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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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white activists took the first freedom ride 50 years ago. they got on a bus and headed to the deep south to protest segregated interstate travel. that was 1961. now something you can find just over 100 miles from here. makes you wonder what year is it? this is a graveyard that has the "n" word carved into headstones. they are in a cemetery not too far from the state capitol in el dorado county. now a state agent is apologizing. why those headstones are still there. >> reporter: it is said that we bury our past but for community activist ralph white. >> nobody would want a word like this over their grandmother. >> he is referring to this tiny cemetery in el dorado hills where the ugliest part of our nation's past isn't buried but on full display.
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the n word. >> that word is going to come off them. >> three dozen grave markers at the mormon island cemetery silently say those that lie here are not only unknown but denigrated. >> it is embarrassing at this day and time. it is insulting. a lot of people have been killed hindusing that word. >> reporter: how did this happen? in 1954 the army corps of engineers moved 36 bodies from an historic gold rush town called negro hill founded by an african-american. the bodies buried in negative row hill cemetery had to be moved to higher, dryer land. but here is the twist. the corps moved the bodies and authorized the change from negro hill cemetery to the n word cemetery. >> are you frustrated? >> pretty frustrated. >> reporter: at 15 years old joshua michael launched a
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project to erase this vial past. he even raised $25,000 from at&t. >> we are going to use 36 headstones, new headstones that we have come up with the designs for. >> reporter: but at&t withdrew the money after the county dragged its feet on the tombstone replacement. >> i was pretty upset, you know. i had this goal of trying to right a wrong. >> it is rather sad that grown adults in el dorado county will put up a young boy to suggest that he can do something that they wouldn't do for their community to deal with systemic institutional racism in el dorado county. >> reporter: michael harris says he has been fighting with el dorado county to identify the remains and replace the tombstones for the past 10 years and still these monuments of hate remain. so how does el dorado county explain the passage of 57 years and headstones still engraved
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with the n word. not well, in fact the county's administration denied an on camera interview. harris wants to know who they are talking to. >> i asked the county, is there any documentation of what you plan on doing in the cemetery? >> no documentation. >> right now it is the army corps of engineers making news. admitting responsibility after nearly six decades saying we are deeply ashamed and regretful to find this word in our records. our hearts tell us these grave markers should be replaced but the grave markers are no longer their responsibility. instead, responsibility lies with el dorado county. and they have no time line on when the n word will be removed. >> i would be willing to die for something like this. >> reporter: to ralph white,
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justice delayed is justice denied. robert lyles, cbs5. we are getting word of a traffic alert from chopper 5. a big rig has crashed on 580 and is causing a major backup. now, this is eastbound 580 in dublin. the big rig is smashed into the center divide. no word on what happened or whether there have been any injuries and you can see that this is becoming a traffic nightmare on a friday evening. traffic on 580 is backed up. we are told all it is backed up to castro valley. until they get that thing moved it will just continue to back up. so be patient for your loved ones coming home. well, it could have been a perfect hideout. a burglary suspect sets up shop in a foreclosed home on valley view drive in oakland. an alert neighbor put an ebbed to all that. the loot that was found inside that home has surprised even some of the cops. kristin? >> reporter: it is everything
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from televisions to computers. personal documents to jewelry. all found inside a vacant home where police say a career criminal and his family were living illegally. >> we thought a family was moving in and we were really happy. >> reporter: the home on valley view drive looks innocent enough but police say for the past few weeks it was where a serial burglar was squatting and stashing the stolen property. the house was on the market and when a real estate agent saw him there they phoned the cops. finding loot from different burglaries. look at what is left behind. everything from high end golf clubs to appliances and neighbors wonder whether all of this was stolen as well. police say is he a career burglar and this was just his latest hit. >> it was really surprising to hear something like that was
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happening up here. >> reporter: a stunning revolution for this community. residents now wonder without the realtors call just how long they might have lived with a burglar on the block. it is not exactly clear what will happen with the woman who was living with the man and child. the woman has not been charged. the real estator told me she is not clear who will be cleaning up the mess because the investigation is still ongoing. oakland police are asking anyone with additional information about those burglaries to call them. back to you. >> kristin, are police saying or speculating? was this guy just so bold or was he so stupid that he thought he wouldn't ever get caught at this? >> reporter: i think it is a very real possibility that he really just thought he wouldn't get caught. the place had been deserted for two years and neighbors say no one had been there on a regular basis for quite some time. >> thought they wouldn't get caught. thank you. a police officer now facing felony charges in a growing
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scandal involving the contra costa narcotics enforcement team. lewis lombardi is charged with several felonies including conspiracy to sell drugs, embezzlement. his commander normal welsh and two other officers face felony charges accused of stealing drugs and trying to resell them. the hearings challenging a proposed gang injunction drew big clouds to the courthouse in oakland. most opposed restricting activities of 40 alleged gang members in the fruit vail neighborhood. the office of the city attorney is defending the injunction in court however there are new questions about its future now that russo is stepping down to take a job in alameda. >> john russo is trying to
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paralyze our families, our neighborhoods, our communities. he tried to chase us out of oakland and said we chased him out and we say good riddance. >> no community members have submitted any evidence in support of this injunction whereas dozens of community members have committed things against the injunction. >> most of the people listed in the injunction are saying they are being wrongly accused. the judge says he will deliver his ruling in a written statement. some serious problems. the bay area city that admits it has a drinking and driving problem. it was another rowdy cinco de mayo. the tactics police say didn't work. and a cinco de mayo event that was way off color. who decided to spray paint a donkey. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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driving rampage that killed a pedestrian. police say abo tonight a san francisco is behind bars accused in a drunk driving rampage that killed a pedestrian. police say at about 2:30 a.m. jose himmenez ran down a man and just kept driving. the cab driver apparently saw it and called the cops. they say he then crashed into several parked cars before finally smashing into a concrete planter box outside st. mary's medical center. officers arrested him on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. meantime police arrested a woman on suspicion of her fourth dui. she is just the latest repeat offender to be arrested there. juliette goodrich on what's behind the surge in serial offenders and what police are
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doing about it. >> reporter: t th ree dozen recent dui offenders. the sergeant says the department is cracking down on duis big time tonight. >> the officers arrive at work and will have a stack of dui warrants issue in the last three weeks or so. they will also be given a report that has the dui probation and they can go out and knock on doors and do compliance checks. >> reporter: l li sting dui offenders on probation and they aren't just arresting them they are actually doing stake outs. petaluma police say this aggressive crackdown is working saying the city has not had a fatal crash involving alcohol since 2008 but in the last two days police are arrested two multiple time dui offenders driving away from a bar. so why are there so many repeat offenders in this town? >> we have the highest concentration of alcohol
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establishments in most cities. more than most cities. we are finding that anywhere between 2 and 3% have multiple offenses. >> reporter: c ca se in point, the first two people we interviewed in petaluma had been pulled over by police. >> got a dui when i was 17 and never going to do it again? >> in petaluma? >> yes. >> have you ever been pulled over? >> i got a dui. i know about it. >> reporter: p p p po lice say they will continue the crackdown. >> the great thing is kids just don't get into the habit of drinking around driving. it is nice to have them be safe. in petaluma juliette goodrich, cbs5. well, it started out peaceful enough but cinko de mayo celebrations turned violent last night and now police are gearing up for the possibility of a busy weekend. len ramirez explains why it
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could be a perfect storm for trouble. len? >> reporter: w we ll, dana, the weather is nice, cinko de mayo on the minds of people. concerned there will be a repeat of what happened last night. on yet another may 6th morning san jose shop keepers were picking up the pieces. >> a pain in the ass. that's that. >> reporter: w we aver tax service was one of four businesses near highway 101 which suffered thousands of dollars in damage as well as lost time and trouble of replacing broken windows. another was a clothing boutique. >> i'm not sure why people do that. damage other people's property. and they think it is all right. >> reporter: it was the damage done by a small number of vandals, part of a crowd of thousands that came to downtown san jose to celebrate cinko de mayo. one man was stomped in the head another stabbed and seven
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people were arrested after fights broke out. police on motorcycles began pushing the crowds out of the downtown area but only to create problems down the street. >> as they started walking eastbound we started getting some of the vandalisms to some of the businesses. >> reporter: c ca rlos' dj shop was not vandalized but it was when police tried different tactics. >> i welcome the police presence. i think it is very important. but you have to look at the results of the actual tactics to see how you can improve that because obviously in this isolated instance it didn't work. >> reporter: a al though there was no parade this year, san jose does have the reputation as a gathering place on may 5th. >> i have two feelings. one is outrage. and the other is disappointment. >> reporter: e ea st side councilman is upset how a small number of rowdy people ruin what should be a day of celebration for many. the concern now turns to this
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weekend with people extending the celebration, warm weather and a possible sharks playoff clencher all adding to the mix. >> i have spoken to our chief and he has indicated that we will be ready this weekend to uphold the law and to arrest those that have come to san jose to reek havoc in our city. >> reporter: an so police will be out in force this weekend but, dana, as we saw last night, even with an extra force of 100 officers it is not enough sometimes to stop things like this from happening. >> much damage. all right, len, thank you. back lash tonight over a restaurant that used a live donkey. pink taco changing a pink donkky to the entrance. the temperature topped 90 degrees in southern california yesterday and after people complained the restaurant received a cease and desist order because it didn't have a permit for the donkey to be
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there. >> there interest a myriad of things you can do to promote cinco de mayo. what about a cutout of a donkey sprayed pink. >> it is cruel to take an animal out of her natural habitat. >> they called for a boycott of the restaurant and no one from pink taco would cover. >> roberta, are you following the pink donkey? yes, you are. >> not because i'm gonzalez, right. nothing to do with it. >> no, it is the 90 degrees thing. >> good answer there, allen. you win. how about this. we have a ship that just docked yes. dana, my ship has sailed. >> got any nylons? we do have a few white caps over the bay area. winds are very gusty. currently temperatures tumbling into the low 50s after a high of 58 degrees in san francisco. highs today only in the mid-70s
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from concord to fairfield. at this hour yesterday redwood city was at 93 degrees. today 69 agree. that is a considerable drop. and now it is 62 degrees there. that's a 31-degree difference. 62 in concord. mid-60s and winds blustery from the coastal an inland areas. some wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour in our inland reaches like the tri-valley area. partly cloudy at the bay and we do have clouds moving into the coast. you still have time to head on out to baseball action. the giants are playing host to the colorado rockies celebrating willie mays' 80th birthday. bundle up. temperature at 53 degrees for first pitch. tonight overnight with increasing cloud cover into the 40s and into the 50s. west winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. this is the culprit. area of low pressure. cooler air mass associated with it. taking a nose dive in towards
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the area. drizzle up the coast. low 70s. we will pinpoint the mom's day forecast. allen and dana, that's next time around. >> thank you, roberta. how safe is your safe deposit box. and game on for angry gamers. we will have that in 2 minutes. ,,,, [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together.
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a former apple executive went to check his box and found the bank had drilled it open, and took questions tonight over weather your safety deposit box at your bank is really safe. a former apple executive went to check his box and found that the bank had drilled it open and took out the valuable items. don knapp on the man's fight for an explanation and the return of his belongings. >> this is the piece itself is name. >> reporter: it may be worth as much as $400,000. it is just one piece of art in
6:22 pm
mike scott's extensive collection of minerals and gemstones. he is glad none were in the fourth box because when he came in in january of this year to open the box to look for a missing broach he was told -- >> you don't own the box any more. it has been drilled open and it is not your box any more. >> reporter: t th at was puzzling he says because he has been a customer of the bank for 20 years and pays for all the deposit boxes automatically from his accounts with the bank. he asked for an explanation. >> well, they didn't get back and then i followed up several times on the phone and i have been in here at least four times in person. and april 1st i came in with a letter. >> reporter: s sc ott says they told him the legal department is working on a letter that was supposed to go out last week. he is still waiting. >> to me it is surprising that it is a safety deposit box and it is not safe. >> reporter: in response to our request the bank would only say access to safety deposit boxes is subject to internal
6:23 pm
controls, state and federal laws an contracts including lease agreements which we follow at all times. while there are legitimate reasons why a bank might drill into a safe deposit box and seize the contents he says none of them apply to him. banks don't ensure safety deposit box contents so he considered and did not buy a special policy because of a catch-all clause. >> in that insurance policy it also said they didn't cover mysterious disappearances and i think now -- and they wouldn't tell me what that means. i think i now know what that means. >> reporter: s sc ott says he doesn't even know what the bank seized in the box that used to belong to him. maybe it was a diamond broach or maybe nothing at all. what he did loos was trust. >> it can still bite you in ways you don't expect. >> reporter: don knapp in palo alto, cbs5.
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the sony corporation and tens of millions of its play station users are bracing themselves for another cyber attack this weekend. on the consumerwatch julie watts reports this time hackers are threatening to go public with the data. >> i think that it has been a really big hit for their public relations and for sony's image in general. >> reporter: c ch ris myer is [ no audio ]
6:25 pm
this weekend's pending attack would be the third in just over a month. the first came from a group called anonymous. in retaliation for the way sony prosecuted a san francisco hacker for hacking his playstation console and posting the work around online. both deny any connection to last week's playstation breech or this weekend's pending attack on sony's official website. >> they said they still have access to some of sony's servers. >> reporter: s so ny shut down some of their servers as well as their play station network after the attack last month and cnet expects they will shut down their remaining servers in preparation for this weekend. but just in case -- >> if you know you have a credit card registered with them on one of their websites you can go in and change it. you can change your pass word. >> reporter: and to be extra safe you can temporarily cancel your sony accounts. something many play station users wish they had done two weeks ago.
6:26 pm
>> having that exposed to anyone really does present a lot of worries. >> reporter: no w, sony has not yet commented on this latest threat but it did announce today the launch of a new identity theft protection program which will include $1 million insurance policy for each affected users. that's in addition to welcome back freebies, free down loads, 30 days of free service that sony is planning to offer once they actually bring that playstation service back online. >> a million per user? >> per affected user. so for all of those who have had their identity compromised, whether one of the previous attacks. >> we will be watching it this weekend. >> thank you very much. apparently they don't want any. the latest group to say, yes, osama bin laden is dead and don't bother with any photos of his body. following the announcement on sunday, what a week it was. just what did the past five days mean for the united states. some thoughts from our president. and did you see it? what brought this to the bay
6:27 pm
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first time.
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al-qaida issued a new warning today as they acknowledged osama bin laden's death for the first time. the translated statement threatens future attacks against the united states and urges packis to "rise up and revolt." meanwhile we are now learning the c.i.a. was watching bin laden for weeks in a safe house in abbottabad, pakistan. >> i think it is really embarrassing and it will have affects on this cooperation between each. >> senior pakistani officials say the head of the security services has left the country amid strong rumors he will resign. it has been quite a week in the united states. just 10 days ago the president found himself addressing the nation to say this... >> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we have got better stuff to do.
6:31 pm
i've got better stuff to do. we have got big problems to solve and i'm confident we can solve them but we have to focus on them. >> and there he was last wednesday releasing his birth certificate. and having to vouch for his very legitmatcy as the president. then he would announce a week the country will never forget. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden,ed leader of al-qaida and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. and on nights like this one we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al- qaida's terror justice has been done. >> extraordinary sacrifice
6:32 pm
made on that terrible day. >> if i hadn't come here and to see the face of the firefighters that were killed on 9/11 and to see the shrine erected in their honor really meant something. >> in the dark days that followed september 11th we made a solemn commitment to the dead and to the living that bewould bring to justice those responsible for killing more than 2900 innocent people. yesterday osama bin laden found out that america keeps its commitments. >> nothing is going to bring billy back but it is a great feeling of elation, actually. >> today the president traveled to fort campbell, kentucky. >> hello, fort campbell. [ cheers and applause >> there he met with the s.e.a.l. team that killed bin laden and he addressed the 101st airborne division invoking his ground zero meeting with a 14-year-old girl who lost her father nearly 10 years ago, the president
6:33 pm
offered his thoughts on an historic week. >> for her and for all of us this week has been a reminder of what we are about as a people. easy to forget sometimes. especially in times of hardship, times of uncertainty coming out of the worst recession since the great depression. haven't fully recovered from that. we made enormous sacrifices in two wars. but the essence of america, the values that have defined us for more than 200 years, they don't just endure, they are stronger than ever. we are still the america that does the hard things. that does the great things. we are the nation that always dared to dream. we are the nation that is willing to take risks. revolutionaries breaking free from an empire.
6:34 pm
pioneers heading west to settle new frontiers. laying railways. putting man on the moon. we are the nation and you are the division that parachuted behind enemy lines on d day. concentration camps. we are the nation that all those years ago sent your division to a high school in arkansas to that nine black students could get an education. that was you. because we believed that all men are created equal and everyone deserves a chance to realize their god given potential. we are the nation that has faced tough times before. tougher times than these but when the depression came, when our harbor was bombedwhenn a tornado hits the nation we do not faulter, we pick ourselves
6:35 pm
up and get on with the hard task of keeping our country strong and safe. see, there is nothing we can't do together 101st, when we remember who we are and that is the united states of america. when we remember that no problem is too hard and no challenge is too great and that is why i'm so confident that with your brave service, america's greatest days are still to come. god bless you. god bless the 101st. and god bless the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] . and for more of the president's remarks and new details emerging every day with this story you can find continuing coverage on for the parents of the developmental disabled it is a familiar story. >> we had people telling us all the things that they couldn't do. or would never do.
6:36 pm
now a different story for benjie and many like him. how this week's jefferson award winner is translating lives with just a little water. and for a lot of you this was an attention grabber. the eye popping test drive that was hard to miss in parts of the bay area. i'm kim coyle. coming up in sports the sharks try and sweep the red wings and been a great year for washington high schools. find out why the eagles are on the version of making league history. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cheering the golden rriors kids in fremont got to be spectators today at a sport they may not usually watch. the golden state road warriors paid a visit to an elementary
6:39 pm
school. wheelchair basketball. sponsored by the golden state warriors and many team members are former olympians and have played internationally. hundreds of developmentally disabled athletes have a special opportunity to compete and win medals thanks to the dedication of this week's jefferson award winner. sharon chin introduces us to the east bay man who many parents call a quiet leader. >> reporter: b be fore he joined the richmond, buffalo special olympics team, this 18- year-old's life was different. ask his father. >> we had people telling us all the things that he couldn't do or would never do. and since we got involved in special olympics he is a doer. >> spread out. do some circles. >> reporter: the white family gives thanks to team coordinator andy. andy co-founded the richmond buffaloes when he couldn't find anything in the area for his
6:40 pm
autistic son devan. today devan is 18 and the buffalo team has grown from 10 athletes to 70 who make a splash in several sports from swimling to basketball. >> just started as a track then we just kept getting bigger and bigger. >> reporter: an dy included kids under 8 who are too young to compete in the special olympics. today 200 kids and adults raced. >> that's what special olympics is all about, trying to -- it is not just about practice, but it is about getting teamwork and competition of learning the sports. >> reporter: f fe eling proud to compete. >> gold medal. silver medal. and bronze medal. >> you won them all? >> i won them all. >> reporter: h hi sfather burt credits them. >> he stays in one room and he plays his electronic games. now he socialized a lot.
6:41 pm
and he likes to talk about what he did. >> reporter: 22 -year-old lucy is having a ball. >> it is fun and it is good exercise. >> reporter: her mother notices more. >> gives them a social outlet and also skill development and confidence. >> okay, throw it through the stone. >> reporter: in addition to special olympics he started the nonprofit in 2009 to help developmentally disabled adults with resources from education to housing. tom said andy is a quiet but effective leader. >> andy has the ability to lead by just his personality, his willingness to do all the time, to give all the time and to bring out the best of others. >> reporter: an dy says the athletes make it all worthwhile. >> it is seeing that completion, the pure joy that -- all the smiles from all the
6:42 pm
athletes. it is incredible. >> reporter: so for creating opportunities for developmentally disabled athletes this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to andy choe. sharon chin, cbs5. nominate your local heros for a jefferson award online at click the collect button at the top of the page then right down to the jefferson awards. you'll find the e-mail nomination form. 24 degrees. it was 24 degrees cooler in many areas today across the bay area. we will pinpoint those locations. plus pinpoint your mother's day forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. airport. boein from los angeles i this is the longest passenger jet in the world that landed at san jose international airport today. boeing flew this new 747. this is the fourth generation wide body 747 and can carry 467
6:46 pm
passengers. now, the first intercontinental flight with passengers expected later this year. no name change for san jose international at least for now much the city council decided not to include silicon valley in the name. however, mayor chuck reed says a name change would be reconsidered if an airline wanted to market a particular route to that airport. san francisco is on its way to getting a whole new sound. mayor ed lee and other city leaders broke ground on the new san francisco jazz center in hayes valley today. it will be the first stand alone center dedicated to jazz in the united states. the $60 million facility will provide artistic programs for musicians and the community. it is scheduled to open in the fall of 2012. two blind sea lions made their public debut today at the san francisco zoo. one of them is silent night.
6:47 pm
you will remember that he was shot in the face and found on a beach this winter. henry was rescued a year ago in crescent city. the marine mammal center nursed both of them back to health and they have since become best buddies. >> wow. >> awww. that's sweet. >> so nice. >> that's really cute. i'm sorry, i was just looking at the sharks. >> just all in the water. >> you did seem a little distracted. now we know why. >> i'm not going to tell you the outcome because kim coyle is along to do all that. >> she might hurt you. >> i have so much to say about her right now. we are just going to go right on. >> we had temperatures today that took a 24-degree tumble in comparison to yesterday. 58 to 77 degrees. that was the temperature span and this is our live cbs5
6:48 pm
weather camera. official sundown is at 8:03 but along the immediate sea shore we are seeing the return of the marine layer right there over the vacaville area. lit bit of stratus. wind gusts in foster city up to 30 miles per hour. napa at 19. a 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts for commuters over the pass. and santa clara north/northwest winds continuing to fluctuate up to 14. today's high temperature banking anywhere from 56 in pacifica to 75 degrees in concord. also at the delta wrapping around to napa. it was 70 in san jose. and that was down from yesterday's high of 89 degrees. so we dropped anywhere from 16 to 24 degrees today in the last 24 hours alone. boy, redwood city from 93 to 69 degrees. i bet you felt the difference. currently we are in the 50s and 60s across the board so if you're heading on out grab a jacket. the winds will continue to blowout of the west 10 to 20
6:49 pm
miles per hour and, yes, it is blowing that enhanced marine layer onshore. overnight becoming cloudy into the 40s and 50s. cooler tonight than it was last night. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. that's enhancing our marine layer. we will be breaking down that really impressive area of high pressure that really produced record highs two days ago. we will continue to experience the breezy winds tomorrow out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour and for your get away friday mid-50s in eureka. partly cloudy in sacramento and we do have a chance of rain showers over the weekend in high sierra. we have partly cloudy conditions tomorrow and cloud cover at the coast with even some isolated drizzle due to that enhanced marine layer. mom's day mostly cloudy with a slight chance of rain. we will clear out by monday afternoon and then sunshine the next couple days. these guys must have known it was going to be windy. eric simonson captured the wind
6:50 pm
surfing tour. keep the photos coming. what do you think? do you think they had an insight tip there? >> upside down tip. >> right. >> have a good weekend. >> all right, the leader up on the delta is caught. 49 pounds. but what about our very own dennis o'donnell? and we will show you the best prorun trot of all times. that's next in sports. ,,
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6:53 pm
and sweeping a series for the first time in franchise history the sharks were one win away from getting back to the western conference finals and sweeping a series for the first time in franchise history. the sharks were on the ropes early against detroit. todd bertuzi spins and fires. 3-0 lead. the sharks scored once in the first, once in the second and then tied it in the third on dany heatley's first goal of the series. but detroit made sure the bruins stayed in the closet. darren helms scores the game winning goal. red wings win 4-3. >> eight hour in the water and
6:54 pm
not a single fish in my net. >> we had a great time in the water. he didn't catch any. a good news reporter. fishing he has got a lot to learn. >> day 2 on the delta. didn't go much better for dennis. he was shut out again and missed the cut. so much for winning that new both. >> he caught nothing? >> nothing. >> charlie has a two day total of 48 pounds and 5-ounces. >> he couldn't catch a cold. manny pacquiao doesn't have much left to prove in boxing winning a title in eight different weight classes. one fight that everyone wants to see is manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather. everyone except 39-year-old sugar shane mosely. he will take on manny pacquiao. >> if it wasn't for him, this fight wouldn't happen.
6:55 pm
if he would have stepped up. >> it is too early to hand out gold glove awards but i'm going to go out on a limb and say brandon phillips has a good shot to win one. tuesday night he went between the legs and today he makes the diving stop up the middle. wait, it gets better. flips it behind his back to get the force out at second. the reds would beat the cubs 5- 4. david pryce one of the best pitchers in the american league but thanks to the dh i bet you didn't know he had the most unique home run trot in baseball. look at him go. with interleague play we can only hope he gets deep in an actual game and bust out a routine when it comes. washington high school baseball team will take on balboa for the city title. if the eagles come out on top we may have to rename 30 second avenue title town. >> always had a winning feeling
6:56 pm
around here. we want to continue and make everyone proud. >> reporter: t th is was the scene in november when the washington football team blew out balboa to win the turkey game. then in march the eagles won the basketball crown for the first time in 29 years. now it is up to baseball to complete the triple crown. a fete that has not been accomplished in the league's 87- year history. >> around the school everyone is talking about it and the teachers are into it. everyone wants the triple crown. so it will be something special if we can get it. >> always talking about it. we know we are capable of doing it. definitely makes it more fun knowing that and gives us a little more drive to take it. >> reporter: w wa shington is no stranger to the championship game but they have had trouble winning it losing four out of
6:57 pm
the last six years including last season to galilao. >> it is heartbreaking because we felt so hard at the end of the season to get to the playoffs then we got there to at&t and it leaves a sour taste in your mouth where you want to prove yourself next year and that's something we did in the regular season this year. we proved ourselves. >> it is very emotional knowing that my career here is going to end and hopefully it will end on a high note with this triple crown. >> really an impressive season for them going undefeated in the league. he did catch one fish today. >> he did. >> his wife told me it was too small. that he had to throw it out of the boat. >> embarrassing. >> they call that bait. >> we should throw dennis back. >> you said he couldn't catch a cold. >> he got me last night. i need to get him. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captio
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