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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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different crimes...and one
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possible connectio you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. two very different crimes and one possible connection. what has bay area police investigators piecing together clues from a sexual assault and pharmacy robberies. we are in a crosswalk and we were mowed down by a drunk driver. >> the anniversary of a painful tragedy. one father's holiday message to those who drink and drive. dozens more drug cases dismissed in san francisco. the new evidence that broadened the investigation into police misconduct. how would you like free tickets to sporting events. what our state lawmakers do. >> good everyoning, i'm dana king. two terrible crimes, same day,
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same city. are they connected? oakland police nabbed an armed robbery suspect tonight ending near mcarthur and west. tonight robert lyles has learned of a possible link. robert. >> well dana, officially oakland police say they have not arrested a suspect in that home invasion and sex assault. you're about to see why there are effects. evidences and details that link the drugstore robbery with the sex assault and that high speed chase. you're also about to learn the highly addicted drug behind those drugstore robberies. >> he was not happy to see our camera. right now oakland police are not releasing his name. do say he is responsible for this high speed chase. the armed robbery of the monte claire pharmacy. how do they know? the evidence was on the
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backseat. >> we did recover items that were taken in the pharmacy. i won't elaborate on what those items are. >> they were bodies with codeine cough syrup. highly addictive, users mix it with soda and jolly ranchers candy. they blocked the street for hours following the 80-mile per hour chase that started at 55th. even kept the suspect on the scene the entire time. were they seeking more? >> we talked about it earlier in the lineup. there was a mention of a sexual assault and also a mention of a robbery. they didn't necessarily link them both together. > he's linking to the 3:00 a.m. sexual assault of a wife and mother in this home. >> there were two children in the house. they were not harmed. they were not in danger. they were asleep. >> turns out that home is just over 2 miles from the pharmacy, the first drugstore to be hit. so while police say there's not necessarily a link, cbs 5
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cameras capture this detective checking the suspect's car. she's a sex assault detective. >> an investigator was here on scene, can you confirm that? >> i saw a picture of her here, but i didn't speak with her. >> the suspect was kept on scene to be photographed. a photo we're told will be shown to the oakland hills sex assault victim. >> would it be customary to send out a sex assault investigator to a scene where there is a robbery suspect? >> it would depend. >> depend on whether the victim was too traumatized. >> do you believe the individual fits the description of the person wanted for the sex assault and home invasion? >> i don't have enough information. >> instead, police say they're exhausting all of their options. i spoke with one of the owners tonight and they tell me there
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were three suspects. two individuals that came inside with guns, one waited outside in the get away car. police are not saying if they are searching for two additional suspects. dana. >> in oakland, robert lyles, thank you. three dui's and three consecutive days. a mill valley man faces two years in jail after his thirst arrest last week. bail for timothy was raised to $50,000 and he was due in court today. his criminal history includes dui conviction in 2009. arrest for public drunkenness and drug possession. a different kind of dui check point tonight in the north bay. it is paying special tribute to a life cut short because of a drunk driver two years ago tonight. elizabeth cook is at that check point with the message from a grieving parent. elizabeth. >> dana, no surprise that police are conducting dui check points and are amping up patrols on bay area roads this holiday weekend.
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but this particular dui check point is personal. it's in honor of a 9-year-old girl who was killed by a drunk driver. two years ago today, aaron and his nine-year-old daughter, melody took a walk. the same walk they have taken dozens times before. >> we were mowed down by a drunk driver. melody died the following day. >> if you get drunk and kill somebody, you're a murder. >> since 2010, drunk driving arrests are up 16%. >> making this check point in honor of melody that we could send that message out effectively and get people to be aware of the dangers. >> this dui check point is the first of a number of efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road
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this summer. >> it's the time when the weather is nice and people are out and they are consuming alcohol. >> dui check points don't result in a large amount of arrest. the images of his daughter make drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel if they had too much to drink. >> if you don't care about yourself for what happened to you, could you care about other innocent people that you might hurt or kill? >> so far, 1700 cars have gone through this check point. there has been one dui arrest. several people have been given tickets. this man was given a big ticket for having an open container and having marijuana in his backpack. drivers can be arrested for being under the influence of any kind of narcotic, including medical marijuana, prescription drugs, and of course having the alcohol -- blood alcohol over .08. dana. >> check point is a powerful message. hopefully people will hear it.
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elizabeth, thank you. if you plan to cross the bay bridge, be prepared for delays. caltrans plans to recon figure the eastbound lanes. some lanes will be closed overnight saturday and sunday. the work is part of the effort to speed up completion of the new span. and if you expect delays on bart this weekend as well. crews will be working tonight, tomorrow, and sunday night. it will start after the last train and end around 7:30 tomorrow morning. but sunday and monday it will continue until 2:30 in the afternoon. you should expect delays of up to 40 minutes. checking other bay area headlines now. san francisco's da dropped more than two dozen felony drug cases, blaming police misconduct. the decision is the result of another video that has surfaced showing an under cover operation that contradicts what was in the police report. a total of 119 cases have now
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been dismissed all tied to illegal searches by a group of under cover officers. one of three people injured in a livermore explosion has died. 35-year-old paul from san jose was critically burned sunday in that blast that police will only say was drug related. two others remain hospitalized. five students have been suspended for wearing what administrators say was white so prep cyst supremacist clothing. but when a handful of students showed up wearing white t- shirts and bandannas, considered white pride gang attire, administrators had enough. police say that white so prep cyst gangs in the area may be recruiting students. they continue to search for victims as they begin to bury the dead. how a devastating week has ended for the people of joplin, missouri. and we all wonder, are they
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legitimate? would a one day crack down on handicapped plaquers turned up. >> we know it's corrupt. >> they'll keep the freebies coming. it certainly is a breezy night. we'll have a forecast that resembles more president's day than memorial day. pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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or qualified buyers can get no monthly payments for 3 months. fuel economy based on epa estimates. deferred payments offer ends may 31st. today for victims of the devastating tornado in missouri. the search for survivors has not ended. the death toll is now 132, up funeral services began today. the search for survivors has not ended. the death toll is now 132, up seven from yesterday. now the nation's deadliest single tornado in more than 60 years. the number of missing is down to 156 as more people have been found alive. but at least six on the list were identified among the dead. tonight we are learning new details about exactly what happened minutes before an air france flight crashed off the coast of brazil killing everyone on board. kendace gibson on what went wrong before that plane went
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down. >> black boxes recently recovered from the ocean's floor paint a terrifying picture. french investigators say pilots wrestled with the controls of air france flight 447 for about 3 1/2 minutes. the trouble began when the plane passed through bad weather. the auto pilot disengaged and the plane rolled to the right. the cockpit displays showed inconsistent speed readings that could suggest the tubes were malfunctioning or had iced over. >> we have seen two pilots, extremely confused. >> the captain who was on a scheduled rest break returned to the cockpit 1 minute into the ordeal. the jet climbed to 38,000 feet but stalled and began to fall. >> all they could do was try to get speed up. they were losing speed. >> the plane plunged into the atlantic from 5 miles up at a
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rate of almost 11,000 feet per minute. >> the aircraft was rolling. the aircraft was descending at a high rate of speed. it was horrific. >> victim's families say they want answers from the french government. >> the families are already worn out from suffering, he says. air france is facing manslaughter charges for the deaths of the 228 people on board. a full report on the crash isn't due out until next year. cbs news. a single day crackdown on illegal usage of disabled parking plaquereds. dmv investigators spanned out across the state yesterday targeting violators, including some in the by area. they handed out 207 tickets. the citations are misdemeanors, but multiple offenses can require posting a 3500 bail. three tickets to concerts. admission to disney land, they are some of the perks of being
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a politician. mark sayer on how state lawmakers just made sure that freebies will keep on coming. >> take me out to the ball game or perhaps the symphony. if you're a member of the california legislature, you rleally able to take gifts of up to $420 per year from each individual lobbyist. and there are a lot of lobbyists. we asked gary about the perks. >> your elected lawmakers be able to receive tickets to sporting events? >> no. >> rounds of golf? >> no. >> spa treatments? >> of course not. >> so republican senator sam whose district inexcluding parts of santa clara county introduced a bill to stop giving gifts with no apparent connection to public policy. >> we know it's corrupt. it's time for the practice to stop. >> the bill was killed in committee this week without so much of an up or down vote. the bill would cost about
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$200,000 to enforce, it was put in a suspense file. a spokesman says the fair political practices commission is currently taking a comprehensive look at gift limits and if changes should be made, their actions should be placed -- prohibiting certain gifts, but not others. >> what kind of spa treatment would you get? >> the full. >> full spa treatment. >> i would get the works. >> i don't know about having a pair of disney tickets means someone bought you off. but this is part of a mosaic of a larger kind of graft, if you want to call it that goes on with getting money and trying to use all sorts of things to exert influence. >> last year alone, state lawmakers accepted a half a million dollars in gifts from lobbyists. i'm mark, cbs 5. i will happily give you a gift, roberta, for some sunshine for a lengthy period of time. >> what do you consider
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lengthy? >> like for a whole summer. >> okay, well as far as spring is concerned, we have your sunshine. i'll pinpoint that coming up. outside, a breezy evening in progress. after a high temperature of only 62 degrees. down for the average high of 66 this time of the year. numbers today span from 58 in pacifica. your memorial day, we have temperatures for the mid 50s to the low 70s. very little temperature change from now through the holiday. tonight with increasing cloud number, numbers into the 40s and 50s. winds are still blowing. will blow tomorrow west, northwest to 20, except the coast up to 30-mile an hour winds. i should emphasize that for your saturday with that chance of showers. sunday, that's when you get your sunshine and more clouds for memorial day. it does appear as if any kind of rain showers we do see tomorrow afternoon will be very
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spotty, very scattered, and we will not even barely be able to measure it. there is that possibility of a thunderstorm to the north of the bay area. primarily as you head towards redding. otherwise we have rain in eureka and sunny skies. a chance of snow saturday night through sunday morning in the high sierra. locally, mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. a breezy to windy afternoon. temperatures coming down. mid 50s at the beaches. 60s around the central bay. the extended forecast calls for sunshine and increasing clouds. overall partly cloudy on memorial day. temperatures are averaging at least 6 to 8 degrees below normal. we cloud up by monday night. that will lead to the potential of rain showers tuesday and wednesday. clouds linger on thursday and then by friday, we begin to see hints of sunshine. we are talking about a week away. meanwhile, sunday the best day of the three coming up for outdoor activities. >> all right, we'll take it. >> coming to my house? >> i'm moving in.
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it's warmer there. >> thanks roberta. >> wineries tapping a new market of customers. >> my father is really into tequila. i introduced him to wine. >> the one ethnic group being targeted as future wine drinkers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a familiar refrain if you are of a certain age... "the tion because the revolution will not be televised. the revolution will not be televised. the revolution will not be brought to you by xerox without commercial interruptions. >> a familiar refrain if you are of a certain age. the revolution will not be televised by gilt. the celebrated poet, author, and musician died today in a new york city hospital after getting sick following a trip to europe. the revolution helped pioneer sounds that would fuse and become rap. he was 62 years old. it might surprise you to know who is drinking more wine
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these days. research shows wine consumption among latinos jumped 50%. more than three times than for nonhispanics. how the wine industry is trying to tap into this fast growing market. >> i love this. >> vanessa enjoys wine, but says it's been a challenge trying to get her family to enjoy it with her. >> my father is really into tequila. he knows all about tequila. i introduced him to wine. >> it's the same challenge for california's wine industry. as it tries to tap into the new fast growing latino market of wine drinkers. >> winery in the napa valley is among the biggest wineries targeting the latino market. trying to get folks comfortable with wine, says the marketing director. >> one of the significant things about the population is it is growing faster than the general population.
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>> some of its winery tours in spanish. associated press describes the hispanic wine market as essentially untapped. the problem for wine is not so much getting latinos to develop a taste for wine as it is to get them over the idea that they have to become wine snobs to enjoy it. for vanessa, wine works best at home. >> enjoy each other's company. >> finally it seems the generation of those who work the fields and harvest the grapes enjoy the fruits of their labors. don knapp, cbs 5. how long buster says he will be out and i wonder if bobby bond ever got tied during his career. this rookie has something in common with the great. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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posey admitted that he'll likely speak on a conference call, buster posey admitted he will likely miss the rest of the season. shortstop brandon crawford making his major league debut. what should giants fans expect? >> i mean, out every once in a while. i wouldn't consider myself a power guy. >> being humble, his first career hit is a grand slam to give the giants a 5-3 lead. just the sixth player in baseball history to pull that off. bottom of the 8th, bases loaded. we have another play at the
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plate. tries to barrel over eli. he hangs on to end the inning. the giants keep the brewers 5- 4. dallas may be on the dl, but he's healthy enough to give the pregame pep talk. he walks in a run in the 5th. he walked five batters in five innings, but the a's bats came alive late with three runs in the 6th and another. the a's beat the orioles 6-2 and a game and a half out of first place. tim thomas backed up his guarantee with a mid game shutout. scores his 8th goal of the playoffs. they are headed back to the stanley cup finals for the fist time in 21 years. game one is in vancouver on wednesday. give me the top five. upset, caroline goes down
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straight sets to daniellea. number four scary moment for david. he nearly gets his head taken off by the broken bat. tampa bay beats cleveland 5-0. at number three, angels and twins thinks he is going to move one homer closer to number 600. but then check this out at number two. while he may be the play, he has some trouble with the routine fly ball. him and torii hunter play hot potato before hunter finally puts it away. and at number one, mariners and yankees. nick swisher crushes it to right center. not a problem for franklin. how big of a play was it? the mariners would beat the yankees by just one run. we'll be right back.
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