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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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guns found.
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> a major break in the case. dozens of stolen guns found. the bust you will only see here on cbs5. he is accused of killing hundreds of people. why jim jones is going to be remembered along with the dead. four days after the devastation, the search for the missing is getting desperate. why some families in job lynn, missouri, are giving up on finding loved ones alive. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. it's a case of hide-and- seek that baffled law no. dozens of guns stole then a violent home invasion robbery. >> the suspects have been arrested but sheriff's deputies in the south bay wondered what happened to the weapons. mike sayier shows us they found the answer right under their feet. >> reporter: the guns seized from hidden compartments from an a west san jose apartment
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cover not only a floor but several large tables as well. of guns, including this ar15 semiautomatic rifle. >> we do not want these guns to end up in the wrong hand and they could be used in commission of other if he loan just crimes. >> reporter: the case of the guns begins on feign february 6th of this year. the man who lives here was tied up and tortured with a group of 5 men until he gave up the combination of his gun safe. earlier in february they arrested all five. on wednesday they searched the apartment of this man, ernesto gonzalez a second time, when deputies noticed something suspicious. >> as they removed the carpet, as they removed the padding, that they noticed that there were these cut-outs to indicate that it had been altered. so when they removed the nails and took out the floor board, that's when they discovered these secret compartments.
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>> reporter: these photos provided by the santa clara sheriff's department showed what they found. at least some of the suspects are contractors by trade. great care was maid toen stall shelf being that could support the weight of the guns between the roof and the yang below. >> it was done to conceal these weapons. >> one of the men arrested was in fact the neighbor of the victim in this case. they do not know what the arrested men planned to do with all those stolen weapons. as for the charges they face they are very serious, attempted murder, robbery, and torture as well. >> mark sayier in san jose, thank you. a difficult and hard to reach crash in san mateo county. a pickup truck careened off a rural road and tumbled into a canyon. it happened off highway 84 and
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alpine and min 'daga oh road 11:30 this morning. 1 was killed and 6 others injured when that rolled several times down that embankment. they were part of a private contracting team in the russian ridge open space reserve. the area is so remote crews had to hike in to get to the accident site. >> it is not immediately adjacent to a paved road way so it is remote up there yes. >> reporter: what kind of roads are up there. >> interview: dirt rhodes and hiking trails as well too. >> reporter: it took 45 minutes to an hour for rescue crews to reach the victims. the chp is investigating the cause of that accident. well a 30-year fight over commemorating one of the darkest days in bay area history all but ended today. a judge cleared the way for the unveiling of a memorial for more than 900 victims of the mass suicide in jonestown, guyan a in 1978. as robert liles tells us, the fight is mostly over just one
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name. >> i told them to cease and tee sift. >> reporter: wynona says a judge did more than rule against her. >> now we're honoring the mass murderer jim jones. >> reporter: her fight started when 27 family members died in jonestown. >> my mother, 17 of those 27 were children. >> reporter: she says jim jones, leader of the temple, forced them to drink poison kool-aid or risk being shot to death. more than 125 victims have been buried here. in place of this simple tombstone she said she spent years and $30,000 trying to build a memorial wall not to all 918 jonestown victims. she wanted one name eliminated. james warren jones. >> the person that the world
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knows killed our families. >> reporter: but james warren jones, or jim jones , is memorial lived here. with the hundreds of people he is accused of killing, because the judge denied her lawsuit to block his name and the unveiling of this monument. jim jones' son says the judge was right because he believes his father is not totally responsible for the massacre. >> i think when you ask the question regarding responsibility, or culpability, it's -- if you start with jim jones, where do you stop? did jim jones mix the poison? did jim jones inject people? did jim jones actually help children ingest the poison? if we start at jim jones where do we stop at? >> reporter: so jim jones jr. trumped norwood raising $20,000 to install this current monument. >> this memorial needed to be completed and the question i have is how long are we gonna wait for doctor norwood?
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i wasn't willing to wait. >> reporter: attorneys for evergreen cemetery tell cbs5 the controversy over this memorial has stretched on for decades but they say there has never been a written or oriole contract with reverend norwood, in fact they say she never received approval to build a monument here and never came up with the money. doctor norwood denies the charges and plans another lawsuit. to erase jim jones. >> he is december crating the final resting place and hallowed ground of those children. they couldn't escape him in life and now they can't escape him in deathst. >> reporter: in oakland, robert liles, cbs5. also tonight, the top investigator in the l.a. pd says there is no doubt in his mind. he says he has got the right suspect in the brutal belting of san francisco giants fan brian stow. but joe vasquez reports the suspects' young daughter is now coming to his defense. >> reporter: los angeles police chief charlie beck says he
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can't be specific but was "satisfied" with the results of the police lineup. >> i can say that it went well and according to the standards. it added to our group of evidence and we'll present the results to the district attorney. >> but geovanni ramirez described by police as the primary aggressor still has not been charged. he is still in jail on an unrelated matter, a parole violation, according to police who say they are still collecting evidence. last evening witnesses who were at the dodgers game opening day march 31st and saw stow get attacked after the game went to the l.a. county jail where ramirez was lined up next to other men. witnesses were asked to identify a suspect. the results have not been made public. his attorney maintains he is innocent. they released this photo of him with his 10-year-old daughter. the girl signed a written statement saying her dad wasn't at the game, he was babysitting her. >> geovanni ramirez is, and
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was, and has been our primary suspect on the stow beating. i am as sure as you need to be to make an arrest and pursue a prosecution. >> reporter: the chief says it's a difficult case but his investigators will present their evidence to prosecutors in the near future. joe vasquez, cbc 5. other headlines around the bay area tonight an atm repair man is accused of swapping fake money for hundreds of thousands of dollars at cash machines in san francisco and daly city. they arrested samuel key osically in phoenix. on the 4th of july he used his work key card to steal $200,000 from seven atm's and replace the cash with photocopied $20 bills. he disappeared the next day. he has pleaded not guilty to several charges including embezzlement and forgery. tasers are coming soon for all b.a.r.t. police officers. the b.a.r.t. board has approved the funding to buy 130 more tasers. right now the department has 60
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of them. an outside consultant recommended getting more and training officers on how to use them after the oscar grant shooting. the former officer who shot grant said he confused his fire arm for his taser. well on to that killer tornado that ravaged part of missouri. tonight the death toll in joplin stands at 126 with hundreds of people still missing. police believe that many of those unaccounted for are still alive but, as ben tracy shows us, more families are getting an unwelcomed reason to stop searching for their loved ones. >> reporter: for more than three days michelle hair has been searching for something she cannot replace. her 16-year-old son lance, tossed in his car during the tornado. >> his backpack was still inside of it. >> reporter: when we talked to her this morning michelle was still positive. >> reporter: do you still have hope? >> i'm, i, obviously i have to. >> reporter: but just minutes after our interview a police
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officer arrived. what happened? >> i've gotten a visit from the joplin police department notifying me that my son has been identified. >> reporter: he is dead? >> yes, correct. but it is -- it is somewhat a comfort to at least know he is in a better place and that we don't have to wonder if he is out there needing us. >> reporter: many families are still looking for an answer. even with this list of the missing now posted there is a lot of confusion. >> we just found someone off the missing person list, we know their whereabouts. >> joaquin county those who put the list together admit it is not entirely accurate. >> we know that there are individuals on that list that are deceased and we are working with, directly with those family members. >> reporter: there are now 125 people confirmed dead but we don't know who most of them are. families are not allowed to go to the morgue to identify bodies. instead, they have to submit
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dna samples and dental records and hope for a match. that's causing frustration. >> we have to be 100% accurate. that is why the process on our side takes a little bit longer than it needs to -- than you feel it needs to. >> reporter: 16-month-old skyler logston became an emotional symbol of the missing on facebook. today they confirmed the toddler died in the storm. yet in the midst of all that sadness there is still this. >> i'm so happy to see you. >> reporter: neighbors who survived a storm reuniting. >> i didn't think we would ever see you again. >> i know, i know. >> reporter: that list of 232 missing people is getting even shorter. the very first name on the list, a miss sally adams, was found very much alive and well on her porch in a chair with her cat. ben tracy, cbs news, joplin, missouri. >> cutting down is about to cost you. the new pg&e rate hike that seems to punish everyone.
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military families who were wrongfully foreclosed on will get their share of $22 million. a federal law requires mortgage companies to get court orders before foreclosing on the homes of active duty military. but subsidiaries of bank of america and morgan stanley foreclosed on nearly 200 service members without court orders. some members were deployed to iraq or afghanistan at the time. the banks agreed to the settlement today. paying more for using less, pg&e has been given the green light to charge most of its customers more money for their energy use and that includes those who use the least amount of energy. under the current rate structure pg&e says those who use a lot of power are subsidizing those who don't. now, low energy customers who don't conserve enough will be put in a new price ] that will raise their bims. average customers can expect to
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see a 10% increase in their bill. when you leave the house, many of you carry your wallet in your pocket, your phone in the other. soon, you may need just one of those. today google unveiled google wallet. the ap. store's credit card information and shoppers can buy things just by waving their phone over a reader. the app also offers online coupons. for now only android users in san francisco and new york can use the mobile payment service at certain stores but pay pal is suing google over the program saying the mountainview company stole trade secrets. just this week, square unveiled a similar payment system. all right roberta, no pressure, big weekend coming? >> yeah, and i've got a little wrench thrown into it in the past couple hours. so right now this is the scene in north beach where it's a relatively cool night. temperatures currently into the 50s across the board from the coast to our inland areas as the clouds now begin to push
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into the bay area. tonight overnight dropping down between 41 degrees in fairfield and in vacaville, to 51 trees in san francisco. upper 40 around the peninsula. tomorrow morning carry that umbrella to be on the safe side but if we see any kind of rain it will be in the form of very light showers and be very spotty and scattered. right now a little bit of precipitation to be noticed around that northwestern section of the state of california lifting up in a northerly direction. this is a pretty impressive area of low pressure but it has fallen apart as it bangs up against the pacific northwest taking most of the precipitation well into british columbia, the frontal boundary is what will bring us that slight chance of precipitation on friday morning, but, in the past couple of hours i've noticed on a computer model another system out there that could make our saturday forecast just go completely bust. it something that bears watching and we'll do so each and every hour leading up into the weekend.
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meanwhile for friday sunshine, low 80s modesto, merced, 60 degrees and partly cloudy in monterey. dry conditions right now at least in the high sierra. tomorrow mostly cloudy skies. westerly winds up to 15. numbers from the 50s at the beaches, low 60s, bayside, to upper 60s and low 70s at best in our inland areas. temperatures still averaging 4 to 8 degrees below normal. saturday right now we're calling for mostly cloudy skies but there is is a chance of rain moving in. again, it's something that bears watching, the computer models are arguing, sunday will certainly be partly sunny as will be monday. then the dry weather pattern will continue through thursday. we'll nail it down. there is your memorial day forecast. partly cloudy conditions in the mid-50s and low 70s dana stop throwing things at me. somebody could get hurt. >> and somebody should. no, i'm kidding. thanks roberta. you just saw them. now we're going to show you the
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science behind the weather graphics like roberta's. that's coming up in kenny's good question. >> announcer: "eyewitness news" is wrought to you by kaiser permanente. we want you to live well, be well, and thrive. ,,,,,,,,
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[ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪
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well you know roberta uses
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them every night to show you what's happening with the weather. so how do we create those amazing weather graphics and animation during the weathercast? that's tonight's good question. for for most, look at that, all a bunch of lines and aries and stuff. >> you lack at it it's a bunch of squiggly lines but believe it or not that's today's weather. but getting this to where you can understand it, that's their job. >> my job is to basically first come up with the forecast, okay, here is what it's going to be like here today, tomorrow, the next seven days, present it in a way we put it on the air and people at home say "okay, i know exactly what you were trying to say." >> billy poon's day begins at 3:00 a.m. checking charts, models, satellite images and even radar data and rendering it through special software. what he ends up with is a sort of weather movie. >> it shows where the jet stream is at and it's a pretty close representation of what we
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saw on the map earlier. >> the seven-day forecast is built much the same way. you can add in clouds or -- >> i can go ahead and add in clouds, change temperatures. tuesday it's going to be cloudy i can go in here and change that sunny to a cloudy. >> it's technology that didn't exist 5 years ago. >> you get computers to help you with part of the forecast but, at the very end, it's the human element because you have to decide "okay, what am i putting on the air." >> right or wrong? >> yes. hopefully right. >> go to click on connected to send me your good questions. well the nba finals are set. i'm dennis o'donnell. the players who took buster posey down reaches out to the fallen catcher next. the count on chevy event is here. your ticket to a cruze e 42 mpg and over 500 highway miles a tank. one of our 9 models over 30 mpg highway. fuel up,
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m coyle well the giants' chance at repeating for a world series championship took a major hit when buster posey suffered a poe tentially season-ending ankle injury. kim coyle has more. >> reporter: when buster arrived back with the giants last may 29th the team's
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winning percentage went up. they hope it doesn't go the other way. >> cousins is gonna test him, posey can't handle it and he gets clobbered. >> reporter: he suffered a fractured fibula and ligaments on the inside and front of his leg. >> youe just don't replace a buster posey. >> it's nice to say he has age on his side which will certainly help him. like i said, we have had some other guys that have experienced similar injuries so -- and they've had favorable returns. >> i saw him this morning. he had a tough night, he was in a lot of pain, didn't sleep much. >> knee. >> reporter: neither did the man on the other side of the collision. scott cousins. >> i hope he is okay. i really do. i'm not trying to end anyone's season or anything like that. >> reporter: after the game i had a chance to talk to cousins, he wouldn't go on camera, he was visibly upset
11:29 pm
and told me he had left several messages from posey when those went unreturned he did it the old fashioned way. he hand delivered a letter to the giants clubhouse. at at&t park, kim coyle. >> reporter: eli whiteside took over as the catcher. voguen song allowed a run in his fourth start. a tying run at third base but anibal sanchez hangs on to a complete game 5-hit shutout. the marlins 1-0, and sweep the series. don't look back, arizona, a game and a half behind the giants in the west. no division in baseball is tighter hand the american league west. the a's are currently in last place but are just 2 1/2 games out of first. conor jackson won't be taking any of his teammates to disneyland thanks for the help guys, thank you very much. every a's starter had a hit this afternoon, fourth inning,
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laroche, that's a two-run score. that was plenty for brett anderson. he was really fine today, toeses 8 shutout innings, beats the angels for the first time in his career. the a's win 4-3, they split that four-game series. nba playoffs, miami once again ran circles around the bulls down the stretch. chicago led by 12 with just over 3 minutes to go, but the heat closed the game on an 18-5 run. lebron messed around. he had another triple double. the heat finish off the bulls in five to win the east. they'll day on the mavs in a rematch of the 2006 nba final. the first thing most of the sharks did after being eliminated by the canucks was to shave their playoff beard. devin setoguchi got it one this your further. >> i got the clippers and went on my face, then i went on my head, i was too late to do anything else so i found myself looking like this. >> good on you though. number 4, french open.
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araunch arue surprises clijsters. he hurt her ankle at her cousin's wedding. watch aaron rowand, this saved a run, very critical at the time to end the inning. at number 2, there was one bright spot for the bulls tonight. luol deng steals it from lebron. now you don't see a guy like deng poster rise the king very often, and at number 1, that was not the most impressive play from a duke blue devil. senior kyle singler left his mark on the durham campus with these incredible trick shots, all true, no fake editing here folks. from the chapel. from the chapel. singler with a prayer. and it was answered. incredible. >> what you don't see is day 301, go ahead, try it again. >> yeah. >> do you have to wreck it? those were all first attempts, we know that. >> okay. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wow. is it already david letterman? >> is it already almost friday? >> th


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