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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they made the arrests just this morning. an arrest in fremont, one in oakland and here in san francisco. >> today the san francisco police department served search arrest warrants and six search warrants in connection with the murder of the tourist. as a result, seven people have been arrested. five adults and two juveniles. >> reporter: the tourist from germany was here last august 8th would her husband and celebrating her 50th birthday and their anniversary. they were looking for a place to have dinner when the shots rang out at mason and geary. police say one group of gang members was firing at another group of gangsters outside an end of summer party. she was killed in the cross- fire. >> i spoke with stephane this morning when we made the arrests. he was extremely emotional. and very, very grateful to the men and women of this police department, to the citizens of this city. >> reporter: just after the shooting last august, police arrested five people but then let them all go because they say there wasn't enough i have
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had. some of those suspects are among those re-arrested today. police say one man is still free. they are looking for them but not releasing his name or anything about him. >> it's an absolute tragedy. but it's a great instance of everybody coming together, witnesses, multi-agency, the hard work of the cops and the da's office. use a gun, harm a citizen, go to jail. >> police are not saying why the charges didn't stick in the first place or why it took nine months to bring these charges today. they were just not elaborating on that, dan a. but one thing we know for sure is the family has been to san francisco a couple of times just as recently as last week to find out what the deal is and perhaps that put the pressure on them. >> i am wondering, they were here last week. he brought his sons, i believe he has two sons. i am wondering if they came, the father came to id any of the suspects. >> well, you know, i hadn't heard that he had ided suspects. but what we had heard was they
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met with the district attorney. and that, you know, they were feeling the heat because there were a lot of questions about as to why they hadn't yet made arrests. >> in san francisco joe vasquez, thank you. >> the police have arrested one of their own for alleged corruption. officials say the officer of officer lewis lombardi is related into the investigation into the con extra costa narcotics task force. that scandal involves former commander norm a -- norman welsh and christopher butler. boo both are accused of setting up fake dui arrests. the bail has been set at $760,000. a job change is prompting new questions about the future of a gang injunction in oakland's fruitvale officer. city attorney russo announced in jay he is stepping down to become alameda's city manager. his office is fighting a legal challenge to a proposal that would restrict the activity of
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suspected gang members in the fruitvale. the council woman says the council must decide whether the injunction follows city policy. she expects the mayor would be the tie breaking vote. the mayor told the tribune she doesn't know what would happen with the injunction but would rather see funds spent on gang prevention. police are on the hunt for three men who roughed up an elderly woman. they broke into her home monday afternoon after she is ignored their knocking. when she confronted the intruders, they attacked her and stoled her julie. officers say the three suspects took 0 of in an suv believed to be light green. a paroled bank robbery is in police custody tonight. he surrendered last night after a standoff at a pittsburgh home. the 27-year-old suspect is accused of shooting at a police officer who tried to stop him for running a stop sign. the officer was not shot but he was injured by broken glass. well, the state is out
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searching for cash. and it is dipping into your pocket without coming to you directly. phil matier shows us how california moved in to force one city to double a fee. >> i think it's outrageous. >> that was the reaction down at the line to pay traffic fines at the hall of justice to news that's starting july 1st fix it tickets in san francisco, you know those tickets you get when your brake or turn lights are out will be doubling from $57 to $114. and while san francisco has never been shy about sticking it to motorists, it has $55 and $65 parking tickets, this time it's the state that's after the money. you see, over the years, the cost to fix it tickets have quietly jumped from $10 to $25 to $57. and in 2009, to $114. san francisco, however, stayed at the same $57 price. that is until the state called up demanding more money. >> they get 50% of the revenue.
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and they wanted to be sure they get 50% of the full price of the $114. >> so they set the price of $114 so they can get $57 out of everybody? >> correct. >> isn't that the same as a tax? >> i wouldn't be able to tell you exactly that. all i can say is they required us to pay $114. >> you get to keep $57 and they get $57 and the poor guy and gal out there pays $114. >> that is correct. >> i don't think it's fair for something just so simple you can take care of really easily they can just warn you. >> reporter: the officer is a traffic cop. >> you guys hand out fix it tickets? >> oh, i usually on a good day i do anywhere from 5-10. >> the trouble is sometimes you don't even know your lights are out until the cops pull you over. >> you are right, sometimes you don't know the brake light is out. so a lot of times the police department is gracious enough to give you a warning. so you don't get stuck with that so you can fix it and don't have to pay those fees. >> reporter: now, to be honest
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with you there were two things that struck me about this story. one the price is going up in san francisco to $114. the second part was realizing that the rest of the state was already at $114 because they don't tell anybody anything. this was something passed by the legislature very quietly to get more money for courthouse and courthouse reconstruction and other fun things that are hurting for money. they don't put out a big announcement. you don't hear the governor come out and say they are doing it. you just one day get the ticket and all alone. not in a group not like your homeowner's association gets taxed. it is just here and bamo, you are paling. >> san francisco was the only one to say not yet. and the state came up and said where is our money, do it. >> if somebody is in town to fix it ticket and thought i did it but didn't it doubles and triples in no time flat. >> the real irony now it costs you more to pay the ticket off than to fix the light.
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on hope you got the money for both. >> all right. phil matier, thank you. >> let's go to -- we have some breaking news out of san francisco. this is a three alarm fire, live pictures from chopper 5 here. you can see the smoke coming from that building. there is a residential building on folsom and 7th streets. at this point, it is white smoke so apparently they are getting some water on it. but folsom and 7th street in san francisco. a residential building, hotel building. try to get some more details to bring you updates in just a few minutes. in the meantime, a burglary uncovers an unusual place to find a marijuana growing operation in the bay area. it also uncovered two very unconventional suspected growers. mike sugarman on the case that is surprising even law enforcement. >> reporter: it's a bedroom community within the already suburban san bruno. not a place you would expect to find a marijuana grow house. but police say this one with the tidy paint job and white
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picket fence was. and these are not your typical criminal marijuana growers. the police say they are. lamb is 72 and virginia chan is 65. police knew her already. she is accused of passing bad checks at the cache creek casino. it's a weird case. >> when you are dealing with two women, 72 and 65-year-old, that in my three and a half decades of prosecuting cases, this is the number one of this. >> reporter: san mateo county district attorney says criminals are generally ending their careers at this stage of life, not beginning them. in, in fact, they are proven guilty. >> we have certainly had people growing marijuana patch inside their backyard but usually leftover hippies from the 60s to live up in the hills of our county. >> reporter: not in the suburbs and not with 800 plants worth tens of thousands of dollars. police discovered the gardens after they say two men tried to burglar eyes the place.
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they, too, have been arrested. >> the last thing in the world i would have expected. >> reporter: neighbors are, to say the least, somewhat surprised. >> elderly people that lived there, you saw them coming and going. you would suspect there would be some kind of a clue or a hint going on. >> reporter: whether 65 and 72 should be considered elderly in this day and age, that's open to question. but in the neighborhood and in police circles, the suspects are being referred to as the granny growers. >> they seem to be my age or older. and shock, yes, definitely shocked. >> they are both being charged with four felonies, cultivation, possession, running a grow house and theft of electricity. they are accused of bypassing pg&e's power meters. in san bruno, mike sugarman, cbs 5. back to our breaking news. an update of this three alarm fire once we get chopper 5 in a better position here. you can see all of the smoke coming from the roof of this building.
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this is now, we are told, the park hotel at 1040 folsom. so near folsom near 7th. as you can see, the firefighters have gotten their engines and trucks around it. they have the firefighters on the roof. there you can see they are getting water on it. it appears that most of the fire and the smoke coming from the very top floor, whatever that top part of the building was, and that pretty much looks like it is destroyed. but again this is in san francisco. they called it out as a three alarm fire. and you can see -- well, now i can see there chopper five moving over. the fire has spread from the building next door as it has vented through the roof there. firefighters are also on that building. but again this started at the park hotel. now apparently it has spread to the building next door. this is all on folsom street in san francisco. and as far as we know, they have gotten everybody out of the buildings. we don't know that there have been any injuries to this yet.
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but we again are keeping chopper 5 there and trying to get more information from the san francisco fire department. we will get you more details as we get them. >> coming up, just when a lot of education experts think that we need a longer school year, a different kind of plan emerges in california. the bad news for parents and very good news for kids. i have applied but, like, they haven't gotten back to me on it. >> a situation of a lot of people finding themselves in. how the bleak job market is about to claim a whole new set of victims. >> and just how close would you want to live or work to bart? the growing debate over where to lay the next set of tracks. [ music ] francisco of a 3- alarm fire.
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[ music ] we want to continue with breaking news out of san francisco of a three alarm fire. these are live pictures from our chopper 5. this is a hotel that is at 1040 folsom street. the building you can see the fire has spread to the roof. firefighters are on top of it. but it has spread to another building. now, the smoke can be seen for several miles. as the firefighters are working to get a handle on this. apparently this started about a half an hour ago and it is now a three alarm fire at a hotel called the park hotel at 1040 folsom. we are keeping an eye on this. and we will keep you posted if things change. well, your child's summer vacation could come a little sooner than you think. if no new taxes are passed, governor brown and school leaders are considering shutting down the public schools early. now, according to reports they could cut up to 20 days from the school calendar. the drastic step could help the state close its $15 billion
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projected shortfall. the current school year of 175 days is mandated by state law. the summer job is a right of passage for many teenagers, but a lot of kids could miss out on that experience this year. more and more businesses say they just cannot afford to hire new employees. and as we report, that could spell trouble in the coming months. >> reporter: for some oakland teenagers, the summer job hunt is ending. >> not going as i expected. >> reporter: before it even began. >> i have applied but, like, they haven't gotten back to me on it. >> reporter: he hopes for a job at a video game store were quickly dashed. >> it didn't go very well because one just shut down in emeryville and they have to find people who work there jobs before they bring in new people. >> reporter: adults are still struggling to find jobs in this economy and a report shows just 1-4 teens will find a job due to a dive in federal funding.
6:16 pm
>> as you know the stimulus money ran out and was not renewed. so this year we are having to scale back considerably. >> reporter: the city of oakland's youth job program is scaling back all right from offering unemployed teens more than 1,000 positions last year to just 500 this year. >> we don't have anything to do. we just have too much spare time on our hands. it's really easy to get sidetracked. >> reporter: johnson knows firsthand. he will betrayal highly troubled teens communication skills at youth radio this summer. >> this one right here is one of our keyboards that we use for music production. >> reporter: observing city council just agreed to fund the program tuesday night along with dozens of other jobs for teens who have been jailed or are on probation. >> they need to be busy. they also need to feel valued. and i think paying young people and helping them build the skills helps them build their own sense of value. >> reporter: but those teens will likely be among the lucky few as cities all over the country brace for a long summer with thousands of teens on the
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streets with nothing to do and nowhere to go. and the city is now looking to area businesses to step up with subsidies or positions for young people. they say any businesses that are interested in helping out should contact oakland's workforce investment program. live in oakland, cbs 5. of all right. we are going back to the chopper pictures of this fire on folsom street. the address is 1040 folsom. we understand that is the address of the park hotel. but we are getting conflicting reports as to what exactly this building is. this fire, as you can see, has spread to two buildings adjacent to the other. firefighters are on the roof doing the best that they can knocking out wood planks and giving that fire some room to spread. they have water on it. we do not know what evacuation efforts have occurred but presumably people have been moved out of that building. we are keeping an eye on this.
6:18 pm
this started at 10 minutes to 6. it is a three alarm fire. two buildings on folsom street around the 1000 block. >> it looks like the original part of the fire they have pretty much under control but it has spread to that other building which does look like aresidential apartment house. we will get the details for you. roberta, did we hit 90 today? >> we certainly did. 90 degrees in vacaville. this is our weather camera looking out from the mountain passed lake cure curry. does that look refreshing. look at some of the stats. 74 at the beaches and pacifica to mid-80 around the central bay and alameda and piedmont and back into berkeley. 87 at this hour in santa rosa. still mid-80s in liver more. out and about it is a very mild to downright warm evening in progress. very dry conditions currently in concord, humidity is at 13%.
6:19 pm
the museum at oakland 38 86 in santa cruz. degrees. and the other one let me think about that one. we said oakland. the other one, oh, okay, get back to you on that one. a little brain freeze there. it was set in 1993. the temperatures tonight overnight into the 40s and into the 50s. we are under the influence of high pressure. and we will stay under that influence for one more day. and then it all begins to change and go downward very quickly. pollen reports stay the same. tree count and grass count remains awfully high. the pinpoint temperatures for your thursday 64 degrees in pacifica. going with an outside number again of 90 degrees. we could see that 90 degrees market towards pleasanton and tracy and oakland we will have big time celebrations for thursday. here you have the extended forecast.
6:20 pm
big-time cooling begins on friday with the onshore push. partly cloudy saturday. partly cloudy for mom's day. we begin the rebound this time next week. the high temperatures with santa cruz and oakland. >> give that some thought. we will go back to this fire on folsom street right now. the smoke can be seen for miles around which is what alerted our chopper five to the scene in the first place. >> right. we are told that the building on the right there is more of a warehouse building. but the park hotel is adjacent to that. and there is, indeed, what looks to be a hotel or apartment building to the left there that the second building that caught fire. and, in fact, it is still burning. they are trying to, it looks like, get water in between that building and a third one to the left to prevent it from spreading even further. but it started originally in the building all the way to the right, the very top floor that was built on much of that wood structure because they have been able to get the siding off. but most of that wood structure is as you can see gone. >> and as you can see the
6:21 pm
firefighters are now putting water on the building that is not on fire next to the one that is just to keep it from catching fire. there are people on top of that roof watching what's going on, watching the firefighters. i don't know how safe that position is right there. but the firefighters are doing their best to make sure that that does not spread to a third building. but again this is at folsom and at 1020. >> oh, my gosh people right on the corner of that building looking down and really they should get out of there. >> yes. >> that's the building firefighters are concerned making sure it doesn't spread to them. >> you can see at the lower part of the screen there are flames coming out of that -- of the building where the firefighters are. and they are trying desperately to keep it from spreading to the building where those people are standing which is not the smartest thing in the world to be doing. folsom street. the park hotel is located at 1040. we believe it's the back part
6:22 pm
of the building that's on fire. in fact, it's obscured by the smoke so you can't really see the hotel right now. but we are keeping an eye on this with chopper 5. and we will be back with more on this right after this. [ music ] that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh. oh. see that? great job. ok, now let's get ready for the ball... here it comes... here you go. good catch. perfect! alright now for the best part. let's see your pour. ohhh...let's get those in the bowl. these are way too good to waste, right? oh, yeah. let's go for it... around the bowl and... [ male announcer ] share what you love... with who you love. mmmmm. kellogg's frosted flakes®... they're g-r-r-reat!™ good catch dad. [ laughs ] it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together.
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. we are continuing to watch this fire that is burning in san francisco at folsom and russ street? >> right. >> this originally started with this building here as you see on the top floor. it looks like an addition to the warehouse or industrial building at one time. and that's what started as a two alarm fire about ten minutes to six. the fire has since spread as you see to that apartment house next door to it. and the building on the other
6:25 pm
side of that appears to be another apartment building because people are up on the roof if you can see them all the way to the left. they are watching the firefighters as they try to put water in between those two buildings to keep the fire from spreading to that third one. now, at this point we don't believe anybody has been hurt. but as the fire spreads and those people continue to stay up there they could very well be injured. but firefighters haven't moved them off of there as of yet. but again it's near the park hotel which is on folsom. and that appears to be behind the smoke line. >> right. and this is the victoria monolo graves park in the vicinity of that. this is approximately 1040 folsom street. and, you know, what's interesting is that the firefighters are working desperately on that rooftop but there doesn't appear to be smoke or flames coming down from the lower part of the building.
6:26 pm
>> not at all. >> the first or second floor. the concern, though, obviously is that third building and trying to keep this fire contained within these two structures. now, again the smoke is obscuring, you know, a lot of what is on the ground there. but the park hotel is adjacent to this building. and certainly this started about ten minutes to six. it was quickly called a three alarm fire so they got the ladder trucks and as many fire trucks as they could out there. we have joe vasquez on the ground trying to get to the scene right now with his photographer bob horn. we do have shots from the ground. >> now i am being told dana that the building with the bay windows there is the park hotel. it's a smaller hotel. but not a residential hotel. it's for tourists. but the building to the right of that, that warehouse industrial type of building is where the fire started up on that very top, what looks to be
6:27 pm
an additional structure. it wasn't part of the original building. but there is still so much smoke coming from it, we can't see if it has spread behind that building at this point, anyway we can't see. >> well, you can see some hot spots on the main building, the one with the exposed beams there in the middle of the roof. and now the roof is definitely on fire on both of those buildings. the concern, you can see that they have watered that building, the third building to the left of the hotel, the park hotel. but yet there are still people on that rooftop. >> right. there is danger of that catching fire itself. >> yes. >> i can only assume they are going to evacuate those people sooner than later. there they are, you can see them leaning over the side. >> well, they are certainly not able to offer any assistance at this point. again, we have joe vasquez and his photographer bob horn on the ground. we are hoping to hear from them very soon. this fire started at ten minutes to six. it quickly moved to three
6:28 pm
alarms. it's very smoky in the area. there is the park nearby where, when we widen out, we can see a basketball court that's the victoria monolo graves park. >> and now we're getting unconfirmed reports that a couple of people have been injured. and not surprisingly it's smoke inhalation. when you can see what, yes, excellent chopper 5 pulls out you can get an idea of how much smoke is coming off of the fire between the two buildings that we can see. there could be another building behind that that's also on fire as well. but two people, we are being told, with smoke inhalation right now. >> all right. we have joe vasquez on the ground right there at the fire. joe, can you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you now. just coming back a little choked up on the smoke here. this is folsom and 6th street. the hotel is not far behind me at this location. you can see there are people standing around on the
6:29 pm
sidewalk. they are still trying to figure out what caused the fire but it's on the second floor. this appears to be an sro type of apartment building. it is behind -- you know, it looks like the building on front is on fire, but actually the building adjacent on the west side of the building that you are looking at there. there are families in there, but mostly it is people who are single. i saw one person who seemed to be overcome with smoke being treated by the paramedics on the sidewalk right now. and it looks like they were installing that there may be someone else inside. but that said, it looks like they have got the place surrounded with fire trucks right now. i heard from a couple of residents they were having difficulty putting water on the fire, at least in the initial stages. so there is some frustration on the part of the fire departmentment you can sort of see that look in their eyes as they are trying to figure out what that was all about and why it happened. >> so there was an evacuation effort? have you heard -- >> and i could see as i walk
6:30 pm
down folsom street here that people in adjacent buildings and even buildings across the street were looking at the fire at a distance and saying, you know what, i am going to start taking stuff out of my place of business or my home. but it looks like the fire department at least has this building surrounded right now. i am still not sure what that water situation is there, though. >> well, we can see them, joe, getting water on a third building now which could us is to the left according to the chopper's logistics. people are looking over the side but now it appears that that fire is getting worse as it might spread to that third building. and people are still there hanging over the edge. >> yes. i tell you, the scene in front of it, there is a little park right across the street. and that's where they have pushed people back into that park. but the wind is blowing in that direction. and so, you know, there is a great deal of smoke coming from the building right now. and so i think they are going to end up pushing those folks a little further back. >> and, again, this is for the people who don't live in san
6:31 pm
francisco trying to orient themselves, this is the south of market area, correct? >> right. folsom at 6th street. and this is folsom right behind me going west towards the sunset. and so, you know, for the most part, you are looking at a little startup businesses that direction. and as you go into this area here westbound, these are small apartment buildings, sros, where they are putting up, you know, families in some cases. but for the most part, you are looking at, you know, individuals who are paying a small amount of rent to live in these hotels. >> joe, i realize you just got on the scene and are trying to orient yourself, but you said that the building next to the hotel, the park hotel, any idea what kind of businesses were in there? because the building you said started in that -- or you said that the fire started in that building? >> no. it looked like it was on the second floor of the hotel building. >> i'm sorry. >> i will have to double-check that because i didn't see an
6:32 pm
actual sign that said the park hotel. again, it could be one of those sros that is just named that. >> right. >> let me do some more digging on that. and for the most part, it looks like they are just trying to get this thing knocked down and haven't been able to do that yet. >> yes. no, we can see when the chopper holds still that there are flames coming out of the back side of that building of the one next to the park hotel. it seems you're right that they are having a difficult time now that it has reached the roof in putting that out. but they are trying valiantly to keep that fire from spreading to the building where the people are hanging over the edge and watching, which is dangerous at best. >> there is still so much smoke coming out of the original structure that caught fire, well, we are presuming to be because it is the most severely damaged. and then in the hotel there, in the building in the middle it looks like the fire started coming up through the light wells which would act as just a
6:33 pm
natural chimney and pull it up towards the top. and, of course, that hotel has a flat roof. that's, of course, you know -- >> we are looking at one of the ladder trucks. somebody at the tip-top of the ladder in a precarious position he's in right now with -- i don't see that he is aiming a hose at this point but maybe that's the next step once he gets to a point where he can get a good view of it to get that hose on some of those really hot spots. >> i can only imagine that they are having such extreme trouble trying to get a grasp on it because of the way the smoke is and the way the wind is blowing it. and now we can see the original structure is still, as you say, dana, still on fire. and it is definitely not under control. it went from two alarms, which was the original call at about ten to six. and then it increased to three alarms shortly after 6:00. >> well, i'm guessing one of the other problems is they really only have access from the building from the two sides that we can see. because the building next to
6:34 pm
the park hotel is so close that they can't get between it to put any water on it. >> joe vasquez is out there live going to get some more information. digging it up. we will keep chopper 5 over it. firefighters are getting water on that building. we will keep an eye on it and be back in about two and a half minutes with an update. the image has grabbed the world's attention. it shows,,,,,
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6:37 pm
[ music ] >> we want to go back to this fire on folsom street. it is a three alarm fire. it started around ten to six. it is basically at folsom and 6th streets. there are two buildings currently involved. firefighters are on the roof battling this blaze. one of the buildings is the park hotel at 1040 folsom street. it's a small hotel. we don't know what the other building is. we have joe vasquez on the ground. he told us that he learned that the fire started on the second floor of one of those buildings. and it quickly reached the rooftop. we have learned that according to firefighters that two people have suffered smoke inhalation.
6:38 pm
there current -- clearly was an evacuation. but we don't know if there are any injuries beyond the two for smoke inhalation. it's a very smoky situation. the firefighters have their ladder trucks down there. it is a three alarm blaze. we are keeping an eye on this. joe vasquez is on the grounds right now trying to gather more information. and we are going to stay on this this afternoon and go back to joe. but in the meantime, allen, i am going to turn it over to you until we can get some more information. [ music ] >> well, the image that certainly grabbed the world's attention they chose the president, vice-president, secretary of state among others watching the osama bin laden raid live from the situation room. and it is quickly becoming the most viewed photo on the internet. it has been viewed almost one and a half million times by this morning on the white house account. flicker says it's the fastest viewed photo ever posted on its website and it is on its way to
6:39 pm
becoming flicker's most viewed photo ever. in the meantime, one photo that likely won't ever end up on flicker is one of osama bin laden's body. the president said today he won't release the photos that show osama bin laden after he was and killed. he said there is no question it was, in fact, the world's most wanted terrorist. and he says there is too much to risk by showing the world images of his dead body. >> so there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden. it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence and as a propaganda tool. you know, that's not who we are. >> fighting because of this one guy. and now this one guy has finally be killed by us. we deserve to see him. >> we have also learned some more about the -- several of the items that the u.s. navy
6:40 pm
seals confiscated from osama bin laden's compound. among the material, al qaeda propaganda that included strategies to recruit more members. one more note the president is visiting ground zero tomorrow in an effort to mark the death of osama bin laden and to pay tribute to the thousands of people that died there ten years ago. he will also meet privately with the families of the 9 eye 11 victims at that site. lots of details emerging every day and almost every minute for this story. for the complete coverage of the death of osama bin laden log on to dana? >> thank you, allen. we are going back now to our chopper pictures of this breaking news story. a fire at the corner of 6th and folsom street. there are two buildings involved. the building with the bay windows is the park hotel at 1040 folsom street. the other is a type of warehouse building. we are told that the fire which is now a three alarm blaze started on the second floor and
6:41 pm
quickly reached the rooftop. firefighters are on the rooftop. they are trying desperately to put that out and also keep this fire from spreading to the building which is directly next to the park hotel. they have water on that third building. and as you can see, there are people on that rooftop watching the firefighters. we have joe vasquez on the ground. he is gathering more information. we will tell you that two people have been injured. they have suffered smoke inhalation. that's the most that we know at this point. but we are coming back with more in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 pm
. as we watch this fire, it has now gone to a four alarm fire in san francisco. this is at folsom and russ street in the south of market
6:44 pm
area. we were told that it started near the park hotel. and joe vasquez is there. we are getting word also joe that a couple of injuries, one of them maybe a firefighter with smoke inhalation. >> that's what we are hearing here on the ground. we have not confirmed it with the fire department. but we saw at least one person injured. now, look, the black smoke is billowing pretty hard right now and getting darker as we speak. that means it is still not under control. they are still working on this at 6th and folsom at the park hotel. i want to bring in a witness to all of this. adam crowly, you live in the hotel. describe what you saw this afternoon. >> i heard all of the fire trucks come. they said that to evacuate the building so i got as much of my brother's stuff together as i could. opened the door and it was solid smoke. we got out of the building. record i couldn't see it from my vantage point but where is the genesis of the fire?
6:45 pm
did it start in the back of the hotel? >> it is either in the second floor or in the back of the building. i am not sure. >> reporter: i saw people grabbing stuff and leaving. did you do the same and what was going through your mind when you first saw this? >> we got as much of his stuff as we could and we left. he has lost everything he has worked for pretty much his own life. >> your brother lives there. >> i am a resident as well because i'm his caretaker and easier to get there at night. >> is looks like someone was hurt over there. did you see the injured? >> an elderly gentleman who lived down the hall and he was carried out because, you know, he couldn't make it himself. hopefully he didn't get too bad from the smoke inhalation. but hopefully he is okay. >> what was going through your mind seeing this activity here? it looks like they still haven't gotten this anywhere near under control? >> no. i actually heard that it spread to the second building. they may be evacuating the
6:46 pm
building next to it. hopefully they will get it under control. the san francisco fire department is great. >> reporter: i mean it has taken quite sometime here. and we were hearing from one of your neighbors that they were having some difficulty with the water. did you observe anything like that? >> no. i don't know. i didn't see water when i was there. but i left fairly early. >> reporter: they were having trouble getting the water on to the fire in the initial stages. >> i am not sure. >> reporter: all right. well, thanks very much, adam. we appreciate that. guys, i wills to it back to you. it is still out of control at folsom and 6th street. the park hotel is completely gone. and it looks like, as you mentioned, it has spread at least to one building. i don't have the vantage point you do with the chopper there. >> joe, i am just wondering if anyone has given you any idea what this second building is and whether it houses individual businesses or if it's just one big business? because the flames now on that second building are much worse
6:47 pm
than they were ten minutes ago. >> yes. do you know what that second building is, the park hotel where you were staying there are families there, there are single folks. what's the other building? >> i believe it's a residence as well. i don't know. i haven't been in it so i don't know. >> reporter: some of the businesses around here, there are businesses but mostly residential hotels here? >> there is a few restaurants as well that i am sure won't be open tomorrow. >> right. okay. joe, we want to thank you. we are going to take a small break at this point and we will be coming back to you. >> okay. >> thank you. that's joe vasquez on the ground with an eyewitness. >> we will be right back. ,, never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days.
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[ music ] we are trying to get you as much information as possible on this breaking news story in san francisco. the south of market neighborhood where fire apparently started on the second floor of the park hotel. and it looks like much, much more of that building is going
6:51 pm
up because originally we could not see the flames coming through the roof of this. it started about ten minutes to six. we do have reports of at least two injured. a store owner across the street from the park hotel said she saw an elderly man who was needing some help. we are also told that possibly a firefighter has suffered smoke inhalation. we are trying to nail that down for you. >> you know, when we first started seeing pictures of this from chopper 5, the smoke was chute. white. it has changed in intensity and color over the last 40 minutes now to black-ish, brown-ish smoke. and you can see that the flames on the rooftop of both of these buildings have expanded significantly. >> well, and those flames as they hit those flat roofs, you know, that's tar. there is a lot of material that has oil-based products in it for roofing materials. and when that starts going it is going to turn that black. we also have some video on the ground as the fire crews are getting there and are trying to
6:52 pm
evacuate from at least those two buildings. the building to the left, the taller building we have seen people just gawking hanging over the side trying to get a view of what's going on down below. >> you know, there are going to be many people homeless this evening. joe vasquez was on the ground interviewing the young man who was the caretaker of his brother who lives in the park hotel. a lot of people live there. and are in need of care. so i anticipate that the red cross will be on the ground within a relatively short period of time to offer assistance to the people who live here. >> well, and as this thing grows it went from two alarms to three alarms. now this is a four alarm fire. this is a major, major fire in the city of san francisco. you can see that the firefighters are just having an awfully hard time just getting water on it. you can see that they are using, you know, the hoses from below, the ladder trucks with the nozzles just trying to get some water on this and keep it from spreading basically at this point is what looks like
6:53 pm
the effort. >> and the problem as this fire moves from the street back to the back of the building is that the access to these buildings is limited because the two buildings that are on fire, the one right next to it, is very close to it. >> and sandwiched in between there. >> we have to take a quick break but get you more information on this and we will be back. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
[ music ] >> this breaking news story we have been following. this fire has been burning for over an hour now in the south market area of san francisco. it has gone to four alarms. it started in the park hotel. this is the corner of folsom and russ street. >> correct. there are two buildings right there. the park hotel is the one with the bay windows. we are uncertain at this point what exactly is in the building next to it. the fire started on the second floor of the hotel. it quickly spread to the roof of both of those buildings. we have joe vasquez on the ground. we will go to him quickly before we leave tonight. joe, what do you have? >> hey, dana, you can see behind me there is a great deal of activity. the smoke is just getting
6:57 pm
thicker here. now we are hearing the firefighters talk on their radios to each other. they are trying to locate a firefighter. again, that's on their radios, that's not told to us by an official. but we are hearing the radio traffic trying to find a firefighter inside one of the buildings here. that's how difficult it is. that's how thick this smoke is. this is a four alarm fire now. some of the residents tell me that place has been on fire before. you have to wonder how weak the structure is. they are continuing to fight it and still out of control. >> joe vasquez he mentioned they are looking for a firefighter. we have unconfirmed reports that one firefighter suffered smoke inhalation as well as a resident. >> we are going to certainly keep joe and other crews on this. we will have updates and the very latest information on cw channel at 10:00 and here at 11:00. >> good night. d 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion.
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