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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 24, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> violent storms level an entire city. the damage that has tonight reached historical proportions.? we had all of our dates cent. we had all the things correct. >> he predicted the end of days. but hear the bay area preacher explain why the world is still here. >> and new information about the man the lapped arrested for attacking brian stow. how the suspect changed his appearance to throw detectives off his trail. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. late word tonight, 116 people have been killed after that tornado ripped through joplin, missouri. >> that makes it the deadliest
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single tornado in the united states in nearly 60 years. liz amo ara is in joplin where, as we speak, rescue crews are still looking for survivors. liz? >> yes, ken and dana, they are being challenged by extreme conditions, not only have they had to contend with dangerous downpours and storms but block by block through 6 miles of have piles and piles of rubble very much like this stack of cars behind me. at least 1/4 of joplin, missouri, no longer exists, a devastating tornado drew a 10- mile past of destruction through town. they are searching for survivors. >> we're trying to cover the whole area damaged at one time to try to find any live victims. >> reporter: she sifted through her grandmother's belongings looking for keepsakes. >> he had a heart attack when
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it started and died. >> reporter: he took cover in the shower. he wants to find what's left of his home. >> her wedding ring and her other satchel she got me when we first got married. it comes with a leather bible. in the front of it it says "through everything we will overcome." >> one resident was lucky enough to find her dog whimpering in the rubble. he was underneath a stove. st. john's hospital survived a powerful tornado in 2008 but, this time, the build was severely damaged but more than 180 patients made it out alive. staff inside scrambled to move patients to interior hallways when the tornado hit. >> things were flying over you are heads, just sounding like a bomb, doors were flying off. >> veteran doctor jim briscoe immediately setup a makeshift hospital in an auditorium. >> all my people were here, i had two pregnant nurses who
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dove under guerinies and they showed up so it's a testament to human spirit. >> reporter: so far more than 1,000 people have been treated for injuries. now the good news is they have found 17 people alive so far out of all this devastation and there has actually been a break in the weather so that makes it a lot easier for rescue workers. the bad news is they are expecting more storms tomorrow. reporting live in joplin, missouri, liz amora, cbs news. >> a mother tells us tonight that her heart dropped when lapped called and told her they had arrested someone for brutally beating her son. the s.w.a.t. team arrested 31-year-old geovanni ramirez during a raid at an apartment complex in east hollywood. detectives say that he is the man in this sketch. and call him the primary aggressor in stow's beating outside of dodger stadium. outside san francisco general today those families said they are beyond happy. >> we never gave up hope that
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this day would come, that the beginning of justice being served would happen. it's a very emotional day yesterday, we were very excited that that piece of the puzzle, one of the pieces, has been put in place. >> ramirez is a three-time convicted felon, police say he is a known gang member and recently got new tattoos so witnesses wouldn't be able to identify him. as for ramirez's family, they say he couldn't have attacked stow, because he wasn't even at the game. >> you can vouch for that? >> i can. >> reporter: how can you vouch for that? >> he was at my house. >> reporter: during the game. >> during the game. i went to opening day myself, went there with my girlfriends, he was with my his daughter at my house. i feel sorry for the family but, believe me, my son is not the right person that you guys got. >> lapped doesn't believe any of that. tonight police are still looking for the second suspect in the beating as well as the woman witnesses say drove the
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getaway car. he remains in critical condition at san francisco general. a four-month-old baby girl with big blue eyes is back home after a kidnapping drama that is really stranger than fiction. amy gallegas was reunited with her family in nissan about 6:30 tonight. they reported her missing sunday morning, snatched from her bass net overnight. authorities got a tip she was with her paternal grandmother in los angeles county. detectives say that grandma, 58- year-old erica gallegas, took a cab anna bus to grab her granddaughter in the middle of the night and then took a taxi cab all the way back to southern california. >> right now i'm just, i have no hatred or anything in my heart, i'm so happy to have my baby back. i think yesterday was the worst moment of my life and today is the probably the best moment of my life. >> there are some reports that the grandmother had been pretending she helpful was
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pregnant, even threw herself a baby shower, wanted to passion the baby off as her own. she is now in an la jail awaiting extradition to contra costa county. >> well they didn't get it right. the preacher who predicted the end of the world had some explaining to do today. >> reporter: he had not expected to return to his oakland family radio studio. when he left on friday, may 20th, he shook hands with his crew and said he would not be back. now he has some explaining to do. >> because may 21 came and it's gone and all the dire predictions that had been talked about did not come to pass. >> reporter: dire predictions he made of a rolling earthquake that would wrap around if world killing billions while a few million righteous souls would rise to heaven. >> so the first question is, what about you, are you ready to shoot yourself or are you
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ready to go on a booze trip or whatever? >> reporter: he said when may 21st came and went he was wondering what was going on because everything had been going so good with the campaign. it cost $100 million, the bible is not hard to understand says camping. >> you're always learning. we had all the dates corrected. >> reporter: but he said god hadn't opened his eyes that judgment day had come on may 21st as judgment day. >> the whole world is under adjustment judgment day and it will continue until october 21, 2011, and at that time the whole world will be destroyed. >> reporter: and what about all those folks who put their judgment day hopes and fears in cam inning. >> if people want me to
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apologize, yes, i did not have it, all of that worked out as accurately as i should have or i wish i could have had it. that doesn't bother me at all. >> reporter: he said he can't take responsibility for anyone's actions or decisions as a result of his misinterpretations of the bible. he said "we don't always hit the nail on the head the first time." in oakland, don knapp, cbs5. >> other bay area headlines tonight, a tour bus heading from sacramento to san francisco careened across several lanes of traffic on interstate 80 near fairfield and finally crashed through a fence ending up on a service road. 13 people on that bus injured. the driver tells the chp she swerved after she sensed the breaks were failing. chevron is applying for a new permit to retrofit the richmond refinely. the company says it has addressed all the environmental concerns that led a judge to, two years ago, stop the
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expansion plans. the city of richmond encouraged chevron to apply again in part because it would create at least a thousand new construction jobs. next step is another environmental impact report. the city solve san jose could declare a fiscal emergency as soon as tomorrow and while we know there could be layoffs in the police and fire department as well as cuts to other city services, tonight, one local landmark stands as a sad symbol of this budget crisis. mark sayier shows us the fact that next week is memorial day only adds insult to injury. mark? >> dana, after some recent vandalism this veteran's memorial was covered with plywood and canvass and now, due to budget problems, the needed repairs will not be completed in time for memorial day. this photo provided by the city of san jose shows the destruction at the veteran's memorial. over the past 6 months vandals have broken several of the glass panels and for navy veteran glen labders the desecration of the memorial is
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personal. >> but on the other hand it was like shattering in the heart as well. as the glass shattered it really tore to the heart because this means so much to so many people. >> reporter: he was part of the original design committee for the memorial which opened in 1997. for more than a decade it sat mostly undisturbed but, now, it's covered in plywood for protection. >> and, for this action to be taken by one or two disturbed individuals, really casts a pal over the whole memorial. >> while the city maintains it, they putt together an endowment to ensure its ongoing operation but with the city in budget trouble much of that money has now been used for repairs and maintenance and, now, there is not enough left to cover the $40,000 needed to fix recent vandalism. >> we're certainly disappointed isnot here on memorial day to celebrate ve ran's >> reporter: he the president
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of silicon veil and is working to reopen the memorial. it will also be redesigned to help make it more vandal-proof. >> if another one gets broken down the road it will be much more readily replace placed. >> reporter: at this point private groups say they have raised about half of the $40,000 they need to complete these repairs. they hope to now have that done in time for veteran's day in november. reporting live in san jose, mark sayier, cbs5. president obama wags in ireland today so, of course, he had a pint of guinness for strength. but see what happened to his mother dead that left a cheering crowd in stunned silence. and a new way to pay. no more cash registers, no more reseats, and you may not even need your wallet. >> got kind of a double deal. that's how i looked at it. >> using what you've got. how you can recycle your fat to create the body,,,,,,,,,,
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reclaim his true last name. "...i've come home to 06 the president is in london tonight but earlier he was in ireland where he told dubliners he was look to go reclaim his true last name. >> and i've come home to find the apostrophe we lost somewhere along the way. >> get it oh' bama. he visited the village where his great great great grandfather lived before leaving for the u.s. in 1850. he meta distant cousin and then to a local pub where he drank a pint of guinness. the staff was in the limo known as the been when it got stuck in front of the u.s. ebb in dublin. nobody was hurt but the scrape put the vehicle out of
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commission. so you're at the coffee shop and you forget your wallet. elizabeth cook tells us there is a new way to pay. it's called square and if you're signed up all you need to do is show up. >> $0. >> is this the square thing. >> kris newberry started his mobile coffee business 6 months ago. >> at first we were opting, deciding whether or not to even take credit card payments, being down in the financial district a lot of people use credit cards down here. >> reporter: he wanted something cheap, fast and easy to handle his transabses so he got the square. a hip, slick plug-in, that may turn that old credit card machine into an electronic dinosaur. >> we haven't used anything else. >> reporter: war is >> reporter: it is the brain child of one of the founders of twitter. merchants don't have to sign a contract. >> the hardware was free and
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much cheaper than paying monthly fees. >> reporter: it turns your iphone or your ipad into an instant credit card machine. all you have to do is take your card, swipe it, instead of getting a paper receipt the customer will either get an email or a text message with their purchase. >> it collects all of our transactions online so we can actually, at the end of the day, end of the week, we can actually look at each credit card transaction, see what people purchased, the time, what not. >> reporter: and a new feature called tabs makes it even easier for frequent customers to pay. they don't have to swipe their credit card. if they create a profile all he has to do is click on the picture to make it work. >> in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs5. >> it is now in 5,000 businesses and is on pace to process about a billion dollar in france actions every year. >> square, i think like you
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know you're square, but i guess it has new meaning nowadays. roberta? >> that's only because you don't know what a circle looks like, because a circle would be a sun, right? haven't had a lot of that. >> yeah. >> but we do have four days with sun this week, one day with rain. we'll pinpoint that day. but first, live, weather camera aboard the chopper high above the city of san francisco. down from the average high of 65, in the upper 40s, winds are now beginning to relax out of the west at 23 miles per hour. tomorrow morning for the commute, bundle up, a little on the chilly side, patchy fog and low clouds, there's your clock. watch for the clearing, you notice out east bay, delta clears out first, everybody becomes mostly sunny by the lunch hour. area of low pressure there departing but it brings an inch of rain wednesday to the north.
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3/4 inch to the south. but one day at a time, kind of getting ahead of myself tomorrow we'll become mostly sunny, wind down to 20 miles per hour, temperatures very similar to today, 50s and 60s, further due east and to the north and looks like the cbs5 and seven-day forecast let's us see that rain event, sunrise to the north, gradually to the south and the big sur by wednesday, gradual warm up on friday. we do remain partly cloudy each and every day all the way through the holiday. and dana, that is the pinpoint forecast. >> all right roberta. thanks. the latest kind of recycling doesn't involve paper, plastics, or old clothing, it involves your very own fat. dr. kim mulvihill shows us doctors in the bay area are taking fat where you don't want it and putting it where you do.
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>> reporter: ginger copes coped with a flat chest most of her life. >> i was a flat child. >> reporter: she got breast implants, but the car tissue created a big problem. >> it was probably 2" indented a quarter inch to a half in. >> reporter: she fixed the problem with a unique solution. it's called fat grafting or fat transfer. the idea, surgeons take fat from a part of your body where you don't want it and put it where you do. plastic surgeon doctor stephen williams specializes in the procedure. >> most of our patients are bothered by the love handle, the button top. it is using the techniques to transfer the fat and transplant it back into the body where they do. the but, the buttocks. >> his most common one, the brazilian but lift, it is taken from the stomach to be put on
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the derrihre. >> it is very small volumes in very precise areas. he took some fat from her belly and injected it into her breast sculpting the shape. i won't have more scars. >> it costs more than implants however he says they are more match ral and cause few erin effectses. >> where we can we use fat because it is your own body, it is fueled like ginger. >> she got a firmer belly and a more womanly figure. >> i got a double whammy. that's how i looked it at it. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, king5 health watch. >> tv week on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by new rapid rewards, no black out date and reward seats. >> a look behind the scenes of how we put our news broadcasts on the air. tv week on cbs5. tonight's good question "how do we produce those slick graphics in the newscast?" that's the big question tonight.
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computer generated graphics have become a mainstay of modern television news broadcasts over the past 20 years. >> now it's at the point with the advent of just really computers getting to where they have gotten and all the video processing we can do is that really almost every station now uses some form of the adobe photoshop after-effects suite to make their graphics. >> cbs5 graphic designer christopher guerrero says the process begins with an idea. >> well a producer will look for something, they will be like, oh, i kind of need this for my show, that's when they get in contact with our department and we make some things they can use on air. >> take the recent barry bonds federal trial, an otf or over the shoulder box is created using the image of bonds layered over a series of other images. >> we've got the barry head shot here, you know, kind of a legal column, we try to get some type of topical background
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splash to it. >> other elements stored in another server can be added, color, cbs background, proper sizing. the end result is a custom made graphic which is digitally loaded and ready for play back on the air. so it's really a team effort between news, production and our design people to make barry bonds show up exactly when he is supposed to. go to click on "connect" to send me your good question. a bizarre warning from an nfl player and an incredible come back in the nba. i'm dennis ♪ [ bird chirps ] [ snoring ] [ clears throat ] hop to, gang. it's showtime. uh, do you know this guy? i'm not gonna cry, am i? only if you don't believe in the power of friendship. really? you guys are good. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly
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after tonight's game as aight. it's getting ugly for the a's. brian fewen takes ripped manager bob geren after tonight's game as they lost their sixth straight. the a's now the best names in baseball, outman, and 0 balfour. he pitched the first time in two years after tommy johns, 7 innings. but once again the a's bats go silent. game tied. michael wuertz gives it up to torii hunter, bobby abreu scores, they lose 4-1, they have got 7 guys in their lineup hitting .255 and lower and now at least 1 player is turning on the skipper. if the sharks lose tomorrow in vancouver their season is over. but head coach todd mclellan says this team has nothing in common with those in the past.
2:07 am
>> i don't think we have demons. you guys think we have demons, we can keep referring back to the conference finals in 2004 and say that we had an 8-game losing streak, i think some of you wrote that, i don't know what the hell 2004 has to do with 2011 or 12. kevin durant and the thunder had a 15-point lead with 5 minutes to go but dallas leads a furious come back. dishing, that's within three, with 90 seconds to go. it extended to overtime. then jason kidd hits the decisive three-pointer, that's a thunderous collapse as dallas steals a game. they lead the series now 3 games to 1 and the western conference finals. okay. what could happen with no nfl season? ray lewis has the answer. he starts the top 5. >> what? watch how much evil, which we call it crime, watch how much crime picks up if you take away
2:08 am
our game. >> we're going streaking yes. streaking at the prepare open. novak pell key ovechkin, the serb has won 40 straight matches, sixth on the all-time record. you're streaking. >> we're going up to do the quad for the gymnasium. >> streaking on the farm. the stanford women's tennis team beat baylor for their 184th straight win at moment. they'll play florida for the national championship tomorrow. the nhl eastern conference finals, the bruins goalie tim thomas robbed steve downie, looky there. bruins take tampa and take a 3- 2 series lead. number 1, if that was seth, this has got to be larceny. colby rasmus robbed ryan ludwig of a sure home run and the cards over the padres today. so a big rob there. but tomorrow night it's do or die for the san jose sharks. no more three penalties, stay
2:09 am
out of the box and play the way that you got to the finals of the western conference. >> i hope so you know. >> yeah. >> got to keep it goin' otherwise roberta will be depressed. >> she wants to get to the finals. so randy can go. >> he shoots he scores. ,,,,


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