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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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today, for his mid- air scare on a san francisco flight. the t from his family. i really can't say what he was thinking at the time but i know he was not a terrorist. a bay area man facing a judge today for his midair scare on the san francisco flight. the new insight from his family and signs of past trouble. >> and the schwarzenegger separated after 25 years of marriage. the hint the california's first lady may have been giving about their problems. >> that's sad news, 25 years. good morning. it is tuesday, the 10th of may. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we talk to the weather gal over here and she says today is the pick of the week.
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>> it is. >> i like it. >> it probably will be the warmest day of the week today. we'll see temperatures warmer up to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday so today's the day to get outside if you can. san francisco high of 65, today 68 in oakland, 72 san jose, 75 in concord and we'll start to cool off later in the week. i'll tell you more about that in a bit. enjoy the sunshine today. first here's traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, kristy. we have one problem spot southbound 880 hayward at a street, an accident there, maybe a lane blocked. slowing on the sensors across that stretch towards 92. speaking of highway 92, live look at the san mateo bridge where conditions look great across the span. more traffic coming up. meantime, back to you. >> thank you. his family says the man accused of trying to break into the cockpit on a flight to sfo is not a terrorist. >> sharon chin is in san francisco where the man has a date in federal court today. she joins us with more. good morning. reporter: good morning this morning, the suspect is
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scheduled to go before a u.s. magistrate at 9:30 here in front of the federal courthouse. he will hear the charge against him of interfering with a flight crew and if convicted, he could face a maximum of 20 years in prison. san francisco police arrested 28-year-old rageit almurisi on sunday night. the chief flight attendant told authorities he repeatedly pounded on the cockpit door during the flight bound for sfo. two retired law enforcement officers on the plane helped the flight crew wrestle him to the floor. passenger andrew wade took these pictures and witnessed the drama. >> once they tackled him down we saw him cuff him in the back with handcuffs and at that moment we erupted in applause and the second applause when the plane land. >> reporter: federal agents are investigating rageit almurisi's background to establish a motive. he has a yemeni passport and california id card. they say he has no known ties
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to terrorism. his cousin from vallejo says it was a misunderstanding. >> i really can't say what he was thinking at the time but i know he is not a terrorist, for sure. >> reporter: his family says almurisi was a math teacher in his native yemen and lives now in vallejo but he was having trouble finding a job after being in the u.s. after a year and a half. this morning, almurisi will make his first court appearance. he will be asked if he has a lawyer. if not, he will be appointed one by the court. frank? >> okay, sharon chin live in san francisco, thank you. looks like the u.s. will be able to question the wives of osama bin laden. pakistan has agreed to give u.s. officials access to the three women. so far no official confirmation. the women have been impact stane custody since the raid that killed bin laden more than a being ago. white house hopes the women can provide some information about the terror leader's activities
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while in hiding. and in libya nato warplanes struck at least four targets today in the capital of tripoli. one of the buildings hit is a hospital. locals say other targets include buildings used by parliament members and a military intelligence agency. nato is trying to protect rebels who have been trying to oust long-time leader moammar qaddafi. he is currently while the rebels control part of the country. 4:34. huge relief in memphis. the mississippi river has crested just shy of 48 feet. hundreds of people were formed from their homes but experts say the levees will hold so now attention is shifting downstream to louisiana and the mississippi delta. a spillway is opened to relieve pressure on levees near new orleans. that is really scary to think that they could have a another levee break. >> you're from that neck of the woods. did you experience some of that
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years ago? >> well, just watching that and after being down there for hurricane katrina you just don't want anybody to have that flooding again. and the fact is they are actually watching it come downstream. >> that's the worst. >> so no such problems around here. 4:35. let's check traffic and weather around the bay area. kristy? >> the warmest day of the week. it will be cooler later on in the week. pinpoint forecast showing us we are in the clear now. the low bringing us cloud cover over the past couple of days is out the door to the east so we'll have a nice day today. temperatures mild in the 40s and 50s. 47 in fairfield, 48 in concord, warmer in oakland at 43. the city sitting at 51 right now. 50 for redwood city and 49 for san jose. and your highs for today up to 5 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday hitting those high 70s in the inland spots. so fairfield will top out at 77 today, 57 for concord. cooler in oakland at 68.
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the city topping out at 65 today. 64 pacifica, 70 for redwood city and going north high of 74 in santa rosa. warm this morning and cooler later in the week. more clouds tomorrow and onshore flow thursday and friday will drop temperatures more. then saturday and sunday, maybe even monday, we are going to see some more cloud cover and cooler temperatures plus chance of showers back into the forecast. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. we are going out towards highway 4. we have this ongoing roadwork and they have actually completely shut down eastbound 4 between loveridge and somersville so detour signs are in place for another hour or so until about 5:30 this morning. elsewhere, more roadwork. no surprise for this time of the morning, on the lower deck as you make your way towards the san francisco anchorage and treasure island, watch out for that. otherwise, westbound traffic looks like it's getting by fine, no delay right now all the way across the upper deck and no metering lights right
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now at the bay bridge toll plaza. very slowly we're going to go towards at&t park. we have a giants game later on tonight. giants against arizona around 715 so expect delays along the embarcadero and king street by the ballpark around 7:15. right now good to go 101 to 280 heading up the peninsula. everything looks good now across the san mateo bridge. no problems at all in either direction. and a quick check of the south bay. top speeds as well, the guadalupe parkway, 101 and 280 out of downtown, two thumbs up. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> we'll give you two thumbs up, too, okay, elizabeth. another milestone today in san bruno. eight months after that deadly pipeline explosion, this afternoon the first groundbreaking ceremony will be held on the site of a home destroyed by the september blast. the hensel family recently became the first to get a
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permit to rebuild. construction work on fairmont drive property is expected to begin next month and take up to a year to complete. state regulators are calling on pg&e to provide more proof that the rest of its natural gas pipeline are not dangerous. the public utilities commission just told pg&e it needs to provide safety documents for most i was 5700 miles of pipeline. -- for most its 5700 miles of pipeline. the utility has been slow to provide documents on 1800 miles of pipeline. a famous couple is splitting up. >> that's right. former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver have separated. according to the "los angeles times," shriver has already moved out of their brentwood mansion. last month, it was their 25th wedding anniversary. in a joint statement last night, they said, quote, this has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us. after a great deal of thought, reflection and discussion and prayer, we came to this
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decision together." >> in a youtube video posted back in march she was not wearing a wedding ring. she alluded to uncertainty she felt about her next phase in her life. >> like a lot of you i'm in transition and people come up to me all the time, what are you doing next, what are you going to do, what have you come up with? oh, i hope you're getting time to relax and think and take a break. it's so stressful to not know what you're doing next when people ask you what are you doing and then they can't believe that you don't know what you're doing and then every idea you have you think, weather. , maybe i shouldn't do that. >> "l.a. times" says that since arnold schwarzenegger left office in january it seemed that the two were living separate lives. they say they will continue to parent their four children together. in other news, shocking photographs found in the home of a reno man charged with four murders in northern california. 77-year-old joseph naso acting as his own attorney in his murder trial in marin county
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court. the "contra costa times" reports investigators at naso's home found more than 4,000 photographs of women who were naked or wearing lingerie. there were also extensive notes about fantasies about torturing women. investigators reportedly believe naso took those photos himself. a relatively new program is helping solve some cold cases in california at a remarkable rate. the state is one of just three in the nation that allows familiar dna searching. investigators can search the dna database for close matches from evidence gathered at crime scene. then they focus on the person's relatives. >> what that meant was that if we had a like strain of dna from a family member they would come up with a similar hit. >> despite the state budget crisis, the state attorney general's office sin creasing funding -- is increasing funding to this project. civil liberties activists have
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expressed concerns so at this point the program is limited to sexual assault and homicide. time now 4:40. it could be microsoft's biggest deal ever. >> that's right. the billion-dollar buy that could change the internet game. >> spying smart phones take center stage on capitol hill. how lawmakers are trying to protect your privacy. >> and she stayed mostly silent until now. how jaycee dugard is about to share some intimate details about her kidnapping with the world. ,, hey, ellen, what are you doing? just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'.
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it should be a gorgeous day in the bay area, warmer than yesterday. >> we'll take it. thank you. from the silicon valley to the hot seat on capitol hill, today top tech officials will be grilled about tracking devices. congress is commanding answers from apple and google. senate panel will question
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execs about reports that iphones, ipads with 3-g and android phones secretly track and store their users' every move. some lawmakers are calling for legislation to protect consumers. >> you have privacy laws for telephone communications. we have privacy laws for electronic mail messages. but we really don't have modern privacy laws to address some of these modern services. >> both companies are expected to defend themselves bay saying the tracking devices aren't meant to spy on customers, instead help them by providing directions. microsoft is in talks to buy skype. the "wall street journal" reports the deal is worth $8 million. the paper calls it an aggressive move by the company. the announcement could come sometime later today. a kidnapped child rescued as a mother of two. soon we are going to know what really happened in between. jaycee dugard is writing a
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memoir entitled, a stolen life. it discusses her abduction. life with the couple responsible and her feelings since being rescued. phillip an nancy garrido pled guilty to kidnapping her when she was 11 years old. the book as well as an audio book read by dugard will be going on sale july 12. another reality show in the works. >> i don't know if we're ready for this. this time the star will be bristol palin. the 20-year-old single mom the daughter of sarah palin will be followed by cameras as she moves from alaska to l.a. 10 half hour episodes will air on the a&e' biochannel. it won't feature her boyfriend levi johnson. that's too bad. the duke and the duchess of cambridge are finally on their honeymoon. >> prince william and his wife were married last month but after the wedding the prince had to return to work as a rescue helicopter pilot.
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now though he is on two weeks leave. it may be a while before we know where the royal honeymoon stake place. >> i heard the seychelles. >> she had bought a couple of sundresses. >> figured it would be some place warm. >> imagine the security there. time now 4:46. protests over education are heating up. >> the standoff that led to dozens of arrests at the state capital. >> yeah, i do think it's definitely elitist. i don't think there should be a hierarchy involved. >> should a golden bear pay more than a banana slug? the cost savings tuition plan that has some uc students outraged. and mcdonald's, the hip new hangout? the billion-dollar makeover in store for the golden arches. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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government. government. the tion
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california's high-speed rail system getting another financial boost from the federal government. the department of the transportation announcing california's project will get another $300 million as part of the $2 billion that became available when florida gave up on its high-speed rail project. federal officials believe this will allow the california project's initial stage in the central valley to stretch a bit farther north. muni is firing back. a state regulator said the state's rail operations are the worst in the state but muni says those allegations are obscure and unsubstantiated. the state public utilities commission investigating muni's light rail practices started in february and threatened to fine the agency if it didn't address certain problems like infrastructure. a hearing will be held friday to determine if muni should face any penalties. the world's largest passenger jet about to touch down right here in san francisco.
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the lufthansa airline a-380 is expected to land at noon. the airbus will be the first of its kind to have regular service out of sfo. it will fly between frankfurt, germany, and san francisco. spectators can take part in the launch party and even win two tickets to travel on the air bus. gorgeous looking airplane. they will enjoy the weather today. sunshine and mild conditions, today being the warmest day of the week. patchy fog at the coast and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. so mild start. and then this afternoon we warm up nicely about 5 degrees warmer in some places than yesterday. plenty of sunshine in those inland spots and around the bay. now, the coast still seeing some breezy conditions so that's going to keep temperatures cooler and we'll see some patchy fog this afternoon there so temperatures ranging from the high 50s at the coast. high pressure bringing us warm weather. then this low will drop in pretty soon and that's going to
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bring us cooler temperatures and actually we're going to see some sprinkles a little bit later on in the week. but for today here's your highs. 71 mountain view, los altos and milpitas. 59 for daly city. warmer farther down south, 73 los gatos and campbell and 76 in morgan hill. over in the east bay seeing nice warm temperatures in those far inland spots. 77 in brentwood, 76 antioch and for pittsburg, cooler at the shore, 68 berkeley, 67 in richmond and 67 in hayward. marin county 60s. 68 mill valley. 64 sausalito. warmer north, 75 sonoma and napa, 77 fairfield and 74 as a high today in benicia. so beautiful weather today. mostly sunny skies. then wednesday the clouds roll back in. thursday and friday, this is when we really start to see that cooling trend and you will see by saturday dropping down into the mid-60s in our warmest spots and you do see those clouds and rain back in the
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forecast for saturday and sunday and continuing with the chance of showers into monday. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, kristy. no huge problems, mostly overnight roadwork still going on. dumbarton bridge is free and easy though right now no issues at all westbound or eastbound in and out of menlo park. 880 the nimitz we got construction. sounds like one lane is blocked between hegenberger and coliseum way. both directions of 880 -- we have a camera near the coliseum. it's a little dark so it's marched to tell if there is any roadwork out there but left lane is blocked. not a full freeway closure just the left lane blocked on stretches of eastbound 4 through pittsburg until about 5:30 this morning. no delay to traffic and no need to use detours. westbound 4 looks great. all right. san mateo bridge, i had mentioned that earlier accident southbound 880 at a street. turns out it was a hit-and-run accident. it is cleared to the right shoulder. so no delay there and a nice
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quick trip easy ride towards highway 92. and the span of the dumbarton bridge looks great. no roadwork at all. on the bay bridge, there is some roadwork on the lower deck. second straight day for this when we have seen a couple of lanes blocked until 6 a.m. so the sterling street on-ramp also closed until about 6:00. westbound traffic though in the commute direction heading out towards san francisco, no issues. nice easy ride into the city. and the south bay you can see all top speeds. one of the sensors is up dating but mostly green on our live traffic sensors meaning speeds over 40. mass transit, bart has 24 trains right now all running on time. and ace train number one is off to a great start. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. the cost of going to the
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university of california may depend on which campus you choose. the uc commission on the future is considering a system to charge more for campuses that are in higher demand like uc- berkeley and ucla. most students don't like it. >> it basically is going to limit the types of students that are going to be able to come to the school from the public to people with money. >> i think there is plenty of head room. we wouldn't be considering this for several years at any of our campuses. >> that uc commission has rejected the plan for the coming school year but it is a possibility as the system's fiscal crisis continues. about 65 students and teachers arrested while protesting budget cuts at the state capital yesterday. they had refused to leave the building after it closed last night. that according to the "sacramento bee." the day-long sit-in attracted about 1,000 people. they are urging lawmakers to pass a tax extension that would
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help fund education. and today teachers will take their protests to bay area shopping malls. they are going to grade papers there. their goal is to show the public just how much work teachers do after school. it is 4:55 now. the nurses strike at children's hospital oakland is scheduled to end in just a couple of hours. the nurses went on a five-day strike to protest proposed changes in health benefits. nurses had no contract since last july with no new talks scheduled. 125 replacement workers kept the hospitals open during the strike. the world's best known restaurant is getting a billion- dollar makeover. mcdonald's hoping to redecorate most of its 14,000 u.s. locations by the end of 2015. the company's going to replace all those fiberglass tables and steel chairs with wooden tables and comfy leather chairs. and the color schemes are changing, as well. >> for you designers expect
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muted orange, yellow, even some green. mcdonald's wants to make the restaurant feel more comfortable so customers are likely to hang out when done eating. >> can you say starbucks? >> bring your laptop, hang out. coffee is good for a buck, not bad i might add. a secret stash of pornography. >> what they could reveal about a bay area serial killer's next target. >> due in court today, the man accused of trying to storm into an american airlines cockpit. what his family says about him coming up. and members of congress will be grilling google and apple executives today about privacy. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. sacramento's former first couple splits. what the schwarzenegger are saying this morning about their decision to separate. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i really can't say what he was thinking at the time. but i know he is not a terrorist. >> math teacher other terrorist? the man behind a san francisco
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flight scare facing a judge this morning. the new insight into what may have set him off. >> google and apple on capitol hill with spying smart phones. good morning, i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. if you can play hooky i guess today is the day. it's going to be nice out there. >> can't say that. people will blame you. >> we're working. >> kristy seifkin has the weather. >> today's a great day to get outside if you can. gorgeous weather, sunny skies. it's about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday and it is going to be the warmest day of the week. we are going to see significant cooling a little later in the week. more on that in a bit but first elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, kristy. we are going to go out live towards the golden gate bridge because we may still be able to see them doing the lane change. we just saw the truck there we go, live look


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