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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. so there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden. >> but none of us will get to see the photos. today president obama heads to ground zero. what he won't do during his visit. >> and a massive fire forcing dozens of people out of their homes. how one woman may have started it with chicken and bourbon and a little rescue this morning, as well. good morning. it's cinco de mayo. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much so. your time is 6:00. and lawrence has already gotten the party started for this cinco de mayo. enjoying it in san jose. lawrence, good morning. >> good morning. it is going to be a great party here today. they cancelled the parade in san jose for cinco de mayo but
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they are going to have a parade here at emma prusch park in san jose and it's going to be a great day, too. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way and the temperatures going to heat up nicely toward the afternoon. again, it's going to get hot in spots well inland. you have 80s near 90 in many of the inland spots. a lot of 70s around the bay maybe a little cooler at the coast. but still sunny and nice. plan on 60s out at the beaches. i think as we head in toward the next couple of days, major cooling in effect, much cooler throughout the weekend. let's check traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have gone ahead and launched chopper 5 just in time for 6:00. and they are live over the dublin interchange. you can see that everything is free-flowing this morning. a little slow in some of the westbound 580 lanes as you approach dublin. but overall, our drive is actually looking better than typical. i just checked and the drive coming out of the altamont pass is still only about 15 minutes or so from 205 towards 680 and the dublin interchange. so we'll take a look at more traffic conditions across the bay area including the bay
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bridge toll plaza. in the meantime back to you. >> elizabeth, thank very much. 6:01. in 45 minutes president obama will be flying to new york to honor the victims of terror has tax arc straight by osama bin laden -- orchestrated by osama bin laden. a wreath-laying ceremony will be held at ground zero former site of the world trade center at 10:25 a.m. pacific time. the prostitute will visit with relatives of victims of the 9/11 attacks. his trip is set to include a visit to the engine 54 firehouse which lost 15 firefighters on that day in 2001. the president not expected to make any public comments. the visit coming a day after he announced that photos of bin laden's corpse will not be released to the public. he told "60 minutes" steve kroft making those public would not provide further proof that bin laden is dead. >> we have done dna sampling and testing and so there is no doubt that we killed osama bin
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laden. >> the president said that there was also concern that the graphic nature of those photos could incite violence against the u.s. want to let you know you can see the entire interview with president obama this weekend only on cbs 5. the network says this is the president's first and only interview since the killing of bin laden. it will air sunday on "60 minutes" starting at 7:00. dozens of people are waking up homeless this morning after a major fire at a residential hotel in san francisco. it took firefighters hours to douse the flames last night. and anne makovec is in the south of market area now with word of a very little rescue this morning. she joins us now live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a very surprising rescue of a chihauhau on the third floor of the building where the fire originated last night. we are going to show you his picture in a minute. but this is the building where it started folsom and sixth right by russ street here in san francisco's soma district.
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this building is destroyed. it is the park hotel. and the fire spread to two other buildings and damaged a fourth, as well. it started at around 5:30 last night. let's look and the those flames. it burned for about two hours. as for the cause, firefighters have not officially said yet, but some residents say it may have been started by someone barbecuing chicken on an indoor barbecue pit and then throwing bourbon on it of all things. a person who lived at the hotel did have to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation as did a firefighter and another firefighter has a shoulder injury. they are all expected to be okay. and check out the other guy who was apparently okay today. this little chihauhau we found him getting some shelter in the vehicle of the fire chief. he was found this morning, which was a real shocker to all the firefighters on scene this morning. here's how that went down. >> he said there's a dog in
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here. i said no way. he pulled it out that was on the fire floor, had singes to its back but was happy and healthy. >> amazing. >> reporter: it took 100 firefighters total to put it out. the reason firefighters are still on scene this morning, they are making sure there are no other hot spots here in this building. and also, continuing the investigation into the cause. they are going to be here until around 8:00 this morning. the red cross helping the 78 people out of their homes. frank, sydnie? >> all right, anne makovec live in san francisco, thank you. in less than an hour hundreds of nurses will walk off the job at children's hospital oakland. this marks the start of a five- day walkout by california's nurses association. 800 nurses expected to hit the picture line. they are protesting changes in their own healthcare coverage. they had a three-day strike over the same issue this last october. the hospital says they have hired some replacement nurses though to work during that
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walkout. 6:05. traffic and weather now. let's go back to lawrence who is already getting his cinco de mayo celebration started. lawrence, good morning to you. >> good morning. we have been going since just before 4:30 in the morning today but yeah, it's going to be as a great party in san jose. even though they are not going to have the parade, they are going to have a parade in emma prusch park in san jose so check it out. it's going to be a great celebration day to do it, lots of sunshine coming our way. hey, it is looking good already this morning. you have nice clear skies outside and it looks like it is going to stay that way all day long. and the heat is going to get cranked up outside again as those offshore winds continue to blow. so yup, we have some cooler numbers mainly in the 50s and 40s now but toward the afternoon temperatures heat up in a hurry. 70s inside the bay, 60s coastside. 80s and possibly some low 90s inland. beautiful day to get out and enjoy cinco de mayo if you can. we hope the roads are nice and safe even with all the celebrating.
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to check on that, we'll check with elizabeth. >> that's right. so far people are behave themselves on the roads. we don't have any major problems right now. here's live look once again near the dublin interchange at the westbound 580 intersection. so far free-flowing in all lanes. again 15 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange to 680. to the maps we got word of an accident out of lanes. if you are heading towards the macarthur maze, westbound 580 approaching westbound 24, we just took a call from murray with the kcbs phone force. this is an injury crash it looks like. so police are on scene but again no activity on the shoulder and at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights remain off but it is starting to stack up in the far left cash lanes. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. time now 6:07. a setback for that giants fan beaten outside dodger stadium. the surgery doctors have scheduled as early as today. and if you are going to party for cinco de mayo tonight, don't drink and drive. not worth it. i'm kiet do with a live report
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on why coming up. and a central valley woman now a hit on youtube. how she is cashing in on her stardom.
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the south bay.. officers are setting up welcome back. it's cinco de mayo and keeping celebration safe the top priority in the south bay. >> that's right. officers will be setting up checkpoints in and around san jose. let's go to kiet do, who has more on today's crackdown. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the message is very loud and clear. do not drink and drive, especially in santa clara county tonight. that's because there will be increased dui patrols out here all over the south bay, specifically looking for people who are out driving drunk. typically that means dozens of extra police officers and sheriff's deputies who will be out on the streets whose sole job it is to hunt for those drinking and driving paid for with state and federal funding. they will be in several different areas. if you are going to drink, they say to make sure you have a designated driver. if you don't have a driver, triple-a is offering a tipsy
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tow a free tow back home for up to 10 miles from wherever it is that you're calling from starting at 6:00 tonight through 6 a.m. tomorrow. call 800-aaa-help. you cannot make reservations. as you know in recent years it's gotten rowdy in downtown san jose so police officers will have a lot of the roads blocked off here and restricting parking as well to make sure that they keep an handle on troublemakers in downtown san jose. back to you. >> thank you, kiet do in san jose. we want to keep it a safe and quiet cinco de mayo. >> nice triple-a to help out the good of the cause there. up next, a shorter school year for kids. how many days could be cut if voters reject a new tax proposal. >> a setback in the progress of injured giants fan bryan stow. the surgery doctors will perform in the next 48 hours. ♪
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sculpted by an unyielding passion for design. ♪ and tempered by 125 years of legendary performance. introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz. where the world's greatest automobiles take shape. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. new york city... where he'll honor the vi here's a check of some of today's top stories. president obama is about to fly to new york city where he will honor the victims of 9/11 terror attacks orchestrated by osama bin laden. a wreath-laying ceremony will be held at ground zero. the former site of the world trade center. and a state of emergency under way in tennessee,
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mississippi and kentucky all due to major flooding there. heavy rains have caused flooding along the mississippi river submerging trees and roads near the pyramid arena as you can see here in memphis. engineer may blast holes and levees along the mississippi to save other communities from flooding there. the giants fan beaten into a comber outside dodger stadium set to undergo more surgery today or tomorrow. fluid is now building in bryan stow's brain so doctors will insert a shunt to help drain it. and a neurologist says stow is not responding to stimulation as much as he should be. >> all right. yeah, folks, we have a great day coming your way. we are celebrating cinco de mayo. we are here at the emma prusch park in san jose. this is where they are going to have the new official cinco de mayo parade. i'm joined by john and his lovely daughter myra.
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you're excited about putting this together. >> of course. it's something that we were brought up with every year since 1946. we have never missed a cinco de mayo parade. we are not going to do it today. >> it is a tradition, you don't want to lose everything that goes along with that is that right? >> traditions have values, you know? and there's big values on the cinco de mayo. it's about pride, about courage, about unity. an army that was half the size of the french army and because it worked together and they fought together they won. you know? outnumbered 2:1. >> and it is going to be a party here today. we are expecting a lot of people, is that right, myra? >> yes. we are going to be having mariachi, aztec academy, preschool. we have also alum rock school district and we are going to have councilmember javier campos as our grand marshal and we are so grateful to him. he has supported us from the
6:18 am
very beginning. we're just honored to have him supporting us and this event and bringing everyone out to enjoy in. >> it all starts at 11:00 today. the weather will be great. this is perfect. we have lots of sunshine coming our way and some very nice weather all around the bay area courtesy of those offshore winds. a little cool to start with early on in the morning but by the afternoon, temperatures soaring into the 80s even some low 90s possible inland. but it looks like inside the bay you will see 70s there and well some 60s at the coast. so you get the idea. it is going to be another day of above-normal temperatures around the bay area. going to keep things cooking in the interior valleys but this is project the last day of these unusually warm temperatures. numbers will cool down toward the next couple of days. over the weekend things will be coomber as we expect the sea breeze to kick in and that means we'll see fog and low
6:19 am
clouds developing around the bay area. tmz willtemperatures will be coming down. i can't wait to break open this pinata. >> i have those every year at my birthday party celebrations. it was a long time ago, lawrence. kids have the big old bat and it would freak me out. anything coming near my head seems dangerous. let's go live towards the caldecott tunnel. everything is free-flowing this morning on westbound 4. no delay all the way through lafayette. and looking good so far out towards oakland. so thank you for that live chopper shot. i think people may be sleeping in today and enjoy the celebration later on tonight because it is almost at this point i'd say unusually quiet. our drive times are better than typical. live look at the south bay, approaching the 101 interchange in san jose. out of downtown san jose so far, so good in those
6:20 am
northbound lanes of 280. that doesn't usually actually start to flow until closer to 7:30, 8:00. so far we are good to go up towards cupertino. antioch just starting to see brake lights. this is no surprise from a street towards somersville but check out the westbound 580 ride slow with changing colors on the sensors but our drive time is still only 17 minutes now from the altamont pass to 680 and the dublin interchange. minneapolis off to a great start. bart with a few hiccups along the road. so far no delays systemwide on time so it's ace train numbers 1 and 3 muni and caltrain also look good. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. >> 6:20. 7 people in custody in connection with the shooting death of a german tourist. mechthild schroer was hit in the head by a stray bullet in the theater district last august. it came from a shootout between two groups of people outside a
6:21 am
private party across the street. police are now looking for an eighth suspect. your child as you summer vacation could come sooner than you think if voters don't approve new taxes, governor brown and education leaders are considering cutting 20 days from the school calendar. as you might imagine, teachers don't think that's a good idea. that is absolutely beyond the pale, absolutely unacceptable. you cannot take time away from students when they are trying to learn. >> but the shorter school year would safe the state a billion dollars. right now california mandates 175 teaching days every year. >> it's here. the west nile virus. why it's coming early this year and the cases that have already been reported. >> plus a northern california woman becomes a youtube star. how she is turning her web popularity into some major cash. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we had during the winter, and the record hea west nile virus is off to an early start this year because of all the rain in the winter and, of course, all the record heat this past week. state health official have already confirmed the virus in birds in sunnyvale and sacramento county just this week alone. so be prepared. and the first target store in san francisco will break ground this morning. it's moving into the metreon location at fourth and mission
6:25 am
streets in soma. and it's all good news. the new store will open sometime next year. san francisco expects the new target location to create 1300 jobs plus $15 million in economic benefits. a northern california woman is cashing in on her youtube stardom. megan of modesto is better known as strawberry 17. that 23-year-old started making music and other videos three years ago when her parents got her a camera. youtube has selected her as one of 25 people from across the country to take part in its new next up program. she is going to be flown to new york where she will be mentored to improve her shooting and editing skills. >> i had crazy ideas but never had the budget for them so now it's just going -- my talent is going to be crazy. i'm getting new lenses and new equipment. >> think she is's already pretty good. megan to help her also getting $35,000.
6:26 am
>> justin bieber started that way. his dad threw something up on youtube and it worked out okay for him, i guess. 6:25. coming up, president obama just minutes away from taking off for new york city. >> we are going to have live report of from ground zero. we'll tell you also what won't be part of today's visit. and the reason that he is not releasing a photo of a dead bin laden. and dozens of people are homeless after a fire damages four buildings in downtown san francisco. but there is one happy piece of news to report. i'll tell you about it coming up next. and cinco de mayo is a big day down here in san jose. but the cops have a message: don't drink and drive. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. it is thursday, may 5. it is cinco de mayo. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's nearly 6:30. let's go down to san jose where lawrence karnow has a jump- start on cinco de mayo. >> getting the party started. >> have you been fed yet? >> we have this party going here already for cinco de mayo at emma prusch park in san jose. and it's looking good, folks. we have a lot of sunshine out already and it looks like it is going to stick around all day. some temperatures going to be
6:30 am
heating up very nicely outside. a lot of 70s inside the bay. you will see some 80s and low 90s inland and 60s back at the coastline but there is a major cooldown on the way. we'll talk more about that in a minute. let's check the cinco de mayo traffic with elizabeth. >> let's do that. all right, thank you, lawrence. we are going back out to chopper 5 over interstate 80 through san pablo where you can see everything is free-flowing in all directions backup we just took a call from rory with the kcbs phone force who tells us about some late running roadwork in hercules eastbound 80 and it is causing delays. we'll have more coming up. >> back to you. >> thank you. moments from now president obama will fly to new york city from washington to honor the victims of 9/11. randall pinkston joins us live from new york where a ceremony will be held this morning at ground zero. randall, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie and frank. president obama's visit here to ground zero will be his first as president. he was here as a candidate but
6:31 am
today he returns as commander- in-chief just six days after ordering a navy seals team to take out the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. reporter: president obama will visit ground zero today for the first time since navy seals killed osama bin laden. he will lay a wreath at the site and meet privately with 9/11 families, including jim riches, whose son jimmy died in the attacks. >> president obama promised us when he visited last time that he would hunt bin laden and these other men down and he's a man of his word. >> reporter: the president's trip comes a day after he told cbs news "60 minutes" photos of osama bin laden body would not be made public. >> we have done dna sampling and testing and so there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: he said releasing the pictures could put the u.s. at risk. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to
6:32 am
additional violence. >> reporter: president obama is not expected to make any public comments here at ground zero. the white house says he is focusing on honoring the victims, not exploiting the death of a killer. >> going to have people who criticize it, going to have people who accept it. >> reporter: the mother of a firefighter who died on 9/11 says she wouldn't want to see the photos. but on capitol hill, opinion is divided. >> it is in our national security interests to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. >> if someone doubts right now with all of the verification that we have, they are always going to doubt. >> reporter: the obama administration is already moving forward focusing on the wealth of evidence from bin laden's compound. the prt will be meeting with about 50 9/11 families also firefighters, rescue workers and other first responders. joining him will be democrats and republicans elected officials from new york and new
6:33 am
jersey. president obama also invited former president george w. bush but he declined saying he wants to avoid the spotlight. reporting live from ground zero. i'm randall pinkston, back to you. >> i want to go back to the issue of those pictures. has anyone other than the president's national security team seen the pictures of bin laden's corpse? i mean, i'm hearing from people on the street there are pictures on the internet. >> reporter: of course, those pictures on the internet are all fake. the authentic pictures have been viewed by some members of congress presumably congressional leaders. other members of congress are also asking to see them. and some news organizations are putting in freedom of information requests for the pictures as well as for video from the navy seal unit that took out osama bin laden. we'll see how that foi request goes. >> who are some of the other elected officials? i imagine the mayor of new york will be there? who are some of those folks who will be with the president today. >> reporter: of course the current mayor michael bloomberg
6:34 am
will be here with former mayor rudy giuliani, governor cuomo of new york and governor christie, the senators of new york and possibly new jersey will be here. and republican congressman peter king from long island will be joining the president here at ground zero. >> all right. randall pinkston live in new york at ground zero, thank you so much. we appreciate it. you can see the entire interview with president obama right here on cbs 5. the network says the president's first and only interview since killing osama bin laden it all airs on sunday on "60 minutes" starting at 7:00. dozens of people are homely after a fire in san francisco. it took firefighters hours to control it. let's go to anne makovec. she reports that one four- legged victim was rescued from the burned building just this morning. anne, good morning to you. >> reporter: a very surprising and happy rescue this morning. one of the very few pieces of
6:35 am
good news to come from this fire that happened yesterday at around 5:30 here on folsom and sixth street in san francisco's soma district. you can see this building here the park hotel extensive damage. the fire went to the attic and through the roof of this building. then it spread to two others and damaged a fourth, as well. here's a look at the flames after the fire broke out here at the park hotel. it burned for about two hours spreading again three more buildings. another one also a residential hotel. a person who lived at the hotel went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. and a firefighter did as well. another firefighter has a shoulder injury. they are all expected to be okay. let's take a look at the four- legged rescue from this morning. he is expected to be okay, too. this little chihauhau is wearing a collar so they believe that he has an owner and they are still trying to track that owner down but this guy was found on the third floor of the building where
6:36 am
this fire broke out. firefighters were shocked to find him standing amongst debris. he had a little burn mark on his back but he is going to be okay, as well. >> you want to have a happy ending and at least somebody has the dog back. >> the searchers said there is significant damage to the floor joists burned on the second and third floor. we are using caution going in. there is extensive damage in the building. >> reporter: the cause of the fire, the investigation continues. it may have been started by someone barbecuing chicken on an indoor barbecue pit and throwing bourbon on it, of all things. took about 100 firefighters to put this out last evening. of the 78 people who are out of their homes, the red cross is sheltering them right now just around the corner. they set up a makeshift shelter and they are trying to find temporary housing for all these people this morning. frank and sydnie? >> one of them will be very, very happy to get their little dog back. that's going to be a great
6:37 am
reunion. >> reporter: very cute. >> looking for his owner. anne, thanks very much. anne makovec in san francisco. 6:36 your time. our weather hombre one lawrence karnow just couldn't stay in the studio today. >> no, not today of. it's going to be beautiful out there and there is a big celebration going on, as well. lawrence? >> in an effort. the official cinco de mayo parade has -- >> that's right. the official cinco de mayo parade in san jose has been cancelled but they are having one in emma prusch park in san jose. they are setting up. more and more people will show up. at 11:00, the festivities all begin here and the weather is going to be fantastic. yeah, a little cool to start out this morning but not bad. mostly clear skies. plenty of sunshine. looks like things are going to be heating up very nicely outside as high pressure still is holding on with those offshore winds so yeah, we are looking good. temperatures going to be heating up toward the afternoon hours again. on the warm side. hot in spots inland. 90 degrees.
6:38 am
70s inside the bay and 60s at the coast. much cooler weather is on the way. we'll talk more about that in a minute and more about the cinco de mayo festivities coming up in just a minute. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are getting a better view now from chopper 5 this problem in hercules. late running roadwork extended until 7:00 this morning. so yeah, check this out and check out the growing backup unfortunately, as well. so only one slain getting by now. -- only one lane is getting by. eastbound 80 from 4 to crockett at least. unfortunately, we have been getting a lot of of calls from the kcbs phone force on this one, check out the backup. it extends to about pinole valley road. westbound 80 is so far moving along okay all the way down into richmond but we'll continue to monitor again this growing problem extended roadwork on eastbound 80 until about 7:00 this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you.
6:39 am
more officers will be watching out for drunk drivers today. they are setting up a number of checkpoints for cinco de mayo celebration. and kiet do is in san jose with the crackdown and a message for those would-be drunk drivers. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. always a good time to be had on cinco de mayo here in san jose. but consider yourself warned. do not drink and drive especially in santa clara county tonight. that's because there will be increased dui patrols all over the south bay and what this means is that there will be dozens of extra police officers and deputies out on the street whose only job it is is to hunt for those who are drinking and driving. it's paid for by state and federal funding. they will be in milpitas, cupertino, palo alto and other locations. the dui task force has tips for anybody throwing a party tonight. arrange a ride four guests a designated driver. limit drinks over the time you're having the party. provide food.
6:40 am
report drunk drivers, call 911. if he don't have a designated driver triple-a is offer a free tow for ten miles. it starts at 6:00 tonight and goes until 6 a.m. you can call 800-aaa-help and no, you cannot make reservations. so in the past couple of years down here in san jose, the downtown area, it's gotten rowdy with fights and what not. so san jose police will be restricting parking and also traffic flow to try and stay ahead of the trouble. back to you. >> keep it safe, kee it sober. >> thank you, kiet do. >> there's going to be a smaller celebration but special in the emma prusch park. mel gibson is back on the big screen for the first time. liam mayclem will join with us a first look at beaver. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
americans joining the unemployment lines last week.. and rumors we are in san jose at emma prusch park and we are expecting a big celebration here today as you may have heard, but the party here, the festivities, the parade, has been cancelled officially in san jose but now the official parade has come to the park here.
6:44 am
and we are joined here by john zimora. john, you have helped to keep the tradition aive l.a. you have to be excited that you could bring it here to the park keeping the tradition alive. >> i'm very excited. part of the cinco de mayo tradition is if people can work together, put their differences aside, wonderful things can happen. we were five people and see said, hey, we'll put on this cinco de mayo. there is no cancellation. we'll go on with our tradition and that's for our children. they have to have tradition. >> that's right. cinco de mayo continues no matter what and you guys are going to have a lot of different things for people to see out here today. >> we have mariachis, we have aztec dancers, children's choir. we have drum corps, independence high school is going to have their whole band here marching for us. there's going to be a lot of fun. especially for our children. >> plenty of food and stuff, too, of course. >> well, we're going to have box lunches for everyone. the weather is going to be fantastic today. we are going to see plenty of
6:45 am
sunshine and some very warm temperatures again. high pressure in the offshore winds keeping temperatures running warm outside. cool in the bay area this morning, 40s and 50s for the most part but by the afternoon, here comes the heat. and it is going to be heating up in a hurry. 80s and 90s in the valleys, 70s at the bay, coastline cooler with the sea breeze kicking in earlier today and bringing the temperatures there into the 60s. enjoy the sunshine today. major changes coming up over the next couple days. that ridge begins to weakened. you see a sea breeze kicking in and that's going to bring with it some fog as early as tomorrow. much cooler temperatures expected around the bay area as well and throughout the weekend much cooler weather even partly cloudy skies as we get in toward mother's day. and after that, though, it looks like high pressure should build in and start to warm things back up. but yeah, folks, if you are
6:46 am
looking to enjoy the cinco de mayo parade and the festivities, come down to san jose emma prusch park on south kings road in san jose. it's going to be a fantastic party. there will be a lot of people looking like me today, john what do you think? >> everybody is going to be dressed up. viva mexico! >> everybody is going to look like this today. that's the latest from here, elizabeth. >> i like the hat things. it works for you. chopper 5 is still out there checking out these unfortunately now growing delays on eastbound highway 4. they are going against the commute but check out this backup as chopper 5 zooms out. the problem is late running paving work. we just heard about this and they are extending it until about 7:00 this morning at least. so right now they have two lanes blocked off so only one lane is getting by and that, unfortunately, is what is behind it. this is eastbound 80 from about highway 4 all the way towards crockett. so if you are heading towards
6:47 am
the carquinez bridge, watch out for delays there. the only bright spot i can say about this is it looks like westbound 80 in the commute direction where people are heading that appears to be moving okay as you head through richmond down berkeley. to our maps again this is where we are talking about that extended roadwork eastbound 80 between 4 and crockett until about 7:00 this morning. at the bay bridge the metering lights were turned on right on schedule just before 6:30. so the backup extends before the 880 overcrossing and you can see the drive time 20 minutes in westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. hey, 880 the nimitz this looks great as you pass the coliseum all the way into downtown oakland. and remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. get the latest hotspot and traffic information. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. big jump in the number of americans joining the unemployment lines last week and rumors about two popular clothing thanks. >> let's go to -- and rumors
6:48 am
about two popular clothing changes. let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and weekly jobless claimed jumped by 43,000 to 474,000. that's the third big jump in the past four weeks. the four-week average is now at 431,000. that's out of a range that would suggest job growth. and it backs up other reports we have had this week that while the economy is still growing, at least in the month of april, it is certainly cooled off. that's in services, manufacturing sectors and particularly on jobs. we'll get a report on the monthly jobs picture tomorrow from the labor department. but that's a big worry for the stock market at the moment, as well. and when it comes to retailers, h & m is shooting down rumors or says it is that it's not interested in buying the gap. some rumors around lately that the swedish retailer could be coming after san francisco- based gap, which has really been struggling for years with sales. it saw that again in the 1st quarter. overall sales for the three
6:49 am
chains in the gap for the 1st quarter were down 3%. saw a nice bump in april though because of the late falling easter, gap sales comparatively speaking with last april were up 8% most of that from old navy and banana republic. the flagship chain the gap only had 2% gain and as a result the gap fired its director for design at that particular brand trying to get things going in the right direction. stock market heading south right now off of that job report. the dow is lower by 52 points. nasdaq is off by 7. s&p down by 6. one thing that might make people happy though with the economic numbers being on the downside of things, price of oil is really dropping off over the past three days down more than $3 again today it's under $106 a barrel. down about $8 over the past three days. not yet reflected though at the gas pumps. >> all right, jason brooks at , thank you.
6:50 am
east coast now live pictures. this is andrews air force base. president obama about to depart. he is heading to ground zero. that's where he will be meeting with 9/11 survivors and families. cbs news will have a special report coming up at 10:25 this morning. that is when the president is expected to arrive. well, lots of entertainment happening this month. one man who has been keeping very, very busy is to the right of me. he has been telling us stories all morning long. liam mayclem has had quite a week. >> it's been busy, still recovering from the royal wedding. good morning. let's talk movies. first of all, in fact, the beaver jodie foster directs and stars in this film about a broken-down depressed alcoholic middle-aged man played by mel gibson. now, the beaver you have seen the prismers, this is not one for the kids. this is about a puppet that helps him reconnect with the family and the world. it sounds silly but instead,
6:51 am
what happens here is a movie that takes you on an incredible emotional journey. gibson giving an oscar worthy performance. >> really? >> you forget everything about him he acts his socks off -- or one hand with the glove puppet. it's a movie that's a punch in the gut but it will stay with you for days. i highly recommend it. gibson is back to himself. >> definitely not for children. >> no. not a kid's movie at all. >> he hand-picked this just as -- >> he did hand pick it. >> jodie foster hand-picked him to give him a comeback vehicle. >> you get an award for that. next up, another australian actor. x man star there he is the one on the left ignore the guy on the right hugh jackman in performance in san francisco -- [overlapping speakers] >> for two hours last night.
6:52 am
[ indiscernible ] >> going to get back home and being on stage here in san francisco, you already done some dry runs so are you feeling great about the production? >> you know, i'm loving it. it's kind of karaoke on steroids because -- well, i got on stage with this incredible local band. we have an 18-piece orchestra here. and they are all songs your chosen and played obviously with the piano and sing. you stand on stage there with the songs that you really want to sing in the curran theater and it feels like an indulgence. i feel like the luckiest guy alive. >> i believe you're probably getting paid for this? >> maybe. [ laughter ] >> we'll see. [ laughter ] >> he is awesome. i tell you, love the guy. hugh jackman. see this while you can in its limited run at the curran theater. it's running for a couple of weeks. this will go to broadway. standing ovation for him last night.
6:53 am
this slow is sensational. >> wait a minute, i'll drooling. >> you and everybody else. packed house and they loved him last night. they really did. quickly mention two more quick things. this a fundraiser for the san francisco ballet auxiliary fashion show is actually next tuesday at the fairmont hotel in the city. cocktails and dinner but raising money for the san francisco ballet school of the arts. and, of course, go to go out on a high note. do you recognize this guy behind the fence? palm springs he now lives. hank plante 25 years reporter and anchor here, he gave me a tour of his stunning home, you know, apparently, you know, cbs doesn't pay so badly. look at this. [ laughter ] >> but hank also took me to [ indiscernible ] it's part of our five-day desert road trip. look at this. but brian, myself and thuy have been doing this great adventure all week. part 4 tonight the final part
6:54 am
tomorrow. but hank, tommy bahamas. retirement treating him very well. >> at least now what lies ahead. but honestly, a great series. please catch it tonight at 7:00 if you can. and, of course, have a wonderful weekend. i know it's thursday but -- >> happy cinco de mayo. >> thank you. >> like your scar of. >> and back at you. >> my hat i left at home golem host of "eye on the at home. >> we'll be right back. ,this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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[ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. nine-eleven terror attacks. president obama is on the way to new york city where he will honor the victims of a 9/11 terror attacks. moments ago he boarded air force one. he will attend a wreath-laying ceremony at ground zero and will visit relatives of loved ones who died on 9/11. a major hotel hotel fire in south of market. anne makovec has good news with the rescue of a little dog. >> reporter: good morning. when you look at the park hotel where in fire started last night it's here behind me, you would be very surprised when i tell you that there was a dog found alive on the third floor of the building just a couple
6:58 am
of hours ago. right now firefighters are trying to track down that chihauhau's owner from the south of market area, sixth and folsom. the fire broke out around 5:30 last night and burned for two hours spreading to three more buildings. a person who at the park hotel went to the hospital with smoke inhalation. one firefighter had smoke inhalation, another a shoulder injury. they will all be okay. this is the dog found rescued, found in the fire chief's vehicle waiting for somebody to claim him. he has a collar on so we believe he has an owner and was just found among the debris. he had a little burn on his back but he is going to be okay. as for the cause of the fire, firefighters are still working on it but we have heard from some people who live here that it may have been started by somebody cooking barbecue in an indoor barbecue pit barbecuing chicken and throwing bourbon on the fire of all things. that again still under investigation. frank and sydnie.
6:59 am
>> we hope that little dog confined his family. thanks, anne makovec in san francisco. 6:58 your time. one last check of weather, mr. lawrence karnow enjoying a little cinco de mayo celebration. he has the hat on. hey, lawrence. >> hombres right down here in san jose, in emma prusch park this is where they will have the official cinco de mayo parade that coming a little later on this morning. 11:00 today if you want to enjoy that. by the way, got a trophy award here. this goes to edgar our photographer. there you go. thanks for helping with cinco de mayo today. don't mind that it says for the boys choir there on the bottom. hey, guys, today a lot of sunshine and some nice weather outside. you are going to see 70s inside the bay hot inland 80s and 90s, 60s at the coastline. all right. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. we are going quickly out towards chopper 5. live over the macarthur maze, everything looks good. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on but our backup is not as bad as we typically see. it's onl


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