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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 5, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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firefighters hours . you're watching cbs55 in high definition. >> fire tears through four buildings, it takes firefighters hours to get it under control. how a chicken dinner and a glass of bourbon could have started it all. >> the raid is over, now it's film for more detail. what was inside bin laden's clothing that showed he was ready for an immediate get away? >> can we talk to you? >> the feds say this man bought houses for cheap by strong arming buyers. tonight we walk you through a new kind of fraud driving all home prices lower. >> they had a formula they used to break up the properties. >> i'm dana king.
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>> i'm ken batista. 70 people burned out of their homes. >> it looks like it started with someone trying to make dinner. the fire burned for hours in san francisco's south of market area. joe vasquez is there. >> reporter: firefighters are still on the scene tonight monitoring hot spots. they say three people were injured in the fire and 78 were left homeless. it was a stubborn one, flames got more more intense as the hours went by. it injured several people over the hours of einsteins firefighting. one resident went to the hospital for smoke inhalation, a firefighter had a shoulder injury . none of the injuries were life threatening. this woman lived on the floor just above the source of the
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fire. they said someone was barbecuing chicken inside. >> it just happened to quick. she threw bourbon on the chicken. >> your baby was there? >> yes. i just left and they said get out quick. >> reporter: firefighters got there quickly and the numbers grew to more than 100 but some of the residents are worried about how long it took to get water on the fire. >> it seemed to be it was almost that the building was purposefully let go to burn. >> you are applying heavy amounts of water, high volume under heavy pressure. we did have to -- there is a joan street tank which was kicked into help the water supply. >> reporter: i checked back and they say they didn't have any trouble accessing water. it's just that three building was on fire almost at once, the
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4th caught fire later and they were just attacking from so many sides so it took a while. as for the cause of the fire dana, the fire inspectors are looking at the possibility of what you heard that one neighbor say that somebody was grilling inside and put bourbon on the flames but they say they haven't determined any cause of the fire. they are looking at all possibilities. >> so much loss tonight. all right. thank you. >> the commander in chief today said no, the white house won't release the pictures of bin laden taken after he was killed. the president explained his reasons in an interview with 60 minutes. >> absolutely certain this -- we have done dna sampling and testing and so there is no doubt that we killed bin laden. it is important for us to make
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sure that the very graphic photographs of someone shot in the head are not floating around as an a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. >> reporter: some members of congress are objecting to the president's decision saying that after years of fighting because of bin laden we deserve to see his body. there will be no photographs of bin laden as i said but we are seeing pictures of some of other people. >> they are graphic pictures. david martin has them and new details about what the seals saw when they entered that compound. >> reporter: include the courier who led them to the white house without knowing and one of bin laden's sons. the seals are now back in the united states. their commander is braving is
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briefing committees. >> the seals were taking fire throughout the course of the building, there were barricades to stop them, it's dark and confusing. >> reporter: when they tried to burst through a door they found a brick wall. on the first floor they found two couriers and a woman. there were more obstacles up the stairs. children ran out of room, bin laden's wife rushed the lead seal and was shot in the leg. that left the man who said he wouldn't be taken alive standing alone. the lead seal shot him in the chest and a second finished him off with a shot to the head. bin laden was unarmed but the seals later found a gun and ak- 47 in the room. >> he made in indication that he was going to give up. lots of movement in the room,
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dark, confusing, taking fire, it was the right thing to do by that special forces officer. >> reporter: the second bullet struck him above his left eye. it blew the eye out of his socket and exposed his brain. >> well your child's summer vacation could come sooner than you think if voters donta prove new taxes the governor are considering cutting 20 days from the school calendar. teachers don't think that's a good idea. >> that is absolutely beyond the pale, absolutely not acceptable. you can't take time away from students when they are trying to learn. >> reporter: the shorter school year would save the state a billion dollars. the state -- county, cities are all looking for a way to
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save a buck. >> we have learned the city of san jose said that it can't afford to subsidize anymore funds. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that the smile on jasmine's face. >> i'm -- >> reporter: is related to the san jose city budget but it is. the city spends about $125,000 a year to operate this carosuel. >> it's saturday . . >> reporter: but on page 250 there it is, it is targeted for close for closing, just one of the small details easy to overlook in the face of layoffs. >> dollar for a ride but it helps the city having it
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running and i will be sad if it's closed. >> reporter: it opened in 1998 and was built at a cost $2 million but it all comes down to the ongoing cost of operations. >> it's a tough thing to do. >> reporter: as the mayor preside over yet another bad news community budget meeting he said the city has little choice. >> faced with the alternative of having to close libraries and community centers and eliminate the jobs of hundreds of people keeping open isn't as important as trying to maintain other services. >> reporter: the case of the carosuel. in san jose, mark sayer. >> other headlines, seven people are in custody in connection with the shooting death of a tourist last summer. the 50-year-old was hit in the head by a stray bullet while
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walking through the theater district. the bullet came from a shoot out between two groups of people outside of a private party. police are looking for another suspect. police said they arrested one of their one on corruption charges. he is charged with possessing stolen property, also being an accessory to crime, some of which are related to the narcotic task force. that scandal involves two men, both accused of criminal acts including stealing drug evidence and setting up fake dui arrests. >> oakland city attorney has quit his job. he is leaving to become the alameda city manager. no secret, many in the power circles didn't like him, a lot of it came from his push for
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gang injunctions. his leaving a possible game changer for people who want to be able to go anywhere they want. >> reporter: it's a fair ball in a fair call. that's what able hopes for in life, a chance to be able to play whether he is on the field or off but the city could black list him from a neighborhood. are you a gang member? >> no. >> reporter: have you ever been? >> no. >> reporter: able said he doesn't know why oakland city attorney put him on the gang injunction list but know he is hopeful that it won't go through because russo is leave upping. >> he is leaving and hopefully the gang injunction will leave with him. >> it's not just my case. it's an oakland police department policy and so as long as it stays that way it doesn't matter who the city attorney is. that policy will continue. >> reporter: he won't leave office until june 10th but said he expects more gang injunctions in the future because they are effective and
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make neighborhoods safer by reducing gang activity there. is already one in place in oakland and this new one would limit activity in the fruitvale. the 40 people on the list have been fighting it in court. they say they are wrongly accused but for able he said he is caught in the crossfire and doesn't know why because the only conviction he has is for selling marijuana. >> i got a lot of family that stay down there in the fruitvale district and if they do -- the police is going to harass me. >> reporter: he usually plays in the out field but will have to go from the baseball diamond to the oakland courtroom on friday. that's where a judge will decide if he and 39 others will be a part of the new injunction. in pleasanton. >> when is the next time have you to register your car? millions of california drivers are now caught up in a state budget mess. the governor's decision today
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that makes dealing the dmv even more confusing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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caught in a tug of war. the . millions of california car owners are caught in a tug of war. the governor and republicans are fighting over whether to continue the more expensive vehicle registration fee after
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july 1st. the governor wants to and republicans don't. the governor signed a bill that suspends the law requiring dmv to tell drivers 60 days in advance before the registration must be renewed. this buys him more time to get republicans to agree to extend the current rate. it doesn't mean you don't have to pay. you just won't get told and essentially you now have a 30 day grace period. now to an investigation of a new crime sweeping northern california. people losing their homes to cheating investors on the courthouse steps. it starts with a house going into foreclosure >> reporter: he didn't want to our questions. i'm with channel 5 news. >> reporter: and neither did he. why are they hiding from our
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cameras? they are part of a ring of at least six men who pled guilty to a new kind of fraud, bid rigging. it all started here on the courthouse steps in stockton. thousands of foreclosures up forbid. it's a fast paced world where cash is king and the highest bidder nabs the best deal. with that much money swirling they say some people cheat. >> they are experienced bidders . >> reporter: one tipped off the united states attorney to a conspiracy so complex the feds now admit it may be one of the contributing factors into why the county leads the nation in home foreclosures. >> they get together and agree that nobody would bid. >> reporter: instead of competing against each other
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the group would select just one person to bid letting them buy properties for just a penny over asking and the oned who didn't play along were muscled out the other bidders weren't welcome into a second private auction where the same house was sold at a higher price. the difference was profit they would split. >> they had a formula. >> reporter: why would that be bad? they say bid rigging not only drives down the price of real estate but also steals equity from the homeowners trying to weather the financial storm. this auction expert calls the feds heavy handed. >> i think a lot of folks, foreclosure investors as sharks, picking off a dead carcass and that's unfortunate because at the end of the day they are cleaning those dead
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carcasses off the streets. >> just opened the bidding on this. >> reporter: shaun used to buy foreclosures on the courthouse steps. he now runs a website to track daily auctions and said invest officers are struggling to make a dollar. >> there may be other debt, property taxes,. >> reporter: he admits that could give some the incentive to cheat. >> when you have a group of people that is standing together every day -- i think human nature to say well, we just had lunch together, i won't bid you up. >> reporter: he believes most know better than to cross the line. >> it's rare at this point. >> reporter: the united states attorney disagrees. >> the auction process isn't highley regulated so fraud creeps in. >> reporter: a temptation two men couldn't resist.
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both have admitted to making hundreds of thousands from the scheme. >> i suspect it's not going to be the last we will hear of these types of things. >> reporter: in stockton, cbs5. >> united states attorney believes that they have only scratched the surface of the crime. prosecutors say there are other bid rigging rings operating in the state so they have to continue their stepped up prosecutions. a woman is cashing in on her youtube stardom. she has been making music and videos for four years. youtube selected her as one of 25 people from across the country to take part in its new next um program. she will be flown to new york to be mentored to improve her shooting and editing skills. >> i have all these really crazy ideas by i never had the bumming for them. now it'll just be my -- my
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talent will be crazy, new lenses, new equipment. >> and she will get $35,000 also. >> good luck to her. all right. roberta what do you have? >> we have a bug too --. >> thank you very much. >> we had record high temperatures across the bay area including right there. would you believe today at first pitch, it was 76 degrees? i won't tell you the outcome of the game. i will leave that dennis. 85 degrees though, the new record, at sfo the record of 83 was back in 1953, broke that today and now at this hour still in the 60s and even few mid-70s around the penninsula. bottoming out tonight in to the 40s and 50s, the winds are not really there. tomorrow morning we will kick start with highs and the 50s
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and even a few low 60's and then one more day under the influence of this huge ridge of high pressure but the immediate sea shore and the bay will be the receiver of a west end up to 15. that will knock back some of the numbers. also knock the pollen around. tree and grass count remains on the high side. here are the thursday highs as we rebuild them in to the 60's in pacifica, 73 san francisco, down from today's high of 82 degrees. 80s coming in the inland but around 90 in hollister, computer models still out on sunday for mother's day. could see a slight chance of rain before we recover by this time next week. there you go. that's the forecast. stay with us. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,
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peter in san franc . you often see them on the side of the highway but does anybody use them anymore? peter, san francisco wants to know, are those freeway call
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boxes obsolete? >> how many times have you deven down and go to pick up the cell phone and it's dead? how are you going to get help? you can go back to old reliable. it's 1980s technology for sure but these little yellow boxes are still helping thousands every year. >> we use toad get 98,000 calls ten areas ago and now we get 20,000 so they are still being used. >> reporter: stephanie powell said even in this age of cell phones and freeway service patrols there are still about 2800 in use in the bay area. >> i left it at home or you know i don't get signal here because the call boxes have a stronger signal so they use it because it's just a last resort. >> reporter: the boxes connect you to a real person who can
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tell the police, your auto club and the system is expanding. >> you can basically access the same call box service from your cell phone by calling 511 and saying freeway aid and it's the same operators. . >> reporter: the system costs pack about two million dollars a year, part of your dmv fees. go to, ♪ only you ♪ ♪ only you ♪ ♪ only you ♪ ♪ is all i see of you
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it's pretty revolutionary. patented, actually. it takes a snapshot of your good driving habits, so you can save money. like a snapshot? that's what i'm talking about. in a sports car. show it to me. yes! i want to believe it! ooh! fierce! argh! love it. i think we have it. the snapshot discount. new, huge, and only from progressive.
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guess what happened tonight... . one year ago today the sharks beat the red wings in overtime to take a 3-0 series lead. guess what happened tonight? >> thornton pushing in a round, here -- he scores! a hat trick and the sharks win and lead the series 3-0. >> they beat the wick wings in overtime and will go for the sweep friday night in detroit. senate sharks in a 5-0 in overtime in games. joe thornton may not have scored but he had three assists and dan's third period goal was his first of the playoffs. baseball, tim gets 12 strike outs in seven innings. they go for the sweep tomorrow
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morning. a's and indians, cahill improved to 5-0. he homers not once but twice, off josh tomlin as the a's beat the tribe 3-1. i have the wednesday night top five. >> sick and tired of losing. >> i love to hear bruce after tonight's game. his caps swept, swept by the lightning. number four, rose showed why he is the mvp. 25 points, 10 assists, the bulls beat the hawks. they are even at one each. number three, the bruins continue to take it to the flyers. just ask christopher, boston leads the sires 3-0. number two, he shouldn't be able to do this but dirk isn't an average 7-footer. the mavs beat the lakers and
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