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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it has burned three buildings. we don't have any reports of any injuries at this point but at least six people have been displaced and we are not clear at this point what started the fire. also tonight a very real reminder of california's budget crisis. 70 state parks are now slated for closure to help save some money. that's nearly a quarter of the total parks in the state. five parks in sonoma county are among 20 that will be closed in the bay area. now, in the central part of the bay area parks popular for overnight camping, they are on the chopping block. to the south the largest state park in california is among those on the closure list. santa clara county park. marin county. how nature lovers are reacting tonight. linda yee has the story. >> reporter: can you imagine a big closed sign going up at a state park like this one here
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at china camp village. that's what's going to happen beginning next summer. it is going to be horrible. it is hard to believe that nature like this will be closed to the public. california's money problems mean no more campfires at 70 state parks including samuel p. taylor here in marin county. >> no way. that's sad. i have been coming here my whole life. born and raised in marin. always a fun spot to come out to. >> reporter: the padlocks will go on beginning summer 2012. >> oh, man, that breaks my heart. >> reporter: state park officials say it is a tough decision but they have no money. it will save $33 million over the next few years closing down the parks. >> you'll see substantial service reductions across the board in all state parks throughout the summer. >> reporter: just starting a five-month retirement tour of state parks across the country. they are not happy. >> it is very unfortunate that
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the state can't put the money where it needs to go. they waste so much on useless things. >> reporter: 20 of the state parks targeted for closure are in the bay area monterey and big sir. several are historic sites like china camp. the village is a museum. it was once a colony of chinese immigrants that contributed to the shrimp fishing industry. >> it is such a shame. it is a place where kids can learn a whole lot more about being a park like this if their parents bring them here than they will sitting in a classroom being bored. >> reporter: the only good news from the straight at least 200 other parks will remain open. some say they will try to stop it. >> i will fight to keep it open and get local people around here to maybe do something to help. >> would you be willing to pay more taxes to keep these parks open. >> absolutely.
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no doubt about it. >> your tax rate goes up? >> it is worth it. i want my kids to come here and bring their kids here. >> these are a national treasure. they are gorgeous. this is the place to be. >> reporter: once those closed signs go up state officials say no visitors should even think about coming into these parks for day use, hiking or picnics because the patrols will be sporadic. maintenance will be spotty and everything will be dangerous and risky. reporting live at china camp in marin county, linda yee, cbs5. save our schools from budget cuts. that's the reason teacher rallies are taking place all over the state right now. this is the civic center. downtown san francisco. the rallies are a culmination of a week of protest over education funding. similar rallies are being held right now in los angeles and further south in san diego. thousands of teachers rallying
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outside the state capitol tonight as well. they are trying to put pressure on republican lawmakers to support governor brown's attempt to extend the series of tax extensions. without them governor brown has warned of cuts to public schools and that could result in thousands of teachers being laid off. also, larger class sizes and a shorter school year. republican lawmakers have released their own propose budget they say could fund education without the tax hikes. while teachers fight for funding here a nationwide poll indicates that americans are more optimistic about the economy these days. juliette goodrich found out that a couple of things are boosting people's confidence. and they have nothing to do with number crunching. >> reporter: hi, dana. so what does this poll mean? we get a poll, look at the numbers, we see that some people are optimistic. so our goal today was get a pulse of the tri-valley here and see what people are saying. there are two things we uncovered. number 1 is people are opening
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their wallets. they are spending. and there are jobs to be had. signs of a recovering economy. people spending. >> i love to shop. >> you look at the mall here and it looks like it is better. go to the apple store. it is always packed. >> reporter: and employers hiring. >> we are definitely looking to hire 125 to 150 employees. we are definitely doing our part putting people back to work in this area. >> reporter: two out of five people believe the u.s. economy will get better the poll shows. one third think it will stay the same. and a fourth think it will get worse. a rebound from last month's pessimistic attitude. >> getting better day by day. >> what's a sign it is getting better? >> busier. the mall is actually busier than what it used to be. >> reporter: 45% polled say the country is now moving in the right direction. an increase of 10 percentage points from five weeks ago and
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four out of five people say they are happy with their current circumstances. one reason... >> we got him. >> reporter: he is referring to osama bin laden. this poll was taken after the u.s. commando raid that killed bin laden. >> a great positive for the country. and people took that and it had an effect on them. they decided things aren't so bad now we got him. >> reporter: a favorable jobs report is now out along with declining unemployment. this brighter economic outlook could signal a boost to the economy which relies on consumer spending. an optimistic sign for president obama and his approval rating despite rising gas prices and budget deficits. this poll was conducted by a public affair's firm and they pulled people randomly by cell phone and land line. there is a significant change in attitude prior to bin laden
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being killed to now. people are more optimistic. juliette goodrich in dublin, cbs5. tonight police are investigating an execution- style murder in vallejo. the victim was found on temple way bound and blindfolded, shot in the back of the head. now, they believe is he a suspect in at least two other vallejo murders. police say today's shooting appears to be gang retaliation. it is an ambitious crime fighting plan. target violent offenders. the spring cleaning has been a success but neighbors are still skeptical, huh? >> reporter: that's what they told me. as you said it is called operation spring cleaning, an aggressive presummer crackdown on drug dealers. authorities say they are the ones that are pushing a spike in violent crimes. they call it dog town, a swathe of west oakland plagued by a
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persistent crime problem. neighbors say for years it has been no secret that drug dealers operate openly here. >> the people on every corner are selling crack and pot. you know. and the cops will come along and clean it up and then they will come right back out again. >> every day there was some violence. murders. homicides. >> reporter: oakland police say in the past several months violence has sky rocketed here and in nearby ghosttown and acorn. >> those are the three areas having a increase in violent crimes an murders. >> reporter: shootings up 29%. numbers driven, reply say, by drug dealers. after a month spent identifying 68 suspected dealers police pounced yesterday arresting more than half of them and in the process solving at least one murder. >> our targets now are gangs, guns and drugs. >> it is not going to stop it. >> reporter: but after months of blood shed neighbors are
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skeptical. a shooting spree at this downtown bar last month left four people injured and two young fathers dead. and there are still no suspects. >> whatever it takes to end the violence. >> reporter: but police say there is hope. overall crime is down. >> we are seeing things on a downturn but i'm not satisfied with that. >> reporter: neither are neighbors who know that crime can quickly surge as summer approaches. >> reporter: and police are still out tonight looking for 32 of those suspected drug dealers. this push will continue throughout today and then also throughout the summer. the chief told us today, allen, that he expects by the end of the summer to have 100 arrests relating to this operation. >> spring will spread into summer. thanks. >> i had phone calls and e- mails from hundreds of people telling me they were getting sick. it smells like trouble. the products you may be using to freshen up your household only to find yourself getting sick. first a food fight, now the
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punishment. the video of the maylee and the price though students might have to pay. >> do i ever feel rested? not very often. the only part of your d.n.a. you can change. ask your doctor about the new teelo meter test. how it can lead to a healthier, less stressful life. they helped navy s.e.a.l.s take down bin laden. special trained dogs. go inside their training facility and see what goes into creating canine commandos. tonight at 11 p.m. on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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products have scents. they've been blamed for everything from a lot of household products have scents and they are being blamed for everything from headaches to breathing problems. one local scientist analyzed dozens of products and was surprised by what she found. on the consumerwatch julie watts has the story. >> reporter: household product aisle. take a whiff. citrus. sweet.
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a mountain of fresh scents in those cleaning supplies. >> actually, i don't like fragrance because i've got allergies. >> reporter: and this doctor doesn't like added fragrance either. the visiting scientist at stanford recently completed a study on scented products. >> i had phone calls and e- mails from hundreds of people telling me they were getting sick from common fragrance household products. >> reporter: the complaints range from headaches to breathing difficulties, even loss of consciousness. so a lab analyzed 25 popular scented products. she won't reveal which ones but says they are commonly used. air fresheners. what she found surprised her. >> they emitted toxic or hazardous chemicals. they can damage the brain, lungs, central nervous system and cause cancer. >> reporter: and they are not just in traditional scented products. simon says those labeled,
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green, organic and natural contain them too. >> i have not found a product yet. >> reporter: there is no law that requires manufacturers to list the fragrance ingredients or even the word fragrance on the bottle partly because fragrance is created a trade secret but also because in many cases the ingredients wouldn't fit. >> reporter: earlier this year khlorox published the ingredients. >> there is a very robust process that not only we have but several stems in the supply chain. >> reporter: the industry also says there is no evidence that scented products cause health problems. however, toxicologist saying he treated patients who reported symptoms from scented products. >> right now i wouldn't panic. >> reporter: he is concerned, however, about repeated exposure over a long period. >> especially if you have
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asthma. >> reporter: faith stopped using scented products 10 years ago. her cleaning supplies are now simple and surprising. >> lemon. >> reporter: lemon and a few sprays of cheep vodka for the countertop. baking soda. borax for washing clothes. seniors at an east bay high school may get their prom back. administrators in hayward are rethinking the punishment following this lunchtime food fight thursday. the dean of the school initially canceled prom, the class trip to disneyland, the yearbook, even graduation ceremonies. now they are reconsidering reinstating prom or the class trip but not both. students say the prank was just all in good fun. >> everybody has their own senior pranks and i'm sure back in the old days y'all used to have your senior pranks. i mean, ours was just bigger and that's what we did. and we feel proud for what we did. >> one student was hit in the head with some food and was
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sent to the hospital just to be checked out. >> heads up. another new detour coming to the bay area. to the bay bridge beginning memorial day weekend. traffic lanes will be realigned in the eastbound direction as you come off the bridge near the toll plaza. you can see there on the left side of your screen where the new lanes will be. the detour is to make room for construction crews to build the new oakland touchdown from the new eastern span. the new curve will be in place for the next two years. traffic opens on the new span in 2013 if everything goes according to plan. >> all right. go slowly. on sunday go slowly. the roads will be wet and haven't been for a while. >> i was just getting ready -- getting used to the s-curve, right. now they are going to slow us another curve. now look at the live weather camera from the trance america building. looking out towards the bay waters where we have a small craft advisory in place. we are now beginning to see a
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few high thin wispy clouds working their way into the forecast. clear skies and 72 degrees in santa rosa. after reaching a high today of 75. bombing out tonight at 42. numbe s wise increasing cloud cover, becoming partly cloudy skies overnight. winds out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. here is the setup for your weekend. area of low pressure now is beginning to build out over the eastern pacific and as it does, this is not usual for this time of year. frontal boundary moving through saturday night after 5 p.m. then by sunday morning 9 a.m. everybody should be wet. we are not talking about a lot of rain but never theless with the cooler air mass in place we could see a thunderstorm containing some small hail. in and out of the mix as far as the rain is concern you could even see spots there. and also we had a little bit of light dusting in the computer models around the mt. hamilton
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area. snow level down to 5000 feet. interesting bike riding on sunday. for saturday, partly cloudy for openers. becoming mostly cloudy. temperature wise coming down substantially in comparison to today. 50s to the mid-60s. winds up to 20 miles per hour. there you are on sunday. pretty dicey conditions. on again, off again rain showers. cloud cover monday. a new storm on tuesday. that will leave us with cloud cover on wednesday. sunshine next thursday and friday. that's the pinpoint forecast. >> you're throwing us a curve this time. all right, roberta, thanks. the bay area mom who had her 8-year-old injected with botox. that's coming up in 2 minutes. she says it's all in the name of beauty. a san francisco
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mom is in hot water... for r-old she says it is all in the name of beauty. a san francisco mom though is in some hot water for injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox. kerry campbell appeared with her daughter on "good morning america" earlier this week and says she buys the botox online and injects her daughter's forehead, lips and eye areas herself to help turn her into a super star. child protective services was flooded with calls. now cps and san francisco police plan an investigation. are you stressed out, worried it is affecting your health? stress can literally change your d.n.a. but kim shows us the new tests you can take that can help you
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reverse the damage. like many working moms lisa crams a lot into life. a typical day. >> i'm going to call jean and tim. get them dressed, out the door and get them to school and i go to work. stress is a constant part of my life and mostly it plays out in this feeling of always having to be somewhere exactly on time and having very little leeway. >> reporter: leaving her to wonder... >> i just think this can't be good for me to be living like this all the time. >> reporter: as early as this fall she may have a way to find out. scientists believe they can identify and help treat problems caused by stress by taking a bit of your blood or even a little saliva and then looking critically at your d.n.a. that critical part seen here in green is a teeler meter.
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dr. calvin harley is with a company that has developed a test that can accurately measure the length of an individual's teeler meter. why is length important? >> very short teelermeres. >> reporter: when they are shortened they can put you at a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, even dimensia. the good news, they are the one part of your d.n.a. you can actually change. >> they can shrink or they can increase in length depending upon your lifestyle and risk exposures. >> reporter: the idea, get an annual checkup. >> if you have extremely short teelermere length or there is a rapid reduction in the length it may indicative that there a health problem. >> reporter: the doctor may then prescribe a better diet,
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exercise. even stress reduction. all which may slow down the shortening of your teelermere. that is a test lisa would love to take. >> do i ever feel rested? >> not very often, no. >> reporter: if she could only find the time. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. >> currently this test is only available to research labs but teelome health hopes to gain certification later this year to allow doctors to order the test for their patients. it costs about $200 a samp pel. prostitute 2 --s. >> i think it is a lot of irony here. >> he wage a one-man war against technology. how you can own the typewriter
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he used to issue his manifesto with just a few clicks of the internet. >> and bay area history at your finger tips but you have to do some digging. really, your chance to be an archaeologist and what you may find. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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tonight new details in the we have an accident we want to tell you about tonight if you're expecting anybody home. of course it is friday night at 6:30 p.m. a three car accident we are told. a taxi and two other vehicles. it is the southbound lane of 880. it is right before the 980 interchange. so here you can see from our chopper 5 the two cars involved right there. one looks like a saab. i don't know what that other car is. again, we are told that a taxi was also involved in this but again this is southbound 880 just before the 980 interchange there is the taxi. so three charges involved. we don't know about any injuries but we will keep an eye on this should traffic start to backup. >> in other news tonight. new details in the police prostitution scandal that we have been reporting on all week. we are hearing a new side to
6:29 pm
the story involving a police commander, a brothel and drugs. joe vazquez brings us up to speed. >> reporter: dana, the story, of course, there has been a new development on this every day. especially after we were able to confirm this week the accusations about a brothel allegedly being run by a police commander. this is lewis lombardi. today he went before a judge in martinez. prosecutors say he was helping his boss commandser norman wielsch sell confiscated drugs back on the street. investigators are also looking into how much he knew about the house of prostitution. who ran the brothel in this pleasant hills store front and who made the money? depends who you ask. >> norman wielsch was very involved. >> reporter: the attorney says it was a joint venture between
6:30 pm
his client, private investigator chris buttler and norman wielsch of cnet. butler says he leased the space in his own name, bought the furniture, hired the prostitutes and collected the money they earned. but he says it was norman wielsch's idea in the first place. that it was norman wielsch that eventually got all the cash and that the commandser busted other houses of prostitution masking as massage parlors. >> busting or attempting to. and there were other activities that were along those lines i really at this point don't want to get into. >> was he part owner? >> he didn't have a formal partnership agreement but he was the beneficiary of the cash receipts. >> norman wielsch was? >> who collects the money and who gets the money. >> the money is collected by the so-called staff of this brothel and each week the money was counted and put in a drawer
6:31 pm
and picked up by mr. butler to give to mr. norman wielsch. >> reporter: four women worked at the brothel. norman wielsch arrested sims in 2009 for running a house of prostitution. the charge was later reduced to disturbing the peace. it was just a few months later that the pleasant hill brothel went into operation. butler says at least one other cop san ramone police officer, lewis lombardi, a member of the cnet task force, was aware of the brothel. he was arrested last week and arraigned today. prosecutors say he worked with norman wielsch to resell drugs confiscated in police raids. >> the two not agreeing. investigators will have to rely on corroborating evidence, physical evidence and statements made by witnesses
6:32 pm
including jordie sims. >> norman wielsch is under scrutiny for something different. officer-involved shooting. >> three years ago in antioch. the cnet team led by norman wielsch go into antioch and kick in a door trying to catch a drug dealer. instead an officer killed an innocent man tim mitchell. cbs5 was told the case was determined to be a justified police shooting. so the federal judge dropped that case. it is a civil lawsuit but a few days ago the judge changed her mind and decided she would allow that civil lawsuit to go forward because not only norman wielsch but lombardi's names were attached to it. neither pulled the trigger but they were on the raid. lombardi pushed the officer as they are going through the door and the chaos going through a door and it was that push that sparked the shooting and because their names are attached to it, there is a whole question about their
6:33 pm
credibility so they are reviving it. >> i know you have been going back through the files on the norman wielsch thing. you came across an interesting interview that had been done with him before? >> reporter: by us. by cbs5. this was a shock to us. it was a story about how norman wielsch's father got taken by a company that cleans air ducts and our consumer unit interviewed norman wielsch for that story. >> and just be wary of extra charges because it is so easy for them to talk you into things. these guys are professional. i think they are professional scam artists. >> why do you say that? >> norman wielsch appears to be a straight shooter in the interview. wondering how someone could stoop so low taking advantage of others. his words take on a different tone today given his legal trouble. >> right. well, amazing work following this story because it has some fox holes just everywhere. >> you just wonder what will happen next. i'm told there won't be any more arrests but stay tuned
6:34 pm
because investigators have so many tenticles to chase down. >> joe vazquez, thank you very much. next week the federal government is going to auction off items that belong to the uinbomber. well known hoodie and manifesto up for sale. grace lee found out that the feds came up with a different idea. >> reporter: want to delve into the minds of a unibomber. buy some of his property. >> a screwdriver is just a screwdriver unless we can describe that it had some significant impact in the case. >> reporter: u.s. marshal saying next week they will auction off 60 items that once belonged to ted kazinski and explain how each item was significant in the fbi investigation. most of the property was taken from his one-room cabin in montana. >> the manifesto is worth more because it is his actual thought process. >> reporter: marcus is an appraiser. he says the hottest item could
6:35 pm
be the manifesto. that will probably bring in the most cash. >> the manifesto, maybe 30 to 50,000. >> reporter: the typewriter used to write the manifesto could bring in between 10 to $20,000. together they could get an even higher price. and what about the notorious sunglasses and hoodie the unibomber. >> the hoodie 2 to 4000. >> reporter: also for sale the shoes he made with smaller soles attached. he says the pair could bring in a couple of thousand dollars. but the whole collection could haul in $150,000. it will be an online auction for the man who injured 24 people and killed three with homemade bombs. the same man who fought against development and technology. >> i am thinking it is not just
6:36 pm
a little irony, i think it is a lot of irony hearing that ted kazinski railed against technology and now we are using that very technology to auction off artifacts of his life. >> reporter: grace lee, cbs5. >> typically after an investigation once the legal battle is over the fbi does destroy all the evidence. this time the u.s. marshals will give the proceeds to the victims and their families. the bidding going to start may 18th lasting for two weeks in sort of an ebay-style type of auction. well, it is not exactly indiana jones but it is a chance to be a real archaeologist for a month. where you'll dig and what you might find. one last advisory before the mayhem begins. this year nudeity is all good. some other things not so much. i'm kim coyle coming up in sports. the giants look to extend their
6:37 pm
winning streak to seven games and there was nothing gutless about patrick marleau's performance in game 7. reaction from the tank later in sports. ,,,,,,
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but are violent tornados like the ones we often have in the midwest found anywhere else on earth? ken bastida has are violent tornadoes like the ones we have seen often in the midwest found anywhere else on earth? ken bastida has tonight's good question. >> reporter: meteorologists say the tornadoes that ripped across the southeast several weeks ago were at some point so numerous they couldn't count them all. >> when we zoomed in on all the radar echos every one was textbook perfect supercell which means a rotating thunderstorm. >> reporter: the professor says the united states has the largest geographic area on the earth capable of producing those kind of violent storms.
6:40 pm
>> mississippi up through tennessee, southern parts of kentucky, alabama, georgia eventually into carolinas. >> reporter: tornadoes can develop at locations around the world there are very few other places that can produce the giant killer tornadoes we see in the u.s. >> bangladesh. >> reporter: he says the warm waters in the bay of bengal mixed with the cold jet stream out of the himilayas has produced wicked storms but in terms of sheer size no place tops the u.s. for twisters. >> the u.s.a. is clearly the tornado alley of the world. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good questions. a chance to do your very own archaeological work in the
6:41 pm
bay area. and that race coming up on sunday. >> that foot race on sunday will be a wet rain. we have rain moving back into the picture but the other element you need to know about. let's talk about that with our pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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part of it. for the next anyone intereste interested in uncovering historical artifacts buried at the edge of san francisco. you can be part of it. for the next four weeks anyone interested can be involved in an archaeological dig before construction begins at lands end. >> it is difficult for the public to get involved in these kind of things yet at the same time we keep them so secret no one even knows they exist. >> reporter: at the farrest edge of san francisco a real live treasure hunt happening now. >> we are excavating because there are a number of artifacts here that iconize that period. >> reporter: the artifacts buried since the 1890s. remnants of an instinct 19th century fair ground complete with rides, popcorn stands and
6:45 pm
exhibits. a stone's throw from the ruins. >> one area was called the cairo exhibit and it was supposed to sort of reflect what egypt was like. and so a lot of kiosks and buildings with onion shaped domes and lots of floral roseettes. >> reporter: the lead archaeologist is inviting the public to join him in uncovering what has been hidden for more than 100 years. >> so we can figure out who the manufacturers were and what kind of things were being used. >> some old coins. there will be all sorts of tears in the screen itself. the plate glass from the windows of the stands. >> reporter: a street sign that names the park marks a street that no longer exists. >> if the public is interested they are welcome to come and drop in just to watch or drop in to actually start shaking a screen with us and whatever they find in the screen is ours. it is not theirs.
6:46 pm
but they have participated in keeping a little bit of the history of the city. >> reporter: in san francisco, cbs5. >> unprecedented preparations are underway for the 100th running of the beta breakers. the city has set up barricades along the route in an effort to keep crowds from pouring onto the course. that's in addition to new policies this year to crackdown on some of the problems. no floats or alcohol allowed. however, neighbors tired of it say it is the same story every year. >> large groups of people come on my street and try to urinate. they do so aggressively and angryly when you try to keep them off your doorstep. >> a lot of people in a tight space but at the same time, no, i think everyone is there realizing that it is for fun. >> the race almost didn't happen this year. it lost its sponsorship.
6:47 pm
however, zazzle picked it up planning to provide more port- a-potties and drunk tents where people will be taken to sober up. >> we will see how many are out there toughening it out? >> in the rain. >> won't be naked people out there. >> kind of cold. >> hyopthermia. it will be very cold. >> that and a couple of other things. >> have you participated in beta break? >> no, i covered it the first year i was at the station. >> i remember that. i always had the duty of the costume contest. >> of course. >> how about that beta breakers weather forecast for you for this sunday when we step off. it is the 100th running of the beta breakers. it would be cold. there are showers likely. and the temperature -- i think i'm even be a little optimistic there near 56 degrees. compare that with what we have working right now.
6:48 pm
it is our live cbs5 weather camera looking out towards the tower. a few high thin clouds in the distance. low pressure. very uncharacteristic for this time of year. numbers span from 58 today in san francisco which is below the average of 65 to 75 degrees in santa rosa. it was 77 degrees in gilroy. out and about we still have numbers in the low 70s towards santa rosa back in through sonoma and into glen allen. otherwise 50s. at the beaches tonight it will become partly cloudy an overnight lows to 50 degrees. major player not presip tags but big changes as the area of low pressure begins to wind up offshore. leading edge of the rain right here in the bay area. that will happen as early as tomorrow night. watch the clock. 7, 8, rain spreading due east and lifting to the north.
6:49 pm
look at the snow falling in the greater lake tahoe and mt. hamilton. snow level down to 3500 feet. in and out of the rain mix. sunday, sort of a thunderstorm containing small hail. so meanwhile for your get away friday heading to the north, 55 degrees. 70 at the state capitol. 50s on the south and north shore. we do have snow in the offing on sunday for the step off of the tour du california. temperatures coming down by 10 degrees. inland areas 60. extended forecast calling for a chance of a lingering shower monday. a brand-new system working its way into the forecast on tuesday. by wednesday cloud cover. we will not see the sunshine after today until next thursday and friday. so that is your pinpoint forecast. take it away, kim. >> thank you, roberta. a famous talk show host causes the nba to change its schedule and would madison bumgarner finally get his first
6:50 pm
win of the year. find out next in sports. ,,
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and held off the red wings last night in game seven... and it sharks don't make it dull,
6:53 pm
do they? >> no. it was a very gutsy goal by patrick marleau. only fitting that patrick marleau scored the goal. >> a gutless performance by patrick marleau. zero points in this series. >> there is pressure put on him. i mean, all eyes are focused on patrick marleau which is a tough feeling. >> he has been through an awful lot. and this year is no different than any other year. they become lightening rods. when it doesn't go well people question them. >> the save. the rebound. patrick marleau. his first point in the series and it couldn't be bigger. [ cheers and applause >> easy sometimes to criticize
6:54 pm
patrick marleau because patrick marleau doesn't say anything. >> it felt good. hope there's a lot more of those. >> but his play, i don't think there is one team in the league that wouldn't want to have him. >> came through when we needed him most and hopefully that's a step in the right direction for him and we are on to bigger and better things now. >> i think the monkey will be off his back and he will be that much better next series. >> reporter: waiting for the sharks in the next series is the top seeded vancouver canucks. a team that had the league's best home record during the regular season. >> it will be interesting. we will enter a series. maybe this one as well but certainly the vancouver one is the underdog and that hasn't happened before. so there will be a little pressure taken off us there. >> game 1 is sunday night in vancouver. the sharks won just once in
6:55 pm
four meetings with the canucks. ryane clowe leads the sharks with 13 points in the post season. the giants hit the road again after a perfect 6-0 home stand that vaulted them into first place in the nl west. the windy city living up to its nickname this afternoon. those are snuggies. madison bumgarner still searching for his first win of 2011. r.b.i. single capping off a three-run 3rd for the giants. giants down 3-1 in the 5th. aubrey huff with his second r.b.i. of the game. ryan dempster strikes out 11 in six innings. 14 strikeouts. then the cubs blew it open against the giants bull pen. reed johnson smacks a bases clearing triple. the cubs get five runs in the 7th and three more in the 8th taking the opener 11-4 ending the giants winning streak to six. >> around the school everyone
6:56 pm
is talking about it and the teachers are into it. everyone wants the triple crown. so it will be something special if we can get it. >> the washington eagles did indeed get the triple crown. they won 3-1 yesterday at at&t park to win the city title and to become the first school in the league's 87-year history to win football, basketball and baseball championships in the same year. impressive. the show goes on without tiger at the players' championship. starting on the back back phil mickelson. shooting a 68 to get to 10 under for the tournament. derrick rose may be the league's mvp but he is still not the most powerful person in chicago. game 1 of the eastern conference finals was moved up to sunday because oprah is taping her show at the united
6:57 pm
center on monday. now that's power. and finally add two more names to the warrior's coaching search. the team has received permission to interview brian shaw and former cavs coach has reportedly interviewed for the job. of course, shaw, would be nice to have him here in the bay area. lakers are maybe going to go for a more experienced coach so that opportunity could be open for him here with golden state. he has got a remarkable story. he actually adopted his neice. he and his wife raised his neice. a really great man. >> bring him on back. >> absolutely. >> good. okay, kim. thank you very much. >> have a good weekend. >> all right. we will be back here at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. >> we will see you then. enjoy your weekend too. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake.
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