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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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he ran up to the cockpit door of the aircraft. and he began to pound on the door. >> a security scare for a plane bound for san francisco. the unruly passenger flight attendants had to take down. and flames light up the sky in the east bay. the special technique firefighters used to stop a fire from spreading. good morning, it is monday, good old monday, may 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time 16 clock. let's check traffic and weather for this monday. kristy seifkin, good morning. >> good morning. pretty cool start to the day but we are going to warm up nicely later on running 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. so 61 is the high in the city today. 63 over in oakland, 67 in san jose and 68 in concord. low 70s elsewhere. we'll have a full look at the forecast in a bit but first the driving conditions with elizabeth. >> thank you. and we have good news on this monday. all our wind advisories have
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been cancelled and here's life look at 880 through oakland. the nimitz, everything looks great up and down past the coliseum. we have launched chopper 5. we'll have live conditions across the bay area and a check of mass transit coming up but in the meantime back to you. >> okay, thanks very much, elizabeth. 6:01. we continue to follow breaking news out of southern california. we have been showing you this much of the morning. a major fire at a food processingg plant. the flames are immense in this building. there must be quite a fuel source in there. there were earlier reports about an explosion about a half hour ago. >> we don't have the cause or what sort of building this is. i guess didn't we just say -- it could have been a food processing plant or something? but right now, you crews using water cannons to try to fight
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the fire and also a major ground assault on those flames trying to get close to the source. they can see the smoke at l.a.x. they are trying to keep the fire contained to the building and away from nearby homes. it's gotten worse since we looked at it 10 minutes ago. >> you can see the apparatus as they pull out a bit, a number of fire trucks. i'm sure the roads are shut down. this is seen all over southern california probably. it's so flat in that area near the airport. i'm sure this can be seen for a long distance. and it doesn't look like it's being contained by any stretch until it probably burns out. but they were using water cannons to get to it. and so far, it is still going strong. >> again, this is in huntington park, los angeles county, south of l.a. and we will keep you posted on this as more information becomes available.
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we are following a developing story that's now grabbing national attention. a big security scare on a flight heading into san francisco. a passenger under arrest this morning. right now, the joint terrorism task force is investigating. let's go to sharon chin, who is at sfo where that plane managed to land safely. sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are trying to find out more about the man. they know he had a passport from yemen. they don't know why he rushed the cockpit. san francisco airport place say it happened on american airlines flight 1561 from laguardia to sfo with a stopover in chicago. somewhere over modesto a passenger apparently ran up and started pounding on the cockpit door and yelling unintellably. among the 166 people on board members of the flight crew and a retired san mateo police officer and a secret service agent wrestled the man to the ground and arrested him with
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plastic handcuffs. >> the passenger was interviewed by the joint task force, terrorist task force member and a san mateo county sheriff's detective. as a result of that interview, he was charged with interfering with a flight crew and placed under arrest and transported to san mateo county jail. >> reporter: we still don't know why he did it right? >> there's been no motive at this time that i'm aware of. >> reporter: police say the assist respect is 28-year-old rageit almurisi. these are pictures from twitter of the suspect. police say there were no threats or weapons found on board. officers say he was treated at a hospital for scrapes to the elbow and taken to county jail in redwood city. none of the passengers or crew was injured and the flight itself landed safely on time after 9:00 last night. airport people say that the flight operations were not
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affected at all at any time. >> thank you, sharon chin at sfo. it is 6:04. a fire overnight rips through a home in contra costa county. the fire may be linked to a domestic dispute. kiet do is live in oakley now to explain more. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the firefighters are gone now and the contractor is here boarding up the doors and windows with plywood and take a look for yourself. that window that you see up there used to be the attic window but on the other side you see blue sky which means that the roof is gone. the contractor tells us there's about a quarter million dollars in damage to this house and it's ready to collapse. this has been brewing for a while. neighbors say a man and his ex- wife have been going back and forth for quite some time. and it all reached a head this morning at midnight when neighbors saw flames shooting out of the house and called 911. firefighters got here quickly and it went to two alarms. the houses are close together so to keach the neighbors' homes from -- to keep the
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neighborses homes from burning they used a water curtain. >> we placed hand lines between the houses. we also used one monitor off an engine that you might have some video of where we put a water curtain between the two houses. >> reporter: neighbors say they saw the man moving some appliances out of his house yesterday. and then he tied a chain around either an appliance or a wall inside the house and then used his truck to either yank that appliance or tried to destroy the wall from the inside. the house was vacant at the time. and coming up at 6:30, we'll have some interviews from a neighbor who tells us a lot about the funny business that was going on at the house so you want to stick around for that. >> i guess so. okay, kiet do live in oakley, kiet, thanks. and right now pg&e is testing natural gas pipeline in mountain view. we have some new video from the testing site. the testing is part of an
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effort to ensure safe operating pressures following the san bruno disaster. they fill a section of pipe with water at high pressure. coming up at 9:00 in antioch workers will vent natural gas from a section of pipe that is to be tested there, as well. pg&e says there may be a smell of gas in the area for a short time but not to be alarmed. 6:07. another look at traffic and weather. we'll start with kristy and a cooldown but not bad. we'll still see sunshine. >> cooler this morning out the door but it will be warmer by this afternoon. satellite showing us that we have some moisture system passing to the east of us, slight chance of seeing showers in the east bay this afternoon but nothing to be concerned about. temperatures outside right now look like this. 48 for san francisco, 45 for san rafael, 47 in concord, 51 in fremont and 46 in san jose. temperatures today still running below average for this time year but a little bit warmer than yesterday. 63 in san rafael, 68 for napa, 68 in concord, 67 in livermore
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and san jose and 65 in fremont. your extended forecast showing that we actually have sunny skies tomorrow and then we are going to cool down by the end of the week with a chance of showers back in the forecast for the weekend. that's a look at your weather. let's go to elizabeth with a look at your traffic. >> all right. thank you, kristy. and we are going to go out from chopper 5 flying over downtown oakland, and everything looks good. they are near the 880-980 interchange so over all you are free-flowing up and down the nimitz freeway. heading towards the coliseum we have a live camera there two thumbs up, pretty quiet commute so far on this monday morning. to our maps and we'll show you where it is slow. it is slow no surprise here through antioch. really slow speeds as you pass a street coming off the antioch bridge. that still looks great and we'll head on towards concord. we are just starting to see some slowing as well in the westbound lanes of highway 4 past willow pass. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:08. the mississippi river is rising.
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>> the flood evacuations and when it's going to crest and the plan to help fight it coming up. it was the longest 40 minutes of my life. >> president obama in the hot seat. what he was unsure of before ordering the raid on osama bin laden's compound. ,,
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memphis, tennessee late tonight.. and possibly hit a record high. the mississippi river crest is now expected to hit memphis, tennessee late tonight and possibly hit a record high. now, originally they were expecting the river to crest tomorrow but right now official going door it door frantically warning people to get out. hundreds of homes have already been evacuated. and today a spillway in louisiana is expected to be open to ease pressure on the levees in the new orleans area. it is 6:12. president obama says he was well aware of the risks when he ordered a special forces to get osama bin laden in pakistan. the president's comments were part of an interview that aired last night on "60 minutes" on cbs. it was focused in on the decision-making process that led a team of navy seals to storm a compound and ultimately killing the al qaeda leader.
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the president said despite months of intelligence there was no way to determine beforehand that bin laden was inside the compound. >> at the end of the day, this was still a 55/45 situation. i mean, we could not say definitively that bin laden was there. had note been there, then there would have been significant consequences. >> still, he decided the potential benefits outweighed the risks. the president said he lost no sleep over the possibility that bin laden might be killed saying the terror leader earned his fate. and in other developments there are reports out of pakistan that several hundred taliban fighters held a memorial service for bin laden today in the country's tribal region. and the obama administration is now putting pressure on pakistan to grant access to bin laden's three widows as part of an effort to learn more about the terror leader's activities. 6:13. taking a bite out of the competition. the coveted title apple has
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don't let the calendar fool you.
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a cool start to your monday morning. out the door temperatures in the highway 30s to the low 50s, partly cloudy conditions as we see a system that's passing through and a little bit of fog along the coastline by this afternoon, though warming up 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday but still below average. very slight chance of showers in the east bay this afternoon. continuing to see cloud cover and breezy conditions as we see this low passing through. this area of high pressure building in that will bring us warmer weather as we make our way into tomorrow. but for today, your temperatures are going to look like this. 66 in sunnyvale and in cupertino. 67 for san jose and santa clara. 62 in san mateo and 61 in daly city. over in the east bay 60 the high in alameda, 63 berkeley, 67 danville, 71 alameda. 68 a high in sonoma and napa. 59 at stinson beach and the city will top it out at 61
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today. now, this weather will warm up a bit for tomorrow and we are going to see sunny skies tomorrow, as well. wednesday cloud cover back into the picture. and then we start to see a cooling trend by the end of the week. and you will see by this weekend chance of showers back into the forecast and cool weather as well by this weekend only sitting in the mid-60s in our warmest spots. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, christie. we are going back out to chopper 5 live over the richmond/san rafael bridge. everything looks great this morning heading into marin. we had some earlier roadwork but that's now been picked up so free-flowing alls across the span. no issues this morning in either direction. thank you for that live traffic shot. let's go to our maps. no chain requirements right now. you may be surprised we're talking about chain requirements. we have a live report in the next couple of minutes where it's snowing in the sierra. here's a look at 80 in truckee. no chain requirements on 80, 50 or 88. a little closer to home, all the approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza still look
6:19 am
great and no metering lights at last check. but we are starting to see some slight delays here as breach the pay gates. they were just in the cash lanes but a lot of the lanes are backing up to the end of the parking lot. so small delays still looks okay from the incline towards the tunnel. south bay check everything is fine here. we have not seen any major roadwork. 101 smooth easy ride, guadalupe parkway. you can see things are very light right now. on 280 out of downtown san jose. we had an earlier wind advisory on the san mateo bridge. there was something going on earlier this morning and that is now cancelled. no wind advisory in the bay area. and mass transit is on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. don't let the calendar fool you because as elizabeth just said it's still snowing in parts of the sierra and we can prove it. >> can you believe it? it's may. nick janes is live in the
6:20 am
sierra in blue canyon in the middle of it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's take a look. had to dust out the old storm beat jacket this morning because here we have it. some snow on the ground in blue canyon. oh, boy. i came to the station this morning and they said you're going to blue canyon. i said really? what are we covering? we have snow on the ground here. an inch or two, temperatures in the 30s. it was warmer last week. some video when we pulled up around 5age the eerie blue glow the beginning of the sunrise here, you can see a little of the flakes in the foreground. it's actually snowed very, very lightly here just on and off. then it stopped completely now for the past couple of hours. there might be more falling in the higher elevations, but it is an odd spectacle getting closer to summer. i did a hot weather story last week and now here we are up in blue canyon 5300 feet, along interstate 80 talking about snow again.
6:21 am
i can't believe it. >> have you seen some people driving up with skis on the top of the roofs of their cars? are people -- because i think squaw is going to be open until memorial day, something like that? >> a lot of them are? >> reporter: yeah, i believe squaw is open. and i haven't been able to see -- we're actually on the westbound side so this is traffic coming towards -- actually going down the him. now that we have a little bit of sunlight i'll look across the way and try to see if i can spot any. you know how skiers and snow borders are. they want to get every last... [ it [ indiscernible ] >> you know, sometimes snow does its thing. >> right. but take it from nick that lots of snow still left up there. a number of ski resorts still open. can you believe probably skiing on memorial day. >> i think nick high tailed it. he is on the way as to squaw to snowboard! >> thank you, nick very much. he was live in blue canyon. time now is 6:21. a battle of silicon valley giants.
6:22 am
coveted prize apple has snatched from google. >> a developing story in southern california. live pictures here of an explosion and fire at what we understand is a food processing plant near los angeles. those flames going good. they look even stronger than they were just about 10 minutes ago. we are going to have an update on the fire when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san francisco. a place with natural beauty and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. news in southern california right now. a major fire..
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it's burning just south of los angeles.. in huntington park. we continue to follow breaking news in southern california right now. it's a major fire burning just south of l.a. in huntington park. it is on alameda avenue if you are familiar with the area. we're told it's a food processing plant. but we're also told there are other businesses inside. one of those businesses could have tires inside. that's why it's burning out of chrome. there were early reports of an explosion. at this point, we don't know what may have caused it. smoke can be seen all the way to l.a.x. and the 110 freeway. there are no evacuation but there are homes nearby and we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast. analysts believe this year tech companies will add about 150,000 jobs. among the companies hiring, palo alto-based facebook. stanford student matt bush is
6:26 am
one of the new hires. >> i know a lot about the company, thought a lot about it. written papers on it. >> facebook is one of the many silicon valley companies in the process of expanding and leasing more office space. others include google, hewlett- packard and motorola. one silicon valley giant has toppled another for the title of world's most valuable brand. apple's brand value going up 84% in the past year to $153 billion. the cupertino-based company passed a previous number one google which saw its value drop 2%. it's now number 2. ibm, mcdonald's and microsoft rounding out the top 5. it is 6:26. coming up, the longest 40 minutes of president obama's life. how he describes the anxious moments during that bin laden raid. coming up. >> plus, from furloughs to class cuts, the statewide fight to take back education.
6:27 am
the massive protests converging at the capital today. a man with a passport from yemen rushes a cockpit of a plane bound for sfo. who just happened to be on that plane to help take him down. that's coming up. and a fire destroyed a home in contra costa county. we'll have more on the marital drama that led up to this fire. i'm kiet do coming up with a live report. ,, i am a sneeze whisperer. i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua.
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we have a new injury crash reported in san ramon. if you are coming up northbound 680 near the bollinger canyon off-ramp. we'll have all the traffic details coming up. a cool start to the bay area. a little cloudy. but we are going to warm up nicely this afternoon. i'll tell you how much we'll warm up later. good morning. it is monday, may 9. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30 now. and we begin with some breaking news down south. >> yes. a smoky fire raging out of control near los angeles county right now. flames shooting a good 50 feet above what we understand is a food processing plant. now, this is in huntington park just south of los angeles. we are told there are other -- businesses inside that building and one of them may have tires. thick, black smoke billowing into the air.
6:31 am
that smoke can be seen for miles even from the airport. the roof of the building entirely gone and now firefighters are working to keep those flames from spreading to adjacent buildings in the area as well as we understand there are a number of homes in that neighborhood, as well. so again, we are following this fire in progress. huntington park, los angeles county. we will kind posted as more information becomes available. >> might take a while because tires will burn forever as you know. 6:31 now. a big scare on a flight to san francisco. passengers tackling a man who was banging on the cockpit door before it landed. sharon chin is at sfo where the plane landed safely last night. and she has the latest now. good morning, sharon. >> good morning, frank. this morning, the man is in the san mateo county jail in redwood city charged with a federal offense interfering with a flight crew. san francisco airport police say the man carrying a pass for the from yemen banged on the
6:32 am
cook pit door last night yelling. the flight was half hour from sfo with more than 160 people aboard. he got on board at laguardia airport. now, when the man rushed the cockpit, he was tackled by two flight attendants and two passengers. though passengers a retired san mateo police officer and the secret service agent. they arrested him with a flight attendant's plastic handcuffs. airport police are still trying to find out more about the suspect and his motives. >> we know that he is a 28-year- old male subject. we do have his name, also. there was information that he did possess a california identification card as well as a yemen passport. >> reporter: as you can see from the twitter photos the suspect rageit almurisi was kept in custody in first class until the plane landed at sfo. there were no threats and no weapons found. the suspect was treated for scrapes to his elbow and then put behind bars in county jail.
6:33 am
no one else was reported injured. flight operations were not disrupted and the flight landed safely and on time last night after 9:00. and the fbi investigation still continues this morning. frank. >> sharon, what are the chances of having a retired police officer in first class and a secret service agent, as well? lucky people there , huh? >> reporter: they got pretty lucky and, you know, you figure people have to be alert especially now where one week after the death of bin laden the threats of retaliation, travelers out there are alert whether or not they are police officers. >> exactly. and since 9/11 i think people are taking action into their own hands especially on flights. sharon chin live at sfo, thank you. two other security scares on flights over the weekend. a delta airlines jet headed to san diego diverted to albuquerque yesterday. a note was found in the bathroom with a word, bomb, on it. a continental flight from houston to chicago forced to land in st. louis after a passenger there tried to open
6:34 am
up a door during the flight. president obama admits there were risks to his decision in ordering special forces to go after osama bin laden in pakistan. on cbs' "60 minutes" last night, mr. obama talked about the decision-making process that led to a team of navy seals storm a compound and killing him. despite months of intelligence, the president said there was no way to determine beforehand that bin laden was actually inside the compound. >> there were big chunks of time in which all we were doing was just waiting. and it was the longest 40 minutes of my life with the possible exception of when sasha got meningitis when she was three months old and i was waiting for the doctor to tell me that she was all right. it was a very tense situation. >> the president also said bin laden benefitted from a support network in pakistan. well, this morning, pakistan's premier denied reports that
6:35 am
authorities were either incompetent in searching for bin laden or played a role in hiding him. this morning, arson investigators looking into the cause of a large house fire in the east bay. it caused nearly a quarter million dollars in damages. let's go to kiet do in oakley to explain that this all may have started with a fight between two ex-s. >> reporter: the contractor here boarding up says the home is a loss. about a quarter million dollars in damage. the home is ready to collapse in on itself to which the neighbors say good riddance. they say the man and his ex- wife have had ongoing disputes for quite some time and it reached a head at midnight this morning when neighbors saw flames shooting out the doors and the windows and called 911 one. the firefighters got here quickly went to two alarms. they had to actually spray water on the neighboring homes because the homes are built so close together. and they had to do that to keep
6:36 am
them from burning. some of the neighbors tell us that the man and woman who lived here have been arguing for quite some time and didn't mince words about the illegal activity that was going on inside the house. >> they are tweakers. >> reporter: meaning what? >> they're drug addicts. most definitely. i mean, they peel out from their lawn several times they would say would put new lawn in and then it would die and put new lawn in again and then it would die and die again. so they're just weird people. >> reporter: so neighbors saw the man actually removing some of the appliances out of the house yesterday. and then at one point he tied a chain either around a wall or another appliance and tried to rip it out of the house with his truck. so fire investigators will be back here later on this morning to say the cause of this fire is suspicious? >> >> thank you, kiet do in oakley this morning. 6:36. how about a little traffic and weather?
6:37 am
kristy, how about some sunshine? can you help us out? >> i can deliver some sunshine today. >> we like that. >> mixed with a little bit of cloud cover but warmer than yesterday. you can see the system sitting to the east of us bringing some showers to the sierra and to the central valley. slight chance of seeing some showers here in the bay area in the east bay later on this afternoon but nothing to worry about, not a big deal. cool to start the morning today, 48 for oakland and livermore, 49 pour pacifica and redwood city and 47 in concord and fairfield. highs today looking good. 67 for livermore and san jose, 71 in fairfield. 63 for san rafael, 58 for pacifica and 61 is a high today for the city. we'll have a full look at the extended forecast coming up. now a look at traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. everything is looking good now through walnut creek near the 24/680 interchange. we can show you a live traffic camera right there. everything on 24 looking okay. if you are heading down towards the san ramon valley actually in san ramon, northbound 680 at the bollinger canyon off-ramp, sounds like a jeep slammed into
6:38 am
a tree. so likely major injuries reported here. we are learning that there is no slowing at the scene. everything is completely off on the shoulder but again, emergency crews are out there now. but the main lines of the freeway again no delay as you make your way towards danville. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> we'll take it. okay, elizabeth, thanks. 6:38 your time. safety tests right now on natural gas pipeline. we have some video. this is from a testing site this morning in mountain view. the testing is part of an effort by pg&e to ensure safety operating pressures following that san bruno disaster. tests involve filling a section of pipe with water at high pressure. pg&e says there may be a smell of gas in the area for a short time but do not be alarmed. and in about 20 minutes, bay area teachers will hold a rally in san francisco all to kick off a week of protests aimed at saving education budgets. 5:79 a.m., they will rally -- at 7 a.m. they will rally at the state puc building and head up to sacramento to put pressure on legislators to save teacher
6:39 am
jobs and stop cancellation of more class days. teachers plan a large rally at the capital at the end of the week on friday. not just for making friends, more people turning to facebook to get their news. matt bigler is live in san jose to explain. matt, good morning. are they not watching us? they go straight to facebook to find ou what's happening? >> reporter: more people are getting news on facebook. one of our editors said not just news story, professional news stories but news from friends and family. he found out about the death of a close friend from facebook unfortunately this past week and that was sort of a wake-up call for him about how facebook is changing society. but today's story is about news stories. and we're talking about three percent of all the news content -- i should say, the 3% of the top news sites where they are receiving visitors from facebook is now coming from
6:40 am
facebook. that's compared to about 30% from google. we'll talk more about that in just a second. 3% not a huge number but kcbs's tech analyst, larry magid, says it is growing rapidly for two main reasons. >> number one, facebook is getting bigger. a lot more new sites are putting the like button on the story. it's so easy to say hey, i like this story and if you're a friend of mine, you might like it, as well. >> facebook's share of the knew pie still dwarfed by google which supplies about 30% of all the news traffic, the top news sites according to the pew research center. but the study finds that facebook is relying on people's social networks to find stories of interest to users as opposed to google which relies on an automated algorithm. "if searching for news was the most important development of the last decade, then sharing news may be among the most important of the next." back to you. >> thank you.
6:41 am
>> all about sharing. matt, whether you want to share or not. [ laughter ] >> or people want to see it or not. matt bigler from kcbs radio. >> sometimes on facebook you share too much. >> exactly. we find that out. >> oh, absolutely. time now is 6::41. skip the car and rent a ride. how the popular zipcar gimmick could be expanding to the south bay with a twist. >> plus, the cost of college. a bigger burden than ever. the record amount today's students are paying back in loans. [ male announcer ] it was forged from the fires of imagination. sculpted by an unyielding passion for design. ♪ and tempered by 125 years of legendary performance. introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz. where the world's greatest automobiles take shape.
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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it's such a cool and windy mother's day we are actually going to see a little warmer and less breezy today although you can still see clouds moving bow right now. sun's coming up. partly cloudy start to the day. we'll continue to these types of conditions over the next couple of hours. out the door cool start in the 30s in some places, 50s and 40s elsewhere, patchy fog at the coast and then this afternoon, we'll warm up nicely about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. slight chance of rain inland. we'll continue to see that cloud cover along the bay shores and at the coastline. low is passing through right now and this area of high pressure will build in bringing us warmer temperatures tomorrow
6:45 am
but for today, going to kept a little cooler and still see breezes. neighborhood by neighborhood here's a look at your highs for today. 67 for santa clara and for san jose. 66 for morgan hill and for milpitas. 63 in redwood city. 58 in pacifica. 60 half moon bay. over in the east bay we go. 60 alameda, 67 pleasant hill and walnut creek. 72 brentwood. 70 in pittsburg. 67 for livermore and pleasanton. in the north bay, temperatures looking similar here. 63 for kentfield and for san rafael. 71 in fairfield. 61 is a high today in the city and up in santa rosa going to see a high of 68 today. so warming up even a little bit more tomorrow. even more sunshine in the forecast and then wednesday, clouds roll back in. thursday and friday starting to cool off a little bit. and by this weekend, we are going to see much cooler weather, highs in the warmest spots in the mid-60s and a chance of rain back in the forecast. that's a look at your forecast. let's check driving conditions with elizabeth. >> reporter: chopper 5 got to the scene of this now minor
6:46 am
injury crash. we have just learned minor injuries with this after a jeep hit a tree. bollinger canyon on-ramp at 680, emergency vehicles and chp on scene. this is all completely off the road. so the main lines of the freeway as chopper zooms over to the side there you can see the main lines of northbound and southbound 680 are both fine. no slowing. and again, that is a minor injury crash there just off the freeway. thank you, chopper 5. at the bay bridge toll plaza, they turned the metering lights on about a half hour ago. so we are starting to see delays. delays just to the west grand overcrossing maybe a little beyond that. a little sluggish from our sensors as well on the upper deck as you're heading from the inclined towards the "s" curve. on the san francisco side of the bridges, things are better. san mateo bridge, we had an earlier wind advisory that expired. so right now we are good to go
6:47 am
across the span in either direction. 280 looks great all across -- coming out of downtown. a little slowing up and down the guadalupe parkway. but nothing unusual through here. and we'll take a check of the nimitz. 880 through oakland as you pass the coliseum, these are live traffic sensors. so everything is moving fine, top speeds all the way up into downtown oakland. earlier chopper 5 was near the 880-980 interchange where everything was free-flowing and bart now has 53 trains all running on time. ace trains number 1 and 3 off to a great start. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:47 your time. we have been following some breaking news near los angeles. a fire raging out of control at a food processing plant. there were early reports of an explosion. we have a live update now from the fire department. let's listen in. >> they did go defensive approximately 15 minutes after that and asked for a third
6:48 am
alarm. the additional alarm is more just for manpower. we need additional personnel to bring more hose lines in. there was a report of one minor injury to one of the employees. they were transported to a local hospital. and they are doing fine. no other injuries to any firefighters at this time. we are defensive. we are going to continue to surround. we have a pretty -- some aerial deployment set up to help with dropping water inside. and right now we're just staying there and that's where it stands you. >> said you're defensive. what's the plan of attack right now? >> yeah. well, defensive mode basically what we'll do is just keep our units outside, no personnel will be inside the structure. we don't feel that it's safe given that's been so much fire inside, the integrity of the building will have been reduce the. we keep our units outside and aerial hose lines up to help
6:49 am
knocking down the fire up from top and then have massive streams down below, as well. >> what about that woman who was injured, what's the nature of her injuries? >> from what i have been told, just a minor injury to an elbow. she was taken to make sure she was okay. >> what's the stat of everyone else inside? one of the employees said everyone got out safely. is that what you're hearing? >> yes. initially there was heavy smoke and fire. the units did a rapid search inside which is what we do on any structure. fortunately all employees got out before the fire became as large as it did. >> between told that frozen chinese food comes in here and oil may be fueling that. is that true? what about the -- >> our reports are that it's a tire manufacturer. so that's what we have been told. >> some of the employees have said that it's a chinese food processing. >> oh, really? okay. well, there's obviously some accelerants in there. there's heavy black smoke. whether it's rubber or oil, it's still something that we have to watch.
6:50 am
>> this is obviously still so early-morning but is there any indication that this may be suspicious when it comes to a cause? >> anytime that we have a fire, we are going to -- there's going to always be an investigation afterwards, what the cause was will be determined late. >> is this connected? there was another fire that's not too far away. are they connected? >> we didn't have any information regarding any other fires. >> what can you tell us about the sheer number of employees and firefighters that are here? >> we have 150 firefighters on scene right now. it is a third alarm. so that's approximately 20 apparatus. i mean, we have units from all over southern california here right now working this fire just to maintain safety. >> again, you were listening to a live interview with the fire department down there in huntington park. this is south of los angeles. conflicting reports as to whether it's a food processing plants or a tire plant. when we first brought this to you, about an hour ago, it
6:51 am
looked like about a small fire. it is definitely not contained. he says they are fighting a defensive fire. no one right now going anywhere near that fire. they are just trying to keep it from the surrounding businesses and homes that are also in the area. >> there is some sort of accelerant still inside that building. whether be it some sort of food processing plant they mentioned chinese food, the oils from that or perhaps some sort of tire manufacturing company. but there's definitely an issue there. three alarms, 20 apparatus, one injury thus far and we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> in is in huntington park -- this is in huntington park in southern california. this year's college grads are racking up student loans debt. the "wall street journal" reports the average senior this year will owe $22,900, that's 8% more than a year ago and the highest level of student loan debt ever. new chargers for electric cars will soon be available at dozens of locations around san
6:52 am
francisco. the 90 plug-in sites intended to provide a top-off to supplement charges in car owners' homes. today san francisco mayor ed lee will announce that installation will begin next month. all of the new charging stations will be in place by year's end at sfo and at city parking garages. well, something similar to the zipcar program might be coming to san jose. this month, the city will start accepting bids to get into the car rental business. the program if approved would start with a fleet of about 5 to 10 cars and city employees would get first dibs before those cars are rented out. and this morning a campaign to get the small dogs into new homes. >> it's called chihauhau palooza. the east bay spca has an overflow of homeless chihauhaus, population has doubled in recent years so it's holding this event. all small dog adoptions will be 50% off. security scare on a flight to sfo. >> yeah, we continue to learn
6:53 am
more about the passenger who was banging on the door of the cockpit. a live update on how flight attendants took him down in midair. >> and if you have a story idea or comment to share with us, you can email ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 am
[ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. francisco.. a passenger is
6:56 am
under arrest this morning. right now the joint terrorism task for a security scare orn a flight heading into san francisco. a passenger under arrest. the joint terrorism task force is investigating. sharon chin has the story. >> reporter: sydnie, fbi investigators are trying to find more about this man and why he rushed the cockpit. san francisco police say a man with a passport from yemen ran up from the coach section and started pounding on the cockpit door last night while yelling unintelligibly. two flight attendants took him down with help from two passengers. a retired san mateo police officer and secret service agent just happened to be on board. they arrested him with the flight attendants' plastic handcuffs. the flight aa flight 1561 started at laguardia and land the at sfo after 9 p.m. last night. police say the 28-year-old suspect rageit almurisi was treated at a hospital for minor scrapes before heading to the
6:57 am
county jail in redwood city. a week after the death of osama bin laden the fbi is investigating any possibility of a retaliatory attack. the suspect is charged with interfering with a flight crew and that is a federal offense. >> thank you, sharon chin at sfo. a fire that gutted a house in oakley may be linked to a domestic dispute. neighbors saw flames shooting out of the house at hid night and called 911. firefighters hosed adjacent houses to keep the flames from spreading. the contractor says the house that burned will be demolished. it's a mess. neighbors say a man who used to live there and his ex-wife have had an ongoing fight for quite some time. in a few minutes, bay area teachers will begin a rally in san francisco to kick off a week of protests to save cuts to education budgets. they are going to put pressure on legislators to save teachers' jobs and stop the cancellation of more class
6:58 am
days. teachers plan a large rally at the capital on friday. let's get another look at traffic and weather before you head out the door. kristy, we'll see a little sunshine out there, maybe a little warmer. >> mostly sunny skies today and a few degrees warmer than yesterday, although a cool start to the morning. tomorrow we'll see even more sunshine though with highs in the high 70s in the warmest spots and then cooling down later in the week and a chance of rain back in the forecast for this weekend. temperatures dropping as well into the mid-60s. a pretty shot that one of our viewers sent in sunrise from my window, probably similar to what you're seeing this morning. if you have a shot to share with us, send it to us at that's it for weather. what's going on in traffic, elizabeth? >> well, let's go out towards chopper 5 and chopper 5 can show us what's going on... not much. [ laughter ] >> it's a monday. >> talk about a build-up. >> i want to make it more exciting but here's a live look at the dumbarton bridge and things are usually moving well
6:59 am
on the dumbarton bridge at this time and today is no exception. so thank you for that live chopper shot. all right. we actually do have a one new accident just coming in westbound 80 approaching midway road. not seeing any delay there. and we are going to zoom on in towards the antioch bridge because the antioch bridge actually looks great this morning. a little bit of slowing though making your way through antioch past a street just your usual slow traffic through there. at the bay bridge, metering lights have been on since about 6:15 and you are backed up to the 880 overcrossing. 15-minute wait to get you on the bridge. but no major hot spots out there right now. >> but look, they have a nice shot of the sunshine. >> yeah. nice view while they are sit there is. >> thank you, elizabeth and kristy. thanks for watching the cbs 5 "early edition." we'll see you right back here tomorrow morning bright at early on tuesday at 4:30. >> have a great day. we leave with you this shot from chopper 5. >> caption colorado, llc


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