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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 6, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. tonight, the feds make a startling admission. >> it is embarrassing at this date and time, it is insulting. >> the n word on northern california tombstones. why after 57 years they're still there. a top secret helicopter never seen before. how the navy seals were able to sneak inside pakistan and kill bin laden. what makes this chopper so different? americans got 72 million of them last year. ct scans. >> my hair was coming out in handfuls. >> patients exposed by too
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much radiation. >> there has been an unregulated wild, wild west approach. >> and we start with breaking news tonight in san jose. lots of people out keeping an eye on hundreds of people in the streets celebrating cinco de mayo. for the most part, it is a friendly crowd, but there are reports of some scattered vandalism. mostly broken windows. a large crowd gathered at the intersection of story and king in san jose. and they are also fairly peaceful, but because of violence in years past, police are out in force as well. we will keep you posted to bring you any important updates. >> also tonight, a story that makes you wonder what year is it? >> there is a graveyard that has the n word carved into headstones. not just a couple, but dozens of them. there are in the cemetery that is not far from the state
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capital in eldorado county. now a federal agency is apologizing for his racist role in all of this. robert lyles on why the headstones are still there. >> it is said that we bury our past, but for community activist, ralph white. >> no one would want a word like this. >> he's referring to this cemetery, where the ugliest part of our nation's past is not buried, but on full display, the n word. >> that word is going to come off of those tombstones. >> instead of a name, three dozen grave markers at the mormon island relocation cemetery silently say those who lie here are not only unknown, but denigrated. >> it is embarrassing at this day and time. it is insulting. >> the army corpes of engineers moved 36 bodies from
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the gold rush town founded by an african american. the corpes was building a dam, so the bodies buried had to be moved to higher, dryer land. here's the twist. the corpes moved the bodies and authorized a name change to the n word cemetery. >> are you frustrated? >> yup. pretty frustrated. >> because at just 15 years old, joshua michael launched a project to erase this vile past. he even raised $25,000 from at&t. >> we were going to use 36 headstones, new headstones we come up with the designs for. >> at&t withdrew the money after the county dragged its feet on the tombstone replacement. >> i was pretty upset, you know. i had this goal of trying to right a wrong. >> it's rather sad that grown adults in eldorado county will
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put up a young boy to suggest that he can do something that they wouldn't do for their community to deal with institutional racism in eldorado county. >> he has been fighting with eldorado county to identify the remains and replace the tombstone for the past ten years. and still, these monuments of hate remain. >> so how does eldorado county explain the passage of 57 years and headstones still engraved with the n word? >> not well, in fact the county's cemetery administration declined an on camera interview saying only they are in talks on how to resolve this issue and fix it. harris wants to know who they're talking to. >> i asked the county, is there any documentation? no documentation. >> right now, it's the army corpes of engineers making news. admitting responsibility after six decades, saying we are deeply ashamed and regretful to
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find this word in our records. our hearts tell us these grave markers should be replaced. the grave markers are no longer their responsibility. instead, responsibility lies with eldorado county and they have no time line on when the n word will be removed. >> i would be willing to die for something like this. i would be willing to die if they move any one of them. >> because ralph white, justice delayed is justice denied. in eldorado hills, robert lyles, cbs 5. at ground zero in new york today, his name was never mentioned, not once, but chip reid shows us everyone knew what president obama meant when he said justice has been done. >> we think we will never forget, we mean what we say. >> this is not just any fire house. the home of engine 54 lost 15 men when the twin towers fell. an entire shift, more than any
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other new york fire house. a bronze plaque honors their sacrifice, including 28 children who lost their fathers on 9/11. >> some comfort, i hope. all of you know that those guys took those risks going into pakistan, that they were doing it in part because of the sacrifices that were made on this day. they were doing it in the name of your brothers that were lost. >> at new york's first precinct, the president thanked the first police officers to respond on 9/11. reminding them that while bin laden is gone, the threat of terrorism is not. >> we're still going to be calling this day the greatest action and remain vigilant. >> later he visited ground zero for the first time as president, laying a wreath to honor the nearly 3,000 people who died here. there was no speech, only quiet
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words with family members, including three young girls who lost their fathers. this sacred ground where the twin towers once stood will soon be a memorial. a stark contrast to the unimaginable destruction of ten years ago when then president bush vowed to track down the 9/11 perpetrators. >> and people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. >> president obama invited mr. bush to join him here today, but he declined, preferring to remain out of the spotlight. before returning to washington, president obama spoke behind closed doors with families of 9/11 victims. on friday, president obama heads for fort campbell, kentucky, where he'll meet with the helicopter pilots who flew those navy seals into bin laden's compound. chip reid, cbs news, new york. >> the pentagon is telling pakistan give us back our helicopter. the chopper that the seals had to destroy in the compound was unlike any other. the pakistanis have hauled that
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tail section away, but an aviation expert tells cbs news from the photos, it appears the tail rotor has an extra number of blades, which would make it quieter. plus, instead of being constructed with sharp edges, it had gentler curves to avoid radar. and we are learning more about bin laden's burial. president obama said the united states took the high road. >> what we try to do is consulting with experts and islamic law and ritual to find something that was appropriate, that was respectful of the body. frankly we took more care on this than obviously bin laden took when he killed 3,000 people. he didn't have much regard for how they were treated and
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desecrated, but that is something that makes us different. >> you can see steve croft's entire interview sunday here on cbs 5. pg and e has the okay from the state public utilities commission to raise rates by 7%. its compensation for having to dump the old analog meters that were still working and put in smart meters. it was originally the cpuc's idea to switch them out. this comes as a judge for the first time ever found that smart meters may not be so accurate. mark shows us one bay area couple is about to get a refund. >> this is your smart meter. >> alexi says the problems with the smart meter in his home quickly became apparent just one month after it was installed. >> my usage went up like three times or more. >> indeed the power portion of his pg and e bill was $97 in october of 2009 using the old
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meter and jumped to $255 the next month. alexi and his wife were stunned. >> i came to my husband and said we have to do something. >> so they did. first calling pg and e to get some answers, but after months of higher than normal bills and three separate smart meteorologists, the couple took their complaint to a law judge of the california public utilities commission. >> doesn't want to appropriately explain what is going on and denying all my ideas about what is going on with my bill. >> and the judge agreed, saying alexi and vera are due a refund of $1400 because the higher bills were not do to any actions on their part. >> justice is the issue. >> a spokesman says the company cannot discuss this specific case, but in general is working to do a better job at responding to customer concerns over smart meters. >> with a minute as we rolled
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out the program, we have had challenges and concerns from some of our customers. of course we're working to address. >> the full cpuc was supposed to ratify the judge's ruling today, but opted to defer it for three weeks. they will be there, but even now they wonder if they are ever going to see their $1400 refund. i'm mark sayer. cbs 5. other bay area headlines, divorce papers and canceled checks are floating around marin county after a flat bed truck spilled them on saturday. a witness tells us that hundreds of thousands of papers flew off that truck and he found medical documents blowing around his neighborhood. >> it's a feeling of strength and unity. >> hundreds of nurses at children's hospital oakland are on a five-day strike. they are protesting their own
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healthcare coverage. the hospital offers nurses a free plan, but it does not include access for them or their children to the hospital where they work. >> google has helped the city of mountain view avoid layoffs. it agreed to pay the city for a 52 year lease, all up front. it amounts to $30 million for a 89-acre lot where google plans to expand some day. the payment will help the city deal with its $2.5 million budget gap. coming up, one neighborhood come fed up with a rash of home burglaries. one woman came up with a clever way to tell friends from foe. what your neighborhood may be able to learn from them. americans undergo millions of ct scans a year, but there's a problem. >> turned out to be radiation poisoning.
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boulevard in pleasant hill. p-g and e had asked that everyone in pg and e capped that gas leak. pg and e asked everyone in the area of oak park between stevenson drive and keith circle stay inside for about an hour. now it has been capped, we are told, and everything is getting back to normal. people in a south fremont neighborhood hope stickers help keep them safe after a rash of home burglaries, the most recent this morning when a thief held a knife to a woman's throat. police are warning homeowners to keep their doors and windows
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locked. but one woman started creating windshield stickers for her neighbors. the three suspected burglars have been arrested. neighbors think that they are being targeted because they're close to a freeway. >> 72 million americans had cat scans last year. that's a 500% increase from just 15 years ago. it is the most common diagnostic test, but it is also one of the least regulated. elizabeth cook reports, that last of oversight could put your health at risk. >> they are referred to as patient number one. >> michael's mystery illness started after going to the hospital for a stroke. >> my entire body had welts all over it. >> he suffered dizzy spells, memory loss, and a few weeks later -- >> i noticed that i lost my hair. you know, this band 4 inches
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wide around my head. >> barbra suffers almost identical symptoms after surgery at the same hospital. >> my hair was coming out in handfuls up around the ear and around. >> the common denominator, both undergone ct scans of the brain. the bald bands around their heads were the exact same shape of the cradle of the ct scanning machine. the hospital finally admitted 260 patients had been accidentally exposed to a higher than expected level of x- ray radiation in 2008 and 2009. >> my understanding is that i have received more radiation than an individual who was within two miles of the explosion. >> an fda investigation found the overdoses were about eight times higher than normal and were likely the result of improper use of the scanner. which highlights which critics
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call a glaring problem. while the fda overseas manufactures of ct machines, there is absolutely no government oversight on how these machines are operated in medical facilities. >> there has been basically an unregulated wild, wild west approach. >> attorney rick patterson represents many of the victims. >> it can kill you if it is dialed high enough, you can be dead by the time you get to the parking lot. >> extreme cases of over radiation aren't the only issue. >> the day-to-day problem is the radiation is higher than it should be. >> ucsf radiology professor says the lack of national guidelines allows radiation doses to vary widely, sometimes exposing patients more than needed. >> it can lead to an increased risk of cancer. that cancer won't occur right away. five years or ten years or twenty years. >> in a study published just over a year ago, the doctor
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looked at over 1100 patients undergoing ct scans at four bay area hospitals. ucsf, california pacific, marin general, and ulta baits. >> averages were twice as high as they should have been. all four bay area hospitals told us they made changes to keep radiation doses as low as possible. >> very clear standards for what are acceptable doses of radiation exposure. >> but nationwide low dose standards. she testified about it to congress. as for accidents like the cases at cedar siani, manufactures have a fix. an alert system called a dose check. >> some ct manufactures have already begun shipping new equipment with the new feature and before the end of this year, all manufactures will have done so. >> but the fix comes too late for another round of radiation overdoses that came to light this spring at a hospital in
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west virginia. leaving at least 20 more patients to worry about what their future holds. >> i live with this anxiety every day, you know, i go to sleep with it. i wake up with it. >> am i going to survive it? am i going to die from cancer? how long will this take? >> a law passed last year will require hospitals and imaging facilities to report ct radiation doses to patients and their doctors by 2012. now it sounds like a no brainer, but believe it or not, that is not happening now and there's no move toward government regulation to keep radiation doses down. >> incredible that it's not regulated. >> especially how expensive it is to get the treatment and also the ct scan itself, but also expensive the machines are how there's no device to regulate how much radiation you are really getting and if there is a function, how to stop it. all right, we are moving
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into friday. we are going to check your weather. >> it was warmer today than yesterday. 73 degrees along the coast to 95 degrees in gilroy. tonight in san jose, we are now at 62 degrees after a high of 89. average high is 74 degrees. currently we are mild in our inland area. 72 in concorde, but we are seeing dramatic cooloff along the coast out of the west. 10 to 20 miles per hour. overnight we will see the influx of the return of the marine layer right there along the coast and into the bay. otherwise clear skies inland at 49. so out the door tomorrow morning, you're going to feel the difference. cooler temperatures and the marine layer, we won't see that penetration inland so much, but it will become expansive along the coast tomorrow after we see that enhanced marine layer due to a couple areas of low pressure to the north of us. the cool down will be effective tomorrow. you're going to feel it. san francisco 12 degrees cooler
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to 23 degrees of a cooldown. today's high was 93 degrees. so we will have the sunshine along the inland areas, but only partial clearing around the bay and seashore. 58 in pacifica to 20 degrees warmer inland. but oh the breeze problematic out of the west 10 to 20. at times gusts up to 30 at the beaches. partial clearing on saturday. we will have areas of patchy fog. mostly cloudy. a stray shower possible to the north of the golden gate bridge. that is your pinpoint forecast., [ man ] i love you guys. [ laughs ] i mean, just, you know, the whole heist thing. just putting jewels in teddy bears. this guy's wearing a wire the whole time. right?
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look at that! he's wearing a wire! [ laughs ] all right, let's do this. all right? before my wife changes her mind. go. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through your game console or other devices, all for only 8 bucks a month from netflix. no sequel for that guy.
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take you back outside live right now where chopper 5 is over story and king in east san jose. hundreds of people out for cinco de mayo celebrations tonight. people are blocking traffic at some intersections. some are jumping on car, waving flags and alike. police in the area are keeping an eye on the crowd. so far everything is pretty peaceful. cinco de mayo is popular in the u.s., but how important was the battle that commemorates cinco de mayo to the mexican people? that's tonight's good question. >> by all accounts, it should have been a very one sided
2:04 am
battle. the battle of puebla may 5, 1862. >> before 5,000 mexicans fighting and 7 or 8,000 french. so they were outnumbered and they were out gunned. >> french army highly trained march from vera cruz to puebla bent on wiping down military inferior mexican army, but something happened that day. the mexicans fought with such valor they turned the french away and for ever changed their country. >> lasted only a few hours and the french actually retreated from that battle. and it was a very important and symbolic retreat because that's when the sovereignty of the mexican nation and the unity of the mexican people were affirmed in the battle of puebla. >> teresa, chair of studies at san francisco state university says cinco de mayo is celebrated widely in the u.s.
2:05 am
because the truth is, the victory was led by a texasan. >> the military leader of the battle was born in texas. >> him and his fighters turned the french back, but that victory would be short lived. napoleon ordered 30,000 troops into mexico and occupied the country for the next three country for the next three years.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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ba hello everybody from stockton. the flw fishing tournament started today and we threw our name in the hat. 300 fishermen bolted out at 6:30 a.m. unfortunately, pushing the throttle did little to catch fish. eight hours in the water and not a single fish in my net. >> i fish with one of your guys local news people, dennis o'donald from channel 5. he is a good news reporter, fishing he has a lot to learn. >> the giants left the bay 11 days ago, one game under 500. they come back still one game under 500. the three amigos reunited in queens. walked six batters for the second straight start. this time he paid the price.
2:09 am
carlos beltran, two-run homer gives the mets a 5-2 lead. the giants loaded the bases in the 9th, but they would leave them loaded. grounds out to end it. the mets win 5-2. the giants finish the road trip at 5-5. brent anderson would have to settle for a no decision. sweeney had a single in the 8th. it stayed tied until the 12th when jack hanahan -- scores the g ahead run. the indians 4-3. i have been up since 3:00 a.m. so i'm going to call it a night. we're going to try again tomorrow to get our first list. the tournament goes through saturday. >> dennis. >> didn't catch anything. >> no, neither did the guy who needed to catch some. >> the world's best fishermen. >>


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