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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 20, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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border dispute. after unveiling a new mideast peace plan, president obama prepares to meet israel's unhappy prime minister. indicted but out of jail. now, formally charged with sexual assault, the ex-boss of the imf heads for house arrest. and doping claims. a former teammate tells "60 minutes" he saw lance armstrong a former teammate tells "60 minutes" he saw lance armstrong use a banned drug. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. president obama may be in for a tense meeting at the white house today. mr. obama sits down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, just one day after siding with the palestinians'
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demands for drawing new state borders. netanyahu left for washington after saying mr. obama's peace proposal would leave israel indefensible. joel brown has more from washington. good morning, joel. >> betty, good morning to you. before he even boarded the plane to washington, israel's prime minister made it clear to his parliament he wasn't happy with president obama's major policy speech on thursday. today the two men get a chance to hash out their differences face-to-face. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to the white house to make his case against president obama's new plan for a palestinian state. >> we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 line. >> reporter: in a major policy speech thursday, the president called on israel to surrender land it won in the 1967 war to the palestinians. the statement sent shockwaves throughout the jewish community. >> the palestinians have said in 1967 and every year since that they want israel not to even exist. >> reporter: netanyahu
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immediately called the proposed borders, quote, indefensible. and insisted the plan would jeopardize israel's security. during today's meeting, netanyahu will urge the president to endorse a u.s. commitment that president bush made back in 2004. in a letter the former president promised that israel would not have to give up its land. palestinian president mahmoud abbas is welcoming the president's efforts to jump-start peace talks. he plans to convene an emergency meeting with senior officials to map a way forward. with talks stalled for months, the palestinians have threatened to ask the united nations to recognize their independence. but president obama says that would be a mistake. >> symbolic actions to isolate israel at the united nations in september won't create an independent state. >> reporter: the president said he would support land swaps between israel and the palestinians. that would give the jewish state a chance to keep major west bank settlements. where hundreds of thousands of settlers live.
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next week, netanyahu will make his case to u.s. lawmakers in a speech to a joint session of congress. betty? >> all right, joel brown for us in washington. joel, thank you. also in his speech, president obama had tough words for syrian president bashar assad. accusing him of murdering his own people. and he called on yemen's president to keep his promise to step down. in pakistan today, roadside bomb exploded near a u.s. diplomatic convoy. that blast killed one pakistani civilian and injured ten others. the u.s. embassy says some americans in one vehicle were hurt, but none seriously. al qaeda and the taliban have vowed revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. nato jets struck again today in libya. officials say at least five libyan coast guard boats and a navy warship were hit by nato air strikes in tripoli overnight. the attack came as libya was floating a new peace deal. libya says it will withdraw its fighters from cities if rebels do the same, and nato stops
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bombing. former international monetary fund leader dominique strauss-kahn is expected to walk out of jail today in new york. strauss-kahn was allowed to post bail after he was formally indicted for an alleged sex attack on a hotel maid. ines ferre has the story. >> reporter: dominique strauss-kahn smiled at his wife and daughter after the judge made his decision. the ex-imf chief was granted bail at $1 million. he'll spend another night in jail before serving home detention. >> it's a great relief to the family to be able to have him with them. >> reporter: his wife and daughter hurried out of the courthouse thursday. strauss-kahn now faces a seven-count indictment for an alleged sex attack on a hotel maid. at issue in court, the banker's potential as a flight risk. >> he has the personal, the political, and the financial means to flee and evade law enforcement. >> and the idea that he would attempt to live the rest of his life as an accused sex offender in france, as a fugitive, is ridiculous. >> reporter: strauss-kahn was
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required to take out a $5 million insurance bond and surrender his travel documents. he'll wear an electronic monitoring bracelet and pay for private security. >> it is primarily these other conditions that i am expecting will simply make it impossible for the defendant to leave. >> reporter: authorities need time to review and approve the security arrangements for home detention. lawyers say it will be an apartment rented by his wife. strauss-kahn resigned from the imf wednesday. prosecutors say the case against him is growing. >> the complainant in this case has offered a compelling and unwavering story about what occurred in the defendant's room. >> reporter: defense attorneys say strauss-kahn will plead not guilty. if convicted, he could face more than 25 years in prison. ines ferre for cbs news, new york. now to lance armstrong, who won more tour de france races than anyone in history. his critics have long said he could not have done it without cheating. something he strongly denies. but now one of his former
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teammates tells "60 minutes" that armstrong did take a banned drug. armen keteyian reports. >> armstrong wins -- >> reporter: in the face of more than a decade of accusations and investigations there was a line seven-time tour de france champion lance armstrong says he never crossed, the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. >> i have never doped. i can say it again. but i've said it for seven years. it doesn't help. >> reporter: but now in an interview set to run on "60 minutes" this sunday, one of armstrong's closest former teammates, u.s. olympic gold medalist tyler hamilton, tells correspondent scott pelley, the details behind what hamilton claims was armstrong's systemic doping. >> hamilton told us that armstrong was doping the very first time he won the tour. one of the drugs was called epo. which boosts production of red blood cells to enhance endurance. he was using epo in the tour de france in 1999? >> correct.
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>> he was using epo in the tour de france in the year 2000? >> he used it before to prepare for the tour. >> and what about the tour in 2001? >> he used it to prepare for the tour. i can't say that he used it during the tour. >> what did you actually witness? >> i -- i mean -- i saw it in his refrigerator. you know. i saw him inject it. more than one time. >> you saw lance armstrong inject epo? >> yeah, like -- we all did. like i did many, many times. >> reporter: in a statement to "60 minutes" an armstrong attorney cites the fact armstrong is the most tested athlete in history. passing nearly 500 tests over 20 years of competition. and that stories of this kind are motivated by the desire for money, and the need for attention. armen keteyian, cbs news, new york. scott pelley will have a full report on these latest
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accusations against lance armstrong this sunday on "60 minutes." jailed unabomber ted kaczynski won't give to fbi a sample of his dna. the fbi request is part of its ongoing investigation of the unsolved tylenol poisonings that killed seven people. kaczynski, in prison for mail bomb attacks that killed three, insists the agency already has evidence from his montana cabin that would exonerate him in the tylenol cases. hollywood will have to wait for the big screen return of arnold schwarzenegger. the former california governor has postponed what was intended to be his movie comeback. as he braces for what could be a costly divorce. schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver have separated over revelations that he fathered a child with their housekeeper. and just ahead on the "morning news," the latest bad news on jobs. plus a spacewalk for the crew of shuttle "endeavour." and some good news for the commander. you are going --
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in orbit this morning, astronauts from the shuttle "endeavour" are performing the first of four spacewalks planned for this mission. their main task is already complete. a new cosmic ray detector was installed on the international space station yesterday. nasa may also have them inspect a section of damaged tiles on the shuttle's heat shield. "endeavour's" commander mark kelly was relieved to learn that his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, is recovering from a successful operation. on wednesday, surgeons in houston replaced a section of giffords' skull, which was removed after she was shot in the head in january. on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia were mostly up this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning. >> good morning to you, betty. well, stocks in asia were mostly higher today. the nikkei closed 0.3% higher while hong kong's hang seng was flat. on wall street, news that applications for unemployment dropped more than expected sent stocks higher.
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the dow jumped over 45 points, while the nasdaq added 8. despite that jobs report yesterday, job creation in this country remains at the slowest post-recession pace since the great depression. the unemployment rate standing at 9%. "usa today" reports the nation has 5% fewer jobs today than it did when the recession began back in december of 2007. quite a market debut for the business networking site linked in. linked in went public yesterday, and within minutes its shares more than doubled in price. by the closing bell the company had a market value of $9 billion. that is the highest for any internet offering since google had its initial public offering seven years ago. honda's recalling more than 1,000 new honda civics in the u.s. at issue is a possible fuel leak in the 2012 model. honda says a manufacturing error is to blame. the car went on sale this spring
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but many of the cars affected have not yet been sold. and the price of gas is having an impact on holiday automobile travel. gas prices are more than a dollar higher per gallon than they were a year ago. aaa says the number of people who say they'll drive more than 50 miles from home this memorial day weekend is down by 100,000. and it's really impacting a lot of things. they also say they'll spend less when they get there. >> ashley morrison joining us live. ashley, thank you. straight ahead your friday morning weather. and in sports an exciting game two of the dallas and oklahoma city nba playoff series. back. [ ding ] [ in korean ] how may i help you? do you have something for pain? ♪ oh, bayer aspirin? oh, no, no, no... i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. trust me. it works great for pain. [ male announcer ] nothing's proven to relieve pain better than extra strength bayer aspirin. it rushes relief to the site of pain. no matter where you're hurting.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country this morning. new york, thunderstorms, 72. miami, sunny, 90. chicago, partly cloudy, 69. dallas, thunderstorms, 84. and l.a., a sunny 70 degrees. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows thick clouds in the northeast slowly fading away, as the storm loses strength. a big system is brewing in the central and southern plains. portions of the southeast and the west coast are enjoying clear skies and calm conditions. later today, though, severe thunderstorms will develop in the plains from texas to south dakota. portions of the northeast will see scattered showers. but much of the region will finally enjoy some sunshine. it's also sunny on the west coast from california to washington.
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in sports the nba playoff series between oklahoma city and dallas is all even. kevin durant of the thunder scored 24 points, and james harden added 23 against the mavericks. oklahoma city won it 106-100. and that tied the series at a game apiece. game three is saturday night in oklahoma city. a heart-stopping crash during practice for the indy 500. driver simona del silvestro lost control of her car and it went airborne, slamming into the wall, sliding down the track, overturning, and then catching on fire. she was actually able to walk away but was treated for burns on both hands. in baseball the rockies' jason giambi had a big night in philadelphia. he hit three consecutive home runs off the phillies. at age 40 he is the second oldest player to do that. giambi's homers drove in all of the rockies' runs in a 7-1 victory. and in the seventh inning in toronto, a tie-breaking home run
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for the blue jays. the home team hung on to edge tampa bay 3-2. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and a startling report on breakthrough surgery that can help the paralyzed walk again. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. after a stormy, rainy week in the northeast, it looks like the system is finally beginning to leave the region. the central and southern plains will see thunderstorms and heavy rain today. the west coast has sunny skies. here's another look at this morning's top stories, president obama meets today with israel's president, and their talks could boil down to a border dispute. mr. obama wants to use israel's 1967 borders as a basis for peace with the palestinians. and the former imf boss
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charged with sexual assault in new york is scheduled to be released from jail today on a million dollars bail. he'll remain under house arrest. government forecasters are predicting an above average atlantic hurricane season this year. they predict 18 named tropical storms. of those, six to ten will reach hurricane strength and three to six will become major hurricanes with wind topping 111 miles an hour. hurricane season begins june 1st. in south africa, a train collision injured more than 600 passengers. it happened during evening rush hour in soweto near johannesburg. most of those injured suffered broken bones and bruises. paramedics and rescuers worked through the night helping the victims. in medicine, what some are calling a miraculous new treatment for paralysis. it's allowing a young man who couldn't move his legs for five years to stand on his own. researchers say they are on to something big, waking up damaged
4:21 am
nerves. terrell brown has the story. >> reporter: these are the legs of 27-year-old rob summers now moving after being paralyzed for five years. first he got back on his feet. >> i stood. independently stood. after not having moved anything for four years. and i stood. >> reporter: with assistance he can now take steps, too. his muscles shaking, sometimes violently as they relearn. >> it's overwhelming. >> reporter: summers was the guinea pig in a ground-breaking study. in 2009 surgeons implanted a device into his back that stimulates the neurons in the lower spinal cord. >> it makes them excited. it gets them ready is what the stimulation does. and then when information comes in through -- through sensation, or through movement, or feeling there's weight on one leg or the other, the networks in there recognize that and then make a decision about what movement to do. >> reporter: but waking up the
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damaged nervous system isn't enough. summers undergoes intense physical therapy, retraining his muscles to work. summers still needs a wheelchair to get around. but he can move and stand on his own when the stimulator is on. >> stand about an hour a day. i can move my toes, ankles, knees. hips. all on command. >> reporter: he is working hard to walk again. >> did take my first step last november. and with the continued effort, and work ethic i put into this, i will continue to progress even further. >> reporter: one step at a time, no matter how long it takes. terrell brown, cbs news, new york. a shoplifting suspect in south carolina tried to escape from police. didn't work out so well. dash cam video from the incident last friday shows the suspect fighting with an officer who stopped him. when help arrived the suspect stole the police cruiser and took off at speeds over 100 miles per hour. it ended as you might expect, he crashed into a truck. there were no serious injuries. this morning on "the early
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show," the schwarzenegger/shriver split and what it means for arnold's movie comeback. i'm betty nguyen. this is the "cbs morning news." [ female announcer ] you do so much... to stay healthy. but did you know fiber choice can help support your overall well-being? every tasty tablet has prebiotic fiber from fruits and veggies... that lets your good bacteria thrive and helps support your immune system. fiber choice.
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in his speech on the middle east yesterday, president obama sharply criticized syria's president assad. and the u.s. hit assad with new sanctions because of his crackdown on syrian protesters. katie couric asked secretary of state hillary clinton if the goal is to force assad out. >> well, i think president obama was very clear, and what we want is to continue to support the voices of democracy, those who are standing against the brutality. but we're also well aware, every situation is different. and in this one, assad has said a lot of things that you didn't hear from other leaders in the region about the kind of changes he would like to see. >> at the same time, you know,
4:26 am
this syrian regime is close to iran. they're getting support from iran for their tactics of suppression, if you will. they support terrorist groups like hezbollah and hamas. so why not just say, he needs to be removed? >> well, you're right, that iran is supporting them. and we're calling them out on it. but i think we also know that there are many different forces at work in syria. and we think it would be better if the people of syria themselves made it clear to assad that there have to be charges. >> the whole notion of regime change isn't working very well in libya, is it? >> i disagree with that. i think we are seeing slow but steady progress. the pressure on the gadhafi regime has increased to the point that gadhafi's wife and daughter fled across the border into tunisia in the last two days. the oil minister has defected. so we're making progress. i wish it would go faster. they certainly wish it would go faster.
4:27 am
but we're on the right path. >> why does the killing of civilians in libya justify u.s. military involvement, but the killing of civilians in syria does not? >> there's no one size fits all, and there's no magic wand. if there were, we'd be waving it like crazy. and in libya, what we had was a unique international coalition. what we're seeing now is increasing pressure on syria. we're seeing the european union taking action. us upping the actions. and i think you'll see more in the days to come. >> israeli prime minister netanyahu has become more insulated. the obama administration has been criticized for not working hard enough to move the ball forward in the peace process. fair criticism? >> not at all fair. and what the president said today was, we want to see negotiations. but we're not able to, you know, make those negotiations happen. but we know that without negotiations, there will be no end to the conflict, no end to the claims, and no two-state solution.
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>> secretary clinton said she may visit pakistan soon, but no date has been set. coming up later on "the early show," israeli reaction to president obama's call for israel to give up land for peace with the palestinians. plus the latest on the sex assault case against former imf head dominique strauss-kahn. and a whole new round of troubles for arnold schwarzenegger. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching, everybody, i'm betty nguyen. have a great weekend. ,,,,,,,,
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