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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bridge toll plaza. so far no delays heading into san francisco. but one form of mass transit cancelled for the second day. we'll have details coming up. >> good morning. one more week of may, it's may 24. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. time now 6:00. this is possibly the worst news possible. more storms on the horizon for the missouri town devastated by tornado. at least 116 people are confirmed dead but we are also learning about some amazing stories of survival there, as well. much of the south side of joplin was leveled. randall pinkston reports from joplin with the search and rescue. you must be amazed at what you have seen so far. >> reporter: truly. when you think about the power of the storm and you look at something like this, cars stacked up like match sticks, you wonder how could anyone
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survive. then you see this. we don't know where the child is but we hope the child and family survived. that's the hope that keeps the rescue workers going right now trying to find people who managed to escape the storm's wrath. rescue workers in joplin, missouri are digging through the debris piece by piece looking for survivors. sunday's monster tornado slammed into the town head on, killing at least 116 people. it was the nation's deadliest single twister in more than half a century and the second major tornado disaster in less than a month. >> it's just pure devastation. you just --you --you can't believe it. >> reporter: block after block, houses are demolished, cars crumpled like toys. sarah walked out alive but shaken. >> i got the kids in, then i swoops everything off the bed and put a mattress over us and held it down really tight. >> reporter: here at st. john's hospital more harrowing stories of survival.
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this building suffered some of the worst damage but brave staffers are being credited with saving 180 patients. >> i had two pregnant nurses that dove under gurneys. i was so worried that they were hurt but they showed up and they worked all night long. so it's a testimony to human spirit. >> reporter: joplin is still largely without power. forecasters are calling for more violent weather today. >> i know that a lot of people are wondering how they will get through the coming days or months. >> reporter: this morning in london, president obama stayed -- said he was heartbroken by the disaster and promised the nation's full support. >> the american people are by your side. we're going to stay there until every home is repaired, until every neighborhood is rebuilt, until every business is back on its feet. >> reporter: the president will visit the area on sunday. the american red cross set up a shelter with the capacity
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of 1,000 people. last night 100 took advantage of it. the red cross says most people are staying with friends, family and nations. but if they need it the shelter is there for them. back to you. >> thank you. >> it looks like the sky is clear behind you this morning. but we're hearing that all the search and rescue has been going on amid thunderstorms, showers and the possibility of even more bad weather. >> reporter: well, yesterday was really, really rough. i mean, on the heels of this disaster, you had torrents of rain, wind, and at one point hail. but this morning, it appears that the skies are clearing. now, there is a storm system south of joplin. and everyone is hoping that it remains south to allow the search-and-rescue teams to do their work at least in sunlight. >> randall, how many people -- what's the population of joplin and how are these folks coping? it just looks like a war zone.
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>> where do they go? >> reporter: population of joplin the fourth largest city in missouri 50,000 people according to some official, at least a quarter to a third of the city destroyed by the tornado. those people who did not go to the red cross shelter only about 100 went there, they are with family, with friends, they are in churches, community organizations have opened up their doors. they are coping. well, let's just be frank. they're in shock. they're sad. but on the radio last night i heard people saying they are also grateful to be alive so i think there is a huge sense of thanksgiving to have survived this horrible, horrible ordeal. >> i guess. well, there's a lot of faith there as we know in the midwest. we wish them the best. randall pinkston from joplin, thank you. for continuing coverage on the deadly tornado, just head to our website. we have more information there at in other news, robbers knocked an elderly man unconscious and ransacked his home in menlo park.
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it happened sunday night on windermere avenue. police say that two people kicked open a side door to the garage and then knocked down the door to the kitchen. a man in a dark hooded sweatshirt told an 88-year-old resident there not to move and then hit him in the head with an unknown object. police say it's not clear what was stolen. right now police think this was a random attack. this morning, bizarre claims against a woman who allegedly skipped napped her own granddaughter from knight seven. the 4-month-old was reunited with her mother. the grandmother took a cab and bus to the girl's home from southern california snatched the baby then took a taxi back down to southern california. there are reports the grandmother had been pretending she was pregnant even threw herself a baby shower and wanted to pass the baby off as her own child. she is now in l.a. county jail awaiting extradition up to contra costa county. all of the officers on bart's police force might soon
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be armed with tasers. sharon chin is in oakland to explain this all stems from the deadly shooting of oscar grant. sharon, good morning. reporter: good morning. this has to do with lessons learned from the oscar grant killing. the bart board is considering making sure that each officer is assigned a taser. that is actually one of the recommendations from bart's outside consultants after the shooting death of oscar grant in 2009 captured on cell phone video. in that case, officer johannes mehserle said he thought he was firing his taser at the unarmed man instead of his gun. he was convicted last year of involuntary manslaughter. right now, bart has 60 tasers so the officers have to check them out if they need them. there aren't enough to go around so the bart board is deciding whether to buy 130 tasers at a cost of $141,000 so that every officer will be assigned one. bart managers say if officers have their own taser to use, they will be more familiar with them and they will have another nonlethal tool in dealing with violent suspects. so bart's board is going to take
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up this issue of whether or not to buy more tasers on thursday morning. >> thank you, sharon chin in oakland. live pictures now from chopper 5 over the city of san leandro over an apparent house fire. you can see some of the smoke and a number of apparatus there as the san leandro fire department is on the scene. we don't know much, how it started or what the situation is exactly on the street right now but there's an apparent house fire there. and as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. 6:07. traffic and weather, let's go ahead and start with kristy seifkin and a look at our forecast. the forecast with a little sunshine but that will be changing. >> it will be changing. so get outside and enjoy today because it's going to be big changes in store for tomorrow. temperatures pretty mild as you make your way outside today. 42 napa, 49 concord and livermore, 47 pacifica and 49 in the city. those changes we can see here
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on satellite. this cold front moving through bringing us cooler conditions and wet weather so today, enjoy the warmer weather because it's only going to drop down several degrees and be unseasonably cool. 75 the high in fairfield. 65 in san francisco. 68 the high in oakland. we'll have a look at the extended forecast later in the show but now over to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> thank you, kristy. getting word of a new accident in sunnyvale. southbound 101 on the ramp to westbound 237. this is a noninjury crash but it may be partially blocking the ramp. you can see some slowing a little in the eastbound lanes of 237 as well. these are our live traffic sensors. if you are coming from milpitas here's a live look at the 880/237 interchange. westbound towards silicon valley, that looks good so far. typically around 7:00 or so is when we start to see delays. better news now in newark northbound 880 at thornton. this accident has now been completely cleared. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you.
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time now 6:08. they say he is innocent. >> why family members say they are sure that police have arrested the wrong man in the attack on bryan stow. >> and the city of san jose cannot afford to repair the veterans memorial here in the downtown area. what it all has to do with pension reform coming up in a live report. ,
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chevron with techron. care for your car. at a bay area elementary school. what officia the time now is 6:12. another case of indecent exposure at a bay area elementary school. what officials say happened inside a restroom, plus... >> well, the school spokesman says three boys at hillcrest elementary school pulled down their pants and simulated sexual behavior inside a bathroom. now, this was last week. the boys are between 8 and 10 years old. however, the school district is stressing that no actual sex acts occurred. earlier this year, students at another oakland elementary school had sexual contact apparently. [ pause ] family members say lapd got
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the wrong man following their arrest in the bryan stow case. a s.w.a.t. team arrested giovanni ramirez during a raid at an apartment complex in east hollywood on sunday. detectives say three-time convicted felon is the man in this sketch. but relatives say he could not have attacked stow because they say he wasn't even at the game. >> you can vouch for that? >> i can. >> you can? how can you vouch for that? >> because he was in my house. >> for cutting game? >> during the game. i went to opening day myself. i went there with my girlfriends. i came back and he was with his daughter in my house where i left him. it is not my son. i feel sorry for the family but believe me, my son is not right person that you guys got. >> police are still looking for the second suspect in the beating as well as the woman who allegedly drove the getaway car. stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital.
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astronaut greg chamitoff says his first spacewalk at the international space station was the most intense thing he ever done and cbs 5 talked to him in outer space about being up there. here's what he had to say. >> i kind of wanted to do a little like, you know, look, mom, no hands kind of thing. but i was holding on a handrail, leaned back and looked at the earth below 220 miles below. and you know, what an amazing thing to be floating there holding on to the space station flying around the earth with the earth below like that, just incredible. >> he went to high school in san jose and he is living large right now, 220 miles above earth. pretty cool. >> yeah. it is 6:14. arnold schwarzenegger's alleged mistress fights back. the legal move targeting the media. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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survivors from the massive tornado in missouri. so far 116 people a let's check some of today's top stories. a search for survivors from the tornado in missouri. 116 people are confirmed dead so far in joplin. but 17 others have been pulled alive from the rubble. the governor says crews will keep searching until everyone
6:18 am
is accounted for. the former housekeeper who apparently had a child by arnold schwarzenegger has hired a law firm from los angeles. the website radar online says it has heard from the lawyers which sent a letter challenging what they called unflattering reports about the woman. and a palo alto city council will consider major cuts to the police and fire departments today. a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year calls for the police and fire unions to make $4.3 million in concessions. if that doesn't happen, drastic cuts are likely. we'll see a little bit of low clouds out there this morning out the door. but for the most part a mild start to the day temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and we'll warm up nicely by this afternoon. bumping it up a few degrees in temperature in the inland spots and at the bay. so the inland spots will make it to the mid-70s today probably the warmest day of the workweek so enjoy that sunshine and certainly not as windy as yesterday. the reason we are seeing such
6:19 am
nice weather is this area of high pressure that's temporarily holding. we are going to see big changes in store as this low slides to the east and brings us cooler conditions and also brings us some wet weather. so today, temperatures are enjoyable. get outside and enjoy sunshine, 70 in fremont, milpitas 71. 57 in daly city. over to the east bay seeing a high of 69 in san ramon today, 65 alameda, 66 richmond, 75 in antioch and brentwood. livermore 72 today. certainly keeping it cool at the coast breezy there today. 57 stinson beach, 68 san anselmo, 75 in fairfield and 70 for vallejo and benicia. so dry weather today and then changes in store late morning as the rain makes its way into the bay area. we'll dry out nicely though for thursday and friday. you will see the weekend isn't too warm. only in the low 70s in our warmest locations for saturday and sunday and then we'll
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squeeze out a few more degrees for memorial day. that's a look at your forecast. elizabeth has traffic. we have been talking about this now for a second straight day. if you ride the alameda harbor bay ferry here's video yesterday of strong winds. that have made the commute for the alameda harbor bay ferry unusable for the last couple of days. heavy wind knocked out part of the floating dock tow alameda harbor bay ferry terminal. for the second morning there is no ferry service. no word when the dock will be usable again. get the latest traffic updates now on cbs 5 traffic, on twitter. to the maps, all other forms of mass transit are on time including bart systemwide, good to go. and on the roads, a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge but metering lights are off so so far no big issues heading into san francisco but you may find some slight delays as you head closer towards treasure island because they are working to clear that now.
6:21 am
880 through oakland this looks great. no issues between hayward all the way up into downtown oakland. we had one earlier accident northbound 880 in newark. that is now completely gone. chp has left the scene. golden gate bridge nice and light no issues at all through marin. everything looks great heading in the southbound lanes towards the toll plaza. antioch bridge looks great but we are starting to see a little slowing now on that westbound highway 4 ride even speeds under 25 miles per hour in some stretches closer towards a street. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. -- a san jose veterans memorial vandalized just days before memorial day weekend. >> it was. kiet do is live in san jose to explain why the city is unable to fix it yet. he joins us now with more. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: normally this memorial is beautiful. right now it's boxed up inside plywood and covered with canvas
6:22 am
and the picture that you're seeing here is what you would normally see on the glass here. now, normally it's a gleaming wall of glass that stands about 10 feet tall and 50 feet long. however, over the past six months, vandals have smashed several of the panels. the city of san jose just can't afford to fix the $40,000 repair here. the city is dealing with its tenth straight year of deficit and this year is the worst at $115 million. dozens of police officers have gotten pink slips and as many as 64 firefighter positions are set to be eliminated. mayor chuck reed is calling for a council vote today to declare a fiscal and public safety emergency. and he has a proposal for dramatic retirement and pension reforms including raising the age of eligibility for full benefits to 60 years old for fire and police and 65 for everyone else and capping the city's contribution for new employees at 9% of base salary and 50% of the total cost. however, this is too late for the shattered veterans memorial. it will not be repaired in time
6:23 am
for memorial day. >> on the other hand, it was like shattering in the heart, as well. as the glass shattered, it really tore to the heart. this means so much to so many people. >> reporter: and the council vote is set for later on this morning. back to you guys. >> has there within any fundraising or has anyone stepped up to help out the cause at all? >> reporter: some private groups have raised about half the money about $20,000. they are still looking to hit up some corporations and some other private donors so they are making some headway on that but still, it's going to take some time and this is not new. this happens every now and then at this memorial. so they are looking at ways of making it more vandal-resistant and coming one a different design. >> that's the sign of the times. too bad. kiet do live in san jose, thank you. 6:23. could there be a san francisco
6:24 am
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sculpted by an unyielding passion for design. ♪ and tempered by 125 years of legendary performance. introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz. where the world's greatest automobiles take shape. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. young and the old. president america's first family met the royals in england today both young and the old. >> that's right.
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president and mrs. obama meeting with the duke and duchess of cambridge at buckingham palace today. the meeting with the newlyweds was a late addition to their schedule. they also met queen elizabeth and prince philip. the obamas were honored with a 41-gun salute on the palace steps. and will and kate could be coming here. the london daily mail reporting the duke and duchess of cambridge may visit the bay area after they make a stop in l.a. in july. so far nothing has been finalized but there is talk of the royal mister and misses visiting yosemite national park and touring the redwoods before stopping in san francisco. >> that will be fun. >> yeah. just like regular tourists. >> visiting the national park. >> with their entourage. it could be the start of an amazing comeback or it could be the end to the stanley cup run for the sharks in vancouver tonight. >> i think they will win. game 5 person conference finals is here. san jose trails the canucks three games to one so the sharks have to win three in a row to reach the championship series you went to cup.
6:28 am
captain joe thornton injured in game 4 is expected to play tonight. the puck drops at 6:00. you have to win one before you win three and they are playing at san jose tonight. we'll see. >> one at a time. 6:28. coming up, a hate crime investigation. the disturbing symbol showing up on cars in the south bay. >> plus, some bizarre new details in the bay area baby kidnapping. how far the child's grandmother allegedly went to snatch her from her own bed. coming up. bart is considering buying more tasers so that every officer will have one to use. find out why coming up. and a brazen attack on an elderly man inside his own home. why police think the burglar had other targets. ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. up and at 'em on this tuesday, the 24th of may. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31. you have the yellow on, ready for sunshine. >> i'm ready for a littl sunshine. i better grab my raincoat, as well >> we have one day of sunshine and the rest is kind of a stinger, huh? >> yes. tomorrow will be wet and then drying out quickly. today enjoy it because you will need the umbrella tomorrow. 65 the high today in the city.
6:32 am
squeezing out a few more degrees in some spots so enjoy the warm weather. tell you more about that rain a little later on in the show but over to elizabeth with traffic. >> hey, thank you, kristy. we are going out live towards the bay bridge toll plaza. they went ahead and turned the metering lights on. traffic is stacking up behind the pay gates. we actually had a stall on the upper deck causing some slow traffic for a while. they just cleared it a couple of minutes ago but unfortunately, our delays are growing. so we'll continue to watch that plus give you more traffic in a bit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> sounds good, elizabeth. thanks. 6:32 your time. breaking news from egypt. that country former president facing prosecution for deadly uprising. hosni mubarak will be tried along with his sons. mubarak was forced out of office during the protests. before today's announcement there were calls for mass demonstrations calling for him and his family to be tried and apparently that will happen. 6:32. president obama will be traveling to missouri on sunday
6:33 am
to meet with the people affected by the devastating tornadoes. >> at least 116 people were killed in the city of joplin, 17 people pulled from the rubble alive. it was the deadliest tornado in more than 50 years. much of joplin's south side completely leveled including schools, businesses, a hospital, a lot of churches. block by block, many houses are completely demolished. the president spoke about the disaster while in england. >> obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the families who are suffering at this moment. and all we can do is let them know that all of america cares deeply about them and that we are going to do absolutely everything we can to make sure that they recover. >> mr. obama said he has requested fema's director to
6:34 am
work with state and local officials to give them the help they need. he said federal officials will stay on the job until every neighborhood is rebuilt. and for continuing coverage on the deadly tornado, you can head to our website for the latest updates. it's 6:34 now. a new plan to arm bart police in the wake of the oscar grant shootings. sharon chin is in oakland to explain that every cop could soon be carrying a taser. good morning. reporter: good morning. bart is considering buying 130 tasers. the idea is that they want each officer to have his own. that was the recommendation from bart's outside consultant after the shooting death of unarmed oscar grant in 2009 captured on cell phone video. officer johannes mehserle said he thought he was firing his taser at grant instead of his gun. he was convicted last year of involuntary manslaughter. right now bart has 60 tasers so the officers have to check them out if they need them but the bart board is deciding whether to buy 130 tasers at a cost of
6:35 am
$141,000 so that every officer will be assigned one. bart managers say in a report if officers have their own tasters -- have their own tasers to use, they will become more familiar with them so they will have another nonlethal tool in dealing with violent suspects. so bart's board will consider all this at its meeting on thursday morning. >> sharon chin live in oakland, thank you. >> have you bumped into any riders? have you asked them their reaction? >> reporter: yeah, talked tie couple of riders this morning and they say generally it's a good idea for each officer to have his own taser so that they will know what they are using, they will become familiar with it but also just to have another option out there in a they will not just have their guns but they will also have something that is nonlethal that they won't have enough oscar grant type situation. so generally amongst the couple of people that we talked to, they seemed to be in favor of it. >> certainly makes a lot of sense. okay, sharon chin live in
6:36 am
oakland, thank you. a violent home invasion in menlo park. robbers knocked an elderly man unconscious and ransacked his home sunday morning on windermere avenue. police say two people kicked open a side door to the garage and then knocked down a door to the kitchen. a man in a dark hooded sweatshirt told an 88-year-old resident not to move and then hit him in the head with an unknown object. police say it's not clear what was stolen. police think it was a random attack. new details this morning about a contra costa county kidnapping that turned out to be stranger than fiction. 4-month-old ramy gallego was reunited with her family in knightsen last night. the family reported her missing sunday morning snatched from her bassinette overnight. authorities got a tip that she was with her paternal grandmother in los angeles county. detectives said 58-year-old erica gallego took a cab and bus to grab her granddaughter in the middle of the night and
6:37 am
then took a taxi all the way back to southern california. >> right now, i have no hatred, nothing in my heart. i'm just so happy to have my baby back. >> i think yesterday was the worst moment of my life and today is probably the best moment of my life. >> there are reports the grandmother had been pretending she was pregnant and threw a baby shower and passed the baby off as her own. she is in l.a. county jail waiting extradition to contra costa county. >> ramy was smiling all along. >> no worse for the wear. let's get some traffic and weather. kristy? >> good morning. >> today will be nice. hazy from our shot at mount vaca. big changes tomorrow. we are going to see some rain in the forecast as we take a look at satellite. we can see that system off the shore that will bring rain.
6:38 am
but we'll dry out quickly. temperatures today of getting a little warmer inland around the bay. 75 in fairfield, 74 vallejo, 65 in the city keeping it cool in pacifica at 60. up in santa rosa 74 and san jose topping out at 72, same story for livermore. tomorrow grab the umbrella, raindrops and certainly cooler conditions and as you make your way into thursday and friday drying out warming up slightly then your holiday weekend not too warm. staying unseasonably cool for this time of year with temperatures only in the low 70s in our warmest locations. that's a look at the forecast. over to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> reporter: thank you, kristy. we are getting reports of a couple of accidents right now in san bruno. first i want to take you live towards the dublin interchange. westbound 580 traffic still looks okay as you make your way towards the dublin interchange. your drive time about 20 to 25 minutes right now from the altamont pass out towards 680 and the dublin interchange in those westbound lanes. eastbound traffic you're fine but it is sluggish now through livermore on westbound 580. to our maps. a couple of accidents reported in san bruno one northbound 880
6:39 am
at sneath and the other one is southbound 280 on the ramp to eastbound 380. so we are not sure about a whole lot of details. in fact they may be the same accident but again, these were just reported and we are sending chopper 5 to the scene. in the meantime coming up the peninsula 101 traffic looks okay past third and bayshore towards downtown san francisco. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. palo alto police are trying to track down dna vallas who painted swastikas on the cars over the week he believed. they included several anarchy symbols and there was a swastika drawn in dirt on a car at the green meadow community center. there is no indication of a specific target but police are investigating it as a possible hate crime. >> a decision on the plan to replace gravestones. eld county supervisors will consider whether to accept an
6:40 am
offer from folsom prison inmates that make new tombstones and install them. they would replace dozens of tombstones that the federal government installed back in the 1950s that used the "n" word to describe the deceased. there could be less police in palo alto to find vandals because the city council there is considering major cuts to the police and fire departments today. a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year calls for the police and fire unions to make $4.3 million in concessions. if that doesn't happen, drastic cuts are likely. the daily news reports the potential cuts include layoffs in both departments, shutting down a fire station and eliminating the cities rescue company. it's 6:40. the smart phone competition is heating up. microsoft may be jumping into the ring. cnet's brian cooley has a sneak peek. >> plus it could change the way you email, the big makeover in
6:41 am
store at yahoo. >> the quick check of the early numbers on the stock market, all in positive territory. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks when we come back. ,,,,,, my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. i know it's sort of my weakness.
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well, it's been an unseasonably cool may. this weather is quite unusual. but today we are going to see warmer temperatures at least
6:44 am
compared to yesterday. and a pretty mild start to the day, as well. clear for the most part, temperatures sitting in the 40s and 50s. and by this afternoon bumping it up to the mid-70s in the warmest locations inland. the bay is getting warmer as well but the coast still keeping it cool and keeping the sea breezes in the picture but not nearly as windy as we saw yesterday. the reason we're seeing this nicer weather, this area of high pressure that's holding temporarily but that's going to be out the door quickly. sitting behind it, this area of low pressure that will slide through bringing us cooler temperatures and wet weather, as well. but for today, get outside and enjoy that nicer weather. 71 for mountain view and for sunnyvale. 27 for cupertino and campbell -- 72 for cupertino and campbell. fremont topping out at 70 today. cool at the bay shores as well, 65 alameda, 67 san leandro. 65 in antioch and brentwood and 72 in livermore more as a high today. north bay 60s and 70s. san anselmo at 68 as well as
6:45 am
kentfield, 74 vallejo and benicia. we warm up slightly for thursday and friday but your holiday weekend, while we see some sunshine, it's going to be cooler. we're only getting to the low 70s in the warmest locations and then for the memorial day weekend, we'll bump it up a few degrees in temperatures low 70s and mix of sun and clouds. that's a look at your forecast. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you. we are going out live towards chopper 5. there is a scene of an accident right now in san bruno. this is southbound 280 ramp to eastbound 380. a couple of cars were involved in this crash. we just took a call from a member of the kcbs phone force, kevin, who tells us traffic is stacked up for about a half mile. you can see it right there from chopper 5. so yeah, traffic is pretty slow right now if you're coming down southbound -- or northbound 280. so thank you for these live
6:46 am
chopper shots from san bruno. let's go to our maps. live look at the bay bridge, there was a stall on the upper deck just west of the tunnel. they go go ahead and clear that but traffic was stacking up on the upper deck from the "s" curve towards san francisco. and now they turned the metering lights on so now we have a big backup behind the pay bates extending to the 880 overcrossing so, you know, just your usual stuff through here, now incidents, all lanes re-opened. all the approaches to the bay bridge so far, so good 20 minutes not too bad down the freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and here's live look at the nimitz. 880 through oakland no issues through here. hayward all the way towards downtown. looks great, about 15 minutes in either direction. and the golden gate bridge, looks great here, as well. the marin county ride no delay right now from into the all the way down into san francisco. and we'll show you one more camera, the antioch bridge looks great but if you are coming down westbound highway 4 it starts to get slow once you reach a street. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
6:47 am
that's your traffic and weather. back to you guys >> thank you. 6:47. you might notice a new look if you use yahoo's email service. and also get ready, higher prices for a cup of coffee -- that's terrible news! that's terrible. >> coffee costing more? jason brooks with kcbs and is the guy behind us. what about the coffee. >> reporter: i'm not behind the increase! just want to make that clear. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's another painful reality of what grocery companies are going through with rising costs for different commodities. coffee beans have shot up in price over the past year for a number of reasons. higher demand as well as bad weather affecting worldwide crops. schmuckers is raising prices on its brands including folger's, dunkin' donuts, grocery store brand, and mill stone by 11%. this is the fourth increase by them on those particular brands in just the past year. they raised them 10% earlier
6:48 am
this year, 9% last august. so we're really watching our grocery bills go up as companies try to make up for those higher costs and they have to pass them on to consumers at some point as their profit margins get squeezed. yahoo is hoping to tap into the social networking to get more people to stay on its site longer. it already started to revamp its email service last year. but it put it in testing phase. now it's going to start rolling it out for its entire 277 million users in the coming weeks. and in some of the main upgrades include being able to post to twitter and facebook in your yahoo email box. and you will be able to chat with your friends in twitter and facebook doing that, as well. there are some other upgrades, faster, bigger attachments in your e-mails and also cleaning up junk mail a little better. the key for yahoo is holding on to all of those users so they stay on their sites rather than going to facebook or twitter so they can get better money from digital ad sales. stock market trying to come
6:49 am
back after a rough day yesterday. european debt jitters sent the dow lower by 131 points yesterday. market looking to bounce back a little bit this morning, dow up by 16 points, nasdaq higher by one, s&p up by 3. oil prices rebounding up another $1.50 after they fell yesterday. they are still under $100 a barrel, frank and sydnie. >> thank you, jason. start savoring saving your pennies for the next cup of coffee. thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and barnes & noble set to make a special announcements and microsoft rolling out some new smart phones. and with more on that here's brian cooley editor at large with cnet. [overlapping speakers] >> okay, iphone, smart phone, droid phone, microsoft? >> you don't think of microsoft and smart phones at least not until you're prompted from a little bit. they are coming from behind. they have been making smart phones for seven or eight years but they don't have the mine
6:50 am
share. people think about other brands. so today in new york in about 10 minutes they are going to show off 500 new features of windows phone. probably haven't heard of that either? >> no. >> it's their version. ios which runs the iphone or android which runs the android phone. it's their operating system for phones. you can see it there. no one has ever seen it because they have a small market share but they are going to try to raise the profile today and become a contender and they may roll out we hear as many as a handful or two of new phones, actual handsets, that run this operating system. >> what do you think? >> do we need 500 new features? >> do we need another player in the smart phone businesses? you have android, iphone, break berry, web os from hp and now microsoft in here. we have a five field that has to come down to three players but don't count out microsoft easily. >> people are so easted to their operating systems. >> there is -- used to their operating system. >> there is a familiarity
6:51 am
quotient. it doesn't equate to the windows desktop but people think it does. that's a good marketing position. >> barnes & noble, the nook is trying to battle the kindle. they are the android to where the kindle is the iphone. they are rolling out some new features that should bring we think a new level of connectivity, also touchscreen on their gray scale version. they have two versions one color, one gray skate. we are seeing the gray scale there. it's going to get a new level of touch interface. it's going to get a lower price, 139, possibly less. realize that the cheapest kindle right now is $114. it has a few ads in it. that's a price point that barnes can't equal right now so they have to get in the low price. and my prediction is a year from now these gray scale readers, not the color ones but the gray scale ones, might be free if you just buy a certain number of books a year. remember the old book club? columbia records? let's not date ourselves too
6:52 am
much here. [ laughter ] >> you know, i have one of the first kindles and you know, i like it. >> you don't want to replace it? >> no. >> it's a stable product that does what you bought it for. it's not like smart phones that are always fading fast. the reader market is more stable. harder to leave. >> if you get a free kindle because you buy enough books that might be an incentive. >> a lot of folks are buying tablets instead of readers. there is a bigger market share there. >> they are almost one and the same. >> you can get a kindle app on a tablet, for example. so this is a battle they have to make and they have to make them cheaper to get the readers to print. you can't put more features in there. it's a different kind of device. >> brian cooley the editor at large -- >> something week. >> take care. >> good stuff. our time now 6:52. a bay area man flushes his class ring down the toilet. how he got it back 72 years later. >> and he is wearing it. >> plus a veteran memorial
6:53 am
vandalized right before memorial day. why the city says it's going to have a tough time fixing it coming up. >> and if you have a story idea or comment you would like to share with us, email ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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vandalized.. just days before memorial day weekend. live in san jose welcome back. time now 6:54 5. a san jose veterans memorial vandalized just days before memorial day weekend. >> kiet do is live in san jose to explain why the city just can't fix it right now. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this has become one of the most visible symbols of the city's budge problems here. the veterans memorial in downtown san jose typically, this thing is gorgeous, you can see right through it and the flags behind it. but now it's been boxed up in plywood and covered one a canvas print because vandals hit it just a couple of weeks ago. normally it's a gleaming wall of glass about 10 feet tall, 50 feet long. but the vandals smashed one of the panels and the city of san jose just cannot afford to pay the $40,000 repair bill. that's because the city is dealing with its tenth straight year of deficits and this one is the biggest at $115 million. dozens of police officers have gotten pink slips, many firefighters positions set to be eliminated. mayor chuck reed is calling today for a fiscal and public safety emergency.
6:57 am
he will have a vote on a pension reform, part of which will raise retirement age, but for the memorial here is will be too late to fix it by the holiday weekend. >> on the other hand it was like shattering in the heart as well as the glass shattered, really tearing the to the heart. this means so much to so many people. >> reporter: and the city council will be voting on major pension reform, trying to pass that bill later on this morning. sydnie? >> a little bit of broken glass won't keep the crowds away though this weekend. kiet do in san jose, thank you. 6:57. let's get you out the door with a little traffic and weather. kristy seifkin? how are you? >> well. >> how are you? >> i'm well. [ laughter ] >> we have the color going, a little sunshine. >> we all look like easter eggs. the pink, purple and yellow. i guess it's appropriate. this is going to be the one nice day we have this week before things go downhill for tomorrow, rain back in the forecast again. i know i hate to be the bearer
6:58 am
of bad news, but cooler temperatures as well dropping down into the highway 60s in our warmest -- high 60s in our warmest spots tomorrow. but good news, more sunshine thursday and friday. wild your holiday is rain-free for now it will be unseasonably cool for this time year with temperatures only in the low 70s in our warmest spots. so get outside and enjoy the sunshine today if you have a chance. how's traffic, elizabeth? >> let's go out to chopper 5. there is a scene of this accident still out there. there's been some confusion over where the location of this is. it is in san bruno and it's southbound 280 on the connector ramp to eastbound 380. you can see chp is out there blocking a lane so unfortunately, it is really slow right now on southbound 280. we have taken several calls from the kcbs phone force. they say it's jammed from westboro boulevard. so watch out for that. southbound 280 is just yeah, not looking too good. so 101 a better alternate. that's your traffic. back to you >> thank you.
6:59 am
quan you believe it? lost and found -- can you believe it? lost and found 72 years later. >> a vallejo man is wearing a ring he hasn't seen in decades. 90-year-old jesse mattos flushed his class ring down a toilet from dunsmuir high school right down the old toilet. he never expected to see it again but recently a dunsmuir city worker found the ring backed up in a sewer line. did a little research and gave mattos a call. he then traveled to vallejo to deliver the ring in person. there it is. >> can you imagine? >> ingenerally. >> wow. >> 70 years. >> before we leave you, this morning, we have a special congratulations. [ laughter ] >> to kristy seifkin. >> you guys are so sweet! >> she is graduating. she is getting her master's degree, valedictorian friday. congratulations to you. >> i'm going to cry! thank you, guys. >> wonderful. >> very excited. it's been fabulous to be with you guys and wonderful way to transition from school into cbs here. >> and you're off to


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