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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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to beat the competition. no way around it. public safety is hit in san jose. the massive cuts to police and fire all on the line this morning. good morning. it is friday the 13th, it's may 13th, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 6:00. let's go ahead and get you out the door with a quick look at traffic and weather for this friday the 13th. lawrence, good morning. are you superstitious? >> no. but i'm feeling pretty lucky about today as we are going to see a lot of sunshine as we head throughout the day. you have some partly cloudy skies showing up outside now but by this afternoon, temperatures very similar to yesterday. 60s and 70s in many spots inland. 60s at the coastline. but there is some rain coming up toward this weekend. we'll talk more about that in a minute. right now the latest with elizabeth in traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. the very latest is we have launched chopper 5 right on schedule just to start at 6:00. and it is live over the san mateo bridge showing us traffic there approaching the toll plaza. looks great across the span. this is going to be the
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definite of friday light. we'll continue to follow it and show you a live look at the bay bridge coming up. back to you guys. >> elizabeth, thanks very much. just when you think this scandal can't get any worse, this morning investigators are looking into new allegations against a dirty police commander. anne makovec joins us now to talk about a woman that this particular cop busted for prostitution who then allegedly went to work for him at his brothel. anne, good morning. boy this story just keeps getting more and more bizarre. >> reporter: it is. we started following it a few weeks ago when a cop was accused of selling drugs that his department confiscated. and now a new allegation is unfolding dealing with a potential brothel that was run out of this strip mall here in pleasant hill. and this is all according to reports, no charges have been filed here on this alleged prostitution situation. but this man is certainly accused of abusing his law enforcement power in several
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venues. we have been told this used to be the brothel of a private investigation run by commander normal wielsch. the commander and private investigator chris butler are already facing charges of selling drugs they seized as evidence and now this prostitution case continues town fold where butler's lawyer says commander wielsch was in charge as his unit worked to shut down other houses of prostitution in contra costa county. >> this is the kind of thing that we don't want our community. but to have law enforcement ignore it or actually take advantage of it is shameful. >> reporter: that was the pleasant hill police chief you just heard from whose department referred it to the department run by welsh. welsh arrested this woman two years ago accused of running a house of prostitution in walnut creek. then she ends up working at his
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alleged brothel, which was also apparently fronting as a second office for butler. so i know this is all confusing and wielsch's attorney says that while he admits to the drugs he does not admit to anything dealing with any sort of alleged brothel so a lot of finger-pointing going on but it really does seem like the plot of some sort of made for tv movie. >> i was thinking a soap opera. just incredible. ann, thanks very much. anne makovec in pleasant hill. and an east bay home destroyed by fire may not have had any smoke detectors. at least that's the word from fire investigators who responded to this fire about 2:00 this morning. this is on vancouver way in concord. it took firefighters about half hour to get the fire under control. one woman was taken to the hospital. investigators say that the fire was an accident and caused about $150,000 in damage. firefighters in monterey county battling one of the first major grassfires of the
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season. this fire started last night and so far has already burned 600 acres. warm temperatures and gusty winds are fanning the flames. some homes in the area are threatened. there is a voluntary evacuation in place now. parts of highway 146, that's east of soledad, are shut down because of the flames. no word on the cause of the fire. it is 6:04. san carlos's interim mayor is apologizing after being busted for drunk driving. andy klein was arrested early yesterday morning. he says he was pulled over to answer a phone call -- pulled over to answer his phone. the chp checked to see if he had some kind of car trouble then thought he smelled alcohol. a breathalyzer registered a .08, the minimum blood alcohol level for a dui. it happened just a day after klein became the interim mayor after the sudden death of mayor omar ahmad. public safety is on the line as the city of san jose tries to fix its $115 million
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deficit. kiet do has more from city hall. >> reporter: good morning. no department will be spared in this upcoming city budget and that includes police and fire. right now, city leaders are trying to figure out exactly just how many police officers and firefighters will be laid off. in fact, several dozen police officers have already received their pink slips. the first time in the city's history leaving many on the department stunned. san jose's on pace to reduce the force down to the size it was a quarter century ago. the city is trying to aindividual to a repeat of this scene last year where firefighters were laid off again for the first time in the city's history. after ten years of budget cuts, the mayor says anybody with any good ideas out there about how to get this $115 million budget deficit now should speak up. here's what he said this morning. >> there's a lot of pain. certainly more pain than anyone wants. but the reality is we don't have enough money to go around. >> it's the worst budget crisis we have seen in the history of the city and first time we have laid off police officers not
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just a few, hundreds. >> reporter: the fire department is losing 64 positions, including 5 active firefighters. the police department is losing 195 positions and of those 122 officers are losing their jobs, as well. that meeting is set for 9:00 this morning. >> sadly, this story is being played out all over the state right now. okay, kiet do live in san jose, thank you. it is 606 time. let's go ahead and take another look at traffic and weather. >> we have to enjoy today while we have it, folks. looks like we could get pretty wet for some time after this. high pressure holding on. it is going to bring us a nice friday outside but you can already see the clouds gathering out there right now. yeah, we could see some rain return to the bay area as early as saturday evening. temperatures right now in the 50s and the 40s, a little cool in spots. you have some partly cloudy skies outside. mostly clear in the valleys. but by the afternoon, here comes that sunshine again. and looking good. 60s and some 70s showing up in many spots inland, plenty of 60s inside the bay and 50s and
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60s coastside. chance of rain over the weekend, we'll have more on that in a moment. right now, elizabeth has traffic. >> all the traffic and chopper 5 is heading off of the san mateo bridge actually heading into foster city right now so everything looks good near the 92/101 interchange. free-flowing no big issues. let's go to our maps. we have -- first actual report of an accident this morning is in fremont. northbound 680 approaching scott creek road. we are hearing that two lanes are blocked and there's debris in the road. our sensors are not picking up any slowing yet. but they may just be taking a little while to catch up because again we have two lanes blocked. in the meantime 880/237 the silicon valley commute looks great, friday light. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:07. the bloodiest attack since the death of osama bin laden plus osama bin laden's email trail. the way he kept in touch with al qaeda. and the unabomber's prized possessions up for sale.
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how much it could does get a peak into his private thoughts. >> who is going to replace charlie sheen on "two and a half men"? hollywood may have found its actor. tell you who it is coming up.
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jose state university parking garage resulted from a domestic dispute. police believe the murder- suicide at a san jose stated university parking garage resulted from a domestic dispute. 54-year-old napoleon caliguiran killed his wife and another man before killing himself, according to police. the 25 and 26-year-old were honor students just weeks away from graduating. a play-off said they were not involved in a romantic relationship. a u.s. missile strike killed three people in pakistan today. that country's intelligence officials say it happened near the afghan border. meanwhile, the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for two deadly explosions today in pakistan. at least 80 people were killed in the twin blasts. a spokesman for the taliban says the attack was to avenge the killing of osama bin laden by u.s. forces. and bin laden sent and
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received e-mails in his final years even though he was in hiding with no internet access. sources say a careful system was set up that allowed bin laden to relief no digital fingerprints. we type a message, put -- he would type a message, put it on a flash drive and a courier would send it from a distance the internet cafe. those e-mails are expected to provide information to the united states. the military is stepping up security for those navy seals who took down bin laden. defense secretary robert gates says he is working to keep their names secret for the sake of their safety and their families. >> and i would tell you that when i met with the team last thursday, they expressed a concern about that and particularly with respect to their families. >> gates speaking to marines stationed in north carolina yesterday. he also said he didn't want bin laden's death photos to be released to the public, worried they could be altered and cause a backlash to endanger
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americans overseas. time now 6:12. facebook not so friendly. how the website tried to damage google's reputation. >> and diving into the mind of the unabomber. why the feds are selling his most prize the possessions. ,,,,,,,,
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of the first major back now at 6:15, let's look at some of the top stories on this friday. right now firefighters in monterey county are battling one of the first grassfires of the season. it broke out last night in soledad and burned 600 acres. several buildings are threatened. there is a voluntary evacuation in place. no word on how it got started. proposed cuts to public safety in san jose will be the focus of a special budget meeting at 9 a.m. at city hall this morning. the city facing a $115 million deficit. the city manager drafted budget calls to eliminate 400 position including police officers and firefighters. and thousands of people in louisiana are getting ready to evacuate because of floodwaters. engineers want to open a massive spillway to prevent the swollen mississippi river from flooding baton rouge and new orleans. but that could mean hundreds of thousands of flooded acres in
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louisiana's cajun country. we have off and running on this friday and looking good so far. how about this the sun coming up and lots of sunshine out there to start your day. not as many clouds out there just a few clouds floating through the bay and toward the coastline, looks like we have a great friday coming our way and enjoy it. major changes for the weekend. headed out the door now, you have clear skies inland, patchy fog at the coast, 40s and 50s. by this afternoon should be mostly sunny a couple of passing high clouds. clouds at the coast. changes in store for the weekend as high pressure looks like it's going to get out of the way after bringing us a nice day today and guess what, this guy is going to dive in here bringing some much cooler temperatures, the possibility of some showers, maybe even some isolated thunderstorms as we head in toward sunday. so enjoy that sunshine today. should be a very comfortable 69 degrees in san jose. 70 los gatos, about 67 in milpitas, 50s and 60s at the coastline.
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east bay numbers going to be running up into the 70s especially well inland. 73 in antioch and brentwood. 70 danville and about 71 degrees in walnut creek. a little cooler as you approach the coast about 58 in stinson beach. sonoma looking good, 69. 73 fairfield and 68 degrees in vallejo. all right. next couple of days, yup, major changes in the works, folks. it's back to a wet wintry pattern here in the bay area. chance of rain developing by saturday evening. rain likely overnight saturday into sunday with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms, showers likely to continue into monday, another storm possibly moving in on tuesday. that's a look at weather. let's check the traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going back out live to chopper 5. they are cruising along the peninsula right now near whipple exit in redwood city, fine both directions on north- and southbound 101. quie commute. walnut creek mostly top speeds on the live traffic sensors by
6:19 am
the 24/680 interchange. but i had mentioned this late running roadwork through walnut creek southbound 680 between rudgear and sycamore. caltrans is picking it up. kcbs phone force says traffic was slows for a few miles across the stretch. also this is our only accident so far this morning since we have been on the air since 4:30. northbound 680 approaching scott creek road in fremont. apparently the car is stuck in the guardrail so one lane is blocked. chp is out there now because again our sensors are not picking up any big delay. but 880 near 238 milpitas looks great. this is for silicon valley commuters. westbound 237 a nice clear smooth ride all the way out toward san jose. speaking of san jose, 101 looks great through guadalupe parkway. no problems really across the south bay. here's live look coming out of downtown san jose in those northbound lanes of 280. you're cruising all the way towards cupertino. so overall it's been a nice start for the morning commute
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except for a few bumps along the road and here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. last check still no metering lights no major delay right now heading into san francisco. and mass transit is on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. next week, you will have the chance to bid on items related to one of america's most infamous criminals. 60 items that belonged to the unabomber ted kaczynski will be auctioned off online. most of the property was taken from his one room cabin in montana. an appraiser suggests the most valuable items will probably be kaczynski's manifesto. >> the manifesto probably maybe like $30,000, $50,000. >> a screwdriver is just a screwdriver unless we can describe that it had some significant impact in the case. >> now, usually the fbi destroys evidence like this after court proceedings are finished but this sale that
6:21 am
begins next wednesday will raise money that goes to the victims and their families. here's a story for you. is a popular family restaurant actually a kiddie casino? that's what a california mother claims about chuck e. cheese. that's right, chuck e. cheese. and she's suing! she says kids games are illegal gambling device like slot machines because they use tokens and give prizes. that san diego mother of two wants a jury trial and $5 million in damages. lawyers for the company trying to get the suit thrown out. 6:21. belt coming up this sunday. why the centennial race will be different. >> when animals attack. see what happened to this reporter. don't drink and run. 3q my busy family, the family with thousands of odors. like boomer, our boxer. our leftovers... from last night.
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changes at sunday's bay to breakers. this morning - san francisco mayor ed lee kicks off the don't drink and run. an alcohol ban is part of the new changes at sunday's bay to breakers. this morning, san francisco's mayor kicks offer the 100thation with a news conference at 11:00. police are cracking down with a ban on alcohol and floats. drunk racers will have to sober up inside drunk tents along the course. on the race route there will be more security and more porta- potties. >> i always like the salmon
6:25 am
swimming upstream, people going the opposite way. >> 100,000 people, how do you get enough porta-potties, not to mention the people along the line? that's crazy. the sharks stanley cup run is alive and well. [ applause and cheers ] >> those screams of relief or celebration, plenty of fun in downtown san jose last night after the sharks finally beating the detroit red wings 3- 2. thousands of fans cheering and hi-fi and hi-5ing. they advance to the western conference finals against the canucks. they will play sunday and wednesday in vancouver and san jose next friday. >> win eight games that's all they have to do and they have a cup. one of the biggest questions in hollywood may finally be answered. >> yeah. two insiders report that ashton toucher may replace charlie sheen on "two and a half men."
6:26 am
nobody would comment but ashston kutcher tweeted yesterday, what is the square root of 6.25? the answer 2.5. insiders say kutcher will be paid around a million dollars an episode. >> cbs saving a little money. >> they are. we'll see if it keeps the fans. >> charlie sheen was paid about $2 million an episode. here's a great story. camel bites reporter's hair. >> just one of the hazards that television reporters face. take a look. >> they are still looking at the other two meanwhile other livestock owners -- >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> you see the camel sniffing the reporter's hair? hm, i like that white rain! taking a little nibble. the folks was to help untangle her hair from the camel's mouth. the reporter was not hurt. >> she is fixing her hair again. >> look at that.
6:27 am
that's funny. >> camel slobber and all. >> she should get a job out of it, too. this will be played everywhere. great stuff. well, it is 6:26 now. a new way for bart riders to rant. how complaining could be as easy as a little text. >> plus, governor brown cleaning house. a sneak peek at the budget plan he is releasing monday. and what could save the state more than a million dollars. and a former cop accused of busting prostitutes then hiring them to work for him. the latest in this saga coming up. and police layoffs are inevitable in san jose but just how bad is it going to be? i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it is friday, the 13th, may 13th. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30 on this friday. and let's kick it off with a little weather and got plans this weekend, you're going to do a little running or golfing? >> might need the umbrella. >> it's back to wintry weather here in the bay area this weekend but today is looking nice. we are going to see a lot of sunshine, a good start to the day just some partly cloudy skies now. by the afternoon, here come the 60s and 70s again in many spots. a little cooler at th coast. chance of rain this weekend. first elizabeth has traffic. >> right now it is dry across the bay area. traffic beginning to pick up on
6:31 am
this friday morning. here's a live look along the peninsula at 101. chopper 5 near brisbane. delays at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you >> a house fire under investigation in the east bay. it caused about $150,000 in damage. one woman taken to the hospital. but the extent of her injuries sun clear. the fire was accidental and they are not sure if the home had smoke detectors. we expect an update on the hour on the fire burning east of soledad in monterey county. the flames threatening some homes this morning. mandatory evacuations are not expected. fires burned about 600 acres since yesterday afternoon. it's 30% contained. it's burned on both sides of
6:32 am
state route 146 which is closed in that area. coming up on 6:32. when you thought the story couldn't get any more bizarre, it does. there are new claims about a police commander an alleged brothel operation? let's go to anne makovec in pleasant hill with what he allegedly did to boost his business. anne, good morning. >> reporter: it is an amazing story if it's all true. we have heard of officers double dipping and having side jobs. well, two officers here in contra costa county, former officers i should say, accused of running a brothel out of this building in a strip mall in pleasant hill. this woman you're about to see here, jordie sims, is involved in all of this too, according to lawyers. she was arrested a couple of years ago accused of running a house of prostitution in walnut creek. then she ends up working at the officer who arrested hers'
6:33 am
alleged brothel. yes. believe it or not. now, those officers that i mentioned one of them commander norman wielsch, the other one a former private investigator christopher butler. they are already facing charges of selling drugs the department seized as evidence. and now this prostitution case is unfolding although no charges have been filed officially yet. but butler's lawyer says commander wielsch was in charge of the prostitution operation as his unit worked down to shut down competing houses of prostitution in contra costa county. neighbors here in pleasant hill did complain to police about this place. >> you know, they were provocatively dressed, you know, always totally made up. >> reporter: when you talked to police, you told them what? what did you think it was? >> well, thought it was prostitution for sure. i mean, what else was it going to be? and i told them that. >> reporter: he told that to the pleasant hill police and the pleasant hill police department referred the brothel
6:34 am
case to none other than the unit formerly run by wielsch himself. now, wielsch's attorney says his client has nothing do with any sort of prostitution operation though he has admitted to stealing and selling the drugs from the department. so the investigation into all of this of course continues. syd think? >> all right, anne makovec in pleasant hill. there is no way around a public safety getting hit and hit hard in san jose. kiet do joins us live at city hall with the massive cuts online this morning. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the city is in the middle of 10 days of budget meetings sitting down with every, single city department and today they are meeting with perhaps the most important and expensive in the city. police and fires. dozens of police officers have already gotten pink slips leaving them stunned. san jose is on pace to reduce the force down to the size it was in the early '80s, 25 years
6:35 am
ago. the city is trying to avoid a repeat of this scene last year where firefighters were laid off again for the first time in the city's history. the mayor blames the $115 million deficit on ballooning pension costs and wants every union to agree to ongoing paycuts of 10%. >> it's a sad day. i think we need more officers. we ought to be hiring officers, not laying them off but we can't afford them. >> it's been said about the city before they ask for a dollar you give them four quarters they give you back the dollar and say they want a dollar you say four quarters is a dollar and that's exactly what this is. you asked for a 10% cut in pay. we gave it it. we gave it to you. you say we don't want the 10% cut in pay. >> they want it ongoing. >> it's confusing. >> reporter: that was the president of the police union there talking about the ongoing negotiations with the city. the police union has agreed to one year's worth of 10% paycuts but the city wants them to be ongoing. as far as the layoffs go, the
6:36 am
fire department could lose 64 positions with five active firefighters getting laid off. the police department would lose 195 positions with 122 officers losing their jobs in just a couple of months. today's meeting is set for 9:00. back to you. >> a big bite. kiet do live in san jose, thank you. cost-cutting also happening at the state level. governor jerry brown taking a major step to slash california's budget deficit by eliminating the california unemployment insurance appeals board. it's been criticized for providing high paying jobs to lawmakers who have exhausted their terms. the salaries average about $128,000 a year, even though the members only meet once or twice a month. a spokesman says the move will save more than a million dollars a year. the state budget will be released on the monday. the big cbs 5 golf tournament tomorrow, the bay to breakers on sunday. >> lots going on and lawrence says there is a change in our forecast. lawrence, we need a little sunshine but --
6:37 am
>> i can't deliver. but i think the the kpix tournament looks okay but bay to breakers will be wet and unusually cool. what a start to the day today. you have a lot of sunshine over the bay. it's going to stay that way for the better part of the day. we have beautiful weather for at least one last day. but you can already see those clouds gathering off the coastline as we are in for major changes over the weekend. partly cloudy at the bay and the coast. this afternoon, lots of sunshine, many 70s in the valleys. 60s inside the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. more on the rainy weekend forecast coming up. let's check the traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going back out towards chopper 5. they are live over the bay bridge where i think they are moving great. metering lights turned on around 6:25 but the backups to the toll are not bad. you can see traffic on the upper deck very light this morning heading into san francisco.
6:38 am
if you for is that live chopper shot. they are heading towards our hi- 5 coming up in the next 10 minutes or so, stay tuned for that, that's going to be in san francisco later on this morning. 280 mostly top speeds out of downtown san jose. this is our one accident so far of the morning. northbound 680 approaching scott creek road in fremont and it is now completely gone. tow crews came and went so now you're cruising up and down 680. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:38. oh, you have a problem with bart? you may soon be able to text your complaints. the bart board president wants a phone line set up to receive those text messages about issues on the trains. "the examiner" reports the agency will look into the idea and possibly start a pilot program. muni recently set up a similar program for reporting vandalism of its system. the business world can get nasty and this morning we are getting a rare look at just how cutthroat it is down in the silicon valley. kcbs radio's matt bigler with
6:39 am
more on not so friendly facebook. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're talking about this stealth smear campaign against google that came to light this week. and it became evident after the reporters who were being pitched to start to do negative news stories about google. the reporters started to ask, who is paying for this? who is funding this campaign? and the pr company had to admit they were hired by facebook. city says that the job was nonstandard procedure and should never have taken the assignment. so the question, why was facebook trying to get google? eric goldman director of the high-tech law institute at santa clara university says facebook is concerned that google is trying to add social networking results. in other words, the data, the personal data that you share on social networking sites google wants to add that to their search results. >> facebook is obviously paying very close attention to what google is doing and they might be scared about it.
6:40 am
it looked like they needed to lash out against google and they picked a strange way do it. >> reporter: now, facebook denies it authorized the smear campaign. it says it should have been done in the open. google says it's not commenting any further. but this whole incident just highlights what is the worst kept secret in silicon valley, that the two companies are not friends on facebook or anywhere else. they are involved in a heated battling for eyeballs and advertising dollars. that's the latest from here in sillcy . back to you guys. >> i know. can't we all just be friends? it's not like they are not both making enough money, right, matt? >> reporter: right. [ laughter ] >> never enough. >> good enough. it matt bigler, kcbs radio down in the silicon valley. 6:40. everybody is still talking about the schwartznegger shriver split. >> phil matier and willie brown will weigh in on the end of california's power couple. >> plus, chuck e. cheese. a casino in disguise. the california mom that's taking that kids pizza chain to court. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:41 am
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good morning, bay area! we are looking at a great friday the 13th outside. a lot of sunshine in our area. you have a lot of blue skies out there. still, a couple of patches of fog at the coastline. but we're in for some nice
6:44 am
sunshine today. but enjoy it, folks. things are going to change over the weekend. out the door, fog at the coast, temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. by this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. temperatures again very similar to yesterday. maybe a degree or two cooler but that's about it. 60s and 70s for highs inland and inside the bay. at the coast, patchy fog and some breezy conditions and cooler temperatures. this weekend though, high pressure finally breaks down and moves out and guess what this guy comes to visit the bay area and looks like it is going to bring with it a chance of rain late in the day on saturday. more like saturday evening into saturday night. rain becoming likely as we head in towards sunday with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. so yeah, we have sunshine today and plenty of it in most spots. 70 degrees in cupertino. 67 in fremont. about 66 degrees in san mateo. we are looking at some beautiful sunshine into danville, about 70 degrees there. 70 in pleasanton. and about 65 degrees in san leandro. friends in the north bay will see cooler temperatures coastside mainly into the 50s there but you have lots of 60s
6:45 am
even some 70s into santa rosa and petaluma and as we look toward the weekend, yes, things getting unsettled late in the day on saturday. looks like saturday evening showers moving in. possibility of isolated thunderstorms into sunday and looks like elizabeth could stay wet on monday and tuesday, too. of course, that could make things messy with traffic. >> it could wonderful. wonderful news, lawrence. thank you. [ laughter ] >> let's go -- it's dry right now for our friday morning commute and things have been looking great on the roads including at the bay bridge toll plaza. they turned the metering lights on but if you can see through the glare, the traffic is still really light right now heading into the city so no big delays reallies across the upper deck. san mateo bridge looks great, as well. you can see in the commute direction the right side of your screen should be about a 13, 14-minute drive from hayward towards foster city and the peninsula. and the nimitz towards the east bay so far, so good as you pass the coliseum. one of our traffic sensors picking up top speeds closer to downtown. i'm very excited for today's hi-5. we tried to get them on a couple of weeks ago
6:46 am
and we had to cancel. now we have them. we are in san francisco. they are on the top of a tall building. this is the group with northern california presbyterian homes and services. nyphs operates seven senior housing communities from mendocino to san francisco and recently we understand that the roof at their san francisco location that you are looking at was refurbished to include a walking track and some outdoor furniture to enjoy the fantastic view from the 28th floor. so thank you to the residents of northern california presbyterian homes and services who are very excited to get you as part of our hi-5 this morning. and if you want to be part of future hi-5's, email us at they look great. >> they haven't been out there for two weeks, have they? [ laughter ] >> but they have a little sunshine and that's nice. >> beautiful view.
6:47 am
>> fantastic views. >> good stuff. >> thanks, elizabeth. the cost of gas a big reason for last month's jump in con sometimer prices. >> here now is jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. those pump prices are really killing us right now. once again there is a big reason behind another rise in consumer side inflation in april. inflation was up .4%. but a lot of that came about half of it from higher gas prices which were up 3.3% during the month. the cpi actually grew at a slower pace than in march. but we could probably expect to see prices continue to rise, a number of large consumer products companies like clorox, procter & gamble, kimberly- clark, even said in their recent earnings reports they would likely have to raise prices on products to deal with higher commodities prices. yahoo is dealing with a major headache in china. over the past couple of days, a lot of mysterious words have been issued over the movement
6:48 am
of one of its key companies. it's an online payment company called ollie pay which is a subsidiary of an e-commerce join called ollie faba in which yahoo owns a 43% stake. yahoo also owned a big part of ollie pay and the company was mysteriously moved off of yahoo's books onto the ceo of ollie baba. and yahoo's only saying they did not know that this happened and that company is worth $1.7 billion for yahoo. another case of having to deal with very cryptic messages and business decisions in china. yahoo is dealing with that now. investors are not happy and stock hit hard over the past couple of days, down again this morning by another a little over 5% right now. overall the stock market is down. the dow lower by 16 points. nasdaq down by 9. s&p is off by one. oil prices up just a little bit still under $100 a barrel. >> all right. thank you, jason brooks with
6:49 am
kcbs and have a good weekend. >> you, too. so is a popular kids restaurant actually a hotbed for scandal? >> one california mom thinks so and is suing chuck e. cheese saying the kids games are illegal gambling device like slot machines, allegedly because they use these tokens and dispense prizes. the san diego mom of two wants a jury trial and also wants $5 million in damages. lawyers for chuck e. cheese are trying to get the suit thrown out. 6:49. california's political power couple separated after 25 years of marriage. >> former governor arnold schwarzenegger talked about his separation from his wife, maria. with more on other political marriages that are on the rocks, some surviving all the bad press, let's go to cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former san francisco mayor and assembly speaker willie brown. gentlemen, good morning. so you know the scoop, huh? >> that's what we are going to
6:50 am
get right to. now arnold and maria. what's the story? >> they're separated. [ laughter ] >> the real story. let's go. come on. >> i knew how to stop you. >> were you surprised? >> they are two people with different careers and they put their careers on hold when they went to do the government thing. they no longer need to be together to do the government thing so they're going back to their careers. he is going back and do terminator 8. and she is going to go back to whatever she broadcasts. >> so what are you saying here, what about the allegations that he was playing around? >> that's not allegations. that's an assertion of truth. >> that was years ago. >> her people go to the tmz and start laying that track. do you think that's it or do you think this is legitimate. >> he is a little too old to be hanging out any more with the youngsters and with the hard bodies. i think it's just a matter of careers separations. i really do believe that their
6:51 am
lives have gone in very different directions in being two talented attractive people they are looking for new options. >> you did spend a lot of time with them and have continued to spend time with them. did you see tension around them when they were together? >> no not at all. they are really good friends, as a matter of fact. and they really enjoyed kidding each other and playing around with each other. so i don't think there is any real hostility. >> how much tension goes on when somebody leaves office, al gore and tipper. they were one of the top political couples in the country. you know, they ran causes together, they -- when he ran for president, she was right there beside him and then they split up, you know. >> well, but it's really difficult. it's really difficult in this world of politics particularly when you're that high-profile. you have not administered to the needs of each other during that time period because the world becomes where you live, where you recreate and where
6:52 am
you do everything else. you can't easily give that up. and believe me when you no longer have the power it's real live difficult to withdraw. >> so why -- when bill and hillary -- when hillary and bill left the white house, people were betting they would split up in a short period of time. instead they have stayed together all the way through. why? because they stay out in the world rather than come back home? >> absolutely no change in their lives. in spite of the fact that they are not in the white house anymore, they are stilled worldly. bill is still flying all over doing his global initiatives and she of course is on a constant flow of movement by virtue of being secretary of state. they don't have to put up with each other every day, they don't have to check each other out every day. >> can you be a political super start without a running mate? >> of course. [ laughter ] >> why do you need baggage? >> it is interesting. i have followed a number of these couples and you would be surprised that once the lights go out and the last thing they want to do is go home and have
6:53 am
a normal life. it's like it's impossible. >> you cannot do that phil. you can never go back to being just ordinary. it just doesn't work. you really need therapy full time once you have tasted the kool-aid. >> i'm going to get out on that one, okay? >> let's leave it there and we'll be listening this weekends for your conversation, gentlemen. phil matier and willie brown, thank you. >> i can't laugh. i just continue to cough. i'm ready to burst into laughter there. time now 6:53. first drugs, then claims of a secret brothel. >> this crazy scandal surrounding an east bay cop big they are morning. the claims abused power to boost his business. and if you have a story idea or a comment you would like to share with us, email and, of course, it's fire shirt friday here on the 13th. big shoutout to rescue 3 from the alameda county fire department. thanks, guys. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at scandal. anne makovec reports: a woman he busted for prostitution.. allegedly went to work for him.. thel! it is 6:56. any allegations against a top cop already in the middle of a drug scandal. anne makovec says a woman that cop busted for prostitution allegedly went to work for him
6:57 am
at his brothel with these new allegations. anne, good morning. >> reporter: this former police commander is accused of running a brothel out of this strip mall here in pleasant hill. he is also accused of using his position to bust competing brothels and then basically mine the so-called talent. case in point, jordie sims, her picture you can see that here. commander norman wielsch arrested her two years ago accusing her of running a house of prostitution in walnut creek. well, then suddenly her charges were downgraded to disturbing the peace and she reportedly ends up working at his alleged brothel. she is talking to investigators about this now. now, commander wielsch and a private investigator chris butler already facing charges of selling drugs the department seized as evidence. there are no charges filed in the prostitution case. butler's lawyers say commander wielsch was in charge of the brothel as his unit continued to work to shut down other houses of prostitution in
6:58 am
contra costa county. another kind of twist in this story is that neighbors were complaining about this alleged brothel here in pleasant hill so they reported to the pleasant hill police department. the police department then referred the case to the contra costa county sheriff's department, the unit that wielsch was in charge of. so a lot of inside jobs here, a lot of accusations, and again, nobody has pled guilty or even been officially charged with any sort of prostitution charges but it's all very interesting. >> very bizarre. anne, thanks very much, anne makovec in pleasant hill. okay. big weekend ahead. we have the bay to breakers, we have a big golf tournament tomorrow and lawrence is here to tell us that the weather is really going to stick. >> going to rain on our parade? >> i set you up! thank you so. at least it's not going to rain out for the better part of saturday but we'll see the clouds rolling in through the day and i think by saturday evening, showers, sunday rain and thunderstorms. >> you will have to wear clothes for th bay to breakers.
6:59 am
>> i was looking forward to not to. people will have to dress up, cool at the bay to breakers. >> one piece leotard. >> we'll let you wear a speedo. >> thank you very much. >> nice spray tan after work going out to get that. let's go out. i was talking about how quiet it was all morning for our morning commute. now we have two accidents out there. livermore westbound 580 at north first street, one lane blocked there causing a slow drive out of the altamont pass. just that stretch is really what slows you past the accident scene. also union city southbound 880 at alvarado niles, an accident blocking lanes, as well. chp is on scene. but 880 looking good through oakland. >> okay. >> it's a wrap it. >> all right. if you're running over the weekend stay sober on the race route an alcohol ban part of the big changes on sunday's big bay to breakers. >> san francisco mayor kicking offer the race with a news conference at 11 a.m. police cracking down this year with a ban on alcohol and floats and also new this year, tipsy racers goin


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