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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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vacaville area and apparently veered off the freeway near the north texas exit, smashing through fences and ending up on the surface road. now, this just happened about 90 minutes ago. there were 50 people on board that bus. 13 of them were taken to the hospital. everyone else has gotten off. and as you can see, the tow truck has arrived on the scene to move that bus off of that road. also tonight, the u.s. supreme court is telling california to move tens of thousands of inmates out of its prison system. a new ruling says the state's prisons are so crowded they violent violate the constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. phil matier tells us some inmates will go free early and some criminals will soon be getting off a whole lot easier. are. >> reporter: when all is said and done, the question is how many of the inmates that you see here today at this jail might wind up back on the streets in order to make room for even more serious offenders who may be headed to county jails across the state in order
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to re left the state prison -- relieve the state prison overcrowding. >> well, that's the million dollars question. with avenue little bit of room to put some people that's one thing. but say they push 1,000 or 2,000 people on us we would have to release some people to make room for those. >> reporter: here is the story. currently california has 143,000 inmates in a prison system that is designed to hold only 80,000. it has created an overcrowding situation that the federal courts say must end. to do that, anywhere from 33,000 to 43,000 inmates in the state system will need to either be moved to county jails like this one, or let out early. >> you can only put so many people in the jail. once you get to that maximum point you are going to have to release others. >> reporter: so if the state ships you too many prisoners you've got to turn around and release them into the public? >> exactly. >> reporter: it is not a new problem. in fact citing overcrowding and
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money problems governor jerry brown already signed a bill that would have 100,000 parole violators who would otherwise go to prison. but will the state give the municipality the money to do the job? >> it's completely up in the air. >> reporter: in san francisco they have seen this wave coming for a long time and it is not necessarily a bad thing. >> i don't necessarily think in the long run this will be a bad problem to have. it will give us the opportunity to be much more sophisticated about who we incarcerate and how long. >> reporter: if they don't have the room or the money to rehab the inmates then. >> there is no question to release these people out into the community without the help necessary it won't help. >> reporter: are judging less inclined to give jail time in law enforcement? >> absolutely. it goes back to the original point of this if you are going
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to release 40,000 people it is generally not a good thing for the citizens of the state of california. >> reporter: and one way or the other they will be released either to the coupes first or straight out -- counties first or straight out. basically we will have a two tier bump down. serious people and felons switched down to the county as their time ends. the county has to decide if they have to keep their prisoners in or let them go. the minor offenders will be the first to leave. it will be harder to get into state prison. remains that used to put you up into the state prison will now put you into county prison for a couple of years. >> not just a trickle down but a trickle up. >> the bottom line, last time they did this it was a very interesting phenomenon was it took a number of fences to get you into state prison. what they did was having people grabbing plea deals saying i will take a year in county knowing it would be too full knowing they would get knocked out in a couple of minutes.
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>> thank you, phil matier, tonight. >> at least 200 inmates rited at accept quinn tin last night. it started in the dining hall. at least four inmates were stabbed or slashed. none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. guards gained control using non- lethal bullets and pepper spray. they later found ten weapons made by inmates. we are told no guards were hurt in this. >> the police arrested one of the men accused of beating the giants fan into a coma. joe vasquez with the family's first taste of justice. >> we were beyond happy. >> outside san francisco general where giants fan bryan stow is getting treatment for a serious brain his family tells the news they learned of the arrest early sunday morning. >> i got a call from the detective at 7:50 yesterday morning. he said, ann, i wanted to give
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you some information before you hear it on the news. and at that time my heart just dropped because he was going to share some ground breaking news that they had taken into custody one of the suspects. >> reporter: the suspect is 31- year-old ramirez. that's him on the left in the police sketch. police say he is a known gang member, a three-time convicted fell on and a parolee. in fact, it was his parole officer who noticed the resemblance to the guy pasted on bill boards across la. he also noticed recommend ramirez had apparently tried do to cover up a neck tattoo with a fresh tattoo. perhaps he did it to three off anybody who saw him beat brian stow in the parking lot. as the areward went up to $200 the detectives were trailing him for several days. they put the cuffs on him. >> this is suspect number one. >> and probably the primary
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aggressor. >> they are still looking for the other man and a woman who police say was driving the getaway car. >> so it was a very emotional day yesterday. we were very excited that that piece of the puzzle, one of the pieces has been put in place. >> reporter: with that brian stow's family went back inside to be with him. doctors say not much has changed since last week. he is moving his eyes but barely, still in critical condition. >> police have not released a mug shot of ramirez, not yet. they say they still need to show it to witnesses. in the newsroom, joe vasquez, cbs 5. and tonight we are hearing from the suspect's family and friends. they say police have the wrong man. dave lopez on why they claim the ex-con could not have attacked stow. >> and i feel sorry for the family. but believe me, my son is not the right person that you guys got, it is not. >> the mother of 31-year-old ramirez. >> a lot of people look like my son or a lot of people look
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like that picture. why do they go to him? he's got a record and they are going to get him. >> i swear to god they got the wrong guy. >> this man came to console the mother of the man that he says is his best friend. ramirez. he didn't want to give his name. neither did the woman who arrived with him. >> he has never been to a dodgers or lakers fans. he is not really into sports, you know what i mean? >> he wasn't at the game? >> he was with his daughter. >> you can vouch for that? >> i can. >> because he was a the my house. >> occurring the game? >> i went to opening day myself and he was with his daughter at my house where i left him. >> i believe we have the right guy. i certainly wouldn't be becoming him. >> after seven weeks of investigating detectives say the evidence points towards ramirez. of great significance, they add, evidence that he tried to cover up a distinctive tattoo on his neck with other tattoos. >> that doesn't mean anything. >> that don't mean anything.
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>> he has a new tattoo doesn't mean anything. >> when did he get out of prison the last time, do you know? >> i do. i picked him up. >> when was that? >> i don't know. >> you don't remember? >> you remember you just don't want to say? >> i don't recall. i don't recall. >> before they left the clinton area neighborhood, i asked this question. >> i mean, he could correct this really easily if he said who the other guy was. >> he doesn't know who the other guy was. how would he know? he was in my house with my daughter. >> but detectives and several witnesses say otherwise. from la, dave lopez, cbs 5. >> the jury began deliberations today in the case of the two men accused in the murder of oakland murder of chauncy bailey. a prosecutor told the jury that yousef bay thought he was above the law when he ordered the death of bailey and two other men. he is the head of the black muslim bakery. another man antoine macky is also on trial accused of carrying out bay's orders. a 4 month old baby
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kidnapped in the middle of the house is found safe hundreds of miles away. tonight the infant's grandmother is behind bars arrested for kidnapping. as ann reports, the grandmother may have been posing as the babies' mother for weeks, ann? >> i don't know about weeks. we know at least for days. and that's what tipped off somebody, an acquaintance of hers. that's why she was turned into the police. but we've been out here all afternoon. just in the last hour or so we have noticed a lot more people stopping by the home. it is clear they are planning a very large welcome home for the 4-month-old baby. we are expecting that in the next half hour. saturday night, early sunday morning when she was taken from her basinet in her parents' room. as you said, today her grandmother was arrested. >> it was my mom. she came into my house and took my baby girl because she just wasn't mentally there i guess anymore. i don't know. >> rudy says his mother came up
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for mother's day to meet her youngest grandchild. today the sheriff's department said erica return to the home this weekend after taking a bus and a taxi. she is accused of going into the bedroom and taking 4-month- old raimy and then calling a cab for the trip home. rudy has learned the nanny gave the grandmother codes for the house and from the beginning he had a gut feeling. >> my mom she is a little quirky. she is not all there. man, it just feels like my mom, you know. something weird, something just weird a gut feeling. >> but police say the family didn't tip them off. instead it was an acquaintance of the grandmother who called the police is a something seemed off. >> information is coming to us that we're trying to decipher, but we haven't specifically established a motive. there are published reports that erica guyaga told people she was pregnant and even held a baby shower. he says his mom felt alone and may have wanted love. >> i believe she loves the baby
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and wasn't going to harm her in any which way. i think she took a very big mental wrong turn. i just hope that she gets help. >> rudy says it's too early to forgive his mother for the torment she has put the family through. 100 people, including law enforcement and volunteers spent sunday looking for her. her family and friends prayed that she would be found okay. >> i hate to say it, but she's my mom. but she also broke the law. you know, she took a baby from a home. i mean, it was hard for us. i mean, we were accused. >> reporter: one family member says the grandmother is a sweet lady. another added she has a distorted sense of reality. but since she lives so far away, they didn't see each other except for holidays. today feels like a celebration. and the family of five along with their extended family, can't wait to be together again. >> it's family time again. i am going to hug ear and eat her up. >> she is facing kidnapping charges.
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she could also face additional charges. at this point she is the only suspect in this case. the third year of the housing crisis and a new threat for homeowners. the latest breed of mortgage fraud and how you could put yourself at risk. >> a deadly threat for horse owners where equine herpes has surfaced in the bay area. >> no more rocking chair on the porch. no, this generation is active. >> the good news is boomers still know how to have a good time. the bad news is a boom in stds.
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ap c . shake hands and make up. the san jose police department is taking a new approach to dealing with public complaints about its officers. as len ramirez explains, the idea is getting a lot of
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support. len? >> reporter: that's right, dana. you would have to say that in the recent past year the san jose police department when there would be any type of complaint that came in there would be a tendency to sort of circle the wagons. a new police chief and a new police auditor and some new options for both officers and people bringing complaints. and that is to sit down and talk it out. the san jose police have more than 400,000 calls for service a year, plus many more face-to- face interactions with the public. they don't always go well. >> i just thought the attitude was really condescending. >> reporter: katherine whitney of san jose thought she was treat the un professionally by an officer two years ago. back then the only way to complain was to take it to internal affairs. now there is a different way. >> the new approach is to have the officer against whom the complaint has been made and the complainant to sit down at a table just lick -- like this and basically have some face time with one another. >> reporter: independent police officer cordell who is a retired judge says the key is to have someone in the middle.
6:16 pm
she convinced some of her former colorado legs and friends, also retired judges to serve as mediators and got them to do it for free. >> reporter: how does this different from the way it's always been? >> the way it's always been has been time-consuming for the taxpayer money. >> reporter: for the officer the upside is the complaint against him or her gets dropped after the meeting. >> this is a little different out the box but it will be a huge box -- help in the future. >> it won't be used for police brutal or profiling but courtesy is on the list. >> there are times when officers can say things that are misunderstood by citizens and there are times that citizens can say things that are misunderstood by the officers. this gives them an opportunity to sit down in a controlled environment and talk out the differences. >> i would have loved to have someone say you know what, i think he handled me very condescendingly and have someone live listen to that. that would have been great.
6:17 pm
are. >> reporter: what benefit would that be to you? >> you just you know report when things are good. nice to report when things are bad maybe it changes it. >> reporter: this is all very knew so far. there have only been three cases that went to this type of mediation. according to post-mediation surveys done with all of the people involved, they say that the process went well. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. well, in san francisco strong winds blew out a window. the sf mart building this afternoon. firefighters say negative pressure from the wind popped out a 10th story window sending it crashing down on to 9th street at 3:00 in the afternoon. fortunately nobody was hurt. but the street had to be closed for about half an hour for the cleanup. and the winds were still blowing pretty strong out there, roberta. >> wind-swept blue skies highs from 59 degrees in half moon bay to 79 in sonoma. >> the trees are blowing around a little bit.
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and the winds continue to gust up to 23 miles per hour an hour in the city bay the bay. small craft advisory so waters are quite choppy this evening. out and about this evening that wind as it chilled to the air the numbers banking between 59 degrees at this hour in daly city to 72 in santa rosa. tonight overnight we will start to see the low clouds and patchy fog lining the coast try to make its way into the bay. otherwise we have that exiting area of low pressure. we have a huge ridge of high pressure that's causing the breezy wind this evening westerly 10-20 will subside after midnight. on deck next after one more day of sunshine, rain for your wednesday. but right now let's back it up and take it one night at a time. here you have filling in the low clouds, the patchy fog and the overnight hours through your morning commute. and then we do have the sunshine. temperatures pan out to be very similar to today. 53 degrees overnight tonight in santa rosa. 40s around the peninsula.
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mid-30s tri-valley. westerlies 10-20. in santa rosa70. 74 will be the outside number towards the delta. and discovery bay. otherwise, 60s the closer you get to the bay of water. upper 50s and low 60s. sunny vale tops off at 60. extended forecast we've got rain in the picture on wednesday. and then a dry weather pattern a little bit below seasonal for this time of the year through the holiday. dana next time around i will do rain amounts for you and tell you what time to expect. >> great, roberta, can't wait. >> i know. >> well, we told you about it last week. now the threat is spreading for bay area horses. we will have that and more in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ially deadly virus . horse owners in the north bay are taking some very serious precautions because of a potentially deadly virus. one case of equine herpes has
6:22 pm
been reported. christian is joining us from a horse arena that is closed down temporarily, i guess, because of this troubling outbreak. >> reporter: allen, there is another horse also who came down with the illness in napa. and now from surgical gloves to quarantine, people here are saying there is no precaution that is too severe to keep their horses from succumbing to that potentially deadly airborne virus. for bob dunlap, horseshoeing has never been so high-risk. >> it's a lot like when the swine flu was around for humans and nobody really knew exactly what to do to avoid it. >> reporter: dunlap has taken to toting lysol, latex gloves and a fresh change of clothes on his daily shoeing rounds. >> it is so easy to spread it the horses catch it like humans catch colds. >> reporter: but this is more serious the first horse to get
6:23 pm
eq herpes they could spread it further. >> if a horse sneezed on you and you went to some other horses you could transmit it or horses could transmit it to each other. >> reporter: which is why the president of this horse association is keeping the horses he calls his family members home. >> normally i take these out a couple of times a week at home with the wagon just to give them exercise. and i'm not doing that right now. >> reporter: neither is susan. >> it is just common sense, you know, to keep yourself in for a bit. >> reporter: we found the grounds here which would normally be crowded with horses and riders deserted. it could be shut down indefinitely. he has talked to the owner of the lone sick horse. >> i know she is taking all of the precautions she can. >> reporter: the doctors say the infected horses be inn cue baited for two to three days and now two to three weeks.
6:24 pm
he says they will do it for as long as it takes. >> you know it's not like it's over until it's over and then we can all take a deep breath. >> reporter: statewide, 13 or 14 horses here in california have been infected. all were at a horse show in utah where they apparently got it. the good news is they have not infected any other horses secondary here. this is cbs 5. now the same kind of problem, different species. the federal government is so concerned about the rise in std cases in the baby boomer generation that medicare may soon start covering std testing. dr. kim mulvahill on why the boomers are attic risk -- at antic risk. >> saturday night at the ballroom it takes two to tango. >> it's a dance of love. it's a dance of passion. and it's a two-minute love affair. >> paula is single over the age of 55 and just wants to dance. but if love comes her way. >> never say never because you
6:25 pm
never know when you will meet your soulmate. >> paula may have ample time to find out. americans are living longer. add to the mix drugs like viagra and more sex later in life is a reality. no more rocking chair on the porch and just going to bed and watching t.v. no, no, no. this generation is active in bed. >> dr. walter board. >> we have matured. and one of the about great maturation is we are learning you can have good sex your whole life. >> but older americans are also waking up to discovery that along with good sex comes a big problem. sexually transmitted diseases. a federal report shows that among those 55 and older the number of reported cases of stds has soared. in five years these std rates have jumped nearly 50%. one reasons those who survived the summer of love did not grow up during the aids epidemic. >> they grew up in a generation
6:26 pm
of pre-love. they pre-dated. they didn't learn sexual habits that included protection against stds. >> which means condoms. men in their 50s are six times less likely to use a condom than men in their 20s. not only that, older americans are less likely to get tested for st did its. >> so that's really, really scary when you think about online dating and hooking up with people that really you don't know where they've been or what they have done. >> human sexuality specialist katherine forsyth runs get a second wind for adults or boomers seeking intimacy. she counsels them to ask for paper that they are clean. >> i tell my people no paper, no partner. >> as for paula she will tango but not with her health. >> if they don't answer questions about their health, next, you don't need to go there. >> the deadliest tornado season in half a century and we are just getting started. >> oh, gosh, that is a monster
6:27 pm
tornado. >> for the second time in as many months, an american city is wiped off the map. what the survivors saw in the moments before the sky went black. >> as the housing crisis drags on, a new threat. the latest mortgage fraud scheme and the length some scammers are going to to hook their victims. [ music ] >> and despite that little bump in the road, an upbeatday for the president. how he traced his family roots today in ireland. ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ music ] >> i really was not prepared for what i saw when i got down here. >> words can hardly describe the devastation. a tornado three quarters of a mile wide ravaged the heart of joplin, missouri. at least 116 people are dead at this hour. and as many as 2,000 homes and other buildings are in ruins. the deadly tornado struck a little over 24 hours ago. as lindsay moore tells us, the focus now is on finding survivors. >> reporter: rescue clues are climbing across mountains of debris searching for tornado
6:31 pm
survivors. the tornado leveled schools, homes and businesses. dozens are dead. >> it is indescribable. i've never seen anything like it. >> sirens gave residents as much as 20 minutes warning. >> oh, gosh, that is a monster tornado. >> but this video captures what many saw. >> the tornado tossed tractor trailers, split trees and devastated entire neighborhoods. >> i was trapped in the bathroom because all of the dining furniture came in. >> the twister took a direct hit here at st. john's regional medical center. 180 people were inside at the time. about an hour and a half later, everyone was out of the building. the hospital workers, ems workers, everybody worked together very well. >> reporter: the hospital is closed and the medical helicopter smashed. at least four people died there, including a doctor. the tornado that hit joplin is just one of 68 reported over the weekend. >> it is on top of the roof. >> reporter: thunderstorms made
6:32 pm
the task of sifting through the rubble even more difficult. >> my mom and my grandma and my aunt kathy lived here. they don't have anything left. >> reporter: at least a quarter of the city is lost. the view from above shows block after block in ruins. liz moo for cbs news. >> president obama is in london because of leaving ireland early to avoid the ash. but one day in his homeland was pretty jampacked. he even made time to stop for a pint and great a distant cousin. >> massive crowds packed a park in dublin to welcome an american president refusalling in his irish ancestry. >> hello, ireland. >> president obama touted his irish roots and told dubliners he was looking to reclaim his true last name. >> i come home to find me the apostrophe that we lost somewhere along the way.
6:33 pm
>> the u.s. and ireland have a century's old relationship bound by history, friendship and shared values. >> so you can say there has always been a little green behind the red, white and blue. >> people by the tense and thousands crowded the streets around the city centered to hear the president speak. most barely got a view but it didn't matter. >> the whole atmosphere was so happy, one of unity and friendship. and there was lots of love out there. >> reporter: the president did hit a minor speed bump as his motorcade got hung up on one. but it didn't slow down a jampacked day highlighted by a visit to the president's an zest ral village of moniegal. president obama embraced his distance cousin henry healy. the crowd yelled welcome home to the president whose great great grandfather left the village for a better life in 1850. inside the local pub the president paused just long enough to let the guinness settle before taking a gulland
6:34 pm
giving his presidential seal of approval. >> i realize it tastes so much better here. >> he didn't have much time to save our it. after his big speech in london he flew to london ahead of schedule to escape the ash cloud going across europe. three years into the housing crisis, california continues to lead the nation in for closures. the state is also prime territory for scammers trying to take advantage of desperate homeowners. julie watts in the consumer watch with a new kind of mortgage fraud and a new effort to try to crackdown on these scammers. >> yes, they are everywhere. today the alameda county district attorney announced that at least a dozen local homeowners have fallen prey to this new fraud. it's a principal reduction scam. and there are a few variations to watch out for. the scammers get in touch with the homeowner by mail, e-mail or in person. and they sometimes take them out for a meal. they tell the homeowner they have found obscure or limb
6:35 pm
known u.s. laws that will dramatically cut the amount they owe on their home. the cost just a few hundred or thousand up front of course. but the bottom line there is no u.s. law and there are no federal reserve funds that will reduce your principal. meanwhile, california's attorney general is vowing more protection for troubled homeowners and more punishment for those who take advantage of them. today in la, kamala harris announced a mortgage fraud strike force that will be set up in four cities, including san francisco, to exclusively investigate and prosecute fraud. now, we've put the e-mail address to the task force on our website at watch. but the sad truth is these schemes are still flourishing. remember never pay up front for mortgage help. instead contact a hud approved counselling agency. we get e-mails every single day from consumers saying i got this letter and offering to help and they want this much
6:36 pm
money. do not send money, go to a non- profit. >> julie, good advice, thank you very much. for oakland it's the first of its kind. the idea behind hundreds of new homes and a more convenient way to live. >> it's been being called the most important convention for a generation in the bay area. we hit the tourist trail coming up. well, the world did not come to an end on saturday. but what if there is no nfl? >> that would be terrible. people live through us, yes that is true. >> oh, my god, the evil that awaits the world if there is no football coming up. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,
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6:38 pm
oakland's first transit-oriented community today. it . crews broke ground on oakland's first transit oriented community today. this is a planned mixed use development next to the mcarthur bart station in north oakland. now, the goal is to create a community with easy access to bart and connecting transit lines. the planners expect the
6:39 pm
development to include more than 600 affordable housing units, as well as commercial and retail space. that project is expected to be finished in the year 2021. >> tourism and the city is hosting a big tourism convention. mike sugarman found out that other cities are trying to their best to get a little piece of thes. >> we are here at the corner of haight and ashbury. it isn't the biggest convention oracle gets 30,000 people. but tourism is an $8 million industry and some of the most influential people in the world in that industry are here right now. it's san francisco. what's not to like? this is not a week to talk about homelessness and crime. this is a week to sell the city. >> we have the opportunity to expose san francisco to thousands of international tour
6:40 pm
operators, international media, international travel agents and really get the san francisco message out there. >> this is powwow, the annual international convention of tourism which is san francisco's biggest industry. it can bring in $350 million additional dollars to the host city over the next three years. >> we are looking forward to these people going back to wherever they are from, europe oration yeah or south america and talking up san francisco and sending future customers to san francisco in the next few years. >> reporter: this is full of places that want 300 travel agents to sell people and 1,000 travel writers to write nice things about them. >> you've got to sell me two weeks in indy in the summer. how do you do that? >> we have packages conducive to spend a long weekend to see the world's largest museum. >> you guys got big heads in texas. you've got big heads. >> thank you. everything is bigger in texas. >> everything is bigger in
6:41 pm
texas. >> cities sell themselves inside the hall. but the host city, san francisco, has a chance to really sell itself outside. with its charm, beauty and sheer fabulousness. >> we should be nice to visitors any day. but this week it's especially important because they go back and really help promote san francisco. >> anything i can do for you to continue to bring more australias to san francisco. >> well, we are getting plenty of demand as it is. good. that is a beautiful suit, sir. would you like a cup of could i have? >> who is having a good time in san francisco? >> we all are. >> tell all of your friends. we need you to come back and we need all of your money. we love tourists here in san francisco. you need to come back. >> i will. >> can i by -- buy you a nosh? >> what's a in. osh? it's something to eat. >> do you see the weather here today? it's like this every day. every day is a beautiful day in san francisco. that's true, isn't it? well, yeah, it's true. anyway, be nice to a tourist. it's going to come back and pay
6:42 pm
back you in big chunks. >> absolutely. don't let them listen to roberta's upcoming forecast about the rain on wednesday. >> no. they are at a party. i am sure they are at a cocktail party right now not watching. >> good. >> they are not out here where it is about 40 degrees. but always a beautiful day in san francisco. >> always. mike sugarman, thank you. >> well, some people like rain. some people like sunshine. it depends on your definition of beautiful. so i've got a beautiful seven day forecast straight ahead as eyewitness news continues right here. a little bit of something for everyone on cbs 5. [ music ] ,,,,
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is ,,,,,,
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this summer. don . he lost his mother to breast cancer. now one bay area man is making every step count this summer. don fernandez shows us the unusual thing he is doing to help other women with breast cancer. >> if you're walking in this man's shoes, get ready for a serious workout. jim hillman is training for this year's susan g koman three day for the cure breast cancer
6:46 pm
walk. >> some people are doing one, maybe two walks. but not hillman. he's doing all 14 cancer events from coast to coast covering 840 miles. >> i approach my wife and my daughter and my son. they all kind of looked at me like, dad, you're nuts. >> reporter: nuts maybe. driven absolutely. hillman lost his mother ruth to breast cancer in 2004. >> she looked me up in the eyes and never blinked. it ended up, you know, killing her. but she never blinked in the whole circumstance. she was really strong throughout. >> reporter: for hillman, memories build strength. >> usually when i'm up in the foothills work -- walks because it's very quiet, you are by yourself is usually when i can kind of feel mom is walking along the same stretch with me. >> reporter: last year breast cancer took nearly 30,000 lives. but thousands of more victims have battled and lived. hillman knows there will be painful moments as he walks. >> there is a lot of things that people say during the
6:47 pm
three-day walks. you know, blisters don't need chemo and things like that. and it's true. when you are hurting a little bit from the walk and then you look over and you've got a survivor walking right next to you, all of a sudden your sore knees don't hurt quite as bad. >> reporter: pain aside hillman must raise over $32,000. possibly the toughest task he must face. don fernandez, cbs 5. [ music ] >> and we can bring you a little breaking news here out of the east bay, a little baby raimy is back home now. the little 4-month-old baby was kidnapped. the grandmother was arrested for this. hundreds of miles away. about you as you can see, the baby is in mom's arms and looking very healthy and happy. and the whole neighborhood is glad to have her back tonight. >> some good news there. glad we could bring that to you. all right, roberta, you're on deck. what do you have in. >> 59 degrees in half moon bay.
6:48 pm
79 in sonoma. still wind-swept blue skies. the wind gusts have been quite impressive over the passed 24 hours. in fact, in the last 15 minutes take a look at some of our real- time information. foster city with wind gusts up to 56 miles per hour. there you have the fluctuating wind in union city. livermore out of the southwest at 30. and those wind gusts up to 38 miles per hour in ocean beach. so obviously that breeze adds a chill to the air. if you are out and about this evening. number-wise in the mid-50s still on the immediate seashore in half moon bay and pacifica. otherwise we are still sitting at 72 degrees in santa rosa. today's high in san francisco is 63 degrees. temperatures tonight overnight with the influx of low clouds and fog along the coast and into the bay, in the 40s and in the 50s. we do have the return of some of the stratus overnight. watch the clock click on by 5:56 is obscured around the bay and the seashore. but clearing up very rapidly
6:49 pm
inland. and by lunchtime everybody is enjoying the abundance of sunshine under the influence of high pressure stacked up right about here. that's the departing area of low pressure that caused a squeeze on the ridge of high pressure and caused a very windy conditions overnight. the breezy conditions today. tomorrow the westerly 10-20 with one more day of sunshine. and then right there on deck, rain beginning at sunrise in the north bay. and by the time it filters out and drags to the south, three quarters of an inch of rain is expected to the north. three quarters of an inch in the mountains. half an inch around the peninsula. i won't be measuring it in 10ths of an inch across the valley and into the eastern portion of our district. but we are going to become up because that's wednesday. your tuesday is becoming sunny. 50, 60s, beaches to 70s away from the bay in our inland areas. westerly 10-20 miles per hour. sunny skies tuesday. rain arrives on wednesday. thursday partial clearing of the skies. it gradually recovers from those cool conditions experienced on wednesday. by friday, we start to see a little bit more seasonal
6:50 pm
conditions as we slip aside into the memorial day holiday weekend. we've got dry conditions each day through monday. tonight you got to love this, with all of the clarity around, angel sent us his picture. and this was taken above the golden gate bridge. we love that. keep the photos coming to dennis, how was your weekend? >> better than the sharks. they are on the brink of elimination, roberta. and will they have their star on the ice for game five? that's the big question. our answer is up next. [ music ] ,,,,,,
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. just want to show you some more of these incredible pictures. a happy moment that's taking place in contra costa coupe where little 4-month-old raimy was taken from her home there. and that's the babies' father. and she is in her mom's arms. you can't imagine. this baby has been so animated and so cute. >> she is adorable. apparently the grandmother who came up for mother's day met the baby for the first time. and the grandmother is under arrest tonight for allegedly taking the baby from the home and taking her all the way back down to southern california. and so there have been some intense days and searches and
6:54 pm
tears no doubt. but there are a lot of smiles right now. >> a happy reunion. >> yes. >> we will be getting a full report for you tonight on cbs 5 at 11:00. >> and now we're going to turn to dennis with some difficult news for the sharks. >> backs are against the wall. it all comes down to tuesday night. any other cliches feel free to jump right in. joe thornton while not speaking publicly has assured the sharks they he will play tomorrow night in do or die game five. >> when joe thornton comes to you and tells you he's playing, he's playing. and that could happen in exhibition season. that could happen in st. thomas at a charity game in the middle of the summer. >> thornton was blasted by torres late in yesterday's game four loss likely suffering a shoulder injury. the sharks are on the brink, trailing vancouver 3-1. the critics are once again questioning the mental toughness of the sharks who blew five powerplays in yesterday's loss. >> how important is it at a time like this not to let those
6:55 pm
demons and ghosts come in to the picture and be a factor? >> you see, i don't -- i don't think we have demons. you guys think we have demons. so they don't exist in our world. we've had a lot of successes as an organization and as a franchise. we can keep referring back to the conference finals in 2004 and say that we had an eight game losing streak. i think some of you were et cetera that. i don't know what the hell 2004 has to do with 2011 or 12 or 11, pardon me. >> i think it has become the best sound byte in the bay area. two months in the nfl lock-out and still no deal insight. a warning from all pro linebacker lewis who sounds moor like a player from harold camping. >> people live through us, yes, walking the streets the way i walk the streets. i am talking about the people who see all the time. >> people who work in stadiums? >> yes. >> fans?
6:56 pm
>> yes. yes. who their livelihood. do this research if we don't have a thesis, watch how much evil, which we call it crime, watch how much crime picks up if you take away our game? >> and there you have it. life without the nfl means a society of criminals and evil elements seeking to destroy your community. lock your doors, friends. this could get ugly. [ music ] now hopkins is doing pushups in the ring to try to embarrass his younger opponent. >> 46-year-old bernard hopkins became the oldest boxes champion since before george foreman was selling grills. when he wasn'tdoing pushups he was connecting big time. he plans to keep boxing until he is 50. ain't no mountain high enough for ian poulter.
6:57 pm
well, maybe there is. he won the tournament. >> check your score card. >> more hardship for millionaires. carl edwards wins nascar's all- star shoot-out and drives in- field to celebrate. he hits a front spot and wrecked his front end during his celebration. [ laughter ] >> sponsored by insurance companies, okay. >> the as avoided a collision. cliff pennington flies passed kevin to make the great catch. when paul made his big ride who would have known that ben riveer would have done that 2700 years later. just using the history books a little bit. >> do you think? >> i don't know if there is any connection there. >> do you think? a little liberty is fine. >> thanks so much for that. we are coming back at 10 or 11. more on that happy family reunion then. good night. deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins.
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