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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> 11,000-gallons per second how much it burns in fuel just to get up and out. we will be back with much more stay with us ,,
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shuttle endeavour. a live report and lift off for the final launch of endeavor. expanding our knowledge expanding our lives in space. >> it is the final flight for the space shuttle endeavour a live report on the historic lift off moments ago. >> this is truly the city of angels. >> an emotional farewell to los angeles injured giants fan brian stowe about to return home to the bay area, we will tell you what is next for his treatment. >> good morning it is monday, the 16th of may, thanks for joining us i am sydnie kohara. >> i am frank mallicoat. 6:02 a.m. your time. >> space shuttle endeavour as you just saw on its way to the
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international space station lifting off just about 8 minutes ago >> of course the last scheduled mission before endeavor is finally retired joel brown joins us live from kennedy space center in florida he had a birds eye view better than perfect looked great. >> it looked great. weather was perfect it went off as schedule you can really understand why a half million people want to come down to the space coast and see this thing take off it is really a once in a lifetime opportunity and lift off was picture perfect at 8:56 a.m. as scheduled, endeavor's final lift off from kennedy, going to be a 16 day mission, with captain mark kelly at the helm, next stop now international space station but really an amazing sight here on the space coast. >> it takes your breath away to watch this. joel can you tell us more about what the crew plans to accomplish on this mission? >> well, it is going to take 3
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days to rendezvous with the international space station the biggest part of the trip, it is funny we don't hear a lot about it, a lot of it was over shadowed by the real life love story between gabriel giffordcaptain mark kelly but the real point is the alpha magnetic electronimer it is going to be sifting through the universe for the elusive dark matter this is an experiment that could help determine what makes up the universe. it is pretty important scientifically. >> how about congress woman giffords, her husband mark kelly the commander of endeavor i know we did not see her but was she doing a little tweeting i guess during the lift off? have you heard any information from her? >> i tell you what, i was so captivating watching the launch i haven't checked twitter in
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the last 3 minutes but i am sure she has been on we told you she was excited during the last hit. ready for the best show on earth. she is right. that is a pretty darn good looking show. we did not see or hear from her she is watching from a private viewing area with family members of the crew. >> looked great. >> yeah. >> all right joel thanks very much. joel brown at cape canaveral florida. >> time 6:05 a.m. terrifying moments for passengers forced to make an emergency landing in singapore. cathay pacific airbus 330 headed to djakarta had to turn back the singapore because of engine trouble. about 20 minutes after take off, passengers reported hearing two sharp bangs and then violent shaking. it then awe fire on the plane. the plane managed to land smoothly all 136 passengers aboard were evacuated. in just a few hours, injured giants fan brian stowe coming home to the bay area more than 6 weeks after he was
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attacked in los angeles, elizabeth wenger is at san francisco general hospital where he is expected to arrive. >> that's right some time before noon is when stowe is scheduled, expected to arrive at first we want to let you know we just got off the phone with the los angeles police department regarding a search for suspects in the beating case for stowe nothing new as far as arrests, no new arrests but they have scheduled a news conference tomorrow they say they will be putting up 300 billboards all over los angeles county, with suspect sketches so hopefully they can get the public's help. as he arrives back here some time in the bay area, two bay area hospitals, here at san francisco general, he is no longer in a medically induced coma, but still in critical condition his family held a
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press conference yesterday, they leave l.a. with no ill feelings, tears gratitude for their new l.a. community, brian stowe was severely beaten walking through dodger stadium parking lot after the opening day game for 6 weeks he has been at usc medical center being treated for brain injuries he is now stable enough to go home to the bay area. his parents have september i have i didn't like by his bedside and are thankful for the support of strangers. they see the shirt and they ask about brian and they say they are praying we appreciate that. >> he still is in an unconscious state but has shown slight signs of improvement meaning that he will open his eyes, intermittently and able to move his extremities from time to time. >> and stowes care continues here at san francisco general a
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unit that specializes in traumatic brain injuries doctors are hopeful for his long term recovery but it will be a long road for him. he leaves that l.a. hospital some time between 10:00 a.m. and noon he flies to sfo and will arrive by ambulance. back to you. >> thanks elizabeth. elizabeth we thinker san francisco. suspect in the murder of a german tourist, go back to court they were arrested earlier this month for the shooting that happened last august suspects are accused of being in a gang related gun fight near union square. a shot from that fight kill add 50-year-old woman from germany. pg&e testing its gas lines in antioch the hydro static pressure testing started at 5:00 a.m. this morning, about an hour ago. it involves filling a section of pipe with water, pressurizing it at high level and monitoring the pipe for 8 hours. any pipe sections that fail to
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meet accessible standards will be replaced this is all part of the utilities of tort to to assess safe -- effort to assess the safety of its pipelines. 6:09 a.m. rain did us a favour held off over the weekend but here it comes on our monday i guess. >> we are going the pay today. we are seeing lingering showers from the last system up in the north bay and see this next system push in and bring us wet weather, north bay and continuing to push widespread rain throughout the afternoon and evening. right now cool conditions outside 50 vallejo, oakland, fremont, 40 fairfield, 45 santa rosa and 49 pacifica. not warming up a well lot today temperatures -- not warming up a whole lot today. temperatures low 50s. 60s. when that rain will hit you. over to giana for a check on driving conditions. >> we will start in south bay,
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south 101 near capitol expressway we had an earlier accident. 101 seeing slight delays as you work your way northbound. elsewhere, eastbound 80, 7th street off ramp, accident involving a big rig not too much of a factor just yet so far traffic just looking okay as you work in and out of san francisco. live look at the central freeway. that is causing delays more on that coming up. all right thank you. 6:10 a.m. running for higher ground in the south. >> sacrifice smaller cities have made the keep new orleans and baton rouge louisiana dry. neighbors in men low park rallying to save a 300-year-old oak tree from getting cut down possibly late they are morning. i am kit do with a live report coming up ,,
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it's standing in the way of a new water pipeline. a dispute on the peninsula over an ancient oak tree. >> the tree is on 15th in an unincorporated part of men low park slated to be cut down as soon as today and folks are not
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too happy about that. kit do has more on how a stand off may come to a head today. good morning. >> good morning one of the neighbors got confirmation this tree will get cut down later on this morning so to prevent that from happening they will stand underneath the tree if they have to, they will ensure = it this 300 -- encircle it, this 300-year-old tree is nicknamed granny the water pipeline will provide watt tore 2.5 million people in the bay area. the public utilities says the tree is in the way and could engager the project but they say there are no other viable alternatives neighbors are hoping to buy more time and come up with a compromise. >> i have never done anything like this in my life ever. >> why are you doing this? >> i don't want to see more cut down. >> we can't have trees growing over pipelines that definitely
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is something that will engager our drink water pipeline. >> they will meet with a judge trying to get a restraining order. they will meet to plan their next move keep an eye on this tree if crews move in with chain saws they will be ready. >> could all come to a head today. kit do men low park thanks. 6:15 a.m. version 2.0 of the california state budget released today the billion dollar change. >> imagine an on and off switch which controls whether you are over weight. how one of your parents could pass it on to you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a successful launch, just minutes ago, for the space shuttle endeavour. it's let's look at some of today's top stories successful launch minutes ago for space shuttle endeavour. it is under the command of mark kelly, husband of gabriel giffords. it is the last scheduled mission for endeavor and second at that last for the shuttle program as the entire fleet is being retired. governor brown set the release a revised state budget plan today it will include a new revenue forecast because tax receipts through april have
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been two and a half billion dollars ahead of expectations. and people in louisiana moving to higher ground as flood water approaches flood gates were open yesterday today vert watt fresh the swollen mississippi to the basin. the move will keep big cities like baton rouge and new orleans dry but could flood thousands of rural homes in the waters path. >> president obama just left washington dc headed for tennessee he will get a first hand look at flooding from the mississippi river. certainly a cool weekend here in the bay area as you make your way out the door continuing to see cool conditions sitting in the 40s and 50s and system clouds pretty much throughout the bay area. we will see a storm later on this afternoon starting around noontime inland spots only making it to low 60s warmst locations bay and coast will see breezy conditions as well timing out that storm here pinpoint forecast you can see we are seeing lingering showers
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early morning hairs and noontime when we start to -- hours and noontime is when we start to see the rain push into the north bay. later morning hours, evening commute starting to see the rain widespread and yellow here and parts of north bay down through the santa cruz mountains you will want to hang on to the umbrella you will need it temperatures look like this still below average this time of year, 61 napa, fairfield, 68 san francisco, liver more 61 a high in fremont not getting a whole lot warmer over the next couple days we are continuing to see rain. see rain through this evening, tuesday scattered showers tapering off by wednesday. sunshine and warmer, dipping down slightly for the weekend. over to giana. we have chopper 5 flying over san francisco looking for a trouble spot we had word of looks like everything is clear, live look at 80, chopper 5
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traffic looking good as you work into san francisco or on to the sky way toward it is bay bridge. back the our maps we have metering lights on, bay bridge toll plaza traffic is starting to stack up just a bit in the lanes, backed up just beyond the first overpass an easy ride off the east shore freeway, carcenas to the maze. over to the altamonte pass not a good choice, westbound 580, we have an accident out of lanes on the right shoulder, you can see traffic is stacking up through there. 20 minutes right now, west 580, altamonte pass to 680, highway 4, business as usual, lots of brake lights, 8th headed towards summerville, 9 miles per hour in some spots, coming off the antioch bridge that is not too bad traffic looking pretty good through that portion. as you hit 8th street that is when the brake lights start to happen. no major snags to report. northbound clear, southbound no delays towards hayward 15
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minute ride, southbound side 880, marin county, accident free headed toward the golden gate bridge. that is the traffic back to you. thanks very much. 6:22 a.m. called the master gene the simple switch that could determine whether you are over weight and which parent is to blame for putting it on. new twist on the hunt for a serial killer on long island the possible connection to new york cops coming up not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from
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the hunt for a serial killer.. or killers.. on long island. new york post re two cops are being looked at in the hunt for serial killers on long island. two nypd officers both got into trouble related to prostitutes years ago one was forced to resign for hiring hookers on the job the other lost his gun and badge for allegedly assaulting a prostitute but is still on the job. at least 8 bodies have been found on new york beaches, detectives believe the killers worked in law enforcement or familiar with police techniques. >> on the health front researchers pinpointed a genetic master switch that can determine whether a person will be over weight that gene is called klf-14. scientists at oxford say it directs other genes that control body fat and it is inherited from a person's
6:26 am
mother. there are hopes if doctors can control the gene they can better treat obesity, heart disease and diabetes. the amgn tour of california is expected to run stage two from squaw valley to sacramento. the first part was a mess several inches of snow made it too dangerous. >> we thought it might rain, 40 degrees, windy but didn't contemplate snowing windy. it was may 15th. come on. >> wednesday's leg will be in the bay area running from liver more to san jose the race ends in southern california next sunday. 6:26 a.m. coming up shuttle endeavor headed to the internash nana space station another look at a picture perfect -- international taste space station another look at a picture perfect take off. the terrifying moment when
6:27 am
a cathay pacific engine catches fire mid-air. >> beaten san francisco giants fan scheduled to return to a bay area hospital this morning. the latest on the search for suspects coming up. neighbors getting ready for a show down in men low park over a 300-year-old tree that could get cut down this morning. i am kit do with a live report coming up our planes start flying when it's dark. and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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good morning everyone thank you so much for joining us on this monday, 16th of may i am sydnie kohara. >> i am frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. get your week off right hopefully with no traffic and good weather. well, i don't know about the traffic but weather wise, i guess you can't deliver today christy. >> well, depends what you consider good weather we are not seeing a whole lot of rain lingering showers by this afternoon another round of rain hitting the bay area continuing to see cool temperatures san francisco topping out 58, 60 the high oakland, 62 concord, san jose not much warmer at 63 we will look at the timing of the storm later on now to giana with a look at traffic. we are going to head right to chopper 5, live look at 101 near hospital curve, head lights headed northbound into san francisco this part of the bay area looks good traffic
6:31 am
moving nice, south bond toward the peninsula. northbound san francisco traffic clear. outside pass conot a good ride. all right giana thank you much. if you missed it, it was beautiful, space shuttle endeavour on its last scheduled mission. >> 0 and lift off for the final launch of endeavor. expanding our knowledge, expanding our lives in space. >> it was the scene at cape canaveral florida a half hour ago the second to last lift off for nasa's shuttle program the entire fleet will be retired this summer the commander is mark kelly the husband of arizona congress woman gabriel giffords and she was there, to witness this mornings event. despite her ongoing recovery from a gunshot wound to the head. 6:31 a.m. san francisco giants fan severely beat none l.a. will move to a hospital closer to home. e less bit wenger at --
6:32 am
elizabeth wenger is at san francisco general. >> good morning he will arrive by ambulance in the next few hours, until noon is what they are telling us more on that in just a minute in the meantime we want to tell you quickly we got off the phone with the los angeles police department a short time ago regarding the search for suspects they tell us still no arrests but they are holding a press conference tomorrow where they are going to announce they are putting up 300 billboards around los angeles, they will have the suspects sketches on those billboards hopefully to get the public's help getting theseus februarys caught. all right -- getting these suspects caught. all right. to the bay area, brian stowe and his family scheduled to arrive here some time later this morning. doctors say brian stowe is no longer in a medically induced coma but still in critical condition. his family and doctors held a press conference yesterday, stowes family said they leave los angeles with no ill
6:33 am
feelings there were teargratitude for their new los angeles community. he was severely beaten walking through the parking lot of dodgers stadium after the opening day game back in march for six weeks he has been at usc medical center being treated for brain injuries doctors say he is now stable enough to go home to the bay area. his parents this whole time have been keeping vigil by his bedside and are thankful for the support of strangers his mom realizes he has a long way to go. >> we have no illusions that it is going to be a long road, to recovery, we are looking at over a year of rehab, so we are prepared. we are prepared to take that next step with brian. definitely. >> stowes care continues with a unit that specializes in brain injury with san francisco general he has at least another
6:34 am
year of rehab recovery will continue for awhile he is scheduled to leave that los angeles hospital between 10 and noon he is scheduled to fly into sfo and take an ambulance to here at san francisco general. back to you. >> a long way to go but sounds like he is heading in a good direction and coming home. elizabeth wenger in san francisco thanks. san francisco police looking for a man suspected of looting a murder victim's bank account surveillance video shows the man believed to be in his 50s coming and going from this target store now investigators would like to talk to him about the death of 74-year-old joseph williams, he was found dead in his full and street apartment last thursday the suspect has been seen driving a gold or beige sedan possibly a mercedes. 6:34 a.m. governor brown releasing his revised budget the day it will include a new revenue forecast, tax receipts through april have been $2.5 billion through
6:35 am
expectations, higher state income tax rates for four years instead of five the governor initially wanted, there is also speculation he will ask state lawmakers to increase taxes before going to voters. he failed to get enough support to put tax measures on the ballot. oakland forced to make changes that could look into homicides. it will be disbanded over the next few months some of those 45 officers from that division will move into a new major crimes unit, others will go out into the street. people will respond to 911 calls. >> mother nature got this right, held off with the rain over the bay to breakers, but i guess we have rain coming today. >> a little bit got to keep the umbrella handy. >> the system we saw yesterday, scattered showers, another
6:36 am
system will hit us later on this afternoon bringing us more wet weather, showers and parts of the north bay, throughout the bay area later on right now make your way outside, vallejo, fremont, 48 concord, 44 liver more, 47 napa, 49 at the coast pacifica highs today, not too warm, 61 napa and fairfield, 62 fairfield, concord, 61 redwood city and pacifica. look at that extended forecast and see when that rain will finally move out of the bay area in just a bit over to giana with a look at traffic. back to work the commute is well under way we are seeing lots of brake lights a live look at chopper 5 metering lights are on traffic really stacking up. give yourself extra time at last check we had delays, just beyond that at this point. chopper 5, metering lights are on. wreck over to the right
6:37 am
shoulder in the clearing stages, you are just crawling along through the altamonte pass. 24 minutes, to highway 680, back to you. giana, we thank you. 6:37 a.m. an ancient oak tree on the peninsula supposed to be cut down in just a few hours, the tree is on 15th avenue, unincorporated men low park slated to be cut down as soon as today to make way for a new water pipeline cutting through. good morning chain saws could be buzzing in just a couple of hours here in unincorporated men low park but not if neighbors can help it they will encircle that tree if they have to that 300-year-old oak is nicknamed granny right in the way of the pipeline once complete that pipeline will provide water to 2.5 million
6:38 am
people in california. the agency says there are no other viable alternatives the 100-foot tall tree must go. >> i don't know if you knew -- >> we can't have trees growing over pipelines that definitely is something that will engage our drinking water pipeline. >> all righty joining me now mary ann mullens, she is one of the organizers here in the neighbourhood you guys said you are keeping vigil and ready to do anything ready to go to jail for this? >> i hope not but we are prepared to check the tree until the puc is sit down and talk about viable options we believe are on the table even though they are saying they are not. >> you want to hear specific reasons why they have to cut down the tree. >> we have heard their reasons we want to hear their response to two viable options put forth by arbour rests in 2008 and presented to them which they
6:39 am
have never responded to yet. once they respond to those two alternatives, we will know. >> finally here you guys say you are not crazy. >> absolutely not. none of us were involved in this at all until 4:45 p.m. friday night when they told us they were cutting down the tree, 300-year-old tree monday morning we said wait a minute, just wait a minute. so that is it. >> all right. we are hearing there are work crews out there now, checking this tree out who knows could happen today but they are watching over this tree 24/7 back to you. >> kit do on the scene we thank you very much live in men low park. 6:39 a.m. some people from santa clara county heading to sacramento it is a bus trip in support of education. matt bigler joining us from the east ridge shopping center san jose to explain what they hope to accomplish. >> good morning we are here at
6:40 am
the mall east side san jose behind me are those two buses about to leave for sacramento in the next couple minutes filled with teachers, students, administrators, all kinds of education advocates lobbying lawmakers in sacramento to stop cutting funding for california public schools joining me now frank beale a board member for east side high school district. what is your message to lawmakers in day? >> we have already reduced the school year in east side by 5 days we have already increased class sizes by 10%, we have cut over 400 position the last four years we cannot do any more without severely damaging a whole generation of students the cuts have to stop we have to fully fund education in the state of california. >> who are you directing your message to? >> minority party republicans who hold the balance of power in this debate they need to
6:41 am
come around and understand the stand they have taken will severely damage a whole generation of students they need to look to their families look to their grandchildren they need to look to their heart and do what is right for our students. >> can you give us some idea what the impact of further cuts the california public school systems will have specifically on your district, what will happen to your students if more funding is cut from your budget >> if additional funding is cut we will have little choice but to reduce the school year if additional funding is cut we are 14 months from bankruptcy we need a way out of this mess. and i believe that the people in the state of california, if only given the chance to vote would do the right thing to support our studenttheir children. >> is that what you are hoping for some sort of ballot measure that approves tax increase extensions? >> that would be what would be the ideal situation or
6:42 am
legislature itself has power to do that providing we can get four additional votes to move this forward we are paying those taxes now it has not created any great burden these are a small amount talking less than a couple hundred dollars a year per average family in the state in order to make sure their children get a proper education, and california remains the 8th largest economy in the world. a lot is at risk. to do anything else will be damaging to your students. >> thanks for your time, have a safe trip to sacramento two buses full of people they expect to join others once they get to the state capital, and that is expected to happen throughout the day today. i am matt bigler live in san jose for cbs 5. >> thank you. 6:42 a.m., video games back in action we will tell you how sony is repairing a major security breach with
6:43 am
playstation. >> close call with a bouncy castle taking flight the scary moments caught on cell phone video how some quick thinking parents finally saved the day pgh >> stock market opening 13 minutes ago let's take a quick look at numbers all in negative territory. an update from jason brooks coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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point-three trillion dollars. today the government reached its legal debt limit, $14.3 trillion. only congress can raise the debt ceiling but republican leaders are fight being president obama how much to cut spending. timothy geithner said congress has to act by early august or the country won't be able the pay all its debts. >> tensions between a silicon valley giant and internet partner in china brewing up. >> here is jason brooks. good morning. good morning sydnie and frank a joint statement coming from yahoo! and alibaba the e commerce giant in china that yahoo! own as 43% stake saying they are committed to resolving
6:47 am
differences after the revelation last week that yahoo!'s ownership stake in ali pay was transferred to the ceo of alibaba raising all sorts of investor questions about yahoo!'s investment in alibab and whether or not that could be diluted overtime it is worth $10 billion half of yahoo!'s market cap right now. yahoo! stock took it on the chin last week after that came down. lost more than 10% of its value during that time they are seemingly caught unawares by all this although alibab said it warned yahoo! well in advance this was going to happen. we will see what happens and whether or not they can resolve differences and what what means. a lot at stake going on in europe par lick lairly with the debt -- particularly with the debt crisis after the arrest over the weekend of the managing director of the international monetary fund. the imf is a key player in
6:48 am
resolving that debt crisis and his arrest could throw some of that into disarray, in fact a lot of the bailouts going on for greece and ireland and potential for portugal, may not be enough and more money may be needed to help the country's out the euro fell against the dollar, one reason why the stock market fell on friday the dow lost 100 points, markets sliding a little bit further nervousness over that issue the dow dropping 47 points nasdaq down by 10. s&p right now frank and sydnie lower by 3 points and yahoo! shares, are down another half percent investors want more answers about yahoo!'s business interest in alibaaba. >> a little turmoil. jason brooks. certainly doesn't feel like spring in the bay area today and hasn't over the last
6:49 am
several days. lots of cloud cover out there, you can see in this live shot a little bit of a ceiling here we will see more grey skies, along with showers as you make your way out the door cool conditions sitting in the 40s and 50s. slight chance of lingering showers, this afternoon another round of rain will hit us. temperatures unseasonably cool breezy conditions along those bay shores and along the coast this reason, the low sliding through bringing cool conditionthe reason you will need to hang on to the umbrella more showers will hit us later on. chance of showers, noontime is when we start to see showers hit the bay area by late afternoon and for your evening commute you will need the windshield wipers on. seeing moderate cells, indicated by the yellow parts of the north bay and santa cruz mountains as well. >> temperatures today, slightly warmer some locations, still very cool 61 fairfield and
6:50 am
liver more. 60 vallejo and oakland. 60 high san francisco santa rosa will top it out today. more rain in store, lingering showers tuesday, wednesday, tapering off by morning, thursday just to see it warm up, 10 degrees from where we are sitting, mix of sunshine and clouds, friday, this weekend cooler a little bit of sunshine in store. nice change that is a look at your weather conditions to giana. thank you we go straight to chopper 5, flying high over 880 and hayward, seeing extra volume so far speeds moving okay. lots of folks headed in that direction as you work your way towards oakland southbound 880 approaching 92 looks sluggish as well. once you get to 92 traffic moving nicely across the san mateo bridge. not a bad drive at all, 14 minutes between 880 and 101 elsewhere, bay bridge is very stacked up, business as usual, metering lights on, you can see
6:51 am
traffic really slow and go through there, sluggish across the upper deck backed up almost to the maze but give yourself extra time. working our way out of marin county, not bad lots of green on our sensors live look at traffic through mill valley, south of there near the golden gate bridge cruising right along an easy ride southbound 101, 37 to 580, golden gate bridge clear san francisco altamonte pass a tough ride all morning minor accident toward the right shoulder, looks like that is completely in the clearing stages, you can see lots of red here on sensors, 25 minutes, wets 680, you will see red -- west 680, you will see red lights again. south 680, new reports of an accident center divide, traffic is sluggish through the grade, westbound slow and go, looks like through antioch as well as north 101 san jose. >> thanks very much. lights went out and then
6:52 am
the plane shook, terrifying acontinues this morning of an emergency landing in singapore. cathay pacific airbus 330 heading to djakarta indonesia had to turn back to singapore this morning when the engine caught fire : 20 minutes after take off, passengers reported two sharp banga burning smell the plane started shaking violently passengers prayed together as the plane landed all 136 passengers onboard got off okay. this just into the newsroom united statepakistan agreed to work together against high value targets in that country that joint statement released moments ago. it comes as john carrie visits pakistan, he met with the prime minister this morning. carrie the chairman of senate foreign relations committee is the first american emissary to visit pakistan since the raid that took down osama bin laden two weeks ago. >> take a look at amateur video
6:53 am
capturing a bouncy castle taking flight in arizona this happened at a fifth grade party in tucson. a big gust of desert wind, some say it was a dust devil, just picked up the inflatable place and sent it into a light pole. parents and teachers managed to get the kids out of the castle just in time. six kids were hit by flying debris but luckily no serious injuries this is the third such incident in recent months in the grand canyon state. >> glad the kids were out. that is scary. >> sony rebuilding its global playstation network. >> the service was shut down more than a month ago after a security breech effected more than 100 million online accounts operations resumed in the united states and europe, services are limited to online gaming, chat and streaming but sony hopes to have the network fully restored by the end of the month. >> time 6:53 a.m.
6:54 am
hours away from coming home to the bay area, the next step in the giant's fans recovery. >> if you have a story idea or comment to share, e-mail a little late on the cue e-mail brian ,,,,,[ male announcer ] it was forged from the fires of imagination.
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care for your car. after he was badly beaten in los angeles. brian stowe returning to the bay area, more than 6 weeks after he was badly beaten in los angeles, elizabeth wenger at san francisco general hospital where stowe will continue his treatment. elizabeth good morning. good morning sydnie. doctors say he is finally stable enough to come back home to a hospital here in the bay area. according to the family's blog they say he has been able to open his eyes several times. doctors say he is no longer in a medically induced coma however he is still in critical condition at that press conference the family was also there they leave l.a. with no ill feelings there were hugs, tears, gratitude for their new l.a. commutety they are excite -- community they are excited to come home. brian stowe was severely beaten walking through the parking lot
6:58 am
of dodgers stadium after the opening day game. he has been at the university medical center being treated for severe injuries. >> they will put up 300 billboards all over l.a. with the suspects sketchs to get the publics help his care continues here at san francisco general we understand he will be here between 10:00 a.m. this morning and noon sydnie back to you. >> thank you elizabeth wenger in san francisco. the whole gang here now one last check of weather and traffic. weather wise rain. >> wet weather. monday. yeah. well, not quite different. >> still winter. >> still wintery these conditions seem very much like winter showers starting noontime today and continuing through late afternoon into the evening definitely need windshield wipers on. tuesday and wednesday more showers, tapering off by wednesday afternoon warmer and clearer for the rest of your workweek people were worried
6:59 am
ability the rain for bay to breakers you was more concerned about the weather for the 2011 golf tournament with our two fabulous anchors here franks teem won with one stroke. >> they did there they be a complaint launched. >> i did not wear my medal or bring in my trophy >> look at that. >> and to these opponent who is had the fabulous orange shirts and camo pants. >> you were hunting birdies, congratulations to frank and his team. >> all right let's get to traffic live san mateo bridge, chopper 5 one of our bright spot, traffic cruising along hayward and foster city over to our maps, bay bridge stacking up metering lights on, really bright too. don't forget your sunglasses. >> okay thanks giana we thank you for watching cbs 5 early edition we leave you now with


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