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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 25, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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minutes ago. the homeowner told firefighters that no one was inside the house. this was the video of about 30 minutes ago. crews called in a second alarm just about 10 minutes ago and you can see that thick black smoke coming from. this is the backside of the house really that has caught on fire. now if we can go back taking a live look at what's happening. firefighters still trying to get final control out of what is this smoldering fire. all that smoke could be seen from 580 certainly and we are told the house appears to be a total loss tonight. well, another breaking story in the very same neighborhood as this fire. a teenager weeks from graduating high school is killed in a shootout. witnesses called police at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon saying two teenagers were shooting at each other. the shooting was near 80th and bancroft avenue. a 17-year-old boy was found unconscious just blocks from his home. it is not known yet if he was involved in the shootout or if he was caught in the cross fire.
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the teen was a senior at castle monk leadership preparatory high school. we have a crew arriving on the scene right now. if we learn anything new we will bring it to you within the hour. as we speak. the man suspected in the beating of bryan stow is taking part in a police lineup. witnesses are going to try to identify him and as joe vazquez tells us we can now compare that sketch with the suspect's actual photo in. >> right. in fact in the last few minutes we got the go ahead from l.a.p.d. let's show you the picture now. just moments ago we were told we could go ahead and show the picture. that is a past mugshot of ramirez on the left-hand side of the screen. you can see the likeness to the sketch that was given by witnesses to police on the day of bryan stow's beating and l.a.p.d. spokesperson tells cbs5 that that live lineup is expected to be underway right now and as such we can put that mugshot on t.v. now, ramirez has a lawyer and he is telling our los angeles
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reporter davey lopes that he sincerely believes his client is innocent and is willing to take a lie detector test to prove it. >> reporter: the 31-year-old who police say resembles this sketch will stand in front of witnesses at the beating of bryan stow. if they positively identify him charges could be forthcoming. >> i believe we have the right guy. >> reporter: as sure as the police chief was following sunday's arrest prosecutors told detectives they need to collect more evidence before charges could be filed. ramirez, a convicted felon, says he wasn't the man who savagely attackedded the dodger fan. his lawyer said ramirez wasn't even at the game because he was babysitting his 10-year-old daughter. >> i am sincerely convinced -- and i'm not blaming l.a.p.d., i'm not saying they acted in bad faith. i don't think they did. i just think it is a mistake. >> no, it is not my son.
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>> reporter: remember two days ago ramirez's relatives also claim the babysitting job. >> he was in the house. >> i came back and he was with his daughter at my house where i left him. >> reporter: today the gossip website tmz posed these photos showing family members who were they game. their claim is since ramirez isn't in these pictures then he wasn't there. >> he has got a tremendous alibi. >> reporter: all this can be proven? >> i believe so, david. he is in tears. quite often the witnesses think they are telling the truth. it is just very, very difficult under some circumstances. >> i don't want to get too personal on this but how can he afford you? >> not everything is about money and i believe in this case. >> reporter: so we are told the lineup scheduled for 6 p.m. we are still waiting to hear if it is underway and as soon as
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they brief reporters we will bring you an update. this is the new mugshot on the left side by side the sketch given by witnesses to police. notice in the mugshot ramirez has a great deal of tattoos on his neck. it is not in the sketch. it has not been made clear to us why, if this is the suspect, why there are no tattoos on his neck and in fact family members point that out and say one of the reasons that police went after him is because he apparently made a new tattoo to cover up an old one. why would he cover up one tattoo if he is covered in tattoos on his entire neck. >> the sketch to the actual mugshot pretty darn close. makes you wonder about the second suspect and then the women driver of the get away car. >> that's a dead ringer. including there you see on his left cheek is a tear drop and folks had described a mole.
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it turns out maybe it was a tattoo off a tear drop. >> all right. well, keep us posted. hopefully we may hear something. >> within the hour after the lineup. >> joe, thank you very much. we have uncovered a black market in san francisco where commuters can buy muni transfers with the buses and trains for half off. grace lee shows us these illegal sales are happening out in the open for everyone to see. >> reporter: they run a brisk business. at commuter hubs all over san francisco. selling tickets to ride the bus or train for half the regular $2 fare. >> how much? >> 1 dollar. >> reporter: the busiest black market hot spot 16th and mission. where from morning to night seven days a week. >> every day. >> reporter: you can buy as many as you want.
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>> do you have more? >> reporter: here is how it works. normally you pay $2 to the bus driver and he gives you a ticket. this costs $2. you buy it out here illegally you get the full ticket. it is good all day long and it only costs you 1 dollar. >> won't the driver notice? >> no. >> reporter: they are more than happy to show how to trick the bus driver into not noticing. >> oh, i see. you fold it is this. >> yeah. >> reporter: in case a muni inspector or cop gets on the bus. >> when you see the people coming in just cut it. >> reporter: where do the tickets come from? >> you can use it all night long. >> reporter: we wanted to ask some of the street sellers. >> i'm grace lee from cbs5 news. people are selling the illegal transfers. do you have anything to say about it? can you tell me where you get
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them from? no in. >> you're wrong. you want to talk to my attorney? >> reporter: he wouldn't tell us but in the past it has been an inside job. a police sting last summer led to the arrest of a muni mechanic, who worked out of this maintenance yard claiming he got them from the garbage but muni says he obtained them by virtue of his employment and made tens of thousands of dollars selling them. >> one of the officers spotted him with these late night transfers that he had folded into a newspaper. >> reporter: police lieutenant troy dangerfield says despite that arrest the problem is still rampant. >> this has been going on unfortunately for years. >> reporter: we showed him the tickets that we got. >> they look to be legitimate transfers to me. >> reporter: he says some of the illegal transfers are real while others may be counterfeit like these two with the same serial number. >> maybe they are being sold from muni and being copied? >> that could be a possibility. >> reporter: so what is muni
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doing about it? >> we are trying to crack down on it as hard as possible. >> but the spokesman paul rose admits the weekly amounts are huge. >> we are losing out on thousands of dollars of revenue. >> reporter: he says muni pays the police department $12 million a year to patrol hot spots and a sting operation. >> do you think maybe the stings aren't working? >> they did work on 16th and mission. >> reporter: that's where we found the same brisk business still going on every day. >> reporter: that former muni mechanic worked out of this yard for about 24 years. despite getting caught with the cash and illegal transfers he got 60 hours of community service, no time in jail. as for those serial numbers muni says they can trace them back to the bus or the driver but a lot of time it ends up
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being a dead end. it is a tough thing to catch. back to you guys. >> sure sounds like it. grace lee in san francisco. thank you. >> richmond police are pouring over surveillance video tonight. a brazen robbery. two men held up an armored binx truck. happened outside the mechanic's ball at hill top mall. suspects had at least one gun. we are told no shots were fired but police say this type of crime is a rarity. >> we seen an armored car get rid here in the city of richmond. it is not very common for us to responds to something like this. like i said we are working on some leads right now. we are hoping we will be able to solve this case. >> the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. still no verdict in the murder trial of former your black muslim bakery leader. jury deliberations began on monday. bay and the co-defendant are charged in the shooting deaths
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of oakland journalist chauncey bailey and two other men in the summer of 2007. both men pleaded not guilty and face life in prison if they are convicted. california improperly released hundreds of dangerous criminals last year. the prison system inspector general says the state released about 1500 convicts last year without any parole who should have stayed in prison. 450 of them carried a high risk for violence. it was part of a program to reduce prison crowding by letting out less serious offenders. a report says a faulty computer problem wrongly assessed nearly a quarter of the offenders released. the department of corrections disputes the findings. if you're going to put it in your body you want to know where it came from, right? >> are they going to go investigate the farms to make sure what kind of chemicals you are using? >> oh, but we are not talking about food. what's behind the new push to remove the cloud of mystery surrounding the source of marijuana.
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the city of san franci what's the future for solar energy? i'm ann notarangelo. we will try to help you answer the question of whether or not you should put solar panels on your own home. and we want to take a look at that fire in the 9800 block of burr street. firefighters there just maintaining this and trying to tap it down. it appears to be under control. all that's left now is smoke and rubble. this is a house in the 9800 block of burr. it was a two-alarm fire started at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. appears to be completely totalled. we have no word on any injuries and people in the house but if we get that we will get that back to you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the health department wants to the city of san francisco is telling pot clubs no more smoke screens.
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the health department wants to know exactly who is growing the medical marijuana available in the same. mike sugerman tells us why dispensaries say that that could put businesses and people at risk. >> reporter: card holders who buy their medicine at pot clubs really don't know where it comes from. >> anyway you would like. >> reporter: pot clubs are generally run as collectives. the prop that made it legal allows collectives to sell the medicine they grow back to the collective. that's where it is supposed to come from. they are not supposed to run a commercial operation. but there is no official list of people who supply clubs and the city wants one. clubs don't. >> you would think that it would be a good idea to take the names and addresses for health and safety reasons. i completely understand where they are coming from. >> reporter: well, it is medicine. shouldn't patients know where their medicine is coming from? that's what the city says though health department officials say they didn't have time for a sit down interview
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today. providers say it is not that simple. >> we are a very unike kind of industry. we are a very unique business in the sense that what we do is essentially illegal. >> what would happen they ask if the list fell into the hands of the federal government or criminals for that matter intent on robbery? >> bureaucrats are out of control. >> reporter: the original prop from 2006. >> all the city is asking for is people's names that cultivate. will they go investigate the farms to see what chemicals they are using? they are not going to do anything but gather information. >> reporter: a health official says the department wants to avoid what he calls a wild west atmosphere in the grower's community and wants to make it work somehow. providers say that would be hard. >> on a street level it looks good but when you peel off the layers it is really bad. it is really bad. >> reporter: health officials
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say they will take a slow approach to the collection of names. mike sugerman cbs5. the sun is now helping power a local community center. today the neighborhood center known as tell high unveiled a brand-new solar rooftop there. it will help with energy efficiency. will add up the savings for the center as well. by the way full disclosure eke ot media is owned by cbs and some of the funding was provided by sun power in connection with advertising here on kpix. looks like it will be awhile before we start seeing panels on every single home in the area. ann notarangelo talked to industry experts today about what needs to happen. >> reporter: the last year and a half or so hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on solar energy just here in california alone. it is certainly big business
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although it is largely propped up through government subsidies. >> it is not the cheapest way to produce power. >> reporter: a professor on power at st. mary's college says even though it has been around for decades solar power is just starting to hit the main stream. >> the skills are growing, costs are coming down. installers are getting trained. channels are being opened up. you need to as a consumer it is a normal main stream thing. >> reporter: he believes the industry needs a dominant design that consumers can have faith in and then they will in turn buy the product. right now he admits it is not economical for everyone but he has taken a leap of nate for his own household. he says leasing the panels pairs the home run from having to maintain them and take some of the risk out of the expense. >> i think it has the opponent shall to be the energy of the future but i think there is still a lot we don't know. >> reporter: co-director of the
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energy institute at uc berkeley's school of business. even though prices are coming down he says the solar panels you see on rooftop are still not as cost efficient as fossil fuels. >> certainly the current technology will not be the energy of the future. we really are going to have to make some major break through in order to making it a process of turning sunlight into electricity. >> reporter: right now he says it costs about $8 for a kilowatt.. the government is keeping this industry afloat. without subsidies it would sees to exist. he wishes the government would pay more money on research and development. >> we have seen a big increase under the obama administration in support for research and development.
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>> reporter: even solar power is promising, they both say this is an industry that is worth investing in. ann notarangelo, cbs5. >> roberta, we would like to see a little sun. >> we saw a little hint of some sunshine late this afternoon, dana, but i just received this information and for the national weather service in sacramento they had issued a tornado warning until 6:15 p.m. now that warning has expired but nevertheless a severe thunderstorm that has now produced this tornado just outside of oraville. i got on the phone with the national weather service. they have not seen this particular photograph. i sent it to them so they can review it but by the looks of it you could see the funnel here. that gives it lots of breeding room. lots of feeding room to feed this funnel and allow it to grow. but this obviously tornado was spawned by a severe thunderstorm in that particular area.
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now this is all because of the center of the core of the area of low pressure that is now pushing through the bay area. what we had initially was a frontal band. this is the frontal band that pushed through today. produced over a half an inch of rain. now, this circular activity right there, that's the core or the center of the area of low pressure. it has got a lot of unsettled air mass associated with it and that is what could possibly have produced that very small tornado right here in the state of california. now it still has a little bit of precipitation associatedded with it as well. so a stray shower certainly possible tonight. still the north bay as well as the coastline too but for the most part overnight hours will begin to see some mostly to partly cloudy skies and that's how we will wake up to our thursday with a partial clearing of conditions. tonight falling into the 40s and 50s. tomorrow with the partly cloudy skies, temperatures topping off into the 50s at the coastline.
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60s central bay. low 70s inland. dana and allen, coming up next time around we will update you on that picture, that tornado that we did get from our sister station in sacramento. we will update you as well on the seven-day forecast. >> roberta, thanks. we will look for that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pension reform. and in november, san francisco it may go down as the defining economic issue for 2011. pension reform. in november san francisco voters are expected to vote on two proposals that would overhaul the city's pensions. phil matier takes a look at both plans. >> reporter: from san diego to the oregon border pensions are pushing california cities to the financial brink. >> it doesn't matter if your issue is public transportation, housing, education, in the end it all comes down to money and pension costs are sucking up all the available fund dollars. >> reporter: two competing
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measures are headed for the november ballot in san francisco to change that. one is being proposed by mayor ed lee and public employee unions. >> first and foremost increases how much employees will have to contribute when taxpayers have to pay more. that's the big savings. and then new employees will see their pension formula drop from that. >> reporter: estimated savings anywhere from 60 to $80 million a year. the other reform measure is being put on the ballot by public defender jeff idachi that got tired seeing it cut. his measure would take savings a step further. >> our measure ensures that when these pension costs increase in the future, there is a 50/50 cost sharing. >> reporter: saving the city 90 to $140 million a year. one thing the two measures do, however, have in common is that neither is going to solve the problem. >> according to the city comptroller san francisco's pension costs are expected to double in the next four years
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to over $725 million. so even with the savings from either measure it is still not enough and the city will still be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. >> but still, you're coming up short. the city will still be on the hook hundreds of millions of dollars? >> yes. >> do both of these propose bales significantly reduce the impact? >> our proposal goes the farthest. >> can you say for certainty we won't see libraries or police service sest cut in the future because of pension costs in. >> i can't say that, no. >> what can you say? >> i can say we will be hucking a heck of a lot fewer than we would without it. >> not the best of news especially if you were thinking this was the silver bullet. it is not. trust me. you are seeing this in san francisco. now you're going to see it in other cities as well. it is not kicking the can down the road, it is just trying to shrink the size of the can that
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is getting kicked down the road. >> phil, thanks. >> a tentative contract agreement for transit supervisors in san francisco. it is expected to save 2.$5 million in labor costs over two years. the union agreed to a salary freeze and fixed costs on health care benefits. it will provide more efficient service for customers. >> first the terror, now the heartbreak. measuring the toll after another brutal day of weather. a new bishop for a growing flock. what's happening in san jose that is putting more people in the pews.
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christin ayers is there - where the boy was shot just blocks from home. christin? want to get you back out to oakland where a teenager has been killed in a shootout. the boy apparently shot just blocks from his home? >> reporter: that's right. shot right in this area where you can see crime tape. we have learn the identity of the student that was killed.
6:30 pm
diddy franklin. a 17-year-old. castlemonte high school student. killed about 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. authorities tell us he was taken in an ambulance and was actually pronounced dead at the hospital but he had been laying in the street here and about 50 to 100 people were gathered in the street. people that were trying to help him. we talked to police a short time ago and they told us they are getting absolutely no information from those witnesses. >> there were a lot of people that were on the scene and we have little leads right now. not too many people coming forward. so we do need the public's help in this. anytime you have a homicide, especially a young person here in the community, we need the communities to come forward to give us information. >> reporter: authorities telling us the community is not clear whether he was in the cross fire. we are hearing reports he was
6:31 pm
on his bicycle riding through the area when the shooting broke out but authorities are not saying whether he had a role in the shooting or whether he was just an innocent bystander. police are telling us that again they have absolutely no suspects at this time. still relying heavily on any witnesses that may have seen anything who have not come forward. >> let's hope they do quickly. more dangerous weather punishing the midwest. so far, 14 people are confirmed dead in the latest round of storms and the death toll is expected to rise. and the severe weather isn't calming down. tornadoes have already been reported in several states today. some are bracing for more severe weather, others are picking up the pieces. >> we got here i stood and cried tore about 15 minutes before i could move because you just can't -- you see the pictures and you watch the news. and they tell you but until you're here and you see it, you just can't even begin to
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understand. >> just all of a sudden the wind started roaring and it just got really, really bad and it soundedded like a freight train was coming through. >> i laid there. i just prayed and said thy will be done. >> our daughter is safe on a trip to six flags and our son is at o.c.u. this is just stuff. we can relays it. god is looking out for us. >> when do we get a break? i don't know. hopefully in a couple of days but we are still in the middle of the season. >> reporter: a tornado washes up from much of illinois and indiana and forecasters say isolated tornadoes are possible across ohio tonight. in the meantime the hunt for survives also continues in joplin, missouri, where a devastating tornado struck there on sunday. 125 people have been confirmed dead and more than 900 injured. new images and video show just how powerful that tornado was.
6:33 pm
surveillance video taken from inside this joplin yogurt shop shows glass and debris flying just seconds after customers and workers ran for cover. and these photos are taken inside joplin st. john's regional medical center. that nine-story building took a direct hit. >> all the people with respect wounded and everyone was like running and trying to find tear relatives. someone was shouting -- even one person told me to take their kids to the hospital and i told them i am coming from hospital and will is no more hospital any more. >> in joplin 1500 people are still unaccounted for tonight. just how big was the tornado that tore through missouri? take a look at this video from nasa that shows satellite images taken before, during and after the tornado touched down in joplin. you can see the storm develop over missouri, oklahoma and kansas state line. according to reports the tornado was one and a half miles wide and -- or rather was
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a half mile wide and extended to three quarters of a mile wide before dissipating. >> number of catholics in santa clara county is growing by leaps and bounds and today the catholic diocese of san jose ordained a new bishop. len ramirez with the story. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in a sacred ceremony at st. joseph's cathedral the auxilliary bishop of san jose, an answer to the bishop who appealed directly to the pope in rome for extra help in ministering to the rapidly growing catholic flock in san jose. >> it is a great gift for the diocese and to me. >> reporter: in recent years growing to over half a million registered catholics now. most is happening among the
6:35 pm
spanish and immigrant populations in east san jose and south santa clara county. >> i came to holy cross and i really increased my faith. >> reporter: he is from mexico and like many mexican immigrants joining a parish was one of the first steps he took to establish a new life here. >> so we came to look for it over here too. >> reporter: a church in east san joe's seats empty today but filled many times over for weekend masses which take place in three languages. it is the same for nearby most holy trinity. >> bedo 10 masses every weekend. sunday. 7200 people come for service each week. >> reporter: besides mass baptisms, wedding and funerals are all increasingly hard for the churches and priests to schedule. >> they just can't keep up. the plumbing can't keep up. >> reporter: and so the diocese will not be just getting a new
6:36 pm
bishop they will also be getting several new parishes. >> we need a new parish. two or three more parishes on the east side. we have some plans. we are working on it. it is favourable but it will take time, money. take a lot of coming together. >> len ramirez reporting out of san jose. trying to put something in her past. >> what happened that won't stop her goal of the olympics, coming up. um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet?
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blood pressure and don't know it. dr. kim mulvihill joins us with the findings. kim. allen, the a new study finds young adults have high blood pressure. dr. kim joining us with those findings. >> allen, the findings are of concern because high blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke and heart disease. there are steps you can take now to bring it under control.
6:39 pm
getting an alarming diagnosis from his doctor two years ago when he was 33. >> it is tough when you feel great, you know. you don't feel the high blood pressure. >> reporter: new research finds a growing number of people have hyper tension and don't know it. researchers looked on data on more than 14,000 people between 24 and 32 years old and found nearly 20% had elevated blood pressure and that half had never been told their pressure was high. >> one in five had high blood pressure. >> reporter: with young patients the key is early intervention. >> you have to educate them to the long-term benefit of treatment which is reducing the risk for stroke and heart attack and empowering them that they treat their blood pressure in their 30s they are more likely to be healthy in their 50s and 60s. >> reporter: have your blood pressure checked regularly, maintain a healthy weight, get plenty of exercise and limit your alcohol intake. dr. o'connor is now on medication to lower his blood pressure and says the diagnosis
6:40 pm
has changed his outlook. >> you get kind of labeled with high blood pressure, definitely it is an adjustment. >> reporter: but making aiums now will protect his health in the future. the study also found that young men are more likely to have high blood pressure than women. >> get it checked and bring it down. >> right. >> kim, thank you. >> thank you. severe weather has been spotted in the state of california. we are going to pinpoint that location. plus, your local forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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all that talk about the midwest tornadoes. >> if it stays well organized an heads toward the midwest this storm will have a lot of running ground and potential for more severe weather in the coming days in the midwest as well. we have had a sighting of a tornado. this particular picture was taken by troy donaldson.
6:44 pm
this is near the orville area. look at the distance there. you can see the funnel touching down. i sent this picture on over to the national weather service to confirm it and they say they have to study it more closely but in one minute the tornado warning for that area is allowed to expire. that warning was issued because of a severe thunderstorm rumbling through that particular part of the state of california. so what we are doing now is zooming on in on our live high- def doppler radar going upstream towards the chico area. severe thunderstorm that produced that potential tornado and what you're looking at here i'm going to go even additionally further here so you can see some lightening strikes. see these blinking red lights right there. that is cloud to ground lightening and this could potentially be the cell that produced that tornado in that area. tornado warning allowed to expire in the next minute in glen, california. bring you back closer to home. all the same area of low pressure that produced our rainfall today over half an
6:45 pm
inch in sonoma. what we are looking at right now is livermore towards mt. diablo area. we saw a trace in san jose to .53 just outside sonoma. meanwhile out and about this evening still carry that umbrella. we have a chance of a stray shower as aur overnight lows dip into the 40s and to 50 degrees. meanwhile this area of low pressure, the frontal boundaries will push through today beginning at sunrise in the north bay. the central bay around lunch hour. that's out of here. but behind it as we broaden this picture take a look right here. that circular activity. that's the center or core of this area of low pressure pushing through now and has a lot of unsettled air mass associated with it. still a lot of cooler air mass in places and that right there is again potentially the culprit that produced that tornado outside of orville. that is pushing through right
6:46 pm
now. a lingering shower still possible from that area of low pressure, that core, right there in the north bay as well as our coastline but overnight we will gradually see the clouds part. we will wake up tomorrow to partly to mostly cloudy sky then the partial clearing during the afternoon hours and with more sunshine the temperatures will respond. tomorrow looking like this. 57 degrees in pacifica to the low 70s in our inland area. today's high temperatures only up 270 in the warmest locations to the south. 69 in san jose when the average high temperature 176 degrees. extended forecast calls for tomorrow a dry day but then the clouds gather on friday. that will produce a slight chance of rain showers. mostly cloudy saturday and then partly cloudy conditions sunday through monday. more clouds on tuesday. this is san rafael richmond pre. thank you, san raphael richmond
6:47 pm
bridge. working to help others beat alcohol and other drug addictions. this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: they call him big craig and where bryan johnson has made his life's work helping people he has a big presence. >> there is a lot of fear because of the violence going on here but if you're going to be effective helping people you've got to meet them right them right where they are at. >> reporter: positive direction equal, change. a place for people in the neighborhood looking for support in drug and alcohol recovery. >> if they are using or not it doesn't matter. a lot of times. clients will come to us about other approximate. drugs won't be the issue. >> reporter: johnson has a unique perspective on the issue because he has been there. fought addictions, served time but changed his life. positive directions started out
6:48 pm
as a support group of mostly men working through life issues and staying clean but word spread and so did the types of services. there are classes on anger management, parenting and job skills. >> i think that craig is like an angel dressed up as a man, you know. because he understands stuff that i thought nobody would have. >> reporter: during the day johnson is a methadone council okay and brought the first methadone treatment center to the bay area. the program serves 140 neighborhood clients. >> people trust him. so they will come here because they know craig's here and they will come here and they will get their treatment. >> reporter: in the evening johnson and his wife of 20 years have helped at the positive directions headquarters but the space will change this month from budget
6:49 pm
cuts. surrounded by packed boxes johnson remains optimistic and says the weekly meetings will continue and so will his message and with support anyone can change his life. >> i'm an ordinary person who was able to do extraordinary things by being able to change my life. and the example i give is anybody can change their life if they are really committed to doing it. >> reporter: so for his ongoing commitment to his community and helping others change their lives this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to him. >> you'll find a link to their website in our story at click the connect bulleton at the top of the page and then jefferson awards. i don't think this is di maggio stuff. i'm dennis o'donnell. the bizarre bounce that ended a season next. ,,
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before we get to sports we will show you this video that has just come in from a
6:53 pm
sacramento t.v. station. helicopter up in the air. we believe this is the same tornado that formed north of sacramento. there you can see it started to form there on the ground, right, roberta? >> yes, not necessarily is the same tornado but a tornado forms from the same cell that has the potential of producing several tornadoes. this particular tornado when you watch the rotation it can easily become an f2 on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 the most sev all tornadoes. this looks like it was gathering strength and momentum could be possibly an f1 or f2. if does touch down, therefore, legitimately being called a tornado but we saw a little bit more of a column rise a little earlier as the video was being fend to us as well. all the same low pressure system that brought us our rainfall today. this is a cooler air mass filtering in behind the passage of the frontal boundary and that is very unsettled and producing this kind of dangerous conditions. >> i can see that cloud cover.
6:54 pm
>> a tornado watch, warning for maybe a little while. >> a tornado warning is usually in effect when you see the tornado and that was allowed to expire at 6:45 p.m. and we are just getting in that video. >> thank you, roberta. >> we will keep watching it tonight. >> anything exciting, dennis? >> not as important as a tornado but sharks, well, they might have played their best game last night in vancouver but it was a bizarre bounce that ended their season. second overtime. the puck seems to disappear from the ice. suddenly it is shot into the back of the net. game set match. even the officials were confused. so what happened? alexander elder chipped it along the glass. he is the only player that saw it. every other player on the ice believed that that puck had flown into the stands and they stopped skating. sharks goalie looking to his right by the time he heard the stick on the puck it was too late. perhaps the most bizarre ending
6:55 pm
to a conference finals in nhl history. >> one of the most frustrating losses in my career. >> the ref usually blows it down when they don't see the puck but it was a good goal. >> i don't want to start thinking about next year. just makes me sick. >> second round of the french open. romania opponent. fantastic lob over his opponent's head. won the first set, second, third. 39-0 this year the joker. 41-0 dating back to last year. >> we are going streaking. >> streaking a 41 straight matches tying roger federer. he is five away from tying
6:56 pm
another all-time record. erika mclean. a gruesome injury. one of the most decorated jumpers in stanford history. qualifying for the beijing olympics at age 22. >> probably better 25 to 35% of the guys in college. >> reporter: she suffered a major setback while practices last march. >> my right foot came down on right of the edge of the sand pit so right where the sand meets the edge of the runway and it popped my ankle fully over. where i was literally looking down at the sole of her foot. >> your arch is pulled up to your chins almost. i felt like a wounded animal. i think of deers all the time.
6:57 pm
the leg broken. >> reporter: she called an open dislocation. nothing was broken. >> my foot has got to be amputated. >> reporter: two months to recover from the injury and then she was back on her feet. >> i was wearing my thongs yesterday. i was so excited. >> reporter: she hopes to trade the converse for track shoes soon. her doctors say she could start jumping as early as july but it would be an extreme challenge for her to make a trip to london next year. >> just trying to keep a really good positive attitude an i think all those things combined with the support of my family and friends will probably be the winning ticket i hope. >> we will see. if she doesn't make it 2012 she will be healthy enough they know in 2015. >> good for her. >> just good that wasn't broken. >> we are leaving you coming back at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. see you then. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins.
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