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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it's fair to say that it's a grisly photograph. >> waiting for proof. what the cia is saying about the release of pictures of a dead bin laden. plus, what reportedly is in that terrorist's will. hundreds of drunk driving suspects could walk free in the south bay. the breathalyzer glitch that may be to blame. good morning, it is wednesday, the 4th of may. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 4:30. who is better than me this morning, huh? >> huh? [ laughter ] >> who is better than you? all these lovely ladies. i meant it that way, come on. [ laughter ] >> nobody is better than you,
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frank. >> but it's hot out there. i mean the 80s today. we may even hit the 90s. >> it's going to be gorgeous today. definitely a day to get outside to the beach if you can. i know it's only wednesday if you can sneak away at lunchtime, it will be gorgeous, 15 degrees above average so look at the numbers here. we are almost breaking into the 90s in concord, 86 for san jose. beautiful in san francisco, 80. even at the beaches we'll see 70-degree temperatures. will it last? we'll see in a little bit. first let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, kristy. right now, all the eastbound lanes of highway 4 are closed in pittsburg from loveridge to somersville road. this started on monday. so again, eastbound lanes closed until 5:30 a.m. use detours. they just wrapped up construction on the dumbarton bridge on the westbound side of the span. eastbound there are still some lanes blocked approaching the high-rise. we'll have more traffic coming up including a check of the bay
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bridge. back to you. >> thank you. pressure is growing on the white house to release proof of osama bin laden's death. as joel brown reports it is likely the government will make the photos public. >> reporter: it may not be a matter of if photos of osama bin laden's body are released but when. >> it could in fact be used to try to develop a lot of the revengeful nature of what al qaeda is all about. >> reporter: cia director leon panetta says he believes the images will eventually be made public but the white house hasn't yet reached a final decision. >> it's fair to say that it's a grisly photograph. it could be inflammatory. >> reporter: the full story of the mission is still coming to light. tuesday officials revealed bin laden was not armed as previously stated and navy seals killed him only after he resisted. the seals confiscated a treasure-trove of computers, files and hard drives at the bin laden compound. the cia is now analyzing the material for any clues on
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potential terror plots. this is a look inside the million-dollar complex bin laden once called home. the u.s. officials are vowing to get to the bottom of whether pakistan knew he was hiding out here. >> there are questions here that i think do need to be answered, hopefully by the pakistanis themselves. >> reporter: pakistan insists it had no idea of bin laden's whereabouts. yet the compound sits a half mile away from a sprawling military academy in a town with more than 100,000 retired and active army officers. joel brown, cbs news, washington. on closer examination, the so-called mansion where bin laden lived was not so luxurious. take a look inside. the walls are stained with mold, an estimated three dozen people mostly children shared that three-story house. it's surrounded by high walls topped with barbed wire. neighbors say they didn't not people live there and rare saw them. over the past few days, people have flocked to the neighborhood to get a glimpse of the house. there is no official word on
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what will become of the heavily damaged compound. but there is speculation it will soon be demolished to prevent it from becoming a shrine to osama bin laden. and a kuwaiti newspaper says it has seen a copy of bin laden's will. it is reportedly dated december of 2001 and specifies bin laden did not want any of his wives to remarry. it also contains advice to bin laden's children not to join al qaeda. the paper has not indicated though how it obtained the document or if it in fact was able to authenticate it. it is 4:34. bin laden orchestrated the 9/11 terror attacks during the george w. bush administration but the former president will not attend an observance tomorrow at ground zero. a bush spokesman says the former president declined an invitation by president obama. about 3,000 people were killed in 2001. former president bush has mostly kept out of the
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spotlight since leaving office. stay with cbs 5 and for continuing coverage of the death of osama bin laden. a paroled armed robber back in custody accused of trying to kill a pittsburg police officer. 27-year-old derrell wayne jones of pittsburg surrendered four hours after allegedly running over an officer who stopped him. bullet holes on the officer's car show how close he came to being hit but his only injuries came from broken glass. the suspect ran away after crashing his car into a retaining wall and that led to a police search that kept people out of their neighborhood for hours. >> crazy. they have him coming out and going from house to house and searching. >> jones used his cell phone to negotiate with officers as he hid in a friend's attic. he was treated for a gunshot
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wound to the leg. some bad breathalyzers could put hundreds of drunk driving cases in jeopardy in the south bay. kiet do is in san jose, where police have sent back the machines in question. kiet, good morning. reporter: good morning. this affects nearly every, single dui arrest made in san jose since november. we're talking about 865 cases in all. and the problem is with the breathalyzers that officers use in the field. san jose police exclusively use the so-called alco sensor 5 made by intoximeter and the problem is that they have been developing condensation inside the tube. as a result, the device could give a bad reading. the d.a. is reviewing all 865 cases and in some instances where there is no blood test and the faulty breathalyzer is the main piece of evidence that case could be thrown out. the santa clara county d.a. began the review after learning ventura county in southern california was having the same problem. sjpd has since returned the 60 bad breathalyzers to the manufacturer and is working
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with 30 older units now. the d.a. should be done with the review in a month. later today we should hear whether or not san mateo county is having the same problem, as well. >> did you say 865 cases in jeopardy? >> reporter: 865 cases. that's what they will be looking at. so a significant number for sure. >> all right, thank you very much, kiet do in san jose. 4:37 now. this week marks a major milestone in recovery following that san bruno pipeline explosion. the city just issued the first permit to rebuild a home in the neighborhood that was destroyed by the blast in september. groundbreaking is expected to happen next month. construction work may take up to a year. meantime, state regulators are reviewing pg&e's request to set up an account that will keep tabs on related expenses. the company needs to track its spending if it passes along repair costs to the customers. pg&e has already started testing 152 miles of pipeline. that's expected to run hundreds
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of thousands of dollars. it is 4:37. let's check traffic and weather. sunny and very warm. >> near record-breaking temperatures. probably not going to break temperatures today but we'll see temperatures flirting with the 90s maybe in the 90s inland. this morning warm in several places. 68 in fairfield right now with warmer breezes although widespread we are still cool up in santa rosa at 45. 49 in napa and pacifica, 52 for fremont and 56 in san jose. and today looking at our highs you can see plenty of orange and yellow out there. that means 70 and 80-degree readings. great beach weather in the 70s, widespread 80s elsewhere, 87 for fairfield and livermore. 88 concord, 89 napa. 82 san rafael and 86 in san jose. so beautiful day to get out. we'll see very pretty weather for tomorrow as well similar temperatures and then friday is when we see a big drop-off and
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we'll continue with a cooling trend into saturday and sunday so a cool mother's day holiday as you make your way into the start of the workweek. we'll see it warm up. tuesday back into the high 70s. so a beautiful day today. get outside. let's go to elizabeth and check your driving conditions. >> thank you. overall we are doing pretty well at this time of the morning. all your approaches to the bay bridge look great. mostly top speeds on westbound 24, coming up 880 the nimitz looks great, as well. and as promised, here's that live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good all the way into san francisco this morning. nice smooth ride all the way across the upper deck. san mateo bridge this looks great as well about 66 miles per hour as you head towards the toll plaza. coming off the high-rise that eastbound traffic looks great westbound 92, 13 minutes out of hayward and checking the south bay now not even seeing any roadwork that's causing any problems down here. guadalupe parkway looks great. 101 through morgan hill quiet. looks like in -- this is
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northbound 280 approaching the 880 interchange, there is a flashing headlight right there. maybe a stall? not sure what's going on there. but overall our sensors are picking up top speeds so we are seeing traffic moving fine all the way out of downtown towards cupertino. and showing you a marin county check, you can see it is all green all the way from novato all the way down through sausalito. towards the golden gate bridge. they are not done the lane change yet. one more update on this roadwork ongoing in pittsburg all eastbound lanes of 4 remain shut down. you're going to have to use detours until 5:30 this morning between loveridge to somersville, westbound traffic is getting by fine and delay- free so far. no delays for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. back to you. >> thank you. a musical it thief takes off with a bay area woman's rare violin. from gang patrol to sex
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offender screening. the massive public safety cuts in store for one east bay city. and a never-before-seen look inside japan's crippled nuclear plant. the key step to controlling the damage. when we come back. ,,
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gorgeous day in the bay area. a warm day. we are flirting with 90s in some places. contra costa county contra costa is making some big cuts to public safety as part of an effort to reduce a budget shortfall there. approved by the board of supervisorser of the 138 county jobs to be eliminated 82 from the sheriff's and probation department according to the "contra costa county times." sheriff's department will have to reduce the numbers and types of calls to which it can
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respond now and cuts to the district attorney's office will eliminate a dozen or so positions. one year after a high school senior was shot to death in hayward, his family hopes that someone will come forward to help police catch the killer. the 17-year-old was five weeks away from high school graduation when he was shot at mission and industrial. friends and family gathered at the scene yesterday to remember him. >> i brought him into the world and did the best i could for 17 years. if it takes me 17 years more to get the answer, that will be it. >> navaho was a passenger inside a car when witnesses say a gunman opened fire. there was apparently an argument over a woman and someone else inside the car may have been targeted. hayward police say they are still receiving tips in this case. security video could help catch the man who stole a $23,000 violin in san francisco. the video on youtube shows the
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suspect making his escape on muni last tuesday. that man grabbed the violin from the san francisco conservatory of music. "the examiner" reports that the suspect got on muni's t line at van ness and market and got off at the powell street station. well, prosecutors have dubbed them the marijuana grannies. >> they have. two elderly san bruno women arrested in a major marijuana bust. they are 72-year-old aleen lamb and 56-year-old virginia chan pon. police found hundreds of marijuana plants along with an electrical bypass that let the women steal electricity, as well. >> it was a lucrative business. >> you got 800 plants in your house -- >> that's a lot of gardening. >> how do you hide it? a major change on couches across the country. why more americans are not watching television. plus, got a fire started
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even though it rained, dried out our wood. >> their camping trip became a fight for survive. how these strand boy scouts rallied when things got tough. and charging for services that used to be free. first airlines, now the extra fees you could pay at the doctor's office. ,,,,,,,,,,
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see your lexus dealer. putting up equipment, to start the cooling system repairs at the nuclear plant damaged in the tsun it workers in japan have started putting up equipment to start the cooling system repairs at the nuclear plant damaged in the tsunami. it is a key step to bringing reactors under control. meanwhile, soldiers have moved to within 6 miles of the fukushima complex to search for people still missing from the disaster. it is the first time the military is searching that area since the plant began leaking radiation. mexican officials say they have found the bodies of five of 14 miners who were trapped in a coal mine. there was an explosion in the
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mine in the state of coahuila. mexican officials say there is little hope that the nine others have survived. six boy scouts and two leaders from louisiana are praised for doing things right when trapped by floodwaters in neighboring arkansas. they expected good weather for the camping trip but the shallow creek they crossed to get to the camp became a raging river by the time they tried to leave so they got to higher ground and set up camp. >> we got rain on the, there was wind involved, feeling like hypothermia, but we got out of that and got a fired started, even though it rained, dried out our wood and did what we had to. >> a national guard helicopter spotted the camp late monday night and as we first reported yesterday, they went back to get them out when the sun came out and they are all doing just fine. a dramatic rescue all caught on camera in missouri. twod in a guardsmen saved a 9 -- two national guardsmen saved
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a 92-year-old woman trapped in her car in the floodwaters of the black river when she tried to cross a water covered highway. she got out safely. if you enjoyed the warm weather yesterday, you will love today. we are going to heat up more than yesterday getting close to record-breaking temperatures in some spots. it's a nice start to the morning, as well. inland temperatures we are seeing 68 in fairfield right now so still a little mild there. cooler elsewhere at the bay and coast sitting in the 40s and 50s. by the time we hit this afternoon, plenty of sunshine, warm to hot. we are flirting with the 90s and breaking into the 90s in some locations and a great day to get outside to the beach, seeing 70-degree temperatures there. that's because this area of high pressure is holding bringing us plenty of sunshine and we'll continue to see beautiful weather for tomorrow and so that area of low pressure will drop in later on thursday into friday but enjoy today and tomorrow. gorgeous weather. here's a look at the highs neighborhood by neighborhood. 86 for palo alto. 58 in fremont. also 85 in milpitas. warmer in san jose at 86.
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89 in los gatos and in morgan hill. 85 in los altos and 75 at half moon bay once again beautiful beach weather. 82 in alameda, 88 for san ramon, pittsburg and pleasanton him. almost 90 in walnut creek and antioch and making it to 90 in brentwood. up into the north bay more widespread eights beautiful weather, 84 vallejo and benicia. 80 in the city today. 89 up in napa. beautiful weather continues for thursday. plenty of sunshine. then we see a drop in temperature on friday dropping into the high 70s in those inland spots. we start to see more cloud cover build in on the weekend so saturday and sunday cooling down. not as warm for mother's day. still nice weather. then we start to warm up a little bit for the start of your workweek so tuesday, should be up in the high 70s inland. so today get outside, gorgeous weather. if you have a convertible take the top down. elizabeth, how's traffic? >> traffic is doing well. let's go out live to san jose.
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we have a photographer standing by near the alum rock exit where everything is good to go. those headlights are moving northbound up towards santa clara. and yeah, just your usual nice commute at this time of the morning. to our maps and we can show you some bridges across the bay area. here's live look at conditions across the benicia bridge. if you are heading into martinez this morning, everything looks great. eastbound highway 4 we are going to be talking about this for a little longer until 5:30 this morning. all eastbound lanes of highway 4 shut down between loveridge and somersville road. this is part of the highway 4 widening project. so again, you're going to have to use detours. this roadwork started on monday. expected to last for a little bit so watch for delays. westbound traffic gets by fine. to the south bay we go and everything we showed you 101 near alum rock, but you can see all the freeways so far, so good including 280, where it looks like that stall of whatever it was with that
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flashing light has been cleared. we are going to zoom in towards hp pavilion because i just found that ricky martin is playing over at hp pavilion. you like that move? living la vida loca tonight at 8:00. watch out for delays this evening. silicon valley commuters westbound 237 so far, so good. this is live look at milpitas near the 880 interchange good towards san jose and zanker road. and a quick check of the east bay where we are seeing top speeds on all our traffic sensors up and down the nimitz freeway so quick trip this morning to the oakland airport. everything is on time systemwide for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. >> thank you. a new report shows asthma rates are on the rise in the u.s. the number of americans diagnosed with asthma grew more than 4 million between 2001 and 2009. that's according to the centers for disease control. and it is getting more
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expensive to treat asthma. americans spent up to $56 billion in 2007. bay area doctors are now telling your patients, your he could pay isn't enough. a growing number of physicians is charging patients an annual fee. they say it's for things like phone consultations and dealing with insurance companies, expenses doctors say having coming out of their own pockets. >> all the things that we have asked the patients to pay in our annual administrative fee are noncovered services and if the insurance companies were to pay for all of these services, then we wouldn't really be in this discussion at all. >> insurance companies oppose annual fees. they say the cost of administrative services is already covered in insurance premiums. for the first time in 20 years fewer americans own a television. >> that's because more people are watching television on their laptops, tablets and smart phones. surprise, surprise. 96% of american households currently have a tv. but that's down from 98% last
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year. >> we were doing inventory in one of our homes back east, six televisions. >> in your house? >> in one house. yeah. >> six televisions. >> that's too many. [ laughter ] >> pathetic, i know. royalty at the white house later today. >> they're bad ones, though. not the big screen ones. britain's prince charles will pay president barack obama a little visit. the prince is on a three-day trip to washington. it's his first time to the united states since 2007. yesterday, the prince visited the supreme court. he also toured an urban farm that caters to low-income families. and, of course, just said good- bye to his son and the big royal wedding last week. i guess they will be in town in july, at least in the united states. time now 4:55. pushing for proof. >> we have a live report on the pressure to release gruesome photos of osama bin laden's death, plus the new details on how the world's most wanted terrorist fought for his life. and hundreds of suspected
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drunk drivers could be walking scot-free because of a problem with a breathalyzer. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. some good news nearly eight months after the deadly san bruno fire and explosion, and whether customers could be paying for pg&e's gas line inspections. that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the pressure growing to release a photo of a dead bin laden. the new detail it's fair to say it's a gruesome photograph. >> the pressure growing to release a photo of a dead osama bin laden. the new details about the terrorist's fight to the end plus what's reportedly in his will. and how bad breathalyzers to jeopardize hundreds of drunk driving cases in the south bay. >> good morning. it is wednesday, may 4. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is nearly 5:00. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. if you like 80s, guess you'll like weather, maybe even 90 today. >> that's right. widespread 80s today maybe even low 90s in some places,
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beautiful weather everywhere, 80 in the city today, 84 oakland, 86 for san jose and 88 in concord and beautiful weather at the beach, as well. we'll take a closer look at that in a bit. but first elizabeth has traffic. >> word of a new accident southbound 680 approaching mckee. also we have some roadwork going on in walnut creek may cause some slowing until 6 a.m. we'll have all the details coming up. in the meantime back to you. >> thank you. it's been three days since navy seals shot and killed osama bin laden but skeptics insist on proof. joel brown reports from washington where there is a growing likelihood that the white house will soon make some of the photos public. joel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, sydnie and frank. good morning. we are getting a more complete picture now of how the raid went down but people around the world are demanding to see the corpse. >> reporter: it may not be a matter of if photos of osama bin laden's body are released but when. >> i


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