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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> he is such a huge san francisco giant's fan that it's -- it's just this is where he needs to be right now. >> brian stowe is back in the bay area. tonight his family says what is next for him. >> how a bay area porn king once shunned is making himself into the neighbor everybody loves.
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>> mission activated. >> only on five the future of battle field medicine, a robot that replaces medics. >> good evening. i'm dana king. >> i'm ken batista. the giant's fan almost killed outside of dodger stadium is back in the bay area . >> he is pact san francisco general. tonight they say this is just a temporary arrangement. more on what comes next. >> reporter: more than 100 gathered for a benefit in brian's hometown as he finally returned to the bay area, nearly 7 weeks after a beating outside of the stadium that left him with a critical brain injury. his new medical team said he has a long recovery ahead of him. >> basically there is imaging for us to review, a very large pile of medical records which
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we will leave no stone unturned. >> it's a big step because when we first got down to los angeles we weren't sure he would make it. >> reporter: his mother said today is a significant milestone in her son's recovery. > transferring him is just to get him stabilized and then our understanding is we don't know how long he will be in the icu but at some point he will be transferred to a long term care facility for his rehab, that is the plan. >> reporter: back in santa cruz the community came together to help with brian's medical bills, a local bowling alley hosted a tournament and silent auction. >> more bowling alleys. all here to support brian. >> by helping out it gives people a voice to tell everybody they are sick of just the senseless violence but it could have been any of them. . >> reporter: the family remains
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optimistic that the two men who attacked brian will be brought to justice. >> we have no doubt they will find them. >> reporter: cbs5. >> he talked a good game but voters weren't buying. tonight donald trump has picked tv over dc. >> i will not be running for president as much as i would like too. >> reporter: he made the announcement at a meeting of executives who gathered to hand about the fall line up. they will been pressing him to decide about his future fearing the loss of revenue in he left his show. it may be just as well since a poll released today showed 71% of voters thought trump had zero chance of winning. >> uncle sam is maxed out. the united states can't borrow anymore money until congress takes action. the feds today reached a 14.3
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trillon dollar limit. the republicans won't raise the ceiling until there is an agreement on spending cuts but the white house has come up with tricking to put off the default until august. the treasurey secretary suspended contributions to federal pension plans. >> just a few weeks after voting to limit the number of pot clubs the council found out today just how much money those clubs bring in. the new pot tax generated $290,000 for san jose in the first month. it could bring in four million dollars a year to the city. the mayor and council proposed cutting the number of collectives from 105 to 10. for california an unexpected windfall. the state has banked billions of dollars in new revenue so the governor's budge gives
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schools 3 billion more but the governor still wants the tax extensions, arguing they really aren't that big a deal, really. grace lee crunched the numbers. >> the economy is look good, not as good as its been but on the mend. >> reporter: it's $6.6 billion better than expected. >> when some people say you have more money we are out of the wood. untrue. >> reporter: tax revenues higher but the governor points out we still owe nearly 10 billion. he wants california to vote in tax extensions but how much does that cost you? the governor wants to keep 1% sales tax increase that was passed in 2009. the state says that will bring in four and a half billion dollars. if you divide that among the state population that 1% increase costs every resident at least $121 a year. also in 2009 your car licensing
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fee was raised by one half of a percent so if you have a 30,000- dollar car that's another 150 you are paying yearly. >> you feel that difference? >> i didn't but i don't mind it. it doesn't bother me because i feel like it benefits a lot of things that people have to pay for. >> i support the governor and if he says we need to extend the taxes we need to extend them. he is a straight shooter. >> i'm okay with what i'm paying now. i wouldn't want more taxes. >> reporter: that's what the governor is banking on, that voters would agree to extensions as long as there are no new taxes. >> part of the problem right now is this game we are playing. >> reporter: one says republicans will fight back and play the integrity card. >> they think they have a winner with that issue, less about taxes and more about being honest and keeping a promise. >> reporter: even with more
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than six billion extra coming in the governor has made almost no changes to the extensions but one of the few is the person income taxes, raised by a quarter of a percent in 2009, the governor reduced that expension from five to four years and said he wants to start that right away. hopefully we will see that. >> this money is a big change, game changer i think. >> a huge surprise for a lot of people. e. absolutely. thank you. the man who was probably going to be the next president of france is spending his first night in an american jail. he is at new york's ryker's island. he is the head of the imf but he was expected to run for the french president. a maid said when she was cleaning his 3,000-dollar a night suite he got out of the shower naked, chased her around
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the room and sexually assaulted her. the judge denied him bail after prosecutors said he had the means and motive to leave the country. >> we also know that the defendant has the personal, political and financial resources to flee and evade the law. there are issues we have already found with the investigation that in our judgement makes it likely he might be cleared. >> he is scheduled back in court on friday and if convicted faces 25 years. >> other bay area headlines, an accident on alcatraz hurt a couple tourists. they were on a tram that hit a pipe out of a wall. that caused the roof to collapse cutting a woman's eye and gashing a man's forehead. both were taken back to the waterfront and taken to the hospital. >> robbers stole a one ton brass ring that this been in the lake side park for the last
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90 years. it was once used to port torpedo es for the maine. the parts department said they probably wanted to sell it to reokaylers. a man who was once a pariah is trying to change his image. people were not happy when he moved in to the area, we show you what he is doing now to prove that even as porn king he can be a good neighbor. >> reporter: before it exploded it exploded in this room. this is the drill court of the san francisco armory. >> reporter: soldiers the first world war trained for battle here in the middle of the mission. >> it was used for drill practice by the national guard . >> reporter: by the 70's it was a relic until peter --. >> on the other side of two sets of walls is another business that i run which does
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adult entertainment . >> reporter: brought in his brand of potency. >> this is the padded room. >> reporter: where the calvary once put horses now fetish sets compete with two way mirrors, chains, lights and all the sounds we can't put on tv. >> how many films do you create per week? >> reporter: he produces up to 25 a week and nobody hears anything. four years ago there was a lot of shouting saying that doesn't mix. now instead of that he says he is a applauded by his neighbors. >> we put in security and the neighborhood was -- gotten slightly better, safer . >> reporter: he now plans to turn the former space into 39,000 square feet of community space. it'll be the next farmer's market, ensuings for sporting event. you will never see or hear
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fetish at work. >> if way shoot was happening here this would be pulled across. >> reporter: there are sound insulation and everything happens on a different floor. >> never the two will meet. >> reporter: king and mission neighbor its that is. in the mission district, cbs5. >> a very wet stormy night in many parts of the bay area according to the radar. the heaviest now north and east of the bay, back through concord. san francisco has picked up nearly a quarter inch much and it continues to rain. we will pinpoint the drive that will be wet tomorrow with the pinpoint forecast. >> not just historic, inspirational. the two words that gabreille giffords said after watching her husband blast off into the space. him was a call that we just don't hardly tipped in america.
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>> as a kid the woman made a promise to a man she never met, never to take off this bracelet, now 38 years later she finally can. >> very come to learn whether i'm wearing or not he will always be with me. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our planes start flying when it's dark. and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] today, on a 16-day mission to . and liftoff for the final
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launch. >> the shuttle lifted off for the last time today, 16 day mission to the space station. there is one more to the final shuttle launch that is set for july. gabreille giffords watched today's liftoff in private with the family of her husband, commander mark kelley. her chief of staff said she was happy and excited. >> i was next to her when -- and she said good stuff. >> the doctors in houston say they will soon preform surgery to replace part of her skull. it was removed to relieve brain swelling after she was shot in tucson last january. >> a marine from modesto has been killed in a fire fight in afghanistan. the 43-year-old benjamin palmer leaves a wife and three children. it's losses like his that has
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the military testing new technology. in a story you will only see here, we show you how robots will soon replace human medics. >> mission started,. >> reporter: you are looking at the future of battle field medicin think of this robot going through a crossfire to evacuate a wounded soldier. >> now treating patient number four . >> reporter: now think of that same robot helping or even replacing human medics on the ground. >> savors lives, in a big way i hope because it saves time. >> reporter: a doctor is leading a team of researchers in a series of field tests in monterey. from a small headquarters they monitor the battle field conditions and even soldiers vital signs through sensors in
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their uniforms. robots deployed the soldiers on the ground or in small helicopters are sent to find and help the wounded. because of advances in gps and realtime data feed they know which soldiers the most seriously wounded, where they are and how to get there. >> previously we would be controlling every second. it's a new world. >> reporter: throughout military history doctors treating wounded in the field have had to wait until the injured soldier was in front of them before they could treat them. now the technology exists to start it remotely. >> getting picture, data, they get shared log of information. >> state again. >> reporter: the information sent back may let them begin treatments fromma far with robots acting like a wifi hot spot they may trigger the
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injection of preloaded drugs through nano patches which future soldiers would wear. >> we are pretty good at that in hospitals, now technology has let us be far from the doctor's room, and still do thing that can make the difference. >> reporter: its being developed for the military with you but it could some day save police and firefighters as wel at camp roberts. >> researchers say that technology could have other use, one idea is a wrist band for hikers to wear that could sense a medical emergency like a heart attack and send out a signal by your cell phone. >> nearly 40 years ago a little girl made a promise to a man she never met. she kept her word for all these years. steve hartman shows us this weekend that woman who now lives in walnut creek filled
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her commitment in the most extraordinary way. this weekend in alabama closure came in a flag draped casket. after 43 years missing in vietnam the identified remains of a sergeant first class finally made it home. >> we thank you today lord, that james leslie moreland has returned. >> reporter: the service is the end of four decades of worry for his friends, family and this one totally devoted, total stranger who though she never met him never forgot him. >> i made a promise and i wanted to keep it. >> reporter: it was a promise she made to him christmas day 1972 when she was 12. she got a metal bracelet in her stocking. it was a powmia bracelet. they were a big fad in the 70's. each had the name of a soldier still a prisoner in vietnamor
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missing in action. the idea was to wear them until your guy came home. >> it was 1976. >> reporter: it was a commitment she took more seriously than most as her photographs can attest. >> there it is. >> reporter: long after the other kids moved onto bell bottoms and moon rocks. >> 2001. >> reporter: she was still wearing the bracelet. >> this. >> reporter: when we first met her in march there it was, same place it had been every second of every day for 38 years. >> never has been off? >> no. had an mri, had to keep my arm out of the machine. that was difficult. >> reporter: she was determined to only take it off for him. >> they should put it back in the -- bay of the soldiers coming off the plane and i thought i would be there and give him my bracelet and he would put it on and that's how i pictured it. that wasn't meant to be. >> reporter: over the years kathy has really gotten to know james through his two sisters
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who invited her to sit with her. she was also recognized by james commanding officer. >> this was a quality that we just don't hardly find anymore, a commitment to her word even though she was a child. >> reporter: for to many of us supporting the troop social security nothing but lip service, patriotism nothing but what we wear on hour sleeve but catty has shown us what being a proud american entails. as for that bracelet she did with what she said shewould. she took it off and slipped on the sleeve of his uniform. >> it'll take getting used to but i will learned he will always be with me even if i'm not wearing the bracelet.
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back to set
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a. . when will it stop? >> winter continues. >> pick me. i know when it'll stop, thursday. >> thursday. >> picking up rain showers right now, the heaviest band to the north and the east of the central bay and mainly lifting up to the delta. you can see by the pockets of yellow but earlier it was over the oakland area where we picked opposer a quarter of inch of rain today alone. still very wet pavement out there. let's take a look at some of the totals, not only today but over the past two days here in the bay area. looking like this, loss gatos, half moon bay, two tenths. el sorito over a half inch, temperatures with a spotty lingering shower and that's how we will kick start the tuesday. you will need the umbrella as you head out the door with
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scattered random showers turning more during the late afternoon with a second system behind the passing of that first one. here we go, for tomorrow morning's drive, watch the clock there, again hit and miss, scattered showers, very light precipitation, then we get a break at lunchtime, behind it quickly filling in about the evening drive is more rain associated with the second system and the winds will increase as well. here we go, raw temperatures again in the 50s and 60s. the extended forecast calms for isolated shower wednesday, sun thursday and then we get clouds back up again in time for the weekend. stay with us. the news will continue right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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national league west... . tim lost his control, his scoreless streak and the game. it all ended in part because of six walks, tied at two in the six, nate gone, giants on top at that point. the dug out calling the bullpen for help. apparently nobody picked up because tim stayed into face gonzalez and he dialed long distance. three run shot. seven of four rockies and they
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pull to with in a half game in the west. 90 minute rain delay before first pitch, a's down to the final strike, closer balden, barton putting one into the gap, bring around crisp, it just tied the game. what are we, 11:30? it's in extra innings. when the niners played the seahawks the bigger rivalry may be on the sidelines. much was made of the what's your deal hand shake in 2009. pete was at stanford and dismissed any bad blood. >> that's not how it happened. you may be the one to set it straight. we talked like that before the game, a lot of people think it happened after. we get along type. i respect the heck out of jim, i don't know him that well but when i have had a chance i can't help but sing his praises. >> what's the deal happened before the game? >> yeah.
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>> right on. okay. >> set the record straight. >> okay. yeah right. you got to hand to sharks coach, he likes to tell it like it is. the top five with his take after last night's game and loss to vancouver. >> we were like dogs chasing cars on the freeway. >> hockey championship goes to finland. how is that for a finish. juan thought he had his 4th home run but gomez took it away. gave up 14 runs in two and two thinker thirds, just the third pitch fresh thirds, he was sent to the minors league. stanley king with the call. >> he is out. >> is he?
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he is safe! david are you having a worse season than vin right now. 0-3. just been sent to the minor leagues. ,,,,,,,,,,
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