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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  May 22, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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bay apartment injures three pretty much what we saw was something you would see in a horror movie. a suspicious blast injuries three people. how witnessfirefighters describe the scene. >> president obama faces a powerful pro israeli lobbying group following cotree verbal comments. cracking down on gangs in oakland a late night meeting sparking emotional out bursts. still to come the city attorney with a latest on the gang injunction. it is 7:30 a.m., may 22nd, the world has not ended i am ann
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makovec. >> since we are still here we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we will talk about oakland's gang injunctions, city attorney john russo in. talk about arnold and his legacy in sacramento. a lot of bad behaviour we will talk about doping allegations. >> that's right with former san francisco 49er. that will be interesting we will get into the line between doping and enhancement and when the coach tells you to do it. >> all that in a moment first topping our news, liver more firefighters right now investigating a powerful explosion that sent three people to the hospital they were taken by helicopter to local burn units after an explosion that neighbors describe as something out of a horror movie. authorities trying to find out what caused the blast it happened on silver oaks way last night. how neighbors rushed in to
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help. >> when our crews first got on scene they found an apartment building with one apartment in heavy smoke. >> reporter: neighbor herb russell lives two buildings away and said the explosion felt like a bomb or earthquake. >> we noticed one man who was running around, and his whole hand was missing. and he was screaming for help. and as we ran over here to see there was one female that was from head to toe missing clothing, completely burned. >> russell says a third victim suffered head wounds. firefighters put the fire out quickly while others worked with the victims, two men and a woman all between 20 and 30 years of age they were initially treated on scene then taken by ambulance to a nearby high school and placed on hem coppers. >> we don't -- helicopters.
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>> we don't normally see explosions and fires. neighbors reported heavy shaking in the building. >> what we saw was something you would see in a horror movie something we would never let our children see on tv and they saw it in real life. >> don nap cbs 5. this morning fairfield police are asking for the public's help to find three missing children two girls 1 and 6 and a 5-year-old boy last seen at a playground yesterday around noon they think the kids may be with their mother a homeless woman named christina lopez they normally stay with their grandmother they are at risk because of their young ages. statewide amber aall right was cancelled last night after it was revealed the alleged abduction was a lie a father claimed he left his 3-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter alone in a car in stockton when
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a man jumped in and took off. the mother called and said the kids were with her. a southeast asian community marking a new monument. it is in the vietnamese cultural enclave near story road san jose unvailed following a four year fight with the city. in 2007 city council voted to name the area, saigon business district but the community pressed for little saigon. >> saigon is our former capital we want to leave that name for them as a formal capital. >> it is our homeland now we want to have in our memory a little saigon. >> the compromise involved having the community pay for the monument they raised $10,000 from individuals and businesses, absent from yesterday's ceremony vietnamese
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council woman madson ngyen who proposed the little saigon name. grand opening of the harvey milk call center. >> now a suicide crisis center opening at the site of his campaign headquarters here in san francisco. today's event will be a former union of his inner circle and the screen writer of his movie will be there. he would have been 81 years old. >> 28,000 pounds of prescription drugs turned in during national prescription drug day last month that is just northern california the campaign was launched to eliminate access and improper dumping of unused and expired drugs. >> police in san francisco looking at surveillance void owe from a muni -- video from a muni bus where a person was stabbed with a screw driver.
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before the stabbing there was a fight among teens. police say that a fight over a laptop lead to a shooting last night in the bay view district three suspects approached the victim in a car and demanded a computer inside. a fight ensued and the victim was shot in the neck. that person has life threatening injuries so far no arrests of the alleged shooters. president obama addressing an influential pro israel lobbying group. his latest comments on the israeli palestinian border talks appear to have rattled that bond. benjamin netanyahu has blasted the president's wanting to base negotiations on the pre1967 war lines. >> domestically this is a big issue especially here in the bay area and around the states,
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that is why we asked willie brown how obama's policy might effect his presidency. >> i have got to believe that that was a calculated step that he was making, to follow where bush went on the issue, where clinton went on the issue, where every president that preceded him has gone on the issue and that is, to do something about the 1967 lines. it distinguished him dramatically in 2008 when he talked about how the u.s. must at all times be very friendly with israel it was in our interest in the middle east to have israel as our post and jerusalem must remain under israeli control, and never divide. that was 2008, 2011 his new speech says something dramatically different and raised real concerns throughout the jewish community worldwide.
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this morning, bob sciffer will interview newt gingrich on face the nation plus he will ask about how he is going to fix it. i am sure israel will come up as well. that is today, 8:30 a.m., cbs 5. 7:38 a.m. we all survived judgment day the world was supposed to end last night according to one guy. the man behind the prediction, 81-year-old harold camping a noisy crowd spent the day outside his radio station. bottom line they didn't believe him. >> i just think it is just a bunch of bologna. >> 6:00 p.m. came and 6:00 p.m. went and much to campings dispointment his message of the
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worldenedding was a dud. >> i will be glad to see the signs coming down it is disturbing, when you drive down the highway and you see judgment day is coming. an oakland program to fight gang violence will continue. why the city attorney says it is needed and whether city council agrees with either side. fierce spring storm rips through kansas, damage left behind. jim bernard here in the cbs 5 weather center no storm weather for the west coast but we have fog returning to the bay this morning that will eventually cool things down we will take a look at that and your week ahead coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. residents are cleaning up after severe w check out this huge storm cloud looming over northeast kansas today residents are cleaning up after severe
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weather ripped through the area. yesterday heavy rain and hail damaged 200 homes and a possible tornado may have hit the city of redding. no injuries were reported. around here, decent weekend. today another big game in the bay series, what will we expect for that? a little patchy cloud cover out there will likely linger into game time here across the bay this morning temperatures slightly cooler, a degree or two as a result of the increase in the marine layer and more on shore flow than yesterday. gorgeous day across the area. similar to today, as we mention slightly cooler across the south bay, a bit of sun haze across the city otherwise we are looking at patchy low cloud cover at the coast and in mountain view this weekened, actually, what is left of it today, partly cloudy and breezy, temperatures mid- to
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upper 60s as we look for again, a little bit of patchy fog. coast side mostly sunny across the interior, down a few degrees from yesterday, low 70s for the warmer locations, back at the bay talking mid-to upper 60s at the coast once again upper 50s. low 60s as mentioned a little more fog with the weak weather disturbance coming ashore the main influence is increase the on shore component to our wind flow. clouds to the region most of it sliding south or dissipating but it has enhanced that marine layer we are seeing cloud cover out there, this morning, and that will result in slightly cooler temperatures here through the day today. we will see a bump tomorrow into mid-week as we can expect a bit of a warm up across the area until wednesday. today though, we h see a little drop a couple degrees putting us mid-to low 70s for the warmer locations mid-to upper 60s at the bay and upper 50s to
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low 60s closer to the shore line here today. not expecting moisture but as usual there could be a few drizzle drops as we see that cool down, since the beginning to have week chance of showers arriving by mid-week and then as we push it off into next weekened for holiday weekened we see yet another chance of showers returns to the forecast here about every day and a half, two days weak disturbances, most of that energy will remain north but we will have to keep an eye on that through the week as we will see unsettled conditions approaching the shore line. >> there you go guys, back to you. nothing like kansas. >> thank god. well, locally a controversial program to fight gang violence in oakland will continue, but with some new conditions, that actually raise questions about its future early wednesday morning city council voted to keep paying
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for injunctions against gang members in both north oakland and fruit vail council members spent wednesday night looking for emotional pleas at the debate. >> we must prevent adults from recruiting young members we have the opportunity to stop individuals from joining gangs. >> oakland does not want gang injunction. >> well, for more on gang injunctions, oakland city attorney and soon to be alameda city manager john russo. >> thanks for joining us. >> in a nutshell i realize you pushed for the injunctions did the police department ask you to do this or city council? >> just like any other policy the police decided through a lot of pressure, north oakland
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wanted these gang injunctions. >> they say people targeted gangs can't hang out together in a certain neighbourhood. >> right. >> they can't wear certain clothes there are a lot of factors. >> the objections is what, that they foster racial profiling, not effective and. >> the argument is you could spend the money better continuing with intervention programs i think it is a false argument it is an either/or it says either you are going to do suppression of violence or do intervention as opposed to you need a balance of both. >> these have been going on in san francisco and oakland what triggered this latest one in the electrocute vail district to become such a costly and controversial fight. they are trying to stop the police department from having a gang injunction. a lot of members don't want
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their rights taken away. >> they may thing that because they have been lied to by opponents but no body's rights are going to take away. there are 40 individuals, the city must prove by clear and convincing evidence by each individual they are not just a bad guy but an ongoing member of a criminal outlet. >> oakland city council it came to them to make a call. >> 4-3. >> it was a close vote. >> 4 said yes, 3 said no. but the four who said yes said conditions on no new names added to your injunction in fruit vail and the second one is a classic political move we would rather, before we do any more gang injunctions be an outside study to come in and gauge it. >> correct. >> the police chief supported that. >> do you think this means an end to gang injunctions. >> probably they found it too
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hot of an issue for them it is ironic san ran cisco had a vote, -- san francisco had a vote, not a conservative past i don't know they voted 11-0 to support the police department and city attorney. 11-0. how the you get 4-3. the difference was you had a mayor working behind the scenes to try to stop gang injunctions, and find a way out. i don't think the community is divided when you speak to people who live in the fruit vail or live in north oakland there is overwhelming support for gang injunctions they see the target of individuals. >> does the brooks say no to them and her area is impacted and in west oakland nancy and in north oakland jane bruiner was publicly neutral. >> a lot of community members made a lot of noise. >> exactly. >> some community members those were a lot of people from
7:49 am
outside of oakland shipping their way in to make this the latest ideological struggle. >> can we talk money. this is costing a lot of money i know a lot of that is because of legal costs but city of oakland does not have this money to spend. >> it is true but the way you have to look at this, the way we are spending new money on this is lit it will, it comes out to less than $5,000 per individual per case. that money, that number you keep hearing is a fake number. >> it is not, it is times the a time of police officers working on gang issues any way, the time of the two attorneys in my office who work exclusively on police issues any way. if they were not working on this gang injunction, consider the cost, every murder in oakland costs more than the entire gang injunction in oakland to process. thanks for joining us this morning maybe this issue -- does this just go away?
7:50 am
>> we will hear the study now. >> not for awhile. >> the judge will rule next 2 to 3 weeks on the fruit vail injunction. >> thanks so much. gop presidential candidate newt gang rich facing a few bumps on the campaign trail. >> trying to define arnold schwarzenegger. >> we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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step back from launching his there is former governor arnold schwarzenegger driving away from reporters. >> taking a step back now, from launching his community career. he is dealing with the fall out from his affair with a house keeper. he was a colorful guy when he was elected california was on the cliff financially, the markets were going down, debt out of control we had a recall california was on a cliff i pointed that out the mayor willie brown and asked okay it was a crisis in leadership how did governor schwarzenegger do getting us away from that cliff. >> but phil he did not remove the state from the cliff t state is still -- the state is still on the edge of financial disaster he has not been able to alter that at all i am not
7:54 am
sure gerry brown so far has been able to alter that. >> in terms of his appointments and stuff he put democrats and republicans in there overall it was a pretty -- not saying a great governor but not a jesse ventura blow up disaster. >> not by a long shot but this was a man who came in as a solo player he did not go through a primary did not go through any party screening or any of those things he remained a solo player. maybe the only governor in the history of the state of california of no political party. >> that is interesting i was up in sacramento this past week for the may revise and going around looking for people to talk to about arnold there wasn't anybody there. he doesn't have a legacy, doesn't have people in the legislature he brought up, there is no body in any office there that is a protege or reflection of arnold like he packed up his tent and left and
7:55 am
he is gone. >> that is how he arrived as well. he won in a recall where there were i don't know. >> 20 plus candidates. >> or more you didn't need to get a majority you just needed a plurality. >> you had to be the last person. >> speaking of celebrity. >> he didn't get sworn in for 6 or 8 weeks he could have gotten sworn in the day it was certified he needed to complete whatever he was doing in his own private business world before he could show up to be sworn in so he was different, will be remembered as being different and probably not too many post marks you could place that said greatness. >> newt gingrich in, out, up, down this guy jumped up back in this race. >> i feel sorry for newt people have been trying to get him in, trying to get him in and he didn't realize they were trying
7:56 am
to get him in. >> to what can him. >> to destroy him >> he has no friends no one is defending newt gingrich not a sole. next person, president obama this week, through the gauntlet down on israel, that is one of the touchiest subjects in national politics your take? >> it distinguished him dramatically in 2008 when he talked about how the u.s., must at all times be very friendly with israel it was in our interest in the middle east to have israel as our post and said jerusalem must remain under israeli control and never divide it. 2008. 2011 his new speech says something dramatically different and it raised real concerns throughout the jewish community, worldwide. i am not an international
7:57 am
expert. >> but you are on national politics how will that effect him? >> i am about to tell you. i have got to believe that was a calculated step he was making to follow where bush went on the issue, where clinton went on the issue, where every president that preceded him has gone on the issue and that was to do something about the 1967 lines. >> finally here in the bay area, ed lee picked up the chronicle this week and saw this draft ed lee movement a couple former supervisors are out there going get a petition going. >> still there are three of them, leslie cats my friend jim gonzalez and the young man. >> michael. >> you put on the board of supervisors. >> they are getting out in front of the run ed lee run movement please draft ed lee however, they were not the
7:58 am
first people doing that, there have been a number of other people the people in the mission saying run ed lee run people all over the city even the chamber of commerce types are saying run ed lee run it wasn't surprise me if ed lee doesn't begin to hear the request. >> i have predicted that. we will be right back this was so easy. that was quick. no envelopes to lick. no deposit slips to fill out. a lot less paper to deal with. i like that. i just feed in my check... feed the cash right in. and... -boom. -there it goes. it read my checks, counts my cash... adds it all up. how does it do that? it even shows me what kind of bills i deposited. four twenties; one ten; two fives. -amazing. -look! there's the check -- right on the receipt. -genius. -fast. easy. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] quick and easy atm deposits. with bank of america.
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of his kids. an amber alert called off in stockton after a father described a false kidnapping of his kids. >> a powerful explosion rips through a liver more apartment home injuring three people, why firefighters consider this to be suspicious. lance armstrong faces more doping allegations, as one of his teammates spill it all to 60 minutes, we check with a former san francisco 49er and coach about the pressure professional athletes face. >> welcome back, it is 8:01 a.m. thanks for joining us i am ann makovec. >> we have a lot of newtalk to cover in the next half hour right now let's get to the stuff in the news. >> topping the news fairfield police asking for the public's help to try to find three
8:02 am
missing children. >> two girls 10 and 6 and a 5- year-old boy last seen at a playground yesterday around noon police think the kids may be with their mother a homeless woman named christina lopez they normally stay with their grandmother police consider them to be at risk because they are so young a statewide amber aall right was cancelled last night after it was revealed the alleged abduction was a lie a father claimed he left his 3- year-old son and 6-year-old daughter alone in the car in stockton engine running doors open when a man jumped in and took off. last night the children's mother called police and said the kids were safe with her. it is not known why the dad lied. a powerful explosion rocked a liver more neighbourhood and sent three people to the hospital with serious and critical injuries i didn't do. today fire investigators -- injuries yesterday and today, fire investigators are trying to figure out what happened.
8:03 am
this was shortly after 5:00 p.m. that explosion ripped apart the lower level in the five unit building the three people who lived in the apartment are in serious condition with very severe burns crews transported them by helicopter to uc davis in sacramento and santa clara county. >> when our crews first got on scene they found an apartment building with one apartment involved in fire with heavy smoke and three victims outside with burn injuries. >> the explosion caused $350,000 in damage. four other families had to be moved out until a safety inspection is completed today. vietnamese community in san jose has a monument to mark little saigon. the sign was unvailed yesterday in an area filled with restaurants and shops near story road now recall back if 2007 city council voted to name the area the saigon business
8:04 am
district but elements of the community fought for little saigon instead. they got very contentious now city officials want to put the discord behind them. >> this is just a fantastic opportunity so i am going to ignore what happened in the past and says the a great day. >> the compromise involved having the community pay for the monument to do that they raced $10,000 from individuals and businesses notably absent was vietnamese american council woman madson nguyen who opposed the little saigon name. mayor chuck reed was absent but said he was pleased private funds could be raised and the community worked closely with the city. big celebration this afternoon at the ground opening of the harvey milk call center suicide crisis center, opening at the site of his former campaign headquarters in san francisco.
8:05 am
today's event will include a reyuan on of his inner circle the screen writer of the movie will also be there. he would have been 81 today. >> minnesota voters can expect to see a question of the banning of gay marriage on that i have ballots after the state house put forth the amendment. supporters says the necessary to prevent judges or future lawmakers from making gay marriage legal in the state. reporters stepped onboard the vessel that carried osama bin laden's body to its final resting place. >> uss carl vincente it is making a port of call in hong kong u.s. officials took questions gave no comment on the bin laden operation. space shuttle endeavour's astronauts ran into trouble trying to lubricate a joint in the solar power system of the international space station they had to settle with a partial lube job after the
8:06 am
bolts holding down the covers started popping off unexpectedly. >> closer to earth, iceland closed its main international airport because of a volcanic eruption in a remote glacier area. it sent a plume of ash and smoke 12 miles into the air. now in addition to airport closure, all domestic flights have been cancelled and trans atlantic flights that travel over iceland are being diverted. >> i am glad i didn't run up all my credit cards and eat tonnes of fried food we are still here after the alleged judgment day yesterday. >> it came and went and 89-year- old minister harold camping who said the world was supposed to end last night was wrong. and a noisy crowd spent the day outside his oakland radio station letting him know about it. he preached about the rapture they rallied against his predictions.
8:07 am
>> a 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck south of hercules 7:00 p.m. last night people around the bay reported feeling at that quake and a woman in alameda said she thought indeed it was the rapture. laing armstrong facing more doping allegations. >> we will hear from one teammate who says he saw armstrong. he talks about the drug taking. giants town the as. out the door, patchy low cloud cover at the coast here, helping cool temperatures down a few degrees nothing dramatic we will take a look at what you can expect through the afternoon as well as through into the holiday weekened coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes ,,,,,,
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call or come in and talk with us today.
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welcome back i have a group of friends in town they are all going to the giants versus as
8:11 am
game. kind of jealous they are going to start tailgating, what will be the weather. >> classic day, coastal fog. down a few degrees from yesterday but still lovely at the ball mark i am sure. low 60s over there as we lookout side right now, looking back from the mount vacca cam, marin head lands on the right, looking back into the bay, marine layer in place, looks hazy near napa, thinning out as you would expect high cloud cover above the marine layer, weak frontal boundary, dissipating, at this hour that will leave us mostly sunny across the interior, slightly cooler across the region. partly cloudy on the bay temperatures warmer locations mid-to low 70s as a result of cooler air mass following this dissipating front that crosses the region today again enhancing the on shore push and that is bringing the marine layer back into the bay adding
8:12 am
to the cooling trend across the region. so the fog, remaining patchy at the coast, slightly cooler the day into the week. temperatures warm through mid- week slight chance of rain showers appearing come wednesday now we are entering our summer pattern, weak frontal systems that move in don't produce much in the way of any weather but do add to and kick off that subtle fluctuation, in the wind flow from offshore to on shore making all the difference during the summer with the marine layer in place slightly cooler temperatures, down into the low 70s to low locations, back at the bay mid- to upper 60s east bay, low 60s peninsula and upper 50s to low 60s patchy coastal fog at the shore line and cooling trend will continue into the beginning to have week and bump back through mid-week before the next chance of showers or subtle fluctuation in our wind flow arrives mid-
8:13 am
week another due just in time for next weekend rain will mainly stay to our north up near the oregon border but some unsettled conditions approach the region just in time for the holiday weekened here, so you might want the keep that in mind as you make your plans looks like classic summer weather pattern for the entire west coast. >> classic summer weather pattern that is usually cold around here. >> yeah, well. duh. >> memorial day coming up week from tomorrow. >> okay well, thank you. >> you bet. >> on to a little bit of sporting news, sporting news, legal trouble it mixes together especially when lance armstrong is at the center of it. with the latest coming from a man who road with him on all 7 tour defrance victories during a 60 minute interview, another teammate tyler hamilton alleges he saw armstrong do illegal
8:14 am
performance enhancer drugs known as epo. >> i mean i saw it in his refrigerator, you know, i saw him inject it more than one time. >> you saw lance armstrong inject epo? >> yeah, like we all did. like i did many many times. >> armstrong has always denied using drugs and past every drug test even tweeted about it thursday. hamilton's full interview airs tonight on 60 minutes, watch it at 7:00 p.m. cbs 5. professional athletes like armstrong are always under intense pressure to perform be faster than competitors and pressure comes from the fans, coaches and themselves question is when do they cross the line. joining us to talk about this dr. jamie williams also a former tight end with the san francisco 49ers currently
8:15 am
athletic director for academy of arts university here in san francisco. good morning. >> good morning. >> you were a professional athlete and a coach now what is the line between enhancing, nutritional enhancers and drugs and chemical enhancers. >> the line is whether you are caught or not. that is you know when i played the guy tells the rep he is holding me and says there is no yellow play and i think that is the attitude a lot of guys say. if i don't get caught that means i didn't do it. catch me if you can. >> a lot of that is with testing but these don't detect everything. >> it doesn't the drug keeps evolving what you can get to enhance your ability -- if i am 3% better than you i get the big contract you don't i get the endorsement deal and you don't just like lance's teammate said we all did. i did it. >> what about the risk involved
8:16 am
in this? seems amazing if you are staking your life on your career to risk that and going down in flames we have seen several athletes do it. >> let's take drugs out i played a very violent sport, football i can't tell you the number of athletes that were out there in line trying to get their uniform on. it is one of the most violent sports you can do in the land yet they want to be out there. if you are saying hey, take some drugs and you are a little bit better and the percentages are, you may have some problems later you may not. you are going to take that risk. >> all right here is my question or my sort of pet peeve on this issue, barry bonds takes a steroid, it is cheating. if at half time you came off the field as you often did in the 49ers and go in the locker room, and your knee is busted up and they put together the
8:17 am
needle and inject you with cortisone and god knows what else to get you out there to play the second half and quote play through the pain, you are a hero. the only difference is, it is the boss giving you the shot versus yourself. that is not cheating. >> we will be here all day talking about double standards but i think the key is on your own, you are deciding you are going to get a little advantage over the other guy and you know i don't think -- i think the bigger problem i see because these are grown men. i think if these are the rules, you can circumvent them you get busted you do the time but it goes down to young kids look at the tattoos and pants and style they have the young kids are trying to be that, trying to be lance armstrong and barry bonds these guys are not going to get any where near a multimillion dollar contract but yet they will do it if they think in their minds they can get this. >> do you thing it is prevalent
8:18 am
-- that prevalent in younger players? >> i think it is always going to be an element there because always these criminal guys on the side, willing to sell it. >> at what age does it start popping up? at what age do guys on the side start saying hey, i have got a little something that will get you over. college level? high school level? >> i have heard stories of that. >> 20 years ago, 30 years ago college now i think it is high school and my fear is it is going lower than that. especially you got kids that looks like a man child a woman child you know, hey, if i can do this, i can get you over the edge, the scholarships, endorsement deals, professional contracts, it is worth it for some of them they thing it is worth it >> any advice for parents? >> well, you got to be diligent you can't turn a back got to look at what they are doing.
8:19 am
>> some parents,. >> are worse than the kids you are absolutely right and as a collegiate administrator that is the hardest part. you can manoeuvre the kids but the parents walking them in the back room or got a friend what do you do. >> thank you. >> thank you forgetting me up. >> we will have you back. set that alarm clock again. >> coming up in sports could tim lincecum rebound from a tough start. >> how giants did last night plus, the as, a team that also had a bit of good pitching. >> why is a race car driver doing a back flip at charlotte motor speedway. highlights coming up from this nascar all-star show down ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:20 am
8:21 am
and chris sharks trying to tie up the series at the tank today.
8:22 am
>> that's right. chris warner takes a hold of his lead in the tour du california and kim coyle with the rest of the sports. kim. >> good morning everyone tim lincecum gave up a season high, 7 runs against the rockys in his last start boy did he bounce back against the as. lincecum retired 21 straight at one point, season high, 133 pitches he tosses a 3 hit shut out the giants beat the as 3-0 they won 8 straight at home. >> shackleford held off animal kingdom down the stretch to end any chance of horse racings, first triple crown since 1978 he went off at a 12-1 shot. the thunder missed their chance to take control of the series, mavs lead by 23, hang on down the stretch 93-87 wins, 2 games to one. kyle edwards helped out
8:23 am
busch while he doesn't earn sprint cup points, edwards goes home with a $1.2 million prize. >> tour of california riding side by side with chris horner, santa rosa's levi, porter has a 8 second lead heading into today's final stage. see you tonight at 5:30. cold reaction in sacramento to arnold schwarzeneggers personal problems making news in today's matier and ross column. >> it wasn't so much cold as absent. i was up there, you know, this week because the governor released his may revise and the last half hour we talked about him and that he fathered a child with his house keeper but there is no love lost between him and the political players in sacramento even after 7 years as governor it was as if he wasn't there. the assembly man told us
8:24 am
everyone pretty much feels it was a case of what goes around comes around he being big and bombastic this is what happens. the party chair says quote arnold didn't go out loved by the folks in sacramento or by the republican party he was very much his own guy he did it his own way didn't make a lot of friends doing it and it is interesting because when i was there to talk to people part of a legacy, they weren't. it wasn't like a group -- >> what were you asking them? >> i wanted to go up usually when something like this happens you go up and talk to political allies or someone they helped up for comment but there wasn't anybody. >> they can't support the guy at that point. >> but there wasn't anybody to ask that question to there weren't a group of state asemily leaders no lieutenant governor or elected official that said i came in with arnold or he helped me up.
8:25 am
democrats go we never cared for the guy any way as if the guy hasn't been in sacramento. >> what do you make of the schwarzenegger controversy? >> i think it is going to be the second you know, arnold schwarzenegger comment will say who fathered a child out of wed lock it will over shadow a pretty mediocre governor ship and in terms of scandal this is big because it is big on tmz in hollywood. >> but all the little factors you know the living with this and this going on for 10 years and her not knowing. >> that is personal not political. >> but those things have blown it up in the headlines. >> but some of the things he did in sacramento as far as you know, the promises not fulfilled i think that is politically i am still going to look at that. >> in the every day world, not nearly as interesting.
8:26 am
>> no, not in the world of lyndsey lohan and all that other stuff no. >> it is ugly. we will be right back
8:27 am
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them.
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. 8:28 a.m. sunday morning looks like a pretty decent day out there. yesterday turned out quite lovely. jim bernard final check on weather. >> another lovely day around the bay. coastal fog more than yesterday. that will cool things down slightly nothing too dramatic just a few degrees as we see clouds hanging in around the golden gate and subtle fluctuation in wind flow will be our pattern for the next week or so probably the next few months as we see an on shore breeze return by mid- week. >> all right. sounds good. >> that is it for weekend early edition thanks for joining us this morning coming up next, face the nation. >> that's right don't forget our next newscast is at 5:30. thanks ,,
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