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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 13, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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fit the crime. [ screaming ] [ . >> reporter: at leadership high school in hayward you are about to see what some seniors proudly call school history. it's an alleged birthday celebration that was actually a premeditated food fight. >> happy birthday, palm! [ screaming ] >> reporter: within seconds, mayhem breaks out in the cafeteria. snacks and trace were flying in all directions. one student ran to get a ketchup bottle to skirt. apparently it ended after they ran out of food. the dean of the school came down hard. he kicked them off campus and cancelled the prom, class trip to disneyland, yearbook and graduation. anybody here regret it? >> no. >> reporter: these seniors say it was a class prank. they say there is no permanent damage, just a big mess that they even tried to clean up. that the punishment should fit the crime. >> he is the dean of our school. he needs to go off logic
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instead of like how he feels at that moment. i think it was too harsh and it was excessive. >> reporter: you guys are 17, 18 years old? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: don't now better than to have a food fight? >> yeah. but we're kids, you know? we ain't fully adults until we go out of high school and go to college. >> everybody has their own senior pranks and i'm sure back in the old days y'all used to have y'all senior pranks. our was just bigger. that's what we did and we feel proud for what we did. >> reporter: the senior class president knew about the fight but she says the administration needs to take a deep breath. what did you think they were going to do? >> i knew there was probably going to be some form of punishment but this severe i did not predict it. >> reporter: one person's daughter is a senior and says it's unfair to punish all 100 seniors for the actions of a few. >> they do something that is not good they should pay for that. but not everyone. not everybody pay for that. >> reporter: pam, a parent of a sophomore, thinks canceling all the events is harsh but
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supports the school nonetheless. so if it's a bit much of a prank and it's a bit much of a punishment, i mean, where does that leave us? >> that, i don't know because -- i'm glad i don't have to make that decision. >> reporter: the principal at leadership high school spent the morning in meetings and did not return repeated calls and messages. kiet do, cbs 5. >> the school leaders say they may give seniors a choice between getting the prom or graduation night trip to disneyland but not both. two days after the mayor of san carlos died from a heart attack, the city's acting mayor is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. a sheriff's deputy spotted vice mayor andy klein pulled over on a 280 off-ramp at 1 a.m. klein said he had stopped to take a phone call. the deputy smelled alcohol, he said. a breathalyzer showed the alcohol level at .08%.
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that's considered drunk. in a statement, klein said, i am deeply saddened by the embarrassments that this may cause my family, friends and the city of san carlos. i understand as a political figure that we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. and if i fail to live up to that standard, i am truly sorry. tonight we continue our exclusive reporting on a police prostitution scandal. we have heard from the attorney of the disgraced police commander accused of running a brothel and selling drugs. now we're hearing a different side from his alleged partner in crime's lawyer. joe vazquez with new details on what went on inside the brothel. >> reporter: who ran the brothel in this pleasant hill storefront and who made the money depends who you ask. >> mr. wielsch was very involved. >> reporter: attorney william gagan says it was a joint venture between his client, private investigator chris butler, and commander norm wielsch of the contra costa county narcotics task force. in a written confession, butler says he leased the space in his
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name, bought the furniture, hired the prostitutes and collected the money they earned but he says it was wielsch's idea in the first place, in a it was wielsch who eventually got all the cash that and demander wielsch busted other housessed of prostitution masking as massage parlors. >> and there were other activities along those lines that i really at this point don't want to get into. >> reporter: is he part owner? >> they didn't have a formal partnership agreement. but he was the beneficiary of the cash received. >> reporter: wielsch was? >> yes. >> reporter: who collects the money and who gets it? >> the money is collected by the so-called staff of this brothel and each week, the money was counted and put in a drawer and picked up by mr. butler to give to mr. wielsch. >> reporter: gagan says four women worked at the brothel including jordie sims, as we reported yesterday. wielsch had arrested sims in
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2009 for running a house of prostitution. that charge was later reduced to disturbing the peace. a few months later the pleasant hill brothel went into operation. butler says at least one other cop, san ramon police officer, louis lombardi a member of the cnet task force was aware of the brothel. lombardi was arrested last week and arraigned today. prosecutors say he worked with wielsch to resell drugs confiscated in police raids. so now you have two attorneys, one for wielsch, one for butler, saying two different things. wielsch's attorney says he knew nothing about this. butler's attorney is giving great detail about it. allen, the bottom line will come down to corroborating evidence -- that is, what evidence investigators will have and eventually uncover that will show wielsch was or was not linked to this brothel. oakland police are doing spring cleaning. over the past few weeks they
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have started arresting violent drug offenders. christin ayers reports, neighbors are still skeptical. >> reporter: and oakland police are facing a dramatic jump in violence and they are trying a new tactic targeting dealers who they say aren't just pushing drugs but also the city's soaring murder rate. they call it dogtown, a swath of west oakland plagued by a persistent crime problem. neighbors say for years, it's been no secret that drug dealers operate openly here. >> they sell crack and pot, you know, and the cops would come along and clean it up, you know, and then they will come right back out again. >> every day there was a -- some violence, murders, homicide, et cetera. >> reporter: oakland police say in the past several months, violence has skyrocketed here and in nearby goat town and a corn. >> those are the three areas identified in west oakland as having a high increase in
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violent crimes, shootings and murders. >> reporter: homicides are up 13% this year, shootings 29%. numbers driven, police say, by drug dealers. after a month identifying 68 suspected dealers, police pounced yesterday arresting more than half of them and in the process, solving at least one murder. >> it's not going to stop it. >> reporter: but after months of bloodshed neighbors are skeptical. a shooting spree at this downtown bar last month left found people injured and two young fathers dead, and there are still no suspects. >> i just want to feel safe and secure where i live. >> reporter: but police say there is hope. overall, crime is down. >> we are seeing things on a downturn. but i'm not satisfied with that. >> reporter: neither are neighbors who know that crime could quickly surge as summer approaches. the crackdown continues this evening. along with those arrests, police say they have seized a large number of guns and drugs and they also say neighbors are cooperating likely because they too are fed up with the
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violence. live in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. don't expect the sunshine to last much longer. the rain is on the way. roberta, looks like it may arrive in time for bay to breakers. >> just before that. in fact, all the sunshine you're looking at now, say goodbye to it. we won't see it again until thursday of next week. i have been telling people we have big changes in the forecast and they say no way because look at all the sunshine, today up to 75 in santa rosa. saturday 5 p.m. a lot of you are already making your plans and you want to know when the rain is coming in. there it is saturday overnight the initial front. we'll have snow at the local peaks as well and heavier rainfall throughout the day sunday. we'll pinpoint the areas that will be hardest hit still coming up next time around. >> see you then, thank you. bay to breakers will happen rain or shine. mayor ed lee reminds everybody to have fun but you better behave. the city implemented new policies this year to crack
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down on the problems of the past. no floats and no alcohol allowed. anybody drunk will be held in drunk tents until they sober up. unregistered participants not allowed on the course. coming up, osama bin laden's secret stash of porn. >> a scheme has shoppers' bank accounts in jeopardy tonight the popular chain store targeted. and for many, it's a family tradition, picnic at the park on memorial day. why some of those plans are about to change. and it's touched a nerve nationwide. an 8-year-old given botox injection before beauty pageants. the bay area mom now under investigation. and a quick look live again on chopper 5 as firefighters work on a three-alarm fire in the mission district that started in one building and spread to two more. everybody got out safely. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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arrested for trying to storm the cockpit of a plane headed to s-f-o, has been denied bail. in a hearing this morning... prosecutors said rah-geh al-mur the man arrested for trying to storm the cockpit of a plane headed to sfo is denied bail. prosecutors said rageh al- murisi was a fleet risk and a significant threat to the community. they also say al-murisi had been hallucinating and hearing voices for two months before
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boarding the flight. two suicide bombers blew themselves up in pakistan this morning as revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. they did it at the front gate of a military training center just as hundreds of young recruits boarded buses to head home on leave. at least 80 people died and more than 120 others were injured. the taliban warns they are planning to target americans living in pakistan. tonight we are learning more about the raid on bin laden's compound. despite having no internet access, bin laden still managed to email his lieutenants. reports suggest he used thumb drives to pass on his message. also found, a huge stash of porn. pentagon sources say the stash consisted of modern videos. it's unknown whether bin laden himself had collected the porn or viewed it. the secret service is investigating a massive case of fraud at a popular chain of arts and crafts stores. it happened at michaels stores in 20 state.
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the michaels chain is saying california is not one of those states. however, experts say this is an important lesson for anyone who uses a debit card. >> it's known for homey crafts and now unknowingly a crafty scheme intended to rob customers who pay by debit card. >> slide it again. >> no, no, you're good. >> reporter: the secret service says crooks have tampered with p.i.n. pads at least 80 michaels stores secretly installing devices enabling them to capture customer debit card and p.i.n. numbers. >> this is a pretty big one. >> reporter: security expert robert siciliano suspects the hackers probably did their work in plain sight by pretending to be part of the chain's support staff. >> they pose as the technologies response for maintaining the devices and once they are successful they apply that same strategy to every, single store. >> reporter: the tampering took place between february 8 and may 6. michaels says so far, fewer than 100 customers have
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reported fraudulent transactions. today, it said it's replacing all 7,000 of the pin pads at all its stores. siciliano says this should be a wake-up call for con sometimers consumers. >> they are targeting every store. a bay area mom goes to the extreme for beauty injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox. who she will have to answer to now. scented and unsafe? the popular products that could be doing more harm than good. ew, really? wow. >> the risk of wearing clothes right off the rack. the danger that could be lurking inside your new clothes. ,, hey marcel, watch this!
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injecting her 8- year-old daughter with botox! kerry campell appeared on 's "good mornin she says it's all in the name of beauty. a san francisco mother is injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox. kerry campbell appeared on "good morning america" with her
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daughter this week. she says she buys botox online and injects her daughter's forehead, lips and eye areas herself to help turn her into a superstar. child protective services was flooded with calls and now cps and san francisco police plan on an investigation. whether it's food or pets, a lot of people try to cover up the household odors with air freshners. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains why these products could actually make things worse for you. reporter: >> we have it in and out let that is controlled by a switch. >> reporter: jean chin is the first to admit he is not crazy about the deodorizer his wife puts in their living room. >> it's perfumy. >> reporter: this doctor wouldn't like it either. >> there is no need for them. >> reporter: the visiting stanford professor believes scented air fresh eng and deodorizing products do more harm than good. >> they didn't clean or disinfect the air but only add
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hazardous chemicals to air problems. >> reporter: she recently tested eight kinds of scented air freshners including sprays, oils, gels and this. she says every one contained at least two and one 8 hazardous products. >> they can damage brain, lungs, central nervous system and cause cancer. some of these chemicals have no safe exposure levels. >> scented household products are indeed safe. >> reporter: the fragrance industry is fighting back with its own test of scented air freshners. >> individuals with asthma didn't show negative effects to being exposed to materials in air freshners. >> reporter: then there is the question of repeat exposure. steinman contends that increases risk. the fragrance industry says there is no evidence. but love them or hate them, dr. steinman does have a cheaper solution to bad odors or stale air. >> open the window or use ventilation to deal with the
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source of the problem rather than spray something and use something over it. >> reporter: dr. steinman also advises against using scented candles to combat odors saying they contain unhealthy compounds, as well. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. outdoor enthusiasts wouldn't like this. 70 of california's nearly 300 state parks are slate for closure to solve the budget crisis. more than 20 of those parks are here in the bay area. sonoma county is being hit the hardest with five closures including jack london state park. in the central part of the bay area, parks popular with overnight camping such as tomales bay and another is on the block. and the largest state park in california, henry coe in santa clara county may be closed. they are necessary for a $33 million reduction in spending in the next two fiscal years. the state faces a $15 billion
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deficit. go to the park, make it tomorrow. >> unless you're heading to the baseball park. we'll have that forecast for you, as well. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking towards the transamerica building. we are noticing a few increasing high, thin clouds. those clouds are all in advance of an area of low pressure that's pushing this way and it's hard to believe especially when we reach 75 degrees today in santa rosa. if you are out and about on this friday evening, clear skies for the most part, we have official sundown at 8:09 but if you are heading on out to the ballpark, our oakland as playing host to the chicago white sox coming off a big win in anaheim. 58 degrees and the breeze will add a chill to the air. 50 in oakland. disturbance is now gathering
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some strength over the pacific ocean. this is an area of low pressure. it's characteristic for this time of the year. here comes the rain check it out. saturday night, the frontal band pushes onshore. the threat of a thunderstorm as that cool air mass clashes with our warmer air mass that's firmly in place. there is your 9:00 for the running of bay to breakers. the 100th running. it will be wet, a lot of cold air associated with this cold front out of the gulf of alaska. in and out of showery mix all the way until 5:00 on sunday. not a lot of precipitation. generally less than a half inch. but it will produce some snow in the high sierra on sunday, as well. and that's when the tour of california takes place and sunday morning, yeah, the cyclists will be riding in the snowflakes. it looks like tomorrow temperatures coming down from the mid-50s to the mid-60s as good as it gets with that westerly up to 20. sunday it's a washout. you will see some breaks but that threat of a thunderstorm
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and the snow level down to 3500 feet. a break on monday, with just a chance of a lingering shower. tuesday does look like more rain and wednesday we will see cloud cover and that is your pinpoint forecast. thank you. can't wait to wear that new shirt or skirt? how you could be exposed to some pretty nasty stuff. >> and it looks like someone other than charlie sheen is "winning." the new face for the hit show "two and a half men."
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but before you put them on -- you better wash them, or you
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could be exposed to some pretty nasty stuff. everybody's bought new clothes and can't wait to wear them but you better wash them before you wear them. biology teachers and students recently swabbed samples from bikinis, summer dresses, shorts, samples sent to the lab. every test revealed colonies of bacteria that can cause serious infections. one dress even had black fungus. >> ew! really? wow. >> so i would wash them now that you told me that. i want to take my shirt off right now! [ laughter ] >> everybody had that ew reaction! experts say black mold and other bacteria found may cause staph infections. to be safe, they say wash all new clothes before you put them on. if you suffer from seasonal allergies you may have noticed it's been a more miserable spring than usual. but experts say there is help out there. dr. kim explain. reporter: jane drew is
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allergic to the great outdoors but getting routine allergy shots has changed. >> i haven't been sick for ages and just wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the weather. >> reporter: doctors recommends immunotherapy for people with severe allergies or with symptoms three months out of the year. the shots contain small amounts of allergens so you build up resistance to pollen, mold and pet dander. >> successful, 90 to 95% of individuals get great results in the first year. >> reporter: 35 million americans have seasonal allergies and this year the misery index from sneezing, stuffy noses and wateredy eyes is way up. >> it's truly one of the worst seasons i have seen. people coming in for the first time with horrible allergies, a lot of suffering and misery. >> reporter: so why is it so bad? this year, heavy rain fueled a burst of tree pollen. the sudden shift to warm sunny weather released it in full force. james drew knows what it's like. >> i would have woken up my
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eye, i would have trouble breathing, using my puffer. >> reporter: that's why he doesn't miss his shots. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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much more on the cost cutting plan announc i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. much more on the cost-cutting plan announced today by governor brown including what it means to close a park and what it means for communities around the bay area and the state's bottom line. >> and a chance to do your very own archaeological work right here in the bay area. where you'll be digging and what you might find. so we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> all right. we'll see you then. we have been doing a little digging and found "two and a half men" is going back into production this summer with a new star to replace charlie sheen. >> that's right. ashton kutcher of cbs made the official announcement today. sheen was fired after the tirade. he was making nearly $2 million an


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