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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in. the flight attendant up there told him that the bathroom was the door on the left not once but twice. when he still tried to get into the cockpit by lowering his shoulder and crashing through the door, that's when the flight attendant summoned help from fellow passengers who subdued the suspect. in the back of this san francisco police car our first look at rageit almurisi, the vallejo man arrested upon arrival at sfo last night. the 28-year-old who holds both a california id card and a yemen passport became unruly on the flight from chicago last night. police say he went to the front of the boeing 737 and started yelling in a foreign language and pounding and trying breakthrough the locked door. cockpit. police say flight attendants asked passengers for help. a retired secret service and retired san mateo cop sprang to their feet. >> four of them were able to place the passenger on the ground and use some flexibility handcuffs to put his hands behind his back. >> reporter: here's how it
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sanded when the pilot radioed the sfo tower for help on the ground. >> we are going to need priority handling on our arrival, we had a conflict here. >> reporter: rageit almurisi was arrested and being investigated for terrorist ties. his family members in vallejo say he is a math teacher not a terrorist. >> i really can't say what he was thinking at the time. i know he is not a terrorist for sure. >> reporter: some people might say why was he pounding on the door of the cockpit. >> i can't answer for him. i don't know how people were treating him on the plane. i personally think it was just a misunderstanding. >> reporter: the incident did not disrupt flight operations at sfo. but passengers hearing of yet
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another scare in the air say it is something to think about on board. >> you can't always look around and wonder if somebody is going to have a go at doing this. it's kind of scary but we have to get on with life and it's part of traveling now, unfortunately. >> reporter: he's being held now by federal authorities. he will be arraigned tomorrow in report in on the one charge interfering with a flight crew. he is being investigated for possible terrorist ties. if there are any other charges to file they will add them later. >> len, it's just amazing that a retired police officer and a secret service agent were both on that flight. they really saved the day. any word on what's going to happen to them or are they going to be rewarded in any way. >> reporter: we don't know. their names haven't been released so far as far as we know. when this case went from san mateo county as a local case
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into a federal case, then we really lost access to find out exactly what may be happening to those two officers. but again, you're right. lucky that two law enforcement officers -- former law enforcement officers with experience in arrest techniques were on that plane and able to subdue him. from what we understand, rageit almurisi is a large man and could have been powerful. >> real heroes on that flight. len ramirez in san francisco, thank you. the meaning took photos of the flight is giving a firsthand account of what happened. kiet do at the san mateo county jail with more on what the man says actually happened on flight 1561. >> reporter: we are here at the san mateo county jail where almurisi was being held until a couple of hours ago. he has been handed off to the fbi and we are learning more about the guy who snapped the photos that went viral on the internet. he is of a civil engineering student. andrew walked past almurisi and
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said he looked like a clean-cut normal joe. >> i noticed just this guy in the very last row sort of fidgety a little bit not really comfortable, didn't know if he was sort of blowing air. >> reporter: andrew was trading nodes with the guy sitting next to almurisi and said it was normal. andrew fell asleep and was woken up. >> i woke up to a bunch of passengers running down and, you know, tackling a guy up front. >> reporter: passengers were worried there might have been some sort of coordinated attack because you could hear something shouting do, go, go. everybody started unbuckling their seatbelts to get a better look. they were told to sit down. after the handcuffs were on, it was tense. >> we saw them coming back with the handcuffs and at that moment we erupted in applause and second applause when the plane landed. >> reporter: andrew says they were very lucky to have two experienced law enforcement agents on that plane and he
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wants to tell them, thank you. in redwood city kiet do cbs cbs. >> there were two other incident on flights yesterday. a continental jet from houston to chicago had to stop in st. louis after a passenger tried to open the exit door during the flight. >> i hear a scream from the stewardess and i see her fly across the thing. and so i go running. and i see this guy with his hands on the door, these two guys trying to hold him. the guy was a bull. so i just jumped on his back, put him in a choke. >> also yesterday, a delta flight from detroit to san diego was diverted to albuquerque after a flight attendant says that she found a suspicious note in the bathroom. the flight was cleared to leave after 6.5 hours. it's happened again. another case of a patient attack employees at napa state hospital. the state department of mental health says the incident happened yesterday. investigators say a few
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employees were hurt when they tried to control a patient who had become agitated. none of the injuries was serious. it's the latest in a string of violent incidents at that hospital including the murder of another psychiatric technician in october. police are calling a fire that destroyed an oakley home suspicious. neighbors saw the flames shooting out of the house. this is about 11:00 last night when they called 911. nobody was home at the time. but firefighters did hose down nearby houses, kept the flames from spreading. neighbors think the fire could be linked to an ongoing domestic dispute between the homeowners. >> they are tweakers. >> meaning what? >> they are drug addicts most definitely. i mean, they would do peelouts on their lawn several times they would say would put new lawn in and then it would die and they would put new lawn in again and it would die and die again. so they're just weird people. >> a contractor who is boarding up the house today says it will
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have to be demolished. san jose firefighters had a busy morning themselves. they had to put out three separate fires all reported within 30 minutes. the largest was a three-alarm fire at the victoria near san jose state. there are no reports of any injuries in any of the fires and it's not clear if investigators think the fires are connected. pg&e finished testing a natural gas pipeline in mountain view to make sure it's safe. workers filled the pipe with water and pressurized it at a higher-than-normal level to check for leaks. no word yet on whether any were found. pg&e intends to conduct pressure tests on more than 150 miles of gas transmission lines before the end of the year. no mail delivery now nor anytime soon. why an entire block is paying the price for one bad apple. in her own words. how jaycee dugard plans to share details on her years in captivity. and how you'll able to hear the story straight from her. i don't know where i'm going to be in two years, you
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ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. sharing the details of her ordeal, in a from her kidnapping to her rescue, jaycee dugard is sharing the details of her ordeal in a new memoir.
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the book "a stolen life" tells of her abduction, life with phillip and nancy garrido and how she feels since she was rescued. the couple pled guilty of kidnapping her from outside her lake tahoe home in 1991 when she was 11 and holding her captive. the book as well as an audio book read by dugard go on sale in july. stolen mail has led to a slew of charges against people there in santa clara county. police arrested heather black barn, and two others on thursday. they say it was an off-duty police officer who spotted one of the women taking mail from the mailboxes. he then saw her get inside a car with santiago and morales. officers searched the car and say they found stolen mail as well as age legal weapon and burglary tools. they also found psychedelic mushrooms which police think the suspects planned to sell. imagine five weeks without mail service. it's what one neighborhood is dealing with in southern california. dave lopez on why the post
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office cut off an entire block because of one family. >> reporter: neither rains nor sleet nor snow -- you know the rest. the mail must go through, unless your letter carrier is attacked not once but twice by a dog. then you have to get your mail yourself at your local post office. and in this case, that includes one whole block. >> it's rare that it gets to this point where we have to stop delivery to a block. >> reporter: but for dozens of san pedro residents along this section of west 17th street, that's the way it is. no mail delivery now, nor anytime soon. >> it's very inconvenient. >> what does the neighbor tell you? >> well, he told me that he got rid of the dogs. he's very sorry and apologetic about what's going on. >> reporter: hawkins wasn't home nor his 40-pound boxer dog who neighbors say hasn't been there for a month. but the dog did attack a female letter carrier knocked her down and chewed up her hand. so according to the post office after the first attack, the
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animal control shelter came to the house, couldn't find the dog and was assured by the ender mr. hawkins that the dog was no longer going to be here. then a short time after that, same mail carrier, delivering mail, a few doors down, and the same dog is running around on the streets. guess what happened. mail carrier got attacked again. saved only according to the postal office when she jumped into a car of a motorist passing by. >> our employee's safety is paramount to us and that's why we do have the authority to stop delivery if it's not staph for our car i don't knower an area. >> reporter: did the dog scare you? >> yeah. my son is very scared of the dog. >> reporter: you haven't seen thing for a while? >> well, haven't gone there for a while. >> reporter: she is fine with the mail delivery ban. others in the neighborhood ask, why punish all of us? >> that's unfair. that's unfair. >> reporter: remember back in school when the whole class was punished because of the misdeeds one student? well, that's the way the post office views this incident. that second bite and the mail delivery ban is still in force.
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from san pedro, dave lopez, cbs 5. apparently on friday the post office told neighbors it will install a universal delivery box for the neighborhood in two weeks. but it won't resume normal service until it gets documentation that the dog is promptly in a new home. doctors say she was dazed from death. coming up, one woman's ordeal stranded for weeks in the nevada wilderness. how she survived on candy and snow. >> amazing just to see all this water. you know, where it go, where it came from. >> a race against time. the mississippi river at its highest level since 1937. what's about to happen that's going to make things much worse. >> from the cbs 5 weather center in san francisco, rain is back in the seven-day forecast. we'll pinpoint the day to expect it as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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they say a new and improved park will highlight nativ s. but it's pitt tivists against each other.
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ann notarangelo is in oakland with what's behind the opposition. ann. oakland zoo administrators say there will be new species. that's pitting activists against each other. ann notarangelo with what's behind the opposition. >> reporter: allen, within a year, the zoo would like to open up a new veterinary hospital and within four years on the hillside behind me they would like to open up the california exhibit but there are neighbors and other groups that are saying, not so fast. they have filed an appeal with the city to stop the project. >> what we want to do is showcase california animals and plants. >> reporter: this is what the oakland zoo sees in its future, a 60-acre expansion, 40 acres to restore natural habitat and 20 for new animal exhibits like buys songs, wolves and grizzly bears which are now extinct in california. they see it as a california conservation message but some neighbors and environmental groups see it differently. >> we think that that's a backwards plan. conservation is an important issue but it can be accomplished in different ways and this isn't one of them.
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>> reporter: plans to expand the zoo started in 1998 and the community was part of that discussion. but in the years since then, the zoo has altered its vision now wanting a larger veterinary hospital, a new gondola to take visitors to and from the exhibits, and a larger visitor center. >> we believe that the grassland here and the natural resources of the site deserve to be protected and the current plan is not doing that. so we are going to fight as hard as we can to make sure that they are. >> reporter: the california native plant society is concerned about purple needle grass, california broom and oak grass which have already been pushed out across the state by development. matt wants a new environmental impact report, some a zoo director says would not accomplish any more than reviews already conducted. >> all the environmental reviews were done just as thoroughly as an eir so we had to restudy the visual impact of the towers, the air quality,
5:18 pm
the noise, the traffic, the parking, the which is both the plants and the -- the biology which is the plants and the animals in the area. >> reporter: the visitors say two stories underground is less visible than the earlier visitor center plans. neighbors are concerned about the gondola but the zoo says it's more environmentally- friendly friendly than the diesel powered trams and the doctor takes issue with the notion the plants destroy wildlife in an attempt to preserve it. >> if we were winning the war as far as environmental conservation in this country, then i would be more sympathetic to that. but we're not winning. we need to provide more of a conservation education environmental education going forward. >> reporter: the city planning commission has already approved a project. now it's up to the city council to stein off on it and the zoo is hoping that these groups don't follow through with a lawsuit that would be time- consuming. it would delay the project and would also cost money and frankly they want to start breaking ground on this
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hospital within the month. in oakland, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. the housing market recovery may take even longer than expected. according to real estate website, home values fell faster than in three years. price have now fallen for 57 straight months and economists predict prices may fall another 10% before the housing market hits bottom. many experts predict we won't see a recovery in the real estate market until sometime next year. this one might strike close to home. saving for retirement? the many excuses for not doing it. how about a reality check from researchers at stanford. on the consumerwatch, julie watts with the way to face the future so to speak. julie. >> reporter: you know the saying seeing is believing? we need a visual image to get an idea what something is really like and in some cases that image can change the way you think. reporter: like most college students christopher rogers doesn't think about retirement. >> i don't know where i'm going to be in two years, you know?
5:20 pm
>> reporter: but he recently got a preview. fast forward 45 years, this is what stanford researchers say rogers will look like as a senior citizen. >> it looks pretty plausible to me especially the sunken cheeks. >> this is one of the best virtual reality labs in the world. >> reporter: he says virtual aging is a useful tool to get young people to think and plan ahead. >> it's a very powerful visceral emotional experience of having to be a different version of you. >> it's a walk into the future. >> reporter: this psychology professor believes seeing our future selves will encourage to us think about retirement. >> we believe that people will begin to behave in a way that will recognize and help take care of that future self. >> reporter: carsonson said young people have seen the feature tend to save more money for a rainy day and retirement. now i'm about to see into the future. this is my before picture at age 30-ish.
5:21 pm
and this is what researchers at stanford's virtual reality lab say i'll look like at 65. >> holy moly. >> it's just a prediction but that is a good likeness. >> reporter: it's a reality check and a wake-up call. >> makes you think about life past 21 , huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: i'll say. you don't need virtual reality. there are a number of websites that allow you to age a photo of yourself and one idea that's been floated is for companies to put aged photos of their employees in the benefits section of the company's website to help remind them to save. >> if numbers don't scar you, you, that picture will. the mississippi is expected to crest at record levels in memphis tomorrow. the river has already swamped homes and many could soon under water as the river reaches 48 feet close to the record in 1937. 1300 homes have been evacuated
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in down river in louisiana and a spill was was opened north of new orleans to ease pressure on the levees there. >> that's amazing. now they have a heat wave in that particular part of the country, as well. than adds some fuel to the problems as far as mosquitos are concerned. take a look at our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out from slack vac. looks hazy from this particular view. wow. get up there and climb up top the mountain and clean off our camera lens because we have mostly clear skies at this hour except right here. look at this. a few billowing leftover clouds from an area of low pressure. we have light precipitation south of san jose and the outskirts of morgan hill and gilroy. this is all associated with the passage of a disturbance. so out the door no need for the umbrella. those rain showers are moving out. we have mostly sunny skies. temperature 71 degrees at this hour in santa rosa dropping
5:23 pm
down to 44 degrees. numbers pretty much in the 40s across the board and those breezy winds are beginning to subside. this is the area of low pressure. notice the counterclockwise formation of the clouds, the precipitation, as it begins to traverse towards the rockies. high pressure is going to quickly fill in and as it does so, we are returning to seasonal weather pattern here in the bay area from tuesday through thursday. rain back in the picture -- wait for that seven-day forecast. one day at a time. tomorrow with the winds northwest, during the afternoon, up to 20er temperatures 60 pacifica to 76 degrees the outside number at the delta. the extended forecast does call for the sunshiny day through thursday. we increase the cloud cover and drop the temperature friday. slight chance of rain showers both days over the weekend saturday and sunday, with unseasonably cool temperatures. so the kids in pleasanton are saying they want to get out and ride their bikes today. there you have it, greg sent this picture in.
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good job kids as they get exercise as the skies clear here in the bay area. keep the photos come to we'll be right back. hey marcel, watch this!
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amazing survival story, while hoping for a second one. to understand a candian family celebrating an amazing survival story while hoping for a second one tonight. hunters found rita in a vanna remote forest in nevada on friday after being there seven weeks. she and her husband took a detour and got stuck in the mud. the husband is still missing despite search efforts.
5:27 pm
rita is in fair condition in the hospital and her son said she rationed out trail mix, melted snow and hard candy. >> this is an incredible survival story. he was a man without a face until two months ago. >> 25-year-old dallas wiens face was burned off during construction accident 2.5 years ago. but thanks to an anonymous donor, wiens is the recipient of the nation's first full face transplant. he says he did it all for his daughter scarlet. in march, 30 doctors performed the life changing procedure. and when little scarlet saw him for the first time after the operation, she told him, daddy, you're so handsome. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it may be the best-known predominan i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. it may be the best known predominantly gay community on enter. but it appears the castro is changing. the signs that the neighborhood may be getting a little more straight. that and more at 6:00. "c see you at 6:00.


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