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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the giants are back in la for the first time since the tragic beating of giants fan bryan stow. just as we get the first report card from sf general who is treating him. dr. kim mulvahill explains the measures -- messages from doctors is cautious but optimistic. >> that's right, dana the 32- year-old father and medic remains in critical condition. doctors have taken stow off one of his five seizure medications. and since then he has remained seizure-free. >> for bryan stow, his medical team has good news. >> since he has been here, he has done quite well. he is stable. and we will continue to treat him aggressively. >> he is happy to report that stow has been taken off one of his seizure medications. even so, he remains on four very powerful drugs making him possible for doctors to accurately assess his condition. over the next several weeks we will be begin to taper these medications back so that we can better understand what is the
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true level of his brain function. >> dr. manly says traumatic brain injury is where cancer was 40 or 50 years ago. these injuries are very complicated making it a challenge to care for these patients. >> we really haven't study the this effectively and it is one of the silent epidemics. >> they are trying to get him to san francisco without further injury to his brain. >> the team that transported him from la county did a superb job. he showed up here. he looked great. transporting a critically ill patient like stow can be risky. his blood pressure can drop or there may be enough problems getting enough oxygen to his organs. >> now stow is opening his eyes spontaneously and responding to painful stimuli. these are very primitive functions. what this means for his long- term prognosis is unclear. at this point the steps to recovery are incremental and doctors are taking it it day-by- day. >> it is good to get an update now that he is back home.
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>> thank you. >> well, late this afternoon, members of bryan stow's family were here in the studios. joe vasquez had a chance to speak with him. what a gracious family. >> they really are his father and his two sisters. david stow, the father says it has been a real struggle dealing with brian's injuries. he was so active and now he is in that hospital room incapacitied as. as the doctor says his son is stabilized now. he is blinking his eyes a little bit. and even a little bit more. >> well, sometimes he'll begin to move his lips somewhat. but it's just like he is not trying to make words out of it or anything like that. he's just moving his lips. and that's hard to see, but it's something. the doctors say it's encouraging that he has got that much movement. >> there is still a lot of care for him. we love him and we talk to him. but it can be heartbreaking to look, to see him there.
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we just have our strength as a family unit. we are pretty strong together. and that's what holds us together. and known bry, the type of person that he is strong and loves life. and we believe he will come from back from this. >> dana, there is just so little information in this field, as we've been pointing out, mr. stow says his family has just not come to the terms with the possibility that brian will need some long-term care. they just don't believe it at this point. they are hoping their positive thoughts and all of the prayers of fellow fans will help them pull through for a complete recovery. >> you mentioned how gracious they were to speak to us. but it must be difficult to continue to have to talk about someone, especially when you don't know where it's headed. >> right. and it's been a physical struggle as well, you know. the fact that in a strange way it is harder to get to the hospital from here. they are from santa cruz and drive all the way up. down in la a hotel chain was putting them up ten minutes away from the hospital.
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so, you know, they are not the type to ask for any help. but you can tell that there is still going to be a lot of help needed from the community at large. >> well, and the research into brain science and brain recovery we see bryan stow beaten and gabrielle giffords shot. just different things. >> the brain is such a delicate organ and with a traumatic injury it is hard to know what's going to happen. it's like an on i don't know, there are different layers that you peel off and find out what's down below. hopefully we will learn more and he will improve steadily. but right now it's too soon. nobody knows. the world's experts there at san francisco general, they say they don't know. >> well, dr. kim mulvahill, thank you. >> well, as we mentioned, the giants are back in la tonight playing at dodgers stadium. lapd are at the game tonight handing out sketches of the two men who attacked brian stow. in the meantime, they say they
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have received a new tip. this is about the woman that they think was driving the getaway vehicle. they say that she may have been wearing a dodgers jersey with the player's name ethier as you see it there. andre's name on the back. the dodgers said today they are doubling the reward money in this case. it is now up to $200,000. terrifying moments for a belmont mother as a carjacker nearly drives off with her 5- year-old daughter. she and her daughter were parked behind the restaurant when a man got into the car and demanded the keys. the police say that he pushed the woman out of the car, but she managed to grab her daughter from the backseat before he took off. this morning a chp officer spotted the stolen vehicle in burlinggame. the man inside stephen thomas was arrested immediately. an early morning stand-off with a burglary suspect ends peacefully. it happened at a home on parker street at 7:00 a.m.
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police say a 65-year-old man armed with a machete and a saw tried to steal a bike from a home in the area. when the officers aroofed the man barricaded himself in another home. after several hours of negotiations, swat teams used a battering ram to enter that home. the suspect was arrested and taken for a psychiatric evaluation. now to the schwarzenegger sex scandal. scores of reporters, photographers have swarmed a house in bakersfield. it's the house where the former governor's mistress lives with schwarzenegger's child. now, the woman was not at home when the flash mob arrived with satellite trucks filling that street and filling out into another one. we have a picture of mildred patricia known as patty. arnold and many yeah's former housekeeper. they were pregnant at the same time and gave birth just one week apart. with all of the other act says of woman eyeing plaguing arnold schwarzenegger over the years, how did he manage to keep this
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one from getting out? phil matier on how the former governor was able to keep this $1 million secret. >> reporter: well, there was always rumors but there was never anything that was actually in writing that was proof that he had an extramarital child. >> and he should know, he was one of an army of behind the scenes democratic party operatives who spent years going through arnold schwarzenegger's private life. >> how much did you spend on digging dirt on arnold during his campaign. >> we are talking about an army of opposition leaders going after arnold schwarzenegger. they came up with a lot. they came up with a dozen woman that said they had been groped. but that wasn't enough. >> in part because his wife maria schriver today behind him. or like bill clinton the woman didn't go public. or like john edwards who fathered a child out of wedlock she didn't work in the campaign. and there was never a arrest
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record or a police report on which to hang the tail. >> you need a birth certificate. you need income tax records. you need property records. if the birth certificate has some other father's name on it how can you prove that arnold schwarzenegger is the father? >> he is a public relations consultant who makes a link handling scandals like this from clients ranging from chevron to the ghetties. his take? >> clearly arnold schwarzenegger had a relationship with this person, so private that his own family didn't know about it. because the way it got reported not as his child but as somebody else's it was impossible for any opposition researcher to fin. >> this is just a good old- fashioned secret. a hands full of people knew about it and loyal to arnold schwarzenegger and never going to give it. >> he is not just a politician but an international movie star. >> tmz and entertainment tonight, hollywood is one of the most watched places in the universe. how did this star get away with it for so long?
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>> clearly the cooperation of this woman in hiding the identity of the child including schwarzenegger put some money to buy some lines -- silence. >> it appeared to work for years all the way through his office as governor. but at the conclusion of that, it started to unravel. he got clean with maria. she left. the story started breaking. the la times picked it up. and now an entire fleet of satellite trucks has pulled up next to this woman and that child's home. and now it's once again an international story. the only question is, is there any more out there that's going to come falling down? >> wow, a lot of blame going around but not for the child. >> no. not the child's fault. >> no. okay. thank you, phil. it has been a nail-biter for public schools waiting to hear how much money they are going to get from the state. this week, governor brown allocated millions to the system's budget. but ann shows us for a lot of education advocates, it doesn't add up to enough. ann? >> and, dana, money when the governor announced that public
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education would be getting $3 billion more, well, you would think that they would lose support and public education they would be celebrating. we found out today that is not necessarily the case. >> i am for kids and education is extremely important to me. >> reporter: sackrina shane was one of 300 people here for an education rally in concord. >> i have pre-school to college level kids so across the board and i have felt the impact. >> reporter: this was full of educators and politicians who have different opinions about the governor's budget announcement. >> it's very good news. but you have to understand it in the context of the last two years where we saw 20 percent cut out of k-12. >> reporter: assemblywoman susan organized this event. she is the chairman on finance. it will help the districts avoid having to take out loans. but the president said his district will still lead -- need a $40 million loan because
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the state will likely not pass its budget on time. and argues the governor's announcement wasn't what it appeared. is it cause for celebration? >> no. because i looked at the detail behind this claim of $3 billion and it really isn't an additional $3 billion in the state for education. >> reporter: he explains the state basically gave back money they were going to give the districts anyway next year. the money is for mental health services, a new expenditure for school districts since the state decided to stop paying for it. but the state's money won't completely cover the costs digging another hole for the districts to fill. and then there is another dilemma. will this week's so-called good news make people complacent thinking the problem is over. >> and i saw the newscast. things are better, not fixed but they are better. that's a problem. i don't want to take the pressure off where that pressure was. it belongs with the state of california. it belongs with the legislature. and the governor. >> and the pressure is still on because the governor's budget relies on a really big if.
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>> but as we speak now, education is still in a precarious position because it relies upon the extensions of those tax increases. >> exactly. >> and what are the chances that those will be extended? >> i have to be optimistic because i'm a teacher. i'm a legislature. i'm a mom. >> so another big rally to try to motivate this crowd. to contact republican lawmakers in sacramento and get them to support the contract extensions. this is cbs 5. >> i'm juliette goodrich. what bay area stores are doing to protect their high-priced hair extensions. a trend nationwide has turned deadly. chances are the value of your house is still going down. why the price of your homeowners insurance is about to go up? and it wasn't easy stealing a one ton piece of american naval history from an east bay park. how an angry citizen was able to help get it back.
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area. . last night we told you about the crime wave that's spreading across the country. we have already seen it here in the bay area. juliette godrich is in salano with what the hairstylists are doing about the hair highests. >> reporter: we are talking about these hair extensions real hair. a mission beauty supplier was killed over these hair extensions. here they were burglarized last month. they are doing all they can with the security cameras to protect their livelihood. >> these hair extensions are amulet billion dollars industry nationwide. >> the high-ends hair highest
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heis. it all caught on tape grabbing hair extensions from hair divas in san leandro. hair diva's owner ann davis has installed more pricey cameras and a bull horn since last month's break-in. there are no arrests yesterday yet. >> i am just like pretty fed up. i mean it is frustrating that you have all of the things into place and you think that you are secure and it happens anyway. and the video footage from the last break-in as they were walking out with my merchandise, that really pissed me off. >> reporter: police say human hair theft is a growing crime trend. criminals stealing high priced weaves and wigs. this hair heist caught on tape happened in houston. the thieves know exactly what they are looking for because they don't even touch the happy -- cheaper hair extensions. this detect sieve -- detective is with the police department. >> apparently this is happening
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all over the counsel. whether they are selling it at flea market or on the street there is a high price for them. >> they come directly from india. women there sacrificing their hair for religious reasons. to make matters worse, some of the wigs and the hairpieces stolen were meant for cancer patients. and women suffering from severe hair loss. >> in michigan a beauty supply owner was killed over the human hair product. >> it is kind of stair are you that you expect to hear what happened in deerborne michigan that a guy actually lost his life in his retail store. that kind of was a wakeup call to how serious this is and actually nationwide and not just here. >> reporter: if you have any idea just how expensive these real hair extensions are, they can runny where from $80 to $200. on the black market though they can be sold for a fraction of that, say $20. the police are reviewing the surveillance tapes and zeroing in on some suspects and hope to
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make some arrests here very soon. this is juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> all right. let's take you to some breaking news out of southern california. this has ventura county naval air station. we are getting our first picks here of a military plane that has crashed on takeoff. you can see it's right along the coast. if the shot pulls back a little bit, you can tell the runway is just off to the right of your picture. they are just out of sight. you can see the main part of that plane, the fuselage is smoking and still on fire. there are some other pieces in the -- towards the bottom part of your screen that are also on fire and burning. so we don't know exactly what type of plane this is. we do know it's a military plane. this is the naval air station in venture county. now we are told the plane is a kc-130 one of the older prop planes, a military version of a boeing 707. the plane as you can tell are
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on fire. pieces of it have come off and apparently are on fire. again, we don't know how many crew members are onboard. but this is a military plane. and now you can see the helicopter doing a water drop there trying to get things under control as more planes can be seen. this is a four engine jet. these old -- these planes have been around in the military a long time. a c-130 is used mostly for hauling troops and also other parts of the military cargo. but, again, it's a kc-130. this is the naval air station down in venture county just north of la right on the coast there. so as we get more details from what has happened there and the cause of the crash, we will be sure to get it to you. again, ventura county a military plane crash tonight. all right. and we're going back to our regular news here. one of the most popular hair treatments is under central scrutiny tonight. julie watts is here with that and the rest of the day's
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consumer news. julie? >> thanks, dana. straight hair is still in high demand but now the government is advising them to stop using carrotine like brazilian blow- out because they have high levels of formaldehyde. they are calling for a recall of the product. while product manufacturers say they are safe. local stylists are coming up with ways to reduce the risk of potentially toxic fumes. in other consumer news, housing prices may be going down but the cost of home insurance is going up. several of the nation's largest insurers are raising their rates from 7 to 33% on yearly premiums. the companies say they need the extra money to offset the rising energy and rebuilding costs. they also point to the new studies will that show that more areas are at risk from natural disasters. for more on our brazilian blow-out story go to our
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website where you can watch our 5:00 piece in depth. >> julie, thank you very much. >> check with roberta, a quick check of the forecast for you. >> rain has pushed out of the bay area. as it does so, it leaves behind still some pockets of snow. this is live in the blue canyon area of the high sierra. notice the very low ceiling. the snow continues to fall. in the past 24 hours up to four inches of snow has accumulated at 7,000 feet and above. now, while we are still picking up some pockets of precipitation there, out and about this evening, there is only a chance of some silent raindrops east of the bay primarily around the diablo hills. cooling off very quickly. if you are heading out to oakland as baseball 43 in santa ros. to 43 around the tri-valley. have you that light precipitation right here from blue canyon all the way into the north of the greater lake tahoe region. an area of low pressure continues to slide to the south and lift to the northeast.
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and as it does so, high pressure, albeit weak is moving in. and will provide us with a seasonal springtime day forever -- for your thursday. pinpointing your temperature to the mid-70s around the central bay, outside number will be pretty much in the mid-70s. northwest winds 10-20 miles per hour. and the pollen around is in play. the grass count remains on the medium size as well. friday see some increasing cloud cover. but the temperatures pretty much hold steady. then on saturday partly to mostly cloudy conditions will lead to the potential of an isolated shower, primarily north of the golden gate bridge. we start to see some partial clearing on monday through wednesday. and that is your pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. we want to go back now to a military plane that has crashed taking off from the point lagoon naval air station in ventura county. you see the plane here is still on fire. we're told that it is a boeing
6:23 pm
707 tanker. it's used to -- for fuel and operation support, transporting fuel. we are also being told that three people onboard did survive this crash. you can see, we saw earlier when the helicopter pulled out that the plane veered off the runway to the left of the runway. and it skidded to its current position. and you can see that it is embedded in the sand and muck because it is right offshore from the ocean right there. >> yes. >> so we are keeping an eye on this. down at point lagoon naval station at ventura. this happened at 5:25 this evening, we are told. >> and we will be right back. [ music ] . >> eyewitness news is brought to you by heavenly greens. don't miss the heaven lip greens sale going on now.
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a one ton naval relic that weren't missing has been found. police arrested two men last night for trying to sell the giant brass ring for scrap metal. christian airs is here with how a vigilant employee held them catch those thieves. >> reporter: one man is in jail for trying to lift the relic. it is now back in the court. >> reporter: the 100,000-ton hunk of brass doesn't look like much. >> beautiful. >> reporter: but for city officials this truly is a beautiful piece of history, lost and found. >> i was excited. >> reporter: before it was stolen from lakeside park saturday the antique gun port had already had a journey from the battleship maine to the bottom of the harbor when the
6:27 pm
ship sank at the turn of the 20th century. 220 people died and the gun port was placed at lakeside park as a tribute. >> people have become desperate. they receive dollar signs as opposed to memorials. >> reporter: until this man took the gun port on a different journey allegedly stealing it saturday in the dead of night. >> some of you thought it was already shipped to overseas locations. >> turns out the antique was much closer. >> they thought they were going to get away with this. >> gonzalez works for windsor steel and had seen a picture of the gun port that had been circulating. when paradise and the other person drove up with the port in a gun bed. i immediately recognized it. >> reporter: while employees pretend today process the brass, gonzalez called the cops. >> i was surprised and i was especially surprised that it was found in oakland, like less than two miles probably from where it was stolen. >> reporter: a happy ending and a timely tribute to those who
6:28 pm
lost their lives. >> it's all good. it's a piece of history. so just for it to be back in the park is good. >> city officials have not yet decided what to do with the relic. right now it's in an undisclosed location and working to get a more secure pedestal for it and talking about setting it up somewhere indoors where it will be safer. live in oakland, cbs 5. >> a little new information now on the crash of the military jet down in southern california. the point lagoon naval air station is where this plane was at that taking. it crashed upon takeoff at the naval air station. it's a kc-130 jet. we are told that three people have been or were onboard and got out successfully with only minor injuries. and you can see the rainway there and how the plane just veered a little to the left right on the coast. and then you can see the deep skid marks that the plane created as it caught fire and
6:29 pm
started smoldering. now, this plane can be used for either troop transport or as a refueling tanker. and, indeed, if it was load we had fuel you can tell by the black smoke that it is just being allowed to burn there along the coastline. but again this is ventura county at the naval air station. and we will get you more details when we come back. [ music ] ,,,, sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch.
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before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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ling climb into th [ music ] stage four of the tour of california is in the books. remember, stage one had to be cancelled. so today the world's best cyclists finished a grueling climb into the south bay. len ramirez in san jose with pretty exciting finish for us. len? >> exactly right. we are only about six miles from downtown san jose. but this eastwood hills area has the look and feel of the french alps today as thousands and thousands of people came out to see the finish. let's go to some videotape we shot earlier from chopper 5 showing the winner of today's stage. chris horner of bend, oregon taking the number one spot and the leaders jersey today in the amgen tour of california. [ applause ] >> they were thousands calling
6:33 pm
themselves the end of the amgen tour first ever mountaintop finish. >> it is much harder than it looks on t.v.. >> these guys are amazing, absolutely amazing. >> reporter: no need to adjust your television set this road is actually that step a 40- degree in some places. and they stick on the pedals. but for recreation riders it is pedal and gas all the way to the top. >> good chance to see the riders we always see in europe. >> they came a long way to see this and didn't let a little hill stand in their way. it's three and a half miles to the top and they will have plenty of company. >> we are on vacation from texas so i took this week off. we have just been following the tour. >> going to the top? >> yes, i think so. >> but connie didn't have to leave her driveway to see the spectacle. >> we tell our friends it's
6:34 pm
like having or living with a big party. >> this is the superbowl of bike racing. >> we've got the sierra road blues. >> and what would a superbowl be like without the party? if the cyclists have the rhythm steve ramirez and friends provide the blues. >> a great event for san jose. brings in revenue for everybody. gets to show san jose the east side what we've got to offer over here. [ music ] >> a few seconds of heart pounding world class bike racing comes and goes quick, leaving fans as well as riders nearly breathless. >> they are super fun seeing them so close and going up the hill so fast. >> reporter: it was a very dramatic stage day. chris porter up on top of sierra road followed by andy in the second spot. rory sutherland of australia. and levi lighthammer of santa rosa who is favored for the
6:35 pm
win. the average ride was 3 hours, 27 minutes and 51 seconds. that is an average speed of 23 miles per hour which is amazing considering they went over the top of mount hamilton and then all the way up sierra road. >> that is phenomenal. they are the best in the world. all right. len ramirez, thanks so much. we will be right back. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look . many of us of a certain age, women and men alike have asked ourselves what would we look like with grey hair? well, after 20 years of coloring my hair we now know what i look like. the decision to go grey is often an emotional one. tonight a look at what it takes for people to finally ditch the dye. >> great. it's good. >> for shirley tubein it started in her 30s. >> and i kind of liked it. >> so she kept it. >> i never thought of my hair as something that was going to stop me from doing anything. >> but many women see grey as
6:38 pm
the dividing line between young and old. men, too. just because president obama or george clooney may look powerful, distinguished, even sexy, it doesn't mean salty hair is always welcome. >> we all want to stay young. >> artist ray says he spent years darkening his hair. >> i am coming out of a generation of people who grew up with what i think is the wrong notion that going grey was a negative thing. i think i was probably influenced by some of the commercials. >> hate that grey? wash it away. >> clair marketed hair dye to the masses in the 19060s sold as an elixir for romance. >> makes your husband feel young just to look at you. >> reporter: that notion persists when the dating website told its members 54% of respondents said that they would consider am coloring grey hair to appear younger on a date. but ray says by his early 40s he got tired of hiding his
6:39 pm
roots. >> it was like a masquerade like makeup. >> but his new grey got mixed reactions. >> a lot of people thought that something dramatic had happened to me, like maybe a heart illness. a bay area crew i can relate. the viewers wrote asking about my health. i'm fine, thank you. for me it was about deciding to match my looks with my experience and time on the planet. but at least one career counsellor would advise me to get rid of the grey should i ever need another job. >> first i am messages are everything. >> cindy fastler runs tss, a job recruiting company. even in the liberal bay area, she says a lot of companies aren't exactly grey-friendly when it comes to hiring. >> i mean, it's reality that people still, unfortunately, get discriminated upon based on that first couple of minutes when somebody sees them. >> despite being her own boss,
6:40 pm
fastler says she still colors. >> i don't like my hair grey and i don't have the confidence in myself when my hair is grey. >> the standard line is oh, it's going to age you ten years. >> diana jewel wrote "going grey, looking great." and she has a website allowing women to share their fears and successes about the issue. she says the decision to go grey often starts when women find within themselves a deeper definition of beauty. >> they are tired of being told they have to color their hair to look youth full. and it begins with accepting yourself. it begins with wanting to be authentic. >> approximately 40% of women regularly color their hair by the age of 40. despite the expense, the medical, the mess and the possible health risks. multiple studies have shown links between hair dye and cancer. but other studies show no clear connection so the health risks are still inconclusive. >> we are keeping our eye on the cameras. >> ray says grey can feel
6:41 pm
isolating in this culture. so he is building a community of sorts with portraits posted on his website. and he says there is more to grey than, well, grey. >> silver, smoky, platinum, grey, blond. >> your friends will say you are crazy. but if deep down if you want to be authentic and want to be yourself, you can do this. and you can have a lot of fun doing this. >> it's fabulous. last night we asked for your thoughts on casting aside the dye. becky in san raphael writes: i've been grey a long time starting in my 20s. now i'm in my 50s. grey is good. andrew who is a bus driver in livermore says. and malaka writes. and denise says i am proud of my grey hair.
6:42 pm
i am proud of dana. i look wonderful. thank you all for your support. >> you do. you look great. >> you know how i feel about it. >> yes. >> another look we just got this breaking news for you in southern california. this is a military. now we are told it is a kc-135 jet that crashed after taking off from paint lagoon naval in ventura county. most of the fire is out. this is a military version of the boeing 707. the military uses it mostly for a refueling tanker. that's what this one was we are told. according to the la times the plane was loaded with 150,000- gallons of fuel. this is how it was burning earlier. it came to rest just at the end of the runway right before the ocean in ventura county. the early reports say three crew members onboard. all three were able to get out alive. and we will be right back. [ music ] people
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with disabilites, a professor dove right in to save it. sharon chin introduces us to this week's je . when the system south bay lost a popular surf center for
6:46 pm
people with disabilites -- disabilities, someone stepped right in to save it. >> this pool is a special place where more than 500 people swim, soak or soothe their pain in very warm water. most are senior citizens are disabilites. greg has arthritis. >> i can't walk. so i have to have the deep water to stretch out and exercise in. >> reporter: but in 2009 the santa clara county observed center sank into deep water. the operator could no longer afford to run it. the center closed. san jose state university professor nancy megathen waded in. >> i went oh, okay. and then at that point i began trying to figure out how we could get more information relative to becoming maybe the operator of the center. >> reporter: nancy works in the kinesiology department and encourages people to exercise regardless of disability. she floated her idea with her boss shirley. >> and she said what would you think if i were to suggest to you that the department of
6:47 pm
kinesiology take over the running of the center. and i said yes. >> reporter: so in spring of 2010 they formed an agreement to run the center. nancy became the project director. >> it was like a perfect scenario. >> reporter: $50 month rental dues and donations keep the facility above water. to save costs the interns staff the program. they get hands-on career training. >> i enjoy what i'm doing so in the future i know how to enjoy what i'm doing when i get into physical therapy. >> many say they have done more than just keep it afloat but made it a better place. nancy says new programs plus water aerobics for children and injured veterans and those who want to lose weight. this veteran comes six times a week to ease the pain from his spinal injury. the water therapy helps control the pain by relaxing the muscles in the back. otherwise, i am awake at night
6:48 pm
in pain. >> reporter: as it's grown this center has become nancy's second home. she volunteers 35 hours a week on top of her full-time teaching job. shirley says she is inspired. >> nancy alls cares about the little person, the disadvantaged person, the person that everybody else maybe even wishes kind of wasn't there because they create challenges for you. >> you know, on the saturdays and weekends and vacation days so that i am in here, it is so worth it. it's worth it because i know folks are in here enjoying the center. >> reporter: so for jumping in to save the center this week's jefferson i ward goes to nancy. >> no outdoor swimming for anybody just yet. >> yes, i swam outdoors today. >> good for you. >> but i come in here and i had the raccoon eyes. i noticed they didn't have any of that going for them there. the water temperature was 81 degrees. the air temperature 68 degrees. highs today across the bay area
6:49 pm
anywhere from 60 at half moon bay to right around 70 at the airport in concord. it's live at the cbs 5 weather camera. looking out towards the transamerica 62 and an average of 65. currently in the high 50s. and now that the rain is gone and seeing all of the peek-a- boo sunshine julie smith thinks it's a great time for rainbows. she sent this picture and we thank you. keep the photos coming at >> out and about numbers in the 50s and 60s. but you will notice the winds have been picking up out of the west at 21-25 miles per hour. dialing back a little bit later tonight as we drop between 43 and 51 degrees. we do have our area of low pressure to the south. exiting to the northeast taking the precipitation with it. just a slight chance of an isolated shower around the diablo mountain range tonight. otherwise high pressure is quickly filling in. and as it does so we have a couple of days of sunshine. and seen temperatures under
6:50 pm
partly cloudy skies. pinpoint your forecast. starting with the north bay, 58 degrees under partly sunny conditions. low 70s in petaluma. and warmer in sonoa. northwest winds where numbers climb to the 60s to the mid-70s due east. 74 degrees in pleasanton. and also towards san ramone. otherwise coastal areas with that aggressive winds gusting up to 20. 50s and 60s to the 70s around the peninsula. downtown san jose 74 degrees. the forecast high is down from the average high of 75 degrees. the extended forecast calls for partly sunny conditions on friday with increasing cloud cover. but seasonal numbers partly to mostly cloudy on saturday will lead to the potential of an isolated scattered shower north of the golden gate bridge on sunday. and albeit on the cool side as well. and temperatures gradually climb back up with more sunshine by wednesday.
6:51 pm
that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis, take it away. >> roberta, i'm guessing that tiger woods will be grey before he ever wins again. and we will introduce you to a gymnast who doesn't know the meaning of can. [ music ]
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6:54 pm
california isn't spending much time in the bay area this year... the lone stage in our area... today's fourth stage from livermore to san jose... do you know . tomorrow california is suspending the fourth stage from livermore to san jose. do you know the way to san jose? one rider apparently did not missing his turn. the ruler cast in on some cheap promotion today. oregon's chris porter held them off winning the stage by over a minute. he now leads the tour by 1:15 over levi lithehammer. 18 months since tiger woods last won on the pga tour. he says he still hopes to play in next week's u.s. open if he is healthy but his ranking has finally caught up with him. for the first time in 14 years woods will fall out of the top ten in the world rankings. he drops to number 11 next monday. it is the lowest he has been since he won his first of 14
6:55 pm
major titles. but he still the top rated athlete in forbes celebrity 100. he is sixth overall ahead of nba stars lebron james and kobe bryant. number one is lady gaga. she is number one. >> chelsea warner knows how to make noise. she is a high school cheerleader and the reason for many gymnastic fans to get up out of their seats. >> what do you want to be in gymnastics? >> the best in the word. >> the best in the world? >> yeah. >> can you do it? >> yeah, i can. >> san ramone valley high senior chelsea warner has down syndrome but that hasn't stopped her from being an accomplished gymnast. the 19-year-old has always exceeded the expectations of the so-called experts. >> her first coach said she can't do that. she can't do that. and even i think her parents were like, are you sure? i said i think she can do it.
6:56 pm
we will bring up a new skill. no, chelsea, i don't think she will be able to do that. but i put my faith in dawn. and she seems to come through every time. >> well, what's your favorite routine? >> the floor. >> yes, the floor routine is her favorite. it's easy to see her love for the sport. >> she went from 1 hour a week to three hours a week. and then she jumped to nine hours a week. >> and now she practices 12 hours a week. and her coach, dawn, doesn't give her any special treatment. >> she is right up there with everybody else. >> reporter: chelsea is so good that she caught the eye of a production company in argentina. she starred in the south american special olympics commercial. >> they loved chelsea. all of the producers, everybody involved with the commercial, just thought they kept saying she's an angel, she's an angel. >> reporter: the hard work and
6:57 pm
dedication has paid off. chelsea is an honorary member of the women's gymnastics team at cal and was just crowned the all-around champion at a national special olympics event in atlanta. >> there were some athletes from the gym that are just regular these in usa. and they were saying, i can't even do that. i can't even do that. >> now, california used to have gymnastics as part of the special olympics. that program has been cut. so now her parents have to pay extra money for her to travel to those events. so the budget cuts are being felt everywhere. but she certainly deserves it. >> absolutely. a great athlete. >> that is great. >> a little mary lou retton going on there. >> thank you so much for joining us. we are coming back at 10:00. >> we will have the very latest on that plane crash in southern california then. [ music ] [ man ] before allegra-d, congestion from allergies shut me down. after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure.
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