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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking news. a baby who disappeared from her bassinette in contra costa county has been found. the latest on the infant's condition. very difficult investigation. but a significant break. >> one of the suspects accused of beating bryan stow behind bars this morning. the key break in the case and a look at his criminal past. and good morning, everyone. it is monday, the 23rd of may. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 4:30. we have some breaking news coming out of joplin, missouri this morning. a deadly twister there has killed 89 people. the american red cross says 75% of that town is gone. we are going to have more on that story in a few minutes but
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first, let's check traffic and weather in the bay area. we'll start with kristy seifkin. >> it's certainly breezy out there this morning. it was windy yesterday and might be breezier today. concord topping out at 72. that's about as warm as it's going to get. more rain in the forecast in a couple of days. we'll have that in a little bit. over to elizabeth with a check on traffic. >> let's talk about what it looks like outside. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. we have wind advisories on a couple of bridges. high wind advisory on the san mateo bridge. low clouds out there, as well. reduced visibility. high wind advisory on the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you. we begin with some breaking news. sheriff's deputies reportedly
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have found a baby alive who was missing in contra costa county. this follows a search that began yesterday morning. the mother of the 4-year-old said she put the infant to bed saturday night and when she woke up sunday morning the baby wasn't in her bassinette. the baby girl lives with her parents in knightson 10 miles east of antioch. authorities don't believe rammy gallego was kidnapped. sheriff's deputies are it searching. we'll have a live at 5:00. we are learning more about the man arrested for beating giants fan bryan stow. sharon chin reports. reporter: over the last seven weeks, police have received hundreds of tips. but the biggest tip came from a hunt from a parole officer -- hunch from a parole officer. lapd s.w.a.t. teams arrived with search
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warrants and they raided an east hollywood apartment building early sunday morning. they arrested 31-year-old giovanni ramirez. police believe he is the key suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow. investigators say a parole agent had a hunch about ramirez after he apparently added several new tatoos over old ones on his neck. a weekend of surveillance led to the arrest. an "l.a. times" source says three witnesses identified him in the line-up. lapd's chief says he got the word from his operations chief. >> he said the words i have been waiting for, for 7 weeks. he said brian's assault suspect in custody. >> reporter: the arrest comes 52 days after bryan stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot of dodger stadium. the santa cruz father of two is in critical condition in san francisco general hospital. police say ramirez was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on a
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million dollars bail. detectives say he has previous convictions for weapons charges and robberies. >> in the wake of this horrific tragedy, the city, the fans, the police department, the dodger and giants organizations, worked closely together to find this individual, to ramp up security and to ensure the safety of all of our fans. >> reporter: investigators are now looking for two other suspects, another man who took part in the beating and a woman who drove the getaway car. police and s.w.a.t. team members say they detained several people for questioning and seized evidence from the apartment building where they arrested ramirez and from a home. police have had 20 full-time detectives working on this case for more than 6,000 hours. they continue to work on it. >> thank you, sharon chin in san francisco. bryan stow's mother
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meanwhile tells kcbs radi she never gave up hope. >> they were so compassionate with our family and reached out to us and made a promise they wouldn't rest until they got these guys. i didn't think about it. i knew it was going to be taken care of. and obviously, they did what they promised. >> san francisco giants president says there's been a cloud hanging over the team since that attack on opening day. >> to the extent that we have a little bit of -- i wouldn't say closure but a little bit of a -- the recognition that the people that perpetrated this crime will not be perpetrating these crimes again. >> the giants organization has raised $75,000 for stow's medical expenses. we have posted more video and reaction to the arrest as well as the entire police news conference. you can check it out at
4:36 am antioch police looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. police were called to the 2300 block of d street just before 8:00 last night. the victim was found on the sidewalk and pronounced dead at the hospital. so far, no information on a suspect. things are settled down now again at san quentin after nearly 200 inmates got into a brawl. the riots began last night in a dining hall. guards used nonlethal bullets and pepper spray. four inmates were treated for injuries. no guards were injured. the jury begins deliberations later today in the murder trial of two men from "your black muslim bakery" in oakland. closing arguments are scheduled to wrap up this morning. yusef bey iv and antoine mackey are charged with the murder of oakland reporter chauncey bailey and two other men in the summer of 2007.
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the star witness was a man who admitted killing the three on bey's orders. livermore police suspect drugs played a role in a powerful explosion that left three people critically burned. the blast inside an apartment on silver oaks way saturday night sent two men and a woman to the hospital. one man had a hand blown off. police don't know the source of the explosion. they say drug activity is common at that complex. national guard meanwhile in missouri is searching for survivors after a massive tornado over the weekend. >> at least 89 people are dead in the town of joplin. a twister cut a path nearly 6 miles long. joel brown shows us the damage. reporter: the trail of destruction stretches for miles in job lynn, missouri. dozens are feared dead after a massist tornado tore through this town of 50,000 sunday leveling entire neighborhoods. >> one minute it was just
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barely sprinkling, next minute, boy, just whole world upside- down. >> reporter: residents say there was little warning for the before the monster storm blew in flipping over cars and twisting metal around trees. when the storm passed, emergency official rushed in heavy equipment to sift through the rubble and search for survivors. but phone and power lines are down making the operation even more difficult. the national guard has been called in and missouri's governor has declared a state of emergency. president obama issued a statement late sunday expressing his deepest condolences to the victims' families. he also directed fema to help with response and recovery efforts. the joplin twister was just one of several tornadoes that barreled across the midwest this weekend. >> if it comes this way, run. >> reporter: a family in lacrosse, wisconsin, caught this funnel cloud on camera as it marched toward their backyard. no one was seriously injured, but the powerful weather system wreaked havoc tearing roofs off
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homes and turning streets into debris fields. a tornado in minneapolis killed at least one person, the storm sending huge trees crashing down on homes. >> all stuff flying around the house. >> reporter: residents tried to clear the stuff monday but there could be more soon. later today forecasters are calling for another round of violent weather. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> they just can't seem to get a break in that part of country. >> we were talking about it earlier. it's just been quite a year for weather, natural disasters. fortunately we live in the bay area where we have rain and fog but other than that, we're in good shape. kristy, what's cooking made? >> winds. very breezy outside this morning. you're probably feeling that. we have gusts that are close to who miles an hour at ocean beach, daly city close to 30- mile-an-hour gusts. the reason we're seeing all of these gusts outside is actually
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that there's a system that's passing through and that's bringing some showers to the north of us. it's not bringing any rain immediately to the bay area. but it's bringing cooler conditions and it will make breezy conditions this afternoon, as well. temperatures same as yesterday only into the low 70s in the warmest locations. 72 napa, fairfield, 70 livermore, 64 san francisco, 59 pacifica and almost making it to 70 in san jose today. over the next several days, wet weather back into the forecast on wednesday and they drying out by the end of the week. but this weekend will be mostly sunny, low 70s in those warmest spots. that's a look at your weather. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, kristy. we'll go out live towards san jose. here's a live look at 101 near mckee exit. headlights northbound. you can see that everything is nice and light on this monday morning. to our maps now, the big story is winds. we have a couple of high wind advisories in effect, one for the bay bridge as you see here. also one for the san mateo
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bridge. you can see this camera actually shaking back and forth. caltrans has a warning sign up for high winds. low clouds making it harder to see this morning towards the peninsula or coming off of the high-rise. so watch out for that. actually chp issued a third wind advisory now for the altamont pass. so if you are coming off westbound 580 watch out for that towards the dublin for interchange. mass transit is on time for bart systemwide. ace train number one got a great start and muni and ace also look good. coming up, we'll tell you about some roadwork going on on the nimitz freeway. back to you. >> thank you. 4:41. a deadly horse virus spreading through the bay area. >> and how a tiny village in ireland is preparing for a visit from the president. >> and a new trend at the gas pump. the relief we could see by memorial day weekend next week. talk about that and much more
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coming up. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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whidbey are kicking up around the bay area today. temperatures not warmer than yesterday. 68 half moon bay. 64 for the city. alameda 65. we'll have a look at the full forecast coming up. thank you. 4:44. president and mrs. obama in ireland the first stop on a six- day four nation tour of europe. the president is expected to discuss economic issues with irish leaders today. mr. obama will also visit the small village of moneygall where his great, great, great grandfather once lived. church records made the connection about four years ago. >> i have been calling him abracadabra because i didn't know how to pronounce his name. >> he is going to find everything falling out of his family tree to meet us when he arrives. >> i bet so. the president's trip will also include stops in england,
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france and poland. >> the guinness is in his future, as well. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is running for president. he made the announcement on the internet video released last night. >> my first campaign stop will be in iowa and that's where i'm going to begin a campaign that tells the american people the truth. >> pawlenty will be in iowa today. it's the first stop on the campaign trip that will also take him to florida, new hampshire, new york and then washington, d.c. that least a list of declared public candidates as tim pawlenty, carla marinucci, mitt romney, john huntsman and herman cain all trying to get the gop nomination. san carlos city council member will discuss appointing anew mayor at the council meeting. omar ahmad died suddenly of a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. vice mayor andy klein took over
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on an interim basis and a day later was arrested for possibly driving under the influence. the mayor in san carlos is appointed by the city council. gas price fell nearly a dime over the past two weeks. lundberg survey says the national average is $3 .97 per gallon. here in the bay area as we know, a little more. the average is $4.17. san francisco checks in at 4.20. down at san jose cheaper at 4.10 and over in oakland 4.09. the survey says prices might fall another dime before memorial day a week from today. >> that's certainly good news. usually we're talking about it going up just in time. >> gone up enough, i think. >> summer driving season. it is 4:46. the new aspirin that promises to help you in half the time. >> plus, another volcanic eruption in iceland threatening to halt air traffic in the area. the impact it's already having on some flights.
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...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. base.. after islamist insurgents stormed it. it's being called one of the pakistani commandos are trying to regain control of a naval base after an insurgent stormed it one of the most brazen attacks in years. a dozen security officers were killed in the battle this started late yesterday. the insurgents stormed the naval station at karachi with grenades, rockets and automatic weapons. pakistani taliban claims responsibility. commandos are hunting for holdouts. two american hikers held in prison in iran for nearly two years have been allowed to finally call home. shane bauer, josh fattal both 28 called their families for just the third time since their arrest on the border with iraq in july 2009. they told their families that they have recently staged a
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hunger strike for 17 days after they were prevented from receiving their letters. bauer's fiancee, sarah shourd also in prison is now here in the united states. a new cloud of volcanic ash has closed the main airport in iceland and partially over greenland. ash is falling on streets and cars in iceland. it's from iceland's [ foreign language ] volcano. a different one from the one that caused flight disruptions in europe last year. british officials say they are better prepared for this ash cloud than they were. three of the six astronauts on the international space station will head home today in their russian soyuz capsule. on the way out they will be able to get rare photographs of the shuttle endeavour parked at the space station. yesterday, two of endeavour's astronauts took part in the mission's second spacewalk. there was a little mishap as one tried to lubricate a solar power system. he lost a bolt and a wash forget stuck in a crevice. that called a few delays so the
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task will be finished wednesday. it's going to be another breezy day around the bay area. we're not going to warm up a lot. it's actually going to be similar to yesterday. more breezy conditions this afternoon certainly along the bay shores and at the coast where we are seeing gusts up to 30 miles per hour. sunny conditions in the low 70s inland. nice day there. a low passing through we are sitting between two systems. things building in and calming down for a little bit. wet weather on wednesday. 68 in union city and 67 in san mateo. over to east bay, a few 73-
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degree readings in antioch. 67 berkeley. cool at the coast. 57 stinson beach. 68 san anselmo and san rafael. up in sonoma 71. and 73 high in napa and fairfield. the next several days, cloud cover building in tuesday. thursday and friday we'll see partly cloudy conditions and this weekend dry temperatures in the low 70s inland. that's a look at your forecast. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> out towards the east bay, a live look at the nimitz. top speeds. we have a camera by the coliseum, you can see everything is free-flowing. you can see headlights southbound towards oakland airport. we do have a little bit of roadwork in the northbound lanes from 5th towards grand. they are telling us that three right lanes will be blocked off until 5:30 this morning. so watch out for that even at
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this time of the morning although there is no delay. bay bridge toll plaza breezy today. we have several high wind advisories in effect, one for the bay bridge, another one for the san mateo bridge. you can see some winds. our cameras moving back and forth, low visibility obviously an issue as well across the span. and taking a check of westbound 580 the ride out of the altamont pass, we have a wind advisory here, as well. that's supposed to be a wind gust if you were wondering what that little incident tab was. so right now no brake lights as you make your way off the 205 and the antioch bridge so far, so good through here. nice through antioch towards concord. mass transit is on time. bart has 23 trains all on time. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. some folks at tahoe happy about this. 4:53. caltrans has re-opened highway 50 four days earlier than expected. starting today, one way traffic control will be in effect at echo summit. the area had been closed off
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for nine days for construction. both directions will be open by friday just in time for the big memorial day weekend. another bay area horse has been diagnosed with a deadly virus. the case at a marin stable is the latest among 14 statewide. the herpes outbreak appears to have originated at a competition in utah last month. many northern california ranchers are keeping their animals in the pens to avoid spreading it. aspirin is getting an upgrade. bayer is introducing a reformulated version that it says works in half of the time. bayer scientists have worked for five years to address consumers' number one complaint that aspirin doesn't work fast enough to leave pain. the company says it needs to revitalize the brand and target younger customers. well, princess beatrice may have been the butt of a lot of jokes at the royal wedding but it looks like she's having the last laugh here.
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her antler-shaped -- >> remember this? >> her sister, too. but anyway, that hat called the fascinator, the one on the right, got $131,000 on ebay. every penny donated to children's charities. >> wonder what she paid for i. >> i don't know, but not much. great she would donate it. the sharks are on the verge of elimination. >> they unraffled in the second period during game 4 of the -- they unraveled in the second period during game 4 of the westerns conference finals. vancouver had three five on three power play goals. the canucks won 4-2. they now lead the series three games to one. >> i can't sit here and whine and bitch about the officiating. the team in white created the mess. >> do you have the talent to win the next three games? >> we'll find out. >> we're all going to find out. san jose now needs to win the
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next three games to advance to the stanley cup. finale game five in vancouver. vancouver lost three straight to chicago and then won the final so they can do it. we'll see what happens. it is 4:56. hey, we're still here. i had to pay bills yesterday. >> yeah. we're kind of hoping for a monday off. doomsday didn't happen. what the bay area preacher who predicted it is saying about his big boo boo. >> he disappeared in the middle of the night. a missing baby in contra costa county has been found. we'll have the latest on her condition. >> reporter: there is an arrest in the beating of giants fan bryan stow. the tip that led to the arrest coming up. >> if it comes this way, get rid of it. come here! >> a deadly tornado destroying everything in its path. the damage and the rising death toll in the midwest coming up. . no deposit slips to fill out.
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a developing story. the baby who disappeared from
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her bassinette in contra costa county has been found. we'll have the latest on the infant's condition. >> very difficult investigation. but a significant, significant break. and this morning one of bryan stow's accused attackers is in jail. the tip that led police to an arrest and the search for more suspects. and good morning, everyone. it is monday, the 23rd of may. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it's breezy, continuing into the afternoon. 67 the high in oakland. rain is in the forecast later. we'll have that in a bit. first


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