorial there to the victims who were on united airlines flight 93. kit good morning. >> reporter: good morning and this memorial built back in 2005 overnight some candles were lit and flowers laid down here. and we are learning about some strong bay area ties here about a half dozen people, -- secretary of state hillary clinton is speaking about the attack let's hear from her now. >> today i want to say a few words about what this means for our efforts going forward. first, i want to offer my thoughts and prayers to thousands of families whose loved ones were killed in osama bin laden's campaign of terror and violence. from the embassy bombings in africa, to the strike on the
6:36 am
u.s.s cole to attacks of september 11th, 2001. and so many more these were not just attacks against americans although resufferred grievous losses these were attacks against the whole world in london and madrid, bali is stan bull and other places innocent people, most muslims were targeted in markets, and mosques, in subway stations and on airplanes. each attack motivated by a violent ideology that holds no value for human life, or regard for human dignity. i know that nothing can make up for the loss of the victims or fill the voids they left but i hope their families can now find some comfort in the fact
6:37 am
that justice has been served. second, i want to join the president in honouring the courage and commitment of the brave men and women who serve our country and have worked tirelessly and relentlessly for more than a decade to track down and bring osama bin laden, this terrorist, to justice. from our troops, and our intelligence experts, to our diplomats, and our law enforcement officials n has been a broad -- officials, this has been a broad, deep aggressive effort here at the state department we have work to forge a worldwide anti terror network we have drawn together the effort and energy of friends, partners, allies on every continent. our partnership including our close cooperation with
6:38 am
pakistan, have helped put unprecedented pressure on al qaeda, and its leadership. continued cooperation will be just as important in the days ahead. because even as we mark this milestone, we should not forget, that the battle to stop al qaeda, and its syndicate of terror, will not end, with the death of osama bin laden. in deed, we must take this opportunity to renew our resolve and redouble our effort. in afghanistan, we will continue taking the fight to al qaeda and their taliban allies. while working to support the afghan people as they build a stronger government, and begin to take responsibility for their own security. we are implementing the strategy, for transition approved by nato at the summit in lisbon. and we are supporting an afghan
6:39 am
lead political process, that seeks to isolate al qaeda, and end the insurgency. our message to the taliban remains the same, but today, it may have even greater resonance. you cannot wait us out you cannot defeat us, but you can make the choice to abandon al qaeda and participate in a peaceful political process. in pakistan, we are committed to supporting the people and government as they defend their own democracy, from violent extremism indeed as the president said, osama bin laden had alts declared war -- also declared war on pakistan he ordered the killing of many innocent pakistani men, women
6:40 am
and children. in recent years the cooperation between our government, law enforcement agencies increased pressure on al qaeda and the taliban and this progress must continue. we are committed to our partnerships. history will record that osama bin laden's death came at a time of great movement towards freedom and democracy at a time when people across the middle east and north africa are rejecting the extremist narrative and charting a path of peaceful progress based on universal rights and aspirations. there is no better rebuke to al qaeda, and its heinous ideology. all over the world we will press forward, bolstering our partnership, strengthening networks, investing in a positive vision of peace and progress and relentlessly
6:41 am
pursuing murders who target innocent people the fight continues we will never waiver. now i know there are some who doubted this day would ever come, who questioned our resolve, and our reach, but let us remind ourselves, this is america. we rise to the challenge, we per server ever and get the job -- preserver and get the job done. >> that was secretary of state hillary clinton talking about the death of osama bin laden. we are back here life in union city at the memorial of united flight 93 this was the flight that gave us the battle cry of let's roll and the man who said that was tom burnett and his mom actually lives in saratoga. some strong and powerful influences in that. the flight was headed towards washington dc to crash
6:42 am
into the capitol building or white house the men and women onboard the plane stopped the hijackers and crashed it into the woods in pennsylvania. we spoke with the husband of lauren who was on the plane and 3 months pregnant we asked him if he ever felt osama bin laden would be caught. >> i am not an advocate for violence, but i do want to thank those who were vigilant on behalf of lauren and our unborn child and all those who were lost that day and everyone who has been lost to a terrorist act. it is not just ours it is global we need to stop it. >> lauren did manage to make a phone call to her husband that day he was sleeping at the time so she left a message saying there was a problem on the plane but that she felt like everything would be okay for now and that she loved everyone and since then, a street in san raphael has been renamed in her honor. kit thanks very much. in union city this morning. we will have continuing coverage of osama bin laden's
6:43 am
death throughout the morning imcolluding the impact on -- including the impact on wall street. we will talk with jason brooks in a few minutes find the latest at it is 6:43 a.m. on your monday let's get you up- to-date with traffic and weather here is christy with more. thanks frank. if you liked the weather this weekend you will love it today beautiful sunny skies in store mild start to the day, 48 and san raphael. 53 fairfield, 49 concord, 47 liver more and fremont and 51 redwood city and san jose by this afternoon warming up nicely 79 fairfield and concord, 80 liver more, cooling along the bay shore -- along the bay shore and coast, offshore flow, we will see warmer temperatures as you continue, 61 san raphael, 77 napa and 77 santa rosa. let's go to elizabeth. >> thank you back out to chopper 5. live from the east shore freeway showing us
6:44 am
traffic is a little busy as you pass golden gate field, westbound 280 traffic still only a 20 minute drive time from the carcenas bridge. out to liver more westbound 580, approaching north liver more avenue. just clear to the right shoulder traffic still stacking up to at least north flip so our drive time is growing, 25 minutes, out of the altamonte pass that is your traffic and weather back to you. >> thanks very much. 6:44 a.m. coming up osama bin laden killed now there are threats of retaliation. political analyst joel tulman is onset to talk about what the death means for the future of al qaeda. the market opened just a moment ago. so far so good green lights across the board markets are up and a full update from jason brooks after the break ,,,,,,
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osama bin laden is helping drive the stock market this morning. here now is ja welcome back the death of osama bin laden is helping drive the stock market up a little bit. >> to jason brooks for the latest. good morning. >> good morning. clearly a psychological reaction to the news of osama bin laden's death wall street does like clearing up any sort of uncertainty there has been 10 years worth regarding the terrorist master mind not a
6:48 am
large reaction as we saw in futures trading earlier, when it comes to wall street it is still going to come down to economic reports and corporate earnings that is what fueled the rally even further after we saw april close at just a strong note last week one of the best months of the stock market in quite some time market is up dow higher, 27 points, nasdaq gaining a couple s&ps up by 3. chrysler reporting earnings, turning a profit for the first time after exiting bankruptcy, $116 million, compared to losing $200 million a year earlier, revenue up, strong sales, 18% first quarter. good news forty slow settled -- for tivo, settled, shares are up 7%. >> thank you jason brooks from kcbs and cbs money
6:49 am
another gorgeous day in store throughout the bay area, similar conditions to yesterday, kind of feel like that weekend is continuing look at this shot beautiful outside, coming up over the bay bridge plenty of sunshine later on this afternoon. make your way out the door, pretty mild conditions, we are sitting in the 40s and 50s for the most part a little patchy fog at the coastline this afternoon warming up, seeing plenty of sunny skies, a little bit of breeze along the bay shores, temperatures cooler as well this area of high pressure holding not allowing us to keep that warmer weather and as this low passes north, we will see a slight dip in temperature but nothing significant. temperatures today look like this, 77 palo alto, pleasonton, 80 antioch, 76 vie knee have a, cooler coast and the bay, 74 oakland. 63 half moon bay and you can see in your extended forecast beautiful conditions over the next several days by wednesday a big jump in temperature high 80s inland and 80 at the bay
6:50 am
cooling off thursday and more cooling trend continues friday into saturday and sunday as well at which point we will sit in the high 60s low 70s low inland spots. let's go to elizabeth. >> thank you chopper 5 continues to cruise across the bay area. showing us westbound 24 traffic through lafayette, looks like there is a tow crew out there activity off to the shoulder maybe causing a little bit of slowing right past the scene but overall your usual stuff usual slow traffic coming out of walnut creek, but so far not too bad of a ride out towards the caldecott tunnel. all right this is some video taken by chopper 5 a little earlier, you can see where a car ran into a fire hydrant in san francisco's mission district developing story we have been following since 4:15 a.m. we understand there was a 1- year-old child inside that car, suffered life threatening injuries. according to the san francisco
6:51 am
police department, so, the child was france fehred to the hospital -- transferred to the hospital still street closures in the area, mission street completely shut for a couple blocks between 22nd and 24th also 23rd shut down both directions for about a block so again, the investigation has been going on now for more than a couple hours, use alternates in the area, van nest is open. more traffic coming up including a check of the bay bridge. all right thanks very much. this morning, u.s. leaders speaking out praising the death of osama bin laden. in fact just a short time ago secretary of state hillary clinton said terror will not end with his death and we must preserver against al qaeda. >> with more on the impact of osama bin laden's death here is joel. this is the -- hopefully folks can see that at home but front page san francisco chronicle,
6:52 am
u.s. killed osama bin laden. this is on every newspaper in the land. >> does this make him a martyr now would we have to worry about more retaliation? >> i think for any of his followers, there is likely to be that impact it would have been the case whether he died of natural causes over not in some ways he becomes a venerated figure after his death the question of retaliation sydnie is one i think we have to look at carefully already this morning we have reports of people posting things online, threatening retaliation but let me say to reas sure people watching today, any time an attack happens any where, there will be lots of groups that claim credit for it or threaten more attacks in the future and it is important we distinguish between people who make claimthose who are viable threats some times when we publicize these things in news media we raise anxiety when we don't need to.
6:53 am
until there is more viable information it is reasonable to expect someone will do something but as for a credible threat, don't have panic. >> who emerges now? another osama bin laden a mythical like creature? >> in our last segment we talked about him and number two, and egyptian national and i would presume probably in pakistan as well. actually in terms of networking and technical background, someone very very capable of doing this. in terms of his presence, this is my world now in terms of communication this is rhetoric i never found him as interesting on visual and on the visual part as osama bin laden was. osama bin laden by the way to your question, was somewhat unique and i think what was most frightening for american and western audiences was that he came across so calm and i hate to say the word reasonable but reasonable when he talked.
6:54 am
he didn't look like a screaming monster we expected when we saw him and that made him more of a boogey man than we expected. he also new how to use symbolism to communicate not just with american audiences but also muslim audiences in the middle east as he tried to recruit people those combinations of traits are unique and you are not likely to find some body like that again. >> long time. all right joel cbs 5 political analyst thanks for your insight. >> it is 6:54 a.m. we will be right back ,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. sharon chi barcadero bart sta law enforcement agencies on heightened alert following the death of osama bin laden. sharon chin is at the embarcadero bart station. sharon. >> good morning sydnie. there is no specific threat but concerns about retaliation so san francisco police and bart police are on heightened security. they have doubled their officers on the streets this morning kept officers over from the midnight shift, police are paying extra attention to transit areas like bart, muni sfo places of worship and
6:58 am
popular protest venues, bart police are also deploying a highly visible team of officers riding trains checking potential hot spots through the week these are officers funded by a federal tsa grant introduced back in february the fbi gave police notice to be on heightened alert they are taking precautions just in case there are retall la tour attacks following osama bin laden's death. it is not boosting security at sfo it is already on high security. >> sharon chin in san francisco. >> one last check of traffic is weather you have had an easy day >> i have. sunshine more sunshine pretty nice forecast in store the whole week today similar to what we saw yesterday. highs inland spots 80s. another beautiful day, temperatures slightly for tuesday and then wednesday, this is the day to watch for high 80s. maybe 90s in those inland spots and the bay 80 degrees pretty atypical this time of year great day to get outside
6:59 am
thursday beautiful weather as well cooler for friday, saturday and sunday can't complain nice 7 days in store but traffic i know has been busier for you. >> i know. it has been hectic out towards the bay bridge right now, metering rights are on they have been for well, almost an hour about 40 minutes right now traffic is stacked up to 880 over crossing maybe a 15 minute wait to get you on to the span. sluggish on the upper deck towards the tunnel we had this earlier problem, north liver more avenue one lane blocked for awhile everything cleared to the right shoulder, may be connectivity out there because traffic is slug herb out of the altamonte pass. 34 minutes out toward it is dub lib which are change. >> thanks very much and thank you for watching cbs 5 early edition. >> see you back here tomorrow morning bright and early 4:30 and leave you with shots of lafayette memorial park road across the street from


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